Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 31 - Episode #1.31 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- I will never forgive you. - Only the strong can forgive.
Forgiveness from a man as weak as you?
Who is performing the surgery on the War Minister?
That would obviously be Dr. Baek Do Yang.
He will be doing it first thing tomorrow.
- Thank you. - Go and learn well.
Yes, thank you.
This is Director Avison's official request.
Jejoongwon has never performed lung surgery...
... so we're asking to participate.
Please grant your approval.
- Fine. - Director!
- I am in charge of this surgery! - And I am the Director of this hospital!
Please join us.
- I seek your guidance. - Dr. Hwang!
I understand how this might be an interesting study for you.
But you have an emotional relationship with the patient.
It is outrageous that you are even in this surgery room.
- Please restrain yourself. - I understand your point.
But I would like to observe this surgery.
I will not be an obstacle. Please allow me to watch.
- I will be taking out his entire lung...! - Dr. Baek!
Let us conclude this debate.
Dr. Hwang is a close friend of yours.
Furthermore, Imperial Japan wishes for Hansung Hospital...
... to propagate medical knowledge in Korea.
- Let us stay true to our motto. - Please let him stay.
You will only watch. Nothing more.
Episode 31
What are you doing?
Director Avison is teaching me the incision point for lung surgery.
But I'm so ticklish.
Did you see Dr. Hwang by any chance? He's supposed to make some housecalls.
I'm taking over for him.
Dr. Hwang's at Hansung Hospital for lung surgery.
I wonder why he didn't mention it to me?
He came to me this morning and suddenly asked for an official request of participation.
My friend told me that the War Minister needed lung surgery,
... so he must mean to participate in that.
As you know, each lung is connected to the heart by one pulmonary artery and two veins....
... and to the airways by bronchial tubes.
We have to cut these four vessels to take out the lung.
But it seems that his lung has adhered to the chest cavity.
We will have to separate the lung from the chest cavity and cut the vessels.
Are there any special precautions needed?
We need to be careful with the pulmonary artery.
If it tears, the patient will die immediately.
I.... I've seen that before.
The blood flowed like water when the floodgates of a damn are opened.
I saw it once too. It was horrible.
I see.
Four major vessels need to be cut, so it must be tied off first.
The pulmonary artery can cause death if mishandled,
... so sometimes it is tied off twice.
So after all of these vessels are tied off,
... they are cut in the middle and the lung taken out.
It looks like Dr. Hwang drew a picture too.
But I wonder why he marked the incision in this spot?
This is wrong. If this is cut here, the patient will die of blood loss.
The lymph node has adhered to the pulmonary artery.
The cancer may have spread, so I may have to remove the node too.
Be careful, it looks tricky.
Dr. Baek is not only a treasure of Hansung Hospital,
But he is a treasure of Imperial Japan!
When he is married, his family name will be Kobayashi.
Am I right, Dr. Kobayashi?
Naoko, hold the structure for me.
She's touched the pulmonary artery!
It's all right. It's just a small tear in the artery.
Thank you. I'll hold it.
- Suction. - Y...yes!
Miss Naoko, why don't you take a rest. I'll take over.
All right...
This type of surgery requires two surgeons working together.
But this is what happens when there is only one surgeon.
- In any case, thank you, Dr. Hwang. - Please don't mention it.
Dr. Yu.
Don't you think we should go to Hansung Hospital?
If Dr. Hwang has an ulterior motive....
Dr. Yu! Dr. Yu!
The incisions on this side have been completed.
- I need to change sides. - Dr. Baek...
How about I help you on this side?
Perhaps I can be your surgery assistant.
It shouldn't be difficult on this side. I would like to assist.
Just observe.
It looks like Miss Naoko got a little over-excited.
What? I'm... I'm all right.
- Naoko, get some rest. - What?
And Dr. Baek, you must learn to accept help when it is offered.
Isn't the patient's life more important than your own pride?
And Dr. Hwang is right. A surgeon must be the assistant.
- Director! - We're running out of time. Let's hurry.
The surgery would be over by now if our Do Yang-sama had done it!
He may be slower than Dr. Baek...
