Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 26 - Episode #1.26 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If the stone blocks the ureter,
he will not be able to urinate.

He will suffer tremendous pain.


We must cut open the abdomen quickly...

And remove...

- Director!
- Director, are you all right?


I'm fine now.

This is not good.
We must postpone this surgery.

We cannot postpone it.
The ureter might rupture.

If that happens...

The bladder won't be able to eliminate
and can cause serious problems!

It may even cause blood poisoning!

But in his condition,
surgery is not possible.


Can you sit here
while we do the operation?

If you can guide us,
I think we'll be all right.

Nang Nang,
please get me a chair.

- Mr. Baek.
- Yes.


Move aside the intestines
and find the ureter.

I found it.

Palpitate the ureter carefully
from top to bottom.

Yes, Doctor.

You will feel the stone at some point.

- I feel it.
- Mr. Hwang, feel the stone.

- I feel it.
- Good.

Now we have to cut a vertical incision
in the ureter and remove the stone.

- Mr. Hwang, take over from here.
- What?

This will mean both of you
have learnt this procedure.

Go ahead.


- The stone has been removed.
- Now...

You will sew the ureter closed...

Close up the abdomen...

Mr. Hwang, please finish up here.
I will escort the Director to his room.

Please take good care of him.

Episode 26

I'm all right... all right...
Please give me some water.

- Yes, Doctor.
- Wait!

Go and warm up a bowl of
radish kimchi water.

Yes, Mr. Baek.

You have to finish up this bowl...

... so that you add probiotics
to your intestines.

You've studied a lot, I see.

- Not really.
- Director.

- Please don't overexert yourself anymore.
- All right.

Well done, Mr. Hwang!

Not so...

I was so happy to see you and Mr. Baek
working together during surgery.

- Were you?
- Yes.

Your mind must be so preoccupied
from finishing up your father's funeral.

And yet you performed
this surgery successfully!

You're amazing, Mr. Hwang!

I kept remembering that day when
your father ate the boiled leaves and rice.

He kept telling me that
he really enjoyed that meal.


I'm sure he's in a good place.
Please take heart!

Thank you.

Is this stone a special type of stone?

They say that the cremated ashes of enlightened monks
produce stones like this.

No, these stones are formed by
waste products in the bladder.

And I was going to take it home with me!

Mr. Hwang.

I heard you had to go into surgery
the moment you returned.

You must be hungry.

I have to go check on the Director.

His health is deteriorating.

I may need to increase
my consultation time.

You're going to be very busy.

Mr. Hwang!

We have many patients waiting.
I need to go.

Dr. Heron wanted to be close
to the patients,

That's why he asked to live in the hospital.

At this rate,
his health is really going to be at risk.

We must make sure Dr. Heron is
far away from Jejoongwon.

You must make it an Imperial Decree,
Your Majesty.

There is a house near Mt. Namhan which
the missionaries use when they are on holiday.

Yes, I will give an Imperial Decree
for Dr. Heron to get some rest.

Thank you, Your Majesty!

But I wonder if Jejoongwon will be all right
without Dr. Heron.

Don't worry about that, Your Majesty.

The students and I will make sure
everything runs smoothly.

Besides, we have Mr. Hwang.

You mean Hwang Jung?

Yes, as long as he is there...

If Director Heron goes away...

Won't that Hwang fellow take his place?

I doubt they'll put a female as Director.
That means...

Most likely.

That will mean a lowborn butcher
will be leading us!

How could they do that?

What if they make him the official Director!

Then we'll have to stop it!

How? Do Yang is no longer
interested in that position!

That means I should step up...

- Jae Wook!
- What?

Don't even think about it.
Do you think that's even possible?

I'm just saying...

Administrator Oh,
why are you so negative?

Whose side are you on anyway?

What sides are there?

If you insist on knowing,
then I'll say I'm on the side of justice.

The weather's warming up,

.. but I think justice has just
frozen up in hell!

What time is it?

It's 9 pm.

I've been sleeping for 12 hours!

I will see some patients now.


