Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - AKA 1,000 Cuts - full transcript

A discovery has the potential to change the entire game -- if Jessica can refuse Kilgrave's offer.


Stay away from me!

Throw that bloody thing
away, and unlock the door!


I didn't know.
Oh, my God.

I didn't know you would...

Hey, I'm not the bad guy here.
You wanted this.

Your own mother.

She was a cold-blooded monster

who performed barbaric
experiments on her own son.

What happened to her was justice.
The world will not miss her.

Or my father, when I
get my hands on him.

For Christ's sake, go!


To a doctor, obviously!
Someone you trust.


- Stop that. Stop it.
- I have to put a bullet in my head.

- No. Put it in my head.
- Stop.

Ow! Jesus!

It has to be in my head.

- It has to be in my head!
- Open your mouth.

There's a bullet in your head. Okay?

You did what he said. You
followed his command.


Spit it out.

I couldn't stop.

It's okay. You're okay.


You're okay.

Is anything broken?

Nothing that can't be fixed.

Can't say the same for him.

I'll call an ambulance.

- No, don't.
- No, don't.

Kilgrave's not far.

You call it in, he gets further away,

and then we're stuck
sitting in questioning.

She's right.

I'll secure the scene, get some guys
in who won't muck up the evidence.

Someone cut the fail-safe wire.

Oh, God. Oh, no!

Oh, my poor Louise.
What did he do to you?

- My heart.
- No.

- I have to cut out my heart!
- No.


You're not cutting anything.


Bind him!

I have to die.

Later. Right now, I'm gonna
find your psychotic son.

Jess, wait!

You'll lose.

I've seen how powerful he is now. A
couple words and you're his weapon.

He can't control me anymore.

- It's time to get realistic.
- No, Trish,

he said, "Let go,"

and I didn't.

I'm free.

Good God, woman.

Open the door!

Bleeding human being here!

I need medical attention.

Jesus. Jeri, who is that?

You do not get to come here and
barge in on me and make demands...

- I am your patient.
- I don't know what...

Get your medical bag and fix me!


I tell you to take me
to a doctor you trust,

you bring me to the woman you shat on.

You know what? Divorce papers can wait,
you don't have to make her sign them.

'Course I do. I'm a man of my word...

if I feel like it.

Shut that door.

- How can you be sure?
- I can feel it.

It's true, I saw it.

She didn't move when he told her to.

At my old house, at the police station,
he said he wanted me to choose.

It's because he knew he
couldn't control me.

- You're immune to him?
- Yes.

Will you take him to his
motel and stay with him

- until the command wears off?
- Of course.

Louise always believed
we'd find a vaccine.

- What?
- For the virus Kevin emits.

It's a virus?

Micro-particles in the air.

We worked for a vaccine for decades.

Almost had it, but you... you
might be the missing ingredient.

A cure for Kilgrave?

To inoculate everyone around him.

There's no time!

How long would it take?

Well, if I could get a
biological sample from Jessica,

I'd know if it was
working within a day.

No, the tape stays or you'll do
everything you can to stab yourself.

Cut my heart out.

Yes, this is a great time
to correct my phrasing.

I'll be your hands. You guide me.

Fine. Take my blood.

Take my piss. Take my spleen
if you think it'll help.

The gauze from the first aid kit.

Wipe her arm. Get as much
uncontaminated blood as you can.

I have lab equipment at my motel.

Across from Barbuto on Washington.

Okay, let's go.

I'll call you when I find him.


Give me ten minutes to clear the area.

It was Hogarth.

Who cut the wire.

Yeah, I know. Process of elimination.

Hey, hey.

You got some, um...


I bought Jessica her bloody childhood
home and restored it perfectly.

If that's not a grand romantic gesture,
I don't know what the bloody hell is.

You know what I mean, Wendy.

Yeah. I took her to Paris for
our ten-year anniversary.

- Shut up, Wendy.
- You shut up.

She spent the entire time
on the phone with a client.

Well, I gave and gave and
gave, and she took and took.

You feel violated.

Precisely, yeah.

You ever think about revenge?

Oh, sure. But how do you
avenge death by a thousand cuts?

All the little slices over the
years, then the final stab,

the secretary.

That's nothing compared to Jessica.
She's crueler than my parents.

What does she want from me?

That wasn't a rhetorical question.
Tell me.

She wants you to pay for
what you did to her.

I treated her better
than anyone ever has.

