Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - AKA It's Called Whiskey - full transcript

It won't be easy to acquire or deploy but Jessica thinks she's found a weapon to use against Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica bond over their similarities.

[theme music playing]

[Luke gasps]

[both panting]

[metal creaking]

[both grunt]

[both moaning]


[both sighing]

Let me down.

-Um, Robyn says you're too loud.
-[Jessica sighs]

It's nice to grub out
with a girl who likes to eat.

Well, we had quite a workout.

I've never done it with someone else
who has, you know...


Yes, well, you are very gifted.


So just how unbreakable are you?

On a scale of "I don't know" to...

"I'd rather not find out"?

So if I were to bite your finger

with all of my considerable strength...

Depends on how considerable.

So don't go getting any ideas
about my extremities.


So what else you do?

-Can you punch through a wall?
-[chuckles softly]

Can you stop a moving car?

A slow-moving car.

Can you fly?

It's more like jumping

and then falling.


Okay, there's you, me...

the big green dude and his crew.

You think there's
more of our kind out there?



-Can I have a coffee?
-[man] You got it.

You know somebody else like us?

No. Not like us.

Well, you're the first I've met.

Were you born this way?

Nope. Accident.



Does anyone else know
about your abilities?

Couple. I'm not hiding,
but I'm not advertising.

People find out, they either come at you
with a noose or their hands out.

I got no use for either.

So what, you just don't use it?

[sighs] I protect myself and what's mine.

But that's it.

Being a hero
just puts a target on your back.

Yeah, been there, done that.

The hero gig?

[sighs] I gave it a shot once.

Tell me there was a costume
and you still got it.

It didn't work out.

You still get points for doing good.

Not near enough to cancel out the bad.

The way I see it,
most people got both going on.

Just depends on which part wins that day.


Nah. I'm full.

I wasn't talking about the food.

[both grunting]

[bed rattling]

[bed frame snaps]

[Jessica grunts]


[Jessica breathing deeply]

[Jessica] Don't suppose you have
an extra toothbrush?

[Luke] No.

She died.

Bus crash.

I'm sorry.

I gotta go. I got work.

[radio host] Thanks for calling
New York's number one talk radio.

-Next caller...
-[caller 1] I mean, let's get real.

Are we just supposed to just
let that Shlottman girl

run around the city
shooting anybody she wants?

Give me a break!

[radio host] Westchester, you're on.

[caller 2] Ever since those guys quote,
"saved the city,"

people have been making up stories
about more super folk out there.

Now some kid
is pinning her murder on one?

I'll take the bourbon.
Cheapest one you got.

Have you ever heard of
a more made-up name than Kilgrave?

-[clerk chuckles]
-I mean, come on. Give me a break.

[radio host] Raises a good point.

What, you trying to drive
customers away with that shit?

You don't want to buy here,
don't buy here.

[caller 2] around the city,

creating all this nonsense
for the rest of us to deal with?

Look, bottom line, the girl's a murderer,
she needs to pay.

[podcast host] It's not the first time
we've seen a vicious killer

lay the blame for their actions
on someone else.

Remember, Son of Sam said he was
taking orders from his neighbor's dog.

We laughed at him, through our tears,
and we should laugh at Hope Shlottman.

She claims to have been controlled
by someone else.

But she's just another
weak and damaged person

hiding behind the timeless excuse that
"the devil made me do it."

[Jessica] But what if the devil
actually did make you do it?

Even if you could prove it,
would people ever forgive what you did?

Could you ever forgive yourself?

[man] Fifty-third!

[door closing]

[Hogarth] Jessica,
you can't just barge in here.

Hope Shlottman is getting crucified
in the media

and you need to get out there
and defend her.

Well, until I have irrefutable proof
that she's not a lunatic,

I will not get involved
with the public debate.

You would if you had any balls.

If you would like to display some courage,
let's talk about your testimony.

My testimony?

About you being
another one of Kilgrave's victims.

