Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed - full transcript

The shooting forces Jessica to rethink her plans. Meanwhile, Oscar asks for help with a family crisis, and Trish's frustrations finally boil over.


Damn it.


God damn it.

- Let me do that. - No. Stay back.

- I can finish this. - You wanna kill him.

No, I don't want to. But I should.

You lay one finger on him, and you are dead to me again.

All right.

How do you suggest we handle this?

I'm gonna find another option for you.

Something that isn't The Raft.

But until then, he isn't leaving this tub.

Kidnapping. All you, by the way. We're both in this now.

No, we're in some shit, but I'm not in anything with you.

I just don't want my kid to go to prison.

Well, I don't want my mother to murder anyone else.

If he wakes up, he will go straight to the police.

When he wakes up, I will remind him

that attempted murder is a class B felony

with a five-to-ten-year sentence.

He busts us, I bust him.

- It's a bad plan. - You're a bad plan.

- Oh, for Christ's sake, let me. - I got it.

- You're just gonna waste good booze. - It's bottom shelf.

Just let me do it.

How bad is it?

I assume you're a fast healer?

It's not that bad.

We both need some sleep.

Well, I can't until I figure out what to do.

He'll be there when you wake up.

I meant with you.

I'll still be here when you wake up.

For my night terrors.

- I get them, too. - Not like this.

Would you help me?

Well, how do I...


Karl usually does this for me.

How romantic.

I hope he's okay.

I hope he gets what's coming to him.

I'm sorry.

I just miss him.

You should try to sleep, too.

You got shot today.

What does this mean?

"Good luck" In Japanese.

Yeah, one of many mistakes by an 18-year-old me.

Have you ever been to Tokyo?

Between nursing school and being homeless?

Haven't really had the chance.

Maybe after this we could, um...

go on a trip.

It's a great city.

I know what you're doing, Jeri.

What? I can't ruminate about the future?

Like how fast you'll kick me out the second Shane heals you?


You're a user.

Takes one to know one, right?

You expect me to let this go so quickly?

I don't expect anything, okay?

That thing about... having your cake and eating it, too?

Whoever said that probably didn't have cake that killed people.

Is this how I get my mom?

Jess, I know you're in there.

Jess, come on, it's me.

- Jess, open up. - All right, I'm coming.

Hey. Where have you been?


Look, I'm sorry I didn't call you back,

but whatever it is, can't it wait?

- Did you talk to Malcolm? - Yeah.

And what did he say?

He said he needed to take the day off.

He went to see his parents.

Oh, good.

Is that why you came over here in the middle of the night?

You don't call, I show up. That's how it goes.

Again, I'm sorry. I'm just beat.

Screw sorry. Okay? We get this close to finding the killer,

and you're all, "It's done. They're gone. Bye"?

Yeah. They took off.

We find them. We have passports.

I have money. We track them down.

Can I just not do something and have that be okay?

Okay, this isn't some brunch you're getting out of.

People are dying.

IGH doesn't have any other tracks to cover.

There are no more targets.

- Except you and me. - We won't be targets if we just drop it.

They're killers! They'll kill again. That's what killers do.

What if I'm ready to move on?

- Is that what you're doing? - I don't know. Maybe.

When do I get to be normal? When do I get to have a goddamn life?

After the killer's caught!


are you high?

Are you drunk?

I'm always drunk. But I'm not blind, and I know you.

I know you. Since when do you want anything to do with normal?

You need to call your sponsor.

Piss off. I'm not on anything.

Then I'll call your sponsor.

- You don't even know who she is. - I'll find out.

- Do you have a guy here? - Yeah, I needed the distraction.

You could have told me.

Wait. Trish.

Give me some time. I'll find you a meeting.

Trish, wait!

Trish, wait.

We've been down this road before. We know how it ends.

You have to call your sponsor. Trish.

Are you all right?

Where is she?

Where's Jessica?

I'm right here.

Mom, wake up!

You're here.

I always dream about you.

Losing you over, over and over again.


It's okay.

I'm here.


This... is how I get my mom.

Your window's broken.

There's glass on the street.

Sorry. I'll... I'll pay for that.

- What is that? - It's a flesh wound.

- Were you shot? - Sort of.

How... When did this happen? I didn't hear any shots.

The shooter used a silencer.

- Jesus! Did you call the cops? - No.

Why the hell not?

Because it's my mom.

Your mom shot you?

No, she's the target. She's in trouble.

- What kinda trouble? - I don't want you involved.

- I'm the super. - So?

I don't know. You're shot. I like you.

I'm involved.

Look, this is a weird situation.

It's... my kinda weird.

Powered weird?

And I got this. You just gotta trust me, okay?

- You got this. - And this is temporary.

Look, I just wanna know you're okay, all right?

You kidding me?

