Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 36 - Episode #1.36 - full transcript

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Final Episode

We will now begin the marriage ceremony
of the groom Hwang Jung and the bride Yu Seok Ran.

I hope I'm not too late.
I had to organize a bit.

- Dr. Hwang.
- Thanks.

Thank you.

Consul-General, no one else will be coming.
Please continue.

All of you here must have been startled
by today's events.

I feel the same way.

Our hearts may be heavy,

but today, our beloved Dr. Hwang and Dr. Yu
are going to be wedded.

Therefore, during this ceremony,
let us all relax.

Let us give this couple our best wishes
in happiness and joy.

Will you do this, Mother of the bride?

I don't feel like smiling!

But you must.

You've been waiting for this day a long time.

Yes, Madam, please smile.
Only then can the bride and groom go on.


Fine, I'll smile.

Is that good enough?

Madam, you're a like a flower in bloom!


We will now proceed
with the wedding ceremony.

You will face each other.

Bow to each other.

The groom Hwang Jung and bride Yu Seok Ran

first met as a butcher's son
and an interpreter's daughter.

I, Hwang Jung...

take Yu Seok Ran as my wife...

I will uphold my duty as her husband.

I will love her and help her...

I will cherish and protect her...

She will be my only wife...

I pledge my loyalty and never-ending love to her.

I will uphold my duty as his wife.

I will love him and help him...

I will cherish and respect him.

He will be my only husband...

I pledge my loyalty
and never-ending love to him.

- I, Hwang Jung, will respect her...
- I, Yu Seok Ran, will respect him...

We will love each other.
And in order to have a happy family,

we pledge to sacrifice and give of ourselves

before our honored guests here.

Do you have the rings?

Now the groom shall kiss the bride.

Dr. Hwang, this is a critical
element of a Western wedding.

- But still...
- Seok Ran!

- But my mother is here...
- I don't know! I won't look!

Dr. Hwang,
do you want to void this wedding?!

- What about you, Dr. Yu?
- No.

Then kiss the bride.

Thank you, Young Master.

The wedding went through because of you.

No need to thank me.

Don't worry about Jejoongwon
during your honeymoon.

All right.

Thanks, Dr. Baek.

I'm the most grateful
and the most apologetic to you.

No time for delays.
You better go.

I don't think I can return to Jejoongwon.

I told Director Avison something
in case something like this would happen.

Take good care of Jejoongwon.

Please take good care of it,
Dr. Baek.

You better hurry.

Dr. Baek!

Everything went well.
They've left for their honeymoon.

- That's a relief!
- What a relief!

It better have gone well.
Yi Gwak and I had to do a fake wedding!

Good job, Nurse Miryung.

This means that Dr. Hwang
can't return to Jejoongwon.

Yes, I think that's true.

But Dr. Yu should be able to return.

That's safer for everyone.

How unfortunate for the two of them.

- Who knew that their wedding had to be so secret?
- I'm the one who's most upset about that.

As a kid, Dr. Hwang was always the leader,
and now he's the leader of the Patriot Army too.

- I hope he gets to eat well.
- That's for Dr. Yu to worry about now.

Sometimes I think
you're in love with him!

That's because we're childhood friends!

I should have gone with him.
I'm losing hair because of him!


You know that angel from heaven, Yu Seok Ran?


She became my wife.


My mother wanted me
to get married so badly.


She's the most beautiful woman in the world...

And the most kind-hearted...

This is my wife.

How do you feel?
You feel happy, right?

The both of you are so happy
you feel like dancing, don't you?

Father, Mother...

I'll live a happy life with Dr. Hwang Jung.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

You better get on my back.

I'm all right!

It's because I want to carry my wife.

When I was young,
I had a dream.

I told myself I would carry my future wife
on my back every day.

You better not tell me to get off
because I'm heavy!

- Oh dear!
- I want to get off!

Once you're on, that's it.

- Am I really heavy?
- It was a joke.

You're not heavy at all.
You're as light as a feather.

I thought I would be so happy
after Seok Ran was married.

But what's this, Maksaeng?

We can only blame the political situation.

