Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - AKA The Octopus - full transcript

Backed into a corner, Jessica's forced to share her intel on the killer. A groggy Trish tries to pull herself together before an important meeting.

It's a shitty frame job.

The killer didn't stage the body
in my apartment.

She didn't make sure I had no alibi.

She's sloppy.
Acts out of emotion.

We have that in common.

So much for good behavior.

Yeah, well, it was an external action
to soothe internal strife.

They will put you in a stronger cell.

I'm not sticking around for that.

We'll see.

What am I still doing here?
It's been 24 hours.

The police have 72 hours
before they have to charge you.

Trish already gave a statement.
They have no proof.

They believe you know things
you're not telling them.

Yeah, it's called professional discretion.

They will call it obstruction of justice.
It's a probation violation.


That'll put me away for 18 months.

Unless you tell them what you know.

A poodle doesn't show its belly
to a pit bull

if it doesn't want its guts ripped out.

And you're the poodle, or...

They will lump me in with that maniac.

And they will start pinning
every unsolved crime on me,

because that's what they do.

Mm-hmm. Not that you have a chip
on your shoulder.

Just fix this!

Don't snap at me.

You're the one that sent Pryce after me,
so stop dicking around.

You are far from my biggest concern
at the moment.

Oh, what? So now I'm on my own?

Only if you keep alienating everyone
around you.

Uh-oh... It's okay, Pats.

I'm here.

Oh, my God. What did you take?

Nothing. Nothing. I'm okay.
I've got a... I've got a bug.

Please, I've taken you to rehab
too many times to buy that crap.

I'm all right.

This isn't like last time.

Then I must be having déjà vu.

'Cause you sure look like
your old, strung-out self.

There you go. All right.

Eyes up.

Oh, thank you.

Look, thank you for, uh...

for taking care of me
and bailing me out and everything.

I just... I'm...

I'm gonna be okay. I'm fine now.

I should think so, after sleeping so long.

- What?
- But we've got a big day today.

We've gotta choose the right wardrobe.

Wait. How long have I been asleep?

Mother, how long have I been asleep?

About 26 hours.

I lost a whole day?

Don't worry,
I covered for you at the radio station.

So, this is the one.

You shower. I'll heat up the flat iron.

I don't have time to play dress-up.
I have to call Jessica.

- Jessica is in jail.
- What...

Which is where she should be.

We don't know if she killed that poor man.

Of course she didn't.

Either way, she's got that fancy lawyer.
There's nothing you can do for her.

- No, you don't understand...
- I understand better than anyone.

Jess has always brought out
the worst in you

and I won't watch it
cost you another career.

- This is not about my career.
- ZCN called.

- What?
- Cable news, Pats. This is big-time.

They wanted a meeting with you.



Don't worry. We'll be on time.

The rest of your life is waiting.

I'm gonna get in the shower.

It's all gone?

Yeah, your computer,
our files, everything IGH.


Hands off the gun, itchy fingers.

The guy took everything.

I guess Pryce was casing the place
when he came to recruit me.

- And I should have known, but...
- It's okay. I'm not mad at you.

- Have they got you on sedatives?
- No, I'm just trying something new.

Apparently, I'm alienating.

It's time to earn your 20%.

Excuse me?

I need your help.

Excuse me?

Don't goddamn push me, Malcolm.


I'm all in. Go.

My friend,
the one that's staying with you?


Find out everything she knows
about her former employers

and about her coworker
who suddenly left the company.

Got it. What else?

Everything else.

At least until I can get out
of this hellhole.

When's that gonna be?

Depends on if I can get through
this next part without losing my shit.

You didn't do the crime. Truth matters.

Not if nobody wants
to believe it.

You're in charge of Alias.
Don't mess it up.

Bummer. You didn't get to shoot me.

♪ Not much money, oh, but, honey ♪

♪ Ain't we got fun? ♪

♪ The rent's unpaid, dear ♪

♪ We haven't a car ♪

♪ But anyway, dear ♪

♪ We'll stay as we are ♪

♪ Even if we owe... ♪


Hi! It's just your neighbor.

Sophie. Remember?
We met at the yard sale.

- Something wrong?
- I'm losing my mind.

Aaron is teething,
and he's been screaming at me for hours.

- He's not screaming now.
- Because of your music.

We were walking past,
he heard it and calmed right down.

Isn't that right, you little monster?

- Well, I was just practicing.
- Well, he is a big fan.

Would you mind if we came in and listened?
Honestly, I could use a break.