I came to drop off Vido, but what do you care?

- Sonia, come on. - Come on, what?

Be happy you're on a bullet train to Freaktown?

- Happy you're not home to receive our son? - It's okay, Mom.

- She a bigger priority than Vido is now? - No, she's cool.

You don't know her, baby. I don't know her.

I do. And I'm his father.

How could you let him be around this?

Dial it back, okay? He's fine with Jessica.

You don't know what she's capable of.

And I'm not going to leave him with you if she's around.

I kinda live here.

Well, fine. Then Vido will live with me full time then.

- Sonia, don't be dramatic. - You wanna see dramatic?


Vido, it's okay, all right? Papi's got you!

Sorry. She does that, like, once a week.

You go deal with your family. I'll deal with mine.

We can compare notes later.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

The drug didn't kill him.

That's a step toward okay.

Not okay... my best friend has relapsed,

and I'm not there for her.

One man killed, several injured after a water main burst,

flooding the basement

of a municipal building, and collapsing an entire wing.

Rescue teams evacuated city workers

and continue to check throughout the building.

Damage to the pipe systems and buildings

could cost millions in labor and flood containment... well as lost revenue for businesses

forced to shut down during the restoration process...

...beginning of a major overhaul in the water delivery system.

More on that in a moment.

Right now, let's go to live breaking news from Syria,

brought to us by Griffin Sinclair,

who's been in the war-torn region for several weeks now.

I'm reporting from the Aleppo Citadel war zone,

where Syrian forces have launched a full-scale offensive

after three days of heavy artillery and air strikes.

Just had to be the hero.

Militant targets were in the besieged areas,

with previous gains in the Sheikh Sa'eed neighborhood.

Rebel forces on the ground

have held the line around their stronghold.

Though it may only be a waiting game at this point.

Oh, God!

I thought people who only wear black

do that so they don't have to decide what to wear.

I like to have choices.

- Have you ever worn yellow? - Not in very, very a long time.

To prom?

Please say to prom.

To a funeral, when I was eight.

I like it. Yellow for death.

Black for life.

How do you know Shane will do it?

What if he says no?

He will say no. And then, I will persuade him.

Sorry to just drop by like this, but I need to speak to Inez.

- About what? - IGH.

- It's important. - What's happened?

- I'm gonna put you on the radio. - What?

You're a witness to IGH's atrocities.

We put you on air, smoke out the killer.

Take them down.

Why not dangle Jessica over the shark tank instead?

She needs to keep a low profile.

Forget it.

We brought Inez here to keep her safe.

She is not a puppet for your crusade.

Yeah, if you want a martyr, try East 84th and Park.

It's a church. She means Jesus.

Well, I don't want Jesus. I want justice.

Inez, they should pay for what they did to you.

She's already been through enough.

Jessica should've caught the killer by now.

- We're working on it. - Where's Jessica, then?

- Okay, I'm working on it. - More like obsessing about it.

- Because it matters. - To whom?

To me. And to anyone I can save.

You're gonna have to become a hero on someone else's back.

She's not going with you.

What is wrong with people?

Why am I the only one who is prepared to step up and give a damn?

Because the rest of us wanna live our lives.

And I'm sorry if yours isn't up to par.

Hey, fancy lawyer pants.

Thank God. The smell of piss is disgusting.

How long do you think he'll be out?

Karl designed the tranq for me, so I imagine it's a hefty dose.

It's been all night, though. So, he could come to any minute.

Good. He'll see reason.

I'm starving. We should eat.

This is a sad excuse for breakfast spaghetti,

but it's edible.

There's no news about Pryce being missing yet.

- It's butter and jam? - What?

You used to love this.

Just eat your spaghetti.

You're still a terrible cook.

Some things never change.

It wouldn't be like this, you know.

- What? - Us. If neither of us went to jail.

Yeah, it would be hard to keep me in check.

- It would be hard without Karl. - Well, he's gone. Get over it.

He's not dead. He's out there.


Would it help if someone

brought him to you in a little plastic baggie?

'Cause that can work wonders for closure.

You kept us in a baggie?

It was not you, obviously.

It's probably somebody's cremated Labradoodle.

Karl thought it would help you move on.

Why didn't you just get rid of them?

Because that would be letting myself off the hook.

For what?

The accident. What else?


You think that was your fault?

Look at me. You did not cause that accident.

Your father did.

Took his eyes off the road. He was a shitty driver.

All right, throw Dad under the bus

because he's not here to defend himself.

It was his fault.


This whole time you've been blaming yourself?

Okay... Look, the...

That feeling you have when you're behind the wheel of a car...

You know, the speed and the control...

I told you, I don't drive.

I'll give you one guess why.

I hate that it's ruined it for you because I loved it.

