Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Episode #1.27 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Now, I will expect you to catch me a fox.
Divide into three groups, and head for the foxhole!
The Queen has escaped! She must be disguised as a court lady.
Don't worry. This doctor will know what she looks like.
I don't know her.
Is that so?
Seok Ran!
Seok Ran!
Episode 27
Where is the Queen?
I don't know.
Barbarian! Have you no fear of the Heavens?
My prince! My prince!
Speak! Where is the Queen?
I don't know!
Your Majesty!
How is he?
He's just fainted. But he'll wake up soon.
Your Majesty, you must escape!
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Please protect His Majesty and the Crown Prince!
Find the Queen! Find her!
Yes, Your Majesty!
Tell me if the Queen is amongst them.
- I don't know the Queen. - Are you sure?
You... Didn't you come to Hansung Hospital with a foreigner?
A doctor enters the Palace, but doesn't know the Queen?
I am not her Royal Physician. I have never seen the Queen before.
It's not advisable to lie to me.
Tell me before I count to three.
- Two. - I don't know her.
- You're hurt! - What?
Take care of him!
I said take care of him!
Official Oh!
- Mr. Hwang! - Where is the Queen?
In the examination room. She was taken to the examination room!
Press down hard here.
No need to find her.
- Kill all of them! - Yes, Sir!
I am the Queen!
You should have said so earlier!
- Kill her! - Stop!
I am the Queen.
No, I am the Queen! Kill me.
I don't think the three of you are the real Queen.
But as you wish, I will kill you. We can find the Queen after that.
- Kill them! - Halt.
There you are.
I am the Mother of this nation.
- No, I am...! - That is enough.
- That is enough. - Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
- Why do you seek to kill me? - Don't you know?
You are an obstacle to our future.
Do you think your bloodlust will be satiated by killing a woman?
Our nation is one of ancient history and culture that...
... cannot be compared to your island!
Killing me won't change anything.
You talk too much.
You're right. Korea once was as you say.
But now, it is just a piece of meat waiting for someone to devour it.
Then you must be the dog who eats that piece of dirty meat.
Yes. I suppose you can say that.
We are the dog that will bite the hand of the owner!
More specifically, the owner's wife!
How tragic.
How did our nation come to this?
But I know that our nation will never submit to you!
Now... Slay me.
I may fall under your sword.
But I will keep my eyes open in the grave to watch your every move!
Your Majesty!
Kill her!
Your Majesty! Your Majesty...!
How could this have happened? Your Majesty!
Your Majesty! Your Majesty...!
Your Majesty!
Dr. Yu... Dr. Yu!
Where is Her Majesty?
She has... passed away.
Japanese Ambassador
This is news to me! The Queen is dead?
It was you who killed her.
The Koreans make up fantastic stories.
Please do not believe those rumors.
It wasn't the Koreans!
I saw it with my own eyes!
And what did you see?
{\a6}[Horace Underwood - American Missionary]
The Japanese killed the Queen! Horace Underwood - American Missionary
Then they burned her body!
They burned the Queen?
Is she a piece of paper to be burnt away?
You're wrong! That's outrageous!
Someone saw the man from the Hansung Hospital at the Palace!
{\a6}[Russian Ambassador]
We will not let this matter go easily.
We will report this to the international powers!
How unjust to be accused so unfairly.
I will make some inquiries.
Did I or did I not tell you to take care of this?
Please forgive us!
What? Forgive you?
Did I or did I not tell you to do something you need forgiveness for?
You graduated from Harvard! Can't you handle something as easy as this?
But because we burnt her body, there will be no evidence.
That is correct. That is why we burned her.
Since there is no body, there can be no funeral!
Th..that's right!
Fine. We need to focus on controlling the rumors.
It must never be known that we killed the Queen.
- Kumimoto! - Yes, Sir!
You are editor of Hansung Daily.
Make sure that the newspaper states very clearly that Japan is not connected to this.
- Watanabe! - Yes, Sir!
For one month starting today, do not charge Koreans for any medical bills.
Instead, you will tell the patients that the Queen abandoned the nation and ran away.
I understand, Sir!
I understand, Sir!
There were many casualties in the Palace.
Jejoongwon will be very busy.
Yes, Sir!
Take care of it.
Your Majesty.
Apart from the bruise on his throat, the Crown Prince is unharmed.