... but he is extremely delicate and precise.
Everyone has his own strengths.
I'll leave you to it.
I'm finished. The blood vessels and bronchial tube needs to be tied.
For safety purposes, I will tie the artery to the heart twice.
We have to make sure that it doesn't get loose when the artery is cut.
I know.
Thank you for helping when the pulmonary artery was in danger.
Please don't mention it.
That didn't even put his life in danger.
- Hello. - Aren't you Dr. Yu Seok Ran?
There's a lung surgery today. Where is it being done?
Why do you ask?
It's against hospital rules to observe surgery.
I have to see it!
- Please let me see Dr. Watanabe! - I said no!
I will now cut the pulmonary vein.
One at a time.
All we have to do now is cut the artery to the lungs.
Dr. Baek!
I would like to cut the artery myself.
- I must have your heartfelt apology. - Apology?
How have I wronged you to apologize to you?
I told them to take appropriate measures, but your father was unlucky and died.
Are you saying that my father was less than an ant or a fly?
You're smarter than you look.
You should blame yourself. He died in your place!
- I will never forgive you... - Forgive me?
Forgiveness from a man as weak as you?
I'm sorry I was your father.
Dr. Hwang!
... let go of my hand.
Do you wish to ruin your career forever?
- I cannot forgive him. - You can't do this.
Medicine shouldn't be used to save men like him!
A doctor is a person who saves lives!
This very moment, I regret becoming a doctor.
Dr. Hwang!
- This man is my patient! - I'm sorry.
This man... is my enemy who murdered my father!
- Is revenge all you can think about? - Don't try to change my mind.
- Please let go of my hand. - Seok Ran...
Think of Seok Ran.
Dr. Hwang, don't do this....
Dr. Hwang.
Show us that you are a doctor.
Well done.
Don't tell anyone what happened today.
Of course. I can keep a secret!
Besides, he may have his medical license taken away.
Then his relationship with Dr. Yu may be strained!
I'll keep what happened today a secret until I go to my grave!
I must have been worried for nothing.
You would never hurt anyone on purpose.
No. I was going to kill the War Minister.
A man is capable of everything in his imagination.
It was the first time I ever wanted to kill a man.
- And I almost did it. - But you stopped it by yourself.
When Dr. Baek let go of your hand,
You made the right choice of your own free will.
Dr. Baek gave me the opportunity to make the choice by myself.
Dr. Yu.
Thank you for coming.
I shouldn't have been so worried.
I shouldn't have doubted you.
If it weren't for the two of you,
I would be a murderer now.
Thank you.
I want to thank you too.
And I want to ask you a favor.
I'm going to go to Hansung Hospital. I can't just wait here.
That's a good idea. Better yet, I'll go with you.
Don't go there! Why are you both in such a frenzy?
How can you blame them?
Think about it.
If the patient dies during surgery, they can't blame the doctor.
Dr. Hwang will have thought about that already.
So don't bring more attention to him!
How can you say that? Dr. Hwang isn't capable of such a thing!
If he's not capable of that, then I'm disappointed in him.
Why should he always be the victim? Eye for an eye! Tooth for a tooth!
There he comes.
Looks like nothing happened.
What a disappointment!
- Nothing happened, right? - You didn't cut it?
- What are you referring to? - I think we jumped to conclusions.
I knew it!
Dr. Hwang, do you know what they were thinking?
- What? - It wasn't anything! Let's go inside.
The surgical wound was on your side, so it will hurt for a while.
Even after it heals, it will be sore for a long time.
I see.
- The surgery was successful. - I've gained my life back because of you.
But I can't believe that I no longer have a lung.
Director Watanabe made your lung into a specimen.
- If you wish to see it, let me know. - No thank you. I have no desire to see it.
I have something to tell you.
During your surgery,
- Dr. Hwang Jung came into the room. - What?
To kill me? So what happened?
You must have stopped him, seeing that I am still here.
Dr. Hwang Jung helped me during the surgery.
- What? When did I ask him to do that? - Please calm down.
It's offensive, shameful and contemptuous!
If I were you, I would be grateful and apologetic.
