Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 35 - Episode #1.35 - full transcript

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Episode 35

An insignificant doctor heals diseases...

An average doctor heals people...

But a great doctor heals a nation.

- How was the house visit?
- Good.

What is this?

~ Reads poem ~

Dr. Heron's last words come to mind.

He said he wanted to love
the Korean people more deeply.

He said he wanted to love the patients,
rather than treating them.

I think our teachers were great doctors.

Those men truly broke through frontiers.

Yes. Someone like me
could never compare.

No, you're different.

A great doctor doesn't choose to be one.

He is chosen.


It's obvious that the man who wrote you
this poem has chosen you.

He confirmed something you didn't
even know about yourself.

Are you troubled about something?

Thirty minutes after I eat,
I have a burning sensation here.

Your Majesty, it seems that
you are suffering from heartburn.

Your stress is increasing the acid
in your digestive system and causing inflammation.

How dare you come in here!

Your Majesty, everything is ready.

Resident-General Ito Hirobumi is waiting
for you to abdicate to your son.

- When did I agree to abdicate?
- I will not take over the throne now!

Leave this instant!

- You really won't go?
- His Highness just told you to leave!

- It's you again.
- An abdication is a major event.

How dare a foreigner tell us what to do!

So you won't abdicate...

In that case, we will use a substitute
to proceed with the abdication.

Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!

It has been 44 years
since I took over the throne.

But I have spent over a hundred million won
in breaking alliances with other nations.

After the Russo-Japanese War,
there were 14 different events that upset Japan.

As a result, the country has been in anguish
for a long time due to my actions.

In order to return my country
to stability and peace,

I hereby abdicate my throne
to the Crown Prince.

How can an abdication happen
without the people concerned?

The Japanese have done some atrocious things,
but this really beats everything!

I understand how you feel.

I feel the same way.

These days, I feel like
I've made the wrong decision.

Wrong decision?


Official Yu and Officer Jung both gave their
lives for this country. And that's not all.

Countless citizens of this country are joining
patriot armies and giving up their lives.

But I turned down the
leadership of the patriot army...

Because I had to protect Jejoongwon.

I regret my decision.

I don't know what to do.

No one can give you the answer.

You're the only one who can answer that.

But don't worry too much.

Didn't I tell you about the time
I arrived in Korea from Shanghai by boat?

No, you didn't.

Because I had severe sea sickness,

I had to take medicine three times a day.

I really didn't want to come here.

But when I arrived in Korea
and passed the South Gate,

What I saw that night was so beautiful.

The rooftops of the Korean houses
were bathed in moonlight.

And it seemed like they had been waiting
for me to come for a long time.

That night, I realized my destiny.

- Destiny?
- Yes.

I believe that it was not by accident
that each of us were born into this world.

There is a reason why we are here.

We all have a destiny we must fulfill.

I think that you are walking the path
in order to fulfill your destiny.

There will come a day when you will realize
what your destiny is,

Just like it happened to me.

I have just witnessed
the Emperor of this nation...

... abdicate his throne to this son
the Crown Prince.

There are now no more obstacles for us.

That is why now we must focus on making
Imperial Japan prosperous and powerful!

So what can Hansung Hospital do in order
to help Imperial Japan realize that goal?

Advance in medical science!

Our medical science
must support our soldiers...

So that they will be invincible
against Manchuria and Russia!

That is correct.

The most important factor in improving
our combat skills is medical science.

The power of our army will fall
if our soldiers are wounded or get sick.

That is why Hansung Hospital
must do all it can...

... in order to prevent diseases
and treat wounds!

Yes, sir!

Imperial Japan will be giving checkups for
those of you who work in the red light industry.

If you are without disease,
the men will be without disease.

Then our nation will be
prosperous and powerful!

Hey, isn't that the guy who ran away
from Jejoongwon, Kim Don?

You're right!
He must have been Japanese all along!

All of you received baskets.
You will all strip and go into the exam room.

You want to us to strip here?

- You want us to take off everything?
- That is correct.

You must not wear anything so that
you can have a complete examination.

You will undress now.

What do we do?

- What happened?
- Did something happen to you?

- I don't know!
- Me neither!

Those foreigners tore off our clothes
in front of everyone!

Then they dragged us into the exam room!

How could they do this?