- All the patients are fine.
- You don't have to see them.

And His Majesty has given a decree
for you to leave Jejoongwon to recuperate.

He wants you to go to the
missionaries' retreat near Mt. Namhan.

I don't care if it's an Imperial Decree.

If I don't want to go,
I won't go.

Please don't see it as an order.

It's His Majesty desire for you to
recuperate and return to good health.

- I will escort you there.
- I know.

But I am the Director of Jejoongwon.

I will not leave sick patients here
to take care of my own health.

You have to be healthy
so that you can do more.

I won't go anywhere.
I have too much to do.

Director, if a doctor advises the patient
to go to the country to recuperate...

... will it be a good prescription?

It is a good prescription.

- But I...
- Who is your doctor?

Isn't that you, Mr. Baek?

As your doctor, I advise you
to go away and recuperate.


Are you thirsty?
I have boiled rice water for you.


I think we should install
Mr. Baek's filter system here.

- Yes, I will build it with Mongchong.
- Yes.

If I take this,
I won't produce breastmilk?

That is quinine,
medicine for malaria.

- You want me to take malaria medicine?
- No. Quinine is very bitter.

If you put this on your nipple,
the baby won't suckle because it's bitter.

If you do it often, the baby will stop
wanting to suckle.

I see.
Thank you!

Since you're here,
do you have any other conditions?

- I think I have a cold.
- I see.

Breathe in deeply.

Once more.

It's the early stages of a cold.

I'll give you medicine,
so come back in three days.

- Just give me 5 days in advance.
- That may be harmful to you.

It may be troublesome,
but come back in 3 days.

All right.

Are there more patients?

It's the last patient for the
women's clinic. After this is lunch.

Seok Ran, did you talk with Mr. Hwang?

He may not be ready yet.
Give him some time.


What is there to talk about?
A butcher vermin got beaten...

Nurse Park!

Mr. Hwang is the Chief Doctor-In-Training.

He is second only to the Director.

Do not make any more comments about
Mr. Hwang in front of us or the patients.

How did you get your jaw stuck?

He was laughing at his son's antics
and his jaw froze.

I was doing this!

You can't laugh now.

Nurse Miryung.

I will push your mouth like this,
so try and put your teeth together.

It's done.

No more dancing for the time being,
you little rascal.

Yes, Sir.

If you laugh again,
your jaw may lock once more.

Please be careful.

Mr. Hwang, this is the last patient.
Please go and have your lunch.

All right.
Please finish up here.

Thank you for coming.

I wonder if the Director
reached the retreat.

I wish he'll leave everything behind
and just focus on his health.

I should have gone with him.
Nang Nang won't be good enough.

Mr. Hwang, please have your lunch.

Come and join me!

The soup is getting cold.

I'm hungry.

I'm sorry about before.

I used to wonder about that,
but now I know.

Nobles eat their soup and rice separately.

They don't mix them together.

He's doing that so that he can eat fast
and go back to the patients!

You need to learn your manners
before you learn medicine.

Now that you're a freeborn man,
you should lose those lowborn habits.

Then we wouldn't continue treating
you like a lowborn, right?


Bringing your head to your food is also
something the lowborns do!

You should bring the utensils to you,
not go to the utensils.

That's right.
Otherwise why use utensils?

You might as well put your head down
and eat like a dog!

Look at that!

You should use your chopsticks like this.
Don't you know anything?

Follow me.
Like this...

Why? Am I offending you?
Then why don't you hit me again?

Let me go!
Let go!

I have been promoted in rank
by His Majesty.

If you express your disagreement,
you are going against His Majesty.

I will no longer stand for any more
of your behavior.

My hand's going numb!
Let go!

Let me go!
Please let me go!

It hurts!

Mr. Hwang!

Please move aside.

I need to go to my patients.

Please take care of yourself.

As someone who is doing medical
philanthropy in a foreign country,

... your predicament feels personal.

I am already recuperating,
and soon will return to Jejoongwon.

Of course.
I will be on my way.

