Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Pobór - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part IX
The Draft

Let me see it.

What is this?

- What?
- This.

This? Wojtuś.

I can see it's Wojtuś, you moron!

Do you think I can't read?

You studied in Vienna.

Of course, I studied in Vienna.

Why didn't I stay there?

We're all better off with you here.

Yes, but if I didn't keep an eye on you,
you'd make me a beggar.

Speaking of... I have carefully prepared
a list for you.

We'll draft only the sons
of the poorest.

They are a risky and rebellious element.

So for your lordship's own good...

Wait, where's the initial list?

What list?

The village head told me...

that the initial list included names
of the richest peasants.

Well, what do you know?

So this is what you meant!
I completely forgot.

Let me explain.

Yes, there was an initial list.

The village heads listed peasants
with whom...

they had scores to settle.

Such injustice was unacceptable.

Everyone would have blamed you.
Your repute was at risk.

- Is that a threat?
- Me threaten your lordship? Never!

I want to see the money...

you took from the rich peasants...

for deleting their sons from the list.

Shall I call witnesses?

I want to see the money here
on the table by tomorrow.

Do you understand?

Now give me the letter.

I'll sign it.

The sooner they are sent to the army,
the better.

"By the order of his majesty...

the emperor of Austria and
king of Hungary...

we announce a conscription of peasants
fit for military service.

Those listed below...

are to be ready for departure.

Józef of Hruby, Stefan Morduła...

- He's my only son!
- Be quiet.

Lord have mercy!

Who will take care of me
and work in the field?

Shut up, woman!

I can't help you.

The Count's orders are final.

- If it was up to me...
- Where's Rubiś?

Rubiś was on the list and now he's not.

Skoblik Jan...

Wincenty Pyrosz...

Jan Maciejczyk...

Paweł Kula...

Who pays well saves their son.

Jerzy Gazda...

Wincenty Polok...

Wojciech Roj...

Stanisław Król-Misiaga...

Give me the chunks from the bottom...

Tell us the rest of the story.

I'm telling you.

They were at each other's throats.

The farmer was smart and not afraid
of the devil...

he was punching him hard in the face.

Wait, who was punching whom?

The devil or the farmer?

So the devil says...

"Let's bet...

whoever brings a better horse
to the field tomorrow morning...

gets all the oats".

What happened next?

The farmer had no choice but to agree.

He went back home, all upset.

His wife asked what the problem was.

He told her everything.

"We've got plenty of time"...

said the woman and they went to sleep.

The next morning, the devil comes
on a fine mount...

a golden striped one.

Across the field comes the farmer

riding on his naked wife.

Seeing him, the devil screamed...

"Take the oats, I don't want them",
and ran away.

True story.

It's Maryna...


Wait for me here.

Follow me to the vault.

Come in, Maryna. Please sit here.

Have a drink.

Take a bite.

Why are you so sad, Maryna?

There's an army draft.

They've always taken boys to the army.


Who's going to work in the fields?

Who'll help the old folks?

Have you ever served
in the imperial army?

- Who, me?
- Yes.

Ah, me!

Thank God, I was lucky I haven't.

They don't take those like you.

Why not?

They wouldn't have enough food!


- What did you just say?!
- Who? Me?

Have the peasants pay to the burgrave
to change the list.


I'll square up with him later.

Why are you bothering me again?

What do you want?

Your lordship...

we would like to kindly ask you...

so that our sons...

I bet you want me to release...

your sons from military service.

Yes, my lord. Our sons can't go.

We need them in the fields...

Alright, get out.

- What?
- I said get out!

I won't punish you for bribery...

but get out unless you want to die!

Guards! Take them away!

Hold it! What about our money?

All our money gone!

- And?
- And nothing.

- Did he take the money?
- He did.

And he set the dogs on us.

- What about the boys?
- To the army.

We lost both our money and our boys.

What are we going to do?

He was always a thief...

but to set dogs on poor people...

We'll think of something.

Janosik said he would be back
before noon.

What else can he do?

He's already given his money away.

Poor Mrs. Skoblik prostrated herself
all night.

She'll starve if they take her boy.

Stop worrying, it's breaking my heart.

I'll get the money back myself!

Who cares about the money?

They'll waste our boys' lives.


I need to deliver ten men
from the village...

to the imperial army.

I don't care who they are.

I got these from your poorer neighbours.

So I deleted their sons from the list.

What are we supposed to do then?

I am an honest man who puts
things straight.

Whoever pays more, gets their problem
solved properly.


What about our money, my lord?

What money?

Oh, those thalers...

They were confiscated by the Count.

He considered them his and he took them.

But we've already paid once.

I told you what I want and you can
do whatever you like.

We can chip in.

Three thalers each.

In that case, we'll add more money...

to match what our neighbours paid.

Alright, out of pure generosity,
I'll make the others go.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. May God be with you.

Move it, everybody out.

I told you to leave.

Why are you here?

I came in for a visit.

A visit, you say?


Fantastic, my dear bandit.

