Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By - full transcript

♪ Don't let the sun
Catch you with your hands down ♪

♪ Even in the summer time
Winter, spring or fall ♪

♪ Don't try to hide ♪

♪What you hold inside ♪

♪ You're only thinking of yourself
You might as well have died ♪

- Dwayne, honey, pass me a hot dog?
- Yep.

Thanks, hon.


I bet Dwayne 20 bucks you'd be down there
for another 30 seconds.

Well, sorry for your loss.

That second weight was a real kicker.

You pay on time, you don't
have to do a Houdini in the drink.

Cut me some slack, Sal.
I always come through.

A few days late and a few grand light.

Well, at least I'm consistent.

You got exactly one week to pay up.

Or we tie on a third plate
and drop you in.

You're gonna get your money.
All of it. On time.

Fifty bucks says he blows it.

I'm not touching that action.

Grandma, look.

Sal gave me a week to get the cash.
I still have... 12 hours left.

So she's not the one
who tried to kill you.


Well, who else wants you dead
badly enough to stab your random hookup?

Couple of people might have
left me some cash that needs picking up.

Left you cash?

I, um...

blackmailed them.

And I'm betting one of them is after me.

So you're a gambler and a blackmailer?

Yeah, but that burger, though, right?

You could have mentioned this when you
knew I was chasing down the wrong guy.

You said you knew who did it.

I figured a super detective
would know her shit.

What do you have on these people?

No idea.

Blackmail only works
when you have dirt on someone.

All I know is they're bad.

Who isn't?

Well, there's something else
I should mention. I'm... like you.

Into burgers and bourbon?

Yeah, but also kind of...


I just... I sense it.
The darkness in people.

The shit they've done,
are doing, or... will do.

The worst ones... they have no guilt.

What I see, I feel...

is a void, a lack of humanity.

And the closer they are, the sharper
the needle in the back of my eye.

Asshole radar.

It... almost sounds like you believe me.

The last time I...
doubted someone's powers,

they ended up impaled by scaffolding.

What else can you do with these powers?

Besides blackmail people
to support your gambling addiction.

Said with no judgement whatsoever.

I'm just saying,
if it isn't bullshit, it...

could come in handy.

It's a nonstop migraine,

relieved only by gambling, booze and sex.

Is that why you missed
the stabber at the door?

Do you have one of those headaches now?

I wouldn't be here if I did.

Start at the beginning.

- How many marks were you targeting?
- Three.

I slipped them anonymous notes.

"I know what you did, pay me" type thing.
I gave 'em drop locations.

And for all I know,
the cash is sitting there right now.

Sure, with a bomb or a scorpion attached.

Or free for the taking.

Give me names, addresses, details.

And I will do some vetting,
check the drops.

If they left money,
we will pay them a visit.

"We," huh?

Someone figured you out
and followed you here.

We go see them, let them see you.

And watch for a tell.

But, uh...
what happens with the money?

I don't care. I have no problems
with a bad guy getting bilked.

I only care about the prick who knifed me.

What's your head say
about whoever's out there?

All clear.

Everything you know about them.
Then, I'll get to work.


So, I thought I should let you know
that Brandt is in jail.

I heard.

So whoever attacked you
is still out there.

- I know.
- Let's go get him.

I'm already on it.

If someone attacks you again
while you're still recovering...

They're not after me, they're after him.

Yeah. Look, I can't talk right now.
Calm down.

Who is he?

Um, some guy I picked up at a bar.

And he may have
some special skills I can use.

- Is that a euphemism?
- We're handling it.

Hey, um, call me
when you want to meet up.

Why does someone want him dead?

That's the part we're handling.

While I do nothing.

There are a lot of shitty people
out there.

There's no reason for us to double up.
Go find your own bad guy.

I don't need your help.

And you don't need mine. Okay?


Hey, don't worry.
I'll get her her money.

Would you tell Blaskowski to ease off?

I'm gonna see her later.

I am working on it.

No. No, you don't...


