Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - A.K.A A Lotta Worms - full transcript

[theme music playing]

[Jessica] Playing it cool.

Playing their game...

while Trish is out there doing damage.

To someone.

To herself.

I am done playing.

You trying for an escaping-custody charge?

I didn't kill anyone,
and I have a job to do.

You're free to go.


You're no longer a suspect
in Officer Nussbaumer's murder.

Because you found the person who did it?

Because the killer struck again
while you were in here.

You have the perfect alibi.

How do you know it was the same killer?

We found Nussbaumer's badge
lying on the body of the victim.

Jace Montero. You know him?

- No.
- You know anyone else who knows him?

Why would I?

A witness saw your masked vigilante friend
near the scene.

I think you're trying
to be on the side of right.

Help us bring her in.

I can't help you.

This is the 40th call.
Again, call me back.

Call Trish every five minutes
until she answers,

and scour all of social media
for any mention of her.

Why aren't you moving?

- [water running]
- [Erik] Hey...

That's why.

[Erik] I'm drowning.

I'm drowning.

He was passed out on the office floor
when I got here.

Refused to leave.

Said he had something
important to tell you.

[Erik] Why am I always drowning?

Ugh, I think I pulled my back
getting him in there.

She's in trouble, Jess.

I think Trish crossed the line.

By murdering Nussbaumer and Montero
with your help?

No, I didn't...

I mean... yes, she...
she asked for my help. I owed her.

- You lied.
- No, I didn't touch 'em.

And... And Nussbaumer was an accident.

You brought her down to your shitty level.

Yes, I... [sighs] I screwed up.
It's on me. It's all... It's all...

She was clear.

I didn't feel it... until I did.

She must have shut down something
in order to... do what she did.

And... there's something else.

When they died... my headaches lifted.

It was like the balance
of all the crap in the world

suddenly tilted toward... good.
[chuckles softly]

It was... It was euphoric.

- The headache, one to ten.
- For Trish?

Five... ish.

You suffer that kind of loss,
you lose pieces of yourself.

Yeah, but maybe... maybe not permanently.

Where is she?

I told her I wouldn't let her
use my radar anymore,

and she said she already knew
who her next target was.

Sallinger. He's in the hospital.

If she kills him, she goes darker.

Sober up. I might need you.

You want my help?

[Jessica] No. But you owe me.

Where are you going? You should be in bed.

I'm going home.

You can't just leave
in the middle of the night.

Well, my police protection did.

You're still safer here.

I can protect myself.


[elevator dings]

- I'm getting you out of here, asshole.
- I'm getting myself out.

- [grunts]
- [Jessica] Trish!

- Walk away, Jess.
- Are you really gonna do this here?

- You're trying to save him?
- I'm trying to save you.


[Jessica] Come on.

[elevator dings]

[Jessica] Get in.


Why are you running? You can take her.

It's inevitable.
Jessica Jones versus the masked murderer.

[elevator dings]

[woman speaking Hebrew]

[in English] Oh, you poor dear.

Don't waste your sympathy
on this piece of shit.

Oh, my God, are you kidding me?

- [sighs]
- [thud]

[both gasp]

[Trish panting] Where?


[alarm sounding]

[Sallinger] The exit is down.

[Jessica] Let's go!

- We're going to the roof.
- Are you planning to throw me off?

[Jessica] She can't jump as far as I can.

I told you it's inevitable.
Trish will not give up...

- [grunts]
- Do not say her name.

You're always taking the easy way out.

The easy way out would be
to let her rip the rest of your face off.

[Trish] Now you're making sense.

Get out of here, Jess.
I'll take care of him.

This isn't you talking.

This is the grief
and the rage that comes with it.

How can you not understand this?

We're gonna put him away. For life.

With what evidence? You destroyed it.

- Not all of it.
- [swallows hard]

[Sallinger] You do that
and I'll release the photo.

- I don't care, so long as you're dead.
- I want him dead, too.

But I'm the only one willing to do it.

You were willing, too, once,
with Kilgrave.

And it nearly destroyed me.

[Trish] But it hasn't destroyed me.

Maybe... that's my real power.

I can carry the burden.

[both grunt]



You want my differential diagnosis?


[Hogarth] Jesus, God.

What are you doing here?

[Jessica] Been here
since 2:00 in the morning,

waiting to dump
this shithead off with you.

- [Hogarth] Excuse me?
- Wait. That was your plan?

To leave me with her?

Your client here needs protection.

No. You're my protection.

Okay, I think I have heard everything now.

[Jessica] He needs to stay
in one of your safe houses.

Why would I do that
when I have you on my side?

- You do not have me on your side.
- No?

Then why do you keep saving me from her?

