Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Beczka okowity - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part VII
Moonshine Barrel

"Your Highness, the Sub-Carpathian

is particularly resistant to our

There are no army conscripts, and levies
never reach your treasury.

Count Horvath reports...

that this is caused by gangs
of robbers

preventing our commissioners
from maintaining order.

In this unfamiliar rocky area

our army will be exposed to repeated
attacks by bandits."

Gentlemen, the situation looks grim.

The emperor is not happy about it.

Something must be done.

- Any ideas?
- Yes.

Tell me.

Surround them.

Move the left wing to the right.

- And the right one to the left.
- No!

To the centre.

Do it! Dismissed.

You're a genius!

My dear soldier boys!

We'll finally end these scumbags.

No more of your silly ideas...

all your tricks and traps.

There's an army coming here.

We'll crush them like cockroaches.

Great. I'll present them my new plan
for arresting them.

I should lock you up in the dungeon
until the army leaves.

For safety.

- Then I can...
- No, you can't do anything!

Get to work.

- Arrange quarters.
- Yes, sir.

Rooms for the officers.

Take wine barrels out.

Go to the village and don't you dare
come back without forage.

Yes, sir.

They make beautiful lace
for girls in Liptów.

I'll bring you ribbons.

All the village girls will be envious.

I'd rather tie my hair with a string

than let you go.

Let's go, chieftain!


- Oh God!
- Careful! Don't drag me with you!

Take the bacon!

Give it to me.

I want it back!

- My leg!
- What leg? Give me the bacon.

Get up!

Side to side!

Let's sit down boys, have some rest
and eat.

It's beautiful here.

Everywhere is beautiful for you,
you fool.

I don't like it here.

- I'd rather be home.
- True.

Fighting out of home is no good.

At home, I know every rock, every tree.

I know where to dodge if I need to.
And here?

Am I right?

We couldn't have stayed.

They sent soldiers after us everywhere.

- True, isn't it?
- True.

Here goes Slovak...

he'll tell us everything.

Chieftain, we can't cross the river.
The water is too high.

We have to go around it.

Here's your beautiful land, fool!

You can sit here and fish.

There's a village near here,
I used to have a girl there.

Can I go?

Alright, go. Just be careful.

Sparrow, say hello to Kasia from me!

Don't stay for too long, or we'll have
to come and get you.

- It hurts!
- Stop screaming! It's not my fault!

- The pebbles were slippery!
- Slippery?

- You tripped me on purpose!
- No, I didn't.

Your leg moved by itself.

Hey, boys.
There's unrest in the village.

They're whipping a man.

They're whipping a man.

- Have you seen it?
- I have.

How bad is it?

Don't know. Everyone in the village can
hear him scream.

Why are they whipping him?

No idea. They tied him to a bench.

The overseer and his men are chasing
women in the meantime.

- Chasing women?
- Chasing women? Old prick.

Leave me alone. I haven't seen

a barrel blocked my view.

- A barrel?
- Yes.

Why didn't you say so?

This must have been moonshine.
Why are they whipping him?

- I do not know!
- I'll tell you why.

If a peasant doesn't pay for
the moonshine here...

they take away his money,

whip his arse...

and spill the moonshine in front
of the house.

This is how things work here.

What kind of people do that?

- He needs help.
- Who?

- The guy.
- The guy? I'd rather help the barrel.

That too. We'll need moonshine
for winter.

- And we'll save him.
- True.

What do you say, chieftain?


Twelve, thirteen...

Let go of my old man!


They're whipping my husband!

What's going on?

What's this?!

I smell something very nice.

What are you doing?

You can't beat an unarmed peasant.

Do you know what
we do for breaking the law?

I don't because I don't recognise
such law.

Gee up!

Hold it!

Our talk is not over yet.

What's that?

Something good but not for you.

Where do you think you're going,
you beast? Let go!

- You want to break my other leg, too?
- It's moonshine!

Guys, look!

We go left, you go right!

Old hags! In the name of the Father!

I saved you from the hell-hounds
and you pull rakes on me?!

Aren't you...

I'm innocent. Grab this beast
at the barrel.

Good day, ladies.

This is where all our trouble
comes from.

What trouble?

Dear ladies, God gave us moonshine
to enjoy.

Ask the parson, he drinks, too.

All men are drunks. Get away from here!

Dear ladies, have you been drinking?

Take your hands off the innocent barrel!

- It's ours, we must destroy it!
- It's not yours!

We took it from the soldiers,
it's legally ours!

Whip him good! Not only is the barrel
not his...

but also he's defending the devil in it!