-Hope. She told you.

[scoffs] You like having something on me,
don't you?

I like winning cases
and your story will help me.

My story will put me
in the same position as Hope.


Kilgrave leaves a trail
of broken people behind him.

Get some of them to testify.

You get them,
I will use them.

I am busy trying to bring Kilgrave in.

Change public perception
and victims will come forward.

If I go public,
I undercut my credibility,

which will hurt
any argument I bring to trial.

Oh, so you're a cheat and a coward.

[sighs] Careful, Jessica,
because I am the only other person

who is trying to save Hope's life.

Your compassion is overwhelming.

[cell phone vibrates]

[chuckles softly]

[sighs] I'm such an asshole.

-[sighs] Hey, are you busy?
-[elevator dings]

Trish Talk is a lifestyle show.

Being in prison is a lifestyle.

I can't just go on the radio and say,
"Mind control is real."

But people trust you.

Yeah, that's because I back up my claims.

You know it's true.

I'll think about it.

And in the meantime,
you're hiding from Kilgrave, right?


If he was coming after me,
he would've done it by now.

I think with me, he's more into torture
and long-term suffering.


-I'll catch you later.
-I knew it.

You said "Let's do lunch."
You hate that saying.

Because it's stupid.
You eat lunch.

It sounds better than,
"Let's do Jessica another favor."

Look, it's not that, all right? I just...

I really need to get some drugs.

Uh, graduating from alcoholism?

They're for Kilgrave.

Surgical anesthesia knocks out his powers.

Okay, that is huge.

How do we get some?

I mean, it doesn't sound like something
your average drug dealer would have.

Sufentanil is only available in hospitals,

so unless you know
any morally compromised doctors...

All the doctors I know
save small villages.


I got it handled.

You mean you're gonna steal it.

I prefer "redistribute it."

Come on, Jess, you're better than that.


-Jesus Christ, Trish!

It's nothing.

[Jessica] Who's doing that to you?

Is your mom back?

Just calm down, will you?

Okay, is this why you have

the video surveillance
and the steel-reinforced door?

And bulletproof windows, a safe room.
I made some upgrades.

You-- What you made is a fortress.

Trish, what are you afraid of?

Not much, anymore. Except clowns.
But that's just common sense.

You turned my room into a gym.

I needed a place to train.

By "training,"
you mean getting beaten purple.

[both grunt]

No one touches me anymore
unless I want them to.

[breathing heavily]

I let you fight my battles for too long.
When you left--

You became a ninja?

Krav Maga. More brutal.

Well, can you back off?
You're scaring me a little.

I'll make sandwiches.


What are you doing here?

I need a doctor.

[inhales deeply]
A somewhat flexible doctor.

-Uh-huh. Did Jeri send you?

I want Sufentanil.

[Wendy scoffs]

Actually, I need it. Badly.

And I'll do anything for you to get it.


Surgical anesthesia?

Um, do I look like the kind of doctor
who would feed an addict's drug habit?

I hoped. Figured I would ask,
maybe get lucky.

Get out.

I know what's going on.

One of New York's sharkiest lawyers
is divorcing you.

Do you think you're gonna get
a penny out of Hogarth?

You could use someone in your corner.

You're making a lot of assumptions.

What assumptions?
That she's a lawyer?

A shark? That she's divorcing you.

Storms blow over.

Lot of wind, lot of rain.

Jeri's smarter than this.

You don't throw away
the life we built together.

She'll see that, eventually.

Maybe if you do me this favor,
she'll be reminded of your good heart.

I have actual patients waiting for me.

You need to go.

[Wendy sighs]

Look, there is someone out there
doing a lot of harm to a lot of people

and as crazy as it sounds,

Sufentanil is my only chance
at stopping him.

[inhales sharply]

I don't have access
to surgical anesthesia,

so here is a prescription
for an anti-psychotic.

It's for you.


Just in case.