She wants you to pay for what
you did to Hope Shlottman.

Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Hope Shlottman was
pregnant with your child.

Jessica and I helped her to abort it.


Refreshing, isn't it?

Yeah? Anything else?

I kept the remains...

to see if your power
could be replicated.

It didn't work.

You're disgusting.

She's pragmatic.

Where's my child now?

Cold storage, Hammond Labs.

Does Jessica have plans for it?

She doesn't know it exists.

You're done.

It's Jessica.

All right.

Answer. Admit to nothing.

Do not tell her I'm here. Oh,
find out where my father is.

- Jessica?
- What happened to you?

I turned around and you were gone.

Well, you said to run, so I ran.

Kilgrave's in the wind.
Where are you now?

At home, just hanging low.

What happened to the detective?

And Kilgrave's father?

Trish took the detective
to the hospital.

Albert's gone. He's
probably with Kilgrave.

Just stay put, I'll keep you posted.

No, no, I...

I saw Kilgrave run, and he
wasn't with his father.

Then he's somewhere hiding
from his asshole son.

So you don't know where
he is, where Albert is?


Is that Pam? Tell her I said hi.


Just trying to be civil.

Gotta go, bye.

That's bollocks.

She didn't say he was dead,
which means she saved him,

and she knows exactly where he is.

It's her. Shit!

You want death by a thousand cuts.
Do it!



you scared the hell out of me.

Who are you?

I'm Sergeant Simpson.

Uh, you've seen me at the precinct.

You're Detective Clemons, right?

Yeah, you're kind of a legend. You
got a hell of a clearance rate.

Sorry, Sarge.

- Out of context, out of uniform.
- Uh-huh.

What brings you here?

That looks serious, huh? What happened?

A bit of an altercation.
How'd you say you got here?

Uh, Trish Walker called me, from
here, so I came as soon as I could.

Well, this floor is on lockdown.
I got it under control.

Well, it looks like
you could use a hand.

I mean...

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

What's wrong with your leg, Officer?

Jesus. Who's this?

Victim of a killer who has abilities.

We got all the evidence we need
now to put that bastard away.

I'm gonna call for
back-up, get me a medic,

while you check the perimeter outside.

But if this killer has
abilities, like you say...

well, maybe the system won't
be able to contain him.

That's not your call, Sarge.

Well, the guy isn't a purse
snatcher, Detective.

He's a terrorist.

Kilgrave can't be put on trial.

Evidence is irrelevant.

- You know who he is.
- Yeah, so do you, obviously.

So you know that we can't
wait for the system.

There's no jail. There's no evidence.

There's only justice.


I have no other option.
I'm taking him out.

Well, he's gone. Jessica's
looking for him now.

And where's Trish Walker? Did he hurt her?
Did he do something to her?

She's with someone.

A scientist who thinks that he can
stop Kilgrave with a vaccine.

Where are they?

I'm sorry.

It's ever since Kilgrave,

I don't know who to trust.

I don't need a weapon
to make a vaccine.

Trish Walker, she trusts me.
She's the one who called me.

So please, just tell me where she is.

A hotel on Washington.

Across from Barbuto.

A thousand cuts, Wendy,

- it's just a few words...
- Seventeen.

- Eighteen.
- Wendy!

Please! Please, stop!

- A thousand cuts...
- Nineteen. Twenty.


Oh, my God.










What did you do?

I didn't know.

How could I have known?

Wendy was trying to kill her, and I...

I stopped her with...

Is Kilgrave still in the house?

Kilgrave was here?

Do you know where he was going?

Find his father.

Don't... don't go.

Sorry, Pam.

What you did was self-defense.

But what you helped Kilgrave do...

that was murder.

You are on your own.

It's okay.

I'm gonna handle this.

I'm gonna handle everything.

He's coming for his father?

She wants to use me as bait.

That's not
what she's saying.

I have to use him as bait.

He's not finished
working on the vaccine.

Which is a long shot.

Jess, Kilgrave is wounded. He's
running from you. We've got time.

Trish, your optimism
is getting in the way.

It's not optimism, it's survival.

Jess, he made me want to kill myself.
I never want to feel that again.

If there is even a chance
a vaccine will work...

He said he'd
know within 24 hours.


She has total confidence in you.

You think we should wallpaper
the scaffolding first,

or are trees better?

Do you even have $50,000?

Are you putting a price
tag on my brother's life?

