Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - AKA Pork Chop - full transcript

Jeri finagles a deal for her new client in exchange for Karl's location. Trish forges ahead with her own investigation. A prison guard crosses a line.

Hey, Mom.
Are they treating you okay?

Have a seat.

You must be Officer Dale Holiday.

Yes, ma'am. Head of security.

I'll be handling all arrangements
for the inmate while she's here.

The inmate has a name.

- Respectfully, you're free to use it.
- I wanna confer with my client.

- I'll need you to clear the room.
- No can do.

We need weapons
on the inmate at all times.

Oh, come on, this is overkill.

Miss Jones has a constitutional right
to attorney-client privilege.

Her powers nullify that.

- Says who?
- Jessica, please.

This is bullshit. Where's your boss?

She'll tell you
the same thing she told me.

These are special circumstances,
so we're on special protocol.

If you need privacy,
I suggest you keep your voices down.

I'm your attorney,

Jeri Hogarth.

you're in a very difficult position,

but there is an opportunity for you
to improve your situation.

You just need to agree
to certain stipulations.

Excuse me.
Which camera?

This is just a trial run,
Trish, so be yourself.

Give us three good minutes
to cut into a sizzle.

- Ron, is that you?
- Yeah, it's me. You're gonna kill it.

Rolling! Rolling!

- Clear the set!
- I'm ready.

I'm trying to get
some color into her.

In five, four, three...

It's a great deal.
And you wouldn't have to go to The Raft.

And just so we're clear,
The Raft is completely remote.

No visitors. You'd be
in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

But if you take the deal,
you can stay here.


You'd have all your needs met.

The tranquilizers, the restraints,
your special bed

would all be transferred here
to the prison.

I'm assuming you wear a wig?

I'll add it to the list.

Our biggest get is visitation.

You can have a relationship
with your daughter.

You'd be locked up for life,
but it would be a humane life.

In exchange for a full confession?

You have to tell them everything you know,

including everything about Karl
and where they can find him.

This is coming from people
far above the DA's office.

They want the man who made you.

If they want the person responsible
for who I am, they already have her.

I won't give him up.

So you know where he is?

As Americans, we account
for 5% of the world's population,

and yet, we make up 20...

almost 25%
of the world's prison population.

It started with our war on drugs.

But instead of getting people help,
we... we locked them up.

- Black people, poor people, women...
- Don't feel tied to your notes.

Just give it to me like you did
when you quit Trish Talk.

- Okay. Maybe if I stand.
- Yeah, sure.


The number of women sent to prison
has shot up by almost 800%.

- We have better choices.
- Why?

Why? Because mass, uh...

mass incarceration has become
America's latest addiction...

I'm sorry.
Can I get some water, please?

Water? Water, please?

Take a moment.

Okay, here you go.

Thank you.

Is this what you want to talk about?
Or is this what you think we want to hear?

- Well, it's important to a lot of people.
- What's important to you?

You wanna talk about addiction? Great.
Talk about Trish Walker and addiction.

Well, I don't know
what that has to do...

Your history with drug use has been
tabloid fodder for years. Use it.

We got ten Barbies with microphones
on this network.

- I'm not a damn Barbie.
- Okay. Then show me who you are.

Smack me in the face with your truth.
Okay? What makes you so special?

I think we're back.

Look at me.

I almost put your face through the floor.
Where's your sense of self-preservation?

- You're still my mother.
- No, I just have her voice.

Karl is all I've got.

Then you're a goddamn idiot.

The deal goes away tomorrow morning.

But I can try to buy more time
for you to make up your mind.

I already have.

Just get it off me.

Hey. Stick around, will ya?

I got a lead
on that female murder suspect.

She's powered.

No shit.

Padma, I want everyone on this.

Stringers at the 15th, the DA's office...

- She didn't even consider it.
- Convince her.

How? She'd rather live in a hole
than even look at me.

Get creative. The transfer
will be processed in the morning.


- I'm walking.
- All right, talk later.

Trish? Are you okay?

- Is it the killer? You get her?
- Screw that. Where are you?

You're right, I lied.
I... I fell way off the wagon.

But I am painfully, miserably sober now.

I can be there for you if you need help.

I just need to know
if you caught the killer.


I knew it had to be you.

Okay. Listen, I just left ZCN.
Somebody tipped them off about the arrest.

But to hell with them.
They're not scooping our story. No way.

Just meet me at Alias, okay?

The moral of my shitty story is,
if your dead parent comes back to life,

stick 'em back in the ground.

