Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

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Episode 16

She's not breathing!
She's not breathing!

- Doctor! She's not breathing!
- She needs a CPR!

We'll call it artificial respiration.

Seok Ran!

Seok Ran, are you all right?

I'm cold...

Her Majesty bestows her clothes to you.

Hurry up!


Nang Nang, go get some blankets.

All of the men must leave!
We need to change her!

Yes, let's leave her to Dr. Horton
and the nurses.

Dr. Horton...
Please take good care of her.

- Seok Ran... Seok Ran...!
- Let's go.

You need to leave!

Go! Go!

Close the door and
rub her hands and feet.

- Prepare for surgery.
- Yes, Doctor!

How did this happen?

- Young Master!
- Mr. Baek, what is the meaning of this?

How could you let this happen!

When I reached Aeryunji,

... she was already bleeding profusely...

... from the cut on her hand.

Then why did you perform
artificial respiration on her?

She wasn't breathing.

- She wasn't breathing?
- My... my Seok Ran...?

That's right.

Well done.
You saved her life.

Thank you.
She is alive because of you.

She has lost a lot of blood.

The pond was red with her blood.

Seok Ran is a strong girl.
She will be fine.

- You need to go change.
- No, I'm staying here!

Her treatment will take time.
Go and change.

It's so hot!
My feet are cooking!

I'm going to give you some morphine.

You'll feel better when you wake up.

My Lord!

My Lord, what is going on?

Oh, Mak Saeng...
Go home and get Seok Ran's mother.

What about Miss?
Is she all right?

She's in surgery...
But I'm sure she'll be fine.

In surgery...?

- How is she?
- Did the surgery go well?

Yes, but she's lost too much blood...

I can't find her pulse!

- Seok Ran! Seok Ran!
- She's very weak. Mr. Yu!

- Director...
- We will have to leave it to God.

No, not my Seok Ran!

Save her!

We need a blood transfusion!

We can't do that!

What do you mean by that?

You want to put
someone else's blood in her?

- Yes.
- You will put her in more danger!

There is no situation
more dangerous than this!

If you can save her, then do it!
I'll give her my blood!

No! Mr. Yoon almost died
because of the blood transfusion!


That was because
I didn't know much about blood.

- But I can make it work this time!
- No!

Seok Ran is going to die!

Mr. Baek, she has stopped bleeding.
We must wait and see.

You are not a good liar,

You know very well just how much
danger she is in right now!

She is in danger,
but there is still hope.


Mr. Hwang.

What do you think?

Is there hope?

She is in critical condition.

Seok Ran...!

She could die from the blood transfusion!

But if we find compatible blood,

... she could survive.

Jae Wook suffered side effects,
but I had none.

Are you saying we should risk her life
on half a chance?


The probability of her survival
will be more than half.

How can you be confident about that?

I'll explain later.

First we need to find a compatible donor.

- No! I cannot allow this!
- Director!

If there is even a remote chance
that my Seok Ran will survive,

I want to do it.

Mr. Hwang, you saw Mr. Yoon suffer.
Tell him!

I... I oppose Mr. Baek's....

Some... some blood mixed well
and others didn't...


We're running out of time!

If we don't do something,
she might....

If she has a better chance of survival
from the blood transfusion,

She has a good chance, right?

- I think we should try.
- No!

Director, please allow me to choose.

How do you determine
if my blood is compatible?

Since you're her father,
your blood should be...

The blood coagulated...!

You mean I can't give her my blood?

If you did, she will die!

I'll try my blood.

The blood coagulated!

I'll mix your blood next.

- My... my blood...?
- Is there a problem?

Her blood and mine are the same!

Mr. Hwang!

Still, it won't be easy.
She needs lots of blood.

We can do the blood transfusion directly.

Connect their blood essels directly.

You can't do that.
Blood needs to be taken from the vein.

Then it needs to be given into the vein.

Venal blood is low in pressure
and will not go into another body easily!

I have a solution!
If what the Director says is true,

... then all we need to do is
raise the blood pressure.

The donor just needs to be higher!

Stop crying so much!

What if Miss Seok Ran dies?

Don't say that! She'll be fine!
That's why we're bringing this over!

As we're transfusing directly,
we will not know the volume of blood.

Mr. Hwang's life may be in danger.

I'll be fine.

- I'm all right.
- You're ready, right?


Tell me if you're in pain or dizzy.

All right.

What is it?

Can my blood really save her?

We won't know until we try.

- My blood... my blood...
- Do you want to turn back?


Release the clamp.

Hold it!

Release it now.

The blood is going in.

