Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Chapter One-Hundred - full transcript

Ah, friends. Where to start?

With the accidental

With the love story?

With the heartbreak?

J.R. broke up with me.

With the friendship...

I'll just ask one
of my sisters for an egg.

I don't want to complicate
our friendship.

With the marriages...

With the family...

With the career high...

The auction's over.


You did it, Jane.

With the three women...

At the end of the day,
those three women.

Yes, friends,
let's start there.

Since that's where
our story began...

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva
was a much younger girl,

she had to face
the unthinkable...

What do you mean
the telenovela's gonna end?

Well, they just revealed
the last big secret.

So the show's
almost over.


But Lina watches
Days of our Lives

with her family,
and they're on season 34.

Yes, friends,

our Jane never loved endings.

And yet, here she was,
facing a doozy.

I just don't think
I can say goodbye.

To the couch?

It was our first
big purchase together.

How can we just
get rid of it?

Just think how happy it'll make
someone who didn't

just sign a massive book deal.

Come on. You said you wanted
to splurge on something.

And I will, just not
a $5,000 couch

Mateo's gonna
jump all over.

Hey, guys...

Can you please

tell her that she has
to buy something

with her book advance?

Tell him I'm going to after
I finish the first round

of notes from my editor.

I just want to make sure
that they like it, since

- they're paying...
- Say it.

Half a million dollars!

Who... what,
are you guys over it already?

we wanted to have lunch today

to tell you something.


moving to New York.


So, yeah.

That's the doozy
I was talking about.

This Is Mars
will be filming there.

So your mother
graciously offered

to transfer nursing schools.

We didn't want to say anything
unless we could convince

Darci and Esteban to move.

Your father didn't want to
miss out on Baby' childhood.

Not that I want to miss out
on your adulthood.

But, uh, New York
is just a short flight away.

I get it.

Of course.

So when are you moving?

Three days
after the wedding.

Wow. Okay.

Well, it's a good thing

that we're not going on
a honeymoon right away.

I'm gonna miss you.

Me, too. So much.

Oh! I can't believe

we won't be in the same city.


Oh, no, but...
this is good.

This is exciting.

If you say so.


Season 05 Episode 19

Episode Title :
"Chapter One Hundred"

Okay, uh, so, we
still have a month.

What do we do?

Just live our lives.
You have to finish

- editing your book.
- Exactly.

And I'll take the lead
on wedding planning.

You okay?

I just feel like I'm
already losing time.

It does go quickly, friends,

as you well know.

Ah... so that's it.

My book is officially finished.

My editor loves the new ending.
And you?

I'm, like, 98 and a half
percent there.

But I have accepted

I'll never get
to a hundred.

Too much anxiety.
The point is,

I've typed "the end," and I'm
on track for a summer release.


Does that mean we can
upgrade to a plated dinner?

For $26 a head? No way.

My abuela's church friends can
make their way to the buffet.

They've done it before.

I'm ready to talk
all things wedding.

All right.
Let's do this.

God, I love seeing you
with that checklist.

What a turn-on.

Why, thank you. Okay.

The caterer has
our deposit.

The cake is confirmed
and so is the DJ.

I e-mailed all the
vendors and the guests

to remind them that the
marathon is this weekend,

so traffic will be crazy.

Look at you talking all dirty.

Lina has confirmed

that the wedding dress
is in transit.

And, ah. Now onto
some open questions.

- Hit me with them open questions.
- Are we...

sleeping together or apart
the night before the wedding?

- Together. Definitely.
- Agreed.

And I finished my vows.

First time I've ever finished

a writing assignment on time.

First time I haven't.

B-Because of my book.

Don't worry, I got this.

I'm not worried.

But there is one more
thing we have to do.


Practice our dance.

♪ ♪

♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm ♪

♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm... ♪

Ew. Way too sweet.

I don't want hearts
on the place cards.

We're not in third grade.

Are you sure
you don't want to invite

any more people
to the rehearsal dinner?