So that woman was your mother?


And you kept her here for two days
and didn't tell anyone?

It can't be easy for Jess.
She lost her whole family.

You don't have to defend me.

No, you know what else isn't easy?

Giving a crap about you
when you consistently lie to me.

I wanted to keep you out of it.

I work here, okay?
I pretty much live here.

What do I have to do
to prove to you that I can handle shit?

- Mal, calm down.
- "Mal"?

And you? I mean,
why don't you get honest with her

and tell her about that shit
you've been taking?

I'm so sick of being
the only one who's for real around here.

You slept with him.

We actually have a lot in common.

So, what are you taking?

Simpson's inhaler.

You have no idea what's in that shit.

It could kill you.
It could melt your insides.

Just skip the lecture. I'm drying out.
The thing's empty, okay?

Why even risk it in the first place?

I don't know.

It felt like more of a risk not
to take it.

You single-handedly almost took down IGH
with a Patsy wig and a cell phone.

How much more of a badass
do you need to be?

You know the answer to that.

I won't do this story.

Not with your mom involved.

You don't deserve the blowback.

What about Karl?

You know, I'm not the best person

for a recovering addict
to be around right now.

Call me later.


- I was worried. You just took off...
- About me? Really?

Or about what I would tell Jessica?

I deserve that.

All these months working on my shit,
rebuilding some kind of life.

And then one night with you,
and I'm ready to throw it all away.

I'm sorry. I was strung out.

You didn't make me take that shit, okay?
That was all me.

I mean, I still want you.

Maybe because you're bad for me, but...

Yeah, there it is. So I can't do this.

I'm clean now.

Yeah, but there's a hole in your soul.

Just like there's a hole in mine, and...
So let's not use each other to fill it.

We're still friends, right?

I don't think so.

She's gone.

I know.
Uh, I saw them take her away.

- Did Vido?
- No. He was with his abuela.

He didn't see anything.


You know, the time I spent inside...
it wasn't easy, I'm not gonna lie.

But the first Saturday of every month,
I got to see Vido.

Wasn't perfect, but...
to me, it was everything.

Your mother did some bad things...

but she's your family.

There's gotta be something good in her.


She's just a selfish asshole.

- You're gonna get through this, Jessica.
- No, I won't.

I'm not gonna see my mother
the first Saturday of every goddamn month.

She's going to some Guantanamo hellhole,
and I'm never gonna see her again.

You downstairs?

I'm going out.


Come here.

We ran several tests on the residue,
but couldn't identify all its components,

including an organic plant-based element.

Which means, of course,
we can't replicate the drug.

Oh, that's not what I was after.

You said you were interested
in reproducing it.

- That's not what I meant.
- I wrote it.

- "Customer interested in reproducing..."
- I misspoke.

We wouldn't have done it, anyway,
given what's in it.

What do you mean?

The few chemicals we could ID

contain toxins too dangerous
for any human being to ingest.

And if someone did?

Possible liver failure, kidney failure,
neurological degeneration,

- maybe immunodeficiency...
- Got it. Thanks.

Is it possible to track down
whoever made this crap?

Maybe some compound
that's only available...

No. Wish there was.
I'd report 'em in a hot second.

But without the active ingredient...

They get away with it.


I need you to delay the transfer.

- You could have called.
- You might be bugged.

That would be highly illegal.

Special protocol, remember?

Tell them that she'll confess
and hand over Karl.

Will I be lying?

I hope not.

- Alisa won't sign if Dr. Malus isn't safe.
- He won't be an issue.

Well, he will be
if he's locked behind bars

or if you're taking him out
of the equation.

Can you get the delay?

Before you do anything,
there's someone I think you should meet.

Inez? Shane?

Jessica Jones, Shane Ryback.

He's another beneficiary
of Dr. Malus's work.

He has the power to heal.

He healed Inez.

Nice to meet you.


How long were you at the clinic?

Hell if I know. It was over ten years ago.
I wasn't even conscious half the time.

But you remember healing Inez?

They were doing a lot of tests on me,

making me lay hands
on people who were hurt or sick.

I try to block it out.

But it never seems to go away, does it?

How come you never told me any of this?

I didn't trust you.

Turns out I was right.

That thing that attacked me is your mom?

I hope they lock her up
and melt the key down for bullets.

I wanted you to meet Shane before you made
any decisions about Dr. Malus.

What he did was unethical, yes,
but also miraculous.

- Are you kidding me?
- Jessica, your mother is alive.

You and Shane
have extraordinary abilities.

