Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - AKA Crush Syndrome - full transcript

Jessica vows to prove Hope's innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.

Just a few more questions, Miss Jones.

I'm not sure what else I can tell you.

Yeah, I know it's been a long night.

I work odd hours. I'm used to it.

You seem pretty tense.

Wouldn't you be?

I don't know what I'd be. Hard to imagine.

Hard to forget.

How'd the Shlottmans find you?


How did you find their daughter?

Followed the clues.

Credit card statements, couple of interviews.

But at the time of the shooting,

you had an overnight bag with you.

- Is that a question? - Where were you going?


- What's in Pennsylvania? - Great antiques.

I love antiques.

- You too, huh? - The older the better.

Did you know Hope was going to kill her parents?

If I did, I would have stopped her.

So you assumed she was in her right mind?

Clearly she wasn't, given the bullets in her parents.

Any idea how a coed from Nebraska gets hold of a gun?

- Walmart? - It's unregistered.

Maybe some asshole gave it to her.

Maybe this asshole?


You went into my office without a search warrant.

It's a part of the crime scene.

How'd your front door get broken?

The door isn't related to the

Shlottman case and neither are these pictures.

I want them back.

My clients expect discretion. This is bad for business.

So is a double homicide.

I'm licensed. My paperwork is up to date.

The only thing that you can charge me with

is trying to make a goddamn living in this goddamn city.

So unless you have something else?

I didn't think so.



I don't think it's her.

All right, next stop.

We're not open.

I told them that you had nothing to do with that girl.

I don't need the police up in my shit.

Just let me explain.

How 'bout you start with why you took those pictures?

I'm a private investigator.

That's the answer to a different question.

- I was hired. - By who?

By a man who suspected his wife was cheating on him with you.

I don't mess with married women. I don't do drama.

- Gina. - You don't know shit.

I know that she takes her ring off before she comes to see you.

You can look up the marriage certificate online.

So that night you came to my place,

that was all just part of this job?

I shouldn't have done that.

Because it's messed up, or because you got caught?


Get out of here... and stay the hell away from me.

- I just... - I'm serious. Go.

It's better, being alone.

It's safer...

with Kilgrave out there.

He cheated death. How?

Sign in, please, ma'am.

Start at the beginning.


you were the last one to see Kilgrave alive.

Did he tell you anything? Where he's been?

Why he's back?

Was there anything about the way he looked?

Where he took you? Was anyone else there?

God damn it.

Are you a good jumper?


He made me jump...

for hours, as high as I could.

That was one of my events at school. Long jump.

I was number two in the state.

He said I was never as good as you.

My brother is all alone now.

He's 12.

It's not your fault.

I know.

It's yours.

He said you left him there to die.

You should have stayed to make sure.

So he's mad.

He wants to make me suffer.

- Like he suffered. - How? How did he suffer?

From the accident? Is he injured?

Hope, I need to know so I can get him.

- No! He'll control you, too! - Stop it. Stop it!

He'll make you do things! Terrible things!

Calm down. Hope.

I won't let him, okay?

I won't let him.

You should kill yourself.


But I'm the only one that knows you're innocent.

Some water for you.

You have to take it now, all right?

Okay? Okay?

I'm gonna have to give it to you if you don't take it. Okay?

Listen to me. Here.

She's guilty.

Mmm. She had a gun in her purse. It was premeditated.

She aimed it at her parents and pulled the trigger repeatedly.

She wasn't in control.

If you kill someone while driving drunk, you're responsible.

- She was abducted. - Patty Hearst was abducted

and she still got convicted.

- Miss Hogarth, your wife is on line three. - I'll call back.

Hope Shlottman is not responsible.

Because she was brainwashed?

Brainwashed, mind-controlled, whatever you can sell.

- There's nothing to sell. - How about the truth?

- Pam, what? What is it? - You have to talk to your wife.

She's yelling. She's freaking out.

- Hey! - Take Hope's case.

There is a legal name for cases like hers.

There's precedent?

They're called losers, and I don't represent losers.

I'll let you know if any work comes in for you.

Until then, relax. Get a massage.

I have a great Filipino woman who will walk all over your back.

Massages make me tense.

There's nothing you can do for this girl.

I can prove that Kilgrave exists.

If there really was a man who could influence people like that,

I would hire him to do all my jury selection.

God damn it! This is not a joke.


How will you prove that this mind controller is real?

I'm resourceful.

But if I can convince you, will you represent her?

I'll owe you a favor.

Excuse me?

If you do this, I'll owe you a favor.

All right, convince me.

