Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 29 - Episode #1.29 - full transcript

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Episode 29
Do Yang-sama was the best surgeon in Japan.
Even his teacher, Professor Kimura was jealous of his talent.
Yes, he is very skilled.
He is bold and without hesitation, and yet he is delicate.
He's not going to wake up for a while.
- Yes, you're right. - I will continue with the phlebectomy.
If you can suture up the stomach, things will move quicker.
Yes, that's a good idea.
We should tell His Lordship's servant of the situation first.
It's better to complete the surgery first.
This is Hansung Hospital. There may be misunderstandings.
The perforated ulcer has been taken care of.
Please suture up the stomach.
I will now do the phlebectomy.
Your surgery skills are fast and precise.
I am the Director. Please let me go in.
An x-ray machine enables the diagnosis of illnesses we couldn't find before.
Dr. Baek's decision to take the patient to Hansung Hospital was a logical one.
And I believe Dr. Hwang would have agreed.
Yes, both Dr. Baek and Dr. Hwang are like that.
I doubt they thought of anything else other than the patient.
But how careless can they be?
This isn't the time to be taking him to Hansung...
Why did His Majesty seek refuge at the Russian Embassy?
Wasn't it to escape the clutches of the Japanese?
A patient's life is more important.
Hansung Hospital is swarming with both Russian and Korean soldiers, so it's safe!
And they're bringing him back immediately after the surgery!
Dr. Yu, since you know Dr. Baek well, you must go to Hansung Hospital.
Let's check out the situation and discuss it again later.
Yes, Director.
I just came to observe. Please continue.
Are the varicose veins only in his calf?
No, I think they are also in the great saphenous vein (GSV).
It may even extend into the abdomen.
But it didn't appear so when you were operating on the peritonitis.
Seeing how the groin muscle is soft, it doesn't look like it extended this far.
But to do a phlebectomy to this area, we have to remove the thigh skin.
What? Really?
But that will cause heavy bleeding and the operating time would be too long.
If we give him more anesthesia,
It may strain his health, and he might even die.
But if we give up now,
The patient may die from pulmonary embolism.
But if we hurry, we can do it before the anesthesia wears off.
- That's the only solution we have. - It'll be an hour before he wakes up.
I'll try to do it within thirty minutes.
First we will tie off and cut the GSV that goes into the femoral vein.
Next we will cut into the thigh and remove the varicose part of the GSV.
The patient is waking up!
Dr. Baek, the patient must be resistant to anesthesia!
Do Yang-sama, suture him up now and finish the surgery later!
- Re-anesthesize him. - That's dangerous!
Even more so because he is resistant to it!
But what else can we do?
Stop the surgery when I've already cut the GSV?
That is not proper surgery!
But anesthesize him again, and he may never wake up!
- Re-anesthesize him. - Do Yang-sama!
Re-anesthesize him!
Wait! Wait just a moment.
We need to think of another solution.
The solution is to re-anesthesize him and quickly finish the surgery!
No, remember the anatomy class in which we studied the great saphenous vein.
Other veins are connected to the GSV, but they are insignificant in terms of size.
What's your point?
If you're going to remove the GSV, you're going to have to remove those veins too.
Why don't you just pull them all out?
Because it's already cut here and here, all you have to do is pull the whole thing out.
- If that was possible, then that's good! - But how?
Do you think it'll pull out if we use our hands?
Nothing will work!
It'll either slide out or tear.
But if only you could get it out!
Please continue your discussion. I'll be outside.
What is it?
Mr. Baek. Director, can you take off your uniform again?
Take off? All right.
Right here. Take a look right here.
- Look at what? - Imagine the sleeve is the vein.
So you... you put something in the vein...
Steel wire...!
We use a steel wire! Like his arm here.
We stabilize the great saphenous vein by inserting a steel wire into it.
We tie off one side.
And we pull.
I'll go get the steel wire!
I'll give it a try.
How did the surgery go?
- The patient was suffering from peritonitis... - How was the surgery?
It went well.
We performed a laparatomy to remove the peritonitis.
We also removed the patient's varicose veins.
I am the reporter from Hansung News.
Why did the patient end up at Hansung Hospital from Jejoongwon?
The diagnosis given at Jejoongwon was peritonitis caused by gastrointestinal perforation.
