Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What is the meaning of this?
Please! Please don't order me to leave!
Please! I want to stay.
Why are you so thick-headed?
We cannot allow rules to be broken just for you!
What did he do now?
Stop humiliating yourself!
Yu Seok Hwan.
Episode 10
How could you dress up like a man to take the exam?
Did what I said earlier upset you that much?
That was a factor.
But more importantly, I wanted to test myself.
And highest marks?
You certainly did well on the exam.
It wasn't entirely my own abilities.
I was able to pass because I was in Mr. Hwang's group.
In any case, I want to apologize...
...for what I said to you earlier.
To tell you the truth, I underestimated you.
- It's all right. - No, it's not.
Forgive me.
I will have to ask you from now on if I don't know something.
- I'm not good enough. - I think you are good enough.
You're a thousand times better than Hwang.
And that fellow...
As a scholar, he should accept his failure with honor.
But he is showing a very disappointing side.
Is he being admonished by the Administrator because he failed the exam?
It's because he no longer has the right to stay and work at Jejoongwon.
By the way, why are you here?
Thank you.
You will be a great help here as a chaperone.
Probably not. Please give me your guidance.
Of course.
What... will happen to Mr. Hwang?
He will have to leave tomorrow once the commencement is over.
I want to help him, but there is nothing I can do.
If he conveys his wishes to withdraw before the commencement...
Mr. Hwang, who was in thirteenth place, would be admitted.
He will have to leave tomorrow once the commencement is over.
What did you just say?
You're Yu Seok Hwan, the top scorer?
I took the exam disguised as a man.
Are you telling me the truth?
Who else knows about this?
Young Master Do Yang, Mak Saeng...
...and Mr. Hwang.
Why have you done this foolish thing?
I didn't think things would be like this!
Mr. Hwang failed because of me,
...and he will have to leave Jejoongwon tomorrow.
Yes, that is true.
- Perhaps I should confess... - No!
You will be punished!
But if I don't do anything, Mr. Hwang will....
Seok Ran...
What happened to Mr. Hwang is unfortunate.
But your plan is not a good one.
He will not want that either.
If you were in my place...
What would you do?
You will not interfere in this matter.
I have to read some books. Return to your room.
Under no circumstances should you go to Jejoongwon tomorrow!
I should apply for Jejoongwon too!
That is what everyone is talking about nowadays!
- Here, please have a drink. - No, I am done.
Do Yang, don't reject Mi Young.
How can I drink when His Majesty will be present tomorrow!
Do Yang, to be honest...
The top scorer has many obligations to fulfill, and you're second place!
Who knows, maybe the top scorer won't come tomorrow.
That's what you're expecting to happen?
Do Yang, are you so upset that you lost first place?
No, Uncle. I was only joking.
I'll pray that he comes, that you'll regret not accepting my wine.
No hell like a woman scorned!
Come here!
Drink up and forget everything!
- Where did you get it? - I got it for you.
Hurry up and pour me a drink!
Yes, drink up and forget Jejoongwon.
If you really want to study medicine, we'll have to go to Qing China.
Let's just leave tomorrow at daybreak, after we say farewell to Dr. Allen.
You should go see your father too for the last time.
Actually, I've been down to the village a few times.
First when I thought you were dead,
...and when you abandoned me at the river port.
I saw your father.
- And? - He thinks you're dead.
I never got a chance to tell him you're alive.
If you want, I can tell him for you.
That I don't know where you are, but you're alive?
Don't say anything.
I'm dead to him...
...even though I'm alive.
Yes, the butcher Little Dog is dead.
Where are you going?
You're not going to leave me behind again?
- I told you I won't run away again. - I'll kill you if you do.
Dr. Allen! Dr. Allen! There's trouble!
- What?! What happened? - My master has disappeared without me!
- What? - I knew he was going to do this!
No, Mr. Hwang wouldn't do that.
Yes, he would!
Look, he cut the rope that I tied to his leg!
I'm going to kill him!
You're certainly thick-skinned! Why are you still here?
I am still a medical assistant at Jejoongwon.
Is that so?
Then you must be leaving after the commencement!
Oh wait!
Make sure you leave those clothes behind.
They belong to the hospital!
My Lord!
I thought you ran away!
Why would I do that?
King Go Jong and his Queen
If you were in my place...
What would you do?
Jejoongwon House of Widespread Relief
Clear the way for His Excellency!
Stand at attention! His Majesty will be here shortly.
His.... Majesty?
What are you doing?
What? Oh...
His Majesty is coming.
So what if he is?