That's what you think!
I have no reason to be thankful to the man who caused my daughter's death.
Nor apologetic to him.
- Minister! - I don't want to hear anymore.
Please leave.
I should have just died. I feel resentment towards you.
Now he has laid his filthy hands on my body too.
I told her to come here.
I think we should tell Baek Do Yang and make an appointment for surgery.
- Hasegawa. - Yes, Director.
Imagine you're on the surgical table.
And on either side of you holding a scalpel, is a God and a human being.
If it were you, who would you choose to do your surgery?
What kind of question is that? Of course it would be the god.
But what if the God is your enemy?
- What do you mean by that? - Answer my question!
Would the God agree to operate on you? And if so, wouldn't he kill you?
But a true doctor, even if he may be your enemy...
Would he not see you as a patient and disregard his personal feelings towards you?
How can such a doctor exist?
Are you all right?
Did you ask to see me?
I heard you were resting in your room.
Are you all right?
I thought you may still be panicking because you mistakenly touched the artery.
I did panic a little bit earlier, but I'm all right now.
- Why don't you order something, Naoko? - I'll have coffee.
You know...
My coffee is foamy. Why is that?
I... wonder why?
The foam is too little for it to be a cappuccino.
And it is a little viscous to be simply coffee.
I'll... I'll make sure I take out the foam next time.
What a strange taste.
Why did you want to see me?
To give you a vacation. You've been working nonstop.
You need surgery immediately.
- You think so too? - We'll have to open you up first to confirm.
But I don't think your condition is more serious than the War Minister.
We may not have to remove the entire lung, but only a portion.
The remaining lung will expand and fill up the empty space in the chest cavity.
And you won't have to worry about complications such as Thoracic Empyema or Pneumothorax.
It'd be certain death if I get pneumothorax....
... after having a pneumonectomy like the War Minister.
Yes. You should go into surgery tomorrow.
Well... I'll have it a week later.
I have guests from Japan coming, and I have lots of work to do.
- And don't you need a vacation? - Vacation?
Naoko must not have had time to tell you.
At my suggestion, the Ambassador has given you and Naoko a week vacation!
Work is my vacation.
Would Naoko feel the same way?
Why don't you go to the hot springs in Onyang and relax for a week?
I'll take the vacation later and do the surgery first.
Take the vacation later?
That's not a good idea.
In my experience, women may say they understand, but they don't.
They'll bring it up all the time!
We'll set the surgery date to be on the day you return.
I'll fast and wait for your return.
Fine, then we'll set the surgery for the day after I return.
Good. Let's do that.
I'll grit my teeth until you return.
Hand over my wife! I know she's here!
She's not here!
We haven't seen her after we discharged her!
Don't lie to us! We know you sweet-talked her!
Hand her to us before we tear the house apart!
What's going on here?
All the women who received cleft lip surgery here have left their husbands!
Why don't you go home and look again?
Maybe you don't recognize them because they're so pretty!
What? What nonsense are you talking about?
It's bizarre!
Why would a whole group of people run away?
We'll look into it too, so please go home.
Yes, if your wives come here, we will tell them to go home.
- You have to do as you said! - Don't worry.
We are too busy to intrude on domestic matters.
Let's go.
I wonder why the women are leaving.
I'm going to find out if the same thing is happening at the other hospitals.
- I'll go to Bogu Women's Hospital. - I'm finished so I'll go with you.
- Yes, go with him. - All right.
Let's go.
She is not here. You shouldn't do this.
She was just fine being a housewife! Why did you have to change things?
- Bring her back to me! - We don't know where she is.
But if we see her, we'll tell her to go home.
Seok Ran!
If I see her, I'm going to break her legs!
So if you see her, you tell her to be careful!
Who the hell are you?
Seung Yeon...
Did the cleft lip patients' husbands come to your hospital too?
That's why we're here.
So you were here this whole time?
Your husband came to Jejoongwon looking for you.
Did you tell him I was here?
Please don't ever tell him where I am! Please!
Us too! They're going to kill us!
But shouldn't you go back home?
Dr. Hwang...
You have children as well as parents to take care of.