Hmm? Jane won't have
to spend a dime

of that book money...
It's my treat.

Nah. We want to
keep it small.

But if you want to
bring a plus-one...

Please. That's just not
what I'm about right now.

I am happily married
to the Marbella.

Now let's talk schedule.

Cocktail hour will be from 5:00
to 6:00, followed by dinner.

During dinner,
we'll do the toasts.

And yes,

- I will be making one.
- Oh, yeah?

Yes. And it's going to be
really funny.

But Petra's not funny.

I know. But she was so excited,

- so just laugh whenever she pauses.
- I will.

Unless she
publicly fires someone.

How was the dress fitting?

Lina crushed it.

I'm so happy.

Oh, I can't wait
to see you in it.

Oh. Love you.
See you at home.


Hey. I got your e-mail,
and yes, we would love

for you to marry our spirits...
Though we are thinking

it's more of an
after-ceremony private thing.

Great. Um, but I was

actually hoping to talk to you
about something else.

Uh-oh. That's never good.

Of course. Sure.
What is it?

I found Rafael's birth parents.

Yes, friends,
looks like that last secret

will finally be revealed.

As you can imagine... or I can...

There are so many ways
a story can end.

You found Rafael's parents?

Endings can be dramatic.

Are they crime lords?

- Or shocking.
- Rose isn't his mother, is she?

Or seemingly mundane.

His parents were just...

regular people.


- They're dead.
- Which, of course,

is a different kind
of ending altogether.

Oh, no.

Here's everything

I could find out about them.

I thought...

you should be the one
to tell Rafael.

If I'm cold,
I'll go shopping.

I hear there are stores
in New York.

Hey. Where's Mateo?
I have to get home to talk to Rafael.

Upstairs. He said he's working
on some big surprise for me.


Mateo, what did you do?

I unpacked you,
so now you don't have to move.

Looks like Jane's son
doesn't like goodbyes, either.

Mateo, sweetie,
Abuela still has to move.


You know why.
Because of Papa's show.

That's why Papa

has to move, but Abuela
could stay here with us.

- No, I can't, sweetie.
- Yes, you can.

You just don't want to.

- That's not true.
- You could

- if you wanted to.
- It'll be okay, Mateo.

It's just like we talked about.

Okay? We'll FaceTime
every night.

It's not the same.

It's just not.

Yeah, I know
how you feel, buddy.


- What took you guys so long?
- We had a little issue,

but we're doing better.
Right, Mr. Sweetface?

Can I sleep in bed
with you guys tonight?

No fair! If he gets
to, then we do, too.

- Yeah. And no tooting, Mateo.
- It's not tooting

if I do it in my sleep.

- Uh, yes, it is.
- It's still tooting.

Official ruling is...

- it's tooting!
- Yeah!

Hey, and try not to do
it in your sleep tonight, huh?

So, what do you say?

Family sleepover?

Okay, let's do it.

Thank you.

You are an excellent agent,


The network just dropped
the This Is Mars pilot online

to generate some buzz before it
officially starts airing in the fall.

- Wow.
- I just can't believe

it's finally being released
to American audiences.

People are watching it
right now.

Do you think there's buzz yet?

Probably not.


it's happening.

#Mars is already trending.

America loves me!

Oh. Apparently,
America loves NASA.

They just landed
another rover on Mars.

Oh, I'll just help you repack
to take my mind off it.

But, I mean,
it's exciting, no?

Lots of big changes ahead.

Luisa found my parents?

Yes. And I don't know
how to tell you this

except to just tell you.

They died
in a car accident.

I am so sorry.

They lived in Italy.

They owned a bakery.

- It's all in there.
- A bakery.


How normal.

I-I guess I was expecting
something, um...

Straight out of a telenovela?



Like I said.

I know it's a terrible
time to find out,

right before the wedding.


Actually, it's
the perfect time.

I think a few months ago
I would have been devastated.

But all I can think
about right now is...

how much I do have.

