Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Zbójnickie prawa - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part II
Robbery Laws

- How are you? Do you have a headache?
- No.


As Kuśmider says: you'll be healthy
if you're healthy.

Are you staying with us?


- Kwiczoł told me to stay.
- Well!

The last word belongs to the chieftain.

He doesn't trust people he doesn't

He managed to escape from the gallows

His house was burnt down.

As well as his wife and two children.
He's retaliating.

Sieradziński's out of line.

His hayduks hold up Czarny Dunajec
three nights ago,

and set the barn on fire.

They almost burnt the whole village.

They took the cattle and whipped the men
who protected their ownership.

We'll call on him tomorrow morning.

We lack gunpowder and the manor
has complex defences.

We should store what we need in his

We'll blow them over at daybreak.

Get things ready.

Get things ready! Chief said we'd go
for them, so we'll go after them.

Ah! I miss fighting!

I think it's a pity we don't have
dungeons here.

Then we should bring Sieradziński or
the Count, chain them to the wall,

and put a rat in their knickers,
just for fun, for the company.

To bash their heads in is too little
a punishment.

Lords should be killed in such a way

so as not to be dead but to start
to be respectful.

Quickly! Take your positions!

Go through the fire and attack
the manor!

Blast it!

He fell off his horse,
but he's all right.

Who are you?

I... I... I'm Sieradziński's spy.

Where were you going?

They forbade me to say.

Tell us or I'll kill you!

It hurts!

Merchants're coming here from
Czarny Potok.

I was going to stop them.

Merchants? From Czarny Potok?

So let's stop them!

Merchants're coming.

Get them! Fight!

Don't move or I'll...


They're running away!

- Girls, come with us!
- We've many baubles!

You'll take them, and then we'll play
in the hay till hell freezes over!

What did you take?

- He went so fast, ha-ha!
- He's like me!

I was the same at his age! Come on!

Let me try it on!

- Why did you call me?
- I just called you...

- Maybe you want me to kiss you?
- No...

I can do it once again.

What's your name?

I'm Maryna.

You're so beautiful.

What a compliment.

What do you want me to tell you?

What kind of man are you if you don't
know what to say? Everyone can say it.

- So... I can say that...
- I have pretty eyes.

How can you know that?

Everyone tells me this.

Maybe you already have a man?

- So what then?
- Nothing...

Maybe I want to have two men?

Go back to the first one.

- Why are you staring at me?
- Can't I?

- Are you the famous Jakub?
- Exactly, it's me!

It's said that you're a womaniser.

Women won't ruin me!
I'm an experienced one.

You'd better look out for the young
because you're a wonderful lady...

I don't like when someone crosses me.

Who's there? Do come in, please.

Dear Count!

Jakub's people hold up the merchants
once again...

It's the last time, I swear it!

The last time?

- What about the commodity?
- It's theirs now.

Is it theirs?

So what are you doing here?

Why are you ill-tempered?

Drink with us!

You shouldn't contradict chieftain!

I haven't sworn allegiance yet.

You can't leave when you're
already here.

So let's eat and drink, it's for you.

I must get him! I must!

We have something to eat and drink
because we met merchants.

You think only about eating,
like Kwiczoł.

I want revenge and I'm ashamed!

He praises himself for beating Jakub.

- I'm boiling mad!
- We have to wait...


- What do you want?
- Money.

- You've already taken everything.
- Give him to me!


You haven't given everything,
you villain.

You'll be hanged.

Murderers, ruffians! Oh, God! Why can't
anyone punish you?

Janosik, come here.

Kill him!


So I'll kill him.

Manor guards're coming. Run away!

You can try your shepherd's axe
on them.

I'll try it on you.

- What happened?
- They managed to escape.

Let's chase them! Faster!

Pyzdra, come here.

What are you staring at?
Take this man to the house.

Did you see it?

Come on!

It has to be clean.

- No one can beat him!
- What do you mean? Can't I?

You can't!

If it hadn't been you, I'd have had won!

- Do you think you lost because of me?
- Exactly!

Why did you interrupt, you hairy one?
I'd have won in a minute without you!

Indeed, you needed a minute
to be beaten!

Did you hear him? Beaten?

- I can show you how to win!
- You? For God's sake! You can show me?!

Hold me or I'll kill him!

- Shut up or I'll hit you!
-Hf trod

I've already beaten better men than you!

- You?
- Yes, I can show you. Look at this!

Show me how you'll beat me, then!

- Come on!
- Put your hands here!

You can try to beat me!

I've told you not to cross me
never again!

Stop it!


He wanted to cut him with a knife.

He's just like me...

Then, Jakub attacked him with
a shepherd's axe.

Not nice... So he left the cave.

You two should follow Jakub.

He might have stupid thoughts.
Maybe you'll have to help him.


What about Janosik?

He's sitting and looking
at the mountains.

According to the old custom...
When someone beats the chieftain...

He's too young...

But he's clever!

Let's go to sleep, we can't think today.

I have a headache...

He threw him on the ground.

He's sturdy.

Son of a gun.

- Dear burgrave!
- What happened?

- We've caught Jakub!
- Where?

- He's guarded in the shed.
- Give me my horse!

Get away!

- What happened?
- They took Jakub.

- Who?
- Twenty men, near the stream.

He's fighting but they won. I was alone
I couldn't help him.

He was taken to the shed, and a courier
was sent to lord's castle.

What can we do?

- We should rescue him!
- Exactly. Call out the others!

He'll be hanged like a butcher's pig!

You'd choke on this carcass!

Beat them! Come on!

Watch your back!

Lock the prisoner up in the castle!

Run, fools!

Kill them all!

Go to the woods!

Follow them! Catch them all!

Catch them!

Catch those bastards!

Hurry up or you'll be whipped.
Catch them!

I'll imprison you, I'll break
your limbs.

I'll rip you and take your skin off!

They're running to the woods!


Pyzdra! Come back!


- Wait!
- Pyzdra!

Well, we were going with Jakub through
the village,

and then, unexpectedly: boom!
Four hundred men came out of nowhere!

We attacked them, boom! I killed
about thirty of them!

- How is Jakub?
- We're fighting like tigers!

- We attacked them, they attacked us...
- All right but what about Jakub?

He escaped immediately.

I have a great idea!

I'll better go find him.

How is Jakubek?

I found him near the cave.
He said you knew him.


- Jędruś!
- My brother-in-law!

My brother-in-law!

You've lost weight, Waluś!

You're a manor worm!
Did you come here to spy on us?

- Take him to the dungeon!
- Where?

Oh, we don't have a dungeon...

Hang him!

Waluś, I'm not spying!

I want to fight with you.
It's your land.

- Mine?
- Yes.

- You want to fight with us?
- I can swear it.

- Take your clothes off!
- Waluś...

- Faster!
- Why? Why?


My brother-in-law...


Wash yourself because you stink like
your burgrave.

That's right...

Pyzdra has joined us.

Who's he?

Hayduk, we met him in the dungeon in the
castle. He gave us bread and water.

Why are you so miserable?

Do you want it?


- It's not for me.
- Then, who's it for?

There's a man...

It'll fit him perfectly.