It will bother him for the time being, but he will recover quickly.
Yes, I'm sure he will.
Father, I must go see Mother.
The Queen is...
... in a safe place.
That's good.
How could something like this have happened?
My sadness is overflowing.
Nang Nang, you're a patient.
- You should rest. - No, I'm all right.
- Miryung! - Yes?
Please let her be. She's in shock.
She was such a wonderful person.
The time that I saw her at Aeryunji was the first and last time.
Take it away.
Your Majesty, you must not turn away food.
You haven't eaten since yesterday.
Give me a spoon.
I have no appetite. Take this away.
This food is untainted. Please don't worry and eat.
I said I'm not hungry.
Your Majesty, if you are weak, you will not able to reign over national affairs.
I said take it away!
Have you seen His Majesty?
No. But I heard he didn't eat again.
What if we escort His Majesty to somewhere safe?
He is too uneasy to even eat.
No. The markets are rife with rumors that the Queen abandoned the nation and ran away.
If His Majesty leaves his Palace too, it will make Japan very happy.
But we cannot let him starve himself.
They said he ate a few raw eggs.
The eunuchs say that it is because he is afraid of being poisoned.
That's because so many Kings were poisoned in the past.
We have to find food that the King can eat without suspicion or worry.
Perhaps some canned food?
Yes, that's a good idea.
Yes, we will also protect His Majesty by entering the Palace.
But unfortunately, now we need to arm ourselves.
Let me help you.
This will be of some help.
I know he's uneasy, but how can he not eat like that?
We should prepare something for him? How can he live on raw eggs?
Yes, let's do that!
This is a good opportunity to curry favor with the King!
Mother, the King doesn't eat regular food.
One of the greatest joys in life is food. I will cook something for him.
He trusts me, so he'll eat my food.
But you're due any moment. You want to enter the Palace?
Yes, I think His Majesty trusts me because I'm a foreigner.
But what should I do? I can't go there everyday.
Dr. Horton, when you go, please take me with you.
I have a good idea.
Hansung Hospital "Free Treatment"
I was worried about not having any patients, but we have doubled our patients!
It's a good sign. A good sign!
There's word that Jejoongwon is empty of patients.
Is there?
But it's not the time to stop.
The reason we've failed in the past is because we always stopped too early.
We have to keep strangling until there is no more breath.
Yes, I understand. I look foward to it!
What are you doing?
The mother of our nation is dead! How can I just sit and do nothing?
But all I have is my writing. I'm writing a letter of outrage!
She's not dead!
I heard she had an affair with a guard and ran away!
Who said such an outrageous thing?
You should have ripped his throat out! Who was it?
That's what everyone's talking about!
What a charmed life you lead! Sitting here and writing all day!
Do you know what state Jejoongwon is in?
Stop talking to me!
I keep losing my train of thought!
Damn it!
Director Avison and that Hwang fellow is always at the Health Agency!
I'm the only one who cares about Jejoongwon!
Will you please leave?
Here you go.
You've just agreed to rent out your building for us to use as a hospital.
Yes, but make sure you don't interfere with Jejoongwon's business.
Don't worry. I plan to open a dentist clinic.
Yes... yes. I won't have to count this, right?
Yes, it's the correct amount.
But remember that if you cancel the contract,
You have to compensate us ten times the amount given.
Yes, of course! Please don't worry!
If you can help it, try not to use the front gate.
I'd appreciate it if you hang your sign on the back gate.
- All right. - Well, then. Goodbye.
- Please make sure this door is closed. - Yes, I will.
- Is the contract signed? - Yes, here it is.
Well done.
Thank you. Please call me if you need anything else.
All right.
Hansung Hospital Branch Clinic - Free Treatment
Go and hang this.
You can't be in here.
Did you ask to see me?
- Is something wrong? - Look.
Our Administrator Baek has rented out one of our buildings to Hansung Hospital!
I thought he was going to open up a dental clinic!
You have done a terrible thing to Jejoongwon!
I'm a victim! I was conned!
- Why did you rent it out? - What?
Director, do you have any idea as to the financial situation of Jejoongwon?
And you...!
You didn't even notice that Jejoongwon is becoming ruined, did you?
Ever since Jejoongwon was given to the American Presbyterian Church,
... our finances have been in trouble, and we're struggling everyday!