Let's go.
- You got accepted too? - Yes, thanks to you.
You remember him? He did the drawings.
Were you a painter before?
- Yes. - What a good world this is!
How could a middle-class painter be in the same class as a nobleman?
Jejoongwon is certainly admitting riff-raff!
That's not a nice thing to say to your fellow classmates.
Perhaps that riff-raff includes you.
- What? - What's going on?
Haven't you heard His Majesty is coming?
Top scorer, Yu Seok Hwan!
Top scorer, Yu Seok Hwan!
Is he not coming?
Yu Seok Hwan is here!
- I'm Yu Seok Hwan. - Why are you so late?
- My apologies. - Come with me.
I see you've returned the clothes.
Now that that's done, get out of here.
Oh, Your Excellency!
This is Yu Seok Hwan, our top scorer in the exams.
Nice to meet you.
I see. Congratulations!
Thank you.
Oh dear...
Isn't it customary for the top scorer to come early to make introductions?
I think I may have to represent the students.
Do Yang!
- The top scorer is here. - Really?
What? The top scorer is here?
Where is he?
He is with Lord Min in the garden.
He certainly took his time!
There is something you must do.
You must accept the seal from His Majesty on behalf of the students.
I'm sorry, but I cannot participate in the commencement.
What do you mean by that?
- Ah, you're here. - Yes, Excellency, did you ask for me?
You should have come earlier.
This fellow was just telling me that he cannot participate in the commencement.
What do you mean you can't participate?
Yes, my mother is ill and I have to take care of her.
I cannot enter the school.
Oh dear...
- Did you bring a written withdrawal? - Yes.
Your hands are like a girl's.
This is unfortunate, you winning top marks and all.
All right then. I'll get it processed right away.
Then I'll be on my way...
Director, please begin the commencement...
You... you...!
- Miss Yu? - Aren't you Official Yu's daughter?
Please forgive me!
Wench, how dare you do something so outrageous?
Your Excellency, I think we should turn this over to the Police Bureau.
This must be dealt within the law!
She has acknowledged her fault and has come here to withdraw! Forgive her!
Forgive her? How can you say that, Dr. Allen?
Have you forgotten His Majesty's decree regarding dishonesty in the exam?
This crime must not only punish the person responsible, but also her parents!
I have done an unpardonable crime! But...
Please do not punish my parents!
I just wanted to test my knowledge!
Test your knowledge?
Then you should have laid low. Why did you come here to withdraw?
If I didn't tell the truth...
...then someone would not be able to enter Jejoongwon because of my crime.
Yes, that is true.
Who is the next candidate? You should have a list of the next three.
Yes.... yes...
Show me the candidate list.
- Well.... - Hand it over.
Hwang Jung. He's the next candidate.
What? What did you say?
I see! You're in cahoots with that Hwang fellow!
I won't let you get away with this! Let's go to the Bureau!
Don't do this!
It isn't what you think.
She did this because she knew I wanted to stay at Jejoongwon.
Please forgive her and punish me instead.
Excellency! There is something very fishy about this!
She went as far as to dress up as a man!
This is my doing and mine alone!
Your Excellency,
Let us postpone this discussion and begin the commencement.
We should promote Baek Do Yang to first place ...
...and have him receive the royal seal.
We will have to reduce the number of students to eleven.
Let's go.
You two just wait until we get back!
Wait. Let me settle this.
The top scorer, Yu Seok Hwan, I mean, Yu Seok Ran...
...will be eliminated from the entrants due to her ineligibilty and dishonesty.
In addition, we will allow the thirteenth candidate, Hwang Jung to enter in her stead.
I'll drag you myself to the Police! Just wait and see!
- I'm not finished! - Please forgive me.
You always...!
Furthermore, it is my command that we consider this matter as never happened.
- Now let us prepare for the commencement. - Your Excellency!
This is a flagrant disregard for our law! How can you let this go unpunished?
This will shake the law and order of Jejoonwon!
- The law and order? - Yes!
Do you really want to let everyone know...
...that a woman placed above all the male candidates?
If that happens,
Not only will Jejoongwon's law and order come into question...
Its very existence will be questioned. This is not what His Majesty wants.
His Majesty will be arriving shortly!
Let us hurry.
Young Miss...
Thank you.
No, it's me that should be grateful.
- Everything is ready. - Good.
Please go inside.
Your Excellency.
I have something to tell you.
I don't know if it's too late,
...but there is a candidate who was dishonest.
You must expel him and let another take his place.
You mean I should expel Yu Seok Hwan and replace him with Hwang Jung?