We explained to them that we were artisans
who sang and danced at banquets.

- But they beat us!
- And the male doctors...

Miryung, I should have stayed here
and worked as a nurse!

I really want to die right now!

- Can we revenge their honor?
- I don't think we can allow this to happen.

We must do something.

This isn't for the sake of women's health.

They have ulterior motives
and their methods are inhumane.

Yes, we can't let this happen.

Everything's normal.
Just don't drink so much.

Yes, Doctor.

- You may go to the next room.
- There aren't any men in there, right?

Of course not.

Good, you're perfectly healthy.

If any Japanese want to examine you,
show them this.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Yes, please lie down here.

Lie down and bend your knees.

What is the meaning of this!

- What are you doing?
- Who said you could do exams?

- Seok Ran!
- What are you doing here?

This is an American hospital.
Do you want to cause a diplomatic problem?

Diplomatic problem?
You're the one stealing our patients!

How are we stealing your patients?

We are a women's hospital
giving examinations to women!

That is our responsibility!

Yes, we are doing the same examinations
as Hansung Hospital!

If the Office of the Resident-General
wants women to be examined,

Who cares where it's done?

- We cannot accept the examinations here.
- Why not?

We provide more detailed examinations
than Hansung.

We are all licensed doctors.

All of the patients come here willingly.
So why is there a problem?

- What?
- Wait.

I can see that Korea has
intelligent women too.

This is the woman that
Baek Do Yang couldn't forget.

Is that so?

What are you doing?

Baek Do Yang has good taste in women!

Tell Baek Do Yang that
Sato wants to see him.

Let's go.

What happened?

I saw Kim Don leave.

Dr. Hwang...

I should have come earlier.

No, we handled it.

I think we did the right thing,
seeing how angry they were.

Yes, you did well.

I worry about how long
we can go on like this...

How bad can your hemorrhoids be?
You can't even walk!

- Administrator Oh!
- I told you to be quiet!

- Your cousin is here.
- Cousin...?

- Oh, Chushik! What happened?
- My hemorrhoids are killing me!

Let's go in quickly!

Why did it have to be hemorrhoids
of all things?

You heard about the ridiculous abdication?

Yes, I was there.

Did you?
How could human beings act that way?

I was really upset.

Since you saw it for yourself,
I won't have to explain.

Since the abdication has gone through,
His Majesty will have to step down.

When that happens,
all the patriot armies will go up in arms.

I see...

Dr. Hwang, at a time like this,
someone like you must step up.

If you lead the armies,
more will join.

It looks like it will be difficult.

Then I will take it as a no and leave.

Wait... a moment.

Please give me a few days
to think about it.

I need to discuss it with someone first.

All right then.

It's not smallpox?

It's smallpox, right?

It's not smallpox.
I suspect it's food poisoning.

Did you share any food recently?

- We're just friends. We live separately.
- Perhaps it's a reaction to medicine?

They're having the same reaction
to medicine? It can't be.

- I took some medicine.
- Me too.

- What medicine did you take?
- Hansung Hospital gave me cold medicine.

Me too.
They gave me medicine for diarrhea.

Do you happen to have the medicine
with you by any chance?


Oh, the red pills!
I have them too!

These are antibiotics developed in Japan.

I used to prescribe it
because it was very effective.

But it was banned because of its negative
effect on the digestive system and kidneys.

So why would they prescribe it here?

This looks like an improved version
of the antibiotic.

They must have thought it wasteful
to abandon it when it was so effective.

So they improved the antibiotic but couldn't
do clinical trials because of its side effects.

So they're prescribing it here instead.

That seems like it.

How could they...?

A student in my class was one of the
doctors who developed this medicine.

His name is Sato.
We studied medicine together at the same school.

- Sato?
- Yes.

- Do you know him?
- He came to Bogu Women's Hospital.

He told me to tell you that
he wants to see you.

- I better go now.
- It's dangerous.

- I'm all right.
- Thank you.

Dr. Yu and I will be visiting
the other hospitals.

- We need to inform them about this.
- Yes, that's a good idea.

This medicine was prescribed
by you, wasn't it?

It's been a while since we saw each other.
Shouldn't we exchange greetings first?

Have you been well, Baek Do Yang?

Answer my question.

Perhaps. Anyone can
prescribe medicine, can't they?