Oh, Mr. Baek.
I need to speak to you.

I don't think Heron will live a long life.

The Director's condition is improving.

Mr. Baek, you must trust me.
That man will soon be dead.

If that happens, you will lose the
only person who supported you.

Everyone thought Hwang Jung was dead,
but he came back to life.

How did you feel?

When you heard he was going
to be executed...

Didn't your compassion for him
slowly disappear?

By the way, I also heard that
he stole your woman too!

It wasn't like that.

I see. He didn't steal her from you.
It was the woman who went to him.

What is your point?

I didn't come here to visit Heron.

I came here to see you.

You were betrayed by your woman
and defeated by your rival.

Now if Heron dies,
you'll be a kite without its string!

Mr. Baek, come to our hospital.

We are building a great hospital
here in Korea.

- Watanabe-san.
- Yes!

You also refer to our friendship
and goodwill.

But you turned me down when
I asked you for ointment.

And you never intended to tell me about
Mr. Hwang until I asked you about it.

That's a misunderstanding.
Let me tell...

Watanabe-san, I have no intention
of leaving Jejoongwon.

After Mr. Hwang's incident,
my position became very clear.

And now I know exactly
who my teacher is.

I will follow Director Heron,
who cares selflessly for his patients.

He won't die.
I won't let that happen.

Mr. Baek!
Mr. Baek..!

- Where is the Director?
- He's seeing patients again!


Mr. Baek...
There are many patients here.

- Please help me.
- Why are you doing this?

I know what you're going to say.

But as long as there are patients,
I will always go to them.

What will you do?

Will you forcefully take me away?

Or will you help me
and see the patients here?

Mr. Baek, what should we do?

You are my patient.

I cannot allow my patient
to overexert himself.

Then I have no choice.
In that case...

Please see these patients in my stead.

Yes, Director.


Please forgive me.

But Dr. Baek Do Yang is
more skilled than I,

... and he will take care of you.

Mr. Baek, please take care of them.

His condition deteriorated suddenly!


It's pleuritis!

Mr. Hwang.... Call him...

Director... of Jejoongwon...

Mr. Hwang... call him....

Mongchong, go and report
to Jejoongwon!

Yes, Sir!

How is his condition?

He's speaking both
in English and Korean!

- Mr. Hwang, what should we do?
- Mr. Goh, I think I need to go.

Yes, hurry!

Please take care of the patients tomorrow.

Mongchong, inform Dr. Horton.

- I got the rickshaw. Hurry!
- Thanks!

Be careful!

Nang Nang, the room is cold!
Go and light a fire!

Yes, Sir.

Director, you must be strong.
Mr. Hwang is coming.

You'll get better!

Mr. Hwang... Hwang...
Mr. Hwang...

Yes, he'll be here soon.
Please hold on!

Please stop for a moment!

Mr. Hwang... Mr. Hwang...!

Mr. Hwang....

Mr. Hwang will be here soon.
Director, he'll be here soon!

Mr. Hwang...

Mr. Hwang...

Listen... to me...

Director, I'm....

Mr... Mr. Hwang...


You will...

You will become Korea's greatest doctor.

Korea's future in medicine...

... depends on you.

Mr. Hwang...

Take good care of Jejoongwon...


Take good care of Mr. Baek too...

He's... He's a good doctor too...


You must help him...

There... is a time...
for everything...

Every goal... is realized...
when the time is right...


Man cannot use his abilities...

... to know when that time is.


Mr Baek...
Mr. Baek doesn't know how to wait...

And he is pushing himself too hard...

He is struggling...

Mr. Hwang, you must...
stay with him...

Do you understand...?

I wanted... to love the Koreans...
more deeply...


...5 Years Later...

Have a cup before you go in!

This is the graduation schedule.

Please give me some flowers.

Why are you buying flowers?
Are these any lovelier than Seok Ran?

1st Director Allen

2nd Director Heron

3rd Director Vinton
4th Director Avison

I hereby receive permission
to practice medicine...

... and solemnly swear to dedicate my life
to pursue the good work of medicine.

