Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - A.K.A Hellcat - full transcript

Trish revisits her troubled childhood with Dorothy while plotting to stop Sallinger and stamp out evil across the city.

I thought I'd start by telling you
a quintessential Dorothy Walker story

about how she pushed me
to get a particular job

on a sitcom called That's Our Girl.

I'm so hungry
I could eat a horse.

They might
actually serve that here.

I ordered beef brisket,
not Seabiscuit.

How can you be hungry anyway?
We just had snacks.

This is the meal between snacks and lunch.

I call it snunch.

And yet you're so thin.
What's your secret?

Crippling anxiety.

You're ten.

And I'll never see nine again.

No! Throw it away.


the parenthetical says "dramatic."

What did I tell you about parentheticals?

"Cross 'em out."

Every girl is gonna be doing
a goddamn fake swoon.

Find something else.

Look at me, Pats.

We have sold everything
down to the floorboards,

and your dad's child support
barely covers our groceries.

- I know.
- Do you?

Because I'm not seeing
a serious effort here!

I can't do this for you.

It's all on you.

Tell me you've got this.

I've got this.


Jess! Jess!

He killed her. He killed her.

- She's dead.
- Trish...

Oh, my God.

- He did this!
- I'm on my way.

I'm leaving right now.
I'm gonna be right there.

Trish? Trish, are you there?

It doesn't matter.

- He has to pay.
- Yes, and he will. Okay?

I've got this.

Excuse me, ma'am. Are you a resident?

Where's Jessica?


I should have known.

You didn't need the light.

Is that what my mother sounded like?
Did you give a shit?

Trish! Trish, stop!

It's real...

isn't it?

She's gone.


she's dead.

Come here.

You are who you are
because of Dorothy.

I've gotta give her that.


How's it playing out?

...this violent offender ourselves.

Hogarth & Associates is prepared
to offer a $250,000 reward

for the successful identification
of the vigilante plaguing our streets.

I will unmask you.

And in doing so, I will lead
the charge to take back our city

from those who consider themselves
above the law.

Questions, anyone?

I need to go check on something.

- Did Sallinger ID me?
- That's what I need to find out.

- I can't just sit here and do nothing.
- You have to.

Just until I get some answers.

Just, please, don't go anywhere.

It's like an infestation.

- Her hair is so red, though.
- Just pay them no mind.

Everybody's blonde
except for her.

The breakdown says Vicki's blonde.

Yeah, well...

the show's EP is Devlin Hoskins.

Hair like an orangutan.

Now, a cattle call
is about catching someone's eye.

Nothing catches the eye like a mirror.

There. Look at you.

You look like he could have
made you himself.

I need those.

The line ends back there.

She tore her sides.

Don't smile. Look interesting.


- Good to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.

Dorothy Walker. We've met.

This is Patsy.

- I believe we're next.
- No, there's a long line...

The red hair. Is that yours?

Sure is.

She paid good money for it.

- You wanna come on in?
- Uh, excuse me!

Hey! We've been waiting
way longer than you.

You're cutting!

Didn't she just walk in?

I told you what would happen
if you saw him again!

I told you a thousand times,
you lying whore!

You're wrong!

I didn't sleep with him!

Put that down!

This is your goddamn fault!

You always do these things!

You're goddamn selfish,
that's what you are!

I take care of you, I provide for you,
and this is what you give me?

I don't belong to you!


Jessica thought
you might need some clothes.


Nice digs.

The best places to hide out
are the places no one else wants to go.

Look, I'm so sorry.

I know you blame yourself.

It's not your fault.

I know. It's Sallinger's fault.

Despite everything on my side...

...the good,

the right, they still win. God damn it!

- I'll go over there and see...
- No, don't... Don't. Um...

- I'm hiding out.
- Right.


They don't always.

Win. They don't always win.

They do enough
that I can't do this anymore.


Uh, was there anything else?


I hope it helps.

The hell you doin' in here?

Was I bothering you?

Because your wife beating
was bothering me.

She ain't my wife.
And she got what she was asked for.

No, no, no.

Jess, where have you been?

What the hell is he doing here?

I wanted to look you in the eye
and explain... to make things right.

You want me to absolve you

for the fact my mother is dead

because you're a goddamn coward!

Jesus. Trish... Jesus.

I can take a hit...

when it's righteous.

You don't deserve my forgiveness.

I know.

You have no idea
what he did for you tonight.

All right, what did he do?

It's Gelden.

I need a game. Any game.

Sallinger wanted me
to destroy the evidence

that proved he killed Nathan Silva.


