Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - A.K.A I Have No Spleen - full transcript

I just want a name.

Whose name?

- Brandt?
- His full name.

- Andrew Brandt.
- Thanks.

You get used to it pretty quick.

The strength.

One day, you're a scrawny kid
getting Ds in PE...

the next day, you can toss a minivan.

Eventually, it's just a part
of who you are.

The part that no one can take away.

Every day,
every minute of every day,

the human body is exposed
to countless microorganisms

that could end our fragile function.

Well, that tracks.

It's New York City.

The spleen.

The glorious, often overlooked,
but never overwhelmed, spleen

protects us from all of them.

So I'm guessing not having one...

it's kind of a negative.

That's what I'm trying
to ex-spleen to you.

After a splenectomy,
normal life can resume,

provided one takes precaution against
an increased risk of deadly infections.

I'll start taking a multivitamin.

A rigorous immunization schedule,
prophylactic antibiotic regimen,

and, of course, a swift change
in any reckless lifestyle behavior.

And where would a liter a day of bourbon
fall on the reckless scale?

You'll be with us
for a few days.

But we should apprise your home care team
of your needs upon release.

There's no one at home who cares.
I'll handle my own needs.

Ms. Jones, if you were a standard human,
those injuries would've been fatal.

Well, I'm still alive, so discharge me.

You may be special,
but you're not completely invulnerable.

I have to be. That's the job.

There's somebody I have to find.

Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Wait a minute. You're a fall risk.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Fall back. There you go.

Get your ass back to bed.

You know I can't face the E train
until you make me come.

Too bad you have such trouble
asking for what you want.

- Is that blood?
- It's... It's not a big deal.

See, but I don't typically piss blood,
so I think it's a very big deal.

Babe, what happened?

It was just a cabbie last night.

He was riding tail after tail.
He was bound to hit one.

Oh, did you get it checked out?

I looked it up.

It's just some internal bruising.
It'll pass.

Yeah, because self-diagnosis
is always a good idea.

We're gonna sue.

No, we are not.

If these assholes want to compete
with ride-sharing platforms,

they'd better start approximating
some actual skill behind the wheel.

- Did you get his medallion number?
- Babe...

you are off the clock.
Please, just let it go.

Uh-uh. Someone injured
this beautiful specimen of a man.

And you mess with what's mine,
I come for you.

I love you, too,
and you gotta get your ass to the office.

- Not you?
- I'm, uh, working from home today.

Are you okay, love?


It's just Hogarth.

I work for her, too.
I know what she's like.

You don't know everything.

I know I have
the job of my dreams.

I'm not sure you'd say the same.

Hey, it doesn't matter.

One more year,
I'll have the cash, the clout.

I can go out on my own.

Is that a justification?

It's a plan,

'cause you deserve a man who has one.

The E train is waiting.

So am I.

Damn it, Jones.


I already told them no more visitors.

You see flowers under my arm?

I'm here to take a statement about a case.

The attempted homicide of Jessica Jones.

I'm betting you have a guess
as to who did this. I need one, too.

What have you got?

Are we sharing?

- The knife?
- No.

So nothing.

Which is why I had your assistant
pull up your client list.

You could save me some effort
by telling me which one you pissed off.

Tough call.

Look, Jones, I respect you.

Mostly. Your better qualities
deserve to be respected.

What is that, some kind of flattery?

I'm not gonna waste our time
with this dance.

You'll do what you'll do,
but you're not used to being the victim.

My name on your case file
does not make me a victim.

Those staples in your belly do.

And that guy's still out there
until one of us finds him.

Don't make yourself an easy target.

The, uh, kale Caesar is quite filling.

Talk about faint praise.

Ladies, can I bring you
something to drink?

Iced tea, no lemon.

Ignore my friend's false virtue
and bring us two glasses of dry red.

Cab franc, if you have it,
and otherwise, your choice.

The last time I saw you, I cried so hard
my eyes were swollen for three days.

And the time before that,
your head was between my legs.

We need all the wine.

I'm glad you came.

Well, I couldn't resist an hour
of navel-gazing with the one who got away.

Speaking of, what ever happened to Wendy?

I married her.

How did that go?

Are you asking if I cheated on Wendy?

Yeah, I cheated.

With what can only be described
as unabashed verve.