And that's not all! We have virtually no paying customers!
They're all going to Hansung Hospital!
But Administrator Oh is calmly writing his letters!
Goodness gracious me!
In that case, you should have consulted with the Director or myself first!
Consult? Oh yes, consult you, Sir?
Do either of you even come to Jejoongwon these days?
Official Yu has been giving us the medical supplies for free.
But what about our other vendors?
And not only that,
How will you handle the three months salary yet unpaid to the staff?
I didn't do this for my own benefit!
If I took one penny, I'll tear out my own intestines!
We have to get rid of Hansung Hospital even if we have to pay the penalty.
I'll speak to Official Yu.
- He has already helped us so much. - But he will help us again.
If the Japanese doctors aren't removed now,
They will take over the Women's Clinic, and then...
They will try to take over our main building!
I think we have taken the management of Jejoongwon too lightly.
I will get additional financing.
Director, if we don't do this now, it will be too late.
It's a three month lease. Let's leave them be.
Nothing will change for us. We'll just work harder than before.
- What is it? - Something has happened!
- Our medical records were stolen! - What?
Nurse Nang Nang! What happened?
I came here to put things away, and it was gone!
Our records for the past 2 years have disappeared.
Did you see anyone suspicious?
Was it...?
I'm not certain of this, but...
... I think I saw Kim Don earlier.
Wh...what? Kim Don?
Why was that man here?
Mr. Kim Don, welcome.
You have done well from the moment you started.
The results are most important. I seek your cooperation.
We will make all of these patients recorded here...
... into our patients at Hansung Hospital!
- Is that possible? - Of course!
Listen to me carefully, Suzuki.
You will no longer work with patients.
You will work with me to bring in these patients to our hospital.
- I will join you too. - Good.
We will categorize these patients by village.
In groups, we will visit these villages...
... and survey their reception of Hansung Hospital.
For good, we will use circle. For average, we will use triangle.
For against, we will use X.
Then the first phase would be to bring in the circled patients into our hospital!
The triangle group... They won't come so easily.
We will look into their family situation.
Then what about the X patients?
Do we give them rice and money too?
No, it will take too much rice and money. And they may not even come!
In order to make the Xs into triangles,
We will seek them out constantly until their resistance is worn down.
There is a saying "sincerity is like a sweet mountain spring".
We must endure all of these hardships,
... so that our plans to occupy Korea can be fulfilled.
The position makes a man.
You seem different now that you're Director.
You're close to perfection!
Not at all. There is still a piece of the puzzle left.
That has to be fulfilled in order to make Hansung Hospital complete!
And what is that last piece?
Tokyo Imperial University Medical School
You're early, I see.
I heard you're returning to Korea.
My studies were worthwhile because of you. Goodbye.
Are you just going to leave like this?
You're lowborn filth in Korea too, aren't you?
You should leave through the door we give you.
- Is this what you want me to do? - That's right.
- Am I right? - That's right!
I would have been disappointed if I had left without seeing you.
I drank the condensed milk you sent me.
That's good, Your Majesty.
We have two keys, but I will keep one of them.
Your Majesty...
When Dr. Horton brings food, she will lock it in this box.
I will then bring it to you.
Then you want me to use the key to unlock the box and eat?
Whose idea is this? It is a very clever idea.
It was Dr. Yu's idea.
Was it?
It smells good.
It must be western food.
Yes, I don't know how to cook Korean food.
It definitely looks like your cooking. It puts me at ease.
Yes, that's why I chose to make ribeye.
I'll learn how to cook Korean food and will make it for you soon.
The Queen liked corn soup very much.
Yes, Your Majesty. She liked my soup very much.
I wish His Majesty would regain his vigor soon.
Only then would the nation return to normal.
What will you make tomorrow?
His Majesty seemed unused to the butter.
I think I'll bring some kimchi.
- Are you listening? - Seok Ran!
Seok Ran, the baby is coming!
Oh, my goodness!
Dr. Yu! The palanquin is leaking water!
Her water has broken! Hurry! Go to Jejoongwon!
Hurry! Horton is dying!
I'll go ahead and wait there!
I'm very sorry but we lost our medical records.
- I need to redo them. - Yes, go ahead.
What was the reason you came last time?
Last month, I came for indigestion, but today I'm here because of a boil.
- I see. - Nang Nang..!