[indistinct conversations]

[Jessica] Knocking out one clerk
to catch Kilgrave?

Worth it.

Knocking out two people?

Still the right call.

Three people...

or four, depending on
when she's due?

[indistinct radio chatter]

-[bike tires squealing]

-[man grunting]
-[Malcom] Oh.

-I'm sorry, man. I--

-Hey, Requiem for a Dream...
-[Malcom grunts] where the hell you're going!

[stammering] Look, I'm sorry,
I didn't-- I didn't see you.

-No, no, no. Come back here.
-[Malcolm grunts]

You know what? I'm on this bike every day
because I care about the planet.

And you're too busy self-medicating
to even turn your moronic head.

-[Jessica] Hey!
-[cyclist grunts]

We get it,
you're a real gift to humanity.


Get back to saving the planet.

You're a good person, Jessica Jones.


You're high.

[knocking on door]


[knocking continues]

This the door you want fixed?

You called for an estimate.

You're early.

We're three hours late.

[speaking Portuguese]

Uh, this is a very broken door.

Thank you for the diagnosis.
What's it gonna cost me?

[conversing in Portuguese]

You got the decimal in the wrong place.

[speaking Portuguese]

My father says,
"This is our business,

not a charity
for women with broken doors."

-Just fix the goddamn door. I'll cover it.
-[cell phone vibrating]

-We start tomorrow.
-Well, be on time.


[Trish sighs] The interview is set
for tomorrow. You wanna be here?

-You found a brainwashing expert?

And I gotta say,
Jeri is a force of nature.

She is the one that made it happen.

Jeri... Hogarth?

We're doing a live remote
with Hope from the prison.


Jess, you asked me to defend her.

Yeah, not to drag her out in public
with her guts hanging out.

Hey, it's me. I'm on her side.
I'll go easy.

Trish, he'll be listening.

-He wouldn't miss it.
-Probably not.

He'll be listening to her
and thinking about me.

He's already thinking about you.

Thank you.

Hope wants to fight back
and I want to help her.


Jess, okay?

[cell phone beeps]

[blues music playing]


Sorry that I took off the other night.

Hard to know when to bring up a dead wife.

Do you know any drug dealers?


I own a bar in Hell's Kitchen.
What do you think?

I need a drug.

[Luke] Any drug?

You're gonna have to be
more specific than that.

It's called Sufentanil. It's...

used to knock people out for surgery.

Can't help you there.

Is that really
why you came here at this hour?

Well, I figured, NSA and all,

you wouldn't want
to talk about this over the phone.


I appreciate that.

[both sigh heavily]

[Luke breathing heavily]

Sweet Christmas.

[exhales sharply] Yeah.

I think.

[both chuckle]


Just say it, woman.

Say what?

Whatever it is you've not been saying
since I met you.

I haven't... not said anything.

Is it a racial thing?

[exhales sharply] I'm kidding.

-Is it?
-[exhales sharply]

[Jessica sighs]

Maybe it's about this thing...
[sighs heavily]

that we have.

These abilities.

What if there was
someone else out there...

but his ability was to make people
do whatever he wanted?

You mean like mind control?

Or exactly mind control.

[inhales sharply]

Is this about your case
the cops grilled me about?

The girl who shot her folks
in your building,

claims some guy made her do it?

Maybe she's telling the truth.

Maybe she's nuts.

You go into a bar any night of the week,

you'll find some crazies
arguing with the voices in their heads.

What if I believed her?

Would that change your mind?

I'd believe that you believed it.

Says the man with unbreakable skin.

You can see my skin.

You can touch it.

But you got no idea
what my mind is thinking.

I think I do.

[sighs] Okay, then.

I got no idea what you're thinking.

I think you do.

[Hope] It was my mother's birthday.

He made me call her

because she'd have known
something was wrong if I didn't.

And I wanted to tell her
that I was in trouble

and that he was holding me prisoner.

And making me do things
that I've never done,

that I never would do.