I'm angry at Dr. Hwang.
How could he join the patriot army before the wedding?

He saw his father-in-law die because of it!

What if he makes Seok Ran into a widow!

How can you say that?

If that happens,
I'll marry Seok Ran to the Young Master!


Maybe not.

But when I saw him standing next to Dr. Hwang
as his best man, I felt so strange.

Yes, it was a little strange.

That's why I thought if Seok Ran is made a widow,
I'll have to do something.

These days, widows can marry again easily!

Madam, you need to give up the Young Master.

I have all this nonsense on my mind!

- Do you think Seok Ran's arrived safely?
- I'm sure she has.

I've told everyone at home to watch
their tongue, so you need to be careful too.

All right!

Come to think of it,
I was the leader's wife before Seok Ran!

Yes, you were.

Who could have imagined that our Young Miss
would be married?

- Administrator Oh!
- Oh yes.

- Did you escort Dr. Hwang safely?
- Yes, I dropped them off by his parents' grave.

He said he would take care of the rest.

How could you let him go?

Don't worry.
I made arrangements for him.

That's a relief.

Did he say when he would come here?

He said he would take a few days.

I see.

What a pity his honeymoon will be so short.

- Are you sure he's safe?
- Yes, don't worry. He's safe.

It's right here.

Come on in.

- Come on in.
- Elder.

- You're here!
- Here you are!

How have you been?
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

This is nothing compared to what
you've done for us!

You fixed all of our children's illnesses
and treated the entire village!

How could such a precious lady like yourself
have her first wedding night in a place like this?

No, I really like this cozy house.

- Did you light the fire under the room?
- Of course.

I made some dishes
and cooked the rice too.

I should have done that.
Thank you!

Let me know if you need anything else.

- All right.
- We should all leave.

Of course, we need to leave so that
the bride and groom can have their first night!

Rest well!

Good night.

This room is a bit small, isn't it?

I'm sorry for bringing you
to such a humble place.

Don't say that.
I like it here.

This is where we're beginning
our life together.


Do Yang!

I was just about to go to
your house with some wine.

- Why?
- Why?

Yu Seok Ran is having her first night
with Dr. Hwang.

My foot always ends up in my mouth!
Wait a while, I'll be back.


This blanket must be new.
It's really fluffy.

Yes, it is very fluffy.

Why are you sitting over there?

It's... it's because my feet are still wet.

What... what?

You're going to rub your feet off.

As you know, if you don't dry your feet properly,
you can get fungus on them.

All done.

- We should go to sleep now.
- Yes, I'm tired.

You know, they should have
given us another blanket.

Dr. Hwang! Now we can share
a blanket because we're married.

That's right!

I forgot about that.

You had a rough day today, didn't you?

No, it was a memorable
and beautiful wedding.


Now that we're married,
you can speak down to me.

Me? I can't.
I can't talk down with you, Dr. Yu.

- It's because it makes me uncomfortable.
- You're going to have to bear with it.


Dr. Yu.

To me, you are my savior.

You were the reason I became a doctor.

And now you're my wife.

I love you,
but I also respect you.

That's why I can't talk down to you.

- Dr. Yu...
- Yes?

I love you.

I love you too.

A few days before the wedding,
Dr. Hwang came to speak to me.

He resigned from his position as Chief of Staff.

As his replacement,
he nominated Dr. Baek Do Yang.

Dr. Horton, Dr. Goh and myself,

have determined Dr. Baek to be
worthy of that position.

Thus, from this day forward,

Dr. Baek will be the Chief of Staff at Jejoongwon.

Thank you.

In this time when the fate of this nation flickers
in the breeze like the flame of a candle,

I have accepted the position of Chief of Staff.

Currently Jejoongwon is suffering from lack of
medical supplies and threats from Japan.

But as we've done before,
Jejoongwon will endure and persevere.

I will do my best to not besmirch
the good work of my predecessor, Dr. Hwang.

That's my nephew!
Isn't he great?

He was my disciple too.

I'm glad that he's back.

He's so handsome!

Nang Nang, I'm going to start again with Dr. Baek.

Did you ever start anything last time?

I didn't know.