Dr. Hwang.
They know that very well.
I really don't understand their husbands.
They used to hide away their wives at home because they were ashamed of their disfigurement.
But now they're beating them because they're worried they'll have affairs with other men.
- I should have known that. - I'm sorry. I didn't realize.
No, we're glad that you empathize with them now that you now.
Not everyone is like that.
Now what will you do with them?
They all say they want to work at the hospitals.
Hospitals are one of the few places that women can work in this country.
But if they work at the hospitals, their husbands will find them.
We'll have to find a way to protect them.
- Mother... - Yes.
Was dinner to your liking?
We don't like to use too much salt here.
No, we really enjoyed our food. Thank you so much.
Please think of this as your home and get some rest.
If you need anything, please tell Seok Ran or any of the servants.
- We will, thank you so much! - Thank you very much.
Our home is safe, so please get some rest.
- Yes, Madam. - Thank you!
- Mother, thank you! - Are you out of your mind?
Is our house a refuge for abused women? I'm really envious of you!
You can do everything you want because you have nice parents!
Stop scolding her. I feel bad for the women.
You act like this is the first time Seok Ran's done something like this.
So what are you planning to do?
We're going to consult the missionaries and try to let them do what they want.
A few of them might go to America with Seung Yeon and the missionaries.
- They want to study nursing there. - You're not going to America, are you?
Of course not.
Seung Yeon was already planning on leaving.
She originally wanted to study theology, but now she's going to study medicine.
- It'll be good if she could work with you later. - Yes.
I went to Hansung Hospital earlier to visit the War Minister.
Do Yang told me that Dr. Hwang helped him during the lung surgery.
Some time ago, I told him to never forget his duty as a doctor.
Do Yang told me that Dr. Hwang kept his rationale and completed the surgery.
That's what he said?
I was flabbergasted when you came the surgery room asking to join.
This man isn't human!
How could he consider studying the patient who was his mortal enemy?
That means I'm human.
Because I meant to kill him.
I know!
But I liked you more because of this different side.
And myself along with it.
Dr. Baek!
I've liked you for a long time.
I don't understand it. I should be your enemy!
I believe that I exist now because of you.
Think about it.
If I didn't have such worthy competition, I would never have finished my studies.
I think so too.
If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have been able to bear the difficult time in Japan.
I was really happy that you came back as a great surgeon.
That's not true.
I still feel like I have a long way to go if I am to catch up with you.
No, not at all.
You're the best doctor out of anyone I've seen!
No... no, I'm not.
Oh, I'll tell you something.
Right before I came back to Korea,
The Japanese students mocked and called me a butcher because of my skill with the knife.
- Did that really happen? - Yes.
But that was the happiest moment...
... during my entire stay in Japan.
In a strange way, I felt like I had received recognition.
- Thank you. - What for?
I'm not sure, but thank you anyway.
Oh yes.
The War Minister is recovering nicely.
Yes, I see.
I told the War Minister to give you an apology.
But he rejected me.
Let him be.
An apology without sincerity is not a true apology.
But as I looked at the War Minister,
I realized that I never gave you an apology.
Dr. Hwang.
I seek your forgiveness...
... for the many things in the past that we don't remember today.
Dr. Baek.
There is nothing you need my forgiveness for.
Let's have a drink!
You sing extremely well too!
What is the name of that melody?
Oh, it's an American folk song called Kentucky's Old Home.
Can you teach me the melody too?
Of course!
- Seok Ran really likes this song. - Does she?
She'll love it if you sing it to her.
I'll teach it to you a little at a time.
There's sunshine in the old Kentucky home!
That's right!
- It's a sad song about leaving Kentucky. - I see.
- Shall we sing it again? - Yes!
"What to do, what to do?"
- Are you that happy? - Do you even have to ask?
Onyang isn't close, so I'll send some security and guns with you.
Can't we just go by ourselves, Father?
- Then I can't let you go! - All right then!
- Father! - No, you can't take sleeping pills again!
- These are candy-coated vitamins. - What? Then....?
- I learned it from Mother. - What?
Don't worry about things here. Go and get some rest.