I wanted to tell her and my dad
to come and get me.

But you didn't.

The words were in my head,
but way in the back, like this tiny echo.

[Trish] What was happening?
Can you describe it?

All I could feel was this need.

He said, "Wish her a happy birthday,"

and that was suddenly
the only thing that I wanted to say.

That was the last time I spoke to her

before she and my dad came to find me,

to rescue me.

And the whole time you were with Kilgrave,
you were aware you were being controlled.

[Hope] Not at first,
but then I'd get these glimpses of myself.

And I'd try to hold onto them...

[voice breaking]
but I wasn't strong enough.

[crying] But when he told me...

to do that to my parents...

[sobbing] I fought so hard.

But I couldn't...

[Trish] Hope, did you love your parents?

Yes, so much.

[Trish] Did you want to shoot them?


Then why did you do it?

Because Kilgrave wanted me to.

Because he made me.

As you can see, Trish, my client's
delusion is quite fully formed.

Wait, you're dismissing the possibility
that Hope is telling the truth?

That she was telepathically
compelled to kill her own parents?

It's unprecedented,
to say the least.

As was the city being attacked by aliens,
but it happened.

Buildings were destroyed,
people were killed.

Perhaps what happened to Hope
has happened before.

[Hogarth] Well, certainly,
if there are other people

who feel they have been controlled
by this Kilgrave character,

they are more than welcome
to contact my office,

but it is more likely that my client
experienced a psychotic break.

Uh, Hope has no history of mental illness,
has shown no evidence since--

Trish, sounds like you believe
this Kilgrave is real.

I believe it's naive to assume he isn't.

So yes, I think he's out there,

this sick, perverted man...

No, Trish!
Trish, shut up.

He is preying on the hopeless
so he can feel powerful,

probably terrified of his own weakness,
which suggests impotence.

You need to cut her mic right now.

-We're in the middle of a broadcast.
-Cut it!

Probably suggests
some serious Oedipal issues--


-What the hell are you doing?
-Trish! He's listening, hearing you--

-He'll hear the truth.
-He doesn't want the truth!

We've got a few calls coming in.
Let's start with Susan in Vinegar Hill.

-[Susan] Hey, Trish! Thanks for having--
-[dial tone]

-Trish. You're gonna piss him off, Trish.
-[telephone ringing]

-No, not good.

So he gets to run around,
destroying lives, destroying your life,

and I have to just sit here and shut up?

Yes! Until I neutralize him.

Next caller.

[Kilgrave] First-time caller,
long-time listener.

Trish, I want to applaud your courage.

You've always been a hero
to the downtrodden.

Self-preservation be damned.

[echoing] It's admirable.

But my question is, if there really is
a man with the abilities you've described,

someone who could make anyone, anywhere,
do whatever he wanted them to do...

seems to me that insulting him
would be wildly dangerous.

Or, let's just say it,
stupid in the extreme.

Everyone has feelings, even,
um, how did you put it?

-Sadistic, corrosive men.

[wailing] No!

[Kilgrave] Are you worried he might,
I don't know, make you kill yourself?

Or worse?

I'll take my answer off the air.

I had to defend Hope.
Hogarth was throwing her under a bus.

Hogarth set you up to defend
the crazy-ass notion of mind control.

[Trish] So she wouldn't have to.

God, that is so... smart.

And evil, of course.

You insulted him, Trish.

You put yourself in Kilgrave's crosshairs.

He could be sending
some poor asshole to kill you right now.

It's a good thing you built a fortress.

Just stay close to me.

-Where's your car?
-Patsy Walker?

-Oh, my God.
-[man grunting]

-He grabbed me.
-Oh, shit.

He's a fan?

-[rasping] Autograph?
-You're a fan. Oh, I'm--

Oh, my God, I'm so, so sorry.

-I miss your red hair.
-Sorry, I... [stammering]

Okay, come on, we have to go.
Come on, we have to go.

[stammering] I gotta go, I'm sorry!