But our Dr. Baek was sure that it was caused by a perforated ulcer.
But after reviewing the x-ray photo taken at our hospital,
It was confirmed to be peritonitis caused by a perforated ulcer.
That is why the patient went into emergency surgery here.
Ah, I see. Dr. Hwang at Jejoongwon made the wrong diagnosis!
So the patient had no choice but to come here.
Yes, one can say that.
Why don't you think about it once more?
Right here. Take a look right here.
- Look at what? - Imagine the sleeve is the vein.
And his arm is in the sleeve.
So you... you put something in the vein...
Steel wire...! We can use steel wire!
Russian Embassy
I thought I would get better if I left the Palace, but I was wrong.
It must be because I am safe here, but the nation is still in turmoil.
Father, we have eliminated the pro-Japanese ministers from the government.
That is enough.
It is just the beginning.
Yes, Your Majesty. The Crown Prince is right.
You will get better soon.
I heard that Foreign Minister had to go to Hansung Hospital because of your misdiagnosis.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Fortunately he was diagnosed properly there...
... and was able to receive the correct procedure.
Are you saying that Hansung Hospital's medical skills are better than Jejoongwon?
Your Majesty, forgive me for saying this.
But in terms of medical skill, Hansung Hospital and Jejoongwon are similiar.
But Hansung Hospital has new machines like the x-ray machine,
... and is able to diagnose diseases in the inner body accurately.
Are you saying that he had to go to Hansung Hospital in order to get the right diagnosis.
And that he had to get surgery there too?
Yes, Your Majesty.
I don't know anything about this x-ray machine.
But Jejoongwon will progress in its medical knowledge and skills,
So that it can diagnosis diseases better than this so-called x-ray machine.
I will obey, Your Majesty.
In the future, you will not go or send any patients to Hansung Hospital.
That is going against my orders.
When His Majesty heard that the Foreign Minister was receiving treatment at Hansung Hospital,
He suffered indigestion.
That must never happen again.
Yes, Your Highness.
His Majesty didn't take his medicine again?
Yes, he turned it away saying that he had heartburn.
Do you have some time?
I was about to leave.
If you're not busy, please come to my house.
My home is very humble.
No, thank you for inviting us at this late hour.
Something smells good.
Let's go inside.
When did you make all of this?
Dr. Yu and Director Avison helped me.
And I set it up based on what I saw at Jejoongwon.
Wait a moment.
Corydalis ternata Nakai, Atractylodis Rhizoma, Orange Peel, and Pumpkin...
I boiled these ingredients with catechu and made a tonic.
- Did you use a fixed ratio of ingredients? - Yes.
When I made the tonic without measuring the ingredients first,
The taste was different each time.
But now the taste is consistent.
- May I taste it? - No, wait a moment.
This is the finishing touch.
- It smells like peppermint. - Yes!
Now you may taste it.
Adults will drink a half hob, while children can drink a quarter hob.
It tastes good!
Eastern medicine has taken the qualities of western medicine!
We'll test it on ourselves first.
And if it's all right, we'll give it to His Majesty.
This is great. I had indigestion too.
I feel like we should toast!
To health!
You have to tell us if it helped your stomach.
This is good. Can I have a little more?
Dr. Goh, this is medicine.
- Just one more shot. - This may taste good with ethanol!
- Miss Miryung! - I think we need to keep this safe.
Yes, I'll hide it away.
- Dr. Yu, you're a big meanie! - A big meanie!
Hey, give me a glass too.
I'll rather get fired than watch a friend drink alone.
By the way, I heard you did great today!
I heard that Hwang fool made a misdiagnosis...
But you corrected it and operated successfully!
Really? It must be true then.
That means you're the better doctor.
You know those reporters at Hansung News?
They were speaking in Japanese, but your name kept coming up.
I think we were right to burn the Queen's body.
That's why it seems only like a rumor and not the truth that she's dead!
That's why even a Korean doctor works at Hansung Hospital.
If we didn't burn her body, there would be so many more patriot armies!
And we wouldn't have survived the Ambassador's wrath!
But you know what the Queen said about watching us from the grave.
I've been having nightmares lately.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
It's so hard to make a living with those Japanese bastards here!
Hey! Shouldn't you at least apologize?
I'm sorry.
Are you... are you the doctor from Hansung Hospital?
You Japanese minion!