Dr. Baek is here.

There are six patients admitted.
2 malaria, 3 hemorrhoids, 1 appendictis.

This patient has malaria.
He had high fever and nausea.

Director Avison has prescribed
quinine and antipyrine.

Your condition has stabilized.

Who can tell me the stages of
malaria in sequence?

The stages of malaria are incubation,
cold stage, fever stage and wet stage.

Then who will tell me the symptoms of malaria?

The urine becomes dark...

The urine turns dark-colored,
accompanied by sweaty fever, nausea and diarrhea.

What about the symptoms?

The symptoms can also be splenomegaly,
anemia and renal failure.

Why would malaria strike when it is not summer?

Usually the incubation period is 1-2 weeks,
but it can also be a few months.


They're just like you and Dr. Hwang.
They even fight over first and second place.

Is that so?
Then let me ask you a question.

What is more important than competition
in medical science?

It's a readiness to learn.
That will develop you quicker than competition will.

Yes, Chief.

Baek Do Yang became Chief of Staff?

That's right.

I'm all right.

Please don't get agitated.
What if you contract pneumothorax again?

Don't tempt fate with your words!

I was just startled, that's all.

I am not pleased to hear that
Baek Do Yang has become Chief of Staff.

I am pleased by this news.
I can now finally compete against him!

No, that's not it.

Baek Do Yang will be a more formidable foe
than Hwang Jung.

- But isn't Hwang Jung more skilled?
- Not necessarily.

If you observe the patients which he
operated on after he left us,

he has either become on par with him,
or in fact become better than Hwang Jung.

I am confident with my surgical skills too!

Yes, you're good too.

But not as good as Baek Do Yang.

Because he worked with us at Hansung,
he knows us better than anyone else.

We've raised a lion cub!

And with the completion of the
Jejoongwon Severance Hospital,

we can no longer boast that we have the
most modern facilities!

The only consolation is that Hwang Jung
won't be joining Baek Do Yang at the new hospital.

You're saying that from the hospital's perspective,
it's good that Hwang Jung joined the patriot army?

Our target is here,
the Japanese Embassy.

The original target was the Office of the Resident-General,
but our army wasn't strong enough.

No, I think this is better.

We know the embassy like the back of our hand.

Our forces aren't too bad now.

We've had more than 20 soldiers join us
after they disbanded the Korean army.

More will follow. They're clamoring to join
when they heard you were the leader.

I know a hundred off the top of my head.

We're glad to have you on board.

Speaking of which, we would
like to start training the men.

I don't know when the event will occur.

We are still waiting for other
patriot armies to arrive.

When all the armies have surrounded Hansung,

the General will give us
the date of the attack.

Until then, we must not let our guard down.

Dr. Yu, I'm back.

You're home!

What is that?

I made this from one of my dresses.
It's cold in the mountains.

The rice is slightly burnt.

I'm sorry.
I tried to do it like Maksaeng taught me.

No, it's all right.
It's delicious burnt or undercooked.

I can't even make you a proper
bowl of rice before I leave.

Yes, now that your vacation is over,
you have to go back.

I should go the mountains too with the others.

Dr. Horton must have had a hard time
seeing all those patients by herself.

When I go back,
I'll make sure I learn how to make rice.

I'll learn it so I can cook for you every day.

I'm starving from running around
the mountains all day.

The rice is really delicious!

I'll go by myself from here.

No, let's go together for a little longer.

We can't.
Someone will be watching out for you.

I'll come often to see you.

Even if you come,
don't come too close.

I can't even greet your mother.
Please give her my regrets.

All right.

I'll watch you go from here.

As we promised last night...

We'll say farewell thinking we'll see
each other again tomorrow.

Then watch me to make sure
I'm being brave, all right?

Is Dr. Hwang well?

Yes, he's well.

Dr. Horton, it must have been
difficult for you in my absence.

No, it wasn't difficult at all.
Why aren't you wearing your wedding ring?

Don't you have one?

No, our wedding is a secret,
so I put in on a chain around my neck.

Dr. Hwang did the same thing.

- It was his idea, right?
- Yes.