- No. No, no, no.
- It was the only way to protect you.

I told you I would go to jail!

Gladly, if it meant killing him.

All that matters is nailing Sallinger.

You here to see Mr. Sallinger?
He's not receiving visitors.

I was just passing by.

It's all right.
Let her through.

I made a deal with your sister.

But not with me.

You won't get very far.

Not with our friends from the force
out there.

I'm not afraid of jail.

How about a bullet to the head?
You afraid of that?

That's what cops do to people
that assault two of their officers.

They won't protect you forever.

It tortured your sister
to do what she did to save you.

In vain, obviously,
if you murder me anyways.

It's not murder. It's justice.

You're a liar.

You kill because it
makes you feel powerful.

No, that's your MO.

- No. It's a byproduct of my work.
- Your work?

You mean those torture-porn pictures?

Clearly, you haven't seen
my latest achievement yet.


I left it in the most obvious of places.

You'll find it very...


I know I did.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
This is still a crime scene.

I just... need to get something...

of hers.

To remind me.


It's a good role.

You should've told him to wait
and talk to me.

Okay. But it's good.
The best friend, named Surprise.

The show is called That's Our Girl,

not What the Hell Kind of a Name
Is Surprise?

It says in the script that her parents
weren't planning on having...

I get the joke. Ha-ha. Who got the lead?

Carrie Leigh Hirsch.
She has way more experience than me.

Experience is not the same thing
as talent.

You weren't born to be a best friend.

A best friend is a sidekick. It's nothing.

When is the table read?

There isn't gonna be one.
Carrie Leigh's getting over chicken pox.

Meant to be.

Here's what you do. Call them.

Say you know how writers
like to hear the jokes out loud.

Offer to help out and read the lead,
just for the table.

That's... I don't...

I don't want to.


You take that holier-than-Mom look
off your face.

You know you haven't done
everything you can to get that part.

Now, you star 69 them.


Oh, Mother.

Ms. Walker?


I'm so sorry. She was a great lady.
It happened on my watch.

There's nothing you could've done.

There's always something we can do.

Satan wins
when the forces of light stand idly by.

Thank you, Omar.

Oh, I thought you were someone else.

Just me.

The first hit, I deserved it.

Second one, I'm gonna put up a fight.

You said you wished
you could make it right.

I have a way you can do that.

Can I offer you something to, uh...

You, uh, blackmail guilty people.

- Well, I'm rethinking that career path.
- What if you could put them away?

You wanna catch a bad guy.

I wanna pay a debt.

You wanna go after Sallinger.

Yes, but there are other assholes
who can and will hurt people,

and you know who they are.

Yeah, there's a never-ending supply.

Maybe I can save a life, or lives,
by taking them down.

Someone came to mind, didn't they?

When I said you know who they are.

Maybe the same person who you wanted
to pummel when you opened the door.

A dirty cop.
I blackmailed him a while ago.

More recently, Jessica and I
have pissed him off a bit.

What's he guilty of?

Killing some drug dealers.

He killed bad people?


Poor kids,
who still had a chance to change.

And he did it to steal their money.

- Do you have proof?
- A file full.

Intel from illegal immigrants, ex-cons,
snitches, none of whom will testify.

All inadmissible.

But you know it's real.

Nussbaumer paid me off. Twice.
It says it all.

If we can get him to admit it on video...

- It won't hold up.
- It doesn't matter.

I would put it online.
It could trigger an investigation.

I know it costs you,
but you can see into people.

You've seen into this cop.

If he kills another kid,

you will be the only person on earth
who saw it coming.

He won't talk.

Oh, God! Just give me the file.
I'll confront him with it.

You don't have to be involved.

Will Jessica?


I owe this.

So I'm supposed to let you face off
with a murderer alone?

- I'm powered, too.
- But he's armed.

If you get hurt chasing my bad guy,
Jessica's gonna kick my face in.

- And I'll let her.
- Jessica is not my mother!

I have to do something good.

Something to counteract
all of this hideousness.

Something only I can do. Okay?

Well, I'm coming with you.

He won't talk to you,
you come at him with a camera phone.

Pick an isolated place.

Get Nussbaumer to meet you there.

Oh, you mean now?

And I guess that's what I learned today.

That it doesn't matter if you're a lion
or a mouse...

or a runaway class turtle

that just couldn't take one more day
of the fourth grade.

What matters is being the bravest version
of you that you can be.

He's here.

And judging from the pain,
he's not happy about the third bribe.

You got a death wish, Gelden?

