Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 28 - Episode #1.28 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm the surgeon from Hansung Hospital, Baek Do Yang.
Nang Nang!
Have you been well?
What about you, Nurse Miryung?
Yes, I've been well. And you, Mr. Baek...?
- What about you, Dr. Baek? - I've been well, of course.
- Hold this here. - Yes, Doctor.
- Yi Gwak. - Yes, Dr. Yu?
Have the doctors arrived?
- Yes, from Hansung Hospital. - Hansung Hospital?
Is it Watanabe?
See for yourself.
{\a6}Episode 28
I am Director Avison.
I am Chief of Surgery at Hansung Hospital, Baek Do Yang.
I heard from Dr. Hwang and Dr. Yu that you are an exceptional doctor.
You're Korean and this is where you got your start in medicine.
What do you think about coming to work here?
Please do so.
You should work here. Isn't that why you came back?
That's impossible, I'm afraid.
I received a government scholarship from Japan.
I passed the exam and was able to study medicine because of that scholarship.
Hansung Hospital was built by the Japanese in order to exploit the Koreans.
How can you take money from them?
Dr. Baek, you know very well what kind of person Watanabe is.
To me, he is merely a work colleague.
As Director Heron always used to say...
A doctor has no use for politics.
Our Queen was murdered by the Japanese! How can we ignore politics!
I heard it was the work of ruffians.
- You are needlessly suspicious. - But we were there when it happened.
It wasn't ruffians or thugs!
You're the son of a Minister! How can you be so flippant?
Shouldn't you be helping the Koreans since you are also one?
You are passionate as ever, I see.
So reckless.
I will not be persuaded with a story without any proof.
Hansung Hospital is the most well-equipped hospital in Korea.
I will treat Koreans there with more modern technology and knowledge.
Director, Official Yu is here with the medical supplies!
I came back for a visit, but caused more misunderstanding than goodwill.
Misunderstanding? Do Yang...
You don't know the whole story because you've been overseas.
But how could you work for Hansung Hospital?
I'm surprised you feel that way, Master.
Surprised? Do you see the state we're in?
All I want to do is to help patients using modern equipment and facilities.
Times are changing.
Japan ruthlessly murdered the Queen of our nation.
And Hansung Hospital is...
To me, a hospital is where one treats patients. That is all.
Nothing else matters.
- So please don't talk about this anymore. - Young Master...
What made you change this way? You've changed so much!
You think I've changed? I'm the same as before.
It seems to me that it is all of you that have changed.
Words won't cut it with you, will they?
Come with me! People like you are ruining the country!
Who ruined the country?
Wasn't it the noblemen scholars like yourselves?
You opposed modernization and reform.
The nation came to be this way because you lived only in the past.
- You bastard...! - What's going on?
Oh, Do Yang!
You came back alive! Have you been eating well?
I'm so happy you're back!
- Did you...? - I didn't drink any!
Fine. Here, Do Yang.
Drink up and let's settle down.
I think it's you that needs to settle down.
Yes... yes... Here.
Give me a glass too.
Pour it yourself!
What have you been up to?
I was so worried about you that I couldn't even eat!
But you drank quite well.
Food and alcohol is not the same!
You haven't changed one bit.
Today, I felt like Hwang Jung in the old days.
I suppose this is what harassment feels like.
Who harassed you?
They're saying that because they want for nothing.
Do you know how much I suffered while you were gone?
- You did? - That's right!
You know Hansung Hospital rented our building at Jejoongwon because of me!
So don't pay any attention to them and just work hard.
Don't worry, Uncle. I won't regret my decision.
Hey, Do Yang. You...
Do you know that man?
He's been looking at you for a while.
You must be busy.
I... I got a little excited just now.
I shouldn't have done that to someone we haven't seen in a while.
I was really confused too.
But I realized that he may not know about the state of Korea because he was overseas.
So we need to get Dr. Baek back before the political situation gets worse.
Why don't you meet with him, Dr. Yu?
I think you're the only one who may be able to change his mind.
- All right. - Thank you.
You seem troubled because of Dr. Baek.
I keep thinking that he may have changed that way because of me.
What are you talking about?
Did something happen between the two of you?
Of course not.
What did you want to see me about?
There is something you must help me with.