The vigilante? I...
I thought you two were partners.

Are you gonna
take him off my hands or what?

I'm sorry, but Hogarth & Associates
doesn't provide protection.

No, no, you can't afford the overhead.

Then he needs to move in here with you.
I'm out.

What are you gonna do
when you find me beaten to death?

This is what she does.

To protect her, you have to protect me.

I'm going to walk home now.

I'm going to wait for her to arrive.

And then I'm going to put up a fight.

So it'll be her or me.

And I really don't know
which is worse for you.

I'll walk slowly so you can catch up.

Thanks for nothing.

I know it was Trish.

I think that she...
she may have threatened me.

You think?

I asked her to do something for me.
Uh... [sighs]

Okay, I pressured her.

It was important.
[stammering] It's a very personal thing.


Should I be worried?

Should I be worried?

You don't fit her profile.

And I'm gonna handle it.

Thank you.

I'm not doing it for you.

[knocking on door]


[Malcolm] She's not here.

I know. She called me.
That's why I'm here.

Okay, good.

I, uh, prefer things out in the open.

She couldn't get a hold of you,
but she told me what she needs us to do.

Wait. What? Who are you talking about?

Jessica. Who are you talking about?

Uh, it's not really my place to say.

[door unlocks and opens]

Oh, awkward.

[door closes]

But, hey, bro.

I'm just doing her a solid, man.

I think you're doing more than that.

Don't be a dick, Erik.
He's helping me out.

Yeah, but I was helping you out,
getting you home to Georgia.

Georgia is not home
to anything but bad memories.

And rather than tell me that,
you move in next door?

Oh. Wait. You and Jessica
are living together now?

- No. No, I'm just...
- Just doing her a solid, right?



Something's wrong.

It'll be all right.

You look good, Bri.


- You big jerk-off.
- [Erik] You little shit.

[both grunt]

I'm gonna take a shower.
You wanna join me?

Jesus, Bri.

[Berry giggles]

I knew that would get him.


- So Jessica needed us to do something?
- Right.

Uh, if it involves helping Trish,
I'm not...

- We're helping Trish.
- [sighs] Shit.

It's time to let the cops handle her.

No. It... It's not her fault.

And Jessica is paying you
a shit-ton of money, so...

It's her words, not mine. do your job.

Again, her words, not mine.

[Sallinger] You know,
I could end all of this right now.

A few keystrokes, reveal her identity,

let the police take it from there.

Of course,
then I'd be risking imprisonment myself,

because of this so-called evidence
you saved against me.

But you'd also have to believe
it was enough to convict me.

And I'm not sure you do.

If only you had me strapped to a chair
with a lens in my face,

so you could capture my truth.

[door opens]

[Sallinger] So it begins.

I assume she's on the rooftop
of the building across the street.

God damn it.

[Sallinger] What are you going to do?




End him.

That's a lot of worms.

That camera uploads to a server.

Would you trust the cloud
with evidence of your sick shit?


[panting, grunts]

Go for it, Jess.

- [Taser buzzing]
- [gasps]

- Jesus. Will she be all right?
- Yeah.

I'll tase her again when she wakes up.

I'm not loving how easy this is for you.

[cell phone vibrates]

What the hell are you doing?

Saving your life
so I can lock you in a dark cell.

You're lying.

Am I?


Ahh! Shit.



Everything's out of reach.

[breathing heavily] What the hell is this?

What are you doing here?

My job.

[scoffs] Jessica.

If this was my play,
you'd be in police custody.

What? Because you're all about justice?

Helping Hogarth exonerate
rapists and murderers?

You're right.

- I have a lot to make up for.
- [scoffs]

You know, Jessica still believes in you.

Well, she believes in Trish.

I'm not even sure who that is anymore.

Carl Nussbaumer killed people.

Montero burned people.

And their reckoning was your job?
That's your defense?

You know, you're not the only one
with a lot to make up for.

It's about... balancing the scales.


Do you ever miss
the person you used to be?

[Trish sighs]

All set.

Are you ready for a cozy night at home?

I will be.

- I could use another drink, though.
- Yeah, I don't blame you.

Never seen a guy come back for more.

[Erik] What, with these healthy pours?

I mean, more of this.

Is that how you talk to a regular?

To repeat business.

You know, we were sitting right here
the night we met.

I'd take it back if I could.

Thanks a lot.

I brought a lot of pain to your world.

It would've found me one way or another.

This, uh... Trish...

It's been a long time coming.

She'll come back.

You brought me back,
and I was a lost cause.

Are you saying you're found now?

That could go either way.
But that's new for me.

I hope it continues.

What, you and me?

The upward swing.

Same thing.

Let's just get through this.

Yeah, to getting through it.