- We'll have the surgery when I return. - I look forward to it.
In the meantime, I will prepare myself mentally.
- Take care of yourself. - Have a good time.
Contact Hwang Jung.
- Tell him I want to see him. - Yes, Director.
- I will have surgery tomorrow. - Do you think he'll agree to do this?
We'll have to make sure he does.
Why does it have to be Hwang Jung?
I think Baek Do Yang is a great doctor too.
Baek Do Yang is most definitely a great doctor.
But it is certain that Hwang Jung is a greater doctor.
There is another reason.
Baek Do Yang is bold and quick.
But he takes out too much at once.
So his surgical wounds are big.
Although Hwang Jung is slow,
He is more precise in his incisions.
And thus has a smaller surgical wound.
Which is better for the patient?
- The latter. - That's right.
From a doctor's perspective, a large surgical site would be better.
But from a patient's perspective, it's better to have a smaller wound.
Furthermore, my surgery isn't about removing the entire lung.
Only a small portion would be removed.
And if I let Baek Do Yang do it?
He would cut out large chunks of my lung!
But what if I leave it to Hwang Jung?
He would only remove the portion that needs to be removed.
That's the reason why I want Hwang Jung.
That was wonderful!
How did you know I like this song? I don't remember singing it for you.
You never sang it for me, but I've heard you sing it before.
A long time ago, when I was shot...
I heard you singing it.
We've known each other for a long time now.
But I remember it like it was yesterday.
Then and now, you are still very beautiful.
You are so beautiful.
Look at the lovebirds!
The Director wants to see everyone.
Mr. Severance from Cleveland has donated $10,000 to Jejoongwon!
I don't think you all understand.
Do you know how much $10,000 is?
One American dollar is a day's wage for most Koreans!
That's like using 10,000 people for the entire day!
10,000 people can move mountains!
I'm not sure about that, but we can build a hospital with 40 beds!
My friend Gordon said he would design the hospital for free.
This is Mr. Gordon's hospital design.
It's nicer than Hansung Hospital!
When will it be built? I want to treat patients there quickly!
Administrator Oh and I will be looking at potential sites.
Please take me with you. I can read feng shui really well!
Is there anything you can't do?
I am overjoyed that Jejoongwon will have new facilities.
If the money has come from overseas, then you should change the name of the hospital.
No, Your Majesty, how can we discard the name you gave?
He's right, Your Majesty!
The name of Jejoongwon is widely known even in America.
Our people also know us as Jejoongwon.
If the name is changed, it will cause problems.
We will make the official name Jejoongwon Severance Hospital.
But we will continue to call it Jejoongwon.
- Please grant us permission. - Indeed. I am most grateful.
Your Majesty, I have something to tell you.
We started the free surgeries on the cleft lip patients.
Yes, I am aware of that. It is a wonderful work.
There are some women who are suffering because their husbands won't agree to a divorce.
Please encourage them to agree to a divorce.
Yes, Your Majesty, you have already made it lawful to divorce and remarry.
But in this case, the husbands are abusing their wives and refusing to cooperate.
We ask you for your help, Your Majesty.
Here you are.
Dr. Horton...
His Majesty has granted his permission!
Oh my goodness, thank you!
- Administrator Oh helped. - How did I help?
As a Confucian scholar, I object to divorce and remarriage.
But I felt sorry for these women and added a few words...
... when Dr. Horton talked about it. But why did you have to bring it up?
Thank you, Administrator Oh!
- Thank you! Thank you! - No, don't thank me. I didn't do anything!
Now the only thing left is to leave.
When will you come back?
It'll be a few years, since I'm leaving to study medicine.
I wish time would fly by so that we could work together.
Me too.
- Seung Yeon! - Seok Ran!
It's seaweed soup! It must be someone's birthday.
- Must be. - It's your brithday! Happy birthday!
Is that true?
Happy Birthday!
It's embarassing to be congratulated for that.
Happy Birthday!
- But what use is our birthday wishes? - I know! It should be Dr. Yu!
Oh, Dr. Yu.
- How did things go at the Palace? - It went very well.