What is it?
It concerns His Majesty.
- Dr. Hwang, welcome. - Yes, Sir.
You know everyone here.
This is Lord Lee Yong-Ik, the Minister of Home Affairs.
I am Dr. Hwang Jung from Jejoongwon. Nice to meet you.
I heard about you from Lord Min Young-Ik and the Queen.
- Please sit. - Thank you.
Did you explain everything to him on the way here?
Yes, he has agreed to help us.
I apologize for asking to see you so suddenly.
But everyone agrees that you're the perfect candidate.
We need to help His Majesty escape to the Russian Embassy.
I will do my best.
Can you tell me more about Lord Lee Yong-Ik?
He started out as a water merchant in Hamkyung province.
And rose through class and rank to manage the welfare of the royal family.
- From a water merchant? - Yes.
I wonder if you heard the story?
During the Imo Rebellion,
You know that the King's father tried to assassinate the Queen, right?
Did you ever hear rumors of a man...
... who carried the Queen on his back from the Palace all the way to Yeoju?
Are you referring to the man they named Lightning because he used magic to run?
Yes, that's him.
Now not only is he the head of Home Affairs,
But he also heads the finance and military arms of the Cabinet.
I see.
He is also the Chief of the pro-Russian Chinro faction.
He and other officials want to take His Majesty to the Russian Embassy.
So that His Majesty will be safe and Japan is distanced from him.
I see.
If we fail, it will not only be your life and mine,
But His Majesty's life will be in danger.
Visiting patients again so early?
What should I do about the patients here?
I should be back before we open,
... but if I'm not, Dr. Goh will see the patients.
- What? - Nothing.
- What is it? - You seem kind of stiff.
Am I? Maybe it's because it's still cold.
- I'll be back soon. - Have a good day!
Crazy fool. All right.
If we fail, it will not only be your life and mine,
But His Majesty's life will be in danger.
Russian Embassy
Your condition is good.
This is all because of you, Dr. Hwang.
I will see you tonight with a special guest.
Yes, very good. We are ready for him.
- Thank you. - Good luck.
The doctor from Jejoongwon went to see the Russian Ambassador?
Something doesn't feel right.
I don't think you should worry too much.
A few years ago, he performed a surgery on the ambassador's eye.
- I'm sure it was related to that. - No.
A report mentioned meetings between the Russians and the Chinro faction.
And now a Jejoongwon doctor went to the Russian Embassy...?
This is not a random event.
You will put Hwang Jung on 24-hour surveillance!
And how is our Baek Do Yang?
- Is he doing well? - Yes.
He is working hard at seeing patients.
Is he?
Then why was he at Jejoongwon treating the rebels?
I ordered him to do so.
The Health Agency asked for help, so I sent him to observe them.
But he is still Korean.
Remember that if needed, he is the first man to be thrown overboard.
I understand.
This is 3-days worth of medicine. Take it 30 minutes after every meal.
Yes. It's triple three, isn't it?
- You're right. - Thank you.
Thank you.
I have something to say.
- I have to see patients. - Why did you go to Jejoongwon?
- How did you know that? - I...
We are always watching Jejoongwon.
Why did you go when I specifically told you not to?
A doctor goes where there are patients.
They needed help, and so I complied.
Is that wrong?
I am the Director of Hansung Hospital!
When I say don't go, I have a good reason!
You will submit to my orders!
The only people I will ever submit to are my patients.
And this is just a hospital.
Come in.
Why have you come to see us?
The Health Agency is doing an excellent job.
I didn't expect Korea to have so many hospitals.
We even have a hospital just for women. I work both there and at Jejoongwon.
That's good.
The patients are important, so is your health.
I know.
Young Master?
Can't you just come back to Jejoongwon?
They broke up. It must have been a short-term thing.
Let's drink. We can talk while we drink this.
All right.
Dr. Hwang is really worried.
To be honest, while you were gone...
... he worried about you constantly.
Did he?
He must still retain the habit of worrying about other people needlessly.
You haven't changed at all either.
Why haven't you married Dr. Hwang yet?
I thought you would be his wife by now.
It just happened that way.
Now it's the political situation...
Jejoongwon is going to grow.
The Health Agency's main hospital is Jejoongwon too.
This is why you should come back.
