Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Long time no see, I'm Hwang Jung. - And I'm Yi Gwak!
Why don't we have a little chat?
Yes, why don't you?
Die, you scoundrel!
Die! Die!
How dare you pretend to be me?
- Please forgive me... - So you've been living the good life as Hwang Jung!
But this will be the end of that.
I'm going to take you to the authorities and tell them who you really are!
Please forgive me... Please...
It's your death I want, not your apology.
Yi Gwak, tie him up. We must hurry to the authorities.
- Let us go see his head cut off. - My Lord, let me take him.
You must go and take the exam.
- What? - You're the real Hwang Jung.
You're already signed in.
You're absolutely right!
No, I don't think I can pass the English.
Let's just turn him in. I'll feel better. Let's go!
Sir! Sir!
- I'll take the exam for you. - What?
I'll take the exam and pass it in atonement for my crimes.
If I pass, you can enter the medical school.
- Are you saying you'll take it in my stead? - Yes.
- But if I pass, you must forgive me. - No!
This is a plot for him to escape!
The exam hall is full of guards! How could I run away?
Please... Please give me this chance.
Are you sure you can pass?
I studied very hard. I will pass!
- Fine. If you pass, I'll let you go. - Sir!
But don't even think of running.
If you do, I'll get your portrait on every wall in town.
You'll have no place to hide!
Yes, I won't run. I can't!
I have to become a doctor!
I would rather die...
than go into hiding and be unable to become a doctor.
Help him up.
Please let me in!
I need to go in.
Do well on the exam. I will be waiting for my reward.
Look what the cat dragged in.
The entrance exam for the Jejoongwon medical school will now commence.
There were a total of 1476 applicants.
However, we eliminated those ineligible by age, those who were already government officials,
and those who tried to send in substitutes to take the exam.
Today, we have 198 candidates.
We will choose twelve candidates based on the results.
You will be divided into groups to take a vision test.
Any who fail will be sent home immediately.
Stand in line based on your group!
~ Reads characters ~
How could you say I was wrong? The character wasn't written properly!
How could he get that character wrong?
They're eliminating the color blind.
How can anyone not tell colors apart?
Why would I lie to you? Some people can't tell red and green apart.
They cannot be doctors as they can cut the wrong thing during surgery.
No, I can do it! I'll show you.
I can't tell anything from that. Take the bandages off.
Well... that's difficult because if I take it off now, I may lose the use of my hand.
- Then it's fail. - Wait... I'll show you something.
Please take a look at this.
It's a note from Dr. Allen, the Director of Jejoongwon, explaining about my injury.
I can't understand what it's saying.
- It explains that my injury isn't permanent. - How do I know that?
I can read it!
This man Hwang Jung, now suffers a fracture of the second and third finger...
and also some part of his metacarpal. But convalescing satisfactorily,
he would make a full recovery in a month. Jejoongwon Director, Horace Allen.
Dr. Allen has certified this man's injury, so I don't think you need to worry.
- Really? Is that what it says? - Yes, that is what he wrote.
He signed it himself.
Thank you! Thank you!
He's not out yet!
That butcher might prove useful!
Are you really going to let him go if he passes the exam?
- There can only be one Hwang Jung. - But...
- We can't leave any evidence... - But that would be murder...!
Don't you remember that he's a butcher?
- A butcher's job is to kill. - What?
I'm saying that it's not murder when a butcher kills.
Yes, that's true. Then when...?
Right when he comes out.
You know the word you taught me earlier, beautiful?
What happens if you put the word "so" in front of it?
It means very beautiful.
Everyone, pay attention.
This exam will test your knowledge of English and Western culture. Let's begin.
Hwang Jung
You... Take him away!
Jejoongwon House of Widespread Relief
- No! - Let go of us!
Say 'ah'. Ah...
If you don't pull it out, all your teeth will rot. Do you want that?
- Just say ah, miss! - Don't do this to me too!
Forgive me.
Bite down on this. You'll feel better soon.
Now listen here.
We will have short break for lunch. Those who brought your lunch may have it.
But you are forbidden to leave.
Do Yang...!
May I speak with you?
- I'm a little busy... - It will just be a while.
You seem proficient in English. Where did you learn it?
At the International Institute.
I knew it. Do you know Sir Yu Hee Suh?
Yes, he is my teacher.