Finding the truth
beneath the bullshit...

that's why I got into this line of work
in the first place.

I need to know.

But there are no easy answers.

Unless there are.

Mark number one, Todd White.
Definitely dirty.

Our luck is changing.

Yeah, if you set the bar
at being drowned and stabbed.

Whatever he did, he hides it well.

All I could find on him
was that he's an accountant.

No family, no priors.

Well, cops nab the obvious crooks.
I find the hidden ones.

Jesus. It hurts that bad, huh?

It will when I get close.

One-in-three odds
we're surprising an attempted murderer.

I've faced worse odds.

Maybe he's not home.



Leave it in the lobby.

Requires a signature.


It takes two of you to drop off a package?

- He doesn't recognize us. It isn't him.
- Yeah, let's keep moving.

Well... where's my delivery?

There isn't one,
but I have some questions.

If you're with the insurance company,
they have my statement.

- Insurance fraud?
- Maybe.

I fell on a wet
grocery store floor.

It's unprofessional
for an insurance company to accuse a...

Ah! What the hell is wrong with you?

- Well, maybe not.
- Yeah, maybe your power is bullshit.

You're right. Let's go.

Why did you pay the blackmail?

- You left that note?
- Answer the question.

I'm done answering your questions.

You just admitted to extortion,
not to mention assault.


- I'm calling the cops!
- No kids, no family, huh?

This is a home invasion!
I'll press charges.

You can't just come
into my home like this!

Stop. You can't just barge in here.

You're trespassing.

This is a private home.

I know this looks strange.

Look, I'm an artist...

Okay. Listen...

It's not what it looks like.

Take it easy.

Hey, don't touch me!

Let me out! Open the door!

Let me out! Open the door!

911, what's your emergency?

Hi. Someone in apartment B is screaming
that they're trapped in a closet. Help.

Someone will be right there.


Well, that is a bad guy.

That's the most heroic thing I've done
all year, and it took under two hours.

Well, it's new for you, but for me it's...
just another day, another shithead.

Say I wasn't here
and you had found out what he was doing,

what would you have done?

Asked for more money.

Well, then...
then I would've turned him in.

It's kids, for Christ's sake.

- I'm not a creep.
- Okay.

You want to know if you can rely on me.

I told you, I don't rely on anyone.

Well, good.

Well... time to go collect
more of your hush money.

Yeah, now it's a 50-50 shot
the next guy did the deed.


Sal Blaskowski is a bookie who was
arrested for assault six years ago,

but it didn't stick.

- Who?
- Ask your friend.

Blaskowski's people
threatened him on the phone.

Maybe she sent the stabber.

Jesus. You're a dog with a bone.

It's called tenacity,
and it's a good thing.

Except you're wrong, and we're
closing in on the actual stabber.

Well, she's still dangerous.

Your friend could point us
in her direction.

We should check her out.

I couldn't give less of a shit about her.

Do you hear me?

Loud and clear.

And installation
is that easy and simple.

It looks awkward, but once you
start using it, you won't notice.

Now, down the line,
you'll need a grab bar in every bathroom

and a transfer bench for the tub.

The rugs will have to go.
They're a trip hazard.

All your furniture is too low.

Your best bet is a big La-Z-Boy
in the middle of the room

- with clear paths to the bedroom.
- A La-Z-Boy?

They're not as bad as you think.
My sister has a swanky leather one.

- I'll find out where she got it.
- This is a bit premature.

You asked for home infusions of Radicava.

An hour on that IV
will leave you shaky on your feet,

and you can't risk a fall
in your condition.

I'm gonna be late for work.

It's hard to ask for help,
but you're gonna need someone eventually.

Right now, I need to be left alone.

- Two more minutes to talk bed rails?
- Goodbye.

Hey, you.

I missed you last night.


You taste like...

Rockstar and sadness.

- Were you here all night?
- Yeah.

"Nonprofit governance and fiduciary duty"?

No wonder you look wrecked.

