Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - A.K.A You're Welcome - full transcript

"If I had your powers."

You've heard me say that a thousand times.

Maybe I can finally do something...


I've wished for this so hard,
but I never thought it would happen.

But it has.

Now, all I want is to share it with you.

But I took something from you.

I can't change that.

And you need time.

I can't hurry that.

I'll be ready when you are.

One. One, two.

One, two, slip, cross.

You training with somebody else
on the side, huh? One.


Ah! Ouch.

Come on. Guard your chin.
Engage your core.

That's it. Steroids, right? You juicing?


One... one, two, three.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Now what?

That's what I'd ask you,

but you're still putting
the pieces back together.

So I'll use everything I've gleaned
from you over the years.

You'd never admit it, but maybe you
picked up a little something from me, too.

Thank you.

These stools aren't built for adult butts.

But the coffee's good
and you wanted to talk.

Over lunch, at an actual restaurant.

I swear, we spent more time together
when you were in a coma.

My schedule's a little hectic.

Impressive, considering
you don't have a job.

Mother, things are different now.

I need a little time to myself.

And I suppose I understand.

After all you went through.
That awful doctor...

Jessica's mother.

It's worse for Jessica.

Well, shooting that monster is the one
heroic thing Jessica has ever done.

So they say.

You know, she's advertising now.

Trying to be a hero.

As long as she leaves you out of it.

Oh, I'm out of it all right.

You don't need her,
but you need someone in your corner.

You've isolated yourself.

Well, it seems to come with the territory.

What territory?

It just... Is this what
you wanted to talk about?

You need someone you can trust

to help you turn your unique talents
into opportunities.

And we're back on my career.

Patsy residuals aren't gonna
cover your mortgage, baby girl.

You're my mother, not my agent.

The phone rings, I answer.


Ironically, the calls increased
after you blew up your radio show.

Ironically, I don't care.

They are offering you a spot
on a celebrity dance show.


You've always moved so well.

Not happening.

Fashion. You like fashion.


There is a clothing company in Tampa.

They are looking for a face
for their new collection.

Are you done?

Well, you could run for president.
A petition's being circulated online.

Well, consider that my retirement plan.

All right, I will find something else.

No. I am pursuing something on my own.

Please don't say, "Chekhov in the Park."

It's not on camera or on a stage.

Well, honey, you're a performer.
Without that, you're...

- Nothing?
- No. Just...


I gotta go.

- Oh... I've only had you 20 minutes.
- I'll call you.

Don't shut me out
like Jessica's shutting you out.

You're just kicking the dog.

I'm not shutting you out,
and you're no dog.

I'll call you.


Seven Lincoln one, 10-52.

Crescent Heights apartments
in the 200 block of 7th.

RP is manager.

We've got
a noise complaint on 112th and Amsterdam.

Back off!

Neighbors are
reporting music too loud.

Northwest corner of Washington and Spring.

We've got
a belligerent passenger

yelling obscenities at a bus driver.

Copy, 42 Charlie.

A purse was taken out
of a parked car in the driveway.

Black sedan, already has one ticket on it.

Subject is
drunk and disorderly.

- Subject is drunk and disorderly.
- Hey, sweetheart.

We've got a break-in
at Sally's Pets on 45th and 7th.

Cats released.

Caller claims
his neighbor is urinating on his Prius.

Need evidence tech.
Recovered some items...

At least one of us
is making a difference.

10-31, 10-31.

Robbery in progress
at 9th Avenue and 45th.

Witness reports two armed suspects.

One-three King en route.

All units be advised,
witnesses reporting shots fired.

- Out of the way!
- Move!


One-three King, on scene.

Suspects in custody. No casualties.

- You guys got this?
- Shit.

Yeah, we got it. Let's move.

- Come on.
- Move it.

- Any available unit...
- Watch your head.

...we've got a woman
trapped in her bathroom by a rat.

All right, he's good.

This is 33.
Taking report of a stolen bike

outside a convenience store
at East 30th Street and 2nd Avenue.


Alias Investigations. Leave a message.



Hey! Hey, you! Stop!

He stole my phone!

My head.

You took something
that doesn't belong to you.

Get off me.

Now that might not be a big deal to you,
but you make people feel powerless.

And that makes you a piece of shit.

- Patsy?
- What? N-No.

Holy shit. It is. It's Patsy.