- Nang Nang, where are you? - Are they back from the Palace already?
- I wonder if something happened? - Nurse Miryung, take care of this.
Please excuse me.
- The baby is coming! - Please bear with it a while longer!
Nang Nang! Dr. Hwang, please help me!
The baby is coming! Hurry up!
Doctor, doctor... please let go...!
Get this baby out of me! It's all your fault!
It was Pastor Underwood.....
The baby is coming!
We sent someone to the Palace. Pastor Underwood will be here soon.
Thank you, Dr. Hwang.
I'm sorry for pulling out your hair.
It's all right. If it takes some hair for a safe delivery,
I will give you my head again.
Don't make me laugh. It hurts.
- Dr. Hwang. - I'm sorry.
And Dr. Yu, you did an excellent job.
- That's because I taught you. - Yes, you were a good teacher.
The baby looks like both of you!
He looks like a general!
I don't want him to be a general, but thank you anyway.
Just a little longer and she might have delivered in the palanquin!
I delivered the baby,
But when the baby cried for the first time,
I felt really strange.
It wasn't the first baby I delivered,
But maybe because it was my teacher's.
I realized for the first time what a joy the birth process was.
Seok Ran, you speak like someone who's seen the light.
But you will never know until you have your own.
There you go again, Mother!
Dear, why do you think it's impossible for me to give up on Seok Ran?
Isn't it only right that you don't give up?
I'm starting to want Seok Ran to consider getting married.
Don't you? I want to hold her baby in my arms.
Seok Ran, a baby!
A baby!
I can talk until my lips explode.
Mak Saeng, take the table away.
- Mak Saeng! - Wh...what? Oh yes.
Mak Saeng, why are you so weak today?
It's nothing...
Mak Saeng!
Mak Saeng, what's wrong?
It's nothing.
Mak Saeng!
Did she eat some bad food?
You're constantly tired and dizzy, right?
You seemed that way these days.
- Yes... - And you urinate often.
Stop talking! I know I'm pregnant.
How embarassing at my age!
Don't say that. All life is precious.
All life is precious!
So stop drinking soy sauce to get rid of it!
You drank soy sauce?
Mak Saeng, don't.
- You can't do that. - I'll raise the baby.
I can do a good job! I've raised so many already!
Mak Saeng, please accept my heart.
- You're embarassing me! - I love you!
- Mak Saeng! - Mak Saeng, take the ring!
- Are you all here for a show? - Mongchong is a good man!
- Just close your eyes and do it! - He's a bachelor!
Why are you hesitating?
How embarassing!
Mak Saeng!
I.. I don't know!
Big Sister!
That buffoon...
When did he make a baby with her?
Why are you looking at me with those droopy eyes?
Nothing, just thinking about lofty goals and high ambitions.
- What's wrong with him? - Don't you know? He likes you!
He's got high taste.
Tell him to forget about it. I'm waiting for Dr. Baek Do Yang to return.
Wherever he is, I hope he didn't forget me.
Wake up! You were rejected by so many as a gisaeng.
Are you still so deluded?
Wait and see! Within two months, Mak Saeng will be crying her eyes out.
Why don't you take care of yourself first.
Choose either of the administrators. Before it's too late!
Forget it!
I'm sorry, Miss. It's because I got pregnant.
Why are you apologizing to me?
And Mongchong is a good man.
He's diligent and honest.
He's too honest for his own good.
- Mak Saeng... - What, Miss?
To me, you were ...
...sometimes a friend...
... sometimes an older sister...
... and sometimes a mother.
Why are you saying such things?
It's not like we're never going to see each other again!
- Aren't you going to deliver our baby? - Of course I will!
Of course I have to deliver your baby!
What a fool I am!
Miss, you'll probably be lonely without me.
Of course!
Then you need to hold on to Dr. Hwang.
You need to see him again.
- This is the right lenght, right? - Yes, you look very good.
You know, I feel really bad for the two of you.
We're just good colleagues.
Since we're on the subject,
Nobody mocks you and calls you a butcher anymore.
The government abolished class a few years ago.
Why are you still single?
If you want, I can teach you the way I got Mak Saeng pregnant...?
- Forget it! - I did it in one shot!
This is great!
Now, the beatiful bride will enter!
Enter the bride!
The two of you are important members of Jejoongwon.