- You didn't hear about Seung Yeon, did you?
- No. Did something happen?

She's very sick and needs rest,
but Bogu is full of patients.

- Why don't you go and help?
- Yes, I'll leave right away.

- Don't go alone. Go with Chilbok.
- All right.

When did it happen?

The day before yesterday.
I was dizzy and fainted, but I'm all right.

I told you to rest!

- How can I rest when there are patients?
- But you need to take care of yourself!

All right. I'll do everything
you say now, all right?


By the way, are you all right?


It has become difficult to get married
and live a normal life like before.

The political situation has to change
before you and Dr. Hwang can be together.

I'm all right.

How do you like being a nurse?
Is it enjoyable?

It is, but people tease me
because they think I'm doing a woman's work.

- So what are you going to do?
- I'm just going to work harder!

- I want to do this forever.
- Yes, you should.

- Nurse Chilbok.
- Yes, Dr. Yu!

How many men are following us?

It was two before,
so it should be two now.

I'm going to get my fortune told,
so make sure no one comes near me.

I thought you didn't believe in that!

It's because things are
so confusing these days.

All right, I'll make sure
no one can eavesdrop.


Please read my fortune.

Please give me your birthdate.

You know my birthdate.

How could I possible know that...!

I knew it.

Did you wait long?


You know what time I usually come.
I sat here for ten minutes.

How is everyone at Jejoongwon?

- Chilbok seems well.
- You heard from Mongchong already.

But I want you to tell me.

Everyone is doing well.
Dr. Baek is really doing a good job.

I'm not worried about Dr. Baek.
I knew he would do well.

My friend Seung Yeon
collapsed from exhaustion.

I see.
You should help her.

That's the plan.

Why are you here to see me?

Did you come because you missed me?

Of course.
I came because I missed you.

- But there's another reason...
- What is it?

The date of the attack has been set.

That's why I'm here to see you.

- Everything will be fine.
- Of course.

Of course everything will be fine.

I just wanted to see
my wife's face, that's all.

I wanted to hold your hand too.

Please read my palm.

There was something interesting.

On her way back from Bogu,
she had her fortune and palm read.

Maybe she was curious about why
her life was such a mess.

Yes, sir!

How many men are watching
that woman doctor?

Two men follow her movements,
and six men watch her house.

Maybe I'll get rid of all of them.

What do you mean...?

The Office of the Resident-General
received information regarding the patriot armies.

The plan is to dispatch all Japanese forces
to quell the patriot armies.

- Are we to be dispatched too?
- The Embassy forces are an exception.

We'll just enjoy the fireworks.

Yes, sir!

Big news!
Big news!

The Japanese forces launched a surprise
attack and wounded or killed most of them.

And the survivors?

They must have scattered.

Dr. Yu, I'm sure Dr. Hwang is fine.
If he's hurt, he'll come here.

No, if he came here,
he would be arrested on the spot.

- He should be safe, right?
- Let's hope so.

Seok Ran, do you have a way of getting
in touch with Dr. Hwang?

I do, but...

Why do you walk so fast, Dr. Yu!
I'm exhausted!

This is where the fortune teller was yesterday!

Let's hurry.
The patients are waiting.

Three times a day for three days.

Thank you.

Dr. Yu.

I'm sorry.

Is something wrong?
You've been strange all day.

It's nothing.
Where does it hurt?

Let's wait a while.

But Gwak can read fortunes too.

Dr. Yu, we should go.
You haven't even eaten.

Dr. Yu!

We should go.
Let's go.

Due to the surprise attack ,

the patriot armies have lost the ability
to resurrect in power.

What happened to Hwang Jung?

His status is unconfirmed.

Even if he's alive, it won't be easy
to regroup the patriot army.

And he can't return to Jejoongwon either.

Then do we stop searching for him?

Of course not.
As long as he's alive, he's a thorn in our side.

We will continue searching for him
until we have confirmation of his death or arrest.

Yes, we must pursue him!

- Dr. Yu!
- Mongchong!

- How's Dr. Hwang?
- He's safe. I ran here to tell you that.

He said he's coming for the commencement
of Jejoongwon Severance Hospital.