Well, at least I wasn't the only one.
We should start a club.

Wendy, uh... she died.

It was a tragic accident.

So I guess it all finally caught up to me.

I'm sorry. Are you implying
that you're the injured party

in your wife's untimely death?

Are you still mad at me?
It's been 25 years.

I'm still deciding.
Just tell me what we're doing here.

I wanted to connect
and to reminisce.

Jeri Hogarth doesn't do nostalgia.

I wanted to see if you were happy.

If what I did to you broke you
the way that it broke Wendy.

Well, to therapy. Hmm. I'm not broken.

How long have you and Peter been married?

A year after you dumped me.

Started as a rebound,
turned into 23 years and a family.

I'm so sorry about your daughter.


Cancer. Bullshit.

See? All of the wine.

Your music. Tell me about it.
I want to hear.

I stopped playing for a while
after Zoey.

Music felt... empty.

Not that the masses were clamoring.

- You never joined an orchestra?
- I wasn't good enough.

You were better than good.

I'm sure that teaching has its rewards.

Oh, please. You try impressing
the importance of Baroque fugue analysis

on a room full of millennials.

I remember us.

Well, how I used to be.

A lot's changed.

I remember a singular talent.

I remember a brilliant, baffling girl
who showed me the world.

You took my goddamn breath away.

I still have a tape of that piece
that you composed for me.

- No, you don't.
- I can prove it.

You know, um, I have a class at 3:00.
And I already ate lunch.

You... you ate lunch?

But I enjoyed the wine.

Well, then the wine is on me.

It was good to see you, Jeri.

And brief. Yet again.

And you don't really have that tape.

This states you understand

you've been discharged
against medical advice,

thereby releasing the hospital
of responsibility.

Take care of yourself.

A hero is strong.

A hero is invulnerable.

A hero has a goddamn spleen.

Welcome home. Detective Costa
suggested we heighten security

until the threat against you
is apprehended.

I can take care of myself.

I can't. And I'm not taking
a knife for what you pay me.

I need you to find out everything you can
on Andrew Brandt.

Remind me tomorrow? It's 4:56.

There's a Jim Shaw exhibition
opening at MoMA,

and I need at least two martinis

before making small talk
about acrylic on muslin.

What the hell is this?

That little troll brought it by.


He said it was a new spleen.

Sweet kid, but he sure didn't inherit
his father's talent.

I spoke to your doctor. Chatty.

Scheduled your post-surgical vaccinations
for a week from Tuesday.

Uh, antibiotic, twice a day.

The coveted opioid,
every four to six hours, as needed.

And a laxative,
for the resulting constipation.

- Shit.
- If you're lucky. Are we good?


Give me your phone.

Alarm. It'll remind you to take them,
starting now.

One of each.

You're supposed to take them with water.

Lock it behind me.


Lose an organ, gain a case.

A victim is vulnerable, weak.

And that's just the way Brandt wants them.

Wants us.

But to hell with vulnerable.

Strength is a part of me.

And no one is gonna take it away.

Who is it?

It's me.

Were you asleep? Early for you.


for the ambulance.

I grabbed it before the cops got here.

Meaning you illegally tampered
with police evidence.

Jeri's taught you all sorts of tricks.

I knew you'd want to handle this yourself.

It's clean.
I called in a favor, ran it for prints.

It's a six-inch chef's knife,
part of a set from a popular brand.

- Too common to trace.
- So he's smart.

What'll you do when you find him?

Whatever it takes.
And I don't need favors.

I figured you'd say that.

- A bill?
- For the time I put in.

And how much time did you spend
chasing this non-lead?

Fee's gone up.

I'm impressed.

I've been searching the place for hours,
you walk in, have a lead in ten minutes.

- It's called experience.
- I said I was impressed.

Brandt was my target first.
I should be the one to bring him in.

Well, I was the one
with a post-surgical drain in my gut,

so I'm gonna have to disagree.

I get it.

You don't want my help or my friendship.

I've moved on, too. Found a purpose.

At the very least, I didn't think
you'd want to take that away from me.

I don't want anything from you.

So you can ride this '90s parkour crap
back into the fame you crave.

All I want is Brandt

and every other asshole like him
behind bars.

Should you even be out of bed?