That's why I wanted to speak to you today.
Please come back to Jejoongwon.
That would probably never happen.
Young Master!
There were two reasons why I chose Jejoongwon.
But one day I realized both of those reasons no longer existed.
That's why I left.
Let's stop. No use speaking of the past.
I need to go.
Do Yang-sama!
How could you leave Japan without saying one word to me?
Do Yang-sama, who is this...?
She's an old friend of mine.
I see.
Let me introduce you. This is my fiancee.
I see.
- You look good together. - Really?
How did you know I was at the coffeeshop?
I asked around at the hospital, and someone told me.
- I... I should go. - All right. See you again.
By the way, what's your name? I'm Naoko.
It's Yu Seok Ran.
- Oh, Seok Ran-san! - The two of you met in Japan, right?
Yes, I was his patient.
And I became a nurse so that I could be with him.
Seok Ran, didn't you say you were leaving?
Yes, I should leave.
Do Yang-sama!
- Why are you doing this? - Why are you following me?
Who said I was following you?
- Do Yang-sama! - Young Master!
Do Yang-sama!
I saw that man at Watanabe's office!
He must have been following you!
They're watching Jejoongwon too.
Last year, we checked the health of the Palace maids.
When we enter the Palace, we can say that we need to transfer...
... two of the palace maids to Jejoongwon by palanquin.
{\a6} [Lee Yong-Ik, Chief of pro-Russian faction]
It's a good idea.
Tonight, Pastor Underwood and myself will be guarding His Majesty's quarters.
Then all we have to do is take His Majesty and the Crown Prince into the palanquin.
Dr. Hwang, have you prepared carriers who can keep this secret?
Yes, I have.
Then let's go.
I'm fine. I'm fine...
I woke up early this morning because of a leg cramp.
- It still hurts. - Didn't this happen a few days ago too?
I think it happens 3-4 times a month.
You used to run like lightning. What happened?
I know.
Your Excellency, may I examine your leg?
You may.
They are varicose veins.
They are caused by a sedentary lifestyle.
It hurts.
I knew this would happen.
I used to run great distances, but now I ride palanquins.
It's to be expected.
So what do I have to do?
It's advisable to have surgery quickly because you have thrombophlebitis.
We will make small incisions in your calves and cut out the problem veins.
After we accomplish our task, I will go to Jejoongwon.
- Please do that. - And...
I pray you will succeed. The fate of Korea is in your hands.
Let's go.
I saw Jejoongwon's Hwang Jung, Official Yu, Underwood...
... and two others having a meeting.
Who were the other two?
I never saw them before. But...
I followed one of the palanquins and found out his identity.
And who was it?
It was the Minister of Home Affairs, Lee Yong-Ik.
- Lee Yong-Ik? - Who is Lee Yong-Ik?
He is the head of the pro-Russian faction.
A Jejoongwon doctor visited the Russian Embassy.
And then he had a meeting with the head of the pro-Russian faction?
They are up to something.
Tell the palace guards to step up security!
You will put all those you saw today under surveillance!
This should be interesting.
There was something else that was interesting.
The Minister was suffering from varicose veins.
What did you say?
- Are you sure? - Yes, I saw the doctor examine him.
He will most likely receive treatment at Jejoongwon.
I must make sure that patient receives his treatment at Hansung Hospital.
The Head of the pro-Russian faction is receiving treatment at our Hansung Hospital!
It's funny just to imagine it.
But do you think he would come so easily?
Pro-Japanese or pro-Russian, that's not what's important.
A patient will chose the hospital and doctor that will give him the best treatment.
In that aspect, Hansung Hospital is the best.
And we have a Korean doctor, Baek Do Yang!
If the head of the pro-Russian faction comes to our hospital,
It will be a sight to see!
It will be a shock to the pro-Russian faction if their head receives treatment from us.
If it works well, we can get rid of Lee Yong-Ik and his cronies.
It may even revive our hospital from the loss of patients from rumors about the Queen.
Let's go.
Your Majesty, pray do not forget the Queen's murder!
Pray do not forget!
Your Majesty, pray do not forget the Queen's murder!
Your Majesty!
We can cut off our heads, but we will not cut off our topknots!
Your Majesty, please repeal your order for all men to cut off their topknots!