But your father, he needed to be in charge,

like his dick would fall off if he let me drive.

I so don't need to hear about my dead father's dick.

Okay, okay. Look, what I'm trying to say is...

is that if I had been driving, we would all still be alive.

So it's my fault, too.

That's a great role model for your daughter, right?

"Shut up and sit shotgun."

You've set worse examples.

Never once did it cross my mind that any of this is your fault.

Funny. 'Cause it crossed mine about a million times.

- What are you doing? - Closure.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Feel how you feel. You have nothing to forgive yourself for.

You're not exactly the best judge of that.

I do what I have to.

And the only way to live with it is not to wallow in it.

And I'd do the same with him.

Why should he live when he wants us dead?

Because I'm not a murderer.

It's self-defense.

- Not if he's unconscious! - Okay. Okay. Then...

then we could run before he wakes up.

You know, somewhere without extradition.

Karl and I talked about Montevideo.

Why would I go anywhere with you?

Because you're mine. And I'm yours.

As messed up as I am, we are the only family either of us has.

So you want me to be a fugitive with you?

No, I just want us to have time together.

Just so we could get to know each other again.

What if he wakes up and we're just gone?

What if we're gone, and we're...



Sonia took Vido.


She didn't pick up her phone, so I came by her place.

Her neighbor said she left with Vido, carrying suitcases.

Do you think she kidnapped him?

What? Who's kidnapped?

She's been wanting to take him to Peru.

I said no, thinking I'd never see him again if she did.

Now she's gone.

I need you to do what you do.

Text me her address.

Oscar's ex just kidnapped his kid.

Jesus. Well, go and find them. I'll stay here.

I am not leaving you alone with Pryce.

Then let me help.

Let's go.

Good luck.

You ready to go?

- Catch a bus. - Get in the car, Shane.

Get your own shaky ass in the car.

I didn't ask you to get me out.

I gave you the gift of freedom.

You don't get to keep it unless you cure me.

Well, you can't put me back in.

My lawyer says I'm free and clear.

Does he know about the two assaults you were never charged for?

I dug those up when I was securing your release.

I can also have you transferred to supermax after you're charged.

Shit, lady.

It takes something from me, you get that?

Every time I heal someone,

it's like I'm jumping toward death instead of crawling.

I just want to crawl like everybody else.

Well, you can crawl in prison

if that's how you wanna spend your days.

How much are your days worth?

Think your time's worth more than mine?

It is to me.

- I need you to stop at a Chick-fil-A. - A what?

For energy.

And we're back with Lila Yale,

author and nutritionist

of Gluten Freedom: Going Against The Grain.

We were discussing the dangers of gluten,

and I'm wondering if you can tell me

how many people die each year from celiac disease?

It's not a direct cause of death.

Your book says gluten can mean life or death.

I didn't mean that literally.

But gluten causes inflammation in the intestines.

Not to mention autoimmune reactions

even in people who don't have celiac disease.

Gluten is the silent irritant. Doesn't get worse than that.

So would you say it's worse than, uh, gun violence?

Or what's happening in Syria?

Those are certainly issues,

but three million Americans are afflicted with gluten...

Or sexual assault? Or cancer?

Gluten sensitives suffer in other ways.

Scientists have linked a gut microbe to anxiety in the brain.

Okay. All right. You clearly care about gluten very deeply.

But here's the thing.

It doesn't matter.

Diets. Hair volume. Space-saving packing tips.

None of it matters, when there's war, sex trafficking,

elusive companies conducting

illegal human research on kids, no less.

I could go on. No, no, no, I will go on.

Racism, global warming, child pornography, murder, poverty,

true human suffering that too many people refuse to look at.

Denial is a warm bed that no one wants to get out of,

and Trish Talk is the comforter on that bed.

I keep you complacent. I keep your eyes down.

But you know what? This show is bullshit.

I've been spouting bullshit. Wake up, people! Face the truth.

Bad shit happens every day,

and every single goddamn person

has the power to do something about it.

So do something! I'm going to.

Starting with throwing off the covers

and getting the hell off this shitty show.

I quit.



- Is this her apartment? - Yeah, the super wasn't home.

I couldn't get a key.

Do you know where she keeps their passports?

In the desk.

What are you doing?

Looking for receipts or notes,

anything that points to where they might've gone.

It's not here.


Captain America.

Vido wouldn't go on a trip without Cap, and Cap's gone.

- Well, so are their passports. - Shit!

I just lost my kid.

We're not gonna let that happen.

Jessica's not gonna let that happen.

We're getting him back.

I should've seen this coming.

We have a custody hearing in two weeks. She's afraid she'll lose.

How long have you been divorced?

Almost two years. Sonia has trouble letting go.

Well, it's her family.

Doesn't give her the right to mess up her kid, though.

