Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 30 - Episode #1.30 - full transcript

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Episode 30
He answered the Health Agency's help request.
That's good.
- You can't be here, whoever you are. - I am Do Yang-sama's fiancee.
It looks good.
There may be a scar,
But if she puts some powder on, it won't be visible.
Good work. I don't think she'll attempt to end her life anymore.
I realized something during this surgery.
We should operate on young children with cleft lips too.
That way they won't grow up ostracized. They'll be able to play with other kids.
I'm bring it up during our next meeting at the Health Agency and organize something.
My nephew has a cleft lip too.
Can you fix it, Dr. Baek?
Dr. Hwang is here!
Who's that woman?
Well done, Dr. Baek.
You too, Dr. Yu.
Please don't mention it.
Miss Naoko.
Is Yu Seok Ran more important than our wedding?
You saw it with your own eyes. A patient needed surgery for her cleft lip.
Yes, I saw it. That's why I'm more angry!
Is a cleft lip a medical emergency?
Dr. Hwang could have performed the surgery!
Do you even want to marry me?
- Naoko! - Do you even love me?
I thought I asked you to stop asking me things like that!
For the past five years, I acted like a child when I was with you.
I hoped again and again that your heart would open up to me.
But I realized today that your heart hasn't open up to me at all.
I gave you the advantage in our relationship because I loved you more.
But today, you pushed me too far.
This is why our relationship doesn't work. Your feelings for me are too strong.
Let's delay our wedding.
I'm sorry for saying this to you now. I should have told you before I left Japan.
And there is something you should know.
You knew who was behind the explosion in Lord Lee Yong-Ik's ward, didn't you?
What do you mean? How would I know that?
The person who gave orders for the explosion was...
- Who was it? - Forget it.
Just tell who it was!
Is it connected to our wedding in some way?
You're frustrating me!
Naoko, tensions between Japan and Korea are rapidly rising.
If we were to get married during this time...
Our marriage would not be looked upon with favor.
People will think that I married you for your family's wealth and power.
Especially Dr. Watanabe and the Japanese Ambassador.
- Who cares what they think? - I can't help it.
I'm a doctor at Hansung Hospital. I need to work on my career more.
Only then can I take you as my bride.
When is that going to be?
It won't take very long.
What if I give up my citizenship? Then we wouldn't have any problems.
- Naoko! - I feel so insecure all the time.
I'm scared that you'll leave me.
When the tone of your voice changes, I can't do anything all day!
Am I strange for being this way? All right then.
We'll delay the wedding. I'll explain to my father.
But promise that you'll spend more time with me here in Korea.
All right.
- Oh, Dr. Baek, welcome. - Dr. Baek.
Young Master, we were just about to take off her bandages.
I was curious to her status. Dr. Yu, thank you for calling me.
Not at all! It's only right that you see your patient.
Don't worry. I'm sure it will look good.
Have a look.
Thank you! I didn't know it was possible!
You certainly had good fortune! Good fortune!
The lip looks good. Great work, Dr. Baek.
Not at all. This surgery was performed by Dr. Yu.
No! I didn't do anything!
If you didn't come to Hansung Hospital for the x-ray,
... this surgery would never have happened.
As Dr. Baek mentioned, we should start treating patients with cleft lips here.
According to my survey results,
1 out of every 1000 children are born with either a cleft lip or palate.
But because their parents tend to hide them away from shame and fear,
These children grow up never having it corrected.
That is why we must disseminate this information agressively,
So that these children can receive this surgery.
And if this surgery is performed between the ages of one and two, there is minimal scarring.
We must liase with the OB/GYN doctors so that we can monitor these children from birth.
I've prepared some posters. Dr. Yu.
- Have a look when you get back. - Yes, I will.
Cleft Lip and Palate patients treated without charge.
Come now...
Do I have to do this? I'm scared!
Scared of what? It'll be over when you wake up from a deep sleep.
You're such a pretty girl!
Dr. Hwang, isn't she pretty?
Oh my goodness! There is a girl prettier than Dr. Yu Seok Ran!
- I've never seen such beauty! - She's much prettier than me.
You're going to be a great beauty of Korea after your surgery!
Please fix my lip!
How many patients left today?
The two of you have been operated on ten patients so far.
- Now there's four left. - We'll finish by evening.
- Let's begin. - Yes!
Have we finished seeing all the cleft lip patients?
Yes, you've performed 12 surgeries.
Do you want to have dinner at a restaurant?