- I'm following a lead for Hogarth.
- Not coming together?

Well, it's together. I just... I'm just...

I'm wondering if I work for the firm
or for Hogarth.

- They're one and the same.
- Not always.

Well, I'd ask if you want
to talk about it, but...

I can't, according to
my ironclad employment contract.

Which I drew up.

You're that good.

Is this gonna be a... problem for us?
Not being able to talk?

I don't know. They say communication
is the key to a good marriage.

We're not married.

- Uh, unless you're planning something?
- I got plans for you, woman.

- Mmm, do you, now?
- Mm-hmm.

Mmm. Okay, I gotta...
I gotta go read a brief.

And you've gotta brush
that situation there.

Talk later?


Yeah, it's all here.

Second mark came through.

Now, we're two-for-two.

I think she's...

over there.

- May I help you?
- You know this guy?

- Should I?
- Strike two.

You got a note demanding cash.

I left the money. What more do you want?

- I want you to admit what you did.
- Okay. I did it.

- Did what?
- You already know, right?

What? Did you poison someone?
You run a puppy mill?

Stop me when I get warm.

You really don't know.

Forget it. Jones, I'm running out of time.

You did something,
or you wouldn't have paid. So spit it out.

I... s skimmed from our petty cash
for my mom's operation.

Then, her funeral.

I had to sell her wedding ring
to pay the blackmail. But that's it.

And no one got hurt.

They can't all be kiddie porn. Let's go.

- It's worse than she says, isn't it?
- I don't know.

Yes, you do.
But you're gonna let it slide.

Because it doesn't matter.

Well, apparently,
it goddamn matters to me.

So Reyna Pincer here has embezzled
millions from your pension accounts.

Unless you want to say goodbye
to your golden years,

I'd suggest you do something about it.

Looks like it matters to them, too.

What is she talking about?


Malcolm, stop.

It's me.


The surgery worked.

Oh, Jesus.

I can do things now. Good things.

Like breaking and entering?
Stealing confidential files?

- This is not good.
- It is if it helps someone.

Someone has to take on the assholes
that Hogarth defends

before they hurt more people.

This isn't the first time
you've done this.

I might have found
a couple wrongs to right.

- Hogarth would beg to differ.
- Only if you tell her.

I work here. It's my job.
Defending you is not.

Malcolm, telling Hogarth about me
will do more damage than it's worth.

To me and to you.

You're gonna threaten me now?

All I'm saying is you know
I'm on the side of right.

And you know you're not.

- That's a load of crap.
- Is it?

Get out.

Get out before I haul security in here.

Nope. Last mark didn't pay.
I guess I was wrong about him.

He's our guy, and we're gonna go see him.

I got a bookie to pay.
And enough money right now to cover it.

Fine. I'll handle it myself.

Don't you think I've tried it your way?

It doesn't work.

Any time you try
and make something better,

it's 50-50 you'll make it worse.

Lame excuse.
And, trust me, I've tried 'em all.

I know what you want.
Team up and stop all the bad guys.

The hell I do. I don't need you.

Yeah, but you want me...

to tell you who's good
and who's bad, and I can.

No judge or jury necessary.

But you won't,
because you're a chickenshit.

No, because it won't make any difference.

We could spend the rest of our lives
stopping bad guys,

and we would never even make a dent.

Try not to get murdered.

Big date tonight?

A private event, as in,
"She shut the door to ensure privacy."

This is private, too.
I found something on Peter Lyonne.

Had to dig deep. I looked into his past,
his private life, his family.

Even his wife's yearbook. Cute couple.

You want me to destroy Peter
so you can steal his wife.

- That is none of your business.
- Isn't it?

And, by the way, a cheating,
manipulative narcissist like Peter

isn't worthy of your sympathy.

Says she who is without sin, right?

You know what? If I want to be insulted,
I will call Jessica.

I asked you for results, and you failed.

Actually, I found something
that could destroy Peter's marriage

- and send him to jail.
- What is it?

If you're gonna use me as your pimp...