- This is a banned antibiotic!
- Yes, you know this antibiotic, don't you?

But it's slightly different from
how you remember it.

It's probably an improved version.
Did it pass safety tests in clinical trials?

That's impossible, in terms of time.

- We're doing the clinical trials now.
- With who?

With the patients who come here?


You forgot that I know about this antibiotic.

If you prescribe this medicine again,
I won't let you get away with it.


I'm sure you know that Naoko returned
to Japan in return for your life.

Did I surprise you?
This is why you're stupid.

But you should know that your safety
is no longer guaranteed.

I warn you. If you come in here again,
you will die without anyone knowing.


The abolished meetings of the Health Agency
are happening at Jejoongwon?

That's right.

I heard the news from one of the attendees.

Not only that,

They are working with other hospitals
and giving medical exams to gisaengs.

But the response has been good
and now even our geishas are going to them!

Those arrogant fools!

Why is so difficult to accept that
their country now has a new owner?

And there's more!

They are making them throw away
the medicine we prescribed.

They are encouraging
a boycott of Hansung Hospital!


- We can't let them get away with this.
- That's right!

- Who led the Health Agency meeting?
- It was Hwang Jung.

Of course it was.
Is he behind the boycott as well?

Yes, he is.

Hwang Jung....
First that butcher became a doctor.

Now he must think he is king.

A man like that causes headaches
if he is allowed to live.

I will have him seized immediately!

Go and arrest Hwang Jung immediately!


It is going to be difficult
to get rid of him completely...

... by merely charging him of continuing the meetings
and encouraging the patients to boycott us.

Of course. This is why we must also
accuse him to being in the patriot army.

Let's go!

It's hot, so drink slowly.

It's only been a day but I've collected
so many of these pills.

It looks like they've been testing
this medicine...

... at Hansung Hospital for a long time.

I'm really worried.
This clinical trial is a crime.

I think we're doing the right thing,
but I'm worried you'll pay the price.

- I have to tell you something.
- Go on.


Someone from the patriot army
came to see me.

Did he ask you to join
the patriot army again?

- Yes.
- But it's difficult to turn them down again?

Don't let it trouble you.

I think I understand
why those men chose you.

You know something?

You're like a candle.

Even in the dark mountains,
a candle can help you find the path.

No matter how dark it is,

People will follow the light
given by the candle.

It burns itself,

Not even aware that
it's disappearing or in pain.

Join the patriot army.

If you're hesitating because of me,

Then that's more reason for you to join.

Dr. Yu...

I guess it's a problem too
if your fiancee is too talented.

Why are you doing this?

Hwang Jung!
Arrest him!

Dr. Hwang!
Dr. Hwang..!

Dr. Hwang...

Our paths seem to cross frequently.

It seems that way.

As an old friend,
I do not wish to do this to you.

So like a man,
acknowledge what you need to.

Let's end this quickly.

What am I supposed to acknowledge?

We have information that links you
to the patriot army.

What is your position in the patriot army?
What are you planning and when?

Who are your comrades?
Tell us in detail.

Are you asking me to concoct a story?

He's smiling.

Let's see if you can still smile
in ten minutes.

Dr. Hwang, you will end up
telling us everything you know.

What use is perseverance...

... when you will be confessing
to everything later?

No one has withstood
this electrical interrogation.

That's right.

I know one person did.

- You are referring to Official Yu.
- Perhaps I can withstand it too.


Let me introduce you.
This is the reporter from Daehan News.


Perhaps you can include the article
about the clinical trial in your report.

- What do you think?
- Of course.

Then I will try to persuade patients
to talk to him.

Wouldn't it be better if we include
stories from the patients themselves?

Yes, I also think we should include details
on why Japan has abolished the Health Agency.

- The more people know, the better.
- Can His Majesty do something?

Because of the abdication,
he no longer has any power.

We should persuade someone
with the power to change Japanese law.

It's time for your medicine.
Take it so that you'll heal quickly.

You're new.

We are giving you vitamins so that
you can endure being in prison.

Go ahead and swallow.


Why is our fortune so terrible?

First it was your father,
and now it's our future son-in-law!

- Mother, it'll be all right.
- Do you know how horrible the Japanese are?

Do you think they'll release him that easily?

Are you there?

- Whose voice was that?
- Maksaeng?





