Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Wszyscy za jednego - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part X
All for One

Kwiczoł, Kwiczoł.

- Get your shoes off my face.
- Get up, it's Friday.

So what? Get off me!

It's time for school.

They're teaching today!

Jesus, school-time!

- What'll we do?
- We'll run away.



Watch out.

- Hi.
- Where are you off to?

To wash in the river.

Collect firewood.

It's Friday.

Chieftain told us to stay in.

- Why?
- There are lessons.

I forgot.

- It's cold.
- It is.

- Want some?
- Moonshine!

Come closer.




This is no joke.

Time for a lesson.

What for?

So you're not taken advantage of.

You know sheep.

Of course, we do.

Where's the tail?

There's no tail.


It's dead, that's why.

This is the word


Each word is made of letters.

And there are...

Twenty-four letters.

There are twenty-four letters.

"Sheep" is a five letter word.

One, two, three, four, five.

The first letter is "S".


Where's Kwiczoł?

- He was here.
- Haven't seen him.

Slept here.

And Pyzdra?


Who was watching the cave?

Not me. Gąsior was on duty.

But he's not here.


Come here.

Spill the beans.


We drank a bit at the inn.

Pyzdra and Kwiczoł had too much.

They ruined the counter
we had nowhere to dance.

They were shooting with pistols
at the walls.

Told the band to play the bandit song
and sang about Janosik.

I told Kwiczoł:

"time to go to bed".

But he said:

"To bed?"

And then he cursed at me.

Then he hit me so hard
that I fell under the bench.

Woke up when they were taking them away.

The inn looked completely destroyed.

It was swarming with hayduks.

This is where banditry leads.
Let this be a warning for others.


They'll torture them to death.

This is no justice!

Bloody hell.

It's all your fault, court louse.

You shitty little Judas.

You had to go for the girls!

Then shooting, the arrest
and now we're here.

Look at you.

Let's see.

This one's gone already.

Why did you stick to me like glue?

I was fine roaming the hills by myself

and now what?

I'll rot in here. For good.


They're coming.


what'll they do to us?

That's for you to answer, court louse.

They'll hang us.

That's right, they will.

The Count sentenced Kwiczoł and Pyzdra
to be hanged.

To be hanged upon the gallows
is a disgrace.

We must save them.

If they execute them in the village,
the Count will bring in the army.

Can't let that happen.

You don't want them
to die in disgrace, do you?

We must save our comrades.

One for all

and all for one.

The sun's not saying goodbye to us.

What's that smell?

The burgrave must be nearby.

Take them!

You're the ones to stink, bastards.

- Hurry up!
- Climb on it!

A festive sendoff for us.

I feel sorry for you.


My view is nice...

while you have to look at the burgrave.

Let's go!

Watch out for my ribs.

Did you wax the noose?

My neck is very delicate.

You pieces of shit!

Come closer so I can kick your ass!

Hey, court lice!

Open your mouth so I can spit!

Shut up!

It's good, right?


It's a celebration. His lordship...

the Count is here.

Did they say anything?

Unfortunately not, my lord.

Maybe your arguments weren't
strong enough.

I was afraid to end them
before you had your spectacle.

Sir, come over here, please!

I'll give you my noose for free.

Court lice stick together.

I won't hang together with you.

Carry on.

We hereby...


to everyone...


needs to know...

to know...

of the law...

established by...

his gracious lordship...

Honourable Count,

I can't understand him.

Do you understand it?

Nah... I don't.

Let me read it.

We wanna know what we're hanging for.

...the German nation.

Their names are...

Walenty Kwiczoł...

and Jędruś Pyzdra...

according to birth certificates
they're in servitude...

free and of lower class...

they stand accused of banditry...

and causing harm in an excessive way.

They attacked, pillaged and robbed.

The sentence is confirmed
with this official decree.

Hold on!

It doesn't say I robbed the rich
to give to the poor!

What is that?

What's going on?

It's not fair!


Where is justice?

I won't agree to this.

This needs to be corrected.

It must be, alright?

You'll hang on a hook.

Like a chieftain should.

You have my word.

But first, tell me where is Janosik?

I appreciate the gesture, my lordship.

Such death is worth everything.
I'll tell you.

Go on, tell me.

This chief of all bandits

who made fun of you, ridiculed you...

and kept you up day and night.

Tell me now!

- Wanna know where?
- Where?

Where he ought to be!

You're right.

A parade is coming.

Even the emperor sent troops over.


Fire in the village!

Save your belongings, look,
there's a fire!

Look, people! Your houses are burning!

Your houses are burning, people!

Hayduk's barns are on fire!

What's burning there?

I think the servants' quarters.

