Jarðarförin mín (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Lofsöngur - full transcript

Open for us.

My Benni. BENNI !

My Benni.

My love.

Ohh, my Benni

Shall I do first help ?

No, no I was in the girls scouts and I know how to do that. Everything okey.

Ahh. Benni. Ahh

Do you hear me ? Benni.

Benni this is Sigga here. My love.

Let’s take him to the sofa.

Benni we are here with you.


Here's my darling.

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Here's my darling.

I will get water.


Here's my darling.

Here's my darling.

What really happened darling.

I really do no know, I….

Suddenly a terrible headache and the all black here.

What ?

The headache’s are getting worse.

These tablets from Hilmar they do noting for this.

Mu friend I can provide something.

That will ease you pain until the operation.

That will make you feel better, trust me.

Okey what is that ?

Don’t worry it is one hundred percent organic.

You will feel like borne again, young, fresh and healthy.

Yes Benni you need to try this it is a very good content.

I have tried it myself.


Benni, Sigga I have to leave you now. I will be at the calls room after half an hour.

I will stay. Haa ? Benni okey.

Goodbye love.



Do you remember this day ?

I am not totally brain dead my Sigga.

Ohhh what a day this was.

Our wedding day ? Yes.

There are for sure not may wedding couple’s that have taken their wedding meal at Bæjarins Bestu. (Hot Dogs)

No, we needed to save for new plumbing.

Would you rather have choose to eat at the Grill one night than being able to take a hot shower at your home ?

No, no my Benni I am not saying that.

Well, jee, do you she the little bear baby.

The fist day at kindergarten.

I was so disturbed. Do you remember ?

I had difficulties to take him from my feet’s.

You did not dislike how he was dependent on you.

No, Krullan.

The first day at Krullan. Hmm

Cute in his costume.

I he was sooo…..

Wonderfull him Bjössi.


Oooo, poor.

Ohhh, his tong was so swollen.

He could not eat norma food for three days. Look.

What a boy.

Did you bring the album with Birna ?

Not, I…

I thought you would not want it.

Sigga. Mmm.

Was I a bad father ?

No, no, no not bad.

You where distant.

At least in the second time.

Isn’t that more ore less the same.

It was not your fault.

The shock simply changed you.

Bjössi did just have a different you than she.

I off course also.

There is at least enough time to make for some things up.

Ohh, in what way then ?


Give up a some little and cancel this funeral

No. Yes, yes. Why ?

The boy is totally devastated about this.

He is just devastated for not getting my money.

Dear Benni, this not only about money.

He is just worried and afraid of that you are finally to off your mind.

What a nonsense ?

He is not the only one.

Look, everybody are calling because of these invitation cards you have been sending.

These here ? Yes these Benni.

I mean how does sometihng like this !

These is a serious situation and you act like this is some kind of a joke.

How much money have you spent on this stupidies ?

It is not to late to back off. You can tell it has been the tumour speaking.

No one will be shocked.

You know there is not in the picture that I cancel.

Yes, Bjössi and Ösp are for sure not to show up and I…

Ooo, I do not know. I don’t know if I can make me to.


This is possible the last change for me to leave something behind.

I mean. I do not understand that none of you can place yourself in my situation.

This mine death sentence. Yes.

I don’t know what more I can say here I…..

Then stop speaking and fo away !

No, no see, heee the old one not dead jet ore not ?

What does the little beauty say. Isn’t it fun to be so small ?

Why are you wearing so ugly sweater ?

Ugly this is a nice sweater, common.

It is supposed to be ugly. This is the ugly sweater day.

What, you are not bothering letting me know that you are coming man. Nothing about the theme.

I can actually see that it was not needed.


Kristján I gave Benedikt permission to use that conference room isn’t that okey ?

Why, for what ?

It's an audition.

Audition ?

For what ?



I am looking forward to see you.

I am going to work here when I am grown up

No, why ?

Yes and fire the man that was boring with you.

Yes, yes he he

Listen, what about this one ?

Wow, how nice it is.

For the birthday ?


Yes, yes but I think it is some little colourless.

It is only getting nine years old.


What news are of Benedikt ? How is he ?

Ooo, it was terrible frighting to come to him in this situation.

I believe that.

This must have been terrible. Bjössi told me about this.

Then I am trying to make him give you this funeral idea.

Is there nothing we can do about that.

I don’t know. Like what ?

Deprive him of autonomy or something. I mean he's not quite with himself.

i don’t know.

I am afraid of there is nothing we can to now in this for now. Hmmm.

Benni just does what Benni wants. He has always been that way.

Are you ready ?

What is the value of the whole world?

if there is no one here

which stands still

when others disappear a way.

Who always wishes you well

and shares with you joy and sorrow

then you have less than nothing

if you have no friend.

It's winter entered time

With cold weather and bitter.

I'm standing by the window

the darkness flows into my mind.

Then I feel a warm hand

my soul comes alive,

like a plant that stood in the shadows

but has again seen light.

It's winter entered time

with cold weather and bitter.

Ég stend við gluggann the darkness flows into the mind …..

What, what is happening ?