They won't even let you visit him?


He'll be released soon.

He's survived so many
life and death situations!

It's in the paper!

- It's here!
- Stop causing a ruckus, you rascal...!

- I already got it first thing in the morning.
- You should have told me!

- So they should let Dr. Hwang go, right?
- If they have a conscience, they should.

Are you serious?

It's a good article.

The publisher is English so there was
no interference from Japan.

Yes, Daehan News is like
the Jejoongwon of newspapers!

I hope many people help us
after reading this article.

Let's all have faith that
everything will turn out well.

The article is 100% false!

I have given a warning to the
publisher of this newspaper,

And will use all my resources to make sure
this article is withdrawn!

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Let's see them try to get him out.

I've ordered our newspapers
to put out articles in response.

There shouldn't be any significant effect
on Hansung Hospital.

Yes, of course not.

Hwang Jung must die.

Then the patriot army will continue
to be paralyzed...

... as it was after Official Yu's execution.

Do I look like someone
who would miss his chance...

... to catch all the little mice
in one swoop?

No, sir!


Fortunately, he doesn't seem
seriously hurt.

He's lucky he's a healthy man.

- Rest is the best prescription for him.
- Yes, Dr. Hwang, you must rest.

- Let's all leave.
- I'll make some porridge.

- I made it already.
- You're so quick.

Dr. Yu's going to be jealous.

I made it with pine nuts.
Eat up and recover!

- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you, everyone.

- Thank you.
- We're grateful you're alive.

Nobody go anywhere.
I'll make some bone soup for everyone.

- Nang Nang, let's help her.
- Of course. Maksaeng, let's go.

All right.

How... how did I get released?

Consul-General Allen helped us
in an unofficial capacity.

Daehan News published articles
about your arrest.

I see, but my release was so sudden...

Why does that matter
as long as you're out?

If you're grateful, recover quickly
and thank him yourself.

- Yes, thanks.
- Get some rest.

- Young Master...
- I'm fine. Don't come out.

To my dear Do Yang-sama...
I hope you're taking care of your health.

You'll never know how many times
I've run away from home because I missed you.

But they always caught me
before I could board a ship.

I was taking one day at a time
when I received your letter.

Father, please!
Please accept my request!

No. You promised
you would forget Baek Do Yang.

I will!
I promise this time I will.

- Just this once, please?
- You expect me to believe that?

No way! And now you want me
to save his Korean friend?

- Don't mention this to me again!
- Father! Father!

That's how I came to promise him
that I was really going to leave you.

If I hadn't meant it,
Father would not have heeded my request.

I had no choice.

Do Yang-sama, I really loved you.

But now, I will forget you.

I have to leave you
so that you can live.

Please forget me too.

I feel like I returned
to that time long ago.

Which time?

The time I opened my eyes
for the first time...

... after having been shot.

You called me Sir Hwang.

I did.

That day when I saw you,

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Because there was an angel
sitting in front of me.

Dr. Yu, I'm thirsty.


I'm really sorry for causing you to worry.

Dr. Hwang...

I thought about this
while you were in prison.

About how much time we have together
in this world.

Let's have a wedding.

The faster the better.


I've decided to join the patriot army.


I don't care whether you're a doctor
or a patriot soldier.

I know what you're worried about.

But that wasn't important.

I feel the same way.

You've waited a long time, haven't you?

I'm really sorry.

Our dear Doctor Yu.

Oh, Dr. Hwang.
Welcome back.

It was bearable.

- Thank you for coming.
- I'm just doing my duty.

Please sit.

Hwang Jung

Comrade Hwang.
That's how I'm going to address you now.

Mother, are you happy?

Do you know how long
I've waited for this day?

- I feel so happy I could fly!
- Me too.

I feel like my own daughter's
getting married.

If your father was here today,
how happy he would be.

He would have been ecstatic!

- Mother...
- Seok Ran!

Seok Ran, congratulations!
I'm as happy as if it were my own wedding!

Thank you.
I have a request for you.

You want me to be your maid-of-honor?

Of course I'll be your maid-of-honor!
Who else would do it?

That's why I'm asking you!

I get to wear a pretty dress too!

I hope there are no emergency
patients that day!

- What?
- It's true!


- Congratulations, Dr. Hwang!
- Thanks.