How did you...?
Yu Seok Hwan came to withdraw, and I accepted.
I see...
- Let us go in. - Yes.
So those are the men who will lead Korea's medical field.
That is so, my Queen.
I hope that they will be swift in their learning, that they can treat our nation's sick just as Dr. Allen treated Young Ik.
It will be as you hope.
It seems to me that we must hasten our search for nurses.
Anyone who wishes to work as a nurse at Jejoongwon will step forward.
Hurry and step forward!
They will release you from being a gisaeng.
Being a nurse won't be easy.
You will clean the patient's bloody wounds and squeeze the pus out.
That handsome Young Master is at Jejoongwon.
- I hate blood and pus! - Love will conquer everything.
Any gisaeng that becomes a nurse will have her debt to the troupe completely forgiven.
Let's see who steps forward!
- I thought you hated blood and pus! - My debt comes first.
You said Jejoongwon, right? I know a few people there already.
You have indigestion and sharp stabbing pains?
My hands and feet tingle and I have nausea too.
It looks like you have gastritis caused by stress.
Let me give you some medicine.
- Watanabe-san! - Yes sir!
Do you know why I have gotten sick?
At last night's banquet, I saw you eating a great quantity of food.
- Watanabe! - Yes sir!
Do I look like someone who overindulges?
- No Sir. - Then what is it?
I... I don't know.
That is why you'll never succeed!
How can you call yourself the Hippocrates of Imperial Japan?
If you truly think my gastritis is caused by stress,
.. you should have asked me what that stress was!
Do it again!
Yes Sir!
Ambassador, are you under stress these days?
Today is Jejoongwon's commencement!
That is why my hands and feet tingled since last night and I had a headache!
Then this medicine will do just the thing.
My gastritis will only be cured if Jejoongwon fails!
Please do not worry. Jejoongwon will collapse in short time.
Tell me that after it collapses.
I no longer have faith in anything you say!
Congratulations, Mr. Hwang.
Hey! How did your master become a medical student?
His Majesty must have seen to it.
- My master's close with him, you know. - Really? No one can mess with him now!
Of course, they are really tight!
You fool, you should stopped at the first lie.
You're lying through your teeth!
Yes, I did go too far this time.
What's up with those beggar kids who follow you around anyway?
Beggar kids? I'm not a beggar, so why would they be beggar kids?
- Aren't I right? Ggotnim? Sangpul? - Yes!
- Go ahead and eat. - Are they all yours?
Do you think I'm some sort of casanova?
Those kids are orphans from the revolt last year.
- I used to be a soldier. - What? Soldier, my ass!
Do you think I'm a liar like you?
When I behold all of you, I am filled with happiness.
I entreat all of you to become great doctors through this great medical school.
- Your grace abounds to the heavens! - Your grace abounds to the heavens!
Hwang, is it true that you were added last minute as a substitute?
- Yes... - You're so lucky!
Some of us have to study hard,
...but others get in through someone they know.
I heard you threatened the top scorer and chased him out.
Those jerks...
Brother Hwang, let's go. Don't pay any mind to them.
This is Jejoongwon's medical school.
Do you have to change the entire wood block after you write like that?
That startled me!
This is where we will learn chemistry.
Chemistry is the foundation for making medicine.
There are so many English books.
The medical school will be teaching English.
Each room will have two names. That room will be yours.
Mr. Hwang, you may use the room reserved for the top scorer.
Yes, Doctor.
We're roommates.
- Yes. - I'm glad.
Damn it. We're next to them.
This is great!
I think this is where we sleep.
Brother Hwang, you want the top or bottom?
Since you're older than me, why don't you choose?
Really? How could I?
Maybe I'll try the top.
This is great!
Oh right... Brother Hwang!
You really need to take that Yu Seok Hwan out for drinks!
Yes, you're right. He's a truly great person.
He's intelligent, courageous and bold...
...and beautiful.
- Arise! Arise! - Oh, damn it!
Brother Hwang, what's for breakfast?
I heard it's chicken soup.
Really? Then let's hurry and eat!
This is the best breakfast since we've been here!
- The students are all up. - Yes, it's ready.
But don't you think it's too much for them to ask for chicken soup for breakfast?
It was so hard getting here at dawn!
I know. In any case, I'm happy you're in charge of meals.
The food has been great ever since you came.
My back is killing me from this extra work!
I shouldn't have volunteered! Oh yes!
I heard from Gwak about the children. Here's some food for them.
- Big sister! - What?