Bastard! How could you work for the Japanese!
Saved by a man who's been tailing me.
- This is the digestive tonic that I like? - Yes, Your Majesty.
I made it in Dr. Hwang's presence and sealed it in a bottle.
You mean no one has touched it since the medicine was put in this bottle?
The taste isn't bad.
I know the efforts you have taken to make this medicine for me.
Thank you, Your Majesty!
You've seen all the female patients.
Dr. Hwang has so many patients.
No, he is at the Russian Embassy. His Majesty sent for him in the morning.
The Director is at the Health Agency, so Dr. Goh is seeing the patients.
I see.
Dr. Hwang is spending so much time with His Majesty.
Yes, he's seeing the King more than his own friend.
It's because His Majesty is suffering from a variety of conditions these days.
- Send the children to me. I'll see them. - Yes, Doctor.
Your breathing has improved.
Thank you. You saved my life.
Not at all. It's because you are strong and endured the surgery.
You are recuperating well.
What is a man like you doing here?
It doesn't matter where a doctor works.
It only matters whether he can save the patient or not.
I'm sure you have your reasons.
I want to be transferred to Jejoongwon. When is that possible?
You should stay here for a few days. I'll let you know based on your recuperation.
- Thank you. - Please let go of your worries.
No one will threaten you here.
My babies... my babies...!
- What is this? - It is a glucose shot for Lee Yong-Ik.
I think you need the glucose more than him.
Why don't you use it on yourself?
Lee Yong-Ik is a cancer on Korea.
He sent his own King to the Russians as a hostage.
It's obvious the Russians will control Korea like a wife pounds bread.
Wouldn't it have a great significance if a Korean did away with such a man?
- Your logic is ridiculous. - Ridiculous?
You'll get used to it.
I told you clearly that I will not tolerate any interference in my treatment of patients,.
But that is not how an organization works.
Besides, it is the Ambassador's order. I have no choice.
The Ambassador?
Why is the Embassy giving orders to the hospital?
Listen carefully to me.
When Lee Yong-Ik dies,
I will tell everyone that it is because of the vein that Hwang took out.
Hwang Jung will have to stop working in medicine.
And you, Dr. Baek, will be unrivalled in Korea as the greatest doctor here.
- Do you really think I would do this? - Of course.
Do you wish to remain under Hwang Jung's shadow the rest of your life?
The world has changed.
It can make a genius into a fool.
So stop nursing your broken heart over that girl.
All it takes is one shot.
You can defeat your rival.
And take back the woman he took from you.
Thank you.
- Dr. Goh. - Are you back from the Palace....
- No, I mean the Embassy? - Yes.
Did it go well? His Majesty's indigestion is all right?
Yes, the tonic worked.
I knew it would. My stomach felt better afterwards too.
How many patients did you see today?
- Eight-three patients. - I'm really sorry.
I have no time to see any patients because His Majesty keeps sending for me.
No, not at all. It is our duty to go when His Majesty calls.
Did Dr. Yu go somewhere?
I don't see her anywhere.
She went to the Health Agency. They're starting the disinfection of cholera.
I see.
We've received reports of a case of cholera at Jaemulpo.
They've begun disinfection there already, so we should do it here as well.
Please take the posters you received and share them with your patients.
Please share this information with as many people as possible.
We'll send the chlorine powder to your hospitals,
So please use them in your designated areas.
I remember the time when I went to Jaemulpo with Director Heron because of cholera.
I remember that.
When you were away,
I used to think of you during each annual disinfection.
Think of me?
You went to the butcher village because of smallpox.
You got into a fight with the shamans.
Yes, I did.
How was it in Japan?
It must not have been easy to study with the Japanese.
It wasn't easy.
But I finally understood to an extent...
... what Director Heron said to me before he died.
I came to a realization.
What did he say?
I... want to keep that to myself.
Do you want to have a cup of tea with me?
I'd love to.
Young Master.
Dr. Hwang was praising your surgical skills during the operation on Lord Lee Yong-Ik.
He said he was surprised by how quick and precise you were.
- He didn't say anything else? - No.
- Why? - It's nothing.
That lady named Naoko...
What condition did you treat for her?
I was on duty in the emergency room.
A patient was suffering from gastrointestinal atony.
That was Naoko.
Your emergency surgery must have saved her.
She was very lucky.