If her blood was enough
to turn Aeryunji red,

... then wouldn't her chance
of survival be slim?

The translator's daughter was most certainly dead
when she was taken out of the water.

But a medical student from Jejoongwon
came and blew air into her mouth...

... when she was taken out of the water.
And amazingly, she came back to life.

- Blew air into her mouth?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

It was an offensive gesture,

... but at the same time,
it was a beautiful picture of giving life.

Blowing air into the mouth
to bring the dead back to life?

If only I can do the same
for my people...

You know the royal palace...

It was really huge!
And the trees and birds...!

There were so many of them!

But then Miss Seok Ran
fell into the water!

Why are you repeating the same story
over and over again! Stop it!

You're the one that needs to stop!
Take off the Queen's clothes!

You don't know this,

... but I almost entered the Palace
when I was young.

If I had,
these clothes may have been mine!

Let's just drink our poison!

In my opinion,

Mr. Hwang has both kissed her
and given her his blood.

That means when Miss Seok Ran
wakes up, she's his woman.

Their wedding is a matter of time!

He didn't kiss her!
He breathed life into her!

It's the same thing!

Yes, they should be together.
We're on the same page there!

Then Mr. Baek will...!

I wonder why I'm drunk when
all I had to drink was ginger tea?

I put ethanol in it.

Are you trying to sterilize our stomachs?

It's alcohol.
Watanabe taught us that.


No wonder it tastes different.

Give me one more cup!

Yes, Your Majesty!

I thank you.

Her color has returned but her breathing
and temperature haven't.

- What is happening?
- I don't know.

Mr. Hwang!
Mr. Hwang!

Mr. Hwang!
Mr. Hwang!

How is she?

Why didn't you say something?
You've given too much blood!

Miss... Miss...!

You fool!
I told you to tell me if you're dizzy!

You put Seok Ran in danger again!


- Yi Gwak.
- Yes?

Take good care of him.

Thank you, Director!

Are you awake?

- Am I in heaven or hell?
- You're in your room!

Stay down!

If you give a lot of blood,
you'll be dizzy.

They said you need to rest.

How is Miss Seok Ran?

She hasn't woken up yet,

... but Nang Nang said
she would tell us right away.

In any case,
you need to eat.

Seaweed soup.
This speeds up your blood production.

That's why mothers eat this
after childbirth. Here.

- Thanks.
- Here you go.

- What? It doesn't taste good?
- No...

Then what?
You have to eat this and recuperate!

What if my blood is not good enough...

What if it hurts her...?

Hey! You told me our blood was
the same as everyone else's!

I don't know.
I'm scared.

Jak Dae, I'm scared.

I'm scared Miss Seok Ran will die
because of my inferior blood.

Horton, our daughter will be fine, right?

I don't know. I'm not sure
if blood transfusion will save her.

But without that blood transfusion,
Seok Ran might have died hours ago.

That's true.
I'm very sorry.

This happened to Seok Ran
because of me.

I made her skate with us,
and it was my skate that cut her hand.

- Why did you take her out...!
- It wasn't intentional.

Once Seok Ran wakes up,
everything will be all right.

Let's be patient.

But why did it have to be
Mr. Hwang's blood?

Mr. Baek has noble bloodlines!
And why didn't you share your blood?

Did both of you value your blood so much?

Both of our blood weren't
compatible with Seok Ran.

But she's your daughter!
How can your blood not be compatible?

My poor Seok Ran...

We did the blood transfusion
as you wished.

- So tell me the truth now.
- What truth?

The method you used with Seok Ran
was very different than before.

How many experiments did you do
without my knowledge?

- I didn't do any.
- That's not true.

You were confident
when you spoke earlier.

You said her survival rate was over 50%.

True or not, you wouldn't be able
to say such things...

... if you didn't do more experiments!

That was from mixing
the other students' blood.

Don't lie to me.

I swear that I didn't.
But why does that matter?

Seok Ran is still alive
because of the transfusion.

Isn't that enough to prove my point?

Are you saying the end
justifies the means?

Any means necessary
to achieve the results?

- I told you no more experiments!
- And I'm saying I didn't do any!

Are you saying that
I undermined your authority...

... because I achieved something
you couldn't?

Or are you angry that a mere Korean...

... achieved a breakthrough in medicine
that you couldn't?

- Mr. Baek!
- Then stop accusing me!

The more you do so,
the more pathetic you look.

Is... is anyone inside?

Who is it?

- It is Hwang.
- Please come in.

Come on in.

- Has she...?
- Not yet.

- Where is Official Yu?
- He took Madam to the Women's Clinic.

Is she unwell?

