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It's October 1950, Sergeant Lee and his Eagle regiment successfully attacked and captured North Korea's capital, Pyeongyang. However, the North Korean army has backup soldiers sent from People's Liberation Army.

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~ Starring ~ CHOI Sujong
LEE Taeran
LEE Deokhwa
KIM Roeha ~ IM Wonhee
NAM Seongjin ~ HONG Gyeongin ~ PARK Sangwook
LEE Seunghyo ~ RYU Sangwook ~ AHN Yongjun
KIM Myeongsu ~ JUNG Taewoo ~ LEE Inhye
June 25, 1950.
Following the North Korean People's Army surprise southward invasion,
the Korean peninsula plunges into war.
The outnumbered ROK Armed Forces give up Seoul after three days of fighting...
and retreat farther south, but despite the UN troops' intervention,
they set up their last line of defense along the Nakdong River.
However, ROK and UN forces launch a counteroffensive...
following the Battle of Incheon's success, reclaiming Seoul by September 28, 1950.
After pushing the battlefront all the way to the 38th parallel,
the UN forces seek out a political compromise with Soviet Russia and China,
but the ROK Army strongly opposes it.
By October 1st, ROK forces reach the 38th parallel alone,
and start marching north with unification in mind.
In remembrance of this day,
October 1st is commemorated as ROK Armed Forces Day.
~ October 1st, 1950 ~
~ 99th Day of Hostilities ~
~ 38 North Latitude ~
~ ROK Army Crosses 38th Parallel ~
Command, command.
We're being pushed back by the enemy forces,
they completely outnumber us.
Wonsan has fallen to the enemy.
After crossing the 38th parallel, the enemy forces are marching forward,
and it's only a matter of time before our troops are pushed back to Pyeongyang.
17th and 32nd Division, prepare for deployment.
This is the republic's capital!
You must defend it with your lives!
- Is that clear? - Aye, Sir!
Comrade Sugyeong.
Are you all right?
Comrade, get up.
Comrade Sugyeong.
Find refuge... Find refuge!
Comrade Sugyeong!
Get a hold of yourself!
Comrade Sugyeong!
~ October 19, 1950 - Pyeongyang ~
- Beomwoo. - Yes.
What are you doing? Hurry up!
Magpie nest, magpie nest!
Eagle Regiment here.
Enemy forces are holding steady.
How many men are you facing?
Our casualties?
We're suffering significant casualties under enemy fire.
Even if the casualties increase, tell them to march forward.
Yes, Sir.
Eagle Regiment. Eagle Regiment!
The third battalion is being held up by enemy fire.
Send reinforcements from the regiment.
Yes, Sir.
Eagle. Eagle!
What are you waiting for? Get moving!
Turn around.
You dirty puppets...
Look at me! Get a hold of yourself!
Open those eyes and look at me.
Me... Look at me... Just me.
Good, good boy. It's all right.
Everything's fine. Here...
Let's go.
We're going.
Come on. Go!
Let's go, uh?
Everyone retreat!
Hurry up and get moving. Everyone, retreat!
Magpie nest.
We captured Pyeongyang, enemy forces are retreating!
What? You captured it?
Pyeongyang was just captured!
Is that so?
That's it!
It's done!
Good job, everyone, good job!
Be careful.
Comrade Sugyeong!
Comrade... Comrade Sugyeong!
Let's go!
Hurry up.
~ October 26, 1950 - Amnok/Yalu River ~
I won!
Let's do it one more time.
I won! I won this time!
I won!
~ Episode 1 ~
~ Pungsan (South Hamgyeong Prov.) ~ Gaema Plateau
Ten-minute break!
Wonder for how long these excursions will go on.
I haven't fired a bullet in over a month.
Looks like the war is as good as over now.
Tell me about it. Will be over in no time.
I'll just have to stick our flag on top of Mount Baekdu,
and go back to my hometown.
So the war is really over?
It's still far from it.
- Don't let your guard down. - What that means is...
The US troops will go home for Christmas or whatever they call it,
but don't you even dream about that.
Look what we have here!
How long has it been since we've had biscuits?
Ehh... So Private Jung seems disappointed the war's ending?!
My... How depressing.
You just wait.
The moment the war's over,
he's going to write NKPA on his wall,
and fire until he's out of ammo!
The hell are you doing?
Who are you pointing your rifle at?
Enough with the nonsense!
Sorry about that...
Ehh... Throwing temper tantrums every chance he gets.
But what's with 3rd Platoon?
They went out yesterday in the early morning for recon,
and friendly fire killed a few.
My... That's bad.
Bet Sergeant Park is going to give them hell for it.
Let's get going.
Marching forward!
My... I needed to take a leak.
We're moving.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
I told you to get here by four, didn't I?
Why is 2nd Platoon always behind?
I apologize, Sir.
Always getting the short end of the stick, uh?
Do at least half as well as Sergeant Lee for once, will you?
2nd Platoon.
We will spend the day here.
You can easily find lodgings, so don't bother the villagers.
The houses you see over there are occupied by women,
so don't even step foot inside there.
Is that clear?
Yes, Sir.
Sergeant Kim.
Is that how you stand up when your platoon commander is speaking?
Uh? I...
Sorry about that...
Forget it.
Here. Move to your quarters.
Platoon! Loyalty.
Ahh... Really... Damned Commander...
Always bitching about the silliest of things.
He's driving me crazy!
Thank God he's only a platoon commander,
what if he was a division general?
We wouldn't even be allowed to blink.
Then, what, would he force us to stand like this?
Like this?
This way?
Why hit the noggin?
Hurrah for the People's Army!
Hurrah for the People's Army.
Hurrah for General Kim Ilsung!
Hurrah for the Democratic People's Republic!
Hurrah for the People's Army!