Not me, asshole.

- I'm not blind.
- This isn't a debate.

My neck. I think you sprained it.

Good. You need to be stopped.

Screw you. Your show sucked.

That's him! My God. You got him!

He took my phone.


Thank God. My whole life is on this thing.
Thank you.

You're welcome.


Hell no.

- Aren't you Trish Walker?
- Not today.

- But you are Trish Walker?
- Yeah. I'm just here to train.

As Trish Walker?

Sure. Jesus.

- Is that a yes?
- Oh, for Chrissake, yes.

I am here training as Trish Walker,
because I am Trish Walker. Okay?


What's this?

You've been served.

God damn it.

It's obnoxious, but it's not illegal.

It's extortion.

The plaintiff's lawyer is a joke.

He probably found him
on the side of a bus,

but his case does have merit.

How does he have a case at all?
I caught him with stolen property.

- You assaulted a stranger.
- A thief. He stole a cell phone.

- Well, was it your phone?
- No.

- Did you actually see him steal the phone?
- I heard yelling.

And then you beat up a man
you saw jogging down the street.

Running. He was trying to get away.


The victim,
can he corroborate any of this?

I didn't get his information.

Okay, we can make an argument
for self-defense.

Being a Good Samaritan.
He could've come after you.

I didn't give him the chance.
I'm certified in Krav Maga.

Stop... talking.

Okay, the odds are bad,
but some battles are worth fighting.

I'm surprised that Jessica
never warned you away from me.

She did.

She called you a Prada-wearing python,
but you've earned her respect.

It's hard to come by.

I don't work piecemeal.

If you retain my services, it will be
to represent you in all areas.

I won't need a defense lawyer after this.

Well, you... you could use
an entertainment lawyer.

I'm building a new division
with a very select client list.

You are a celebrity.


And first things first.

Is our investigator in the building?

Have him come see me.

Our risk management specialist
will find leverage against the plaintiff.

I suspect you'll have to pay something.

I'll work at getting
that settlement number down.


The perception is that you
are rich and entitled.

High six figures.

I'm living off my savings.

I can barely afford you.

Take stock of your assets.
Decide what you can liquidate,

or a judge will decide for you.

Come on in.

This is our investigator. I...

I believe you two
know each other, don't you?

Being this guy is a mugger,
he probably lays low.

Might take a little while
to dig up dirt on him.

- You seem comfortable here.
- I am.

The hope is we'll find something
that threatens to put him in jail.

- You're obviously doing well. Armani?
- Zegna.

Long way from an hourly at Alias.

Not far enough. You mind
if we just keep this to business?


Shutting me out is popular these days.

And you don't think I have good reason?

Absolutely. I totally screwed up
with you, but...

But I also stopped a killer.

Jessica stopped a killer.

No, she didn't.

It was me.

I pulled the trigger.

You killed Jessica's mother?

A mass murderer, yeah.


Yeah, wow.

Well, that's a lot.

You think it was wrong.

Hey, I couldn't live with it,
but clearly it hasn't slowed you down.

Still chasing bad guys.

Who you protect as an investigator
for a defense attorney.

You keep a lot of guilty people
out of jail.

It is not our job to determine guilt.

But you know.

Doesn't it bother you?

Anyone getting away with it who shouldn't?

I'm not doing this with you again, Trish.

- Doing what?
- I know your moves.

You will hurt as many people as you help.

Well, at least I'm trying.

I'm sorry you gave up.

I'm not giving up.
I'm just getting there my own way.

Starting with this job, earning my bones.

You do it your way, but you should
probably keep us on retainer

given that we keep
"guilty people out of jail."

I'll be in touch.


Let me get the door for you.



My goodness. Let me help you with that.

Dear God.

You scared me.

Well, the door was unlocked.
It doesn't even have a lock.

I got tired of living in a vault.

Well, no wonder
you haven't invited me over.

I've been meaning to.

- Well, it's a hovel.
- It's a semiconverted loft.

Okay, it's not converted,
but it's... it's got great bones.

Yeah. Probably the actual bones
of some homeless junkie.

You have to picture it
with a fresh coat of paint.

You're gonna put a fresh coat
of paint on that view?

Well, it still gets fantastic light.

You really have the knack
of seeing the toilet bowl half full.

The realtor says this area's
gonna be hotter than Williamsburg

after a recession or two.

