Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - AKA Facetime - full transcript

Jessica gate-crashes an exclusive country club on the hunt for the killer, and Trish's new addiction begins to spiral out of control.

Oh, shit.

Love isn't for the weak-hearted.

It's for idiots.

And murderers, apparently.

A wedding ring?

So the creep and the maniac
have found happiness together.

Guess there's someone for everyone.

Almost everyone.

Shit. I'm sorry.

Music too loud?


I didn't realize how late it was.

I'll turn it down.

Everything okay?

Where's Vido?

With his mom.

Got anything to drink?

Come in.


this is where the magic happens.

I'm just throwing paint around.

It's what I do when I have a shitty day.
Calms me down.

My methods are a little more direct.

So, why the shitty day?

My ex.

- Using my kid against me.
- Well, there's a saying in my business.

"Where there's an ex,
there's always a why."

- I'm not one of your clients.
- You're right.

It's none of my business.


I wasn't a good husband.

We were too young.

- I fooled around on her.
- You don't have to tell me.

It was a long time ago.

It's got nothing to do
with the kind of father I am today.


Just trying to start again here.


Thanks for the booze.

What about you?

What about me?

Why are you really here, Jessica?

I was too lazy
to walk to the liquor store.

Is that it?

I don't want to be alone.

Oh! Shit... Sorry.

Looks better now.


Hey, pervert! You just touched me.
Yeah, you in the hat.

What are you talking about?

You're welcome.


- How long have you been up?
- Just a few hours.

What, are you watching me sleep?

It's not finished.

I gotta go.



- What is that supposed to mean?
- I just said good morning.

It doesn't take a PI
or even a PI's associate

to recognize a walk of shame.

You left your phone here last night,

you've got serious bedhead going on,
and you're covered in paint.

Banging the super, huh?

How about you use some of those skills
I've taught you to do something useful?

How about this?

You thought that this ring
was a wedding band, didn't you?

It's not. It's a university class ring.
I recognized it.

From the university you got kicked out of.

They put me on academic probation.
So, technically, I dropped out.

So how many Dr. Karls,
specializing in genetics,

could have gone there
between the late '70s and the '80s?

Can't be that long of a list.

Teaching moment, Malcolm.
You don't wait for permission.

Well, me going back there is just...
It's not the best idea.

- Why is that?
- People know me there.


It didn't exactly end well.

Your past always catches up with you.

Might as well rip the Band-Aid off now.

Hey. You're back.

Glad to see you're enjoying
my gold-leaf truffles from Switzerland.

Ah. That's why they taste
like rusty nails.

Says the homeless woman who asked
for a $100 T-shirt with holes in it.

It's distressed.

You get my conditioner? My sports bra?

IGH. Everything you know. Now.

I only worked there
a couple days before that...

crazy lady, whatever the hell she is,
attacked me.

Luanne, the other nurse,
she was the only one I dealt with.

I didn't even know the doctors' names.

Tell me about the experiments.

Luanne said they were developing
a new technique...

to speed up the healing process.

It was supposed to change the world.

That's why it all had to be
so top secret or whatever.

They were doing some illegal,
dangerous shit, and they knew it.

What was the technique?

Was it the same for everybody?
Was it one session? A series?

I was just a nurse.
Nobody told me anything.

- So you don't even know if it worked?
- IGH didn't help anybody.

Not that I saw.

All they did was create that monster.

Why are you so interested
in all this, anyway?

It's for a client.
Details of her case are privileged.

So, how do I look?

Like a waste of my time.



- That bad, huh?
- Give me a break. My life just blew up.

So I read.

Yeah. It's, uh, it's everywhere.

And they're right.

I'm an asshole, and he's a great guy.

That guy sucked up
all the air in the room,

and there was no space left for you.

It was the right move.

And if you want to yell
or hug it out, I'm here.

Can we just focus on something else
for a couple hours?

Fine by me.
I can repress feelings all day.

What do you want?

So much for customer service.