Go on, save your belongings!

Calm the mob down.

- Your houses are on fire!
- Go get help!


Do you know what's going on?

What do you mean? There's a fire.

Save your possessions!

What's going on here?

My lord, let me take care of it.

Everyone, fight the fire!

Come back, you fools!
The execution isn't over!

I said, come back!

- Come back, you fools!
- Calm down.

My lord.

Justice will be served.

Please sit.

What are you waiting for?

- Are we hanging them?
- We are, but the other fellas.

I don't care. Who'll pay for this?

We'll pay.

You'll hang them for free
and we'll hang you for free.



See him run?

Dear Kwiczoł, come down here.

You poor thing.

You must be starving.


Quiet, Jędruś.

My God... Waluś.

They saved us.

The sun's shining.

Wait a second!

Take him!

Now we'll tie your hands.

Show me, is it tight enough?

I promised you'll see
the show and I keep my promise.

Save me, my lord!

Save me!

They're going to murder me!

I see no one here to help you,

I'll give you everything!

All of it!

You'll give it anyway.

Do your duty.

Everything I own.

You're a big sinner.

What'll it be?


Cutting off arms and legs.

Burying alive in an ant hill.

Regular stabbing with a shepherd's axe.

Come on, he's a noble man.

We'll give him a noble punishment.

We have two types of hanging.

By the neck or by the feet.

Hanging a noble man? No...

That's too generous.

Chopping into pieces?

There are also a few ways to do that.

There's chopping after death...

and chopping alive.

This can be done...

by regular...


and chopping with prior salting.

What about hanging on a hook by the rib?


This is for the greatest.

This is how chieftains die.

But a noble man is the greatest.


There are many noble punishments.

It needs to be done once and for all.

I'm thinking chopping.

- Tearing apart!
- Chopping!

That's enough! Kwiczoł! Pyzdra!
That's enough!

- No chopping?
- No.

Put them both on a horse.

Grab him.

Thank your lucky stars it's Janosik.

I'd have done things differently.

You'll pay for this!

Mark my words!

Thank God you saved them on time.

- I'm gonna be late for my own wedding.
- True.

Please forgive him, fair lady, he never
managed to learn any manners.

Long live Janosik!

In the air!

Maryna. I have something to tell you.

- Not interested.
- You afraid?

Of you?

It's really important.

Boys... let me tell you something.

It's better to drink than to hang!


Did you get scared?

Nah, I knew you'd come.

Look, son! As long as he's here,
nothing bad will happen to us.

- Have you seen Maryna?
- She was here a minute ago.

Let's drink, ladies!

Let's drink!

To Janosik!

Now they'll stay away from you.

You're under our protection.

They'd rather go to hell
than fight with us.

Maybe he's the devil?


Who knows?

- Holy Mother of God!
- Hold on.

He's a devil and an angel.

God sent him here...

to ask around among other devils.

Check what they're up to.

Wait, wait...

Don't tell this to anyone,
this is God's big secret.

He'd punish you with a grave illness.

You see what he's like?

The chieftain doesn't want you.

That's how it's going to be.

He's famous, he'll leave you.
He'll find a court lady and go away.

They know fancy words.

Roll their eyes, sigh.

He'll go for it.

Think I didn't see
how he went after the young Countess

all the way to the castle?

He's not for you.

I'd jump into the fire for him, true.

You won't be happy with him.

He's not the only man in the world.

The chieftain doesn't want to marry.

But you do, right?

I do in fact.

When I have money, I'll buy you a house
to settle down.

Would you marry me?

I would.

If you took me.

What about now?

I'd marry you now.

- And quit banditry?
- Yes.

Then you wouldn't buy the house.

I've got some money saved.

I've got two hands to earn more.


It would be amazing.

Why are you here?

I was handling it.


Never seen lovebirds?

Why're you laughing?

Sparrow, come here.


Jadwiśka asked about you.

She did?

You know...

I was thinking
when I stood at the gallows...

God, if you save me from it,

I'll never miss Friday lessons again.

Ah, yes.

Anyone can learn this?

The youngest learn the best.

The old ones take twice as long.

You know, Kuśmider...

You think you could teach me something
so the boys won't laugh on Friday?

Why not?

You know.

I know.

Here you are.

And if I know more than Kwiczoł,
you'll get some more.

What's this?


I know this one.

It has a belly.

I'll catch up with you by the river?

Is chieftain in?


But he's busy.

Busy, right.

So I was thinking, I could learn
this writing.

Why not?

- But you know.
- I know.

Here you are.

I'll give you more,

if you teach me
more than Pyzdra knows.

I think we're about to have younglings.

High time.