I saved a space for you in the dungeon.

Take him away!


Stop yelling.
Everyone's out at the courtyard.

The guards are defending peasants
from your dogs.


It's just you and me, burgrave.

Let's talk then.

We have quite a lot to talk about.

But we never seem to have enough time.

Put the gun down.

You might hurt yourself.

I don't intend to kill you...

and I'll spare you again this time.

Aren't you ashamed to rip people off?

They gave it to me.

Let's go. Move it!

Hurry up! Stop!

On the floor!

On the floor!

He's good to go.



Move it!

This one's no good, too young.

- Go back home.
- Go back home.


Get going!

What is this?

The burgrave repaid his loan
with interest.


Maryna was here.

She said the burgrave chased them away
and kept the money.

I saw them take men in the village.

- We have to save them.
- There's no point.

They'll send more soldiers and take
the men anyway.

- And they'll burn the village.
- Kwiczoł is right.

- We have to buy them out.
- Jesus Christ.

They'll want loads of money.

We'll give them money. But not ours.

- Welcome! Please come in.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

A toast to the lords!


To the bride and groom!

Long may they live!

Where are you going?
Take it to the table.

To the young couple! Bottoms up!

- Who's your master?
- The lord of Zbyszyce.

Lord sword-bearer, is this your man?

If he says he's mine, then he's mine.

Would you gift him to the bride?

Absolutely! She may have him!

Thank you, my lord.

What's your name?


Bring some wine.

You forgot to ask if I agreed.

Jealous of a village servant?

We've got our own menials.

You can never have too many.

Long live the bride and groom!

Long live the bride and groom!

Kiss her!

What are you nosing around for?

The bride told me to prepare wine.

Hurry, you fool!

The chieftain's been gone
for a long time.

Let's go.

Wake up.

That's it.


Take the lord to his chamber.

Just watch my treasure chest.

Don't worry, I'll take good care of it.


You thief...

Robber! Help!

You bandit... Thief!

There's no point shouting, my lady.
Everyone's asleep.

Help! Help!


He's a robber, get him!

It would be a pleasure to die at such
lovely hands.

Chieftain, what happened to them?

No idea. They must have seen a devil.

You mean me?

You don't look exactly like an angel.




Alright, I'm coming.

You bandit!

Jesus Christ, so much food!

Take this, Pyzdra.

To the bride and groom!

Come on, boys! Let's drink!

You idiot.

It's poisoned.

Let's get to work.

Take him!

Grab him!

He's so heavy!

Gąsior, let's put him here.

Take it to the cart.

Let's get going.



Tell your men not to shoot.

Don't shoot!

What do you want from me?
What have I done to you?

Sit down, captain. Please stay calm.

Give me back those men.

I can't.

I'll be shot if I don't bring them.

I can give you others instead.

How many have you got?

Ten. One for one.

One for one you say?

A peasant is a peasant. I don't care.

Since it's so important to you...

we can work it out somehow.

Release the conscripts!

Move it! Faster!

Give them the lackeys.

Calm down boys.

The soldiers will take you home.

Stand up slowly and go wait
by that pine.

Everything seems fine.

As long as nobody else knows.

We'd like that very much, too.

Just make sure they stay gagged...

otherwise they are very noisy.

Good advice.

I hate noise.

I hope we'll meet again.

I must say I feel sorry for those boys.


The women will be surprised we
exchanged their men.

You should be thankful they didn't take
you to the imperial army.

I took myself... into the woods.

And the court lost a potential hero.

You got that right.

I could've become... a general.

Well, our job is done here.

Take the peasants back and make
a fine dinner.

I'll take a lamb.

I'll go and find a maiden's wreath...

it's the midsummer night after all.

I'll take the lamb and...

A wreath...

You look like old Mrs. Pacuła.

Is this how you say hello?

And I'm bringing great news...

- What news?
- What do you mean?

The boys are on their way back
to the village.

What do you see?

Seems they're going to have a bath
in the river.

- Never seen people bathe?
- Not him and her together.

Get down or I'll shoot you!

Give me a second.

I said get down.

Where are you going?

I thought I could have a bath, too.

Sit down now.

We'll have a bath later, in two weeks.

Now play.

But they can?

He's the chieftain. Play now.

Where the devil gives up,
a woman carries on.

Let me tell you about women.

Adam lived in paradise...

but he missed company.

God saw his sorrow...

and because he has a kind heart,
he thought...

he may do something to make Adam happy.

So he invented a woman. Get it?

One dark night, he came to Adam...

and took his rib out...

to make Eve.

When all of a sudden...

a huge hound burst out of the bushes...

grabbed the rib and back into the woods.

So God began chasing it.

Eventually, at the paradise border...

God grabbed the dog by the tail.

And broke it off.

What was poor God to do?

He made a woman out of a dog's tail!

This is the story of women.

Wait, how was it?

First, there was God...

then there was Adam...

then a dog...

and finally, there was a woman.

Women, can't live with them...

...can't live...

...without them.