I'd need more than a temp desk
in the file room.

Leveraging my private life against me?

Malcolm, I don't think
I like this side of you.

Neither do I.
Which is why I'm also gonna need

a new employment contract
with some financial incentives.

I just sent you a number.

This firm can't afford that.

Then get a new investigator.

What exactly will I be paying for,

Agree to the number.

Agreed, but this better be worth it.

Peter has been making withdrawals
from the scholarship fund

that he and Kith set up
in their daughter's memory.

He uses the cash to buy gifts
for his girlfriends.

- Sometimes pays their rent.
- Ooh, this is...

- Worth it.
- Depending on what we do with it.

The information could be distributed
to all of his contacts, including Kith.

But it can't be traced back to us?


We'll be the only ones who'd know
we destroyed a man's life.

Not only his.

What do you want to do?


at the moment.

Debussy has been done to death.

I've seen La Mer so much,
it actually makes me seasick.

What? Should I have
taken you bowling instead?

No, this is fun.
I do love bowling, though.

There's someone that I want you to meet.

- Mathias, is that you?
- Excuse me.

- Jeri, what a lovely surprise.
- Yes, it is.

Good to see you. This is Kith Lyonne.
Kith, this is my client, Mathias Cole.

He is the musical director
for the Philharmonic.

I know who he is.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cole.

- Likewise.
- You two are in the same business.

But not exactly in the same league.

Kith is a cellist.
One of the best that I have ever heard.

Well, my attorney has a discerning ear.
Where do you play?

- I teach, actually.
- She's being modest.

Her quartet is one
of the most sought after in the city.

- Well, I'd love to hear you sometime.
- No, I...

I'll arrange it.

Okay. Well, um, Jeri, lovely to see you.

- It was Ki...
- Kith.


- What was that?
- A big break, potentially.

Is that the reason
we came here tonight?

I was doing you a favor.
I don't see what the problem is.

Because you think
of everything as a transaction.

No, I just am trying to make you happy.

Because I am happier
than I have been in a long time.

Don't ruin the best sex I've had in years
by asking for something more.

Peter and I have been
through so much together...

That is why...

you deserve better.

Don't negotiate, Jeri.
This isn't an arbitration.

The Kith that I knew in college...

she talked about being a first chair
in a first-class orchestra.

Composing, conducting. You're...
You're too good for a university quartet.

I'm really not.
And I'm absolutely fine with that.

Are you?

Of course.

I'm not one of your chess pieces, Jeri.
You can't control me.

This is bullshit, Sal.
I came through with the cash!

Three hours late.

How would it look if I let that slide?

Three weights this time.


Give me the 50 pounder.

God damn it. Don't do this!
This'll kill me.

You know it will.
This is just bad for business.

You're gonna lecture me on business?

- In you go.
- You'll kill me. No!

Boys, this is a teaching moment.


Dwayne! My baby!

Who the hell are you, little girl?

- You okay?
- Uh-huh.

Uh... who are you?

Doesn't matter.
Get out of here. Go.

Did you... Did you fly here or something?
Do you need a ride?

I have a ride.

Oh, my God.
I'm so sorr... I'm so sorry.

Mom! Mom, Jesus!

Hold on.

What are you doing?

Reminding you how to cede control.

What did you think?


It's not bowling, but still...

- Ignore it.
- Peter.

Hey, hon.

Um, I left it on the DVR.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Well, I'm on my way home,
so we'll watch it together.

I love you.

I'm sorry, I have to catch a train.

Thank you for this.

"Clair de lune"
has never been so beautiful.

Third time's a charm...

when you're about to confront
the asshole who stabbed you.

Just want make sure
it's the right asshole.

He's a shutterbug.

But no selfies.

Likes to watch.

Not exactly light reading.




And engineer.

An overachiever, but all over the place.

Athletic and aggressive.

Gregory Sallinger, bachelor,
nonfiction fan, worm enthusiast.

Got you, you stabbing piece of shit.