Dr. Hwang, congratulations!

But to tell you the truth,
marriage isn't that great.

Dr. Goh, why are you casting a shadow
on a time like this?

- I'm not! I'm just telling the truth...
- You're casting a shadow.


- I need a best man...
- I'll do it.

Dr. Goh, I've been friends with Dr. Hwang
since we were both infants.

I knew him when he was Little Dog.
I should be best man.

Goodness, I've been his roommate
ever since he started studying medicine.

We even practiced CPR on each other.

Why did you have to bring that up
all of a sudden?

You practiced CPR on each other?

- That's disgusting!
- That's weird!

Please don't misunderstand!
We had to in order to become doctors!

- I'm going to vomit.
- I'm going to tell Dr. Yu.

It wasn't like that...

What's so funny?

- Dr. Hwang's wedding invitations are out.
- Really?

Then give me one too.

Dr. Hwang's best man should be me.

He's my colleague,
and I've known Seok Ran for ages.

Of course it should be me.

- That's a good idea.
- It's perfect.


Hey, I heard you're going to be
standing next to the bridegroom?

- Yes.
- That doesn't sound right.

Of course not!
Are you crazy?

Or are you planning on creating havoc
during the wedding?

- Why would I do that?
- Then you must be crazy.

Yes, perhaps I am crazy.

But I feel like I have to do this so that
I can get rid of any leftover feelings.

I'm going to go wash up.

Hahm for sale!
Hahm for sale..!

- Let's go in.
- What's the matter with you, sir?

Do you know how heavy this is?
We're so tired! Let's sit right here.

Let's have a drink before we go in.

If we can't sell this today,
we'll come back tomorrow.

If they won't buy it here,
maybe we can sell it somewhere else!

Look, it's wine!

Come here and have a drink!

It's too far to reach
with our hands and feet!

- Take it easy!
- Hey, let's just go over there and drink it.

- If you go there, it's over!
- We can't finish this yet!

- Why don't you come on inside?
- I'm so sleepy. Maybe I'll take a nap!

Here you go.

Have a cup of wine and go inside.

- I only drink wine poured by virgins.
- That's right!

You're really taking this too far!
Do you feel the same way, sir?

I... I eat anything.

Go away, Maksaeng!
You're ruining our hamn selling!

Should I do it?
I'll pour the wine.

- I won't drink unless Miryung pours it.
- Hey! Why are you pulling me into this?

Miryung, today you have to do
everything they want.

You just wait until this is all over.

How wonderful.



It's tasty!
Shall we move forward?

Let's go inside!


Oh, my groin!

Oh dear, it's too far.
Now our Mongchong has torn his groin!

Maybe they don't want us to go in.

Just take it easy, you rascal!

He wants us to take it easy!

Dr. Hwang, do you take it easy
when you perform surgeries?

All right, fine!


What now?

We feel like listening to the bride
sing a song!

Of course!
A song!

- I want Miryung to sing.
- You want to die?

The bride is inside the house
and cannot come out.

- We know she's behind that door.
- We can see her hair!

Come on out!

Come on.

How pretty!

Sing! Sing!

What should I sing?

- Until the day when the waters....
- What is this?

I don't think the Patriotic Song
is appropriate for a time like this.

Sing something fun!

Do you think she's singing for her food?

Just sing something else!

Go inside!

Have many sons and daughters
and live a long and happy life.

- Yes, Mother.
- Yes, Mother.

Now that you're going
to be our son-in-law,

I feel so much regret that I was rude
to your father.

I said a lot of mean things to him.

He must have been upset.

No, he wasn't upset at all.

We knew your father
for twenty years or so.

He was so steadfast.

You must be like your father too.

Yes, you're right.

Your father and Yard Dog will both
be very happy in heaven.


Hey, Chilbok!
The food is coming.

Ambassador, we finally have it.


During an interrogation of one
of the patriot soldiers,

We found this in a secret pocket.

What is this?

It's called a Bowl Notification.

Names are written in the shape of a bowl
so that it cannot be read easily.

Is that so?
How clever.

- So what about it?
- Look at it over here.

- Hwang Jung?
- Yes, sir!

So he did belong to a patriot army!

- Where is he now?
- There is a wedding at Jejoongwon today.

We'll get him at the wedding.

I'll go there myself.