Why did you want to see me?
I wanted to ask you about one of the exam questions.
What is the past tense of "must"? I missed that question.
"Must" is the same thing as "have to".
The past tense of that would be "had to".
Oh yes, that's right. That's what Seok Ran taught me too.
In any case, thank you. I hope we can meet again at Jejoongwon.
Good luck on the rest of the exam.
Thank you.
Did you do well on the exam?
Yes, well... Thank you for reading that letter for me.
No, it's all right.
I almost got dragged out. Thank you.
Don't even mention it.
It looks like you didn't pack a lunch.
I didn't have time.
Did something happen?
It's not that important.
I have some rice cakes. Please have some.
I'm fine.
- I brought too much anyway. - I'm not hungry.
Then just take one.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be like that... - Oh, I'm sorry!
It's fine, just leave it...
Young Miss...
Don't worry. Just have some rice cakes.
Why did you do this?
I just wanted to test myself.
I know I can't go to medical school even if I pass.
But I wanted to test my knowledge.
That's good enough for me.
Just to... test your knowledge...?
Mr. Hwang, you must do your best. I'll do my best too.
Yes, I'll do my best. I want to know how knowledgeable I am too.
You should do this to go to medical school!
I'll do my best no matter what.
Is the entrance exam going smoothly?
All that's left is the practical exam in the afternoon.
Your Majesty, you must remain silent so that he can examine you.
He says you are in great health, Your Majesty.
Then how do you explain my insomnia? And my queen too.
Your Majesty, he asks how many cups of coffee you drink daily?
It seems as if I'm addicted to it. I'm drinking three to four cups a day.
Try to limit yourself to one cup of coffee per day.
Coffee is what is causing your insomnia.
Coffee is the reason for your insomnia.
Please only drink one cup.
- Yes, I suppose I have no choice. - I must reduce my coffee to one cup too.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
By the way, what measures have been taken to prevent cheating?
We are verifying everyone's identity.
This exam will be choosing men who will be holding people's lives in their hands.
This selection is very important. Seize all those who attempt to cheat.
They must be punished to the fullest extent of the law!
It will be as you speak, Your Majesty.
Is there anything else you need, Dr. Allen?
He needs women to help take care of both male and female patients, Your Majesty.
A female taking care of male and female patients?
Where do we find such females? Our country does not accept such a thing.
My thoughts exactly, Your Majesty.
He says this is important, Your Majesty.
We may not be able to find such women due to our culture.
Korea's culture may not accept this easily.
That's why I would like to start with chaperones.
You mean the women who can help talk with female patients?
- You are certainly knowledgeable, Mr. Yu. - Don't say such things.
To tell you the truth, I asked Miss Yu to be a chaperone.
You mean my daughter, Seok Ran?
Yes, please forgive me. I should have asked your permission first.
- What did Seok Ran say? - I haven't heard her response.
Miss Yu is a rare woman in Korea.
She speaks English, and is highly intelligent and vivacious.
In the West, she would already be a doctor. That is why I want her at Jejoongwon.
In Korea, a young lady cannot do anything without her parents' approval.
I think that in this case, Seok Ran's opinion matters more than mine.
Are you saying that you will give your approval if Seok Ran wants to work?
Seok Ran is my daughter, but I raised her like a son.
I wanted her to find her own goals and ambitions.
If she wants to take your offer, then I would be happy for her.
I'm so sick of this exam.
You have the last part left. Get up.
What is the last part? Do Yang, do you know?
- Do I? - You do know! You traitor!
I won't tell you because you won't go in if you do.
- Then I won't hear it and I won't go in. - You'll regret it if you don't.
That Hwang fool will fail miserably at the last exam.
- Is that so, Do Yang? - It'll be entertaining, that's for sure.
Is that so?
We will now commence the afternoon exam.
- You will all follow us in. - Wait.
Here is His Majesty's decree.
Anyone involved in dishonesty from this point on
will be subject to 70 strokes and imprisonment in the dungeon.
He will be forbidden to enter any further government exams.
All those who have been or plan to be dishonest should confess and leave the hall now.
You will not be punished.
Good. Now all those left will be under close scrutiny.
Gather into groups of three.
I think it's best if we're in the same group.
All right.
What are you doing?
What? Oh...
If you write "person" on your hand and eat it, your nervousness will go away.
Try it.
That's funny.