Wow, Jess, I think I really hurt that guy.

I hate feeling this way,
I don't know how you handle it.

It's called whiskey.

Here, I put an app on this.
It tells me where you are.

Keep it on you, don't leave.
Set your alarm.

Where are you going?

-To get some goddamn drugs.
-[elevator dings]

-[elevator dings]
-Check again.

It's Dr. Kurata.

David Kurata with a "K," yeah.

He... He teaches
in the biology department.

Or chemistry. I don't know.

Is bio-chemistry a thing?

I don't know which one,
it's science.

Just check them all, it's important.
Yeah, I'll hold.


[keys jangling]

-[sighs exasperatedly]

What? [exhales sharply]


-[paper crumpling]

[lock breaks]

Wait, when did he quit?

Did he leave a forwarding address?


Parliament Street.

New Delhi.


I guess when the man runs, he runs.


[elevator dings]

[Ruben grunting] Okay.

[straining] Right foot, then left foot.

[grunts] You have to use your knees.

That's it.

Oh, hey, Jessica.

Uh, he's heavier than he looks.

And he keeps listing to the right.

He came into our apartment by mistake.

[pants] Guess I forgot to lock the door
after I took out the trash.


[Malcolm] The elevator went too high.

[Jessica] You're too high.

Mmm. [sighs]
Hey, am I bleeding?

You're fine.

Robyn was asleep.

I was in the other room
with my beetle collection

and I heard the door

and then there he was.

-Eating our peanut butter.

Robyn was so scared.

She thought he was a rapist or something,
till I turned the light on.

It's broad daylight.

We have foil over the windows.

Why? No. I don't want to know.

She hit me with a little man.

-It was a trophy.

[sighs] Of a little man.

It was a little woman, actually.

Bowling trophy.
She bowls like a dream.


-Am I bleeding now?
-No, you're still fine.

I mean, I guess he is kinda scary,
if you just wake up

and you don't know him
and maybe you're a bit racist.

Go. Lie down.


-They say everyone is a little...
-[door slams]

Everyone's a little what?

Everyone's a little racist.

Like, if you see someone like Malcolm,
you make a snap judgment, you know?

It's something to overcome.

[Malcolm] Hmm, this hospital smells.

But why are we in a hospital?
I mean... [blows raspberry]

I mean, I feel... I feel pretty all right.
You know? I feel...


Look, I appreciate the concern, I do.

[chuckling] It's all so--
It's nice.

I don't really need to be--

-[Jessica] Sorry about this.

-[supplies clattering]
-[Malcom groaning]

Oh, my God, somebody help!
Somebody help!

[woman] What happened?

He just lunged at her!

-[hospital staff clamoring]
-[Malcolm groaning]

[doctor 1] All right. Keep still.
[doctor 2] Don't move.

[guard] We need someone over here, please.
Give me a hand?

[doorbell ringing]


[clears throat]


I'm looking for
Ms. Patricia Walker?

This is she.
How can I help you?

I need to ask you some questions

about an alleged assault
that happened outside station WNEX.

[softly] Damn it.

[clears throat] Ask away, Officer...


Uh, ma'am, can you open the door?

You know,
I'd prefer to talk with you in person.

I'm sorry, uh, can I see
some identification, please?

[Simpson] Mmm-hmm.

That's you, all right.
[chuckles nervously]

You know, the guy that was assaulted
ended up in the hospital.

He says that you attacked him.

Maybe I should call my lawyer first.

Ma'am, I know who you are.

And you should know that if I have
to come back here with an arrest warrant,

then the chances are
this whole business ends up on the news.

Which I'm sure that you're used to,

[chuckling] but it wouldn't be
my first choice.

Suit yourself.

Hold on.



-[clears throat]
-[door unlocking]

I'm sorry, Officer-- [grunts]

[Simpson grunts]

-[glass shattering]
-[Trish struggling]

[Simpson grunting]

You don't want to do this.