I am so happy to be the officiator at your wedding.
From this day until the day you die, you will love each other...
... in times of sickness and tears...
Do you swear to love and respect one another from this day forth?
You may give her the ring.
Please marry me.
I pronounce you, husband and wife!
Give them your applause!
We're finished.
Now we will start the process of bringing all of Jejoongwon's patients to us.
Oh yes.
When will you begin seeing patients at the Hansung Hospital Branch Office?
We're opening an hour earlier than Jejoongwon tomorrow.
Suzuki, you will go and help.
Yes, Director.
But who is the Korean doctor who will be working with us?
He graduated first from the prestigious Tokyo Imperial University Medical School.
He even surpassed his professor and won acclaim and recognition.
He is a genius of all geniuses.
Here he is!
How have you been?
Now my puzzle is finished at last!
Suzuki, you may greet him. You know her already.
- Welcome. - And you know him too.
Kim Don. I mean, Hasekawa.
It's been a while.
You know each other, don't you?
You should resolve all misunderstandings.
Where is my office? I wish to unpack my bags.
- Take care. Don't get sick again! - Thank you, Doctor!
Sorry. A lot of patients had to wait because of Mak Saeng's wedding today.
It's all right. You look happy.
You said you wanted to talk? Shall we go somewhere private?
No, I have to leave soon anyway.
You know the Bogu Women's Hospital, right?
Of course, it's the women only hospital in Jungdong.
Her Majesty named the hospital herself.
Aren't you teaching at the school in Jungdong?
Yes, that's right. I thought you'd forgotten.
What about the hospital?
Actually, I happened to mention you while speaking to the doctors there.
They're short on female doctors.
- Will you consider moving there? - But I thought they had a female doctor.
Yes, but she's having a hard time coping by herself.
Jejoongwon has Dr. Horton and the other doctors.
- I'll think about it. - Good. I'll tell them.
I really want you to go to Bogu.
We'll be in Jungdong together, so we can see each other everyday!
And you won't be uncomfortable working so close to Dr. Hwang anymore.
I heard Miss Seung Yeon was here.
You should have told her about Mak Saeng's wedding.
I did tell her.
She couldn't attend because of her classes.
I see.
Seung Yeon asked me if I would consider going to Bogu Women's Hospital.
What do you think I should do?
Isn't it more important to ask what you want to do?
Yes... I see.
Give it to me.
I should have thrown it away.
I wanted to throw it away.
Give it back!
I will not drink this medicine.
This is your favorite tonic, Your Majesty.
I don't want it.
Did you bring any medicine from Jejoongwon?
Yes, Your Majesty.
No. I don't want it.
Your Majesty, how about some castor oil?
It will ease your indigestion.
I'm fine.
I will eat this slowly.
Now tell me what is going on outside the Palace.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Rumors are still circulating of the Queen's death.
But those who know the truth are rioting against the Japanese.
No one here tells me anything.
You will be my eyes and ears.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I am heartened that there are people who mourn for the Queen
... as I do.
But when I think about them being hurt...
My heart grows uneasy.
He doesn't want to take any medicine.
He has even turned away his favorite tonic.
I think he fears that the medicine may be poisoned.
Yes, you're right. He is nervous day and night.
He cannot sleep at night.
And he thinks of the Queen all the time and sheds tears.
Our priority is to get him back to health.
We have to do something to get him to take the medicine.
What if we give him medicine that has been packaged?
I'll try to convince him some more, so you can go ahead to the Health Agency.
The government is in disarray.
At least the Health Agency should be well-run.
Yes, the doctors from all the hospitals will be there.
I have to stay here, so Dr. Hwang, please take over.
The Highness is still in the blue?
Yes, the rest of the government is in a mess,
But we must maintain the Health Agency.
Please use this emergency network to consult on medical affairs.
If the hospital in need contacts the Agency,
The Agency will in turn contact the other hospitals.
Who is missing from the meeting? We will need to inform them too.
Hansung Hospital. I'll deliver it on my way.
Thank you.
That will be all for today. Thank you.
Miss Yu, I'm from Bogu Women's Hospital.
I think you heard our offer from him.
Yes, I heard it. Glad to meet you.
We really need you.
I'm sorry. I need to be here, in the Jejoongwon.
However, if Bogu Women's Hospital needs me,
... contact me through the emergency network.