Please repeal your order!
Please repeal your order for all men to cut off their topknots!
"Our strength for the King, our loyalty to the King"
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, pray do not forget the Queen's murder!
Pray do not forget!
Please repeal your order!
Use my finger for the rest.
- How dare a lowborn mix your blood! - Hierarchy was abolished ages ago!
It's not like I'm giving blood to him. It's just to write with!
Be quiet! Go back with the lowborns where you belong!
Thank you.
Your Majesty!
- Please repeal your order! - Please repeal your order!
I am troubled...
... at the thought of having to take refuge at the Russian Embassy.
Tonight is the only time we can do this.
The Confucian scholars are demonstrating outside the Palace.
We don't know when the Japanese troops will be dispatched.
What will my people think of me?
They'll say I'm a coward who ran away.
That's not true.
{\a6} [Crown Prince]
Your people will know that you are doing this...
- protect Korea from Japan. - Yes...
It's tonight...
Do Yang-sama!
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
A ring?
Do Yang-sama!
I'm sorry, Naoko.
It belonged to my late mother.
But you scared me with your force!
Are you busy now?
It'll be quick.
It'll be quick.
What is it?
- What is this? - A present from my father?
Is this... an xray machine?
- Do you like it? - We love it! Very much!
Hansung Hospital will no longer have any misdiagnoses!
Please convey my deepest gratitude to your father.
I will. And he will be coming to Korea soon.
To see my Do Yang-sama.
Is that so?
Well now... I suppose I must be on your good side!
By the way, I heard that your father's title has changed.
What is it now?
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs?
We must be on your good side too!
Dr. Baek...
Do you know how to perform a phlebectomy?
Yes, I do.
The patient is suffering from varicose veins.
Is it possible for Hansung Hospital to do the procedure?
If it's not, then Jejoongwon will be doing it.
- Young Master Do Yang said that? - Yes.
He said Jejoongwon was being watched.
Did... did you just say Young Master Do Yang?
This is a big issue.
Of course it's a big issue! The Young Master is back from the dead!
Father, is something wrong?
Do you think your father wouldn't be surprised?
- So where is he now? - I need to go.
Go see him together.
Seok Ran, go to Dr. Hwang and tell him to forget about today.
What about today?
That's not for you to know. Just tell him that's what I said!
Why are you sending her to Jejoongwon?
Aren't you going to see the Young Master with her?
Where are you going? I'm coming too!
Mother, he's not leaving to see the Young Master!
Then where is he going?
You will feel more comfortable if your calves are bandaged like this.
I can't believe you're a doctor.
I was a medical student at Jejoongwon,
... and finished up my residency at Tokyo Imperial University.
Is that so? You must have suffered.
My suffering begins now.
I work at Hansung Hospital.
- Is... is that true? - Yes.
How did that come to be?
Do you have no qualms about the enemy state?
Why would I not?
But I'm just learning from the best with the best equipment.
Even if they are the enemy, I believe that learning comes first.
Why don't you drop by Hansung Hospital?
Your breathing is labored and your health is poor.
You may wish to be examined with the best equipment.
Your Excellency, Official Yu is here!
Bid him enter!
Official Yu.
What are you doing...?
I stopped by when I heard His Excellency was unwell.
I'll be on my way. Please continue your conversation.
Yes, thank you.
Have a seat.
He said he came because he heard I was unwell.
What are you doing here at this hour?
I put a stop to today's task.
I did it because Jejoongwon is being watched,
... and this may pose a risk.
We need to find out what's going on and postpone the event.
Let's go.
Dr. Yu.
Where are you going?
- Nothing. - I don't think it's nothing!
Dr. Goh is dressed like a palanquin carrier.
Whatever the case, you can't leave.
Father told me to tell you to forget about today.
Why the sudden change?
Jejoongwon is being watched.
Can't we just climb over the wall that they're not watching?
What? Escape to the Russian Embassy?
Today was the best opportunity.
If it doesn't happen today, who knows when it will be possible next.
What are you doing at this hour?
- Are you coming from the Palace? - Yes.
I don't know what to do about tomorrow.
We have to go again tomorrow! We can't try to escape...
I'm not trying to escape anything!
What can we scholars do against the pro-Japanese troops?