She met a talented surgeon.
Was she studying nursing when you met?
No, she was an art student.
But the next thing I knew, she was a nurse and working with me.
That's so romantic.
- When are you getting married? - Married?
Don't talk about that. Shouldn't you be getting married first?
I don't know. It seems so far away to me.
I'm embarassed talking about this with you.
I thought something was amiss, but I realized there's no music.
Maybe the pianist isn't here yet.
Why don't you play a piece?
No way! The piano will be ruined.
No one else is here. I haven't heard you play in a long time.
- I haven't played in ten years! - You taught me a piece.
Let's play it together.
Then shall we give it a try?
That was fun.
I had fun too.
I'll be going now.
Seok Ran!
I wanted to ask you something.
I read this in the newspaper. Two men are running.
Naturally, one leads and the other follows.
Of course.
But the one who is following can't catch up no matter how hard he tries.
He really wants to beat the one who's leading.
- What should he do? - I feel bad for the one who's behind.
Should he try to trip him? Then he'll win for sure.
Of course not. That's cheating.
It's cheating...?
Yes, others may think that he won the race,
... but he'll know the truth.
Young Master...
I can call you Young Master like before, right?
Yes, I prefer that.
I know it's not my place, but I'll recite a verse for you.
~ Recites verse ~
- That's from the Analects of Confucius. - Yes.
A man with knowledge is not as good as a man with love.
And a man with love cannot defeat a man with passion.
If he truly enjoys running,
He wouldn't care who was in the lead or who was behind.
Who cares about that when he's enjoying the run?
That's my personal opinion.
I'll be going now.
My babies...!
How? My cute babies!
Damn it!
My cute babies!
Japan does not think we need to talk to Russia.
I feel that Lee Yong-Ik is wanted by many different groups of people.
Although security is tight at Hansung Hospital,
They may attempt an assassination.
Although we should try to stop such an attempt,
Should an attempt be successful, we need to prove that we were uninvolved.
I like men like you who understand my thoughts.
You should have told us earlier that the light wasn't working.
It's fine now.
- It's still not working. - We turned the electricity off.
If you turn it on at night, it'll work.
Then... Rest well.
There aren't a lot of people at the hospital today.
Is that so?
- Turn on the light. - Yes, My Lord.
- It's still not working. - Try again later.
Excellency! Excellency!
- Are you all right? - Help me.
Please get up.
You had to wait until His Majesty let out a burp?
Yes, I had no choice.
And I don't think we can go to Hansung Hospital anymore.
His Majesty was furious that Lord Lee Yong-Ik went to Hansung Hospital for treatment.
He has ordered us to give better diagnosis than an x-ray machine.
In any case, I will not go to Hansung Hospital anymore.
I was hoping to use their x-ray machine for some of our patients here.
But I have to give that up.
Dr. Hwang, you should do what you want.
But we must restrict yours visits to His Majesty.
What do you mean by that?
It is our duty as his subjects to go when he summons us.
This is no longer a royal hospital.
So I get to decide whether to send him a doctor.
I understand, Director. But he is the King.
- Don't you agree, Dr. Yu? - I think Director Avison is right.
It seems like all you think about these days is His Majesty.
What do you mean by that?
You've been like this eversince the Queen died last year.
I have?
But isn't it justifiable?
We can get over losing our Queen, but the King has lost his wife.
But that's not how a doctor sees a patient.
A doctor must always use reason and logic when with a patient.
But it seems like you're biased when it comes to His Majesty.
Jejoongwon is full of patients.
But you spent a whole day at the embassy because His Majesty had indigestion.
- I had no choice. - You did have a choice.
You chose to stay there.
You should have explained to His Majesty about the absurdity of the situation.
When you asked Dr. Allen to take you in as his medical assistant,
Didn't he ask you this?
Who would you treat first? An important person or a commoner?
Dr. Baek brought a patient here!
Lord Lee!
- What happened? - There was an explosion in his room.
An explosion? Who would do that?
It was the Japanese Ambassador.
A few days ago, I was asked to kill Lord Lee.
But I turned them down.
That's why I asked you to come back here!
I'm all right. Please treat the patient first.
We came in a rickshaw, so he might be bleeding from his surgical site.
He seems all right.
Yes, I have to go back.
I'll contact you once the patient has been examined.
Yes, thank you.