Would you like to hold him?

Yes, I would.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

I can't remember
the last time I heard a song

that wasn't about farm animals.

Your home is so cool.

Marcus and I have to have you
over sometime.

I don't get out much.

Come here, baby.

Oh! Ooh...


♪ Not much money, oh, but, honey... ♪

- Sorry.
- Please.

We're crashing your practice.

No, no, no. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. Shh, Aaron...

Oh, oh, please.

Are you all right?

You know, I just...

He's been terrible today. I...

I can't guarantee
that this is gonna work.

Well, it better.
I'm taking your legal advice.

I gave you that advice this morning.
Now it might be too little, too late.


Comfortable in your, uh, new digs?

Like a veal for slaughter.

Your lawyer tells us you want
to make a statement.

Did you bring my phone?

This woman killed Nick Spanos
and Robert Coleman.

She also has abilities.

- Like you?
- No.

She's stronger.

A lot stronger.

- You got a name on her?
- Not yet.

But we were both patients

at an off-the-grid experimental program
called IGH.

They tried to heal people
using genetic editing.

But there were side effects.

- This IGH gave you abilities?
- Looks that way.

You forgot to mention these experiments

or this other enhanced person
when we questioned you.

- Because you can't take her.
- But you can?

You have proof of any of this?

The best I can do
is tell you everything I know.

I'll start at the beginning.

You don't know
who you worked for?

- Not their names.
- "They"? Was it more than one person?

- Did they pay you to keep quiet?
- I keep quiet to stay alive.

Unlike the nurse you worked with.

Luanne McClure?

Where did you find that?

There's an online black market
for crime scene pics.

People pay money to see that?

You said Luanne was killed in the clinic,

but her body was found in a bathtub
in a guy's apartment.

Get that out of my face.
I spent years trying to unsee that shit.

Just help me try to understand something.

If the powered woman we're looking for
killed Luanne, then why...

Why is this guy doing time
for Luanne's murder?

Hey, I get that you're scared.


But you have to trust me.

This is what we do.

Sit down.

Start at the beginning.

- What is taking so long?
- It's a lot to process.

What's the matter?
Why do you look like that?

Trying not to vomit.

'Cause I'm screwed.

Side effects from my goddamn medication.

Ran a search on your photo.
Didn't find a name or any criminal record.

Because she's off the grid.
I'm telling you the truth.

- I know.
- I don't.

- Let's stick with knowing. How?
- It's a couple of stills taken

from a network of security cameras
in the area.

That's taken just before the time
of Nick Spanos' death.

- That's right in front of my building.
- Now, wait for it...

It's a hell of a leap.


That's it? I'm free to go?

Not if I had my way.

I think you two are working together.
I know how you people like to team up.

"You people"?

There's no reason to keep you
if you cooperate.

Great. Uh, thank you, Detective.

Uh, Jessica, I'll meet you outside.

Hey, listen, just in case you come up
with anything else for us...

One show-and-tell
doesn't make us partners.

You want to go it alone, that's your call.

But there's a lot of people on the force
that wanna see you locked up.

And you're the only white hat
in a sea of black hats.

Not the only one.

There's a few of us here who remember
what Kilgrave did in this precinct.

I had nightmares
of holding my own gun to my head.

The feeling of my finger on the trigger.

I recommend hypnosis.

I didn't need that, because, uh...

the dreams stopped the day
you took that asshole out.

- Thanks.
- Doing my job.

I'll do my job and get the leverage
you want on your firm.

But I need something else first.

Did you read the story
of The Giving Tree as a kid?

The tree ends up a dead stump.

I'm not anxious to go there
any sooner than I have to.

I just need a safe house.

The kind you use
for your witness protection clients.

What kind of witness are we talking about?

The kind that needs protection?

So we're going back
to the old secretive Jessica.

- Because that worked for you in jail.
- Shit. Fine.

I found someone who used to work for IGH.

You left that out of your statement
with the police.

Because this woman's safety
is my responsibility.

- Okay, get her to me. I'll handle it.
- Handle it how?

So it's handled.

Your paranoia is exhausting.

Where the hell are you going?

Where's my computer, asshole?

Don't engage with him, Jessica.

Can't believe they let you out.

I can't believe they didn't arrest you
for stealing my shit.

Oh, I heard everything you did to Nick.
Every scream.

We survived two wars together until you.

- It wasn't me.
- Pryce, you are embarrassing yourself.

You're the embarrassment, Jeri.
Helping her out?

Huh? What was it, bribery? Perjury?