I will give my teachers of medicine
my gratitude and honor.

I will practice medicine with dignity
and conscience.

I will hold the health and life
of my patient in the highest regard.

I will keep confidential
all private matters of the patient.

I will preserve the dignity and glory
of my profession.

I will consider my collegues as my brothers.

{\a6}1st Jejoongwon Medical School Graduation

I will not discriminate based on religion,
gender, class, or country.

I will keep my commitment to the patients.

Even in the face of danger,
I will not use medicine for harm.

I will consider precious all life
starting from the womb.

I hereby make this oath of my own
free will and on my honor.

I hereby make this oath of my own
free will and on my honor.

{\a6} 4th Director Avison

There were many changes in Korea,

... and Jejoongwon was no exception.

During this time,
Jejoongwon almost shut its doors.

Classes were disrupted for a time.

But the seven graduates here did not
submit to these pressures and stand here,

... because they focused on
pursuing medicine.

I am very proud of all of you.

From today onwards,
all of you are officially doctors!

- Hey, Dr. Goh!
- Oh goodness, Dr. Byun!

- Shall we go for a drink?
- That sounds great...

- Father! Mother!
- My daughter Seok Ran!

- Let me see that!
- Miss, congratulations!


What does it say here?

It is a certificate of medical recognition.

It means that she can start a hospital
and become the Director.

Then Director Avison was right!

Dear, let's build a hospital for Seok Ran!
Right next to our house!

- So you can live there?
- Of course!

We've been supporting her
this whole time.

Now she needs to support us!

Seok Ran has decided
to stay at Jejoongwon.

Yes, I'm going to stay
at the Women's Clinic here.

Dr. Hwang is staying here too, isn't he?


That position should have gone
to the Young Master.

- Mother...!
- I'm still heartbroken over it.

I wonder if he's eating well.

Have you heard anything about him?


He's dead.
He must have died overseas!

- Mother!
- You shouldn't say such things!

- I'm sure he's living well somewhere.
- That's why there's no news of him?

You're all wrong!

I don't think medicine is suitable for me.

Do Yang isn't around, and without you,
I'm going to feel so lonely here.

No, you made the right decision.

I've been watching you
fail the exam each year...

... and unable to become
a doctor-in-training.


What are you going to do from now on?

I'm going to take the Civil Examinations.


- The civil examinations? That's...
- No no. That's a good idea.

- Keep up the hard work.
- Yes, Sir.

And keep in touch.

That... that boy...!

Doesn't he know the civil exams no longer exist?

Does he even read the newspaper?

Let him be.
He still hasn't come to his senses yet.

While he's studying
for the nonexistent exam,

Perhaps he will learn something.
Let's just let him be.

That's a great plan, my boy!

Did you want to see me?

Yes, I'm sorry for calling you
on graduation day.

It's all right.

His Majesty has asked us to establish
a Health Agency within the Palace.

Is this to protect the Palace from
the spread of contagious diseases?

Yes, that is a factor.

But he wanted us to gather all
the embassy hospitals,

Scranton's Shi Hospital, McGill Hospital,
St. Matthew Hospital, and Bogu Women's Hospital,

... and establish a national procedure
for contagious diseases.

Yes, I will prepare a plan
with the medical students.

Yes, thank you.

By the way, have you heard the news
that Japan will be opening their hospital here?

I heard it's opening today.

Inauguration of Hansung Hospital

Our hopes to win over
the people of Korea...

... through the embassy hospital
was a failure.

When the Korean government gave up
its power over Jejoongwon,

That was our last opportunity
to defeat Jejoongwon.

But Director Avison negotiated
with the Korean King,

And Jejoongwon is now owned by
the American Presbyterian Church.

What does this mean?

This means that Jejoongwon is now
protected by consular jurisdiction!

This means we cannot act against it!

Now the only way we can fight
Jejoongwon is by medical skills!

Please don't worry about that!

The medical team at Hansung Hospital
is staffed with the best of Imperial Japan!

That is correct.