No, he wanted her to sleep.
He'll be back.

Can you watch Miss for a while?
I have to take the porridge off the fire.

Miss, your hands are cold.

You will wake up, won't you?

The book you lent me...

There's so much in them I don't know.

And we've run out
of the ointment you made.

You need to wake up so that
you can help the patients at Jejoongwon.

Jejoongwon won't be the same
without you.

It'll be the same for me.

Because of you...

If it hadn't been for you...

How could a fellow like me
dream of being a doctor?

Because of you...

... a butcher....

... a butcher named Little Dog...

... became reborn as a medical student.

But you...

... keep putting yourself in danger
because of me.

Please wake up...!

My inferior blood...

My inferior and filthy blood...

... may have polluted your body...

I'm so afraid of that I can't eat,
drink or sleep.

I can't even breathe.

Please wake up!

- Mr. Hwang, are you feeling well?
- Yes.

I just wish Miss Seok Ran will wake up.

I'm sure she will.
You have given her your valuable blood.

Please don't say that!

I'm worried she will come
to harm because of it.

I'm sure she'll be all right.

Master Do Yang said side effects
happen immediately.

But she is showing no bad symptoms,

... so most likely the transfusion
was a success.


Mak Saeng...

Mak Saeng!


Mak Saeng!



Give me some water.

Is this... is this a dream?

- I'm thirsty.
- Wait a moment! Wait a moment!

My Lord!
My Lord!

She's awake!
Miss is awake!

- What?
- What?

Give me your hand.

Seok Ran!

Young Master...




It's good.

Oh, my baby!


I'm so glad!


Miss, did you know that Mr. Hwang gave
you blood and that's why you're alive?

- Thank you.
- It was nothing.

Miss, you really should stay.
You're still really pale.

I agree. Why are we leaving at night
like we're running away?

I told you she did it to give up the room
for other patients who are more sick.

Our Miss is such an angel.

I've warmed up your room, Miss.

And I made some meat soup.

It's from the meat that Yard Dog brought.

You have to eat a whole bowl!

I'll clean up the pharmacy
and wait for you to come back!

- Take care!
- All right. Thank you everyone.

Seok Ran, are you sure you're not dizzy?

Yes, Father, I'm fine.

All right then, let's go!

Mak Saeng.

I noticed Yard Dog had injured his foot.
Is it better now?

I noticed him limping and asked him too,
but he said he was fine.

Oh dear...

How sad that his son
isn't around to help him.

He could have done deliveries for him.

Was his name Little Dog?

Father, I don't ever remember
hearing about him.

I never saw him either.
Butchers don't let their children out often.

But I did hear that
he was very intelligent.

- Intelligent for a butcher's child!
- No.

He must have been extraordinarily gifted
if his reputation spread outside his village.

A long time ago, a close scholar friend
of mine suffered from a lung ailment.

I introduced him to Yard Dog so that
he could recuperate there.

You mean like how the Sunggyunghwan scholars
go to Banchon village when they are sick?

Yes, it is to make sure they eat lots of meat
and gain strength while they rest.

This scholar taught Little Dog how to read
and write as a means of passing the time.

He said that the little boy learned at
an exceptional rate.

Then one day Yard Dog came to me
and asked me to take the scholar back.


That boy was teaching his friends
how to read and write.

The village was in chaos as they believe
a literate butcher knows only misfortune.

Well done, all of you.


What happened next?

What happened to Little Dog?

There must be another reason
why you are so curious about him.

It's just an interesting story.


I heard later from Yard Dog that...

... his son was good at slaughter
and sewing up leather shoes.

At sewing up...?

The wind is chilly.
Go inside and get some rest.

- You don't know why he died, right?
- No.

Let's go inside, Miss.

Today, we have six patients
who have yet to recover from diarrhea.

4 patients in the regular rooms,
1 female patient and 1 patient in the special room.

Mr. Hwang, come forward.

Yes, Director.

Since it's the new year,
you will lead us during rotations again.

Mr. Baek, you've done a good job this far.

And since you've recovered
from Herpes Zoster,

... you will act as
my medical assistant again.

- But Director...
- You will do as I ask.

Mr. Hwang, do as the Director says.

Yes, you've earned the right.
Am I wrong?

Do... Do Yang!

What a bunch of idiots...



It's been a while.

I didn't think Allen was
that kind of person.

But he seems small-minded.

In any case,
no need for you to worry.

I doubt Allen will be holding the position
of Director for very long.

What do you mean?

I'm saying there will be a new Director
at Jejoongwon shortly.


My man in Japan, Kim Don...