I will sacrifice my body to their guns.
A real man won't cower before guns!
Pro-Japanese troops? Aren't they in the countryside?
Yes, but they'll be arriving back tomorrow.
They're coming to stop the scholars' demonstration.
Official Yu told us not to do it. Shouldn't we listen?
We may not have another opportunity.
The pro-Japanese troops are returning tomorrow.
I told you to climb over the wall!
No.... no...
We have to go through the main door.
If they find us after we sneak into the Palace,
They will surely find out our intentions.
But if we go boldly through the main gate, they'll think it's business as usual.
Are you saying that you're going to do it?
If things aren't viable at the Palace,
We can put real sick palace maids in the palanquin.
We have nothing to lose then.
Let's go to the Palace!
I'll go too.
No women doctors to examine palace maids?
I have to go so we can avoid suspicion.
She's right, but...
I think we're being followed.
Don't turn around! It'll rouse their suspicion.
- Where is Official Yu? - I don't know.
He left in a hurry after I spoke to him.
He must be at the Minister's house.
You may enter.
Your Majesty, if you don't wear these, you may not be able to leave the Palace!
I am the King of this nation. I cannot do such a thing!
He's right. You will not humiliate His Majesty with this!
Your Majesty, please listen to me.
If you remain in the Palace,
You may suffer even more humiliation from Japan.
It is said that a man with a great task...
... will bear the humiliation of crawling between another's legs.
Your Majesty, please do as we ask.
You refer to the Chinese hero, Han Shin.
Crown Prince,
Let us never forget this moment for as long as we live.
Yes, Father.
Your Majesty, let us go.
Here they come.
We are in for an interesting spectacle!
We are transferring two patients with typhoid to Jejoongwon.
We must confirm that before we let you leave the Palace.
You may be stealing treasures from the Palace.
Or maybe even the King and the Crown Prince!
What are you talking about?
You think the King and the Crown Prince are in the palanquins?
We must hurry to Jejoongwon. Please move aside!
- Lower the palanquin. - They are in critical condition!
Let us pass!
Lower the palanquin.
Nice try... Nice try.
What's this smell? Did someone have diarrhea?
- We told you they have typhoid! - Typhoid is highly contagious.
Up yours.
It stinks. It really reeks!
Looks like you changed.
You look nice. Move your hands.
The King must be leaving without his son.
- Is that so? - Yes.
- One of them should be the real one. - Yes.
You better wash it off quickly. You'll have typhoid.
Damn it!
Let's go.
Your Majesty, we have left the Palace.
You saved my life.
Not at all. We just did what we were told.
I am ashamed that you were asked to do this for me.
No, Your Majesty. We are all your subjects.
Please do not think that way.
We ask that you gather your mind and heart,
... and put this nation back to its normal place.
Yes, let's do that.
I will gather my strength.
I will gather it and fight Japan.
Russian Embassy
His Majesty is safe at the embassy but I am still troubled.
I feel the same way.
I don't know why our King has to seek refuge at another country's embassy.
It's frustrating.
But His Majesty has great plans now.
Things will improve.
But sadness is not all I feel.
I feel like I given back a little bit to His Majesty.
I feel happy too.
I was very happy too.
Because I was able to do something like this with you, Dr. Hwang.
I feel the same way.
Long live the King!
Listen to my words.
Yes, Your Majesty. I will do as you say.
The men who conspired with Japan and shook the foundations of our nation,
The traitors Kim Hong Jip, Jung Byung-hwa, Yook Il-jun, Cho Hee-eun, Jang Bak,
... shall be stripped of their positions and imprisoned.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Kim Young-Shik, you will be my new Prime Minister.
Your Majesty, you honor me!
You will be promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Your Majesty, you honor me!
Since I have repealed my topknot ban,
Tell everyone that it is no longer mandatory to cut off the topknots.
You will continue to pursue those behind the murder of my Queen.
Yes, Your Majesty. Your words are our decree!
His Majesty escaped the Japanese and is with the Russian Embassy!
- Did that really happen? - You're so clueless.
His Majesty had the Crown Prince on his back!
He dodged the bullets of the Japanese and ran all the way to the Russian Embassy!
What's with the stick?
Ignorant fellow.
