Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Episode #5.11 - full transcript

We last left Jane and Rafael

dealing with
an unexpected development.

I believe Mateo
does have ADHD.

How can we help him?

There are treatment options

that range from behavior
interventions to medication.

But at least two of them

were back
in a good place.

Not in such a good place?
Our Petra.

See, she was going
to propose to J.R.,

but then J.R. broke up with her
and moved to Houston.

But at least Petra had
a shoulder to ugly-cry on.

I was gonna propose.

feeling vulnerable? Xiomara.

See, she was waiting to find
out if her chemotherapy worked.

I'm not out of the woods yet,
until after the PET scan.

And so, yeah, everything was
on pause for now,

including her sex life,
unlike Alba,

who just got hitched!

That's right.

Alba and Jorge went
from first base to a home run.

And speaking of home runs,

Rogelio had
a brand-new TV show.

What if our young lead's story
is in present day

and you and River
are living in the future?

On Mars!

We can call it
This Is Mars.

I know,
pretty out there, right?

But hey, it's a telenovela.

So let's blast off into ours.

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva

well, actually,
for all of Jane's life,

there was no man of the house,
just three women.

And they didn't need a man,

because they took care
of it all.

Electricity went up.

Mom, remember not to leave

your curling iron plugged in.

My curling iron doesn't use
half as much electricity

as the fans your abuela
keeps running all day.

Abuela pays the bills.

She gets her fans.

There, no more wobble.

I like that nail polish.

Thanks. it's called
Breakfast in Red.

I'll loan it to you.

When she's 30.

In fact, Jane had never heard

the term "man of the house"
used in real life until...

Jorge first,

since he's the man
of the house.


This melon is so
incredible, you have to try it, mi amor.

Looks like
the man and woman of the house

are in still
in the honeymoon phase.

So what's on
the agenda today? Huh?

Besides being
totally adorable.

We're getting the house ready
for Jorge to move in.

Now that our
arrangement is permanent,

I'm taking my things
out of storage.

- Oh, great.
- So...

Would you mind clearing out some
space in the bathroom cabinet?

Not at all.
I'll do it right now.

Anything for my new

And maybe you could move some

of your bathroom things
into your room.

All the hair stuff.

Of course.


Season 05 Episode 11

Episode Title : "Chapter Ninety-Two"

Hey, uh,

- how you feeling?
- Itchy.

Your sheets are awful.
What thread count are they?

I don't know. They were on sale.

I'll have Temp send you
a set from the hotel.

They're Egyptian cotton.

I meant how
are you feeling about J.R.?

I had a good cry and now
I'm going to move forward.

It's okay to give yourself
time to wallow.

I wallowed last night,
now I'm moving on.

Fresh start.

Ugh. I'm supposed to be
in a meeting right now,

but Temp didn't remind me.

You know what?

I'm about fresh starts
all around. She's fired.

Oh, no. Uh...
Poor Temp.

When you reward incompetence,
we all lose.

Wait. Uh, I'll walk you out.

I have to get to Rafael's
to talk about...

Mateo! Five more minutes, okay?

So what do you think about
putting him on ADHD medication?

I really don't want
to go to that right away.

Because medication
is a lifelong decision,

and he is so young
and I just,

- I don't feel comfortable...
- Jane.

I agree.
You do?

Yeah, 100 percent. I'm obviously
not anti-medication,

it's really helped a lot with my
depression, but I'm an adult,

and he's a kid.
We should try other options first.

Exactly. So let's dive
into behavior modification.

Sounds good.
Now hand over

whatever 10-step list
I know you've already made.

Actually, it's 15,
with subcategories.

I've been researching and...

You know,
I'm the man of this telenovela,

and I say
let's skip the boring stuff.

It all boils down
to three basic headlines...

In other words, "cut the crap."

Uh, sorry, I'm just picturing
Jane working out. Whew.


And the most important thing
to remember is

it's not about the days,
it's about the patterns.

That's our mantra.

Look at us, with a mantra.
A mantra. And...

- a notebook.
- Ah.

So we can keep a log
of Mateo's activities.

We need everything to be
as consistent as possible

between our two places

so we can track
Mateo's patterns over time.

Per the mantra.

Remind me of the mantra?

I'll write it in the notebook.

You've got this.

You're killing it, Dina.

Okay, bye.

Dina's been working like
a madwoman to finish the script

for This Is Mars.
She's almost done.

Wow, that was fast.

Yeah. She's turning it in
tonight, yes, she is.

The pilot is brilliant.
Between that and this,

the network has to give us
a pilot order.

That's great, hon.

Hopefully, we'll both
be getting good news soon.

The doctor scheduled
my final PET scan.

In three weeks, we'll find out
if the chemo worked.


How are you feeling?

I'm nervous,
but I'm trying to stay positive.

I keep picturing all
of the things I'll be able to do

once I know
the cancer's gone.

Get back to work,
dance again.