Your hand...
Has he lost his mind?
Don't pay any attention to him.
You, me and...
Are we in a group?
Next group.
This is the last exam. Remove the covers!
Yes Sir!
This exam requires you to dissect the pig and draw its organs.
The pig's anatomy is similar to humans, and is used in the west to study anatomy.
You will cut open the pig's belly, and draw its organs in detail.
The incision must be clean and the organs unharmed.
How dare you ask us to do such a vile thing? We are not butchers!
- We're leaving! - Those... those...!
Make sure they leave the premises and send in the next group!
You have thirty minutes. Begin now.
I will do the drawings.
I'll do it.
I... I'll try it.
No, I'll do it with my left hand.
No. I'll do it.
Are you all right?
- The scalpel is damaged. Please replace it. - That is against the rules. Use it.
- Aren't we going to start? - Yes, I'll do it. You help me and you can draw.
- Are you confident? - Just watch me.
- All right then. - Maybe I should draw. I'm good at drawing.
Just hold the pig's legs.
Good job.
We don't have much time... I'm so sorry.
No, the blade has been dulled, but a little strength will work.
But if you do that, the organs will be damaged!
Damn it! You've ruined my chances!
I'm so sorry... I should have been more careful.
What are you doing?
Don't... Don't do that! You might lose the use of your hand!
The important thing right now isn't my hand.
It's doing well in this exam.
You shouldn't do this.
I... I think we did well.
The dissection was good. And so was the drawing.
Well done, everyone.
No, it was my good fortune to have met you both.
If we are fortunate, let us meet again!
How could we have known he would do such a thing?
What if he passes?
His skill with the knife is not one of a scholar who has lived his life reading books.
I know... It seems like he practiced a lot.
I wonder if Allen taught him that too?
- Is your hand really all right? - Yes, it's fine.
Stop touching it. I'm worried it'll be damaged.
No, it's all right. Look at how it moves.
It hurts a little now, but it'll be better soon.
Yes, I'm sure it will.
Aren't you leaving?
Yes, but why don't you go first. I'll leave shortly.
All right then.
It's because of you that I took this exam.
And it's because of you that I did well.
If I don't get into the medical school, I don't think I'll have any regrets.
Don't get in? I think you'll score the highest!
Thank you for saying that.
I'm being sincere!
- Then I'll see you later. - I...
I am happy I got to take the exam with you.
Me too.
Hwang Jung! Did you do well?
- Yes... - Good! Let's go somewhere for a chat.
Yes, why don't you?
So do you think you'll pass?
- I did my best. - That's not my question. Will you pass?
I passed the physical exam and completed the written English.
- I also did well on the practical exam. - Then did you pass?
We'll find out the results later, but I think so.
Well done! Now I can bring honor to my family!
Let me buy you a drink!
Let's celebrate!
Please let me go now.
We must first make sure you passed.
- There is no drinking place on this road. - How suspicious you are! I buried a jar over there.
Why? Why did you try to kill me?
Kill you? I just wanted to have a drink...
I... I...
I... I did as we agreed.
- Don't come close! - Don't come here! Don'!
- Why did you try to kill me? - To... to erase all evidence...
So you would have killed me whether I passed or failed...
Is that how you noblemen are?
Are our lives nothing to you?
If I want to erase all evidence, then all I have to do is kill you!
No! I'm sorry! Let us go and we'll leave here.
You'll go to the authorities and report me.
You'll say you met me at the exam,
and you let me take the exam for you.
- There is somewhere you must go. - Where?
This... This is Police Bureau!
- Do you know why he is being beaten? - How would I know that?
They're beating him to death!
Those are the exam takers and the men who hired them.
What? Is that true?
His Majesty decreed that all dishonest exam-takers will be given 70 strokes and imprisoned.
Have you ever been beaten?
- I've been disciplined before but... - Is that so?
70 strokes of that stick and you can die.
I would be executed because of my crimes, but I'm not afraid.
I've been dodging death for so long and don't fear death any longer.
I welcome death.
And you know something else?
They are forbidden all dishonest exam takers from taking any further government or civil exams.
What? What did you say?
Now I've released you. Report me to the authorities.
When did I say I'd report you? Did you really think so low of me?
- Let's go in. - No, let me go!
- Yi Gwak, let us return to our homeland. - Yes, that's a good idea.