We must inspire confidence
in the Koreans...

... with the best skills
and medical equipment.

We must not only win over the commoner,

... but also the senior government officials.

We must defeat Jejoongwon
by all means necessary.

If we don't,
we must prepare for death!

Yes, we understand!

Jejoongwon is a thorn in our side,
but the Russians are a problem!

The Korean government has
allied itself with Qing China...

... in order to contain our power.

But when Japan won
the Sino-Japanese War,

... Qing China became weak.

But my point is that
now the Korean government....

... is allying itself with the Russians.

After they successfully performed the
cataract surgery on the Russian Ambassador,

Korea has become very close with Russia.

Isn't that because you do not know
how to perform the cataract surgery?

It's not that!

I wanted to do it,
but the Korean government prevented me!

In any case,

The government is pushing patients to
Jejoongwon and the Russian Embassy Hospital.

This will make it difficult for our Hansung
Hospital to establish itself quickly.

What if we cut off the alliance between
the Koreans and the Russians...?

That would mean that the patients of
senior government levels will be ours.

That's right.

Isn't the focal point of the alliance
that wily old fox, the Queen?

How did you know that?

She is the reason why the Ambassador
was given the position here.

She is quite a headache
for our Imperial Japan.

That old fox is the reason why...

The colonization plans for Korea
is moving so slowly!

If we catch the fox and get rid of her,

The scarecrow of a King
will have no choice...

... but to hand us this country
on a platter!

This must mean that the next move
will be a fox hunt!

Director Watanabe!

If I catch that fox for you,
will you be able to defeat Jejoongwon?

Yes, that's right!

And this place.

We will follow the drain system here
and sprinkle chlorine powder.

If we discover any patients,

We will escort the patient out of the Palace
and far away from the King.

What are your complaints?

- Is there anyone else coming?
- No, I am the last one here.

I see.
Well, I.... this is embarassing...

Please continue.

Whenever I urinate,

... my down there feels strange
and hurts.

And... and pus leaks out.

What is this?

Based on what you've told me,
it sounds like gonorrhea.

How did I get this...?

I don't understand!

I hate to trouble you,
but could you wipe some pus here?

How can you ask that?

This is the only way to confirm it.

Give it to me.

Avison, 4th Director of Jejoongwon

Eunuch are usually castrated
at a young age,

... and unable to perform sexually.

But for some reason, it became possible
and he caught a sexual disease.

- We should call him for treatment.
- He says he's not the only one.

Then we must report it to His Majesty
and examine all of them.

That will cause a big problem.
The government will not treat this lightly.

Japan will not let
this opportunity slide by.

They will claim that the Korean government
is rife with moral hazards.

Yes, that is why we should summon
the sick eunuchs after nightfall,

... and examine them in private.

- You two gentlemen, please go in.
- Yes, please go in.

Dr. Hwang.

It appears there are more syphilis cases
than gonorrhea.

Yes, you're right.

When did you start drooling?

It started about a month ago.

Did you try mercury fumigation
for treatment?

Yes, that's right.

That method doesn't control
the amount of mercury,

... and can cause mercury poisoning
and drooling.

Please don't use this method anymore.

All right.

And another thing...

Anything you say to me
will be kept private.

I will ask you a question.

Can you tell me who your partner was?

Have you no respect for me
because I am a eunuch?

How dare you ask me such a thing?

No, this is something
we're asking everyone.

The reason I ask is because this disease
is highly contagious

And both people who had the relations
must be treated at the same time.

Your secret will be kept private.

It is a serious issue.

How can eunuchs have sexual
relations with court ladies?

Aren't court ladies the King's women?

This condition may soon affect His Majesty.

My goodness!

Since court ladies are unable
to leave the Palace,

... we have to treat them there.

But if it is known that the court ladies
are suffering from sexual diseases,

It will create major chaos.

Yes, you're right.

But because this involves
the court ladies,

Her Majesty must be informed.

Perhaps it will be better to tell
Her Majesty the truth...

... and get her permission.

Those outrageous fools!

