Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pierwsze nauki - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part I
First Lessons

What are you doing here?

Where is your sheep?

Going to the fair?

Don't be angry, father.

I can't be a shepherd any longer.

I want to go to the people
in the valley.

I knew it.

Your time has come.

Sit down.

You want to see the world. Meet people.

You have to do what you have to do.

I can't teach you anything more.

Find Brother Marcin at the monastery
in Nowy Targ.

He'll help you.

Remember, people are like wolves.

Keep your eyes wide open...

hold your shepherd's axe firmly...

but never forget to have
a heart for the poor.

Beware of the rich.

When I see the world,
I'll come back to you.

You'll come back...

or you won't.


What the hell is going on there?

A cart is blocking the road.

- Don't you know what to do?
- Yes, sir.

Please, have mercy on me, sir.
I didn't mean to.

My Lord, please spare me.

Please stop them, daddy!

That's none of your concern.

Stop whipping him.

Who are you to interrupt my orders?

Nobody important, sir.

You'd better get out of my way.

You can go now.

Finish what you were told to do.

You'll rot in the dungeon.

I asked you not to whip him, sir.

Take him away before I whip you, too.

Please, spare him daddy.
He didn't do anything.

Get back in the coach.

Tie him up and take him to the castle.

Let's go.

Don't touch him.

Go away.

Go away.

He's alive. He's a whelp.

- Is he yours?
- I don't know him.

No bones broken.
He'll be okay, he's young.

Bring him to me.

Come on, guys.

Take it slow.

Good. Let go.

What do you want?

Give me your water.

Everyone's got their own water.

Give me the water you took from
the old man last night.

I don't need yours.

The old man is dead.

He's dead and the water is ours.

Give it to me or I'll break your neck
and get rid of one more thief.

You piece of shit.


They put the guy in here to spy on us.

Let's kill him right away.
One less mouth to feed.

What if this dirtbag is right?

He's so well-fed and clean.

We'll see about that.

We'll ask him when he wakes up.

He'll survive. Let him sleep.

Don't touch him!

You're sulking clearly.

But you have no idea about
the real world.

You can't be lenient with those beasts.

Only fear keeps them under control.

Whip is something you can
never spare on them.

But he didn't deserve it.

Who beat my men?

Who defended the peasant
I had told them to punish?

You saw, he's a rebel.

He is innocent.

It's better to whip a hundred
innocent men...

than let one bad man slide.

You'll get it when you grow up.

Now please go to your chambers.

What do you say, burgrave?

Two Sundays ago...

a young lady ran away from her village
to join the robbers.


You should watch your daughter closely.

What are you telling me?

She is too kind-hearted and may act
out of pity.

She is still just a child.

What if I sent her to Vienna?

To her mother.



What do you want?

I brought you some food.
Your stomach is growling so loud...

everyone upstairs thinks
it's storm coming.

You can't bribe me, you court louse.

The balk was, is and will always
be mine!

Go away!

What is going on here?

I heard something...

but it was them snoring so loudly.

They won't be idle for long.

And you stop nosing around here!

Give me the keys!

You alive?

Here you are.

Who are you?

I used to be a shepherd.

They don't lock you up here for it.

I was going to Nowy Targ
when I saw...

guards whipping a peasant on the road.

They would have killed the man.
So I gave them a thrashing.

But they outnumbered you?

One of them hit me from behind.

Poor you.

It's the peasant's right to be whipped
and bow down to the ground.

It's the lord's right to beat
the peasant. Didn't you know?

How is that possible?

Can you beat someone for no reason?

Check your head and you'll know
if you can.

You don't speak like us.

Where are you from?

I don't know.

People found me on a doorstep.

An old hermit took me in.

He taught me how to read and write...

and to believe in justice.

So you say you can read and write?

They sent you to spy on us,
you court louse!


Let me go!

No decent man can read or write.

Don't be stupid!

There's a good highlander in my village,
and he can read.

And there are two in Biały Dunajec.

Why did they put you in here?

Well, lots of reasons.

That one was collecting firewood
in the forest.

Since the forest belongs to the Count,
they threw him down here.

The other did not work hard enough.

You've already met the thief.

This one is from Bardos' gang.

And I am from Jakub's pack.

They're going to hang us.

This one is from Slovakia.