Young Master!
Won't you be in danger because you brought the patient here?
- I'm worried about you! - I'll be all right.
And Lord Lee won't be safe here either. Find out if he can be moved elsewhere.
I'll see you later.
Yes, that's right.
Do Yang-sama! Where were you? We thought you were dead!
- I'm fine. - We regret that this happened here.
We were shocked by the explosion.
We state that Hansung Hospital is completely uninvolved in this incident.
We will cooperate fully with the authorities to find the culprit .
Dr. Baek!
Did you safely transport Lord Lee Yong-Ik to Jejoongwon?
- Yes. - Good.
Immediately after the explosion, we escort Lord Lee Yong-Ik to Jejoongwon.
We were afraid of further explosions.
If we were behind this,
We wouldn't have taken the patient to Jejoongwon.
I've brought him.
You have gumption.
You came back with your own two feet after what you did?
I came to resign from Hansung Hospital.
Did you think you could do so? You can't come and go as you please.
I came here to treat patients.
But now I know this place isn't for treating patients,
... and that is why I want to leave.
Do you want to die?
Did you give orders to kill the Queen like this too?
Dr. Baek! You must have heard something...
- Who said that? - Who else?
It was your own men!
Then you must have heard the truth.
Then shall I tell you something that my men don't know?
Do you know where the orders came from?
Who did you receive money from for your studies?
Yes, it was Naoko's father.
It was his will that you work at Hansung Hospital too.
This is the reason you can't leave Hansung Hospital.
You weren't followed?
Yes, we took him over the wall that wasn't watched and brought him in a palanquin.
Good. You have suffered a great deal.
- Please get some rest. - Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
His Majesty will be curious about me. Please tell him I am fine.
Yes, please don't worry about that. I'll tell him.
If you need anything, please tell the nurse here.
Yes, just let me know.
What if our house explodes too! Let's take him somewhere else!
Our house is safe. I've told the men to keep watch.
Can they prevent an explosion?
It was you that brought him here, right? You told him it was safe here!
- Yes, I... - No, Mother. I suggested it!
What? Are you out of your mind?
Are you becoming like Dr. Hwang?
Now... let's stop chattering here. Let's go to our bedroom, dear.
Seok Ran, see Dr. Hwang to the door.
Yes, Father.
I'm worried about Dr. Baek. I'm sure he'll get in trouble for what he did.
I didn't know he was going through all that.
But he was concerned about the patient until the end.
Dr. Baek...
Dr. Yu.
You were right.
I was irresponsible at Jejoongwon because of His Majesty.
I apologize for neglecting my duties as doctor.
No need to apologize.
I was overly sensitive myself.
His Majesty's digestion is better,
So I will focus on seeing patients at Jejoongwon.
- I will tell His Majesty too. - But...
His Majesty doesn't see you just as a doctor.
He considers you a confidante too.
The patients are more important.
Dr. Hwang!
- No one is outside. You can go. - Good.
- I'll see you tomorrow. - Be careful.
Hello. Have a seat. I ordered for you.
Is coffee all right?
Yes, how can I help you?
I have to go to Bogu Women's Hospital for work.
It won't take long.
We've picked our wedding date.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
I remembered he said you were close friends.
I wanted you to be the first person to know.
I see.
We'll have two weddings, one each in Japan and Korea.
We have too many guests and the travel would make things too complicated.
Please come to the wedding in Korea.
Of course. I'll be there.
I'll be on my way then.
Oh, you said you were busy, right?
But how did you become friends with Do Yang-sama?
- What do you mean? - It's strange.
Korea has a sexist view of women...
And even Jejoongwon had problems because of that.
And Bogu Women's Hospital exists because of that very reason.
So it makes me wonder how a young man from a noble family like Do Yang-sama,
... became friends with someone like you.
Our fathers knew each other.
They visited each other a lot.
That's all.
I see. Do Yang-sama never talks about Korea.
Please tell me more later.
- About Do Yang-sama in Korea. - All right.
Oh, and Do Yang-sama will be busy with wedding preparations.
Please refrain from meeting him even as friends.
- We have much to do. - All right.
She tried to kill herself because of her husband's abuse,
But the villagers brought here here.
She's swallowed something, but she won't tell us what it is.
Will you tell us what you took?
We need to know so we can treat you.