We have auditions.

Yes, yes.

For what ?

For grandfathers funeral.


Eeee, father you maybe come outside and have a word with me.

Sísi gather you things we are going to ballet.

Look, you have to stop inflicting Sísí in this bullshit. Otherwise you can not be taking care of her.

Ooo, don’t act like this.

Don’t find it strange that you are asking a eight years old child to organise the funeral with you ?

Your daughter is lot stronger than you think.

You have to stop wrapping her like this in cotton.

If you protect her for everything that is difficult in life. Then you are rasing up a loser.

It is difficult enough to lose once grandfather.

You will not be premised to take care of her again unless you promise to stop this bullshit.

Hear me, you are not forbidding me to meat my grandchild.

Specially now on the last meters.

And we shall make that clear. She is not coming to this funeral.

You can not use your child to make a revenge on me.

I know I've not been an exemplary father over the years, but this I do not deserve.

No, this is not for disguising.

I am thinking in Sísí feelings, unlike you.

Bye grandfather.

What the hell.

Hello, hello you have to take a shower first.

Take it easy old man I took a shower this morning.

If you do not wash yourself right now I will call the police.

Don’t have an heart attack old man.

You young people.

You think you are better than everybody.

Dirty bastard.

Ohh, hello Benedikt.

You look good.

Just almost like in the old days.

It has obviously done good for you following all these golf balls for all these years.


At least it is not possible to see that you are about to die.

You are not so bad yourself. Ha..

How is with the family and the preparation ?

Yes, yes this is all about to fit.

What are you thinking ?

I think I need to go. I am becoming a pink raisin here.

That is told to be unhealthy to be for long time in a hot spa.


Listen, are we still going to look over the program tonight.

Yes. This need to be ready for printing no later than tomorrow.

Then see you later. Okey.


This comes.


Isn’t this just stress because of the funeral and the operation.

No, no I am not stressed.

Far from that.

I hardly believe that. Tell me what is wrong ?

If you desperately want to know

Then I meet Ólöf just before in the hot spa.

It was just like in the old days.

I felt like I was young again and…….


The old one just having a crush in a girl.

Yes a admit it completely that I have always had warm feelings for her.

I think I was in love with here before, secretly.

I saw it always in my mind that we would be a couple.

But it was just so complicated because of the situation.

Both that we where so close fiends and then that we where totally different.

Me this fine polite boy but she so crazy like animal against all and everything.

Was anytime something between you ?

She was the first one.

Soo that how it was.

Now you have to tell me more.

This was only one time, look.

I was just one of many that she just passed through with.

She was so horny.

Then suddenly I received a invitation to her wedding.

I had not heard from her for months.

Do know Benni.

The destiny have made this for you.

You have to tell what feeling you have for her.

Yes, no that can not be done.

I do not want to complicate things in this situation.

Off course I am very grateful for that she is by my side in this process.

And also that we meet again before it was to late.

Listen, well.

Hello love.

Oooo, was it tonight ?

Ahhh, sorry I just completely forgot this.

Hey, I will come as soon as I can.

Listen, dear friend.

As much as I would have liked to be present when you at last fall in it then I had promised to go for dinner at Silvía. There will be all my relatives I just have to be there haa…

Will you be okey ? Yes, yes no worries.

Listen, just take the golf car. Okey.

Hey, Hjalti !

You can have it as yours.

Hey Benni. Haaa

Lois don’t do this.

Look what I have brought you.

Come inside.

We never had marijuana here when I was young.

Everybody smoked hash.

This is more mild than hash is.

This my friend “La Viuda Blanca”. Haa

The white widow.

This an Indy blend of Jhansi cansativa.

It will solve your pain and make you feel sexy

And open your third eye.

Third eye ?

Yes my friend

And remember never mix good weed with tobacco.

It can give you a cancer.

Benni lo siento. It’s okey Lois.

Just roll me another one for the road.

Are you satisfied with how it is set.

Yes, very satisfied.

Thats good. Aha, ja here.

There the electric went off. Ufff.

He is possible not quiet happy the man up there.

But this is exactly the correct place to be when the electric goes off.

Yes, here….

This is so cosy…

Long time you have seen one ?

Is this what I think it is ?

Jaa, what do you think ?

I have lived many things the last years but a joined i have not smoked since the sevneth.

No, Benni, Benni. Hmmm

Not in here.

You are not any Bob Marley dear Benni.

Ahhh, this is enough.

Hey, church wine, can I…..

I the name of Lord.

No thank you.

Yes correct yes, I had totally forgotten that

Then there is just more for me.

Do you know ?

I have so many time thought about how totally different my life would have been if I had chosen you.

Was that sometime possibility ?

Off course.

Back then you where the only person that made me feel safe.

Yes, and I saw it always that you where crazy for me.

Did you know that ?

Off course I knew it.

Did you really think that you where keeping it a secret.

My Benni.

What is the value of the whole world?

if there is no one here

which stands still

when others disappearing.

Who always wishes you well

and shares with you joy and sorrow

then you have less than nothing

if you have no friend.

What is the value of the whole world?

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