And you believed her?

Cinder blocks. Jesus.

Oh, good Christ!

Oh, ew!

What is that?

No. You can't live here.

This is not how a Walker
keeps up appearances.

Then I found the right place.

Haven't you lost enough?
Your job. Your fiancé.

And now your gorgeous apartment.

I didn't lose those things, I left them.
Big difference.

Honey, is this about the money?

In part, but the sale of my old apartment
will cover me.

It'll cover a lot more than this dump.

I have other expenses.

Should I be worried?

That I'm simplifying my life? No.

There is a difference
between simple and bleak.

Something is going on with you.

Just let me help you, Pats.


- You can start in the bathroom.
- What?

That toilet's not gonna scrub itself.

- Oh, this isn't funny.
- Well, you said you wanted to help.

Would you rather start in the kitchen?
Because the oven is a disaster.

Sweetheart, whatever it is you are trying
to accomplish, you cannot do it alone.

I know, Mom.

Well, it has been a while,

but I can still scrub off grime
like nobody's business.

You're relentless.

Pot, kettle, black, baby girl.

God damn. Broke a nail.

I've envied your powers,
but never the P.I. stuff.

Stalking out suspects for weeks on end?
Like watching paint dry.

Probably why you like it... being alone,
keeping people at a distance,

focusing on someone else's shit
so you don't have to look at your own.

What are you doing?


Jesus. Uh...


Don't drink that.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Uh... The plan.
What's the plan?

Damn it.

Alias Investigations. Leave a message.

Am I sick?

You're gonna be fine, Birdie. Hey.

You just need some rest, all right?


I was... I...

You okay?

- Am I still Birdie?
- Yeah, that's you, babe.

Uh, I'm cold.

We'll keep each other warm.

No. No.

Stop. No.

Not this time, asshole.

Hey. Wake up.

Hey, stay with me.

You have to focus.

I'm gonna ralph.

You've been drugged, but you're okay.

Just give me a heads-up
if you're actually gonna ralph.

Uh... who are you?

I'm here to help. I will stay with you
until the police get here.

Why? What... What happened?

Your friend Reid
put something in your drink

and brought you here to rape you.

He's done it before,
but got off on a technicality.

Rich parents. Fancy lawyer.

It was a matter of time
before he did it again.

- Oh, my God.
- Listen to me.

Your friends saw you two
together earlier tonight.

They saw you flirting with each other,
and they saw you leave together.

All of which made Reid think
he could get away with it, but...

he won't.

- Wait. Oh, God. Did he...
- No. No.

Because you fought him off.

- What?
- Whoa, whoa. Careful, careful.

- I fought him off?
- Yes.

You have to make sure
the police give you a tox screen.


You're welcome.

How many wins will it take
to redeem myself with you?


A hundred?

Let's start with one.

- Hey.
- You busy?

I'm a half a bottle into my work.
What's up?

Well, you left this at my place.

You could've sent Vido down with it.

But you have something else on your mind.

Do you ever stop thinking
like a P.I.?

That's why I hate magic.
I always figured out the trick. Also...


No, magicians are awful.


I wanted to talk to you
about our friendship.

- I mean, that's what it is now, right?
- I guess so.

I'm not sure what happened.

You're a good guy.

That's what happened.

Well, you must be
doing something right, because

Vido loves the shit out of you.

You know I'm only friends with you
to be friends with him, right?

I'll take it.

Well... I just wanted to get that out
in the open before I moved on.

You met someone?

I thought you should know,

in case we run into each other
in the elevator or something.

It's all good.

That's nice, having someone you can let in
that lets you in, too.

Yeah, that is the one trick
I never quite figured out.

How to let someone in
without it ending badly.

- It's worth a try.
- Not if they end up dead.

Jess, your mother loved
every minute with you.

I could see that on her face.

I think you're kind of proving my point.

You don't think
she wanted that time?

Even if she knew how it was gonna end?

Can we just not talk about it?


Mm-hmm. Come on, you got this.
Five more seconds.


All right. Got it. Good job.

Hey, easy. Take a break.

Trish, slow the hell down.

- Okay, ready?
- Got more?

Take it off. I'll wash it.

Do you even have a washing machine?

Take it off. the evening with skies
remaining cloudy, but dry overnight.

Expected temperatures to remain
below freezing into next week,

- when we should finally see...
- You're still here.