All of these notices are past due.

Sonia's never met a credit card she can't max out.

Then it might have been hard for her

to get plane tickets right away.

Did you two share a credit card?

We still do, for emergencies with Vido.

I'll check the account.

She just bought bus tickets.

So $122 gets you two tickets to either Niagara Falls or Montreal.

Montreal? She's trying to get him out of the country.

There's also a border crossing in Niagara Falls.

Hey, Vido!

- Do you know a bus to Niagara Falls? - Sorry.

- Try 12. That way. Yeah. - Are you sure? Over here?

Excuse me? Where's the bus to Montreal?

Schedule's inside.

Where's the bus to Montreal?

I asked you to lay low.

It's leaving now.

Hey, you two see what happened?

I don't know. Your brakes must have gone off.

Wow, you really don't drive, do you?

That was really stupid. Someone could've seen you.

I was just following your example.

- Thank you. - He's my son!

You think he's better off with you?


I think he's better off with a mother who isn't in prison.

I got nothing left, except for him.

You're his mother. Nothing's gonna change that.

I gotta get my bags.

- Are you nervous? - No. Not at all.

Back at the clinic, this didn't always work.

- You know? - I do.

I just don't want you to be disappointed.

Putting all my eggs in an ex-con's basket.

If they break, so be it. I'll get sicker.

But I might get stronger.

Whatever happens, I, uh...

I hope you'll stick around.


What are you doing?

I'm searching.

Just relax. It helps.

Do you feel anything?

Bloggers'll step off if you do a mea culpa.

Ian, I'm done. You know, I don't care what the bloggers say.

Anyone blogging about Trish Talk

should find something better to blog about.

- Goodbye. - Trish!

- What? - Trish Walker?

I have Ronald Garcia for you.

Sorry. Ronald Garcia from ZCN?

Yes, one moment.

Ms. Walker,

I was in the car and caught the end of your radio show today.

I have to say... wow!

Good wow or bad wow?

Great wow. You were so brutal,

your honesty, you totally blew me away.

I never would've expected that kind of passion from you.

Well, you should get to know me better.

Exactly what I thought.

First, I wanna ask you something.

Can you do what you did today every day on live TV?

You mean on ZCN?

Can we get you in tomorrow to test?

Yes! Sure.

Awesome. My assistant will be in touch with the times.

That was really something today. Really powerful stuff.

Whatever spark made you do what you did, hold on to it.

I will. Um, see you tomorrow.


Are you okay?

I saw your mom.

She's like you.

In some ways more than others.

Whatever trouble she's in,

all I know is that she helped me get my kid back.

If you need something...

Papers to get her out...


- I make you nervous. - Around Oscar? Yeah.

Because the last boyfriend you met, you killed in an alley.

I don't wanna hurt you again.

Well, that's the thing. You're not exactly in control of that.

I get it.

Why you couldn't be around me.

Why you gave me up.

There is a lot I can't forgive, but that...

I get it.

What we did today for that boy...

All this time, I've been repressing my strength, hiding it.

But what if we used it?

I could do something.

Time to talk some sense into a shark.

No amount of sense will make him stop. Let me protect us.

I don't need your protection.

I'll lose you again.

I can convince him.

Or we could eliminate the threat.

You get that, don't you? You've had to do this before.

That was different.

Kilgrave was a threat to everyone.

But you did what you had to do.

This time, you just have to walk out the door.

You don't have to see what happens next.

I can do it right. I can knock him out again.

It would be completely humane.

Even if I could control you...

I could never change you.

Who doesn't wish they could change something about their mother?

So that's what you would do?

If I wasn't here, you would kill him.

Do you remember trying to kill us?

Just her.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Stay out of here.

Get me out of this. Why the hell am I all wet?

- 'Cause you pissed yourself. - Christ.

How much of that drug did you give me?

You could go away for attempted murder.

I'd be a hero for it.

In prison.

Or we can overlook this light kidnapping situation

and call it a day.

"Light kidnapping"?

You shot me. I think we're even.

All right.

Mom's another story.

Are you just gonna let that thing out in the world?

- That thing is my mother. - She ripped my friend apart.

- He had kids. - I know.

She's a murderer. You can't change that instinct.

Not even with a sniper rifle.

I didn't want any cops to die.

That's why I did it.

She's gotta be stopped.

I know you know that.

Detective Costa?

Are you anywhere near my apartment?

The killer is here.





Hands where we can see them!

Units, be advised,

suspect is a possible powered human.

Be advised, possibly powered human.

Miss, stay back!

Hands above your head! Now!


Put 'em up!


No more.

One last time! Raise 'em!

Do it, now!

Hands on your head! Slowly put your hands on your head!

I'm like my mother in one way.

Neither of us get a happy ending.

This... is how I lose my mom.