He said to tell you to keep safe
until that day.

So it's farewell to this place.

- I had gotten used to this place.
- It's the end of one era of Western medicine.

Yes, and now it is the beginning of a new one.

Let's all head to the Jejoongwon
Severance Memorial Hospital.

Jejoongwon Severance Memorial Hospital

Congratulations on the opening of
your new hospital.

- Thank you.
- Congratulations, Dr. Baek!

Thank you.

Oh, Dr. Yu Seok Ran!

Congratulations to you too.

But where is Dr. Hwang
on a momentous occasion like this?

He would be so happy.

Act naturally.

I will.

It's finally opening.

I used to dream of treating patients
in that building with you.

And you will.

Our patriot army can no longer fight here.


We received a message that General Hong Beumdo's
independence fighters in Manchuria

were looking for doctors.

When I heard that,
my mind became clear.

Although I can't fight with a gun,

I can fight for my country
by treating fellow soldiers wounded in battle.

I was overwhelmed by my position as the leader
and didn't fulfill my potential as a doctor.

Now I can fight for my country
by saving lives.

Are you saying
you're going to Manchuria?

- I'll go with you.
- It's better if I go alone.

No, I won't let you.

No matter what happens,
we made a vow to be together always.

As long as I'm with you,
I have no fear.

Let's go.

what did this girl just say?

She said she's going to
Manchuria with Dr. Hwang!

Mother, I'm so sorry.

Seok Ran, what have I done wrong?

What did I do that was so bad
to have these things happen to me?

Miss, you mustn't go.
You'll only be a burden to Dr. Hwang!

He's leaving to fight for independence!
What can you possibly do to help?

There will be something I can do to help.

There are many things for you
to do at Jejoongwon!

You even have a new hospital!
You should be treating patients there!

Dr. Horton will be here.

Maksaeng, say something.

If you're going to leave,
then do it secretly.

- Maksaeng!
- Don't tell a soul at Jejoongwon.

Just tell Young Master.

Yes. I need to stop by Bogu
Women's Hospital before I leave.

Seung Yeon is really sick.

I've been saying let's go to China,
and here you are, going to Manchuria.

I know.

If you die, I'm going to kill you!

- Got it?
- You know my fortune, don't you?

Where is Dr. Yu?
Weren't you going to meet her here?

- She'll be here.
- Dr. Hwang!

Seung Yeon!

- Seok Ran...
- What's wrong with you?

She has tuberculosis.

- Seung Yeon!
- She wanted to treat patients.

So she let her condition go untreated.

- You should have stopped her!
- I tried.

Seung Yeon!
Don't do this.

How can this happen to you?

I'm fine...

I can close my eyes
now that you're here.

Please take care of my patients.

Seung Yeon!

I'm sorry...

Seung Yeon!

Seung Yeon!

Seung Yeon!

Seung Yeon!

Seok Ran is late.
She's never late.

Do you think the Japanese got her?

- There she is!
- Dr. Yu!

What's wrong?
Did something happen?

- Seung Yeon died.
- What?

She was so busy treating patients
that she didn't take care of herself.

You better get on.

- Let's go on the train first.
- I'll take care of Seung Yeon.


I can't go to Manchuria with you.

I'm sorry.

I forgot I was a doctor too.

Just like you're going to Manchuria
for the patients who need you there,

I have to stay here for the patients
who need me here.

What are you saying?
I'll take care of things here. Go now.

I can't do that.

I can't stop thinking of the patients.

- Yes, let's do that.
- Dr. Hwang!

Before Dr. Yu is my wife,
she is a doctor.

I want to respect her wishes.

I'm so sorry.

This is so frustrating!

I'll be going now.

The train's leaving.

Dr. Hwang!

Five years later...

He's much better now.

- What do you want to be when you grow up?
- I want to be a doctor.

- Why?
- I want to save people like you!

My son thinks you're
the greatest person in the world.

- What's so great about me?
- Everything.

You little rascal.

- Here's the prescription.
- Thank you.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- All right, see you again.

Dr. Hwang!

I'm going to build our hospital here.

Let's build a school too.