I made some coffee.

Yeah. Listen, Adrian, I, uh...
I have a lot of work. Um... It's...

...brutal attack this morning.
Madeline Brandt was asleep

when intruders broke in and assaulted her,

stealing a valuable sculpture.

Police have arrested
Ms. Brandt's half-brother, Andrew Brandt.

You hear about this piece of shit?

Hired a couple thugs
to beat the crap out of his half-sister.


She inherited the one thing he wanted.

He got everything else,
but not this stupid sculpture.

...remains in critical
condition at Metro-General Hospital...

See, that's why I box,
so I can molly whop assholes like him.

- "Molly whop"?
- It's a saying.

- Who is it?
- It's me.

Oh, crap. Uh... Yeah,
I have an appointment I forgot.


Um... workout Thursday?

You know, I'll call you.

Sleep with the client, lose the client.

Colorful neighborhood.

I wanted a change.

I just came here to get a check off you
for the cell phone thief.

So he gets paid? What happens next?

It's over.

Steal what you can, sue for the rest.
Gotta love American justice.

- How much?
- Fifty grand.

That's a lot less than Hogarth expected.

I got him to back down.

You must have found some significant dirt.
What was it?

No. I don't have time to get into that.

- What did you find?
- Does it matter?

It's my case.
I want to know how bad the guy is.

He's got a rap sheet
going back to high school.

Assault, robbery, DUI.
Served his time, so that wasn't useful.

However, he is a family guy.
Married, 12-year-old boy.

And that's useful?

Not on the surface,
but the kid worships him.

He doesn't give a shit
that his dad's an ex-con.

He's still a hero. So I dug deeper, and...

it turns out Mom and Dad have been
lying to the kid for his whole life.

He's not this kid's dad at all. Just...

some guy who came into the picture
when the kid was a baby.

He fell in love with the boy
and raised him as his own. So...

I gave him a simple choice.

I could enlighten his son, or he could
reconsider his settlement demands.

He thought I was bluffing.

Till I pulled up the kid's
cell phone number, called him.

I asked...

I asked the kid if his dad had ever...

told him what a bastard is.

Desperation in his dad's eyes.
Crying, begging me to hang up.

And all I thought...

was, "I got you."

And what would you have done
if he refused to negotiate?

I would've told the kid everything.

I got the job done.
It's what it takes.

To earn a paycheck?

Prove myself to Hogarth.

Never do anything like that
on my behalf again. Ever.

Don't you look at me like I'm the one
going off the goddamn rails, all right?

- You're not fooling anyone.
- I'm working on a project.

I know what your screwed-up idea
of a project is.

I don't owe you an explanation.

Tell that to TMZ when they ask,
"Where's Patsy now?"

- They're not asking.
- They will.

And you better find a good answer
to that question, 'cause right now...

you look one meltdown away
from a psych ward.

The thing I love most about this cardigan
is how it feels against your skin.

You know, it's light but warm.

The perfect outerwear
for this cuckoo spring weather.

And, you know, the wonderful thing
about it is it's machine wash, tumble dry.


Now, I've spent the past year
perfecting a cotton blend

in colors that are timeless yet versatile.

This cardie is my new BFF.

Now, Sasha here
is wearing the Island Breeze.

Oh, that color just pops on her.

I mean, it just turns your basics
into, like, a chic, fun outfit.

It's like her outfit got a promotion.
Gorgeous, Sasha.

Now, we have Hannah on the line
from Ann Arbor. Hi, Hannah.

Hi, Trish. Oh, my God.
It's so wonderful to talk to you.

Are you enjoying our knits?

Definitely. I got one for my sister
and one for my mom,

and they both love it.

Don't forget about yourself.

Oh, I'm not getting out a lot these days.
I'm recently divorced.

She can handle it.

I'm so sorry to hear that, Hannah,

but the end of a relationship
doesn't make you any less worthy

of feeling beautiful and fulfilled.

Spring is about new beginnings.

So show your ex
what a good thing he's missing.

You're so right.

- Is it still available in Bordeaux?
- That's my favorite color.

Thank you so much, Trish.

You're welcome.

- Off air!
- God!

This is so much better
than hawking the ShowerBuddy.

Don't ask. You're killing it, girl.
If we keep selling at this rate,

they'll move us out
of this lousy time slot.