I will be right there, whenever you need me.
Did you ask to see me? Did any of my staff make a mistake?
Why don't you have a seat?
Forgive me, but it's against the rules to sit with the customer.
Even if the customer is a friend?
You! Do Yang! What are you doing here?
- What about you? - Me?
I left Jejoongwon and was lost for a while, but started work here as manager.
My uncle does business with foreigners, and you know I'm fluent in English!
- You've completely modernized! - Of course!
I adjust well to the times!
Oh, Adminstrator Baek and Oh both come here regularly.
You're finished! Should I get your uncle's bottle for you?
Forget it. They're both well?
Administrator Baek is having some women issues.
And Administrator Oh is going around with the patriot troops.
What about Dr. Hwang?
He became the main doctor at Jejoongwon.
Did he? I see.
Nothing. Forget it.
You want to know about Yu Seok Ran?
- No! - I'm your friend, Yoon Jae Wook!
They broke up.
After Heron died and you disappeared, they fizzled out.
It must have been a short-term thing.
Let's go.
Here you go.
There are no patients today.
Everyone went to Hansung Hospital because they're giving away free soap!
- I'm loyal, so I just came here. - Those people! I can make soap here too!
You don't know what's going on, do you?
It's not that kind of soap!
People are joining patriot troops and causing riots!
But Hansung Hospital advertised their hospital amongst the patriot troops!
So everyone thought Hansung Hospital was run by Koreans and went over there!
Damn it! You go on in.
This way.
Shouldn't we kick them out even if we have to pay the penalty?
They won't leave.
It's too late. Our reputation will suffer if we kick them out now.
- We have to wait until their lease is up. - What if Jejoongwon closes before that?
That won't happen.
That man...?
Mr. Hwang! Or is it Dr. Hwang now?
You... How dare you come back here?
Be careful of what you say. The patients are watching.
I am a Hansung Hospital doctor who signed a legally binding contract.
You caused an explosion here just the other day!
How dare you come back!
Oh that... Do you have any proof?
No proof? Then move aside. I have patients to examine.
We have patients!
Administrator Oh has been hurt too!
If you wait a while, the doctors will be here.
Let's all bear with it a while longer. Can you handle the pain?
- Master, are you all right? - Yes, it's tolerable.
You need your hand treated.
Just now, when you read the declaration in public,
It was very well-written.
All the scholars all over the nation are rising together...
... to protest the death of the Queen and to reveal the truth of what happened.
- We must gather our minds. - Yes, that's right.
I will say this again.
Even if we get hurt, we must never go to Hansung Hospital!
Do we all agree? How can we ask the enemy to treat our wounds?
The best doctors in Jejoongwon will treat your injuries.
And if you come here to Jejoongwon, your identities will be safe.
By law, this is American soil.
Why do you know so much about Jejoongwon?
I am Jejoongwon Administrator Oh Choong Hwan.
I was filled with fury at the wrongful death of our Queen,
... and decided to join all of you.
Let's all be patient. Oh, Dr. Hwang!
Director, I have brought some patriot troops here.
There are more coming. Please hurry with your treatment.
You've done the right thing.
Dr. Goh, divide the patients into three groups.
Take the wounded to the examination room,
and the rest can be treated by the medical students in the yard.
Yes, Dr. Hwang.
Director, we need to call the emergency network.
Yes, go and send someone to the Agency.
- Yi Gwak! Yi Gwak...! - Yes, what is it?
Should we send this to Hansung Hospital too?
I'm not sure if they'll come to treat the patriot troops.
Send in anyway. They'll blame us if we don't.
- Shouldn't you be at Jejoongwon too? - Yes.
I'll finish up and then go.
Good. Let's both hurry.
The Health Agency has sent a message.
There is an overload of patients at Jejoongwon.
They want our help.
There is no mercy for those who oppose Japan.
- Dr. Hwang, are the doctors coming? - They'll be here soon.
What do we do? They keep coming!
I'm the surgeon from Hansung Hospital, Baek Do Yang.
They are the enemy! And Hansung Hospital is...
To me, a hospital is where one treats patients.
What made you change like this?
The only person who can change his mind is you.
I became a nurse so I could be with him.
A ring?
Do Yang-sama!
If we fail, it will not only be your life and mine,
... but His Majesty's life will be in danger.
Lower the palanquin.