Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Worek talarów - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part VI
The Money Bag

If this is your axe
than the land is yours as well!

- The axe belongs to me!
- It belongs to me!

This axe is mine!

- What?
- This is your axe?

Precisely, it was made to order...

It's my axe!

It was custom-made for me
the previous year.

Jesus Christ,
this axe is certainly mine!

Sweet Jesus!

Sweet Jesus!

It's my axe!

It's my axe!

Fine then, let's talk to the leader
and see what he thinks.

- I'll show you yet!
- Sure you will.

Janosik, stand up for me
and tell Pyzdra off.

The axe he stole, is one of my best!

Oh, your excellency... I requested
this fine tool at the blacksmith.

The hatchet is Kwiczoł's.

This is my axe!

You can't even handle it.

Oh, I can handle it but believe me,
you don't want see it.

Alright, both of you
throw these axes first.

Stop it!

Away with you!

Any fool can do it!

Pyzdra... this heavy axe is yours.

Did you hear that?

Drinking vodka makes
both your arm and head weaker.

I don't drink and the land
with axe are mine!

Right now you've lost
a brother-in-law.

Once and for all!

If anyone says anything more
about a ball...

or shooting...

I'll have him hanged.

Report on the state of finances.

- There is no report.
- What does it mean?

There's no money.

- Give me a potion!
- The potion won't help you, my lord.

- We have to set some money aside.
- How?

"Today, on Saint Bartholomew's Day,
we decided

to put a levy on the village Włóki

for assisting the local bandits.


all peasants must deliver
twelve cubits of canvas,

two geese, one ram
and a sack of oats to the castle.

You have to bring everything
two days after the announcement.

Whoever doesn't
deliver the items ordained

nor a penny

will be put in stocks for seven days."

Signed, the great Count Horvath.

Leave it!


Keep your hands away!

Damn it! Drunks! They drank everything!

Don't sleep or they'll rob you!

Why are you disturbing me?


Where's Pyzdra?

Where are the barrels?

- Where's Pyzdra?
- Oh, yes...


I leave you alone for a moment
and you drink yourself silly.

Yeah... He drank everything!

Like a pig...

Where did you put all the wine?

Oh, Jesus...

The chieftain said not to drink.

Stand up!

Can you hear me, Pyzdra?

The burgrave's coming.

Look at him... Bastard!

That he heard.

Where're you going now?


- Waluś.
- Oh, my Lord.

I love you.

Oh, good God!

Why punish me with such family?


Where's the wine?

Where's the wine?

Lie down, you're not drinking any more.

I am!

You're not.

I am!

If they can drink, I can drink too!

You'll be at home here.

Give this barrel back.
Take it to the cave.

Which one?

Well, you know which one.

Give it back!

Give the barrel back.
Who am I? A barrel supplier?!

Who's there?

Go and warm up by the bonfire.

Chieftain! Maryna's here.

You shouldn't walk alone at night.

The hayduks will track you down
and find us.

Aren't you happy to see me?

I'm not.

What's happening?


That I know!

But what's Maryna doing here?

Don't get mad, Maryna.

On such a dark night
someone could step on you.

Step on me...

Did something happen?

The Count imposed a fine...

Everyone must give
two thalers by Saturday.

Who doesn’t pay will have to face
chains, or they'll take everything away.

In the whole region?

No, just ours.

Why does the Count punish your village?

Because people say
that our village supports Janosik.

Maryna, go to the fire
and warm up a little.

Tomorrow before sunrise
you have to be in the village.

What now?

What now?!

We have to have a win-win situation.

Damn it!

It's okay, I won't curse more!

That's enough.

Give it to the elders.

Spread it among the villagers.

- The rest for the poor.
- Anything to drink?

All these thalers for the Count?

You heard what I said!

All these thalers for the Count?

We risked getting them
and now we give them away?

If your mother lived in this village?

Would you give these thalers back?

I would.

It seems to me that these thalers

will return to our box.

So many thalers!

Just enough for us two.

What are you talking about?

Have you lost your wits?

It would be enough for two farms.

For me...

and for you.

We cannot do this,
we swore to the chieftain.

- Your oath ends here.
- What?

Tell me who you are?

Catch him!


Do not run!

Give up!

- Hold him!
- Keep him!