-Yes, I do.

[Trish grunting]

No! No!


No! [crying]


Get off her!


Trish, talk to me.

-It'll be all right.

I have to kill her.

Not gonna happen.

[Simpson] I have to!

-He's waiting for me!

I can't tell you.


-Trish, Trish.


[breathing heavily]


You killed her!


Trish. Trish.
[breathing heavily]

Okay. You're gonna feel better
in a few hours.

I'm sorry.

[exhales sharply]

You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch.

-I don't wanna shoot you.
-[gun cocking]

-He said it's not your time.
-[cell phone vibrating]

[Simpson] Fifteen Sergeant Two.
1098 Central.

[dispatcher] Fifteen Sergeant Two,
what's your status?

En route to the Fifteenth central.
ETA 30 minutes.

Just finishing up a call.

[dispatcher] Ten-four.

Ten-two, and see the desk officer
when you can,

holding several jobs.

[woman speaking indistinctly]


[knocking on door]

-[door opening]
-[woman] He's waiting for you.

[Simpson] Trish Walker is dead.

[Kilgrave] Is Jessica aware
of Patsy's death?

[Simpson] She saw everything.

[Kilgrave] Was she upset?
[Simpson] Very.

[Kilgrave] Well, a lot of people will be.
Patsy was such an icon.

Personally, I always thought
her television show was shite.

Honestly, Patsy was a...

grating teenage do-gooder.

So sanctimonious.

Why Jessica was so attached to her,
I'll never understand.

[woman] Here's your lunch, sir.

[Kilgrave] Don't just kick it
all the time, you ginger twat!

[Jessica scoffs]

[Kilgrave] Oh, you're done here. Leave.

I see you, asshole.

[Kilgrave] Not that way, Officer.

That way.

No, no, no!
[inhales sharply]

[Kilgrave] What? That was a spear tackle!
He should have a red for that!

[door closing]

[vehicles honking]



[Kilgrave] Jessica!

Take care of her.

[echoing] Leave her be.
Let's go.

Get back here, Jessica!

[bus horn honking]

Now, Jessica!

-[brakes screeching]



[Jessica grunts]


[crowd cheering on TV]

[announcer speaking indistinctly on TV]

[door closes]

[loud thud]


[boy yelling]

You can't follow him.


[Jessica] Look, I don't want to hurt you.
That prick is making you do this.


-Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

[door closing]

[man grunting]

I know the drill.
I'm not gonna follow him.

I just want to know where he is.

I'm not the enemy!

-You can't follow him!
-[Jessica grunts]

[woman grunts]

I'm sorry about this.

[woman grunts]

[breathing heavily]

God, I hope this is
only a three-person family.


[whirring continues]

[whirring continues]

[printer stops]

-[Jessica grunts]
-[Simpson groans]

-Hey! You're alive, get off me.

What happened?
Why did I...

-You jumped off the roof.

I caught you, okay?
You did what he said. It's over.

I did? I remember I was
about to leap off, and then you...

-You caught me?
-I fell with you.

You grabbed me?

We both survived.
That's all that matters.


Hey, did you take these?


Did Kilgrave?
Did that family up there?

I don't know.

[sighs] Shit.

Go home. Bandage yourself up.
Forget this ever happened.

No. No, no, no.
Just tell me what the hell happened.

[stammering] Okay, why did I
try to kill myself?

Or why did I try and kill--

Oh, my God.

[stuttering] I killed...

No. No, you didn't.

-I killed her.
-You're confused.

No one died, nothing happened.

Just go home.

[exhales sharply]

[door opens]

Rough night?

-I did something.
-Looks like it.

[door creaking]

I can't come in.


This isn't right.

Feels right to me.

I have business.


And you've been [sighs]
through too much for me to...

Can't handle a dead wife, huh?

[inhales sharply]
Do what you gotta do.

[door closes]

[indistinct talking]

[door opening]

[dramatic music playing]