No, it's just...

- the poster says...
- We shared a womb!

You said you'd help.

Maybe he just needed some
time to himself, you know?

He can't even tie his shoes
without my permission.

I'm serious.

I am, too, that's why he
always wears slip-ons.

If you're not part of the solution,
you're part of the problem.

Are you part of the problem?

Do every windshield on the block.

If you see something, say something.

Have you lost your mind?


Look, I know you feel guilty,
but this isn't gonna help.

It's just gonna make it worse.

I know, but she feels
better doing something.

You and I both know
that he is not missing.

Well, technically, he is.

He's not coming back.

Then we should tell her.

I found her sobbing in the stairwell.

Hey, that took me three
hours at Kinko's, cougar!

Why would she do that?


why would she throw out my fliers?

I don't know. I'm gonna hit
the subway with these.

Maybe, um...

somebody saw him get on a train.

Babe, we're gonna get you back.

Hello, Jessica.

You can't control me anymore, asshole.

I've known
that for some time.

You, however, a little
slow on the uptake.

I could kill you right
here and right now.

But you won't, because you don't
know what will happen when I die.

Good choice.

There would've been a rash of
suicides across the neighborhood,

and who would've been to blame?

Not me, you prick.

You keep
telling yourself that.

Maybe you'll actually
believe it someday.

You know what I call this
phase of our relationship?


I call it "the wrath."

First, the Shlottmans,
then their daughter,

then that baby-faced boy
who slit his own throat,

Mummy, obviously,

your lawyer, presumably...

It's quite a roster you've inspired.

Who's next?


I doubt it.

You think I won't kill you

because some strangers
might stab themselves?

Uh, poison, actually, but no.

It's because you want what I have.

A stupid name and a death wish?

I have Hope.

The person, not the feeling.
Well, the feeling, too.

- I'm a hopeful man.
- Where is she?

She's the living embodiment
of your guilt, isn't she?

I don't have to kill you!

For God's sake!

In prison, of course, until her release
papers go through tomorrow morning!

I visited the DA today.

I suggested to him that
Hope was innocent.

He agreed,

as did the judge who signed
Hope's release papers.

I am exceedingly convincing.


Oh, I could have staged her escape,

but she'd be on the lam
for the rest of her life,

so I procured her release
quite legitimately.

Well, there's a paper
trail, in any event.

You want more wrath.

One more body.

Not Hope Shlottman's.

She walks out of the
prison doors tomorrow,

and your conscience gets wiped clean.

Unless I change my mind.

Your father.

See how well you know me?

Dad for Hope.

You get the better part
of that deal, by the way.

What a bargain.

I stay as far away
from you as I can get,

and you go back to your life of...

mediocrity and underachievement.

I don't know if I can
track Albert down.


What you need is an ace P.I.

Know any?

Thank you.

Have they questioned you?

Have you said anything?

That's good.

- Now we just need to...
- How did Kilgrave even know Wendy?

How did he get there?

It's complicated.

That's what you say when you're lying.

I'm on all your calls. It's
what you say when you're...

- when you're lying.
- Pam. Pammy.

You're not thinking straight right now.

I thought maybe you were
having it out with Wendy.

- I was worried.
- I should have called.

I'm sorry.

You brought him there.

To make Wendy sign the divorce papers.

That's not how it happened.

Then tell me he made you do it.

Just tell me that.

He did.

It was complicated.

You did this.

You told me to handle it.

That's what you said.

So you turn me into a murderer?

I didn't do anything.

You chose to pick up that thing...

and crush her skull.

You did that.

So now that I understand
your bullshit...

it's all that I see when I look at you.

You're repulsive.

We're taking you to booking.

Don't say anything to anyone.

Detective, I need to call a lawyer.

- She said she was your lawyer.
- No.

I have no idea who this woman is.

You're stalling, Jessica.

I'm peeing!

No, you're not.

You're buying time.

For what?

For dear old Dad to run and hide,
like the coward that he is.

You can control minds, but you
can't read them for shit.

He won't come willingly, you know.

He's not gonna care that some
young woman's life's at stake.

Glass houses, asshole.

Oh, God, I'll miss that.

Your provincial yet snappy repartee.

We make a good team.

You're a lot of shitty things, but I
never thought you were delusional.


Oh, I see things very clearly.

Not if you think I could
ever feel anything for you

other than pure disgust.

Well, that's crap.