- How about omurice? - Really?
Then let's finish up and go!
Foreign Minister,
How do you feel after seeing how Imperial Japan is taking care of Korean patients?
The hospital here isn't as good as the ones back home.
This is more than sufficient for the Koreans.
They wouldn't be able to handle it if the hospital's facilities were any better.
Oh, here comes Dr. Baek.
- Father! - Oh, Naoko!
Do Yang, your face looks thin.
I heard you were so busy you couldn't come to Japan.
You missed the ship because of a patient on the verge of death?
- Yes. - That's right!
Dr. Baek is very busy.
Recently, he organized the other hospitals at the Health Agency,
... so that cleft lip and cleft palate patients receive corrective surgery.
As a result, the negative rumors about our hospital...
... during the King's stay at the Russian Embassy...
... have disappeared significantly.
I can see why you're busy.
Do Yang-sama is using medicine as a bridge between Japan and Korea.
The patients wait in line for him.
I see.
So please don't be angry about the wedding.
- We can always set the date again later. - You're right.
Yes, that is why I'm here now.
We'll delay your wedding in Japan.
But why don't you have the wedding in Korea first?
You're from a very illustrious family.
And I've been too focused on my family. Am I right, Mr. Baek?
The Foreign Minister is a very considerate man.
It would a symbolic event if a traditional Japanese wedding...
... took place at Hansung Hospital's front lawn.
We must invite all the senior officials of Korea and have a great celebration!
Fine, let's do that. I have no son.
That is why I've decided that after the wedding,
I will bestow my family name of Kobayashi to you.
Do Yang, I hope that you will take this opportunity...
... to be reborn as a citizen of our great nation!
I have no son.
That is why I've decided that after the wedding,
I will bestow my family name of Kobayashi to you.
I hope that...
you will take this opportunity to be reborn as a citizen of our great nation!
Please go to the pharmacy for the medicine.
Next patient, please come in!
Excuse me!
- You need to wait in line! - I'm going in first!
You can't do this! Please go and wait your turn!
I'm seeing the doctor first. I warn you, leave me alone.
- I know you're in a rush, but... - I need to see you!
I'll be fine. You can wait outside.
What's bothering you today?
Do you have any opium here?
I need it. Oh, I heard you had morphine here.
Give me a shot of that.
You must be addicted to opium.
But we don't give morphine shots to just anyone.
- You won't give me the shot? - No, I won't.
I'm not a butcher, Sir!
His Majesty the King promoted my son, so I got promoted too!
A promotion for a butcher, my ass!
If you give me one shot of morphone, I'll tell you everything.
I'll tell you how your father died.
I'll tell you who was behind his death.
Sir, you can't cause trouble here. You need to leave.
It... it was me who killed your father!
What the hell is he saying?
- Hey, you bastard! - The patients can hear you!
Who are you?
Me? I'm not important.
Just give me some morphine and I'll tell you everything!
I'll tell you how your father died and who gave the orders to have him killed!
He died in a tavern, right? And you were outside sewing someone up!
Am I wrong?
A butcher becoming a doctor, my foot!
Get out, you crazy bastard!
Who are you? What are you saying?
Give me morphine! Morphine!
I'm going to take him to a room.
Give me some morphine! Please, I need morphine!
It's against the rules of the hospital to give you morphine.
Tell us what you said earlier.
Were you really the one who killed Uncle?
Yi Gwak.
We're going to have to put him on a fast for the time being.
His condition is very serious.
I can see that. I'll take care of this patient.
You should return to the patients.
Why are you all here?
He's just an opium addict.
I can examine him myself, so all of you, please leave.
- Dr. Hwang... - Dr. Goh!
Please escort Dr. Yu out.
Yi Gwak, you go too.
Dr. Yu.
You seem to know about my father.
Please tell me what else you know.
Nothing is for free in this world.
What is that?
Is that all morphine?
Hurry! Hurry!
Tell me about my father.
Why are you stopping?
Give that to me now! Hurry!
We tried to kill you first.
On the night you moved into your new house.
But you didn't die.
That's why we decided to kill your father!
- That bastard! - Get a hold of yourself!
Dr. Hwang....!
- Who... are you? - I'm not the one that's important.
- I just did as I was told. - Who told you to do this?
I won't tell you! Not until you give me that shot!
- Please tell me. - No, no! I won't tell you!
Please give me that morphine! Please, please!
Where are you going?
The War Minister!