With the proper funding and support,

imagine what Dr. Malus' work could do
for the world.

You want to profit from this.

Screw profit.

He healed me.

And if it works,
he's given me a second chance.

And I want other people
to have that same chance...

instead of locking it behind bars
or eliminating it altogether.

I don't know if you're for real.

I don't even know what real is anymore.

But I do know that you are not getting
your hands on Karl. Ever.

Think about it, Jessica.

Delay the transfer.
Get me in a room with my mother. Now.

A vacation?

Yeah, I've never been on one.

And you had recommended some exotic city.


Sounds like a place you could get lost in.

You can do that?
Make travel plans and everything?

I promise.

If you promise to make the confession.

We went on our first beach vacation
when you were 12. Do you remember?

It was so nice to get away
from my life for a while.

Remember where we stayed?

Yeah, that weird hotel
where all the rooms had love themes.

Mmm, the theme was prostitution.

It was a hooker hotel?

It was cheap.
It was two minutes from the water.

You loved it.

You always were a romantic.


Valentine's Day, Sweet Valley High...
I'm all in.

You kids... got into a fight

about which room to stay in.

You wanted Honeymoon Heaven.
Phillip wanted Tiki Hideaway.

I chose the Paradise Suite.

I loved it.

Maybe I'll go pay it a visit.

For old times' sake.

She's loyal, your daughter.

It's nice to see.

My old man spent half his life
locked in a place like this.

You surprised?

I used to teach mathematics.

Shit happens.

- Is he still in prison?
- Dead. Diabetes.

He went in whole.
They carried him out in pieces.


I loved him, but he was a shit bird.

Never made a promise he wouldn't break.

I'm nothing like him.

We all tell ourselves that.

Just make sure you stay healthy.

- I'll be back when you finish your lunch.
- Oh, I'm done. I don't eat meat.


We didn't know that.

It's fine.

Can't have you go hungry on my watch.

I'm not hungry.

All you got was some steamed vegetables
and a half potato.

That's not enough calories.

If I let you get finicky,

everyone will want to do the same,
won't they?

I'm not everyone.

I know.

You've killed people with your bare hands.

As long as you're in my care,
it's my job to keep you under control.

Just leave me alone.

I can't. A promise is a promise.

Now, eat your protein.

You eat it.

I warned you. Eat your protein, 46592.

You eat it.

You can leave here whole,
or you can leave in pieces.

But one thing you will never do
is control me.

What are you doing here? Where's Alisa?

The only place that she's safe now
because of you.


You're here to turn me in.

I wish.

The only chance my mother has
at some semblance of a normal life

is to give you up.

People pretty high up the food chain

are interested
in your little experiments, so...

they're offering her a deal.

Look, I did everything I could to keep
my work away from those clowns in DC.

If the wrong people
got their hands on it...

It scares the hell out of me.

Me, too.

That's why I'm getting you out of here.

I'm not cutting out on Alisa.
I... I have to help her.

Here's how you help.

You get on a plane and you go
to a country with no extradition.

Then her confession can't hurt you.

I don't give a crap about that.

Do you give a crap
about her murdering more people?

You know that she will go apeshit
if you get caught.

This is the only way
that she takes the deal.

I married her.

Here. In this room.

She was legally dead,
so I'm guessing that wasn't official.

That didn't matter. It was the two of us.

She carried me over the threshold.

We stood right there,
and we said our vows.

Alisa and I love each other.

I need you to know that.

Stand against that door.

And take off your glasses.

I'll be back with a new passport.

You pack your bags.
You're going to South America.

And if you ever go near
any kind of science again,

I swear to God, I will hunt you down
and tear your arms off.

How many others are there?

Like me, like my mother,
like Robert Coleman, like Shane?


Shane Ryback. The guy who heals people.

I don't have a clue
who you're talking about.

Don't lie to me.

Jessica, I never treated anybody
named Shane.

And I definitely never had a patient
that could heal other people.


Move forward, inmate.

Is that your real hair color,
or is it from a bottle?

- Both.
- Mmm. That's what I thought.

I'm surprised they let you in here
with all the security.

The warden owes me one.

I did a segment on her last year.
First female warden of a New York prison.

Played well.

Bully for you.

I have questions.

I thought you might have
questions for me, too.

Just one.


Why did you come after us?

I'm a journalist.

You're a personality.

I wanted to stop IGH from hurting people.

Karl was saving lives!

- Ma'am, move away from the inmate.
- I'm okay.

- Ma'am.
- All right, I'm backing up. Just, uh...