I never, not for one second...

No, not one second. Eighteen.

In what universe?


On that rooftop.

You remember.

It had been 12 hours.
I timed it.

I hadn't told you to do anything.

And then for 18 seconds, I
wasn't controlling you.

And you stayed with me.

With me, because you wanted to.

That's why you thought
you had a shot with me?

You can't tell me you don't remember.

I remember vividly.

I had waited so long for that moment.

For one single opportunity
to get away from you.

It's getting chilly, let's go in.

I'll clean this up, and
we'll continue inside.

All right, darling.

Jessica, come in, darling.

Come down from there.

What revisionist bullshit!

I remember everything.

- You didn't jump.
- Because I wasn't fast enough.

Getting you out of my head was
like prying fungus from a window.

I couldn't think.

I know your face. I saw you...

You saw what you wanted to see.

- I remember...
- I remember everything!

Come down now, Jessica!

Why don't you listen to me?

Because I don't want to.

If you don't listen to me, what
is the point of having ears?

Answer me!

To listen to someone else.

You never appreciate
anything I do for you.

If you can't listen to
me, you don't need ears.

Cut them off.

Stop. Stop. Stop. It's all right.

It's all right.

I'm here, Jessica.

I'll always be here.

You wanted to stay with me. Admit it.

You admit this.

Speak up, asshole.

I'm all ears.

And sometimes, on good days...

I even catch myself smiling again.

Thanks, Emma.

I'm glad you're returning to yourself.

Anyone else?


I already bared my soul, Malcolm.

And it hasn't gotten me back my son.

Yeah, we all share the same shame.

I'm not ashamed. It's not my fault.
We're victims.

Well, we're not anymore.

- Not if we help each other...
- Who have you helped?

Malcolm, you don't have to talk.

I've helped my friend.

She saved me, and I saved her.

Kilgrave set her up.

For murder.

And he killed this...

this guy who hadn't done
anything to anyone.

He made him cut his own throat.

And I fixed it.

All right? I wrapped his body in a
comforter and dragged it to the elevator,

and, I mean, it's like his ghost
is still in the building.

And his sister, I mean, she's just...
she's destroyed.

But I can't tell her the truth
until Jessica gets Kilgrave.

And she's so close.

But, I just... I can't lie anymore.

Thank you for your share.


Thank you so much for
that illuminating share.

Oh, my God, you shouldn't
have followed me.

I am so sorry, Robyn.

Sorry to bust up the kumbaya
circle jerk, but...

- There's no cross talk here.
- Oh, really?

'Cause I'm cross and I'm
talking, so blow me, Emma!

- Hey, let me just take you home.
- You murdered my brother.

Kilgrave murdered him.

Where's Ruben's body?

Where is his heart?

Where are his little toes?

Holy shit, I feel like
I've been cut in half.

Kilgrave has caused
us all enormous loss.

So I've heard.

Oh, poor me.

I feel your sadness, but
where is your rage?

Aren't you sick of hearing
yourselves talk and talk and talk?

I am.

Well, look, too bad, I mean...

That's all we've got.

Jessica is the only one
that can take on Kilgrave.

Are you so sure that's
what she's gonna do?

She will try like hell.

While we sit here and wait.

Would this Kilgrave cat
have hurt any of you

if Jessica Jones hadn't pissed him off?

That's what I'm piecing together
from all of this goddamn sharing.

Each of his atrocities can
be traced back to her.

What exactly does she want?

Jessica brought us all together.

To control you.

She is one of us.

- Then why isn't she here?
- Maybe she's in cahoots with the psycho.

No one is in cahoots
with anyone, all right?

There is no conspiracy.

You don't know shit about Kilgrave
or what he is capable of.

Well, you're right, my
two-faced former friend.

But I do know Jessica Jones.

And I am gonna track that
wannabe gumshoe down

and make her explain herself to me.

Who's with me?

She's right.

Jessica knows more
than she's letting on.

Look, trust me, this
is not a good idea.

And why should we trust you?

You've just admitted to
being a pathological liar.



Trendy guy?


Then let's go pay her a visit.

So he's dead?

You don't have to
worry about Kilgrave anymore.

Because you killed him?

Hope, you'll be free tomorrow.
Just think about that.

- I still can't believe it.
- Believe it.

I'm gonna pick you up tomorrow,
take you to a great restaurant.

A 5 Napkin Burger.