I saw you yesterday. On my cameras.
I don't want any trouble.

Then you might wanna put that thing away.

Like she said.

What the hell is that?
Put that away.

- It's preventative.
- So is mine.

This is how idiots get shot.

Take a breath.


I'm a private investigator. Jessica Jones.

You heard about what happened yesterday
at the aquarium?

I was closed yesterday.

But you saw something, didn't you?
On your security cameras?

Look, fish were hurt,
people were terrorized.

We just wanna find the people responsible.

I can't get involved.

Are those D-flawless?

How much?

Now you're trying to bribe me?

I thought you were trying
to catch the criminal?

We are. And we will.

With your help.

I want to be a good citizen.

But you're not, are you? A citizen?

Don't worry. We're not gonna call ICE.

I've been robbed six times.

I hang more cameras.
I buy a gun to scare them away.

But if I call the police, my whole family
gets deported. Do you understand?

A rock and a hard place?
Yeah, I been there.

Okay. I'll show you.

Not just fish were hurt.

I've watched it over and over,
but I couldn't do anything about it.

- No rear plate.
- No, but watch.


The man and the woman are arguing.
She's very upset.

Dude has to drug her
to get her into the car?

- Where's the romance?
- A man that would do this to a woman?

Bet he's a citizen.

You don't think he's controlling her,
do you?

A powered woman used as a weapon?

Déjà vu sucks ass.



Hey. It's been a while.

Hey. What are you doing here?

I was just on campus. Thought I'd say hi.

You must almost be done, right?


Three more months till my master's.


You look different.


I'm clean. For a while now.

Been working with a PI.

It's not social work, but, I mean,
I'm still helping people.

- I tried to call a while back...
- Yeah. The forgiveness step.

I got your voice mail.

You know, I gotta give it to you.
You were thorough.

Just owning up to my shit.

- Have a nice life, Malcolm.
- Niche, please.

- I didn't have control of myself...
- Yeah. Some crazy man made you do drugs?

Like you never partied before? Please.

You're right.

I was an addict waiting to happen,
and I fell right down that rabbit hole.

I was just lost.

You were in one
of the best schools in the country.

Full ride. Pride of your family.

I was just going through the motions.

Well, I'm glad you got hooked on drugs
to find out who you really are.

I'm sorry, Niche.

For everything.

I mean, you were...

You just are
the best person that I know.

I never thought I was good enough for you.

That's the truth.



Take care of yourself.

Yeah. You, too.

I am done
babysitting your homeless woman.

She is filthy. She's a slob.
She's manipulative.

You're calling someone manipulative?

Mmm. Why is this so delicious?

I'm not playing, Jessica.
I want her out of my apartment.

Wait. Your apartment?

What happened to putting Inez
in a safe house?

Our safe houses
are for clients of the firm.

My partners are circling like vultures.
I have to be careful.

- Unless you found me some leverage.
- Yeah. I'm close.

Benowitz's chocolate bars.
Do you know who they're for?

I think your partner is
definitely hiding something.

It might not be a who. It might be a what.

Okay. Explain.

Just hold on to Inez for a few more days.

I'll give you till tomorrow.

I don't give a rat's ass if that woman
lives out of a cardboard box.

I can't do it anymore.

Karl Malus. Class of 1978.

That looks more like a cast member
from Hair than a scientist.

Are you sure that's him?

It's him.

I found some credit cards,
but it didn't tell me much.

Maybe they'll speak to me.


You've just got some sauce on your jacket.

Uh, sorry. Would you...

I heard about Griffin.
You holding up okay?

Uh, I'm a mess. Clearly.

I'm so sorry.
If there's anything that I can do, just...

You know, Malcolm, um...
you're doing a really good job.

The private investigator thing suits you.

Thanks. I'm still learning, but...

I'm sure Jessica would tell you
she appreciates you if she wasn't...

you know... Jessica.

Punch out, Malcolm.

- I don't pay overtime.
- No, I'd rather stay and...



Piece of shit.