- I'll find out.
- Hey.

Get your head out of your ass, Cheng.

Or what? What are you gonna do, huh?
Take me out, too?

I've seen you in action.

I've seen that look in your eye.
You're a killer.

Not today, I'm not.

Today, I'm free.

Do you know why?

No, 'cause you're a shitty investigator.

So go talk to the cops,
go steal someone else's cases.

You know what? Go beat off in the corner,

because I don't give
a dead moose's last shit.

I'm gonna find the actual killer.

I bought you a new one.
I mean, Alias bought it.

Looks good, though, huh?
Little paint, little cleaning.

I need a drink.

- Hey, how you holding up?
- Just trapped in a hellish flashback.

I know the feeling.
You know what's great for that?

Oh, come on. They took my booze, too?

Well, what else did you find,
besides new places to put all my shit?


That's David Kawecki.

He was the janitor at IGH.
Luanne's body was found in his apartment.

He confessed to the murder.

But Inez says that he wasn't even there
when it happened.


Everyone lies. That's for damn sure.

It says here he has the IQ
of a ten-year-old.

Court found him mentally incompetent.

- He's doing life in Birch Psych Hospital.
- It's horseshit.

Dave was harmless.

Are you sure?

You think I could forget the woman
who almost crippled me?

You think I don't see her face
every time I close my eyes?

Hey, take a break.

Go to my apartment, lock the door.
I'll be there in a minute.

- Jesus.
- Yeah, she is special.

The killer likes to pin her shit
on other people.

This dude Kawecki is doing her time.

Question is, why?

I'll ask him when I see him.

Already tried.

Kawecki's kept
in the hospital's high-security wing.

Only guards and shrinks with IDs
allowed in.

I got it from here.

You get Inez to Jeri Hogarth.

At this address.

Tell her you're my associate.

Wait, did... Did you just promote me?


- Does it come with a raise?
- No. Get going.

Whatever you say, associate.

I'm instantly regretting this.


Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.


You're gonna have to go all the way
to 37th

before you find a pawn shop
that'll take a hot TV.

That's where I used to sell shit
when I was a junkie.

They don't sweat the serial numbers.

I bet you can buy it back from them
real cheap.

Look, I am not the person that you need
to be running from right now.

I'm just trying to get you someplace safe.

Yeah, that last place was real safe.
Except for the homicide out front.

- What?
- I'll take my chances on my own.

Yeah, and what? Your big idea is
to sell my TV for a couple of bucks?

Enough to get out of town.

Look, the killer will find you. All right?

And when she does, you can't stop her.

- No one can.
- Jessica can. She has a plan.

Yeah, which part of that plan
included her going to jail?

- Tell your boss thanks, but no thanks.
- All right, cool.

You don't want to climb on board,
be the bait in the water.

The hell is that supposed to mean?

Killer's taking out people
who worked for IGH.

I could post your location online,
wait for her to come to us.

You wouldn't do that.

I'll do whatever it takes.

You win.


They let you out?

Sorry about all the cops.

Told 'em you had nothing to do with it.

Come on. Come in.

So, what makes you so sure?

I don't think the woman that saved
Vido's life is capable of murder.

I still owe you for that.

About that. I may need to collect.

How about dinner?

Like a date?

Or just dinner?


do you have something else in mind?


Let's say, hypothetically, I needed
to get into a secure psych ward.

- You want me to commit you?
- As a therapist.

And let's say that I needed the right ID.

And in this hypothetical situation,

you need someone
who could forge documents?

Someone that owed me a favor.

Who'd risk their family's safety
to break the law for you.

- That's a big ask.
- I know.

I need the name of the hospital
and three hours.

Thank you.

I'm also gonna need a photo.

Don't smile.


- It's Trish. She needs you, now.
- Why?

- I'll text you the address.
- Griffin? Ugh.

Hurry up!

- Why does ZCN want to meet out here?
- Ambiance is everything.

- Last looks.
- Mother.

- It's better.
- Yeah?

You know what they say,
"Always put your best face forward."

"Best foot."

No one's gonna be looking
at your feet, Pats.

Okay, let's not keep them waiting.

You look beautiful.


- Who are all those...
- Hey.

Wait, I know him.

Is that...

Is that Aunt Alice and Uncle Tim?

Okay, Mother,
if this is another intervention,

- please, I don't need it...
- Shh. No, no, no.

This morning will be our little secret.


I came as soon as I could.
Are you okay?

Jess, what...