Just give us a few more minutes, please.

It won't happen again.

Five more minutes.

Thank you.

You were saying?
You hunted us down, because...

I did it for my sister.


Jessica was drinking more,
losing her temper.

She's always had a temper. Just like me.

I checked to see
if they transferred you to The Raft.

They hadn't.

So, clearly, you took a deal.

But Dr. Malus hasn't been caught.

So you haven't given him up yet.

So you want me
to tell you where Karl is...

so you can take the credit
and revive your pathetic little career.

I wanna make sure
he surrenders peacefully.

I'll get his side of the story out there.

You'd do that?

I wanna help Jessica put this behind her.

- And if you love your daughter...
- If you loved my daughter...

you'd stop this bullshit quest.

- But you can't stop, can you?
- No.

Because Karl experimented on her.
She never asked for powers.

But she's got them, and you don't.
And you can't stand that, can you?

That's why you wouldn't
let this investigation die.

You are the reason
why I did everything I did!

You did it because you're
a cold-blooded killer.

That's why your own daughter
turned you in.

I should have killed you
when I had the chance!

Run back to Jessica.
Tell her about our little chat!

But she is my daughter,
and she will always choose me over you!

How much longer is this gonna take?

I'm going as fast as I can.

Don't want your friend caught
over a missing detail.

He's not my friend.

- Are you expecting someone?
- No.


Hi, you don't know me.
I'm Trish Walker. I'm Jessica's friend.

Trish, hi. Oscar. Nice to meet you.

- You, too.
- What are you doing here?

Uh, Malcolm told me
you guys were a thing, and...

you weren't answering your phone.

His kid's asleep.

Let's talk in the hallway.

What's going on?

I met your mom.


She said she should have killed me.

Right after she blamed me
for her murder rampage.

So what? You went to the prison?

I needed to see what you saw in her.
But, Jess, I don't.

That woman is an animal.

She's been in a coma for five years.

It does something
to a person's brain.

She can't help herself.


She planned those murders.

She killed people to protect a man
who is just as dangerous as she is.

Trish, you have to let it go.

He's getting away with it. Okay?
She's paying, he's not. End of story.

- Not if he does it again.
- He's not going to do it again.

How do you know that?

Oh, my God.

That's why your mom took the deal.
You're helping him.

I am not doing anything to help him.

She's in your head.
She's manipulating you.

You don't know the situation.

- She's not who you think she is.
- She is my mother.

She is mine to deal with.
You do not get a say.

Morning, inmate.

Got those shipped here especially for you.

I'm gonna kill...

I used to be a bad seed.

Mad at the world
for kicking me in the teeth.

Felt it was only fair to kick it back.

But my grandparents changed all that.

They took me hunting, fishing,
taught me to say, "Yes, sir," "No, sir."

They loved me enough to impose rules.

You're gonna learn my rules, 46592.

But one word from me,

and visitation
with that daughter of yours,

it's over.



you gonna eat your protein...

or not?


Hey, I think it's done.

- Did it ding?
- No.

It's not done.


We've still got 24 hours
before the deal is pulled, right?

I just want this to be over with.

Then what?

What do you mean?

This guy disappears.
Uh, your mother, she takes the deal.

What do you do?

I get back to my life.

What does that look like?

Drinking. Sleeping.
Taking pictures of people cheating.

It's all very glamorous.

Why do you ask?

I'm just trying to figure out
if we're a part of it.

Are you sure you even want to?

It's a lot.

I'm a lot.

- Does that mean it's finally done?
- That's the assembly. It's dry.

I'll get it to you
first thing tomorrow morning.



I gotta go.


Call me when it's done, okay?

Sign in, please.

Yeah, I'll let you know. You got it.

Your mother signed the paperwork.


I didn't expect a happy dance,
but a little gratitude would be nice.

Whatever your motivation...

I appreciate what you did for my mom.

You're welcome.

I know you don't trust me.
And I understand why.

But after what I've been through...

my intentions were genuine.

You've stared death in the face.
You know how it can change a person.

I'm changed.

And it feels good.


I don't think you are...


Forgiveness is hard for you. I know.

I mean physically.

You're still...

Shane's a fraud.

I'm sorry?

He was never at IGH,
and they never made a healer.

- But Inez...
- She lied.

She used what she knew
from working at IGH,

and she made the whole thing up.

I felt something when he touched me.

- Because you wanted to feel something.
- I'm not some ignorant trailer park hick.

What he did to me was real.

I've had no symptoms.