If it's not dangerous, it'll come out in your movements.
But if you took something dangerous, you have to go into surgery.
She was sewing something up.
I'm afraid she might have swallowed something like a needle.
Did you... did you swallow a needle?
Please tell us!
- Madam! Madam! - Seok Ran, what's wrong with her?
I don't know what she swallowed, but it's obstructing her intestines.
- Then you have to operate! - But we don't know where it is.
- Isn't there a way we can find out? - An x-ray would tell us.
Then let's go get one. Can we go to the photographer?
No, the only x-ray machine is at Hansung Hospital.
Hansung Hospital?
This is obstructing the entrance to the small intestine.
But what is it?
- I don't know. - It's a gourd button.
A gourd button?
We got married without seeing each other first.
But because of my lip, my husband started abusing me.
I tried my best with him.
You need surgery.
- You have to live. - Yes, the surgery will save you.
- Naoko, prepare for surgery. - No! I took it to die!
You shouldn't have done that!
We can fix your lip too.
We can make your lip nice.
Yes, she's right. So let's take out the button first.
- Then we can fix your lip. - Is that really true?
I'll do it! Take it quickly! It really hurts!
May I join in the surgery?
I've never seen a gastrointestinal atony before.
Dr. Yu Seok Ran! That's against hospital rules!
- No, it's all right. You can join. - Do Yang-sama!
- What if the Director finds out? - I won't join in the surgery.
No, you can join in. I'll teach you how to do the procedure.
Naoko, please get Dr. Yu a surgical coat.
Don't be concerned about her.
It's been a while since we did surgery together.
The preparations are complete.
We will now begin the procedure.
Wait! Angela...
Dr. Yu took a patient to Hansung Hospital?
Yes, that's where she is.
Who do we have here? It's Dr. Hwang!
- Is Dr. Yu Seok Ran here? - Dr. Yu Seok Ran?
Yes, she's here.
Dr. Baek is teaching her how to remove obstruction from the small intestines.
Why don't you have a cup of tea with me and wait until the surgery is over.
- I have something to discuss with you. - We can speak here.
I've been unjustly wronged.
I'm not involved with Lord Lee Yong-Ik's incident.
- So? - You're close with the King.
Would you be so kind as to put in a good word for me?
Why don't you tell him yourself.
Wait. The surgery is almost over.
When there is an obstruction, water and nutrients cannot pass through.
So it leaks out through the distended portion.
Yes, so if you don't hydrate the body,
The patient can die from loss of blood pressure or dehydration.
You know it.
Found it. Scissors.
We can take it out now.
- Do you want to suture the intestines? - Me?
Is it all right if I do it?
Of course. I want to see how well you do.
Don't worry about her. I'll handle it.
Go ahead.
All right then.
I wanted to teach you how to fix her cleft lip too,
But I can't because she may not have enough blood.
Yes, we'll have to make an appointment to do it at Jejoongwon.
- We'll cooperate with Bogu Hospital as well. - Yes, that's a good idea.
I'm glad I saw you in surgery. You were neat and accurate as expected.
You were just as fast and precise as Dr. Hwang said you were.
You seemed to enjoy doing surgery.
A man with knowledge is not as good as a man with love.
And a man with love cannot defeat a man with passion.
I heard the news from Naoko.
Your wedding date is set?
- She said that? - You're leaving for Japan for the wedding?
When you have your wedding in Korea, I'll be there with Dr. Hwang.
- All right. - Be happy.
And don't appear too close to me.
Your bride will be jealous.
Yes, thank you.
You didn't need to do an x-ray just for an intestinal obstruction.
We needed to.
But His Majesty told us not to.
He won't be happy if he hears about it.
Dr. Hwang!
The patient swallowed a gourd button.
But she wasn't talking and her bowel was obstructed.
We wouldn't have known anything if we didn't take an x-ray!
Why do I have to explain myself to you?
You don't.
You were jealous, weren't you?
You're picking on me because you were jealous...
... that I had gone into surgery with Dr. Baek!
My goodness!
It's not that, all right?
I saw the two of you.. ... standing really close...
You were smiling at him...
And it made me a little bit angry...
- Dr. Hwang! - Mongchong!
Have you been well?
Where is the Director?
He went home. Is Maksaeng well?
- And the child is well too? - Yes, both of them are very well!