The liver and the lymph nodes
can do everything a spleen can do.

It's basically... a redundant organ.

Look, you just take care of yourself.
I'll take care of him.

You're the victim here.

I'm not a victim... if I stop him.

Do you even know if Brandt is your guy?

Will you even ask if you find him?

- It's not your concern.
- The hell it's not.

Before you screwed it up,
my plan was to deliver Brandt to the cops.

I doubt you have the same agenda.

Vengeance, not justice?
That's not what a hero does.

You've been a hero for five minutes.
I've been one half my life.

You've been super, Jess.

There's a difference.

This is good. Yeah, great work.

Make those changes
and file it with the court.

- Well done.
- Thanks.

You said you had a job for me.

I typically loathe
the term "power couple."

It suggests a lack of autonomy
from both partners

simply because they share a bed.

I'm sorry. I, uh...

For Chrissake, I don't...
I don't give a shit.

As long as you both sign a consent form.


And your assignments,
they stay between us.

Absolutely. Chinese wall.

Bigger men have been taken down
by workplace dalliances, Malcolm.

Well, this is, uh... It's more than that.

Like, a lot more.


I, uh I need a workup on this.

- Law school professor.
- Potential business associate.

Is there anything I should know?

Just tell me what he's hiding.

I'm on it.

Hi. I'm a collector
of Victor Cataldo's artwork.

I am wondering about an upcoming auction
you have of A Curious Man in Winter.

There are no Cataldo works
on the legitimate market.

I was referred by Jeryn Hogarth,

who mentioned a confidential auction
featuring a Cataldo.

we don't deal in illicit trade.

Hi, this is Mallory calling
from Jeryn Hogarth's office.

One of our clients is interested
in a disputed collectible.

We don't entertain intermediaries
when discussing privileged lots.

Office hours are 2:00 to 4:00.

But I, uh, I got a minute. Come on inside.

What's your name?

Darryl Hughes.

Huh, you know, I take a bizarre pride in
having committed my full roster to memory.

No Darryls on that list. Have a seat.

I'm not actually in the department.

I was hoping to transfer
into your Legal Ethics seminar.

Huh. What are you studying now?

I'm in the master's biology program.

Pre-med. So what's the draw of my course?

The discussion of morality... in the law.

I... I come from a religious background.

Same here. Lapsed Catholic.

I'm coming to terms with the idea
that... righteousness,

at least the kind
that they taught us is...

is never absolute.

Darryl, welcome
to the pliable ethics of adulthood.

I can tell you,
it only gets more confusing from here.


Look, I'm afraid I don't have any chairs
left for nonmajors.

But you should check in with me
next semester.

- Yeah, I will.
- Good luck to you.

Didn't want to knock,

given your track record
with surprise visitors.

What are you doing here?

Somebody gets stabbed
in the middle of a hookup,

the traditional response
is to check up on her.

You don't strike me as traditional.

Just like that,
she caught me giving a shit.

I have no spleen.

Drag. What the hell does a spleen even do?

That's what I said.

Do you know who the guy was?
Why he was after you?

It's what I do.

If you find him,
how are you gonna handle him?

When I find him.

Like I said, it's what I do.

Got it.

I just want to know if you tried it.
I got 50 bucks riding on this.

The burger.

Eh, tossed it.

The doctor said I needed to make
some, uh, lifestyle changes.

And the guy you met
over a massive amount of booze

isn't the post-op company
you're looking for.

- Not tonight.
- Cool.

Have a nice life.

Hope you find a donor.

I understand, Serena.

As women, we tend to give
more than we get.

But, you know,
that moment at the end of the day

when I pull off my bra and put on
a pot of Cozy Chamomile Tea,

available right here on ARN
during our Herbal Remedies Hour of Power,

and I sink into the sofa...

That moment... that's mine.

And there is nothing
I would rather wrap myself up in

than our signature cozy merino wool

like this beautiful
rib-knit long cardigan.

- So soft.
- Hold the phone.

I've just been informed
that our sweater vest

has sold 140,000 units!


You've set a network record,
outpacing Tucker Price

and his multifunction
countertop rotisserie oven.

You guys, thank you.

I'm telling you, girl,
this is just the beginning.

You were born for this.

Thank you.

It's 12:29. I'm taking lunch.