♪ Hey, love
I don't need to scream and shout it ♪

♪ And you don't ever need to doubt it ♪

♪ If everything looks black and white
I'll be the color ♪

♪ Hey, love ♪

♪ If you want a song to say it
I'll be the one to play it ♪

♪ A single line from bended knee ♪

♪ Will you share a life with me? ♪



So, I brought our friends
and family together

because, well,
I want you to feel pressured.

And because your answer means
too much to me to leave any wiggle room.

we only have to do this part once.

I ask, you answer.

But something's wrong.

Your hand is naked.

- Here you go.
- Thanks, man.

It's all right, the stone's conflict-free.

What do you say, Trish Walker?

I'm asking you to marry me.

Thank you.


Hey, Griffin,
so happy for you, mate.

- Congratulations.
- You really surprised her.

We're so happy for you.

- Great to see you.
- Oh, hi!

- Congratulations!
- Thank you!

How was jail?

How does that plant taste?
Keep talking if you wanna find out.

Hey, thanks for the heads-up.

After that tabloid stunt,
can you blame me?

I can keep a secret.

So can you, apparently.

Hey, took some sneaking around,

hacking into her computer
for her contacts, but she's worth it.



Hey, Jess.

All I want is to make Trish happy.

I hope you can let that happen,
at least today.

Thanks for coming.

- Jess.
- Hey.

When did you get out? Are you okay?

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Just go, enjoy this.

I'm happy for you.

"Thank you" means yes, right?

I'm sorry, uh...

I'm a mess. Um...

Can we go somewhere and talk?

- Sure.
- Okay.

You work for Jessica.

I'm her associate. Malcolm Ducasse.

I didn't realize
that Jessica had associates.

Well, I just got promoted.

Uh... This is Inez.

Please come in.

Hell of an upgrade
from the last armpit I was staying in.

Just keep an eye on your TV.

You take care of yourself, Inez.

You're the worst kind of person.

You pretend to care.

But you're not about helping anybody.

Except yourself.

Sounds like Jessica's people skills
are rubbing off on you.

That's a good thing.
I don't pay her to be popular.

Nice to meet you, Malcolm Ducasse.

- Is someone there?
- The door, Vido.

Yes, Grandma.

- Hey.
- Hey, Super Lady. Come in.

Who's there, Vido?

- Ah. Hello. How are you?
- Hello.

So this is the girl.

Can she stay for dinner, Grandma?

Can you stay for dinner?

If it's all right
with your papi.

Papi would love
if she stayed for dinner.

All right, calm down.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Your new friend is
very pretty.

Sorry, they came with the apartment.
I can't get rid of them.

They're cute,
in an obnoxious way.

This should get you where you need to go.

I appreciate it.

- I should go.
- Want to stay for dinner?

My mom makes a mean ropa vieja.

- I can smell that. But I gotta work.
- What work? It's late.

I think and I drink.
It's a whole process.

Well, let me get you started.


It's like sangria. Mama's favorite.

Gets better after the third glass.

It's actually the first thing
I got drunk on.

My parents used to keep it
around the house.

My first was rum.

Killed mojitos for me.

I gotta go.

Good luck.

- Bye, Super Lady!
- Come on.

Let's eat.

- Grandma, sit. Let's eat.
- Yes, yes.

I'm very hungry.

Hungry, hungry, hungry.

Rice. Okay.

Black beans.

Let's go.

Do not put too much food on your plate.


How did you sleep?

That bed's ridiculous.

What are those sheets even made out of?

Egyptian cotton.
Very generous thread count.

Would you like some breakfast?


- But can I ask you something?
- Of course.

Would you cut the crap?

A woman like you,
with awards and all that,

you don't just invite in
some stranger off the streets,

give the royal treatment.

I have an agreement with Jessica
to keep you safe.

Well, there are plenty of places
to keep me safe.

Why dirty your fancy sheets?

Tell me what you want from me.


Or I'm leaving.

I want to know everything
that you know about IGH.

Specifically, about the experiments.


Hold up a minute.

New coat.

Looks good.

Someone got blood on my last one.

Wait here.

He's ready. You can start.

I'll be fine in here alone with him.

It helps me establish trust.

We'll be right outside this door.


Hello, Mr. Kawecki.

Do you prefer David?


Well, hello, Dave, I'm your new therapist.
And you can call me Anne.

It's 10:30. That's recreation time.

Is it okay to talk
while you work on your picture?

Well, for our first session,

I'd like for you to tell me
why you're here.

That was all a long time ago.