And then I'll take you to the
airport and you'll fly home.

I don't have a home.

They all blame me.

They even told my brother
that I was dead.

Hope, think about the big picture.

You're healthy. You're sane.

That's true.

Sanity was touch and
go for a while there.

And you're gonna be free
in a matter of hours.

Big picture.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Don't be late.

Not a chance.

Jessica? Open up, quick!

- I made a terrible mistake.
- Go, go, go!

Robyn knows.

- What did you do, you told her?
- No, not intentionally.

Get off...

You killed Ruben, you bitch!

What the hell are you guys doing?
This is insanity!



She has a captive!

You're gonna be okay.

Oh, it's okay.

You're gonna be fine.

Just one single drop.

More than that, you'll
destroy all our work.


Hey. Eyes here.

The virus will wear off
in a couple hours.


Who is it?

It's me.


What are you doing here?

How are you even standing?
You were in the hospital.

No, I'm okay. Kozlov's a great doctor.

Your pupils are dilated.

Yeah, that's because I'm on meds.

Well, I did almost die, after all.

- What kind of meds?
- It doesn't matter.

And, you know, I feel
much better than I look.

Trish, if you're making a
vaccine, then I wanna help.

Detective Clemons told me.

What happened to you? You the scientist?
I'm Simpson.

Why is he restrained?

Kilgrave told him to cut out his heart.

You think you
can make a vaccine?

It turns out Kilgrave is a virus.

Quite literally. That's
how he controls people.

He's British.

Why is a foreign scientist
holed up in a dump like this?

Simpson, stop it.

What makes you so sure that
you can make this vaccine?

You know something
special about Kilgrave?

- Don't answer that.
- He's my son.

No! Don't...

- You made him.
- ...hurt him.

Oh, God, I'm so, so sorry.

What is wrong with you?

- I didn't mean to.
- They've messed you up.

- You're messed up in the head! Get out!
- No!

No, it won't happen again.

It won't happen again
because you're leaving.


Oh, shit.


Where are you?

What time is it?

You said that you'd be
here when I got out.

- Don't move.
- Why?

Lock yourself in the
bathroom if you have to.

He's alive, isn't he?

He's still out there.

Don't move!

Hi, I'm here to pick up an inmate.

Former inmate. She was
getting released today.

- Name?
- Jessica Jones.

No, sorry, that's my name.

Her name is Hope. Hope Shlottman.

Shlottman was released 20 minutes ago.

I told her to wait for me.

- Some guy picked her up.
- Jessica Jones?

- Yeah?
- He's at your favorite restaurant.

He said to bring Dad or lose all hope.

I know what people look like on speed.

This is...

There's more to this.

Simpson was so intense,
focused, and he's wounded,

but not feeling it.

Probably some kind of combat
enhancement for wakefulness.

To numb the pain center,

push the adrenergic system
for strength and stamina.

He's part of a private
research program.

Unregulated, no doubt.

You can grow someone's
strength or power,

but you can't grow a
corresponding conscience.

There's no pill for that.

Open the door.

Tell me you have the vaccine.

I do, but there's only
one way to test it.

He took Hope.


He'll trade her for you.

He'll have
contingencies in place.

People ready to stab
themselves or something.

I'm trembling.

My God, I'm such a coward.

You're not a coward, okay?

I want you to know, right
here and right now

that you are not a coward.

You can't say these stroppy
tosspots don't deserve it.

Your father is here.
Now give me the girl.

Step forward.

Stop this!

Don't bark orders at me.

Say you're sorry.

I'm sorry.

About hitting me.

Yes. All of it.


See? I still have all the control.

Jessica. Kill him now.

We had a deal.

"Abandon hope,
all ye who enter here."

That's the words written
on the doorway to hell.

Kill him or he'll keep hurting people!

- Let me handle this.
- She'll never kill me.

Despite her calloused, hard-bitten,

and, frankly, poorly styled facade,

despite her several problems,

she still hopes that, at her
core, she might just be a hero.

But only if she can save you.

The ultimate innocent victim.

Father, come here.


I'm sorry.

That's nice, Dad.
Nice and close.

Aw, look at you trembling there.

Still spineless, I see.

It's just
you and me now, Dad.

You can't kill me, silly girl.

But Jessica can.

What are you doing?

Step forward!


Hope, why would you do this?

You can kill him now.


Tell me.

Tell me!

Tell me.

I will.

I'll kill him.