And there's a client
waiting in the office.

Should I tell her you've recently been
the victim of a violent crime

and are currently indisposed?

Enjoy your microgreens.

I wasn't aware I'd hired a new assistant.

Well, I'd apologize,
but it won't be the last time

that I use your name
without your permission.

Malcolm told me what happened. I...

- want to check on you.
- Why? So we can be invalids together?

Sorry, I'm a dick.

Every day, I take a glutamate blocker,
then a muscle relaxant.

I take something
for the excess saliva in my mouth.

Take an Ativan
for the panic of impending death

and a stool softener, so I manage
a movement every three days.

I see you're on one, too.

In spite of being
fundamentally vulnerable and alone,

I get out of bed, I go to work and I win.

Little hard to swallow a pep talk
from a woman who begged me to snuff her.

I've... decided to focus on the journey
rather than the inevitable end.

You get that off a pamphlet?

You know... they're developing
new trials all the time.

There's one out of Israel
that... is looking good.


You've been doing some research.

Me, too. And I will continue to.

But I want to make sure that
my health status remains confidential.

Thank you.

Now, what makes you think that I know
anything about illegal art sales?

Don't you?

I'll make some calls.

In the meantime,

my actual assistant will send you
some names of galleries for you to survey.

Us invalids, we need to stick together.

Well, that was fast.

Hey, uh,
what's the cheapest thing you got?

Hot pretzel.

What's the cheapest thing you got
that doesn't taste like salted cardboard?

Hot dog coming right up.

- You have something I want.
- Whatever.


Jess, come on. Jess, wake up.

911. What is your emergency?

Hi. Yeah, there's a woman passed out
on the corner of 49th and 10th.

Alright, stay calm.

Yeah, tell the responders
that she has no spleen.

Is she breathing?

Oh, is she okay?

- Uh, I'm gonna go flag down the ambulance.
- Okay.

What's happening over there?

- Ma'am?
- You guys need any help?

Is she all right?

You're relentless.

- I told you I kept the tape.
- I'm only here to call your bluff.

"Sonata in A Minor for Jeryn."
Catchy title.

I composed it when I was 21.
I can't be held responsible.

This worries me, truly.
I mean, what else did you save?

Only what was important.

I just came from a lesson uptown.

You want me to take it for you?

No. It's a repro of a Strad Braga.

I won't even let Peter put it
in the trunk of a cab.


You live here.

There's not one thing
that says analog about this place.

How are you planning
on playing that cassette?

You forget that I graduated law school
in the '90s.

Evidence of a hoarding tendency
is only mounting.

Do you remember when we recorded that?

We were in bed. It was late.

But we never really slept
when we were together.

You said you had something for me.

And you crawled out from under
that ratty, down alternative blanket...

- Wow.
- ...and you pulled up a chair.

I had to remind myself to breathe.

When you put that cello
between your naked legs...

I don't think
I have ever been more in love

than I was in that moment.

Oh, shit.

You had heady plans for that big moment,
didn't you?

Was it working?

You know, I still remember that piece.

I looked better then...

but I sound better now.


I'm starving. Chinese or Thai?

Babe, you hungry?

That was startling.

Startled the hell out of me, too.

I've got two hours left
on this brief. You're watching porn.

- It's... It's not porn.
- No judgment.

If this is how you deal with stress,
it's fine.

I'd just prefer you watch it with me.

Who needs that
when you got the real thing?

Christ, you feel good.

Ms. Jones.

Oh, shit.

You lost consciousness
due to severe dehydration.

When you said a liter of bourbon...

I need my things, my phone.

I don't think
you've totally grasped your situation.

Your body has spleen better days.

Your immune system
is immeasurably more vulnerable.

It can't take the abuse
it once did.

We're keeping you overnight... immeasurably more vulnerable.

Jessica? Jessica, are you all right?

I'll stay.

You're the only person I've ever met

that has gotten every single thing
she ever wanted.

Is that what you see?

You have your own law firm.

Respect and accolades from your peers.

You live in a glass palace.

No one gets to this point in life
without regrets.

It's late.

What are you gonna tell him?

The truth.

So I should expect an angry husband
at my door.

Oh, no need.
Peter and I have an open marriage.

What does that mean?

It means I'm screwing you.