Yeah, I know all about you, Erik Gelden!

Where you live, where you gamble,
where you went wrong!

David Corderas, age 16.
Shot in the back of the head.

Jessica Jones?

I know you, too.

Rui Avedo, 14. Hit and run.

Marquel Booker, 19.
Again, shot in the head.

Dealing drugs is a dangerous gig.

Aaron Martinez, 21.
Accidental overdose.

Look, I got no beef with you,

just the criminal
you're aiding and abetting.


You paid him off
because you killed those boys.

It wasn't a payoff.
I executed a sting to catch a blackmailer.

But he got away.

Until now.

Who the hell are you?

All that stolen drug money,
you donated to charity, right?

Generally speaking,
the people who die deserve it.

Tyrone DeGrasse.


Died in the back of your squad car.

I did the taxpayers a favor.

We got what we need.


You don't deserve this.

Oh, shit.

Shit. Oh, my God.

Um, we should, uh...
We should...

- Call someone?
- Yeah. Uh...

Oh, no.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Sorry. Inappropriate.

No, I didn't want...

I didn't want this. Ugh.

The pain...

The pain is gone.

In my... my head. It's... It's like the...

the world just changed.

It's lighter. It's...

It's better. And I can feel it.

We gotta go.

We can start going over the details
and fill her in later.

No. She's on her way.

Well, I just need to reschedule
my next appointment.

- Sorry.
- I'll be back.

Oh, my God.

What person of interest?


Sorry I'm late.

Are you okay?

I don't know.

Trish Walker?

Detectives Imada and Defford.
We're very sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

We know how hard it can be
when you don't have answers.

The answer is Gregory Sallinger.
He should be charged...

We're not here in regard to that matter.

We spoke to your sister earlier
about a case we're investigating

- involving the death of a police officer.
- She didn't mention it.

We have some questions
she couldn't answer.

We're hoping you can fill in some blanks.
For example, how fast does she heal?


I don't... Normal fast. Not too fast.

- Wait. Jessica is your person of interest?
- We're looking at everyone, ma'am.

- Well, Jessica didn't do it.
- And you know this because?

Because I know her.
She would never kill a cop for no reason.

What reason would she need?

Well, I guess...
innocent until proven guilty,

what, it only applies
to serial killers now?

We're trying to fill in
some blanks in her story.

- No, you're trying to pin it on her.
- They won't.

What are you...

The cops think Jessica killed Nussbaumer.


- Did you just wake up? It's seven o'clock.
- Night owl.

You and Jess are well-matched.

They think Jessica did it?

- That's bullshit.
- Of course it is.

Shit. Nussbaumer's body cam was on.
They must have seen Jessica confront him.

We can't let her get blamed for this.

I should have made sure
she had a goddamn alibi.

- Shit. Shit. Shit.
- Okay...

Okay... Shit.

Wait. What if...

What if?

What if Nussbaumer's killer
hits someone else?

- I'm not gonna kill someone else.
- Not kill.

Just rough up another bad guy.

What bad guy?

I don't know. I got a box full of 'em.

But we'll time it so Jessica
is someplace visible when it happens.

And then you tell him
that you also did Nussbaumer.

And then he tells the cops.

Jess gets an alibi.
We take down another asshole.

Of course, when our mark says

the masked vigilante
attacked him and Nussbaumer...

Jessica's gonna know what you...
what we did.

It was my fault.
I'll make sure she knows it.

Because right now...
she thinks you did it.

Christ. This is so dicked up.

Hey, you didn't do this.
Just make sure she knows it.


Look, Jess and I...

we've lost too much.

I don't want her to lose you, too.



neither do I.

I'll go find us another asshole.

What are they talking about?

They're gonna offer us the lead.

No way. I did it?

Ooh, ooh... Ow!

Act like a goddamn adult.

You're number one on the call sheet now.

You have to lead by example.


You help the other actors.

And you let them know
you notice if they're unprepared.

You set the tone and land the jokes.

A hundred people could have jobs
on this show, for years.

But they only feed their families
if you do your job perfectly every day.

I just wanted to play the part.
I didn't know it... It sounds hard.

Well, it is hard.

But there's no backing out now.
You owe this.

Oh, Pats.

I understand how this is daunting.

But if you don't do it,
you are being selfish.

Because I owe you?

You don't owe me, baby girl.

You owe the world.

It gave you a gift.
You have to give it back.

All right, now. Now look surprised.

Patsy, I have some big news.

He spends most of his time
in that trailer over there.

Jace Montero?

I blackmailed him a few years ago.