I mean, I am literally
surrounded by family.

So how can I feel
anything but gratitude?


It's like Chekhov's gun.

Had to go off!


I can't wait to marry you.

Which brings us to...

♪ Da, da, da, da... ♪

Jane, walk faster.

Girls, get back here.

Mateo, why are your pants off?

Luckily, just the rehearsal.

Because this is
the third run-through, Abuela.

Never fear,

I am here.

Hello, Mother.

Oh. Come here, my beautiful boy.

I have missed you
so much, mwah!

I'm gonna do
a reading at the wedding.

Oh, then you have
to practice projection,

so they can hear you
from the cheap seats.

Hello, darling.


So, have you written
your vows yet?

Tonight. Oh.

Oh, my God.

The publisher is printing

advanced galleys
of my book this week.

They're sending them
to authors to review.

That's amazing.

But wait, that's not
even the best part.

One of the authors
is Isabel Allende.

Isabel Allende might write

a blurb for the back of my book!

Oh, Lina, are you okay?

Yes. I'm sorry. I'm fine.

Mm-hmm. Go on.

Isabel Something. Yay!


Okay, I was gonna wait
until after the wedding

to tell you, but...

I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God. Congratulations.


Which sister gave you an egg?

The pretty one, clearly.


That's what I meant. I just,
I mix them up all the time.

I am so happy for you,

oh, and your very lucky baby.

Okay, enough.

I'm supposed to be
gushing about you.

Which, for the record, she did.

People think I grew up
with four sisters...

but the truth is,
I grew up with five.

And I only liked one of them.

Jane, you are...

everything to me.

The person I look up to
the most in this world,

the person I want to be
when I grow up.

And the one thing
I know...

is that, uh,
becoming Jane's father

late in life,

has been...

well, the greatest joy
of my life.

It's true. And, uh,

tomorrow, I'm so thrilled
to be gaining a son.

So, Rafael,

I would be honored
if you call me Dad.

U-Uh... Thank you.

Thank you...?

Very much.

you'll sort that out.


anyway, there's been a lot
of tears shed here tonight,

so I think it's time
for some laughs.

I always knew Jane
was super into weddings,

because she was always marrying
the ketchups at work.

And Rafael, well,
he's always been...

Well, his shirts are so tight,

and his pants...

It's okay, Petra.

You don't have to be funny.

No, I wrote these jokes
so I wouldn't

get emotional like this.

Eh, I don't think it's working.

I just love you two so much.

Your love is something
I aspire to.

And I wish you
all the happiness in the world,

which is a really
weird feeling,

because I don't usually wish
happiness on other people.

I love you.
I love you.


Thank you so much, everyone.

We are just...

I also want to make a toast.


a long time ago,

I was going through
a rough time,

and I accidentally
inseminated you.

So I just want to take
this moment to say...

you're welcome.

Suffice it to say,

on that night, there was love.

So much in fact, that suddenly
Jane realized something.

Mm. You have
that look.

- You want to go write?
- Quickly. Is that okay?

- Of course. Go.
- Okay.



you seemed a little
choked up about love.

Oh, please. Villanueva events
are made for people to cry.

It's just how
they're constructed.

It's fine. I'm fine.

Where did Jane run off to?

Ah, there she is.


Somebody was inspired
by those speeches.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone

that my wife, the writer,
plagiarized her vows.

Oh, I wasn't writing my vows.

I, uh... I-I just suddenly got
an idea for the end of my book

that would get
me close to 100%,

and I e-mailed my editor to
see if she could get the file

into the printing press in time
to get it to Isabel Allende.

Got it.

I was gonna write my
vows later tonight.

Well, you know
what they say.

It's always best
when you just slip 'em in

right under the deadline.

We should get back inside.
Dessert's coming.

I definitely ate too much cake.

Yeah. Me, too.

You're upset,
and I get it.

I put Rafael on the spot,
but it came from a good place.

Rogelio, it's not that.

I need to tell you something.

I don't think
I could move to New York.