It was the War Minister!
He wanted you to feel the pain of losing a loved one too!
He made us do it!
I told you I want the morphine! Morphine!
Give me the goddamned morphine!
Dr. Goh...
Please give the patient some IV fluids.
He is dehydrated because of the withdrawal.
All right.
- Jung... - Dr. Hwang...
The War Minister has retired from duty.
He was so ruthless with his enemies while he was the War Minister.
Now he has a private army to guard him.
He must really done a lot of bad things!
The patient was so upset that the IV wasn't morphine!
Good work, Dr. Goh.
You must have been discussing the War Minister,
... but I know something about him.
My friend at the Bureau of Art told me that...
They are drawing the War Minister's portrait.
He must be on his deathbed. Heaven is punishing him!
How dare you cut in!
I heard that he had to resign his post due to illness.
That means he has only a short time to live.
Dr. Hwang, I am sure your heart is full of bitterness right now.
But perhaps you need to think that time has taken care of your revenge for you.
- He's right, Dr. Hwang. - How can that be enough for revenge?
Revenge is sticking a knife in him one second before he dies!
Yi Gwak!
I'm just making a point. I'm not saying that's what I'm going to do.
Report this to the authorities. He went against His Majesty's orders.
You have a witness now, so you will be able to get a trial.
I want to be alone for a while.
I'm not a butcher!
His Majesty the King promoted my son, so I got promoted too!
I... I'm sorry I was your father.
Jung! Jung...!
Hey! Jung!
Identify yourself, Sir!
I've come to see the War Minister.
He's not in.
I know he's inside. I'm Dr. Hwang from Jejoongwon!
Go inside and tell him that I'm the man who was promoted by His Majesty.
Wait a moment.
Why are you acting like this, Jung?
Let's go back. You shouldn't be here right now.
He says he doesn't know you.
Are you crazy?
Turn back while I'm still nice about it.
Minister! Have you no fear of Heaven?
I will make you pay!
I will never let you get away with this!
They're important customers, so I'll do it.
What a great patriot I am.
At last, our Dr. Baek will be marrying Miss Naoko!
- How can they not when I'm here? - Please pardon me for asking.
Baek Do Yang can be unpredictable. He may say he won't go through with it again.
He won't be able to do so that easily.
He found out that you were behind the scholarship for his medical studies.
He caused trouble in the past because he thought he was just a hospital employee.
But now he won't.
I see your point.
If he leaves Hansung Hospital,
Hansung News will publish an expose about him.
It would be a matter of time before he is accused of treason.
He could even be beaten to death by the Korean people.
It is said that by Korean law,
Treason is punishable by eliminating the three clans.
Three clans? Who is that? And why are they eliminated?
Yes, the the three clans are first, second and third...
No, that's not correct.
You should know Korean law and culture if you're going to live here.
The three clans refers to the three clans of the father, mother and wife.
Eliminating the three clans means that every relative of the traitor is put to death.
Mr. Yoon, how knowledgeable you are!
It's a special coffee. Please have some.
I see. That is very interesting.
Yes, it is.
Pardon me, Foreign Minister.
Why are you so bound to Baek Do Yang?
I can't really understand that.
Baek Do Yang is an exceptional doctor.
In Japan, he treated many powerful men in politics and finance.
He was merely a young surgeon at the University Hospital who had just graduated.
Can you imagine?
The irony of Japan's most powerful men under Baek Do Yang's knife?
Why would I turn away such a useful man?
And he saved my daughter's life too.
She loves him so much.
I see. I didn't know that.
I was the one who discovered Dr. Baek.
- Is... is this all? - Yes.
I made the donburi myself.
I didn't even eat breakfast, because you said you were going to cook me something.
Me too.
Please go ahead. Itadakimasu! (Bon appetit)
- Did she just tell us to eat later? - I think so.
Japan is so close to us, and yet it's so different.
It's not bad.
I'm home.
- Do Yang-sama! - Have a seat, Do Yang.
So this is your room.
Maybe I should sleep over tonight.
- No. - You're such a gentleman.
But you know I'm your woman.
I'm always ready for you.
- Naoko. - Do Yang-sama!
I wanted to wait like you wanted.
But my father is here. Can you just do as he wants, please?
He wants us married for political reasons.
So what as long as we don't think that way?
I don't agree. I won't do what he wants.
Do Yang-sama!
- There is another reason, isn't there? - What are you talking about?
I know about you and Yu Seok Ran.