I've brought some cow legs. Please make some soup for Official Yu.
All right, thank you.
It looks well-marbled and meaty.
Boil it using cold water and then discard the broth.
- It'll get rid of the smell. - All right.
- My Lord! He brought meat. - My Lord! How have you been?
Yes, have you been well?
- Yes, I've been well. - He brought some cow legs for you.
Is that so? How do you make a profit when you give away so much?
It's for your birthday.
- How do you know his birthday? - Oh, it's because it's similar to my son's.
- Then why don't you send your son here? - Yes, you mentioned once you had a son.
Yes... I had one.
What do you mean you had one?
That foolish boy is dead.
Oh dear...
I shouldn't have mentioned it.
Help me! Take the wood!
A little more!
Who are you?
- Well I... - That is a lady's room, sir.
- I wanted to see... - I will scream. Help!
Help... help... HELP!
It's me, Yu Seok Ran!
Young Miss?!
I'm not going to live my full life because of you!
- Sorry...! - What have you been doing dressed like a man?
- I... - Tell me, or would you rather tell your mother?
No! I... I took the medical school entrance exam.
Mak Saeng! What's wrong?
I can't handle you! I'm going to tell Madam and go back to my hometown!
I'm sorry, Mak Saeng! Please!
Are you crazy? What if they found out?
And if you pass? Will you enter the medical school?
- That's not why I took it... - Then why? Why take the exam?
Mr. Hwang, you certainly don't take care of your body.
You're right, Doctor! Scold him!
I'm sorry.
I heard from an official what happened during the anatomy exam.
He said your group won highest scores.
- Really? - I knew you would do well.
You'll be a medical student soon. I have so many things to teach you.
- How is everything? - Oh, Administrator Baek!
How did everyone do on their English exam?
Most of them did poorly, but a few were outstanding.
- There was even a perfect score. - Perfect score? Who?
Let's see here.
It's a fellow named Yu Seok Hwan.
He scored perfect on English, and did well on the practical exam too.
A perfect score in English? Are you sure he's not your disciple?
I am not acquainted with him, but the name indicates we are distant relations.
How about Do Yang?
He was second only to Yu Seok Hwan. He did very well.
Then what about that Hwang fellow?
I haven't marked his exams yet.
I see.
Is that why you're here?
No, not at all! I came to take the exams of someone who cheated.
Obviously his exams haven't been graded yet...
- Work hard, everyone! - Yes, My Lord.
The exams have all been marked.
- They'll announce the results tomorrow. - How did that Hwang fellow do?
How do you think he did?
The results aren't in yet?
- Mr. Hwang! - How do you do, Miss?
- Big sister. - Little brother.
- You must be here for your cousin's results. - Was it your cousin?
Oh, didn't I tell you?
The results are coming.
Let's go!
Highest Score Yu Seok Hwan
The highest score...!
No! My cousin...!
Young Master got second place!
Baek Do Yang Second Place
- Two characters! This is my master, right? - Kim Don! That's me!
Long live His Majesty! I got accepted!
Thank you! I had good fortune because of you.
But there are no more two character names... What happened...?
He didn't get in?
Is this all?
My Lord...
Come on...
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
For what?
Who wants to be a gatekeeper anyway?
Stop frowning like that. It's not as if the world has ended.
Let's just pack up and leave.
Just write a letter so you won't have to see Dr. Allen.
I don't want to leave Jejoongwon.
- I can't. - Then what?
I don't know. But I can't leave like this.
Let us toast to Jejoongwon's future and the health of its students.
- Cheers! - Here here...
Why have you been scowling like that since yesterday?
The Hwang fool failed and we passed!
Who is Yu Seok Hwan? He won first place.
He was in the same group as Hwang.
Official Yu said he received a perfect score in English.
- He didn't say he was his disciple? - No.
You seem proficient in English. Where did you learn it?
At the International Institute.
Miss! Miss!
Tell them I'm sick.
There's someone here whom you'll really like!
I know it's Watanabe.
No, it's not! Some people from Jejoongwon are here.
- There's also a really handsome young man! - Those old men from Jejoongwon? Forget it.
Why didn't they tell me they were going to stick pliers in my mouth?
The old men brought a really handsome young man!
If he's not really handsome and young... You're in big trouble!
You and I have similar taste in men, remember?