You bastard!

Come here!

Show me what you've hidden in the bag?

Open it!

Fat pickings!

Where did you find it?

Are you afraid to say?

We'll take you to the castle
and force you into submission...

and you'll tell us everything.

I will tell the whole truth.

- It's from Janosik?
- Yes.

Did you rob him?

A robber doesn't steal.

You want to say all
these are from hard work?

Ploughed all day and night.

We took what was ours.

Enough of these jokes!
Where were you to take them?

Don't you speak?

You will die like a thief.

To the village.

To the village?

- For the peasants' fine.
- Tie him up.

Oh, yes...

It means that your chieftain
is a good man.

Bacuś... Bacuś, what happened to you?

Klimek betrayed us,
he took all the thalers.

He swore on his blood.

His blood will pay.

He won't escape far.

We must capture him.

Gather everybody.

We'll go to the village.



Here you go alone,
remember I'm following you.

One mistake and I will kill you.

Let me do it.

Wait, wait, not yet.

Keep moving. What are you waiting for?

We need thalers, not help.

He won't give us money.

He will give...
We have to wait patiently.

Look! What is this?

Who is it?

He's Janosik's man.

Show us, what you've got there?

I have no idea.

It's from the chieftain.

Open it!

Have a look at that!


The chieftain made
a laughingstock of us?

Where are the thalers?

Janosik wouldn't give us stones.

I don't know.

- That's all I have.
- From whom?

- Janosik.
- Liar!

- It's the truth, it is from Janosik.
- What did you say?

Repeat that.

Tell them what really happened.

You don't want to talk?

I will say everything.

The burgrave took it all
and ordered me to come here.

What did he take? Tell the truth.

He took the thalers

then put stones in the bag.

He said to take them to the village
from Janosik.

Where did the burgrave take the thalers?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

He ran towards Gronik.

Now you see who cheated you.

This traitor wanted to fool Janosik

and the burgrave fooled you.

I told you

that Janosik would not deceive us.

But there are no thalers!

Don't worry, we'll find the thalers.

This is a traitor...

who hurt his companion badly.

Hang him on the gallows!

Keep rakes in your hand, not muskets.

He did himself justice.

Will you give me a sip?

It's good!

Do you remember me?

I do, you're Pyzdra.

- Do you remember how you hit me?
- I don't!

You have a short memory.
Where're the thalers?

- What thalers?
- You don't remember that either?

He collected quite a bit,
the stinking thief.

He hid it here?


He knew where to hide it.

In the name of the father, the son
and the holy spirit, amen. Come in.

It's time you prayed.

What is this?

I offered to the church.

An offering.

A church offering!

- Kwiczoł!
- I'm here.

Talk to him a little.

Maybe he could add an offering.


Beloved robbers.

- Half for you and the other half...
- For the poor.

He stole it all!

I haven't seen so much treasure
in my life.

Look at those rats!

So skinny! They must be hungry!

What a monster!

Saint Anthony, help me!

Help me!

Help me!


I'm here!

My saviour!

Who did this to you?

These robbers! Bandits!

They told me...

about a sack of thalers!

What sack of thalers? Oh, yes, yes...

I took them to the Count
when the robbers

not respecting the holy place...

What's the matter?

Rats all over me!

It's all because of Janosik.

It's because of you, idiot!

But they talked about the grave
in the woods is for the Count.

If the levy on the village
is not removed.

Touch wood!

I am begging you, Count...

Get this donkey out of here.

Do it immediately!

- Oh, Jesus Christ...
- Who was knocking?

No one, I hit my head!

You're right, but someone knocked.

Come and see what is written here.

You can read.

It's too dark.

- And my eyes hurt.
- Your eyes hurt?

I think it's from the Count.

From the Count?

Where is he? I will show him!

I will show this Count!

- Why are you sighing?!
- Waluś, damn it!

We're at the inn again!

What inn? This is our house!

Guests came! Jędruś plays for us!

We are no longer at the inn.

It's for you from the Count.

By order of the Count

the imposed levy is withdrawn

in exchange for accommodation and food
for the army of...

the ruling Emperor of Austria
and King of Hungary.

- Signed, Count... Horvath.
- Horvath.

It means...

that there will be no levy...

- They took it off?
- Yes, they did.