Don't encourage him.

Encouraging people increases productivity,
and it strengthens loyalty.

You might want to try it sometime,
before he quits on you.

You might want to stop leading him on,
before you break his bleeding heart.

What are you talking about?

He has a thing for you.

Malcolm does not have a thing.
That's ridiculous.

Have you ever heard of Ambyhose?

The pantyhose? I...

What does that have to do with Dr. Karl?

There's no home or business address
listed for Dr. Karl.

But there's all these credit cards
and car payments

dated back ten years,
and they are all billed to...

- Ambyhose Hosiery Inc.
- Run by this guy.

Justis Ambrose.

Hosiery heir and also alum
of Karl's alma mater.

Why is a hosiery company paying
for Dr. Karl's expenses?

Let's find out.

Yeah, this is the car service company.

I'm trying to schedule
a drop-off for my client,

but the dude forgot his tee time.


Client's name is Justis Ambrose.

What do you mean, he's already there?
Since when?

the dickhead forgot to cancel.


How did you know
he was gonna be at the club?

It's Sunday.

What else do rich assholes
with private golf club memberships do?

Let's go hit some balls.

- Gentlemen, good seeing you.
- All right, guys. Thank you.

I'm so sorry, ladies. It's members only.

Don't you know who this is?

I do know who Ms. Walker is.
Unfortunately, she's also not a member.

Okay, then I would like
to purchase a membership.

We're not accepting any new members.

Would you mind stepping out
of the way, please? Thank you.

Membership isn't the issue. It's men only.

- That's discrimination.
- This is a private club.

You're on private property.
Please step away from the door,

or I'll have security escort you
off the premises.

This is bullshit.

Who wants to be part
of this circle jerk anyway?

I'm going in.

They'll see you.

- I'll distract them.
- With what?

It's Patsy!

Wipe that stupid smile off your face.
Do you think this is funny?

You're about to be so fired.

You have no idea who you're dealing with.
So go and get your supervisor right now.

- Oh, boy. What's she doing here?
- Look at that.

Hey! Hold up, ma'am.

Hey, I'm just here
to have a conversation.

Mr. Ambrose!

- What do you want?
- Just to talk.

About a friend of ours. Dr. Karl Malus.

We need backup.

No, she's with me. It's okay. Leave us.

I'm taking a mulligan on that putt,
by the way.

I don't care what that means.

You must be one of the ones he saved.

It's extraordinary.

You're flawless.

You've been paying all of Karl's expenses
for the last decade.

- I want to know why and where he is.
- Mmm.

See? Without any distractions...

Whatever he did to me,
whoever else he messed with,

I'm not gonna stop until I find out.

You want to know what he did?

Let me show you.

This is my son, Eric.

He was born
with severe craniofacial dysostosis,

a genetic disorder.

He wasn't expected to live past age five.

I met Karl at university.

He had made
some incredible breakthroughs,

but his techniques
were years away from being approved.

Eric didn't have that kind of time.

So you paid Karl
to experiment on your son?

I would have given him every penny I had.

Karl risked his entire career
to save my boy.

This is my son now.

Last time I checked,
women still had equal rights.

- On paper at least.
- Ma'am, please lower your voice.

What century do you think this is?

You think you can stop us from having
a drink at your fancy little boys' club?

Appears you've had plenty
to drink already.

I am completely sober.

If you refuse to leave,
I will call the police.

Fine. And I will call the media,

and I will tell them
about your sexist policies...

God, I really... I don't feel well.

Oh, jeez!

- Don't touch me. Don't touch me.
- Fine.

I used to watch her show.


A little help?

So, your son, is he gifted?

He's gifted
at playing video games

and running up my credit card bill.

But, no, he's not like you.

Too bad, considering
you funded the whole thing.

No, I don't have that kind of money.

Spray tanning and open-toed shoes,
they've killed the hosiery market.

So just all of Karl's personal expenses.

It's the least I can do.

What if I told you that he was using
one of his patients to murder people?