Jeri, talk to your wife.

She knows.

- Wait here. I'll be right back. - Yeah, sure.

I texted you six times.

My phone's dead.

You were headed out of town.

- Something came up. - I saw on the news.

I'm scared for you.

Don't... have feelings, okay?

Not okay.

- You need help. - No, no way.

That's it?

I give you whatever you need,

and you can't even give me a minute?


What happened to your door?

Dissatisfied customer.

- Your place is... is cute. - You think it's a dump.

- I didn't say that. - I know your voice.

You're not trying to be insulting, but you're succeeding.

It's not an insult. It's the cash I owe you.

So now what? With Kilgrave?

That accident didn't kill him, but he took a hit.

I find his weakness, I find him.

So you find him. Then what?

I don't know. I find him,

I prove that girl's innocent, he goes away.

Or he controls you again.

- I'll die before I let that happen. - That's what I'm afraid of.

Listen, I think you should move in with me again.

I have a security system, a doorman.

I have an actual lock on my door.

You think I'll be safe there?

I'm not safe anywhere.

Every corner I turn, I don't know what's on the other side.

I don't know who's on the other side.

It could be the cabbie who's

gonna drive me into the East River, okay?

It could be the FedEx woman.

It could be a talk show host who was my best friend.


I'm life-threatening, Trish.

Steer clear of me.

- I don't do that. - Please.

I can't risk you.

It had the name on it.


The door.

Alias Investigations. I had it made special.

I like it.

Hey, handsome.

Got a Long Island Iced Tea for a thirsty working woman?

All out.

So we skip the drinking part, go straight upstairs.

I don't play with liars.

We've never talked long enough for me to lie to you.

Too busy taking our clothes off.

You could put your wedding ring back on.

So, I'm married.

I'm just a booty call for you, anyway.

I stay away from complications.

My marriage is over. We don't even do oral anymore.

I really... I don't wanna hear it.

Trust me, Andre doesn't know or care.

He cared enough to hire a private investigator.

- What? - Jessica Jones. She's good.

I've seen the pictures.

I don't believe you. Andre would never...

- Go home and ask him. - Luke.

Door's right there.

Jesus Christ.


- Is that real or is it just in my head? - Both.

Did you even wash your hands?

Did you wash your hands?

We're gonna get salmonella!

The whole kitchen's gonna get salmonella, you...

Just get the door!

We're not cooking this for anyone else. It's just us.

Shut up.

Mind your own business, lush.

Your business is my business when I have to listen to it.

Oh, like we had to listen to

glass shattering from your place the other day?

Hey, why don't we ask her?

Cause she clearly doesn't understand Jack about cordon blue.

It's French for "chicken."

But she can be the deciding vote.

- Zip it, Pooh Bear. - Everybody just zip it!

Go to hell!

- You know why I live alone? - People don't like you?

People distract me.

Now, I don't give a bag of dicks what kinky shit you're into.

Just be into it quietly.


Get some.

Help me up!

Come on, get inside.

You're naked.

Come back here!


Now, Jessica!

Hey, uh, if I get hit by a bus, where's the closest hospital?

Stay on sidewalk, you don't get hit by bus.

Thanks, I'll find out myself.

Hey, uh, everyone go to Metro-General. Six blocks that way.

Hey, you're welcome.

- Rude girl is lonely girl! - Countin' on it.


Excuse me?

Sorry, I got a fecal situation in 602.

This is my first day. I can't mess it up.

Dr. Carter already hates me.

Dr. Carter?

He's the new Head of Oncology. Please.

Well, just... Ugh, make it quick.

It's this computer system. It's nothing like my old hospital.

- Where you from? - Seattle Grace.

Like on TV?

I'm looking for emergency room records.

You know, people who came through.

Why does a cancer doctor need ER records?

I didn't ask.

You know, he's probably testing you.

They pull that crap sometimes.

Yeah. There was a bus crash a year ago.

He wants all the info on a John Doe that came through.

- Just give me the date. - January 20th.

Uh, looks like it was a slow night.

One Charles Wallace, 51, cuts and bruises. The driver.

One woman, DOA.

No John Doe. That's all she wrote on January 20th.

I should probably print the whole file for that accident.

Yeah, live your life, woman. I gotta go clean up some shit.

Who sent you?

My leg!


Who sent you?

What the hell? I'm bleedin'!

- Who sent you? - Patricia Walker!

She hired me to fix your door.

Jesus, lady! You're a lunatic!

- Sorry. - I'm bleedin' here!

- Here. - Get away from me!

And call a goddamn ambulance.