- I know you were more than just friends. - What?
I knew when I saw how you look at her.
That's why I was so angry that day. Do Yang-sama!
Forget about her. She belongs to another man.
- It's not because of Seok Ran. - Then why do I still see her in your eyes?
Bogu Women's Hospital has performed the most cleft lip and palate surgeries.
Good work, everyone.
I hope we will support the people by being able to do more of these surgeries.
And Dr. Yu...
Rabies is on the rise these days.
As you know, there is no cure for rabies.
All dogs and cats with rabies must be euthanized.
We must also inform the people to stay away from foxes, raccoons and weasels.
What? The War Minister ordered your father to be killed?
- You really didn't know? - Dr. Hwang!
You were close to him. Are you sure you didn't know?
I swear I didn't.
You know he wouldn't have let that happen if he had known about it!
Why don't you report this to the authorities?
I already told him that.
But he won't listen to me.
Why don't you let His Majesty know?
You can't handle this issue by yourself!
No. I am the only one who can take care of this.
Don't you know you can lose everything?
You need to move forward! Stop dwelling on the past!
Seok Ran is right.
My emotions got the better of me. I'll see you later.
How long has it been?
I didn't hear from you for a long time.
I thought you were dead.
I studied medicine for a while. But you don't look well.
Look. I don't have much more time.
I just ran into Dr. Hwang Jung at the Palace.
He came to my house last night and caused a commotion outside.
- Why did you do it? - What do you mean why?
That was the best thing I ever did in my life.
How does it hurt?
It feels like needles are stabbing me.
How does it look?
You have lung cancer. It has spread all over your lungs.
What does that mean?
There is a malignant tumor in your lungs. We may have to remove one of them.
That is a major operation!
I used to oppose using knives on the body.
How did I come to need it myself?
- We must operate quickly. - Quickly? What do you mean?
If we don't operate quickly, you won't live for long.
Without surgery, how long do I have?
At most... a month.
- And if I have the surgery? - You will live longer than a month.
You may even live until the end of your days.
Please have faith in Dr. Baek.
It'll be over when you wake up.
- Can a man live with only one lung? - Yes, he can.
I will have the surgery, but I won't do it in a foreign hospital.
Please recommend another hospital to me.
There aren't a lot of doctors who know how to do this procedure.
Only Dr. Hwang Jung and myself know how to do it.
- Did... did you just say Hwang Jung? - That's right.
If I get surgery from him, he'll stab me ruthlessly!
What do you mean by that? Dr. Hwang will stab you?
He and I go a long way back.
Look here, Baek Do Yang, what do you think I should do?
Have the surgery here. I will save you.
Please stop breathing. One two three!
Why do you need this x-ray all of a sudden?
Baek Do Yang has made me ill with his antics.
I know my heart will be black inside from the worry he gave me.
I was so good to him!
Won't he come back to his senses if he marries Naoko?
His body may have been here, but his mind was at Jejoongwon this whole time.
That's why he paid more attention to matters of the Health Agency...
... so that he could help Jejoongwon.
How astute of you.
But do you know something?
I don't think he'll marry Naoko.
How could he give up that opportunity!
He must really have a deathwish!
I agree. Idiot!
Damn it!
Damn it!
Pardon me, Miss Naoko?
I'm Yoon Jae Wook. I'm a friend of Baek Do Yang.
Are you? Do you want a drink?
I knew you would say that.
Are you here alone? Is Do Yang joining you later?
Do Yang-sama won't see me these days.
That fellow...
I heard your wedding is being delayed.
No, not at all. We're going ahead with it in Korea.
Really? Do Yang never mentioned that part.
This is all because of that Yu Seok Ran wench!
Do you know her?
Do I? She's the reason Do Yang left Korea!
- She's the reason? - You didn't know?
Do Yang, our Do Yang proposed to that low-class daughter of a translator!
But she rejected him!
Then she hooked up with that Hwang Jung fellow!
How could you not even know that?
I find that hard to believe. The Do Yang I know is so cold.
- He is such a cold man. - Cold? He's also really grumpy.
I don't know how he fell so hard for someone like Yu Seok Ran.
They've known each other even before they could read.
How many years is that?
After he lost his mother, Do Yang only cared for one woman, Seok Ran.
It'll be hard for anyone else to fill that empty space.
So what I'm trying to say is, please be good to Do Yang, all right?
Wh..why...? Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Why does she leave without paying like that.
A patient brought this tea to pay for his treatment.
