Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Trudno - milosc - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part XI
Too Bad... It's Love

Hi, how are you?



These are for you.

Damn, they sound like cats in heat.

Sweet Jesus!

My soul broke in two from all the music.

Let's go to an inn to dance with women.

- Women?
- Yes.

You know what a woman is?

Come again?

He said it.

Come here.

- There's a fight cooking.
- Quiet boys.

He gets scared easily.

He'll come around at the inn.

Uncle, did you hear

the Count was complaining
about the bandits in this area.

Indeed, I heard.

Bandits, here?

It's so romantic and peaceful.

The Count is a courageous man.

I think all the bandits are hanging.

No need to be afraid.

What a pity.

Keep playing.

What are you doing?
Who let you in?

- I came for water.
- I'll give you water!

- What are you doing?!
- I'm leaving!

- Thief!
- Who, me?

Get out of here!

- Don't hit me!
- I'll show you!

Calm down.

You bought it?

The Jew gave it to me.
The Jew gave it to me...


What is it?

Guests are here.

Go and say hi.


Welcome them warmly
and remember: we're not here.

- No pain, yet so much gain.
- True.


put the pistols away.

Come in. What an honour!

Come inside, please.

Come inside, please.

Your Lordship...

Have a seat at the table.

Let me clear this.

I'll take it away and clean the table.

Give us some food and drinks!

Coming right up.


we can check out the carriage.

Young lady, come back to the table.


Get out, go home!

I'm running!

Get out!


What's this? How dare you!


Stop shouting, they're not coming.

They're tired and can hardly stand.

What is this?

Are you... one of the bandits?

We've had the honour

of being supported by Count Horvath
for many years.

Take this criminal away!

I am duke Haufenberg.


What's your name?

Hau... Hau...


My name is Walenty Kwiczoł.


Only women's clothes in here.

Why don't we frisk them.

Good idea.

Leave it.

What are you up to?

I'm going to take you to our castle.


And my uncle?

He's free to leave
and prepare the ransom.


There's nothing we can do.

- I must stay.
- Dear Lord!

These are bandits!

They look harmless.


Put him in the carriage,
he's going to get the ransom.

Come with us, my lord.

I hope you'll ask for a high ransom.

Not sure I can come up with it.

Jankiel, music and wine!

- More wine and music!
- Of course.

Coming right up.

Where'd you get that?

The duke gave it to me.

- Everyone just gives you stuff.
- They like me.

Give me some.

Which one?

Get inside!

Go, go.

- Go!
- What are you waiting for?

- Hey!
- Hey! Wait!

Wait for us!

Gąsior, pour the wine!

Let's drink to our duchess!

Ask the burgrave in.

Yes sir!

I'm here, Your Highness.

What will the imperial court say?

The duchess is our empress' favourite.

I'd hurry up.

The poor child must be saved.

We'll do everything we can.

There you are!

You called, sir?


Come closer, dear boy.

Come, come here!

What's this?

It's an insult to the court!

The empress!

To me!

I'll chop you to pieces,
if you don't find her by tomorrow.

Take every man.

Search high and low.

Don't come back empty-handed.

Without the Lady!

- Understood?
- Of course.

Yes, sir.

The duke could join us.

His courage'd serve as an example.

I've done my share.

Killing enemies is exhausting.

You're on your own.

- Now go and come back with her!
- Yes.

Long live the chieftain!

I think... the ransom will be big.

When you open your mouth,

it's always bad!


Get up, cowards!

We must catch them!

- What are you waiting for?
- We won't find them tonight.

- They must be far.
- The Duchess is with them.

She'll stall them.



Do you think they killed her?

No. No need to kill women.

She's a burden.

They get scared and...

Janosik doesn't kill.

Might beat her up and let go.

Caught me once.

Beat me and let me go.

Up, cowards!

Go on, move!

Check under every bush and tree.

Find her or I'll throw you
into the dungeon!

I'll break your bones!

Has he sent...

for the ransom?

He's busy, you saw it.

Shut your stupid mouth.


What if Maryna finds out?

Don't you worry about it.

Then, no wedding.

Don't look at her, she belongs to him.


We'll rest here.

Watch it.

There're soldiers in the woods.

They're close. Looking for something.

We must tell the chieftain.

Move it!


The burgrave!

- Where?
- In the woods. Looking for you.

Wants to talk.

But I don't.

- Going to sleep.
- Sure.

But I'm going.

To look at my land.

Your land?! It's my land!

How can you leave guests unattended?

Anybody here?

Excellent wine.

It's cold.

Told you there was nothing
to be afraid of.

They'll walk around, get cold
and go back to the castle.

Without the duchess?

No way.

Must find her.

Or the Count will throw them
into the dungeon.

They'll stay here

for a fortnight and bring bad luck.

Don't jinx it.

- You put the watchmen?
- Of course I did.

I'm hungry.

What about the duchess?

She hungry?

I think she's full.

Of fear!

Either way, we have to give her back.

- Or face the entire army.
- True.

He's right.

Take the ransom

and forget about trivial things.


would you talk to them about it?

Why not, they know me.


make her some breakfast.

I'll wake her.

Just don't take too long.



Made of what?

I think she escaped.


The young lady.

She did?


Guys, get up!

Search every corner.

I'll look around.


No duchess and no thalers.

Don't be sad.

Good riddance.


Quick! Hide!

Come back, cowards!

Come back!

Take it off.

How dare you kidnap me?!


We saved you from these...

- Bandits!
- Nobody asked you to!


The Count...

is very upset.


It was you?


I've looked everywhere.

Couldn't find them.

I told you not to follow them.

The chieftain has his own things.

None of our business.


Let's go back to bed.

- What is it?
- Deer.



Nice one. Put it over there.

Don't touch.

You'd ruin it.

Don't let Gąsior near it.

Damn it.

I knew... this affair

was bad news.


A woman bandit?

Why not.

These things happened before.
Women make good bandits.

There was one...

- From Murzasichle?
- No.

From that, you know...

From Hyrne! Jagna.

She was strong.

Put down an entire regiment.

You don't say.

To bed, you mean.

Any woman can do that.


Maybe not a regiment.

So you see...

We need to take Maryna in.

But how? I remember...

- What?
- First trial is shaving.

You're gonna shave her?

Then is the cold water trial.

Then knife throwing.

Greasing with fat.

And trial by fire.


The fire was with the birds.

But the other thing.

A real highlander...

kisses the shepherd's axe...

takes an oath, and he's done.

You butt head.

Things you said are meant for

court lice, you know?

What are you looking for?




It's stuck.

Lucky you!

I'll get you and shave you with an axe!

You hairy beast.

He did grease me with fat.

I'll give you my land

if I want to!

Cos it's mine.

Dear God!

Repeat after me.

In the presence of all...

with God as my witness...

on the blood and ashes
of our forefathers...

I swear...

to remain loyal to you, hetman.

Never betray you freely
or under torture.

I swear...

to obey you...

to never leave you...

until death.


Your oath is accepted.

In the presence of comrades
I swear to you

in the land of our fathers...

to protect the poor from harm

teach righteousness to the rich.

To be loyal to all of you...

and glorify our power.

I swear.