What the hell were you thinking? I almost killed him.

I left you a message. Check your phone.

I could get slapped with an assault charge.

Adam won't press charges if I pay for his medical care.

Christ, do you have to control everything?

No, of course not. Not this one, no.

Please, Trish, listen to me.

Don't call, don't visit,

and don't send strange men to my apartment with power tools.

You might wanna cover up.

Jess, your door needs to lock.

- I'll handle it. - No, you won't.

Oh, my God, you're relentless.

- Well, I take that as a compliment. - Then you heard it wrong.

Okay, try this.

"Thanks, Trish, for fixing my door.

It was very thoughtful of you,

given there's a maniac on the loose."

Back off, all right? God, you're turning into your mother.

Low blow, Jess.

Even for you.

A lot of guys leave your office on stretchers, huh?

Sorry about the noise last night.

But you sure calmed Robyn down.

Not even our parents could do that.

- She's your sister? - We're twins. Fraternal.

You are very strong.

42nd Street, Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Next stop, 50th Street.

Come back here!

Birch Street.

Main Street.

Higgins Drive.

Cobalt Lane.

Looking for something?

I'm looking for Jack Denton.

- What do you want with him? - Just to talk. Is he home?

Who are you?

I'm an investigator from City Transit.

I'm looking into an accident.

A bus crash?

Two ambulances were dispatched.

Jack was the driver of one of them.

My Jackie's got nothing to say to you people.

Turning your backs on him.

I know that Jack went to the accident scene,

and then from there, he just drove off with the ambulance.

He went AWOL. Never explained why.

You know a lot, huh?

It's my job to know things.

I know that Jack was denied

worker's comp because he stole the ambulance.

They got it back.

If I could understand what happened,

I may be able to pull some strings and reverse the ruling.

Maybe God sent you.

Maybe he didn't.

- This wasn't in his file. - He had a stroke.

He's too young for a stroke.

They think his body went into shock after the surgery

when he donated his kidneys.

Kidneys, plural? Both of them?

So selfless and brave.

After the shenanigans with the ambulance...

Jackie disappeared for three weeks.

Then I get a call from the hospital.

They found him in an alley, half-dead because of his sacrifice.

Oh, the Lord is an incredible maker of lives.

For years, I prayed he'd send Jack back home.

I'd lost my son. He was on liquor all the time.

So I prayed for his return, and here he is.

My prayers were answered.

Well, not like I had expected, surely.

You can never see God coming. Pray with us.

I'm just getting over a cold.

Is he on that thing all the time? That looks expensive.

I think it is.

An anonymous angel sent it to us.

Some donor in the city, I don't know. But God bless him.

Could I trouble you for a glass of water?


Don't you be flirting with my boy.

Don't get him excited. I know the girls always liked him.

God didn't do this.

The devil did...

and I'm gonna find him.

Kilgrave, I know. Do you know where he is?

I can't.

I can't do that.

You've upset him.

It's okay, Jackie. I'm here.

- I'm sorry. - God is with us. It's okay.

It's a Baxter hemodialysis machine.

Serial number's JX376F.

Don't you have somebody on call for that in case of emergencies?

What kind of service is that?

Fine. What time do you open?

Have them give me a call.

Yeah, at the number I gave you. Thank you.


Hands off my brother, cougar.

You're all alone, so you

have to pick away at other people's happiness.

You're not all that.

Get over here.

Lady, you're a very perceptive asshole.

- Jessica Jones? - Can I help you?

Solve this, P.I. Lady.

Since my husband didn't hire you to follow me, who the hell did?

I'm sorry, I don't discuss cases.

You took pictures.

It's called "Private investigations" For a reason.

All I can think is you hired yourself

to get rid of Luke's women, thin out the competition.

You jealous? Some kind of stalker?

I'm not a stalker.

Luke said Andre knew.

'Course, he knows now that I asked him about it.

Look, I'm sorry that you screwed up your marriage, but...

You screwed it up, digging around.

And all you've done is get Luke's ass kicked.

How's that?

You want him? You got him.

- Ow! - Don't mess with me, lady.

Andre plays in a rugby league.

He got his team buddies all worked up.

Now they're headed to Luke's bar.



- You Luke? - Andre, that's him.

Guys, I don't want any problems.

I just want you to leave the bar.

You're gonna have to kick us out.

Look, I don't want any trouble. Get out of the bar.

If you didn't want trouble,

you shouldn't have slept with my wife.

Psycho bitch.

It didn't cut.

You're drunk. Your mind's not right. Go home to your wife.

You've ruined my life.