My man in Japan tells me that
a new Director named Heron...

... will be arriving at Jejoongwon.


He is learning Korean now
and will soon be here.

It is said that his medical skills
are so good that...

... he was asked to be a professor
of medicine in America.

He may be a good match for you.

Heron is a skilled doctor
who can even perform laparotomies.


It's a procedure involving an incision
in the abdomen and removing parts of organs.

That is truly the gem of all surgeries!

What did you say?
You weren't officially posted to Korea?

I was originally supposed to go to China.

But it was hard to assimilate there
and that is why I came here.

Then who was supposed to come here?

The political situation here was unstable
after the Gapsin Coup...

... and therefore he didn't come.

I thought he wouldn't come at all,
but now he says he is on his way.

If that is so,
then what about you...?

Don't worry.
The Director here will always be me.

That won't change.

Of course, Director!

By the way, why hasn't Mr. Baek
been around these past few days?

I'm not sure.

- This looks like the place.
- Yes.

Excuse me.

- Who is it?
-This must be it.

Is Dr. Heron here?
We're from Jejoongwon.

Hello Sir, my name is Doyang Baek.

You may speak in Korean.

Come in.

In that case, please excuse us.

I was in the middle of something.

We are here to welcome you
to Jejoongwon.

How did you know I was here?

The American ambassador informed me.

We have known each other
for a long time.

When I was about to study
medicine in America,

... he took care of my visas and
even recommended schools.

- I see.
- That's right.

You should listen
when someone's talking...!

We have prepared a palanquin
to take you to Jejoongwon.

We'll see you tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow.

I will find my own way to Jejoongwon.

I'll see you there.


What a jerk.
Do Yang, let's go.

Wait a moment.

For what?
I can already tell by that jerk's face.

I doubt you'll get close to him.

Do you have anything that hurts?

Why? If I don't,
will you make something hurt?

Are you going to give me blood again?


Your jaundice is gone.
You're in good health.

Thank you.
A good doctor makes all the difference!

Your life would have been in danger
if you had received even a bit more blood.

Yes, I regret that experiment deeply.

In any case, it is an interesting concept
to save lives through blood transfusions.

And it was an exceptional breakthrough
to have saved someone's life with it.

That was possible because of the suffering
and sacrifice of people like myself...

We didn't have a choice in this situation,
and it was purely by luck that she survived.

We would never have attempted such a
thing in any other situation.

Even though the probability of saving a life
through blood transfusion is 75%.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

When the mixture of blood did not coagulate,

... both were fine,
or one was fine but the other wasn't.

That was me.

That's why you meant by saying
the probability of survival was 75%.

Why do you think that is?

I need to more research to verify this,

... but I assume some blood
can be given but not received.

What an interesting concept.

Are you planning on
continuing this experiment?

- What?
- Will you continue this experiment?

- No.
- Why not?

After my friend suffered negative side effects,
I stopped my experiment immediately.

I decided that passion wasn't enough
to risk someone's life.

Then how?

I plan to continue the research when more is known
and equipment is more advanced.

Let's say if someone finds a way
to prevent blood from coagulating.

Then we wouldn't have to keep
taking blood for each experiment.

Thus the experiments can be repeated
and we will find out the rules of blood.

To know that such a medical scholar
exists in Korea...

Thank you for examining my friend.
We will take our leave now.

We're just getting close...

We will greet you formally at Jejoongwon.

You said your name was Baek Do Yang?


All right.

It's not much,
but please take your fill.

First, please accept a cup of wine.

I am glad to see Seok Ran well.

This is all because of you.

Thank you.

The blood transfusion was possible...

... because Master Do Yang found
the compatible blood, but...

But without Mr. Hwang's blood,
our Seok Ran wouldn't have survived.

Not at all.
Blood is plentiful here.

I just happened to be there
when blood was needed.

How humble you are.

Mr. Hwang, you are a good man.

I mean, if your blood is compatible
to Seok Ran's blood, then wouldn't you be also?

I've packed some ginseng wine for you,

... so please drink it
when you're tired from studying.

- Before you go, come to the storeroom.
- What?


You really don't have to do this!

Tell us if you need anything.

By the way,
where is your family from?


A mother wants to know
everything that is to know.

I couldn't ask everything I wanted
because of Master Do Yang.

But you know that in light of everything,
we must give Seok Ran to you.


Mr. Hwang, don't you agree?

Well.... I'm not sure...

Seok Ran.

Don't worry too much.

- It's not that.
- Then what is it?

I'll tell you later.

Let's do that.

Seok Ran, what are you thinking about?

What is the difference between
a noble person and a low-born person?