And maybe even get our sex life
back on track before we turn 50.

Well, no matter
what happens,

we're in this together,
and that's the key.

- Ah! Abuela!
- Hmm?

What happened to the table
by the door?

we're getting rid of a few things.

We need to make room
for Jorge's furniture.

Don't. I-I want it.

If you want it, take it.

But keep it in your room.

Jane, door!

So there's been

quite a bit of re-Jorganizing
in here.

I've got it, don't worry.

Petra? What's wrong?

Oh, I was cleaning the penthouse

because my idiot temp messed up
the maid schedule again.

Maybe it's time to cut her loose.

sorry, it's been three weeks.

Let me catch you up.

As you recall,
Petra had this temp.

But then she had this one,
then this one and this one.


But that's not the point.

The point is
when I was cleaning,

I found the engagement ring
I was going to give J.R.

and I know I shouldn't have
looked at it, but I did,

- and now...
- Aww.

How long is this going to last?

I'm so sick of crying.

I feel like a Villanueva.

I know, I know, but

it's like I told you
on the phone last night...

The past 20 nights.

Grieving is a process.

Maybe it's time
to take the next step.


Returning the engagement ring.

- Will you come with me?
- Of course.

But tomorrow, 'cause we're
about to have dinner.

Did Alba make arepas?

- Yeah. Do you want to...
- Oh...

Yeah, thanks.

Jeez, who died? Heh.

Actually, my mom's getting
her final PET scan tomorrow,

to see if her cancer
treatment worked.

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

I'll go home.
It's okay.

- Please stay.
- You're just in time

to pray with us.

I will do it in English.

We ask you, Heavenly Father,

to guide Xiomara,
as you already have,

through her journey with cancer.

We pray that the treatments
have done their work,

that her suffering is at an end.

We pray that her life
from now on be blessed

and full of joy and good health.

In the name of the Father
and the Son

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Please, Father. Please.

recall, we last left Jane

praying for her mother.

Her PET scan's later today.

Waiting is the hardest part.

Do you want to distract yourself
with some reading material?

- It is a real page-turner.
- Ooh.

I especially love the part
about the color

of the sunrise when you ran
Mateo to school last week.

Okay, maybe my entries
are a little too detailed,

but at least
you can read

my handwriting. I...

I am sorry,
but what is a "meldooper"?


Oh. Oh, no, what happened?

He lost it
at Ethan's birthday party.

It was hard to sell him
on a nitrate-free Fruit Roll-Up

when the other kids
got cake.

How bad?

"We owe Ethan's mom
a new lamp" bad.

It's not about the days...

It's about the pattern.
I know.

It's just a small setback.

Should we talk about it
over dinner?

Oh, I, uh, can't tonight.

What, you got a hot date?

I mean, not a hot date.

Just a regular one?


Don't have a meldooper, Jane.

Oh. Okay.
Hope it goes well.

Slow down, Mateo, you know
we don't run in the house.

It's important to note

that Jane wanted to talk
to her abuela about Rafael,

but unfortunately,
she had bigger fish to fry.

Do you like it?

Do you?


Jorge likes it.

He caught it, and it makes him
happy and proud to see it.

That took it out of me!

I could use some lunch.

Of course, mi amor,
what would you like?

I could heat up some soup?
Too hot for soup.

A tuna sandwich?

Perfect. I'll wash up.

If he can catch a giant fish,
I think he can probably

make his own tuna sandwich.

But why should he?

I'm happy to make it.

Oh, I know. I'm... I just mean,

you're a strong,
independent woman.

You don't have
to let him hang something

on the wall
if you don't like it.

I want Jorge to feel
at home here.

It's his house now.

And yours.

Of course.

It's ours.

Yeah, Jane. Ours.

It's like they're
living in the '50s.

He might as well have said,
"Woman, go make me a sandwich!"

- Woman, go easy on him.
- Ah...

I'm just worried this
will become a pattern.

He's her husband, not yours.

And I know, You don't excel
at minding your own business,

but you should stay
out of their marriage.

You've got this.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

And speaking of marriage...

How did
the proposal go?

Would I be standing here
with a ring if it went well?

A rhetorical question.
She just wants her money back.

Right away.


Just handing over that ring

makes me feel like
a weight has been lifted.

It was a three-carat diamond.

You were right.

It feels good to get rid
of that reminder of J.R.

one small step for Petra...

and one giant leap
for Rogelio de la Vega.

That's right.
Dina really was on a roll.

And This is Mars got a pilot
order from the network!

How does that space suit feel?

Sleek, supple
and slimming.

I can't wait to get in front
of the cameras tomorrow.

Rogelio, thank you for
the beautiful Martian bouquet.

Of course.

Oh-huh! That's gonna be a problem.

They're not
gonna be a problem.

Oh, ignore me!

We're so much more
talented than them.

And you're so sexy.

And you're
so gorgeous.

And our skin glows
like the sun.