- Thank you. - Don't tell anyone and get me in trouble!
Don't worry!
What's the matter with you?
What about me? Don't you anything set aside for me?
- Here you go! - Thank you!
I have a message from Dr. Allen.
He asks for you to save the chicken bones...
...and bring them to the lecture room.
Why? Does he want to make offerings with it?
I'm not sure, but that's what he said.
What a strange man.
- Here. - Go ahead and eat first.
We will have an interesting lesson today.
- Did everyone enjoy their chicken? - Yes, Doctor.
Good. There is glue on each of your tables.
Use it to glue the chicken bones back together.
Like this.
Humans and chicken are different, but this is for practice.
Go ahead and begin.
How did you know?
You're truly...
We're finished.
Well done.
Dr. Allen!
- Dr. Allen, we have a patient. - What?
Mongchong and Yi Gwak left to fetch him. They'll be here soon.
- All right. Mr. Hwang. - Yes, Doctor.
- Mr. Baek! - Yes.
- Take over the lesson for me. - Yes, Doctor.
What's going on?
- What's going on? - Silence!
He was trying to retrieve a kite from a tree when he fell onto clay pots.
The pots broke and cut him.
- When did it happen? - About an hour ago.
His family tried to treat him first. He's lost a lot of blood.
We need to move him to the operating room.
- Mongchong! - Yes!
- Be careful! - Hurry!
We're done!
Where are you going?
To the operating room.
Let's all go!
Let's go too.
- Let me see! - Move aside!
- Let me see! - Don't push!
Let me see!
Is he dead?
- Just let me see! - Go away!
He has too many cuts. You will have to take care of some of them.
I can't. I haven't even finished the lesson yet.
Mr. Hwang, you are my assistant before you are a medical student.
Besides, I know your skills with sutures.
- But... - Do it.
Do it. You do it well.
All right.
They're really going to feed and house us, and pay us a salary?
Of course!
We don't have to drink or deal with the Japanese?
I told you you're not going there to serve wine!
And those Japanese go to their own hospital.
They wouldn't step foot in Jejoongwon!
Does that mean we can't drink after work?
- I'll die without a drink! - Who's going to stop you?
We can have a drink together after work!
You're so cute!
His Majesty is truly amazing!
- Why are you following us? - I go everywhere Miss Miryung goes.
Just leave her be. She'll be of use somewhere.
I'm good at finding out where I'm useful. Don't worry!
What's going on?
We finished our assignment and came to see the operation.
Wouldn't it be helpful for us to observe surgery?
Oh. That's right.
We play with chicken bones while someone gets to treat patients.
That's not fair!
You're playing favorites with the worst student here!
- We're not substitutes like him. - I should have come last then.
Do Yang finished his assignment first but you took the worst student.
Mr. Hwang was his medical assistant before he was a medical student.
Miss Yu, it's all right.
I understand what you're saying, but you're not ready to treat patients yet.
Who would be ready when they're starting out?
That's right? Isn't that so?
- He's right! - I agree!
Dr. Allen!
The nurses are here.
His Majesty has sent gisaengs as nurses.
- I am Miryung. - I am Chungji.
I am the Director Allen of Jejoongwon.
Nice to see you again. How are your teeth?
Good. I'm sorry about that day.
It's all right. Are you all ready to help people regardless of their gender?
- Of course. Right? - Yes... Yes, we are.
Good. First, we will have Miss Yu handle your education.
Yes, I will teach them the basics.
The nurses His Majesty sent are here?
May I have a word. Miss Seok Ran, you too.
I'm sure you know that Jejoongwon is not quite stable.
The money given to us by the Treasury... not enough to cover medicine, let alone everyone's salary.
We also have the students' expenses.
This is a serious problem.
Yes, I will have to bite back tears and cut back on staff.
Bite back tears?
- He means he's reluctant. - Who will you cut back on?
First, we will halve the number of servants.
I don't think it'll make a huge difference.
Will that solve the problem?
No, we will have to get rid of one medical staff too.
What? Who?
Miss Yu Seok Ran, thank you for your work.
This is ridiculous! For what reason are you firing her?
Why is that ridiculous? His Majesty has sent us three nurses.
They just have to be trained.
We would be going against His Majesty's wishes...
...if we keep Miss Yu here with the nurses.
Miss Yu helps me communicate with my patients!
Yes, yes, I know. But...
With your Korean skills now, you no longer need a translator.
Are you doing this because of what she did?
What are you talking about? Lord Min decided it would be forgiven.
Yes, he did, but this situation...
If you keep insisting, I will become upset.
