Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Pobili sie dwaj górale - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part XII
Two Fighting Highlanders

Open up!


So dirty.


You devil! Give it back!

Get lost and burn in hell!

Get off me! No! No!

Open up!


I won't go!


Come sit and drink with us.

Let go, you filthy dog!

The food tastes great.

Beer, vodka.

Too much onion.

But it's good.

Hans, look!

See the pretty lady?

Hold on.

Join us.

Join us.

Please sit, milady.


Let's toast.


Hands off me!


Where are you?


Where are you?

Looks like...

we're not having roast lamb after all.

What's wrong?

The troops are in the village.
Killing, robbing and...

- The girls...
- What about them?

You know.

How many?

Around a hundred.

We can take them.

Five to one.


You think they'll wait

for you to kill them?

You think I can't do it?

I can take five!

We won't do it alone.

These are not guards, but an army.

There might be more coming.


Go to Bardos.



He's in the mountain pass,
moved to Slovakia.

With his men, we'll attack together.

- That's a long way.
- Indeed.

Take the shortcut

through the mountains.

Hurry up,


You heard that?

Take this for the road.
Can't lose weight.


Take a chicken.

You'll have eggs.


- go to the village and check it out.
- Okay.

No trouble.

Have a look and see.

And come back.

Let's know what they're up to.

- Okay.
- I'll go, too.

There's enough trouble.

My mother's there.


Take care of her.

I'll take care of him.

- Of me?
- Get going, you two.


Leave, please.

Go away.

Go away. Many soldiers.

Maybe three thousand. Drunk.

There could be trouble.

Now, run.


Maryna and Sparrow are back.


Is Kwiczoł back?

Not yet.


The soldiers're staying.

Something's up.

They burnt Kozdroń's house.

Several girls were violated.

They took...

the cattle and carts.

They're drunk.

Now's the time to attack.

How many are there?

It's hard to say.

A hundred, maybe.

More than that.

Many more!

But they're drunk.


We're outnumbered.

Can't do it alone.

Have to wait for Bardos.

And then they'll say

they won.

Doesn't matter.

Lives must be saved.

We're stronger together.

What if Bardos doesn't come?

We'll have to fight them, for sure.

They're our mutual enemy.

Here they are.

- What is this?!
- This?

- Yes.
- This? Lamb.

You're stupid!

- Who roasted it?
- Bartek, but he went away.

I took over, but they sent me for water.

When he came back, it was over.

I let you out of sight and
all hell broke loose!

God will punish you.
You'll die of eating raw meat!

I was away while you ruined
such a beautiful lamb!

- I knew you'd come to fight.
- To fight?

It's not why I came.

Why did you?

To a wedding.




What'd you say?

- To whom?
- To Bardos.

What was I to say? He wouldn't come.

We'll talk later.

He's right, we wouldn't have come.

A chieftain's wedding is different.

There's dancing and singing.

We all need that.


There's more fun in fighting soldiers.

Unless one's afraid.

I was not the one to send for help.

I'm not the one who says no to a fight.

This could be a real fight.

Not with castle guards,

hayduks, fat merchants, but a real army.

I don't attack soldiers.

They've no money.

- Or other things.
- If you won't go, we'll go alone.

Lives will be wasted.

What about those killed in the village?

They're just like you and me.

Who'll help them?

- We'll hit from both sides.
- All together?

- We'll attack first.
- No.

We'll attack first.

If you hit first, you'll claim victory.

Who strikes first
has the biggest losses.

- I wanted to take that upon myself.
- I'll hit first.


We'll hit when they'll be running away.

No need for that.

We don't let anybody run away.

Have a drink with us.

- Deal?
- Deal.

Whose is she?


Maryna? A village girl.


we'll go at sunrise.

This means no wedding, right?

When the time comes,

I'll invite you myself.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

What's happening?

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Load up the guns.

Give me the rifles.

- Hurry up.
- Load up the other cart.

Józek, tie it up.

Let's get moving, boys.

We got them, right?

Don't let it fall.

Bartek, light up the fire for Janosik
to come and help.


Let's go!


Hay is burning in the village.

They were supposed to go tomorrow,
not today.

He went alone, he calls for help.

We must go.

Get everyone ready.

Guys, take the weapons and let's go.

A sly fox, yet he got caught.


What is this?

Who did this?


Which bandits?

I don't know them.

Eighteen, slaughtered like pigs.

Nineteen, twenty,


There were twenty-one of them.

Where's the rest of the army?

They moved on.

This is a poor village.

Where are the villagers?

Soldiers locked them in the barn.

So they don't interfere.

Maybe they're still alive.

Hurry up.

Come on out.



Help, Maryna's gone, do something!

Go home, mother.

- She'll be back soon.
- Jesus Christ...


go back home.

We'll get your things back.

Let's go, everyone.

They took everything.

We'll starve.

Inform the castle

about the dead soldiers.

- Jesus!
- They're dead?


I need a word with him.

Let's go.


You called for help.

Here I am.

I handled it.

You saw it.

You did wrong.

They'll burn down the village to avenge
the dead soldiers.

None of my business.

Those people are under my protection.

So they won't be harmed.


Carts must be returned.

I never take to give back again.

Now you will.

Says who?

I do.

Get off the horse.

Take your men and get out of here.

We'll meet again.

Get out!

He'll never forgive you.


Go to the carts.

Let's take the carts to the village.


Faster! Get in!


To the village!

- Make sure they don't follow us.
- Right.


What is it?

They're coming back with our belongings.



- What?
- Janosik is coming back.

Come here!

People, take your things.

Slowly! People!

Pyzdra, come here!

If she wanted to, she'd been married
a long time ago.

I don't need matchmakers.
I'll find a man on my own.

A bit crazy, but she's a good girl.

Go after her.

Blessed be...

- Blessed be...
- Forever and ever.

Sit at the table.

Why are you so sad?

Young people only make trouble.

When they're apart, they're close.

When they're together, they pout.

Janosik was here.

When the wedding came up.

She said she'd find her man alone.

It's high time she got married.

- She's not getting younger.
- True.

This house is ready for grandchildren.

You're right, it is.

There'll be grandchildren, no worries.