I know, but it's very important
for your therapy.

Why don't you start
by telling me about Luanne?

She was pretty.

And she was nice to me.

She was the reason
I liked going to work every day.

- And where did you work?
- At a hospital.

I emptied trash cans,
I cleaned the floors.

And do you remember anyone else
who worked there? Besides Luanne?

I... I forget things.

Were you and Luanne friends?

I wanted her
to be my girlfriend.

But she said it couldn't be like that.

And what happened after that?

One night, I took Luanne home,
and I held her.

She started to scream, and I got angry.

So I held her tighter.

And the next thing I know,
Luanne's in the bathtub...

and she isn't screaming anymore.

That's quite a story.

Are you sure that's what happened?

I took Luanne home, and I held her...

I heard you. I just don't believe you.

How did you get Luanne back
to your apartment?

She just came with me, I guess.

- You guess?
- I mean, that's what happened.

You held her and the next thing
you remember, she was dead?

So you don't remember killing her?

I don't know. I told you, I forget things.

You saw the life leave her eyes.
That is hard to forget, Dave, believe me.

- I don't want to talk about this.
- Because it's not true, is it?

I think you're protecting someone.

- Is it someone in your family?
- My family's dead.

Whoever it is,
they're letting you rot in here,

while Luanne's murderer is out there,
hurting people.


You can still help Luanne, Dave.
Tell me who killed her.

I did! I killed her!
Why don't you believe me?

It's okay, Dave.

I believe you.


I believe you.

It's okay.

Hey, are octopuses your favorite animal?

Did you know octopuses have no bones?

A 600-pound octopus can fit through
a hole the size of a quarter.

And you know what it's like to be
a big guy in a small space, right?

Octopuses like to live alone, too,
like me.

They don't even raise their babies.

Did you know that
no other DNA is like an octopus'?

Their DNA?

Are you sure?

No one knows where their genes come from.

They're called de novo,
which means "out of nowhere."

And how do you know so much
about octopus genes?

My friend Dr. Karl told me.

And does Dr. Karl like octopuses, too?

Yeah. He likes them so much,
he'd eat lunch at the aquarium every day.

I used to go with him sometimes.

We'd sit by the octopus tank,

and he'd share his sandwich with me,
and he'd tell me all kinds of things.

Did Dr. Karl also tell you
that you killed Luanne?

I don't want to talk
about Dr. Karl anymore.

Would you draw a picture for me?

Of you and Dr. Karl
watching the octopuses together?

Pats, are you here?

I just spoke with Griffin.

Should've known you'd find some way
to mess this up.

I didn't mess anything up, Mother.
This is what I want.

You don't know what you want.
You're a different person on drugs.

I'm stone cold sober.

Call him. Maybe he'll take you back
if you plead insanity.

I don't want him back.

I knew it as soon as I got to the roof.

- That proposal was breathtaking.
- It was heartbreaking.

Because the moment
I figured out what it was,

that it wasn't a meeting with ZCN,
all I could feel was disappointment.

- Oh, Jesus...
- That's why I said no.

Listen, baby, you gotta listen to me.
You are making a huge mistake.

I don't want to be with Griffin.
I want to be him.

I want to do what he does.

And that's not love,
and it's not fair to either one of us.

You know what I see?
I see a spoiled, arrogant little girl.

I'm arrogant?

After everything I went through
with your father...

- Oh, God.
- ...and you finally find a good man,

- a goddamn hero...
- Don't you dare bring Dad into this!

Why not? He's the reason
you always dated losers.

That is bullshit.

And when you finally find a winner,

you crawl back to Max
and blow him for some story...

Mother, wait...

Detective Costa.

Hey, Jones here.

You got something?

Well, I know
who didn't kill Luanne McClure.

Is that supposed to be helpful?

She was a nurse, killed ten years ago.

A guy named Dave Kawecki
is locked up for it.


You can add her
to our killer's body count.

How do you know this?

I'm just helpfully telling you
what I can confirm.

Fun fact.

When an octopus is attacked,

it ditches its wounded arm
and just swims away.

It's better to let things go
before they drag you under.

The killer and I are like
two solitary animals

circling each other in a tank.

Two creatures, out of nowhere,
unconnected to anything...

de novo.

Jessica, you're all right.

My lady...

You get lost?

- I didn't know where you were.
- Stay close.

I was worried.

Excuse me.


Please exit the aquarium immediately...

Please exit the aquarium immediately...

Please exit the aquarium immediately...

Help us! Please!