How dare they do such a thing
within the Palace!

Your Majesty, they will hear you!

Your Majesty, please calm down.

But who can blame them?

The country is in chaos.

Why wouldn't the Palace be the same way?

Your Majesty, the eunuchs
have already begun treatment.

But the court ladies may be more sick,

Because they are unable to talk
to anyone regarding their condition.

Please allow us to give them treatment
as soon as possible.

We have to treat them immediately
for the sake of His Majesty.

You do not need to worry
about His Majesty.

He is too worried about the political
situation to think of other things.

I see.

Return to the Palace at night
and treat the affected court ladies.

I will inform His Majesty that...

... you are here to check on
the health of the court ladies.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

When you have completed
your examinations,

You will tell me who has
this abominable disease.

Your Majesty, I cannot do that.

When doctors take the Hippocratic oath,
we swear to protect the patient's privacy.

Please understand this.

All right.
I understand.

- And Horton...
- Yes, Your Majesty.

We've built a guest residence
for foreigners.

Why don't you come and live here?

If you live in the Palace,
the good food will be good for the baby.

Your Majesty, thank you for your concern.

But I want to live with my husband,
Horace Underwood.

This is the third time Her Majesty
has asked me to live in the Palace.

She must be nervous because of the rumors
that Japan is out to harm her.

Would Japan really do
something like that?

Harm her in her own palace?

What is that?

Korea's Finest, Hansung Hospital

Free and low-cost treatment.

Come to Hansung Hospital.

It's good that many hospitals
are being built.

But I don't like this hospital.

It's so obvious they're using medicine
for political purposes.


Dr. Horton, why don't we go in?

Yes, I've been very curious too.

Who do we have here?
It's Dr. Horton and Dr. Yu!

We heard you opened a hospital
and came to see it.

Thank you for coming.
I would like to offer you some tea.

Here, we divide the patients
into Grade A, B, or C.

- Is it by severity of condition?
- No.


Grade A is patients who pay,

Grade B is patients who
can only afford to pay half,

... and Grade C is free patients.

Hansung Hospital divides Korean patients
only into Grade B and Grade C.

There are no Grade A!

But we make all of the Japanese
citizens pay the full bill.

I see.

We are making every effort
for the sake of the Korean people.

We're so full of patients
that it's beginning to worry us!

I see that Dr. Horton is ready
to deliver very soon!

Why don't you come to our hospital?

Our hospital is staffed
with the best obstretricians!

I plan to deliver at Jejoongwon.

That is where Korea's best obstretrician,
Dr. Yu Seok Ran is!


Is that so?

Then perhaps Dr. Yu Seok Ran would
want to join us here at Hansung Hospital?

- Thank you, but no.
- Oh dear!

You didn't even think about it!

In any case, the door is always open.
You are welcome anytime.

Although when Mr. Baek comes back,
you may visit him often here.

What did you just say?

Do you know Mr. Baek is?

We don't know what happened to Mr. Baek
after Dr. Heron's funeral.

Where is he?

Oh dear, oh dear!
What an unfeeling man that Mr. Baek is!

He must have cut off
all contact with you!

Tokyo Imperial University Medical School

Thirty-nine minutes and twenty-six seconds.

That's twenty minutes faster
than Professor Kimura!

First place, Baek Do Yang

The Korean got top place again!

I understand you do well in class.

Because studying is
the only thing you do.

But there was something suspicious
about the way you handle a knife.

How dare you be faster
than Professor Kimura?

I didn't understand
how an inferior Korean could do so.

But now I understand.

A butcher holds a knife from the moment
he is born to the day he dies.

You are the most inferior being
in a race of inferior people!

I'm a butcher?

Your skill with the knife didn't come
about with mere practice.

You must be a butcher!

Inferior vermin!

I'm a butcher...?

I'm a butcher?

I don't understand you,
Master Do Yang.


You look the happiest today
than I've ever seen you.

Do I?

But you also look the worst.

It's nothing.

Do you know that to every man
comes the right time?

- The right time?
- Yes.