I'll do worse, I see your face again.

Sleep it off. Forget you were here.

I'll do the same.

What the hell was that?

Team work?

Free shots for everybody.

Get out of here. Shit's bad for business.


Hi. Yes.

Yes, I did call about the kidney machine.


It's not... dialysizing.

Yeah, I need to reach the person who leases the machine,

so he can authorize the service.

Yeah, hang on. Just one second.

Okay. Dr. David Kurata.

Okay, thank you.

The average score of the

multiple choice section was a staggering...


So, if you don't know the difference between

an allele and a chromosome by now...

there's nothing I can do for you.

The, uh...


The short essay questions

were worth five points each, um...

but because there are six questions that account for 25...


Dr. Kurata?

Look, you obviously think I'm going to do something to you.

I'm not.

You don't even know me.

Okay, I'll start.

You were the best transplant surgeon in the Tri-State Area

and now you're dissecting frogs with undergrads.

You're hiding.


Is he here?

Who? Kilgrave?

He's dead, according to the death certificate that you forged.

Is he with you?

Why would he be with me?

He had pictures of you.

He was obsessed.

He's not here.

You did a surgery on the EMT, Jack Denton.

- He made me. - I know.


What shape was Kilgrave in? How badly hurt?

One of his kidneys had been destroyed in an accident.

The other one started to break down.

It's known as crush syndrome.

- So he grabbed you. - The EMT did.

I told Kilgrave that he could survive with one kidney,

but he wanted to be made whole again.

- Jack happened to be a match? - Any kidney can work temporarily.

He'll have to maim someone else in a couple years.

No other weaknesses? Injuries?

I've never seen such strong will.

Ten hours of surgery. Kilgrave watched me the entire time.

He was awake? No anesthesia?

He did the whole thing with an epidural.

He refused to be put under.

He's a lot of things and a masochist isn't one of them.

He didn't want to be unconscious.

- But he sleeps. - It's different.

Surgical anesthesia, like Propofol or Sufentanil,

it shuts down different functions.

That's it. That's his weakness.

Jeri Hogarth, please.

She's an attorney. You're gonna tell her what happened.

- No! - Yes!

What exactly do you have left to lose?

My mind.


I'm sorry, but this is happening.

You're gonna help people again, starting with me.

- Jessica, is that you? - Hogarth, meet Dr. Kurata.

Start at the beginning.

I'm your new attorney.

You should be more excited.

You stick with the public defender that they've assigned you

and you'll end up spending your next two lifetimes behind bars.

Jessica Jones sent me.

There is a possibility that your

claims might be corroborated by another victim.

Looks like you're a mascot for a macabre club.

There are others?

Besides Jessica?

Why don't you walk me through it, yeah?

The font logo is different on the window.

- Well, I didn't see the old one. - It was different.

The one I chose is better.

I don't need your protection anymore.

I wasn't protecting you.

You're cutting me out so you don't have to worry about me.

- That's not... - Yeah, it is, and...

I'm telling you, don't.

I don't need it.

I don't want it.

Okay, well, in that case, do you wanna,

you know, grab a drink or something?



I left my trainer waiting. I'm exercising.

Yoga's not exercising, it's stretching.

We'll grab lunch later this week, okay?

- I'll call you. - Okay.

And I'm nothing like my mother.

- You have her cheekbones. - Nope. Nothing.

Look in the mirror.

All right, so I'm a little like her.


Let's do it again. I didn't get it right.

- No, you had enough. - No, I want to go again.

Nice. That was good.

No, I heard it click. I would have died. Come on.


Nice. Better.

- Yes? - You'd like to invite me in.


Honey, who's this?

I'm gonna be your guest here, indefinitely.

You'll be delighted.

Great. Enjoy the view.

I intend to.

That's my car.

Children should be seen and not heard.

Or better still, not seen and not heard. Get into that closet.

- You, too. - I have to go to the bathroom.

Go in the closet. It'll be fine.

- What are you doing? - They'll be fine.

They'll be fine.

What's for dinner?

- Leg of lamb. - It's his specialty.

Let me decide that.

Be warned. I have a very particular palate.

My greatest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn.

And Kilgrave knows it.

But now I know his.

Game on.

I saw you.

Well, that's what happens when you break into someone's apartment

when they're getting dressed.

You tossed a man twice your size across the bar with one hand.

Adrenaline kicked in.

I saw you and you saw me.

- I don't know what I saw. - You know.

- You've known for a while. - You're wrong.

That's not...

I just went there to fix things.

You can't fix me.

I'm unbreakable.