Wh-What do you mean,
you can't move to New York?

I just don't want
to leave my whole family.

And I've been trying
to push that feeling aside

and support you, but...
I really don't think

it's the right move for me.

I mean, I just started

getting into the groove
with my nursing program.

My life finally feels
like it's on track.

So? So wha-what are you saying?

Because I have to go.

I signed a contract.

Well, I was thinking,

maybe we should commute.

Just for this year.

I'll live here
during the week,

and we'll travel
to each other on weekends.

Think about it.
Your hours are long anyway.

It's not like
I'd even see you

during the week
when you're shooting.

I mean, I want you to be happy.

W-Will commuting make you happy?

I think it will.

Okay. Then...

let's do it.


Thank you, Rogelio.

So I finished my vows.

And I'm so sorry about earlier.

No. No. I...
I overreacted.

Your book is so important.

You're important.

I just wasn't worried
about writing my vows

because I knew exactly
what I wanted to say.

Because I think about how lucky
I am to be with you every day.

And I'm so excited
about our wedding,

but I'm most excited
about our future together.

Because it's not like the
telenovelas I grew up watching.

The wedding isn't the end.

Our story is just beginning.

Stop rubbing it in!


I think I'm just feeling
a little vulnerable.

You know, last night you told me
my birth parents are dead,

and it didn't even faze me.

Because of how
much I love you.

And that's
a lot to put on someone.

Not too much.

And just because
I can't wait for the future,

I don't want
to skip this moment.

So let's not wait.

Let's take our honeymoon
right away.

OMG. Is it finally time

for that big splurge?

And because
we never go on vacations,

I have a million points
for flights and hotels,

so we'll barely pay
for any of it.

Nope, guess not.

I'm in.


Oh, no.

You have to go.

Turn around

and go back home.

Hello to you, too, Ma.

Abuela called.

Thank you, Abuela.

What do you mean
you're not moving?

I thought about it,
and it's just not what I want.

I mean, I shouldn't
have to upend my life.

This isn't the 1950s.

You were the one who
looked into nursing schools.

You said you wanted to go.

And I changed my mind.
I want to stay here.

Because Mateo freaked out?

He's a kid, Ma.

He's also right.

I don't have to go
if I don't want to, and I don't.

I want to be here for things
like your book coming out,

and-and dinners
and birthdays, and-and...

It's so stupid.

I'm 46 years old,
and I've lived near you

for my whole life, Mom.

And for your whole life.

You'll recall
our Jane wasn't fond of endings.

And now what? That's just over?

A trait
she got from her mother.

You're coming with me
to New York?!

Oh, thank God. I'm so glad.

I love you so much.

And I love you, too!

Oh. Uh, thanks.

What are you doing here?

Oh. Oh, I just...
I just came...

to give you this...
for the wedding tomorrow.

Is that a... necklace?

Uh, I... I wasn't planning
on wearing any jewelry.

It's a lazo de novia.

It's a Mexican wedding lasso.

Loved ones place it
around the bride and groom

during the ceremony
as a symbol of unity.

My-my father gave it to me,

and now, I will like
to pass it on to you.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Also, I wanted to apologize.

I put you on the spot
with the whole "dad" thing.

I appreciate that.

But we're in private now, so...

if you want
to try it out, that's...

I'm sorry.

It just doesn't really
roll off the tongue,

but you know I love you.

Is everything okay?

I don't know.
I'm... I'm blowing up.

Something's happening
online, but...

friends, that's when he realized...

Oh, my God.

My social media is exploding.

I'm doubling...

No, tripling in followers.

Which means people
must be watching

the This Is Mars pilot.

This could be it, Rafael.

I-I could be breaking through
in America.

Well, I hope so.

Oh, yeah, me, too.

But-but-but we should keep this
between us right now

because I-I don't want to steal
Jane's thunder, you know.

She's getting married tomorrow.

As am I.

I can't believe it.

Our last night together.

I know.

Ah, man.