Before they leave for America,
We're going to teach them some English and basic nursing skills.
That's good.
The basic nursing skills must be taught by Nurse Miryung and Nurse Nang Nang.
Nang Nang, high five!
- I can't believe I'll be teaching someone! - You're more than qualified.
It must be someone's birthday!
Whose birthday is it?
You're a little sad, right?
What? My birthday? I'm not sad at all!
- What... what is this? - It's a letter for you.
- It's a letter from Dr. Allen. - What did he write?
He says he's coming for the new hospital's opening.
- And what's this? - That was delivered by hand today.
I think he was really upset. His facial expression changed suddenly.
Did you really forget?
No, I remembered it up until last night.
I even bought a present for him!
Maybe you were too worried about the women.
Seok Ran, what do you think about having a surprise party?
A party?
In the West, sometimes we pretend we don't know it's their birthday...
... and then throw them a great surprise party.
If we do that, then you forgetting his birthday earlier would be...
- Turning a misfortune into a blessing! - Yes, that's right!
Oh, we don't have any butter.
Without butter, we can't make cake.
Then what do we do?
And we need an oven to bake it, but we don't have one either.
Isn't there something we can do? We're already making the batter.
Shall I slice some kimchi and make kimchi pancakes instead?
Kimchi pancakes instead of a birthday cake?
What about making wine bread? All we need is rice wine.
And we won't need an oven because we can use the stove to steam it!
- That's a good idea! - Wine bread?
- Will you get drunk on it? - No, I think it will do nicely.
Then all we need is rice wine.
But where do we get rice wine?
- Miss...! - What's wrong with you?
Miss! Rice wine!
I was saving it for when I couldn't sleep at night!
Thank you, Miryung.
Oh! You're spilling it.
Yi Gwak, are you looking for a gravesite by any chance?
No, we can't have a gravesite. People must leave our hospital alive!
I'm trying to find the best location!
- Mountain back, water embrace! - Yes, mountain back, water embrace.
The back to the mountains and facing water in the front...
- Isn't this that sort of location? - That's right.
You need a location like this so that many people can live long and healthy lives!
This is the spot.
This is the best we've seen so far, and it'll be the best no matter how many we see.
- Yes, I like this place for some reason. - I like it too.
But where is Administrator Baek on an important day like this?
I heard that you helped our Do Yang when he was in Japan.
We should have sought you out earlier. Please accept my apologies.
Please don't mention it.
I just gave him a little financial assistance so that he could focus on his studies.
But Do Yang ended up saving my daughter's life.
He has already paid his debt.
Our Do Yang is your daughter's savior then!
In English, that's "same same"!
But you know something...?
I will be conveying Do Yang's wishes to you.
As his uncle, I must do what is in his best interest.
So you may consider what I'm about to say as the will of our family.
Yes, please continue.
We grant our approval to the wedding of our Do Yang and your daughter, Naoko.
- Thank you. - However...
The wedding will take place only once, in our tradition, and in our house in Korea.
We do not mind having another wedding in Japan in the Japanese tradition.
But we will not have a Japanese wedding in front of Hansung Hospital or the Japanese Embassy.
We will have to give that some thought.
What else?
Do Yang says that he will go into practice for himself after the wedding.
The location can be either in Korea or Japan.
But he insists on starting out as a small clinic with just himself and Naoko.
This is Do Yang's will as well as the will of our family.
It is my understanding that Naoko has already agreed to this.
We hope that you will grant your approval as well.
And one more thing.
After the wedding, Naoko must move in with us for three years.
What? I had to do it too.
I won't go easy on her because she's a foreigner.
Foreign Minister!
How dare Baek Do Yang try to manipulate me!
Your Excellency, that's not important.
The war has finally begun!
The Imperial Navy has attacked the Russian Far East Fleet in Manchuria!
I know.
The Russo-Japanese War has finally begun!
Should I increase the security at Hansung Hospital and at the Japanese Embassy?
Yes, you should.
This is not the battlefield, but the Russian Embassy has soldiers.
And tell the Japanese citizens here in Hansung not to speak with any Russians.
Should we call back Naoko and Baek Do Yang?