I've been meaning to visit you. I miss Maksaeng.
She misses you very much too.
What brings you here so late?
Oh, Director Avison asked me to come back to work.
That's great!
Yes, Yi Gwak was stressed out working by himself.
- Start work tomorrow. - I wish Maksaeng would come too.
Actually, I came to tell him that I can't.
- I'm going to work at a gold mine. - A gold mine?
- I'm going to go for the nodaji! - Nodaji?
That's what people call gold.
The foreigners said "no touch" to the Koreans to prevent them from touching gold.
So they call it Nodaji.
Yes, I'm going to try and change my life!
I have so many mouths to feed now.
But I still feel sad.
- Well, I wish you lots of nodaji. - Thank you.
"What to do, what to do"
What to do... what to do?
After surgery, your lips will look like this.
- Will it really look like that? - You'll still have a small scar.
But it'll look much better than now.
Thank you!
Director, we will be using the triangular flap method for this patient's surgery.
We will cut the skin in a triangular flap.
And then we will fix the lip so that it looks as natural as possible.
Good, by the time I return from my patient visits with Dr. Goh,
The surgery should be finished.
Make her look pretty.
I wish you a successful surgery. I will be going with the Director.
- Have a good day. - Good day.
Don't worry!
Dr. Hwang! His Majesty has asked for you!
I think it's because he's returning to the Palace today.
Can't you go after the surgery?
He wants you to hurry. He's sent a rickshaw for you.
I have to go.
Can we postpone the surgery to tomorrow?
No, I had to lie to my husband to come.
I can't come again!
What do we do?
There are other doctors who know how to do the procedure.
Perhaps we should use the Health Agency's emergency contact network.
I'll inform them on my way.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
I told you he was close to the King.
Do Yang-sama! Are you all packed?
Don't be so sad. I'll ask Father to build you a hospital in Japan.
I'll take care of things here, so don't worry and have a nice wedding.
Dr. Baek, I'm envious of you!
The son-in-law of our Foreign Minister!
If you have any bad feelings towards me, please put it out of your mind.
Let's be close friends.
Then goodbye. We'll see you when we return.
I have been well because of your help.
You should stay a few more years. I'm sad that you're leaving.
Please come again anytime the situation calls for it.
Your Majesty, Dr. Hwang Jung from Jejoongwon is here.
Bring him in.
Your Majesty, I give you my greetings.
- How do you feel today? - I feel wonderful.
Then why did you ask for me?
I wanted you to return to the Palace with me.
When I return,
I will declare the Empire of Korea and become its Emperor.
My son, let us hurry back. I desire to be back in my Palace.
Yes, Father. I couldn't sleep last night at the thought.
Your Majesty, I am Yu Hee Suh.
I have brought the tailor who has made your imperial robes.
- Is that so? - Dr. Hwang, is something wrong?
It's nothing.
- Your Majesty, I wish to say something. - What is it?
There is a patient in Jejoongwon who needs surgery.
With your permission, I would like to return to Jejoongwon and perform the surgery.
Dr. Hwang Jung, how can you make such a statement before His Majesty?
Your Majesty, please ignore him.
No. You may return to Jejoongwon.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Do Yang-sama, can we have a modern wedding in Japan,
... and have a traditional Japanese ceremony in Korea?
Aren't you the doctor from Hansung Hospital?
I have a message for you.
A message? Give it to me.
What's the use of reading it?
Female patient in need of cleft lip repair.
Seeking doctor with knowledge of procedure.
Dear, please let go!
- She has to go into surgery. - What? Surgery?
- We don't have that kind of money! - We're not doing this for money.
Please let your wife stay. We'll fix her lip so that it looks nice.
- Are you going to do it? - No.
- Another doctor will be here soon. - Whatever.
I'm starving. Go home and make me food!
Since you say it's free, I'll think about it and send her next time.
- Dear! - Please don't do this!
She has to go into surgery right now.
Young Master...
I've removed all the thickened skin. Now we have to sew it up and...
I knew everything. About Yu Seok Ran and you...
I know you were more than friends. Just forget her.
Yu Seok Ran is someone else's woman.
Oh my God! You should have known better!
After the wedding, I'll take care of Kobayashi.
If you give me morphine, I'll tell you everything.
I'll tell you how your father died...
...and who killed him.
I won't let you get away with this!