Who didn't turn
out the lights?

Hey, I have a big day tomorrow,

I'm moving,
it's so hard.

Okay, okay.

Love you, Abuela.

♪ ♪

I am overwhelmed

by the love and support

in this room.

♪ ♪

Once upon a time, friends,

there was this very moment...

But alas,
the moment is already gone.

Everything okay?

My editor.

It's not important.

Today is about...


Hey, there, my groom.

Hey, bride-to-be,
happy wedding day.

So, according to the schedule,

hair and makeup should be arriving...

Ah, they just got here.

Oh, great.

And did your editor
get your changes in time?

No, but you know what?
It's fine.

They'll make the switch when
they print the real book.

But what about Isabel Allende?
She won't read your ending.

There must be something
you can do.

Nothing short of hand-delivering
a flash drive

to the printing press.

Which I would never do
on our wedding day.

Don't worry.

I have no interest
in running off

on some crazy adventure today.

I'll see you at the altar.

I love you.

I love you, too.

she might not be interested,

but it looks like he is.

♪ ♪

Hello? Hello?

Uh, can I help you?

Stop the presses.

Isn't that what they say?

In the 1920s.

I'm sorry.

I-I have a-a huge favor
to ask you.

Oh, hey,
thanks again, man.

- You're a lifesaver.
- No problem.

- Hey, good luck, buddy.
- Thank you!



Ah, screw it.


Jane's splurging on that gate.


Hi, almost-husband.

Don't worry, I'm right
on schedule.

Yeah, our schedule might
have to change a little.

I got arrested and I need
to be bailed out.

Speaking of family stories,

this one would be
repeated often.

And then he drove his car
through the gate

and got arrested so I have
to go get him.

But Mom took the car
to pick up Jorge.

I'll call a car.

Jane, wait, let me go.

- It's your wedding.
- That's why it has to be me.

What Raf did was so romantic,

I have to be the one
to go get him!


What could go wrong?


Philipe, hey. What's going on?

It's been saying you're
ten minutes away

for about 20 minutes now.

I can't get to you
because of the marathon.

Can you meet me
on Plymouth Street?

It's just a few blocks away.

Uh, y-yeah, sure.

I-I'll be right there.

Yeah. Oh. Yikes!

Coming through!

Nice hair.

Thank you.

It's my wedding day!

Oh, sorry.

Got it! You got it!

- Keep going.
- Thank you.

Ah, Philipe.

And suddenly, in a moment

of sheer coincidence or part
of the grand plan all along...

Hop on, Jane.

I am so sorry,
but is there any way

that we could make
a quick detour

and stop at
the police station?

After all this time,

doesn't she know
how buses work?

You see, I'm getting married
today and, well,

my fiancé and I have been
through so much.

An accidental insemination,
a kidnapping, an evil twin,

a husband returning
from the dead

and this is our last obstacle.

So I'm begging you...
Can you please help me?


I will pay you $5,000
to rent out the whole bus.

Guess Jane's
finally decided what to splurge on.

What about us?

How much you gonna pay us?

How's, uh, $50 each?

A hundred?

I got things to do, lady.

I got to go to the bank,
the dry cleaners,

the nail salon...

Final offer. Please.

I'm getting married
in 56 minutes.

That'll work.

Ah, great!

To the police station.

♪ ♪

All right, we're good.


Oh. Hey, Mom.

Where are you? We're all here.

I'm coming
and I got the groom.

I'll text you the address
of where we'll pick you all up.

W-What are you driving?
Is it big enough?

Oh, yeah, I-it's big enough.

Make way! Make way!

Wedding party of Jane Gloriana
Villanueva coming through!

It's okay!

Save the dress!

And, friends, that's when...

Aren't you
Rogelio De I. Vega

from that show
that just dropped...

The dude from
This Is Mars.

Oh, yeah. You're hilarious, man.

Yes, yes, it is I.

Rogelio De I. Vega.
American star.

Which he
will be very shortly, friends.