His Majesty's first order when he was safe at the embassy,
... was to seize all the pro-Japanese officials and have them all beaten to death.
So I'm on my way to beat those traitor bastards!
I didn't know you were such a patriot. I wish you many dead traitors!
I hope you don't get beaten up instead.
Hey, Suzuki! Make sure you clean up before you go!
Wait and see! I will return and make you pay!
Miss Miryung, the patients are waiting! What are you doing here?
- I'm seeing Suzuki leave. - Suzuki?
- Idiot. - Idiot?
Please have mercy!
Were you that afraid of typhoid?
If you were a clever man, you would have observed the carriers!
Do you understand the situation we're in?
The pro-Japanese Cabinet has collapsed.
The Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister were both beaten to death by rioters.
The rest are in hiding and have vanished!
You will choose.
Die here now or get beaten to death outside!
Please have mercy!
We are left with only one alternative.
What is that?
We will use medicine to gain the support of the head of the pro-Russian faction!
Baek Do Yang will do a good job!
I remember that day clearly.
You caused a person's death because of your unwillingness to change!
Hurry up! We're late! Why did you wake up so late?
You're the one that kept me up all night!
Do Yang, you remember how we used to take in abandoned women?
Turns out I saw her before Administrator Oh.
You did a good thing.
Well... Where have you been?
Do you know how worried your Uncle was?
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
- Yes, of course it won't. - Uncle, you know Lord Lee Yong-Ik?
Of course I do. I heard he became Minister of Foreign Affairs.
He'll be coming to Jejoongwon soon. He is suffering from varicose veins.
But I think he has another ailment.
Can you let me know when he gets there?
- Why? - I visited him a few days ago.
But it seemed that he had a condition that Jejoongwon cannot treat.
- All right. - Please do it for the Minister's health.
Well done, Dr. Hwang.
If you had postponed it like I asked you to,
His Majesty's asylum would never have been successful.
You made the real judgment!
It was Dr. Yu's idea to dress His Majesty and the Crown Prince in women's robes.
What? You went too?
It wasn't planned, but we thought it would quell any suspicion if I went too.
I just gave them a idea.
But it went well!
Dr. Hwang, I'm upset with you!
How could you bring Seok Ran into that danger?
I'm sorry.
I really don't like you!
Do you know how cherished a daughter you are?
- Mother! - Let her go.
My mother is a very warm person if you get to know her.
I know.
But now Mak Saeng has left and I'm busy with work at Jejoongwon.
She's gotten very sensitive.
So we have to be with her and talk to her.
- That won't be difficult, right? - Of course not. I can do it!
There's a photographer here!
Should we go in?
We should take a photo since we're here. You only have one picture of me, right?
The old one that Dr. Allen took a while ago.
How did you...?
Wasn't that picture supposed to be given to me?
Actually... I just...
Fine, let's do it! I'll pay you back for the picture I took!
Sounds good!
We're ready. Please relax, both of you.
Get a little closer.
That's good. Look over here.
I'm going to take it. Don't close your eyes.
One two three!
Now, breathe in deeply.
An x-ray machine uses radiology to take pictures of the inner body.
You mean that machine will allow you to see a person's naked body?
- No! - No, that's not it.
The x-ray machine is used to take pictures of the bones and the organs.
Using this, we can diagnose lung ailments and bone disorders more accurately.
- You used to have plebitis! - Yes, when I was ten.
- And a hairline fracture on the ribs. - Really?
You're right. I wonder when it happened?
Ribs can get hairline fractures even with sneezing.
Young Master!
Young Master, I heard you eat and sleep here.
I brought you some Korean side dishes. Japanese food can be tasty at first.
But you get sick of it quickly.
I'm used to it already.
But since I took the trouble to bring it, please don't throw it away.
Of course not. Thank you.
I don't really understand why you are here.
But I understand why you need to be back at Jejoongwon.
It's because of Seok Ran.
Seok Ran needs someone like you to be with her.
She has Dr. Hwang. He is good for her.
How can he even compare to you?
It was always you for me. You know that.
Except for the time he donated blood to her.
- Thank you, but... - There are no but...
Do Yang-sama has a fiancee, Naoko.
She's Japanese....
Yes, she is.
Is Dr. Baek Do Yang here?