- Kim Don passed the exam! - So he passed, then what?
He will enter the medical school and cause trouble!
This plan will cut off the goal to raise doctors for Jejoongwon!
Before a tree grows, it must first sprout.
We will pull out the sprouts before it becomes a tree!
Wilt the flower and pull out the sprouts?
Are you a vegetarian, Watanabe-san?
Unfortunately, I am not.
Then come up with better analogies!
Nothing with plants! Something bestial!
Something like, we will eat up the puppy that is Jejoongwon!
I will make an effort!
In any case, I will be watching! If you fail again, I will send you back!
- Work harder! - Yes, Excellency!
By the way, where is that gisaeng you said looks like your first love?
Mi Young? Oh, she is certainly very plucky!
Plucky? How dare she?
Ah, good. Play us a piece on your gayageum.
Thank you.
Don't drink alone, Do Yang! Drink with him, wench!
The Young Master seems to be greatly disappointed that he lost out first place.
- But he got second place, didn't he? - Who cares about that? He passed!
For someone who's used to getting first place, this may have been traumatic.
But you know that Yu Seok Hwan who won first place...
I suspect he's related to us, and from his name sounds like one generation under me.
- Really? - I'm glad it was our relative who won first place.
- Don't you agree, Seok Ran? - Yes, Mother.
He had a perfect score on his English, even though there were two very difficult questions.
Even my students at the International Institute got those two wrong.
It is certain that his English skills are quite outstanding.
- Did you see him? - I'm sure I will at the commencement.
What happens if he doesn't come to the commencement?
He won first place. Why wouldn't he come?
But what happens if he doesn't?
I doubt anything big would happen. Why are you curious about this?
I was just thinking about it.
If he doesn't come, he forfeits his place at the medical school.
That means that eleven students, rather than twelve, will do the commencement.
They won't choose another candidate?
If he conveys his wishes to withdrawal before the commencement,
...they may allow the thirteenth candidate to join the school.
- And if that happens... - And if that happens?
Mr. Hwang, who was in thirteenth place, would be admitted.
That Mr. Hwang is a persevering fellow! But who wouldn't come after having placed first?
Don't you agree?
- Seok Ran. - Yes?
- I want to talk to you after dinner. - Yes, Father.
Dr. Allen told me everything.
What? About what?
He asked you to be a chaperone?
- Yes. - So what are your thoughts?
I would like to do it with your approval.
It is not common for women in our country to work.
But I think this is something I can do and do well.
If that's what you think, then I give you my permission.
Thank you.
But you don't look entirely pleased. Is something the matter?
No, I'm happy to be working at Jejoongwon.
It will not be easy.
You will face prejudice and bias because you are woman.
If you decide to go through with this, you must do it with a firm resolve.
- I am prepared. - Yes, I have faith in you.
Promise me something.
- What? - Promise me you'll be silent until the commencement!
Promise me!
- If it weren't for me, Mr. Hwang would have passed. - Don't even think such things!
If they find out that you are a woman, there will be hell to pay!
Your family will be shamed and the entire country will be up in arms!
And that...
- That ch... - Chaperone.
You won't even be able to do that.
- I know. - You do, right?
- Yes. - I really hope you do!
I beg you.
I said no. Director, this is just the beginning for Jejoongwon.
We cannot mar the beginning with illegal acts.
This is also against His Majesty's wishes.
If he really wants to go to medical school, then just tell him to take the exam again next year!
It doesn't have to be this year!
I don't need to be a medical student. Please just allow me to assist Dr. Allen!
You are not qualified!
I don't need a salary either! Please just allow me to stay.
I won't interfere in any medical treatments! Please just allow me to watch!
How much sense does that make!
If you really care about Jejoongwon...
you will leave this place. Immediately.
I will do janitorial duties then! Please just allow me to stay!
There are many others who can do that. Move aside.
I'll do anything! Just give the orders!
- Is that so? - Yes!
Then leave immediately.
- What is the meaning of this? - Please! Please don't order me to leave!
Please! I want to stay.
Why are you so thick-headed?
We cannot allow rules to be broken just for you!
What did he do now?
Stop humiliating yourself!
What will happen to Mr. Hwang?
He has to leave this place. I want to help him, but there is nothing I can do.
I sent him away!
Well done.
The owner of that accessory isn't me.
I don't think we'll be able to see each other.