It has a really nice aroma.
Thank you.
Dr. Hwang...
If you're going to stay gloomy like this, the patients will be gloomy too.
Me too.
That day...
My father wanted to have a bowl of soup from the tavern he used to frequent.
But I...
I treated a patient while I was there.
I left my father eating alone...
... so I could treat a patient.
If I hadn't left him...
He wouldn't have died like that.
He wouldn't have died such an absurd death.
Just thinking about that...
... really breaks my heart.
Your Father...
... will be upset if he knew...
... how much you were hurting because of his death.
Please stop tormenting yourself.
Make a proper report to the authorities,
So that you can receive a formal apology.
Only then can the other lowborn people walk around with their heads high.
Damn it! What just happened here?
I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
I loosened his ropes because he was complaining his feet hurt.
You will go on a fast starting today and receive surgery tomorrow.
I thought about this carefully all night.
I don't think...
I don't think I can have my chest cut open and my lung taken out.
War Minister!
We won't be removing your lungs! Dr. Baek will just be taking out the cancer.
After the surgery, you will live a long and healthy life!
I have a personal interest in this surgery.
I will make sure it is a success!
I sent a letter to Lord Lee Yong-Ik to ask for his opinion.
He advised me not to have the surgery.
He said he almost died here.
Yes, there was an unfortunate accident here.
But if he hadn't received surgery here, he wouldn't still be alive.
Opinions are given by people who are alive.
He's right!
I will make certain that your surgery is a success.
All right.
Tomorrow will either be the day I die, or the day I am reborn.
Let's try it.
Thank you. Thank you very much!
Naoko didn't come to work today?
I didn't see her this morning.
Naoko... Naoko!
Naoko, it's Father. Open the door!
Open the door!
Naoko! Naoko! What happened?
Naoko! Naoko...!
Naoko, wake up! Naoko!
To the hospital!
Doctor! Doctor!
- Naoko! - What happened?
This way!
They're sleeping pills.
It looks like it was taken from our hospital.
We've pumped her stomach, so her life is no longer in danger.
Please put your mind at ease.
She'll recover once she gets some rest.
Do Yang-sama, do you pity me?
I used to believe that you liked me a little.
And because of that belief, I could bear it even when I was lonely.
I believed that love can be won with effort.
But I've come to realize something.
You never loved me. You only pitied me.
You saw yourself in me.
Perhaps you understand me the best because of that.
But that makes me even more pathetic.
I want the suffering to end. Your Naoko.
The management of Jejoongwon is a big problem.
Yes, we only barely managed to pay the staff their salary last month.
It must be difficult for everyone.
Dear, let's help them.
We'll end up getting it back through Seok Ran's salary.
No, I'm sure Director Avison will take care of it.
What are you planning on doing to the War Minister?
You look deeply troubled.
Dr. Hwang.
Please don't let yourself forget for even one second that you are a doctor.
You are no longer responsible just for yourself.
You are a doctor of this nation's Jejoongwon.
You're also my future son-in-law.
I pray that no reckless act will topple over....
.... the tower you have made such an effort to build thus far.
Do Yang-sama!
Why did you come?
Did you come to pity me?
Do I seem that pathetic to you?
No, it's not that.
I never pitied you.
I'm sorry you felt that way.
Can't you wait for me... just a little longer?
Until my heart...
Until my heart...
... draws closer to you?
I'll make an effort too.
Do Yang-sama!
It's not here.
That can't be possible. Please look again.
The name is Hwang Jung. And the photo was with Yu Seok Ran.
You can look, but you won't find it there!
You've aged!
You look like you aged ten years!
Who? Me?
Let's see. It appears to me...
... that you're the one who's aged a lot.
Before, your eyes used to be this big.
But now they're droopy like this...
- Like this. - What?
I'm confiscating the pictures where I look bad!
- Give it to me. - No.
- Give it to me! - No!
You scared me!
Damn it! Damn it! Why do I have such bad timing!
I'm really sorry. But I have to let you know something.
- What is it? - Well...
My painter friend tells me that he just finished the War Minister's portrait.
But do you know where he is?
He's at Hansung Hospital. He's waiting for surgery there.
Dr. Hwang!
- I'll be back soon. - Please don't go.
What will you do? Let's just make a report.
- I want an apology from him. - Then I'll go with you.
I don't think I can send you there alone.
No, don't feel that way.
I have to go to him alone.
I'll be back soon.