Oh, I asked for this time slot.
Works with my schedule.

"The case of the stolen sculpture"?
It's like bad reality TV.

They putting that guy in jail?

They're dropping the charges
against Brandt.

You've gotta be kidding me.

They couldn't find the sculpture
to link him to his sister's attack.

Meanwhile, she's drinking
her meals through a straw.

Makes you want to strangle
someone with a sweater.

- Wouldn't help her.
- It'd help me.

Someone ought to call
that superhero woman. Jennifer something.


Grace, you might want to
talk to the wardrobe gal.

I swear I saw a nipple
through that blouse.

Keep your head in the game, baby.

That's not vitaminwater.

This is fine.

They can't expect you to keep these hours

and not provide something
to keep your energy up.

I'm wide awake.

You have another hour to go, honey.
And where are your Skittles?

This was all spelled out in your contract.

- I don't even like Skittles.
- I do.

You're happy here, aren't you?

It's serving a purpose.

If you flame out again,

there won't be another gig.

Nobody will want you.

I'm keeping this job.

People need to see what I'm up to.


Ms. Walker, we need you to look at some
options for tomorrow's deal of the day.

- Yeah. Mom, can you...
- Of course.

Okay, sequins are totally
off-brand. What else have you got?

Oh, dear. Okay, let's go
look at the main closet.

A team-up isn't your style.

But you've never tried it with me.

And I have a real monster in my sights.

I could use your help.

You don't have to do this alone anymore.

Neither of us do.

It's time, Jess.

There are too many horrors hiding
in the dark, but I see them clearly now.

I'm missing a piece without you.

Maybe you feel the same about me...

or about your mother.

Maybe I was wrong.

You needed a moral compass. I was it.

Now you're too busy blaming me to admit
that your mother had to be stopped.

You couldn't separate good from bad.

You boring piece of shit.

Oh, shit.

Don't forget your breath mint.

Probably have halitosis.

About time.

Come on, show me.

I know it's in there.

Move, asshole!

Where are you taking it?



Come on, come on, come on.
You guys gonna hug or fight?

Give him the left. Give him the left.
Give him the left.

Take him down.

No, idiot.

Sizing him up.

Oh, nice! Nice land there by Gonzalez.

Caught him flush on the chin.

What the hell?

Who the hell are you?

Right now, your sister's best friend.

- Get your nutjob ass out of here.
- Your turn to be the helpless one.

I've been tracking him for weeks,
and now he's gone.

Maybe it is better
if you just stay out of the way.

Why? Because you're a hero now?


The world's moral compass,
who knows good from bad?


And now I'm finally equipped
to do something about it.

Then it was worth it, then.

What you did to me.

Because you got what you wanted.

You don't get it, Jess. You're free.

You always said you didn't ask for this.
But I did.

So you can stop trying and...
and feeling guilty and inadequate.

I don't need you to be a hero.

Nobody does.

I've got it covered.

Your mother's looking for you.
Call her so I can get paid.

Oh, Pats!

I tried to see you before the show,
but that merchandise meeting just...

But it's okay.

Where on earth were you?

I was worried sick,
and Jessica wouldn't tell me.

Uh... I had to take care of something.

You missed two shows in a row.

I told the network you had a bug.
They didn't buy it.

But I reminded them how lucky they are
to have someone of your caliber.

Thanks, Mom.

But you're out of second chances, baby.

I know. It won't happen again.

Poor... What was it? You can talk to me.

Are you drinking?
Did you fall off the wagon?


Is it a man?

Talk to me, sweetie. I'm your mommy.

I'm all alone.

I'm all alone in this.

Oh, sweetheart.

I know how you feel.

It's the girl's burden.

And no matter who he is,
he does not deserve you.


You're gonna get through this.

You always do.

I'm gonna go get you a tissue.
We're gonna get you all fixed up.


Jessica's in the hospital.
She asked for you.

How are you feeling?

I need a name.

You need rest.

You just had surgery.

Doctor says, uh, you'll be here
for a few days, so, uh...

I picked up some things.

I'm sorry this has happened to you.

But whoever did this,
we will find them and get them locked up.

I just want a name.

Whose name?


You think he did this?

I mean...

makes sense. He recognized you.

If it wasn't him, it...
it might've been one of his thugs.

His full name.

Andrew Brandt.


You're welcome.

I got it.