The headache he gave me
nearly put me in the hospital.

- He's a developer?
- And an arsonist. Repeat offender.

That used to be a landmark building.
Went up in flames.

Freed 'em up to build
whatever monstrosity he wants.

People died.

Yeah, twelve that I know of.
In three different buildings he owned.

Some squatters, a firefighter...

No one's been able to pin it on him.

And he just bought
an old building in Queens.

Bet that burns down, too.

Wow. This guy is really evil.

What you can do... it's kind of amazing.

Thank you?

You could change the world.

I just want an alibi for Jess.

And then?

A lobotomy?

I don't know.

I don't know, Trish. I don't.

You know you can help people.

You won't be able
to walk away from that now.

That's him.

We have to make sure
that Jess is someplace public.

And until then...

we go to a funeral.

You did it, Pats!

The head of programming was here.
He flipped!

You're TGIF, baby girl.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Congratulations, Patsy. Good show.

There's nothing official yet,
but ABC knows a hit when they see it.

Oh, fantastic!

And you're changing the title, right?


Oh, sorry. I heard the network talking.

I mean, you changed the character's name
to Patsy, which is perfect, of course.

I guess That's Our Girl
seems a little generic to them.

Assholes. I told them that last week.

Well, maybe it's just a little tweak.
Like... That's Our Patsy!

Or... Here's Patsy. That might pop.

Hmm. We'll see how it shakes out.


I am so proud of you.

Uh, Jess! You're a little early.

You've been ignoring your calls.

I'm ignoring your calls.
Our business relationship is over.

- In its current form.
- In any form.

- I know.
- You know what?

I know that I can help you...
if you help me.

- In what world would I ever help you?
- In this world.

You've been stealing my files,
assaulting my clients.

Your criminal clients.

Who will sue you
for every penny that you have.

Money that you will need
if the DA decides to prosecute you

for assaulting those two police officers,
maiming Sallinger. All felony offenses.

I'm about to bury my mother
because of you.

I will destroy the footage...

in exchange for a favor
that requires your gifts.

I need you to steal something
from someone.

Someone other than me.

A man named Demetri Patseras.

Patseras is trying to hurt someone
that I care about.

He's a bad person.

That's who you go after now, isn't it?

I'll send you the specifics...
after the funeral.

I do go after bad people.

Remember that.

Where's your sister?

They have a warrant out for her arrest.

- I know.
- We have to do it tonight.

She's in the wind with no alibi.

Montero will tell the cops it wasn't her.

No, it's too risky.
Maybe he forgets what you tell him.


Wait. I have evidence
that can back up Montero's story.

Meet me across from the construction site.

No. Not now. They could be watching you,
hoping she reaches out to you.

Daytime. We'll see 'em coming.

Call me first thing.

- Keep walking.
- Are the cops following me?

No, not the cops.
Just keep going. Don't look back.

So dicked up.

911. What's your emergency?

Jessica Jones!
Hands behind your head!

You're under arrest
for the murder of Carl Nussbaumer.

Not today.

Stop, or we'll shoot!

What the hell?

I'm here to take your confession.

What're you talking about? You better
get the hell out of here before...

Before you burn down another building?

You're gonna do it again, aren't you?
That's why you bought this.

People died in your fires. Families!

Admit what you did!

You set fires. Say it!

You set fires!

- I set fires.
- All of it!

Somebody help me!

- How many died?
- Ten. I'll pay.

How many?

It was 14! It was accidental!

You're worse than Nussbaumer.


Now, you're gonna tell the police
that I did this.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.



He attacked.

We needed him alive. For Jess.

You feel it again.

What have we...

Jesus Christ.


You lost control.

Do you feel it?

You murdered him.

Is the world better?

I can make it better.

You owe the world. It gave you a gift.

No, no, no. That's it. No more.

We're done with this.

- Not yet.
- I'm done.

It's okay.

You have to give it back.

I know who's next.

- Hey. What are you...
- I've got this.

♪ Where do you go
When you just want to have a good time? ♪

♪ I hear a voice calling my name
Reaching out ♪

♪ It's Patsy, it's Patsy ♪

♪ I really want to be your friend
Hope this day will never end ♪

♪ It's Patsy, it's Patsy
I really want to be a friend with you ♪

♪ It's Patsy, it's Patsy ♪

♪ I really want to be your friend
Hope this day will never end ♪

It's Patsy, it's Patsy
I really want to be a friend with you

♪ It's Patsy, it's Patsy
I really want to be a friend with you ♪

♪ I really want to be a friend with you ♪