Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Zdrada - full transcript

The Highland Robber



I saw her, I did.

She went there.

Did you see her?

They are like two love birds.

It's a sin, though.

Winter is coming and a woman can
warm a man up.

It's getting colder.

We'll be leaving this cave, but we have
to throw a wedding before that.

- True, Waluś.
- Exactly.

That's not the end of the story, sir.

First, we crowded that rogue,

then captured and imprisoned him.

I'll see to it that he is hanged
by his ribs.

That Bardos is apparently a very
famous figure among that pack.

I know a master of all
masters who dabbles in it.

He'll take care of that ruffian
with dispatch, and legally of course.

The law is the law.

You'll be fine in here.


I thought you were dead.


Death would be better than this.

How did they catch you?

Because of Janosik.

Why are we still waiting?

If we stay here longer...

we'll only get tired.

Do you lack something?

We don't but our shoes are rotting.

Then dance a bit.

I'd dance, at the castle
with the guards.

We should move out.

- Why?
- What "why"?

You're lying here happily because
people sing songs about you.

Glory comes from deeds not gossips.

We should plunder.

I agree.



We need to send for a priest.

A priest?


We'll get you the priest...

together with the best wedding a chief
has ever had.



Get up!

There is no price that wouldn't be worth
getting your freedom back.

A chieftain is not a traitor.

He demeaned you in front
of your own men.

You can take revenge on him.

I'll pay you 100 ducats for it.

Fair enough, but Bury goes with me.

- They won't believe I escaped alone.
- What?

Should I let them both go?

But my dungeon would be empty.

Alright, I agree to it.


you'll get a hundred golden ducats...

for Janosik.

You're dragging me around this forest
for no clear reason.

You're always making
an idiot out of me.

- You are an idiot.
- Am I?

- See?
- Yeah, sure.

Of course! I see!

Just part my hair in the middle,
wouldn't you want that?

- You were sired by a donkey and a bear!
- Take that back!

Stop talking nonsense.

That's Bardos.

No food from the castellan?

I'm talking to you.

It was tasteless.

Let me taste it.

It's good.

How did you get here?

We escaped.

They escaped.

That's right.

Better men than you were hanged,
but you made it out somehow.


Maybe you're lying.

They scourged you foully.

We'll have to heal these wounds.

What about the priest?

It can wait.

How is he?

He'll be fine.

Leave us.


You're not sore at me, are you?

Why would I be?

It was a fair fight.

I think there's no need to bicker.

There are worse dangers around.

I think the same.

Will you join us?

I'll stay for a day or two.

And then I have to get my pack back.

Do as you like.

I have to go to Nowy Targ.


- Like a sheep in the midst of wolves?
- I have to try.

The money won't get here by itself.

I'm leaving at dawn.

Three days will be enough.

I'll be back by then.


Go along the river,
it's the fastest way.

Don't be scared.

It's not meant for you.

Let's tell the Count,
he'll be following the river.

You said it yourself.

I'll deal with him myself.

What about the money? It's a fortune.

I don't care about it!

Well, I do.

The Count took everything from me,
I deserve the ducats.

You won't have them.

Keep that in mind,
otherwise I'll kill you.

What about my wife and children?
They're poor.

Rat on somebody else.

You would afford a house, and sheep,
a hundred of them.


- What are you doing here?
- Did you see Bury?

I'm not his mummy.

Did you see him or not?

Do you miss him or something?

Which way will Janosik return?


He didn't even go anywhere.

I know he went to Nowy Targ.

You're nosy.

You know what?

Bury betrayed you.

The guards are lying in wait for him
by the Goat Rocks.

Bury did that?

It could be you, though.

Tell me which way he's returning
or else I'll smash your head.

I could tell you.

Tell me!

I'll choke you to death.


You always have to butt into
my business.

I'd beat him if I wanted to.

My eyesight is getting weaker.

I aimed at you.

You're a fool.

Bury betrayed us.

The guards are waiting
by the Goat Rocks.

They might wait till next year.
He's going along the river.

What's Bardos up to?

Why did he ask about Janosik?

Anyway, we'll go meet Janosik halfway.
Give me food.

He's getting away.

Holy cow!

He won't go far.

Thanks for the warning.

How many?

Four for each of us.

Take them alive!

Take them both!

Both of them!

Hit him!

Don't run away!

No, no...

They must have brought all their
gunnery here...

to blast it away.

I'd swear these ruins have
a lot of secrets.

Looking for a hidden gem?

You'll find your death instead.

I've never been so humiliated like then.

You will die for it, like a dog.

- Why didn't you shoot me in my back?
- I want to see your fear.

Help us, my lord!

Who are you?

I'm an organist.

An organist?

Help us.
Our priest was kidnapped.


The bandits.

- What bandits?
- Janosik's bandits.

Very good.

I'm looking for him.

Where is he?

They took him to the shrine.

Where is it?

Past Gromnik.

You say?

That's great.

Great, indeed.

Fall in!

Don't worry, father.

I'm tired.

Have a drink.

The shrine is just behind the hill.

God will reward you handsomely.

I'll make sure of it.

Enough. Let's go.

Let's go.


Sit down.

Sit down.

Go get the young couple and
I'll talk with our father.

I have to marry them?

Are we too high up for the ceremony?

I refuse. I don't know if they sinned.

They didn't.

I don't know, so it's forbidden.

You'll make an exception this time.

Won't you?

You mumble something,
move your hands, and it's enough.

It's their first time,
they won't have any idea.

It's a sin.

- One little sin won't hurt.
- It's forbidden.

I'm asking you kindly.

I could try.


And we finally agreed.

Don't worry about God.

You won't get absolution.

You'll boil in the hellish boiler,
you Antichrist.

I haven't seen a boiler
in which I'd fit.

You're still here?

What are you staring at?

Get the young couple!

I'm going.

Who wants to marry so soon?


You mean that bandit?

I won't marry them!

My hand itches to
convince you otherwise.

Don't disrespect Janosik.
He's better than you and me.

Than me?


Than you!

How so?

He helps those in need.

He would give them his last bite.

The saints are preparing
a throne for him.

And for us, there are racks in hell.

You're blaspheming.


Do you even know how it was?

It was like this...

God stood before his house and
called for an angel and said...

"Take those wings and go down to earth.

Look for a place with the
most beautiful mountains...

and with people who are good,
stuffy but poor.

Your name will be Jacob...

or maybe not...

you'll be Janosik.

You'll help these poor people."

And Janosik flew down
to earth with his wings.

What does he need the wedding for?

Angels mustn't marry.

They cannot.

God gave him his permission.

We mustn't judge them.

- You'll marry them.
- It won't be valid as it is forced.

Stop talking already,
you're making me angry.

There is no force to it, am I right?

- There's none.
- There's none.

You will recite your vows
according to old tradition.

On the blood and ashes of
my ancestors, I swear.

On the blood and ashes of
my ancestors, I swear.

Hey, fellows!

What are you looking at?

Everything is ready.

The priest is binding
and we have to act fast.

Take the bride to confession
and have her wait.

True, come.


Hurry up, and we'll prepare
the biggest feast ever!

Go in there.


They don't have any flowers.

Go and get some fast.

Quite a celebration, isn't it,