I'd say you don't know
what you're talking about.

Karl's dedicated his life
to saving others.

Now he's burying anything
that could expose him.

I'm guessing, after this conversation,
you could be next

unless you tell me where to find him.

You're wrong.
And I won't do anything to hurt him.

If you're gonna use
that strength on me, do it.

Until then, I'm gonna play through.


Thanks for letting me know, Justis.
You're a good friend.

Of course it's not true.

You know me.

She sounds nuts.

I'm sorry she freaked you out.

I'll definitely look into it.

You too, man. Good night.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's over.

You're all right.

I got a call.

Jessica's coming.

I think it's time.

Come on.

I should have taken you to the ER.

Food poisoning. Stupid burrito.

You would tell me
if there was more to it, right?


I'm just a mess...

with this Griffin stuff. And...

I just need to sleep.
And I need some Pepto and a bucket.

I'm gonna stick around and play nurse,
so don't puke on me.

Look, I appreciate your concern
and your delicate bedside manner, but...

I just want to cry.

So cry.

You hate criers.
And I'd rather not have an audience.

All right. I'll...
I'm gonna check in on you later.

Don't. I'll be asleep.
Just stay on Karl's trail.

Just stay in bed, okay?
And don't do anything stupid.

It has to be here somewhere.

"Knock, knock." "Come in."
That's how it usually works.

That's my Birkin bag.

You trashy little skank.
After everything that I've done.

I know what this is prescribed for.

That is none of your business.

Actually, it is.

'Cause that's why I'm here, isn't it?

In your fancy-schmancy apartment?

Why you're asking me
all those questions about IGH?

Because you have ALS.


You want to join the Ice Bucket Challenge?
Throw me a fund-raiser?

Get the hell out.

I get it.

I've had to be a fighter, too.

No other way to survive
the shit I've been through.

But you reminded me...

I used to care about people.

- I used to be a nurse.
- I don't need a goddamn nurse.

I need you to get out
of my goddamn apartment.

I wasn't sure what you were after, so I...
I didn't tell you everything earlier.

About IGH?

There was another patient there.

A boy.

He had powers, too.

Like Jessica's?

He could heal people.

What does that mean?

With his hands.

It didn't work all the time, and...

it made him sick to do it, but...

but after I was attacked,
they brought him to me.

He healed you?

I wouldn't be able to walk
if it wasn't for him.


Sorry you're not feeling well.

I'm okay. Come in.

Oh, um...

It, uh, it fell out of your pocket.


That's why my eyes are so red.

I think I know what you're going through.

- You do?
- I ran into my ex today.

Oh, yeah?

It was a flashback
to this, like, whole other life

and how we were together and...

- Sounds intense.
- I thought she was it.

I'm still kicking myself
for screwing it up, but...

I realized something today.

Malcolm, would you just hold that thought?


You were saying?

No, you're sick,
and I was talking your ear off.

I'm just gonna go.

I'm fine.


Okay. Uh...

I was just saying that we have this idea
of who we're supposed to be, but...

maybe we gotta blow that up just
to find out who we really are.


You should get some rest.
I'm gonna, uh... I'm gonna take off.

Malcolm, wait.

Are you okay?


Look at me.

Look at me.

I see you.


Whatever, dude.

No. I'm, like, not even down with that.


- Do I know you?
- I'm friends with your dad.

- You don't look like a friend of my dad's.
- We're golf buddies.

- Hey. What are you doing?
- He'll call you back.

Give me my goddamn phone... Yo!

Get off me!

You want your phone back in one piece?
Then you'll shut up and smile.

Hey, buddy! Look who I ran into.
Small world, huh?

Your son is so handsome.

Just flawless.

Ow! Dad, who is this lady?

Let him go.
I'll tell you whatever you want.

Help me find Karl,
and you'll never see me again.

Either of you.

The line keeps moving.

And I keep stepping over it.

How far is too far?

And will there ever be a way back?


I don't understand.

It's me.