He grazed his master's sheep
across our border...

and then he lost a few of them.

What's your name?

My name?

They called me Janosik
and the name stuck.


We had a Janosik a long time ago.

A gang leader, old people say.

He robbed the rich and gave to the poor.

He protected folks from the mighty.

He was brave and smart.

The lords gathered armies against him
and surrounded him...

but he and his gang escaped.

They couldn't catch him.

All young people wanted
to join his gang.

Folks sang songs about him.

He was good and noble.

Old people said that as years went by...

he was always young.

He would have lived if he
hadn't been betrayed.

Get up! Move it!

What did I say? Get up now!

Get out of here! Now!

What about you?

What are you waiting for? Move it!

Upstairs! Now!

Hurry up!

Move it!

Chain them together!

Go on! Faster!

Move it!

Move along!

Get back to work!

Get back to work!

Grab it.

Hurry up! What's wrong with you?

Get out of the way!

Get back to work!

Move it!

Don't stand still!

I need two men to build a swing
in the park.

Yes, miss. Absolutely.

How about these two?

No... Give me that one.

The one with the beard?

Yes, the bearded one.

- This one?
- Yes.

But he's old.

I am still better than many lads.

I'll build you a swing that will take
you all the way up to heaven.

I can also tell legends...

about knights from Mount Giewont
and dragons.

I can carve flutes.

I can do anything, I swear!

- I'll take these two.
- Both?

And unchain them now.

Do it fast, you boor
the lady is in a hurry.

Guys... let's get them!

To the forest!

Kwiczoł, these are too big for me!

Let me see. Try these.


Hurry up, guys!

I'd like to thank you, miss.

What about my swing?

I'd be happy to build it...

but they'll put me back in the dungeon.

Don't you want it?

I don't need money.

Your good word is enough.

You can't live on a good word.

Freedom will keep me alive.

Let's go.

Gee up!

Take them to the castle!

Get them!

Into the bushes!

Get them now!

To the forest, boys!

Go hide!

There you are. I've been looking
everywhere for you.

Take these.

They should fit all right.
Took them from a big dead guy.

I'm hungry.

It was hard work.
There were six of them.

I took all of them down.

Now they are knocking on heavenly door.

Will you go to Jakub with me?

I have to go to the city, learn things.

You can't! They'll catch you
and kill you!

You must join our gang.

We'll teach you everything...

including justice.

Twenty lashes.

Spare me, sir! Have mercy on me!

They'll kill my old man!


What... These are our horses.

Where's my daughter?

Where's her carriage?


Have you seen any bandits?

What about the Count daughter's

The Count is offering a reward
for the bandits.

We haven't seen anyone.

Listen, Bruzda, you're already
in my bad books.

I swear to God, not a soul!

You'd better have seen someone!

Nobody, I swear.

Gee up!

Hurry up, I'll take you to the others.

Shut up, you mutt!

I'm a dog, too. See?

Be quiet, Baca!

What do you want?

We're two cripples going to the fair
in Góra Kalwaria...

to find kind-hearted people.

But that one does not look like
a cripple, does he?

Maybe he doesn't.

But he has this weakness in his chest...

that will take him to the grave.

Pray for him for he may not live
until tomorrow.

I can see you need help.

Come inside the house.

Hurry up, Janosik. This kind host
will give us bread. Sit down.

Bread. Good and tasty.

- Thank you.
- Eat up.

Make yourselves at home.

No, take this one.

And here's some milk.

Just sit here and relax.

I'll get you some pork fat
from the village.

God bless you!

Where did they go?!

- Where are they?
- I left them here.

Is this a joke?!

No, I'd never do that. I swear!

You scum. Follow me!

Are you all right? What happened?

Daddy, it was fabulous!
All the bandits escaped!

Hurry up!

There they are! Get them!

Surround the castle!

You must capture them!

Move it, you idiots!


Get going!

This way up.

You go up. You there.
Everyone else follow me.

Is anyone in there?

Is anyone in there?

We've got them! Come on, hurry!

Have you got them?

Look out!


Don't shoot, you fool.

Take him alive!

I need him alive!

Thrash them good!

Don't finish them off. Take them alive.

I'll be right there.

Where are you going?! They are that way!

He's alive.

Chase those scoundrels away.


Take these two to the den.