No need for that.
I sent security with them, so they will be fine.
What did you mean when you said that Baek Do Yang was trying to manipulate you...?
Oh, that. It's nothing important.
My daughter's wedding will take place in front of the Japanese Embassy in a grand manner!
- But if we are at war with Russia... - We must go on as normal.
His family may object for a while,
But Baek Do Yang will have no choice but to submit.
Yes, you're right. We have his achilles heel!
Wait a moment.
The outhouses in Korea are so scary!
I won't let anyone come near.
- Naoko, do you have insomnia? - No, I don't!
It smells. But I'll tolerate it since I'm with you.
Do Yang-sama, aren't you tired?
A little.
What if...
And I'm just wondering.
If I don't marry you, what will you do?
- Are you serious? - No, just curious, that's all.
I would take medicine and die. I always take it with me.
So don't even joke about something like that.
I saw the sleeping pills in your bag.
- Is that why you asked? - Yes.
Because I remembered the time we had to pump your stomach last time.
Was it the same medicine then too?
Yes, it was.
And you take it everywhere because I might leave you?
You don't want me to die, do you?
That's candy-coated vitamins.
I took those vitamins too when I was in Japan!
No! Maybe the bottle was mislabeled?
Do Yang-sama!
Overdosing on them might give you diarrhea, but they won't kill you.
Do Yang-sama, I think you're mistaken!
- I thought you were sincere about me. - I do! I love you, Do Yang-sama!
Please don't go!
Move aside.
Move aside!
I said move aside!
Don't hit him!
Do Yang-sama, are you all right?
Do Yang-sama...
I was wrong. Please forgive me.
Do Yang-sama...
You know this is all because of me, right?
You have to replace my rice wine!
I will!
- It's ready, Doctor. - Now we'll put jam on it!
Dr. Hwang's coming!
What's this smell?
- What smell? - It smells sweet.
What smell are you talking about?
Four women are here, so of course it smells nice.
That's right!
I see.
- Are you going somewhere? - Yes, someone wants to talk to me.
- I'm going to the hotel restaurant. - When are you coming back?
- Once my meeting is over. - You have to hurry back.
Yes, hurry back!
- Is something wrong? - Of course not. Just hurry back.
All right. I'll be back right away.
- What is that behind you? - It's nothing!
- Hurry back! - Please hurry back!
Why did you ask to see me here?
You don't look well.
We could have met at the hospital.
I wanted to see you here, Dr. Hwang.
Why did you want to see me? I have to hurry back.
I'm... I'm not well.
So I'll be direct.
Please perform my lung surgery.
- You have Dr. Baek at Hansung Hospital. - He's on vacation with his fiancee.
We don't know when he'll be back.
There is no one to operate on me but you, Dr. Hwang.
You wouldn't turn away a patient, would you?
You took a Hippocratic oath.
Fine. Check yourself into Jejoongwon. I'll make an appointment on my calendar.
Dr. Hwang...
I'm the Director of Hansung Hospital.
It wouldn't look good if I went to Jejoongwon.
- Our facilities are better and... - I only do surgeries at Jejoongwon.
If you want me to do your surgery, please come to Jejoongwon.
I'm busy so I'll take my leave.
Dr. Hwang...!
When Dr. Hwang arrives, we have to sing this song I just taught you.
Yes, Dr. Horton!
It'll be daylight by the time I get a taste of that cake.
I'm going to head home.
I'm sorry, but I was out with Administrator Oh all day and I'm tired.
- I'm going home. - Yes, Director. Good night!
Why isn't he coming?
Seok Ran, I have to go home because of my child.
- Please go home. - Yes, please go home.
Nang Nang, let's go.
He's so late!
Where is he?
Where are the surgical instruments?
Someone has taken the surgical tools and instruments!
At daybreak, please begin the surgery.
It's because of you! You're the reason Do Yang-sama won't come to me!
You can return safely and see the patients waiting for you at Jejoongwon!
And Yu Seok Ran too.
I won't take a single step! Not until you accept my apology!
I plan on giving my all for the Independence of Korea.
Please take care of my Seok Ran.