In, what, two days?

You can't test for ALS, right?

So you can't confirm the results.

Inez is a nurse. She knew that.

Mmm-mmm. No.

- Let me deal with them.
- No.

- Then you need to go the cops.
- No.

Jeri, you don't deserve this.

- They are scum.
- You're wrong.

Whoever you talked to,
whatever they told you, it's wrong.

Shane is real.

Then just be careful.

We don't know
what these people are capable of.

I'll file Alisa's paperwork
by the end of business.

Tomorrow, she gives her confession.

Keep it still, 46592.

What's up, guys?

Well, those are sci-fi.

Better than being chained
to the table like a dog.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I just couldn't sleep.

You told my best friend
that you should have killed her.

I shouldn't have said that to Trish.
I know how much she means to you.

That's how I managed
to keep my hands off her,

but you have got to keep her
the hell away from Karl.

On it.

I can stomach this cage as long as I know
that both of you are okay.

But if anything happens
to either of you...

I will lose my shit.

You won't have to.

I've been working hard on this new case.

And I think I'm getting close
to solving it.

Just waiting on the paperwork.
It'll be tomorrow.

Thank you.

What happened to your arms?

It's just a rash.

That's a burn.

Is it the cuffs?

- Are they hurting you?
- Leave it alone.

Who did this to you?

I will handle this when the time is right.

You handling things is what got you here
in the first place.

Jessica, please.

Jess... Jessica.

You stay put.

Don't do anything.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

See you later, fellas.

Where are you?

- I'm right here.
- No, you're not.

I can't stop thinking about Jessica.

Her mom is using her to get to Karl.

You don't know that.

Something's up with her.

No. Something's up with you.

Yeah, I fell off the wagon,
I quit my show,

I bombed an audition for my dream job.

And two weeks ago,
I hit my mother in the face.


I haven't felt like myself in...

I don't know how long.

But knowing Karl is out there,
it's killing me, and...

- I don't know. Maybe I'm messed up...
- No. Look, it kills me, too.

See, Mal?
That's what brought us together.

We can't just stand by
while bad shit happens. It's not in us.

Um, Jessica's my boss. This is her family.

We're her family.

Okay, that woman has her hooks in so deep,
Jessica can't think straight.

Okay, so she helps Karl. What next?

How far will Jessica go?

So you wanna find him?

I'm going to find him.

One way or another.

And you want my help.

- That's not why I'm here.
- But you want my help.

Only what you're willing to give.

But you are the PI.


She's so gonna fire me for this.

She'll be pissed. But she'll realize
we freaking saved her eventually.

There's nothing in her recent searches.

No deleted e-mails.
Let me check her cloud.

Oh, shit.

There are photos taken yesterday.

I don't believe it.

Believe it.

Can we find out where these were taken?

Uh, if Jess didn't turn off
her location data.

Got it.

I will let you know
as soon as I find him. I promise.

Like I'm gonna let you do this alone.





Oh, God.

Hi, Jackie Charles here.

I'm calling
from the New York Board of Prisons.

You worked with Dale Holiday, didn't you?
You guys were both guards at...

Great. Then I'm glad I tracked you down.

Well, we are giving
a career achievement award to Dale,

and we'd love to get
a few colorful anecdotes for our tribute.

Yeah. Career achievement award.

Really? When was he fired?

May I ask why?
Not for publication, of course.

I just wanna make sure we're giving
the award to a worthy member.

You mean "prisoner suicides"?
As in plural?

- Will you follow that bus?
- You got it.

How many of these suicides were there?

I flashed Karl's picture
to a couple of maids.

They wouldn't talk.

I guess what happens at the Love Motel
stays at the Love Motel.

We could start knocking on doors, but...

Would give him a chance to run.

Then we wait.

Oh, shit. There he is.

He's looking for someone.


- What're you doing?
- Calling the cops.

- Don't.
- Why not?

He could be gone
by the time they get here.

Okay, so what's your plan?

I'm going in there.

You stay out here
and keep an eye out for Jessica.

- Trish, please, don't be crazy.
- You should leave.

God damn it.

Do you have a jack
or a lug wrench back here?


Because we're not going in there unarmed.

I'm sorry.

Being inside someone's house
is like being inside their head.

I can find everything they're proud of...

and everything that they want to hide.

Now, what are you hiding, Dale?

Dale inherited more
than his grandparents' house.

He also got their love of trophies.

If these were suicides,

they wouldn't be on his wall.

He likes to hunt.

You attacked me.
You attacked me in my home!