[breathes deeply] Let's get to work.

[continues typing]

[door unlocking]

It must be maddening
to be this predictable.

Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones.

Duct tape? Really?

Go ahead. Free yourself.

It's a little something
I added to the tranquilizer.

Causes partial paralysis.

All my good photo gear
is in police lockup somewhere.

You'll join them, real soon.

Because of the evidence you held back?

We'll get to the truth of that later.

[camera shutter clicking]

You want me to admit I'm a cheater?

A fraud?

I'm both, and more.

I'm more interested
in the deeper lie you tell yourself...

about why you want to be a hero.

Except I don't want it.
I've never wanted it.

And that's the lie.

Because you want it desperately,
and I suspect you always have.

And you certainly fooled Trish.

Had you been honest with her,

she wouldn't have felt obliged
to fill your vacant shoes.

You don't know her. You don't know me.

And I don't have to,
because it's perfectly obvious.

Take your intentionally indifferent
rebel-rock garb for example.

They are your cape...

your mask and your armor.

- You're longing for distinction.
- [camera shutter clicking]

Or how about your chosen profession?

A private eye.


It's a lazy cliché...

the individualist hero.

It pays the bills.

Not everyone can live
off of their dead brother's settlement.


Well, let's talk about the dead.

They have played such a role.

Are you hoping that I'll cry?

That I'll beg for my life...
like Dorothy did?

That's not truth.

I want you to accept
what you fear the most...

that your family died for nothing.

You believed they were sacrificed
in exchange for your gifts.

That they died
so that you could save the world,

one person at a time.

And now you pretend
like you never wanted it?

You're terrified
you've already failed them.

And you have.

Because you are not,
and you never will be,

a hero.

[camera shutter clicking]

[breathing heavily]

[Malcolm] The exercise thing,
I do that, too.

Helps keep the cravings at bay, right?

Once an addict, always an addict.

Sometimes, exercise is just exercise.

Whatever works for you.

You know what doesn't work for me?

Is being chained to this pole
like a goddamn animal.

I mean, it's messed up.

Then let me go.

That would be more messed up.

You know, I thought I knew you.

But actually, you're just an asshole.


my girlfriend would agree with you.

Ex-girlfriend, that is.

You know, I loved her so much.

But the man that she loved,
that... that... good guy...

that just wasn't me.

So I cheated on her.

With a hooker, no less.

And rather than owning up to it,

I made her believe that it was her,
just so that I...

didn't have to see that look on her face
when she realized who I really was.

That's horrible.

Do I deserve to be executed for it?

It's hardly on the same level
as what Sallinger did.

I've destroyed lives.

Like I said, you're an asshole,
but you don't deserve to die.

Some people may disagree.

[inhales sharply]

When I was seven,
my dad still lived at home.

We were happy... when he was sober.

He never physically hurt me.

My mom took all the hits.

But she was too proud to call the police.

One day, I came home and...
he was screaming at her,

and I heard a thump.

And I went upstairs,
and my mom was bleeding.

He had hit her head into the wall.

And that's when I decided...

he had to go.

I touched my mom's blood...

smeared it all over my face, my T-shirt...

and I ran across to the neighbor...
Mrs. Levin...

and I told her my dad had hit me.

[scoffs] You know,
Mom never contradicted me.

I think it's when she first realized
I could act.

My dad was arrested.

I never saw him again.


Now, what I did was wrong...

but it was also right.

So the ends justify the means?

If I want it to end.

[sighs] Want what to end?

Evil... I guess.

And what if you become the evil?

[printer whirring]

[Sallinger] There it is.

Your truth.


Ever try a self-portrait?

No, there's no need.

I live in truth.

So did Dorothy Walker.

She was nothing but truth.

She was ambitious.


Sometimes cruel.

But she owned it all.

Every day.

And you killed her anyway.

We're done here.

You need that logic.

Because if they're worthy kills,
you're not just a murderer...

you're something more.

But you're the real fraud,
because you love it.

That's the real reason
you tortured and killed Dorothy, isn't it?

Why you killed them all?

- Because it brings you pleasure.
- No.

You got off on it.
Stabbing her over and over.

No, I didn't.

You and your stiff little knife.

You're probably hard right now,
aren't you?

I killed Dorothy to punish you.
To punish all of you.

[chuckles softly]

Why are you smiling?

You're not the only one with a camera.

I did lie about one thing, though.


You okay?

I am if you got it.

All on camera, start to finish.

Murder, kidnapping,

and in the felony bonus round,
dosing a bottle of good bourbon.

By the way, you look like a real asshole

tippy-toeing around here
in your ninja outfit.

I suppose you think
you're a hero now, too.