And who are you?

Who? Me?

You're yapping about the barrel
while he's spying for the lord!

Do something!

You court louse!

Me? A spy?

Hold on, ladies! Hold on!

Oh, Jesus! She's hitting me on the face!

What is going on there?


What's up, Janosik, my boy?

I fought a real battle here.

Two thousand women came to take the
barrel. I risked my life to defend it.

I... damn! I defended the barrel!

God punished you for chasing girls!

I risked my life.

Bastard, you'll hang!

Holy Jesus!

All the women attacked me.

- All the women attacked me.
- Because you're beautiful.

True... But the balk is mine anyway.

My balk is yours?

Nope. My beautiful balk is mine.

My beautiful balk is not yours
because it's mine.

What's mine is yours, 'cause it's mine.

The balk is mine, get it?

I fought for the barrel and the balk.

Sparrow! Sparrow! Get him!

Calm down now!

Come here!

Kill me and save me from those hags!

Hop in the barrel.

No, not there, please!
Not to the barrel!

Not to the barrel!

Rather go back to the hags?

No way! I'll take the barrel!

You're screaming, they're screaming...

I just want to drink in peace.


- Did you have a barrel?
- I still do.

Not any more. Look.

You told my old man to drink,
now you do the same.

See how good it is.

He's had enough.

Take him out of the barrel.

- Come on, guys!
- All together now!

What a waste of this wonderful


But what a way to die!

So what when it's all gone?

- Ouch, it hurts!
- Let go!

Five mounted men are coming,
it may get rough.

Jędruś, let's take care of them.

Not so fast. We'll talk to them first.

Why bother talking?
Let's kick their butts.

Did you attack the overseer
in the village?

Tell your master to come and talk to me.

Go and tell him to come here.

If he refuses, I'll go to him...

but it will be too late to talk.

Yes sir, I'm on my way.

- Let's beat them.
- True.


Who are you?


Who are you and what's your authority

I rule this land.

The land but not people.

They have their own right to live

and I'm here to protect it.

Who do you defend?

Those who need it.

You're just bandits.

People like you call us bandits.

Others call us good men.

You have a big mouth.

My fists are no smaller.

You can try me if you like.

I don't intend to fight you.

It would be ridiculous.

But we can try something else.

Why not? Let's see who's more skilful.

Your turn.

I see you have valuable skills.

You seem a worthy opponent.

You seem a worthy partner to me.

I take it as praise but can't be
an equal partner to you.

Tell me how I can make it up to you
and I'll do it.

A nobleman's word is set in stone.

Anytime you give an order...

make sure you are well aware
of its consequences.

They beat the peasant without my
knowledge and will be punished.

Now you take this purse for the road
for you and your mates.

For my land is peaceful...

and people here are under my care.

Money can't buy a chieftain's

Good bye.

Shall we sit down?

Move over.

Sounds like we've got company.

Halt! Halt!

Give it to the chieftain.

From the squire.

Hey guys... the squire is inviting us
to his castle...

for an official supper.

What if they want to poison us?

Tell your master we'll come.

God bless you.

Now you know why I invited you here.

That's right.

When I heard news about the bandits
from the Polish side...

one of them very tall...

I immediately knew they were ours.

I am happy to welcome you in my castle.

I've already learned you are brave,
noble and good people.

You can always consider me your friend.

And whenever you need help...

my door is always open for you.

But there'll be no banditry here.

This land is peaceful...

Waluś, you said there were no good

- If I say there aren't any, I mean it.
- What about him?

We'll see. He must be trying to fool us.


Eat and drink! Cheers!

I've been looking for you for three
days and nights...

through the woods and mountains.

I was lucky to find you.

The villagers sent me...

to tell you to come back...

because life has become unbearable.

The soldiers are not afraid of anyone.

They plunder at will.

Come winter and we'll starve.

There'll be an army draft.

When they take our boys...

who'll work in the fields?

Who's going to help the elders?

Our Count and his men are the worst.

When they learned you'd gone
to Slovakia...

they won't spare a soul.

Not a day goes by without someone
being whipped.

They even take girls.

Save us, chieftain!

There are your good lords.

The squire was a decent man.

He fed us dumplings...

You louse...

the Count's daughter was decent.

And he's a lord!

- Whose order was to whip the peasant?
- Not his.

He only said it wasn't his.

Everybody's got their story.
You tell me the balk is yours.

- Whose is it?
- Mine.

- Yours?
- Mine.

I was about to give it to you
but forget it.

You were about to give me my balk?

- Stop it!
- Quiet!

Guys, it's time to go home.