Oh, Dr. Hwang! What brings you here?
I've come to visit a patient.
You must be referring to the War Minister.
I heard you go way back.
His daughter killed herself after you brought her back to life!
Yes, I remember now.
How does it feel to examine the health of someone they call the Hippocrates of Japan?
Exhale loudly.
I always feel like you've been wasted.
If you had worked under me, you would be much more famous than now.
When did you start having symptoms?
What detailed questions you ask.
Let us stop the examination.
You know what's going on, so why aren't you doing anything?
I know my body very well. I'm fine. It's true!
Did you perchance come here at this hour...
... to kill the War Minister?
- So you knew everything. - Of course.
I have a strange attachment to you.
Who is going to do the War Minister's surgery?
Of course that would be Dr. Baek Do Yang. The surgery will take place tomorrow.
I may be willing to allow you to join in.
It is a risky surgery. He may never wake up.
This may be the only time you can talk to him coherently.
Go to him.
- Is this fun for you? - What?
I am Hwang Jung, a doctor of Jejoongwon.
I came to see the War Minister.
Turn back. He is in critical condition and cannot see anyone.
Your Excellency! Are you inside?
I am the butcher His Majesty promoted! The butcher Little Dog!
I'm here to see you! Are you inside?
Let him enter.
Your Excellency, has your life been peaceful?
This is the first time I've seen you since the day you were pardoned at the Palace.
It appears you have shed your lowborn image as well.
You know why I am here, don't you?
I'm not sure why you're here.
Oh, you heard I had a fatal disease,
So perhaps you came to seek forgiveness for causing the death of my daughter?
Then seek forgiveness, but I will never forgive you.
Is that why you ordered his death?
I don't know what you're talking about.
It was a stroke of luck,
But I met a man with a scar.
But interestingly enough, he said that you told him to kill my father.
That is news to me.
How could an official of the nation's government do such a heinous thing?
He deserved to be ripped into pieces with bare hands.
But of course I couldn't do that to him.
Your Excellency!
You might find it boring, but please listen to what I'm going to say.
My father always considered himself inferior to others his entire life.
But one day, he was promoted from his lowborn rank.
So for the first time in his life, he wore silken clothes and went on an outing.
He said he wanted to have a bowl of soup.
You know?
But while he was enjoying that bowl of soup,
He was beaten like a dog and died.
How unfortunate.
That is why a man must always know his place.
Go on.
If you hadn't ordered him to be murdered,
My father would have finished that soup and we would have gone to my mother's grave.
He would have boasted to his heart's content.
My son was promoted!
And because of our son, I was promoted too!
So on the next anniversary of your death, we can buy linen clothes for your body.
I can't listen anymore to your tragic tale. Leave me.
Yes, I will leave.
But before I do, I will hear your heart-felt apology.
Apology? How have I wronged you to apologize to you?
- You ordered my father to be killed! - I did?
That's right.
Did I do that?
Yes, now I remember.
I did do that. You're right.
So have you come to your senses?
I told them to make an example out of you.
- An example? - That's right.
For putting the hierarchy in disarray.
I think you need to check your ears first.
They seem to be deaf.
My father was no longer a lowborn man. He was promoted!
That promotion was a corruption of the hierarchy!
His Majesty is responsible for that as well!
In any case...
I told them to take appropriate measures, but your father was unlucky and died.
So that's life. What can we do?
One wrong step and an ant dies.
And move your hand and a fly dies.
Just accept it and forget about it.
Are you saying that my father was less than an ant or a fly?
You're smarter than you look.
You murdered my father! Apologize!
If you have any conscience, apologize to me!
Kill me.
I will take revenge for my dead daughter by making you a murderer.
Go on and kill me!
Apologize! Beg for forgiveness!
What are you doing? This is a hospital!
I want your apology! Beg for forgiveness!
You should have let yourself be killed by the assassin that night.
You should blame yourself. He died in your place!
I will never forgive you.
Forgive? Only the strong can forgive.
Forgiveness from a man as weak as you? Impossible!
Don't worry about things here. Go and enjoy your holiday.
I will perform the surgery when I return.
Tell Hwang Jung I want to see him.
Do you think he'll agree to do the surgery?
They'll say the doctor deliberately killed the patient.
It can cause a big problem for Jejoongwon.
He has strong feelings for this patient.
If you cut that part, the blood will pour out and the patient will die.
It is outrageous that you are even in the operating room.
I won't bother you. I'll only watch.