In fact, here's a little taste
of what's to come.

Cross over!


Come on! Hurry!

Oh! Excuse me.

Jane, we're here.
Where are you?


Let's go!

Ma'am... you, stand right here.

Sir, can you stand
right here, please?

But don't look, either.
Turn around.

Oh, red light.
Hand me the eyeliner.

How's it going back there?

No! Don't look!

Are you crazy?

You need help?

Oh, yeah, thank you.

Okay, we are now
officially late.

Don't sweat it; they
won't start without you.

I was a nervous groom
once, too, you know.

three times, but who's counting?

But you are going
to get there,

and you are going to
be so happy together.

Not always, of course.

At times, things
will be difficult.

And you will fight, and
you will stomp around...

At least that's what I do.

But you will get
through the hard times,

because there will
be so much joy.

Which was true, for the record.

So much joy.

Thank you...

Rogelio is fine.

Now... Inhala...



Everyone just relax.

They'll be here any minute.

You know, I actually
didn't get to do,

uh, some of my jokes
from the rehearsal dinner.

Anyone want
to hear them now?

Not now, not ever.

Oh, my God.

She's here.

OMG. I'm not ready!

Oh. Wrong Jane.

But damn, she looks good!


What are you doing here?

Rafael called.

- He what?!
- Yeah, he told me that

you still had feelings for me,
and he made this big speech

about how life is too short,
and I know it's corny,

but my mom just died, and...

I've been thinking
about you so much lately.

And honestly,
I never stopped loving you,

and I just...


I love you, too.

And I'm so sorry
about your mother.

Thank you.

I'm sorry about yours.

Oh, don't worry.
She's gone, too.

Ah, yes,
and let me show you where she went.

What can I say but...

straight out of a telenovela.

Which brings us back...

Here! We're here!

I couldn't be more ready.

As you well know,

because I've been telling you,

telenovelas end
with a wedding.

And after a long journey,

we are finally at ours.


Thank you.



♪ ♪

It should be
noted, at this very moment,

Jane's passions included...

her family...


grilled cheese sandwiches...


and... Rafael Solano.

Thank you all
for being here today.

To begin,
we have a selected reading

from Love is You & Me.

"Love is me, and love is you.

So when you smile,
I smile, too."


"When you're around,
the skies are blue.

It's like being
happy times two."

"Love is fun!

"It's feeling free!
Love lets you

be who you want to be!"

Wow. You're using
your big-boy voice!

I practiced with Great Glamma.

She said I'd be great
at voice-over work.

And for the record, I am.

But I'm getting
ahead of myself.

I will be speaking Spanish,

so for those of you
who are Spanish-impaired...

...there are
translations in the programs.

for the record, was true.


We place this around you

as a symbol of unity
and commitment.

Now the everlasting

bond between you is sealed.

Thank you...




No, thank you.


you made...


you made...

Maybe you should
go first.

the first time we met,

you told me to be brave,




- Yeah.
- Maybe we should just...

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Sorry. We're just gonna read...

- them for ourselves.
- Yeah.

Which, friends,

they did.


Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry, Abuela.


Rafael, receive this ring as a
sign of my love and fidelity.

- Alba speaks Spanish...
- Sorry.

- Sorry.
- Jane!


receive this ring as a sign
of my love and fidelity.

Yeah. Yeah.



Thank you, ladies.

Groom! Groom! Dad,

- get in here! Come on.
- Come on, baby.

- Lovely.
- Oh, yes, come on, Mateo.

- Yes!
- Oh, yes, Petra, get in here!

- Come, come, come. Yes! Luisa!
- Luisa!

- Yes.
- Hi, Baby.

H-Hold, hold.
Hold on. Hold on. Here.


Darci... Speaking Spanish...
Oh, my God!


Should we go back inside?

Let's just sit here
for another minute.

So, I never asked you.


What happens
at the end of your book?

They make it into
a telenovela.

Well, who'd want
to watch that?

Corrections done by srjanapala