You're an angel!
An angel!

- Mother, do I look all right?
- Of course!

- No one else in Korea can compare to you!
- It's not just in Korea!

- May I go in for a moment?
- Come on in.

What's wrong with you?

Mother, is this really my bride?

Am I dreaming?
It hurts, so I must not be.

I can see you have a glib tongue!

- Seok Ran, I can let my mind be at ease now.
- Why?

- I thought he was boring and stoic.
- He's not!

Mother, did you know I'm more
affectionate than Dr. Yu?

I doubt that!

No, Madam, a man can be affectionate and
charming when he's with the woman he loves.

Do you know how cute Mongchong can be
when we're alone?

- Our Dr. Hwang is really cute too.
- Yes, I'm very cute.

Excuse me, Dr. Baek.
The Japanese are acting strange outside.

They are?

I have a strange feeling that
the wedding may end up in ruins.

There's usually only one of them,
but today there's four.

Maybe it's because there are
more guests to monitor.

Oh, Dr. Baek.
Come and have a chat with me.

What? Dr. Hwang is the
leader of the Patriot Army?

Lower your voice!

- When did this happen?
- It wasn't long ago.

He took over the reins from Official Yu.

How did they find out?

He wrote his name on the Bowl Notification
and the comrade who had it was captured.

On my way here,
I realized something was up.

They must be here to seize Dr. Hwang
during the wedding!

That's what I think.

Perhaps we should cancel
the wedding today?

It can always be held another day.

No. If his name is on that notice,
then he's a wanted man.

If the wedding doesn't happen today,
it may never happen.

Cancelling the wedding...

... would be announcing that
we are afraid of the Japanese.

- He's right.
- But we know they'll seize him...!

How can we have
the wedding knowing that!

We'll have to prevent him
from being captured.


Resident-General Hirobumi has approved
the arrest warrant.

Now that the paperwork is out of the way,
shall we go get him?

Yes, sir!



- Thank you, Maksaeng.
- Don't mention it.

- Aren't you nervous?
- Not at all. I'm just happy!

Then why did you wait so long?

I know!

- Seok Ran, we're going to be late!
- Please get on.

Thank you.
Let's go.

- Miss Seung Yeon!
- The wedding hasn't started yet, right?

I'm so envious of Dr. Yu!

Let's go sit over there.

- Nurse Miryung!
- Yes?

- Administrator Oh.
- Come with me, Nurse Miryung.


You come too.
Would they even look good together?

- What's this?
- What's going on?

- Dr. Baek!
- Oh, you're here.

- Where's Seok Ran?
- You must be her maid-of-honor.


Please listen carefully to
what I'm going to say.

- It must have started already.
- Let's hurry!

Why hurry?
It's not even Do Yang's wedding!

Marriage is the beginning of a love affair.

Today, before all of you honored guests,

I want to tell the bride and groom
that today is the beginning.

Because these two...

- Has it started?
- Yes, it's going on as we speak.

Let's go in.

What is the meaning of this!
What is this commotion at a wedding!

We are here on the Resident-General's
business. Move out of the way.

- I won't move!
- You can't do this!

Don't just stand there!

Hwang Jung, you're under arrest!

What's the problem?
I'm not Hwang Jung. My name is Yi Gwak.

- Is there a problem?
- Isn't Hwang Jung's wedding today?

You must be mistaken.
His wedding was postponed.

Then where is Hwang Jung?

I'm not sure.

Why are you looking for him?

- Kondo.
- Yes, sir!

- Search this place!
- Yes, sir!

What's the meaning of this!

Fine, search all you want.

Looking good, Gwak.

Hwang Jung...!

We must have had a leak!

Hwang Jung won't leave
Jejoongwon so easily.

Increase security at Jejoongwon
as well as the bride's family!

We must get Hwang Jung
no matter what it takes!

Everything is ready.

You're safe, Dr. Hwang.

Thank you for coming.

We will now begin the marriage ceremony of the groom
Hwang Jung and the bride Yu Seok Ran.

I am Baek Do Yang,
the Director of Jejoongwon.

Please take care of Jejoongwon.

I will do my best to make sure that...

I do not besmirch
the work of Dr. Hwang Jung.

Let's leave together.

Seung Yeon!

You have to make sure
I walk away courageously.

I'll come back.
I swear it.