He's probably screwing
some graduate student as we speak.

When Zoey died...

we gave each other our own sanity.

Marriage is long... and, I mean,
we'll never leave each other.

That's something.

So don't worry. I won't get attached.

Talk soon.

A hero knows the value
of a good narcotic.

Some people just have
too much goddamn money.

contemporary collection.

Yes. Let me show you what we have.

Well, I can't wait to see.
I've only just started collecting.

There's always time
to develop an appreciation

for what I call "captive beauty."

Oh, I love that.

But I've been through
three art consultants already.

- Damn it, Trish.
- They just... They didn't get me.

It's a developing aesthetic,
but it's mine, you know?

Absolutely. It's about listening.

- Interpreting.
- Right.


Can I offer you a glass of champagne?

Oh, that's all right. I don't, um...

Uh, actually, that would be lovely.
Thank you.

I opened a special bottle.

You let me know if it's
not chilled to your liking.

Thank you.

- I really like this one.
- Oh, he's very, very talented.


Not bad if you're into the cultural
representation of male pathos.

You found it.

You found Brandt's contact info.

I'm going after him.

Jesus. Are we really doing
this shit again?

Oh, you look like death.
Just give me the sculpture.

Just give me the phone.

I know this goes against
your entire sense of self.

That you can be weak and I can be strong.

Don't hang that self-help bullshit on me.

You know what's bullshit?

Getting stabbed
because you're caught off guard,

off task, and probably drunk.

You want to be a hero,
but you don't walk the walk.

How many times have you trained
in the past year? Or ever?

Better yet,
how many bottles have you drained?

Hand it over, now.

I've spent the past year honing my skills,
evolving into the best version of myself.

I'm unstoppable.
And I have all my organs intact.

So I've learned something recently.

Something you should know.

No one is unstoppable.

Hello, Mr. Brandt.
This is Lucia calling from the gallery.

You'll be happy to know
that your lot has sold.

Yes, I'm actually looking
at the cashier's check right now.

Where would you like that delivered?


Don't even bother.

What is this place?

And if you say it's your man cave,
this will end even worse than you think.

Take whatever you want.

I don't do cars. But I am super
into 20th century figurative sculpture.

I may be down a major organ,
but I have gained a fine arts education.

What the hell do you want from me?

What do you think I want, asshole?

Did my sister hire you?

If Madeline wants the Cataldo that bad,
she can keep it.

I don't give a shit about the sculpture.

I do give a shit
that you hired someone to stab me.

Stab you? Why? How?
All you people have impenetrable skin.

You took my goddamn spleen.

No, you came after me.
You and your masked friend.

I've been hiding out here
ever since you two busted into my place.

Who am I gonna hire? No one will risk
pissing off a couple supers.

What are you gonna do to me?

Ms. Walker, call for you.

Oh, thank you. Excuse me one second?

Trish Walker.

Brandt's not the one that came after me.

- Then who was it?
- I don't know.

But Brandt's at 597 East 23rd,
and he's not going anywhere.

He's your win. You'll know what to do.

He's having an affair.

With a student.

It's not enough.

It's enough to get him axed.

It's not what I need.

Then, what? Who is this guy to you?

What do you want me to do?

I want you to do what you do best.
Dig deeper.

Still no flowers.

My station got an anonymous call

about a perp we've been trying
to pin down for months.


The unis found him gift wrapped
with hard evidence against him.

Kept whining about a couple
of powered chicks that were after him.

He mentioned you and a masked woman
whose face he never saw.

Is that the guy who attacked you?

My guy is still out there.

I'm sorry to hear that.
Who's the masked hero?

You think we all know each other?

- You did good.
- It wasn't me.

Well, I'm glad you have somebody.
There really is strength in numbers.

Take care.

Keep your door locked.

Any interest in a massive amount of booze?

You do realize a glass window on the door
defeats the purpose of a dead bolt?

Thanks for the tip.

I owe you 50 bucks.

- You ate the burger.
- Yeah.

Well, you... uh, you look better.

Uh, quick healer.

Yeah, that asshole clearly had
no idea what he was up against.

He brought a knife to a gunfight.

You being the... the gunfight, of course.


So, um... you called me?


There is one thing I would like to know.


Tell me why someone wants to kill you.