My legs are one thing, but now my stomach is in so much pain!
It's tearing me apart!
- Where did the pain start? - I don't know!
The entire stomach hurt!
It seems like appendicitis.
But it's exploded and spread the infection.
It has become peritonitis.
What do we do?
- We have to perform surgery. - Surgery?
- You're going to cut open my stomach? - Yes.
- Dr. Hwang. - Dr. Baek.
- Excellency, I'm Baek Do Yang. - Here you are.
I heard you were here and came immediately.
He says he's going to cut open my stomach.
May I examine him?
Does it hurt?
Tell me if it hurts when I let go.
You have peritonitis from a perforated ulcer.
You need surgery immediately.
He said it was peritonitis too.
I think it's from a ruptured appendix. We must cut the lower stomach.
It's a perforated ulcer. The cut has to be in the middle.
Who do I listen to?
- It's a perforated ulcer. - It's a ruptured appendix.
Excellency, how do you feel about using an x-ray machine?
You want me to go to Hansung Hospital?
I'll escort you there safely. And Dr. Hwang is welcome too.
- Hansung Hospital has an x-ray machine? - Yes.
If we use the machine,
... we'll know whether it's the ulcer or appendix.
How about getting it right before the cut is made?
Once the stomach is cut, it cannot be uncut.
It's for diagnostic purposes only.
Dr. Hwang, what do you think?
If we make the right diagnosis without cutting the stomach first,
... then it's a good idea.
I read that the x-ray machine is useful for diagnosing the conditions properly.
- Bear with the pain, but stand here. - Yes.
Breathe in deeply.
If it's peritonitis from a ruptured appendix,
The part here wouldn't be go gaseous.
A perforated ulcer causes a lot of gas.
The gas will come out from the stomach.
Based on the xray and his condition, it appears that it is a perforated ulcer.
Dr. Baek was right.
It was good that you took the x-ray.
Fine. Now what?
Excellency, how about having the surgery here?
I was guarantee your safety.
Your Excellency, you must remember this is Hansung Hospital.
You should return to Jejoongwon.
I can do the surgery now that we know it's an ulcer.
Dr. Hwang, isn't that unethical?
I had the correct diagnosis. Shouldn't I be given a chance too?
- Then do the surgery at Jejoongwon. - What do you mean?
Do you want the patient's condition to get worse?
I trust you, Dr. Baek. But I don't trust Hansung Hospital.
The Minister is a member of His Majesty's Cabinet.
That means he is an enemy of Japan.
Dr. Hwang, I am a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath!
This is a hospital and I am a doctor!
A patient is only a patient to me.
I will protect my patient no matter what.
I heard both of you!
But I don't have the energy to go back to Jejoongwon.
So Baek Do Yang, you do the surgery.
And Dr. Hwang...
Please participate in the surgery.
That would work.
Lee Yong-Ik, the head of the pro-Russians is having surgery at Hansung Hospital?
- That's right. - How interesting.
How interesting!
Both Baek Do Yang and Jejoongwon's Hwang Jung are in the surgery.
Hwang Jung? Why?
Perhaps Dr. Baek was worried about false rumors by Lee Yong-Ik.
In any case, if we treat him successfully, we can reconcile with the pro-Russian faction.
And it will prove that Hansung Hospital is better than Jejoongwon.
You will kill Lee Yong-Ik.
Did I... hear you right?
- Did you just tell me to kill Lee Yong-Ik? - That's right.
Kill Lee Yong-Ik, but make it so that it was Hwang Jung's medical error.
Our expertise has already been proven by the fact the Lee Yong-Ik was diagnosed correctly.
- Am I right? - Yes, Sir.
And Lee Yong-Ik will never betray the King.
It's better for us to get rid of him.
- Don't you think? - But...
But Hwang Jung is in the operating room too...!
Consider it the help of the Heavens!
Kill Lee Yong-Ik and make the autopsy out so that it's Hwang Jung's error!
Hansung Hospital's expertise is better than Jejoongwon?
We will perform the phlectomy next.
Don't forget that you're a doctor, Dr. Hwang.
You're a doctor of Jejoongwon, as well as my future son-in-law.
Do you wish to die?
Why live the rest of your life in the shade of Hwang Jung?
It'll be over in one blow.