You wanted to meet me.

Sallinger, remember me?

Please, God! You're hurting me.
You're hurting me!

I barely touched you.

Yes, but it makes for excellent visuals.

Hidden security cameras.
This city, you know?

Now I have proof that a powered woman
broke in and molested my person.

And there won't be any plea deal
or anger management this time.

Congratulations, you researched me.

Particle physics requires research.
I figured you out in an afternoon.

Is that why you hurt people?

To make yourself feel powerful?

Or does it take the kill?

I'm curious...

What are you trying to achieve
in this moment?

- A confession.
- To what, exactly?

You already know.
You like knowing the answers.

I have a very disciplined mind.

So ask me the one that you don't know.

Ask me how I found out.

I prefer the mystery.


Self-importance. Narcissism.

But the cape doesn't fit, does it?

You're doubling down
on your grandiose delusion,

even though you know you are a fraud.

One day... you'll meet your match...

and you'll be exposed.

- You think you're my match?
- Oh, God, no.

I'm so far beyond you,
you look like an ant.

You broke into my apartment.

You broke into mine.

Finally, something that's fair.

I gave you what you wanted.

Now go home and take it,
or you'll find out what I want.

Your own padded cell?


Unlike you, I've earned it.

911, what is your emergency?

Please... Please send help...

Jessica Jones broke into my home,
and she attacked me.

Stay calm, sir. Help is on the way.

Oh, God, please. She's out of control.

I need to file
a restraining order, please.

Oh, God.

Emergency room.

Hi. I... I'm calling about a patient,
Sal Blaskowski.

She was brought
into the emergency room tonight.

You're a family member?

I just need to know if she's okay.

One moment.

Mrs. Blaskowski's condition
has stabilized.

Would you like me
to transfer you to her room?


Erik! Erik!

- Jesus.
- Sorry. I dozed off.

It's been a long day.

What are you doing here?

I thought I'd make sure
you had your remaining organs.

You could have called.

My phone fell into a pool.

Sal and I had a disagreement
about punctuality.

You make my life choices look good.

That's impressive.

They were gonna make an example of me,

but then this masked powered chick
showed up.

Saved my ass. I...

They didn't know what hit 'em.
I thought maybe you sent her?

I told you, I don't rely on anyone.

Well, she has your MO,

risking her life for someone
she doesn't even know.

- Somebody break in?
- Your third mark, Gregory Sallinger.

He said he left something.

Well, that can't be good.

Is that... blood?

It's a threat.

Why? He paid us off,
which means that's the end of it.

We're dealing with a murderer.

That explains the massive headache
he gave me.

He thinks we have proof of it.

Which makes us targets.
You need to lay low for a while.

So should you.

Yeah, probably,
but that twisted prick stabbed me

and I can't let him keep doing
whatever sick shit he's doing.

Well, I can.

But I am sorry you have to do this alone.

I know exactly what you need.

A look that doesn't apologize
for who you are or what you want.

But that color is so bold.

And it doesn't show wine stains.

Well, seems like it would draw
a lot of attention.

Exactly. Embrace it.

Let it fill you with confidence.

- That's what pops, right, Grace?
- Exactly.

Oh, what the heck? I'm gonna do it.
Thanks, Trish.

Happy to help.

Let's take another call.

This one is from Jessica
in Hell's Kitchen.

Hi, Trish.

Hi, Jessica.
Are you calling about a sweater?

Yeah. The one that you tried to sell me.

I changed my mind.

I want to buy it.

Okay, great. Well, customer service
is standing by to take your order.

I got this one. Thanks, Grace.

I'm sorry, Jessica. I'm not sure
which sweater you're talking about.

You know damn well
which sweater I'm talking about.

Clingy... smothering...

Sounds like a bad fit.

...and tenacious.

A sweater that won't quit,
even when I ask it to.

Have you tried our cotton blends?

Trish, I need your help.

I'm happy to help.

Thanks for calling.

I don't need a partner.

I need a secret weapon.