It means that everything happens
when it is time for it to happen.

It is important to gain your skill
while you wait for that right time.

My teacher told me that
a long time ago.

I can feel that time is drawing near.

Is that why you're so happy?

Are you leaving?

I have to study.

Sometimes I don't know
why I like you.

- I have something to tell you.
- Yes?

Master Do Yang is in Japan.

I heard it when I went
to Hansung Hospital.

What is he doing there?

They said he is studying medicine
at Tokyo Imperial University.

That's good. I was worried
he may given up medicine.

I hope this has lessened your burden.

When Master Do Yang disappeared,
you blamed yourself.

You must have thought about a lot
of things when you heard the news.

Yes. To tell you the truth,
I blame myself too.

It will be better if you don't
exert yourself, Dr. Horton.

Dr. Yu, you can take Nurse Nang Nang
and Nurse Miryung with you.

Yes. Seok Ran,
will you be all right?

Of course.

Director, we should go too.

If we're doing health checks,
there may be other conditions.

It might be good if we take medicine
and wait at the Health Agency.

Japanese Embassy

Now, I will expect you
to catch me a fox.

Divide into three groups,
and head for the foxhole!

I hope you have a productive day.

- Let me know if there is any problem.
- Yes, Doctor.

Dr. Hwang!

It's nothing.

No other problems?


Do you feel any pain
in your lower body?

Or have a small hard growth?


You can be honest with me.
I won't tell anyone.

Nurse Miryung,
can you go out for a moment?

- Yes, Doctor.
- Come and sit here.

Tell me. You may risk your health
if you don't say anything.


{\a6}(Health Agency)

What are you thinking so deeply about?

I just heard news of a long-lost friend.

Did you?
What kind of friend is he?

We started medical school together.

But he disappeared one day
without warning.


I'm not sure.

He disappeared so suddenly that
no one could ask him what he was thinking.

But when I think about him,
I always feel a little guilty.

At first I thought we were destined
to be enemies.

But now that I think about it,

I may be where I am now
because of him.

It's fate.

Are you saying it was my fate
to meet him?

Yes, hearing you talk about him
has made me want to meet him too.

- Where is he and what is he doing?
- I heard he is studying medicine.

It's good that he didn't forsake medicine.

But I am troubled that
he is studying in Japan.

That's why you were so pensive.
Don't worry too much.

As long as he fulfills his duty as a doctor,
where he practices is not important.

It's getting late. We'll sleep here
and go to Jejoongwon in the morning.

Yes, Director.

Where is the Korean Queen?


What's that sound this late at night?

- I'll go take a look.
- No!

You shouldn't wander around the Palace.

What is this sound?

Isn't that gunshots?

Your Majesty!
Something horrible has happened!

The Palace has been invaded!


Your Majesty, you must escape!

Where is the Crown Prince?

Father! Mother!
I am here!

Don't go outside!
We'll summon someone to have a look.

No, it's not normal for gunshots
to be heard in the Palace at night.

- I'll go outside and check.
- It may be dangerous!

Dr. Yu, Nang Nang and
Miryung are in the Palace.

I have to see if they're all right!

Nang Nang!

What happened?
What's going on in the Palace!

Dr. Hwang, Dr. Yu is...
Miss Seok Ran is...

The Palace has been attacked!

Director, please take care of Nang Nang.

All right.

Please be careful!

- Sir!
- Did something happen?

The Samurai tried to kill the Queen.

Where are they?

They're over there.
And they're all armed!

Dr. Yu!

Dr. Yu Seok Ran!

The Queen has escaped!
She must be disguised as a court lady.

Don't worry. This doctor
will know what she looks like.

I don't know her.

I'm here only to examine
the court ladies.

Is that so?

Seok Ran...!

Seok Ran!

This is news to me!

The Queen is dead?

I don't know the Queen.

I am the Mother of this nation.

I may be slayed by your sword,

But my country will not be a victim
to your ploys!

Your Majesty!

Who is the Korean doctor
who will work with us?

How have you been?