Kind of. Yeah.

[cell phone rings]

Hello, Jones.
Haven't seen you on the news lately.

[Jessica] How'd you like
to get back on the job?

The last thing I need
is you mixing it up with brass.

Gregory Sallinger just confessed
to the murder of Dorothy Walker on tape.

- What?
- Single-party permission recording,

admissible by New York law.

And I have him on kidnapping
and attempted murder.



I'll put out an APB on him.

No need.
You can pick Sallinger up at my office.

Got it. Server's ours.

Should I even ask how the hell
you accomplished that?

Never mind. I don't want to know.

Jones, you there?

And, Costa...

I think you might have missed something
at the Dorothy Walker crime scene.

Copy. On it.

[Sallinger through speakers]
I killed Dorothy to punish you.

To punish all of you.

I killed Dorothy to punish you.
To punish all of you.

I killed Dorothy to punish you.
To punish all of you.

I killed Dorothy to punish you...

[Costa] Don't forget
to read him his rights.

[car horn honks]


Do you still dream?

After all the shit that I've done,
I can't really sleep.

I mean, not like I used to.
Doesn't seem to be a problem for you.

Because I'm a monster.

No, because if you felt
even half the remorse that I do,

I don't think you could continue.


I don't dream. I couldn't call it that.

And it's worse than nightmares.

I see them, every time I close my eyes.

And sometimes when I don't.

Nussbaumer, Montero...

Jessica's mother.

That awful moment
when they take their last breath.

The finality of it.

I didn't do it because I wanted to.

I did it because I had to.

Maybe it is an addict thing.

Generating change in the world,
being effective, it's a powerful drug.

But it is not easy.

Malcolm, the things I've done...
You're right. It wasn't me.

The old me.

But as long as Sallinger
and other assholes like him are out there,

I don't know if I can get her back.

And I'm not sure that I should.

[footsteps approaching]

Sallinger's in jail.

For good.

The photo.

[Jessica] It's destroyed.
Your secret is safe.


[Jessica] This is over.

It isn't satisfying,

it doesn't take away the pain,

and it doesn't affect either of us,
except that he's done.

That's it.

But I'm so... angry.

[Jessica] So am I.

But that's the burden we have to carry.

I'm not sure I can.

Most people can't.

They wind up dead or in jail.

I never meant to hurt you.

Me neither.


[bell rings]

[man] Okay, people!
Sixty minutes to Style By Trish!

Set up, we're ready to go.

[indistinct chatter]



You are something to behold, lady.
Coming back so soon.

That's what I call strength.

I'm so sorry.

And furious.

I mean, I know they caught him, but...

I wish the death penalty
was legal in this state.

He'll probably use the system
to his advantage. Smart ones always do.

Why couldn't he have just died
in a shoot-out?

Oh, my God.

That's the last thing you need to hear.

No, it's... it's all right.

I can handle it.


Hey, you gotta see Sallinger
in orange, huh?

[sighing] Yeah... Something like that.

Here, let me drive you.

No, it's okay.
It's not worth the headache.


You did this.

You got him.

We got him.

Are you saying I'm some kind of superhero?

On your better days.

- [chuckles softly]
- [cell phone vibrating]


[Sallinger] I expect I'll see you soon.

I understand you looted my apartment.

I wouldn't have exposed her anyways.
It'd be too easy for you.

She's a true believer, Jessica.

And that kind of faith never goes away.

Screw you.

You'll have to face the test eventually.

Can you make the sacrifice?

Will you?

[chuckles softly]

I'm eager to find out.


[guard 1] Pipes. We're five stories down.

[thudding continues]

Not used to being the one
who's bound up, are you?

[cell unlocking]

[elevator whirring]


Don't open the door.

Jumpy scumbag.

No, no, she's done this before.

It's her.

- [panting] It's her. Uncuff me!
- Calm down!

- Trust me, it's her! It's her!
- [elevator dings]


[all grunt]


All units... [gasps]

[both grunt]

[gun clicks]

[gun clatters]


When your client steps off the elevator,
he remains in my custody.

You are not to touch him.

- You will not pass him anything.
- I've been here before.

I'm in chains. I'm in ch... [grunts]

[Sallinger coughing]


You're no hero.

[alarm sounding]

[Trish grunting]


- What's taking so long?
- Old equipment.

In the '40s, the tunnel was used

to bring mobsters
from the jail to the courthouse.

Since then, we've been using...

[elevator stops]

The fourth time you stabbed her.

The fifth.

The slit to her throat.

Those pictures.

What did you need to see?

[breathing heavily]

Her truth.

And now I see yours.

And so will Jessica.

[elevator whirring]


[woman screams]

[people murmuring]

[somber music playing]