I have no personal agenda.
I only act according to what is best for Jejoongwon.
What are you doing? We were in the middle of drinking.
I kept thinking of Little Dog.
I'm going to burn all of this and try to forget him.
That boy did it to save his mother. I'm sure Heaven will forgive him.
You think so too? He was good at his job, wasn't he?
Of course he was. There is no one as good as him.
Good. Forget him.
Yes, I must.
By the way, who is the new customer that ordered the beef?
- Je... Jejoongwon or something. - Jejoongwon?
Yes, it's in Jaedong.
Official Yu referred them to us, so let's give them a nice tender calf.
Yes, of course.
Good. I'm glad you quit!
- I told you I didn't quit. - She was fired, Madam.
That's why I quit the kitchen too and came back.
- You should have continued working. - You silly girl!
Did you think I sent Mak Saeng there to cook?
I sent her to keep an eye on you!
That Administrator Oh has excellent judgment.
How could you even consider consorting with gisaengs?
Don't you agree, darling?
Let's eat.
You need to settle this. You're the head of the household!
Seok Ran, don't be too troubled.
I won't, Father.
Opportunities will come again.
Who would have thought Jejoongwon would exist a few years ago?
That's how quickly the world is changing.
You must empty yourself and be patient.
Yes, Father.
What was that? I said settle it, not encourage her!
Let's eat.
I got rid of her.
I did it for Jejoongwon's sake, but I'm not certain we had to let her go.
It's because her duties overlapped with the nurses.
It's late. Go in.
It's cold!
What's that?
It looks like it belongs to a woman. Is it a token of love or something?
- No, it's not. - Let's have a look!
You can't fool me. Let's take a look!
- What's wrong with you? - If you deny it, then it must be true!
Let's have a look!
I'm not asking you to give it to me! I just want to see!
Hwang, are you inside? I want to speak with you.
You asked to see me?
You must not have heard.
Heard what?
Seok Ran is no longer able to be a chaperone at Jejoongwon.
She braved danger to get you admitted to school.
- Aren't you concerned about her? - Why...?
Why did she quit? I thought she enjoyed working here?
She didn't quit. She was fired.
With the nurses here, the budget will decrease even further.
The higher ups considered Seok Ran's job an overlap with the nurses.
But... but that is ridiculous!
Miss Seok Ran's work and the nurses' work is completely different!
That's precisely what I mean!
Don't you get it?
Seok Ran was fired because she had you admitted.
Seok Ran lost her once in a lifetime...
...opportunity to learn western medicine as a woman because of you!
- I will speak to the administrators! - Don't you think I've tried?
I spoke to them, but it was no use.
Did you by any chance...
...plot to use her because she was nice enough to save you a few times?
What do you mean?
If you don't want to be misunderstood, stay far away from Seok Ran.
You wouldn't want her to be in danger anymore than I do.
Have you thought about being a chaperone?
I haven't told my parents yet.
But I want to.
Seok Ran lost her once in a lifetime...
.. opportunity to learn western medicine as a woman because of you!
Seok Ran was fired because she had you admitted.
Did you plot to use her ? Stay far away from Seok Ran!
He's standing over there. Hurry before Madam finds out!
All right.
What brings you here at this hour?
I heard you left Jejoongwon.
I'm all right.
I was debating whether or not to quit when the nurses came.
Did you come here at dawn to ask me this?
You must be hungry.
Since you're here, meet my father and have breakfast.
Don't you have to continue studying English?
- Once you improve, you should read novels... - Young Miss.
I think I can study English by myself now.
I see. Well, the medical school will teach you anyway.
You kept this all this time?
It was so pretty, I couldn't give it away to anyone.
It's not that pretty.
But why...?
I wanted to return it to you!
This accessory doesn't belong to me.
- But you didn't have to.... - No! Not at all.
It doesn't really suit me, but I kept it too long.
Now that you've quit Jejoongwon...
I don't think we'll be able to see each other.
You're right.
But I'll stop by Jejoongwon often to see how you're doing.
You look pale.
Is something wrong?
No. Nothing's wrong.
I'll be on my way then.
- Mr. Hwang! - Master!
- What brings you here? - Why else? To deliver meat!
Please open the door!
From tomorrow onwards, Baek Do Yang will do the report.
Why are you avoiding me?
A female doctor will be here soon.
If mother and baby are in danger, we will operate immediately.
In Korea, breech births often result in death both for the mother and the baby.
Why isn't the baby crying?
I'm nervous.
Be careful, you can blow up the entire room.