There is no difference.
Differences are created by people.

A person is noble when deemed noble.

And a person is low-born
if deemed low-born.

People are all the same.

- But that isn't reality.
- Reality changes.

Look at yourself.

A few years ago,
you would never have worked here.

Will there come a time when a vulgar and
low-born butcher can be considered noble?

Of course.
One day that will happen.

In my country, slavery was
abolished twenty years ago.

That would never have happened unless
all people were considered equal.

That day will come someday to Korea.
Very soon.

Walk slowly!

Why do you insist on picking up the meat yourself
when we can get it delivered!

- He's there.
- What?


- Yard Dog...
- Yard Dog, you were here?

- Mak Saeng, go and get the meat.
- All right.

Are you... using the ointment?

The ointment...

Did you leave that?

Yes, it was me.

You shouldn't have!
Please don't do that anymore.

I was worried that no one would
take care of you since your son was dead.

It is my fate.

Why are you speaking so formally to me?

Just because...

Your son... your son Little Dog...

How did he die?

He brought it upon himself.

He illegally slaughtered animals to pay
for his mother's medical bills.

They say he was shot by a gun
while trying to escape the authorities.

- Mak Saeng.
- Yes?

I'm going home.


My inferior and filthy blood...

I'm so afraid I've polluted you
that I can't even breathe.

Please wake up!

Mr. Baek, why have you been absent?

Forgive me.
Something came up at home.

You should have said
something to me first...

- Dr. Heron.
- Good to see you again.

- You must be Dr. Allen.
- Yes.

- Dr. Heron, It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Nice meeting you.

It must hurt a lot.

Who are you and
why are you treating this patient?

I am medical student Hwang Jung.

- But...
- I'm Dr. Heron.

You must be Dr. Allen's medical assistant.

Yes, he is my assistant.
Let us go to my office...

Why is he treating a patient
when he is not a doctor?

I allow my medical students
to treat patients directly.

- And Mr. Hwang is the top student...
- He is still merely a student.

A medical student.

Shouldn't a doctor be present?
How can you let a student treat patients?

I read the report on Jejoongwon.
It was run well for its first year.

- But I think we need some changes.
- I am the Director here.

Please acknowledge that Jejoongwon...

...was built on the sweat of
many people, including myself.

He's right.

Without Dr. Allen, Jejoongwon would
never have gotten on its feet.

If it had been run properly from the start,
Jejoongwon would have been better off.

At the very least, there wouldn't be
any students treating patients.

This really isn't habitable!

This will do fine.

How can this be suitable
accomodation for a doctor?

We will give you the special room.
Let's go.

The rooms are for patients.
This place is good enough for me.

Why won't you go with us to our house?

I would like to be near the patients.

Hey you!
Why are you idling around here?

Please forgive me!

He said his stomach hurt
and then collapsed.

The lower right of his abdomen.


You're going to kill me!
I'm going to die!

Stop exaggerating!
Lie still so the doctor can examine you!

It's colitis.
A portion of his intestine is infected.

With fasting and medicine,
he will soon get better.

I think it's appendicitis.

Have you ever had this pain before?

This is the first time.

It hurts, right?

Tell me if it hurts
when I pull back my hand.

It's not as bad.

It hasn't burst yet.
We must remove it.

You can't cut me open!

I have whatever Dr. Allen says I have!

Mr. Hwang, give the patient salol and
make sure he fasts.

Yes, Director.

Heron, you will start
at the hospital tomorrow.

Dr. Heron.

If it is truly appendicitis, I want to know
how to perform the surgery.

We have never performed
laparotomies at Jejoongwon.

Please teach me.

Should we at least
give him some morphine?

- That won't fix the problem.
- Then what...?

I'm going to die!
Someone please help me!

We have no choice.
Get Heron here.

- What?
- Move Mongchong to the operating room.

- Now! Didn't you hear me?
- Yes, Director.

- Like this?
- Yes.

Imagine the human body before you.

You must practice surgery this way
so that you can do well in real-life.

I understand.

Dr. Heron!

What is the meaning of this!

We need your help.
You must hurry!

Let's go.

- Everything's ready.
- Mr. Baek.

Can you help me?

Yes, Doctor.




My hands are warm, aren't they?

Because of you,
my hands are warm now.

I think I know someone at Jejoongwon.

I want to be your assistant, Director.
I will do a good job.

I have no intention of using you
as my assistant.

I remember the day you came to me
and asked to be my assistant.

Don't forget how you felt that day.

Seok Ran is a good woman.
Keep helping her.

I was able to find you
because of these fireworks.

Make a wish.