Hurrah for the People's Army!
Hurrah for General Kim Ilsung!
And what is this?
Hurrah for the People's Army!
What if you didn't recognize NKPA troops from ours?
Then again...
It's not like you'll see NKPA troops here again.
Anyway, whenever troops show up,
all you need to do is wave this.
Is that clear?
So the People's Army is not going to come here anymore?
Ahh... Really, did you listen to me?
They're already done and dealt with.
- Do you live alone? - Yes.
Any sons?
They all died.
One was killed in labor camps,
and the other the student corps, so...
A jet fighter!
Ehh... You pricks.
Wave a little and say hi.
{\a6}*Pancake Gentleman" (1943) by Han Boknam
"If you've got no money, have some bean pancakes at a tavern."*
"You're only a penniless thug, so what restaurants and escorts?"
Ahh... Really... I'm so bored.
Uh? What are you doing?
Give it back!
My beloved Yeongdal.
She calls him by name!
How hard it must be to be under fire.
She's worried!
We had the first snow recently.
She says it snowed!
Jeongshik, catch it!
Yeongdal! Ahh... I'll be damned.
Go ahead and speak, you idiots.
Have I told you to take your hands off the trigger when it's slippery?
You did!
Because the worst thing in war is croaking by friendly fire,
did I tell you to always be careful, or what?
- You did! - I did?
So why didn't you do that?!
I apologize!
Why? Why do it now?
What is it?
He's still only a kid.
Out of the way.
I'll take the blame instead.
I said move out of the way, you prick!
- You little... - Loyalty!
What is it?
The battalion commander is asking for Sergeant Baek,
and told him to bring his trumpet as well.
Oh, it's you.
Sorry for bothering you at this hour.
As I was having a drink with him, your trumpet came to mind.
Remember what you played last time?
Let's listen to that again.
Yes, Sir.
Good night.
~ Mother ~
They're civilians.
- Aren't they a little too young? - What?
How can such young men remain at the village during wartime?
- Question them. - Yes.
Over there. Stop a moment.
Where are you going?
Are you from the village?
I asked if you're from here!
Don't kill me...
{\a6}*People's Liberation Army
- Don't kill me. - Chinese PLA*?
Yes. Eagle's 2nd Battalion found them disguised as civilians during recon.
They apprehended one of them alive, and the rest were killed.
The PLA...
I reported to HQ, and they said there's nothing to worry about.
That a small number of Chinese mercenaries joined the NKPA,
but that their numbers are below 50,000 in total.
They said to continue our offensive.
The POW?
At the situation room.
As you were.
The POW?
That way.
{\a6}*Chi bao le ma?/Have you eaten? (common Chinese greeting)
How are you?*
Where do you come from?
Hainan province.
You've come a long way.
Left anyone behind at home?
My mother,
and my wife as well.
You must be missing them.
Listen well.
If you honestly answer my questions,
I'll let you return to your hometown all in one piece.
Did I make myself clear?
What's your affiliation?
The regular corps.
9th People's Volunteer Army, 27th Corps, 81st Division.
When did you join the hostilities?
We crossed the border in October.
Using mountain passes, we advanced all over the place.
How many troops?
At least 300,000.
Are you telling me the truth?
Even Comrade Mao Anying joined us.
{\a6}*Mao Zedong's eldest son
Mao Anying*?!
How far have they come?
Right to your rear guard.
You're all surrounded by now.
They'll begin the attack starting tonight.
What did he say?
- Wake up everyone. - What?
Magpie 1.
Do you copy? Magpie 1.
First Squad! First Squad!
Magpie 1.
Do you copy? Magpie 1.
First Squad!
Magpie 1. First Squad, what are you doing?
Magpie 1. Go ahead.
Wake everyone up and prepare for deployment.
Quick. It's an emergency!
Is anything wrong?
We still don't know.
Anyhow, thank you for the hospitality.
Here, let's go.
The hell is wrong, again?
Keep your eyes forward,
and even if the enemy approaches, don't shoot until I give the order.
Is that clear?
Yes, Sir.
- Sergeant Kim. - Yes.
- Take care of the recruit. - Yes.
- Come over here. - Yes.
But, what is going on?
Is the People's Army coming?
I have no idea myself.
They should be hundreds of ri away from here by now?!
Ahh... It's so cold.
If you're coming, let's get this over with quickly.
Let's wake up!
I'll personally shoot anyone straying off.
Is that clear?
Yes, Sir.
I guess we'll have to fight.
Sleep tight, uh?
Eyes open and be alert.
It might become quite the tough fight.
Yes, Sir.
Cheon Seongil.
Yes, Sir.
Let's give it our all.
Yes, Sir.
What the hell is all this?
Psychological warfare.
And what is that?
What the hell are those pricks doing?
Who are those fools?
Chinese PLA.
Hold your fire. Wait.
Hey! Grab that damned rifle! Shoot!
Where are you going?
Sergeant, recruit on the run.
Cheon Seongil!
Come back!
I'll shoot!
We can't hold them back! They're too many!
Eagle Regiment! Hold your positions!
Is that clear?
Defend your position!
Whatever it takes, defend them!
They'll kill us all if we don't retreat!
You can't let them take that position, you can't!
Yeah... All right.
Get him out of my sight!
Yes, Sir.
Sergeant, I'm out of ammo.
Private Han! Bring us ammo!
Bring ammo!
We ran out of ammunition.
- Sergeant, any ammo left? - We ran out.
Same for the other squads?
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Regroup and equip yourselves.
Will we make it? I've never seen so many soldiers before.
- Retreat! - 1st Squad, retreat!
We were imprudent. Much too imprudent.
Sergeant, it's where we slept yesterday.
Commie bastards...
It's the PLA.
Let's go our separate ways.
Private Jung, don't!