- And theirs will only get worse.
- And theirs will only get worse.

like they have a mantra too.

And so will your skin
if you keep frowning like that.

Do you know
how much botox

it takes to get rid
of worry wrinkles?

- Approximately eight to 20 units.
- Exactly.

Forget them.

No, I was just thinking
about Xiomara.

She had her PET scan this
morning, so now we're waiting.

It's just a telemarketer.

Look, I appreciate the support,

but you guys
should really go home.

The doctor probably
won't even call today.

Well then
we're just going to sit here

and distract you
until he does.


you were saying...
Rafael's dating.

I thought I was headed

in the right direction,
you know?

Getting used to us
as friends.

But this feels like
a real setback.

But focus on the fact that

things have been better
with you two.

Remember, Jane, you're gorgeous,

your skin looks amazing, and...

Oh, sorry. Wrong mantra.

"It's not about the days,

it's about the pattern."

It's the doctor's office.

We're right here
with you, Mom.

Yes, no matter what.

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

But can I have
one of my hands back

- so I can answer?
- Oh!


Yes, this is Xiomara.



Thank you. Bye.

I'm cancer-free.

Oh, yes!

Oh, I have to call your father.

Oh, thank God.
I'm so happy.

I can't wait to see you
tonight and celebrate.

Okay. You too.

Xo's PET scan results came back,
and she is cancer-free!


we can be together!

Mars, we have a problem.

Ms. Fields?
They'd like to see you

for one more
zero-gravity hair test.

To not having cancer.

To not
having cancer.

I've been saying it
over and over all day,

but it's hard
to believe it.

You know, it's hard to just
click back to normal.

Give yourself time.
It'll happen.


And maybe this will help.

Should we dance,
Mr. de la Vega?

I would love to dance,
Mrs. De la Vega.

- I'm so happy.
- Me too.

So happy.

I also have a piece of-of
teeny, tiny,

totally unimportant,
not-so-happy news.

News that won't even
matter in light

of how great
your news is.

What are you talking about?

River kissed me.


it wasn't reciprocated.

Because I'm happily,

married to the most
amazing woman on the planet.

So I'm sure that
after your clear PET scan,

this little incident

will roll right off your back.

Oh, hell no!

I cannot believe that conniving
bitch made a pass at you!

What was she thinking?

Apparently she thought that our

love-hate relationship
was mostly love.

Have you been
flirting with her?

No! Of course not!

- I've only been nice to her.
- How nice?

People fall in love with me
all the time, Xiomara.

I usually see it coming.

But don't worry.
I will clear it all up.

I just have to
handle this delicately.

I don't want to jeopardize
our working relationship.

You better set her

I promise. I will.

Still want to dance?

Are you kidding?

Another amazing meal.

Even when your abuela's
at work! I don't know

how she does it.
She cooks, she cleans...

She is
the perfect woman.

I'm not sure
their criteria for that is the same...


Oh... Oh, uh, Mateo?

Take your plate to the sink.
Remember, we have

a dinner routine: set the table,
eat, clear the table.

Jorge didn't have
to clear his plate.

Why should I have to?
I'm the man of the house, too.

This is not the pattern

Jane was trying to reinforce.

You might be a man,

but gender roles have evolved,
and boys and girls

do the same
things now.

And frankly,
"man of the house"

is not a term
people even use anymore.

I don't care,
I just want to watch soccer.

Oh, uh...

sorry, Mateo.
No screen time on weeknights.

Grab your dish
and we'll

- pick out a book.
- No!

This is not up for discussion.
It's reading time.

- I don't want reading! Why shold I read?
- Now.

- No! No-no-no-no-no...
- Mateo...

Do you have
a minute?

Oh. You want to join me?

Um, no.
But thank you.

Is my grandma here?

Grocery shopping.

That woman
never gets tired.

Glad Mateo's
calmed down.

Last night was a doozy.

Actually, um, maybe we can talk
for a minute about that.

So I know living together
has been an adjustment.

For everyone.
But since we are

living under the same roof,
there are a few things

you could do that would
really help me out

- with Mateo.
- Oh, okay. Sure.

Well, for example,
the television.

Uh, with Mateo's ADHD,

we're really trying
to establish

and healthy routines,

and it is hard for Mateo
to focus when the TV is on.

So, if you could
maybe wait

until Mateo's asleep
to watch TV?

Uh, just on the nights

when he's sleeping over,
of course.


And also,
it would be really great

if, when Mateo's around,
you could pick up your dishes?

Just to help us reinforce

good behavioral routines.

Ah. Gotcha.

if there's anything

I can help you with,
I'm all ears.

Sounds good.

Thank you, Jorge!

I really appreciate that.

Uh... now I have to run. Heh.

Literally. In case you forgot.

You're doing great,
Mr. Sweetface!

More like Mr. Sweaty-face!

Ah! Come on, Mateo.

Only five more blocks. Huh?

You'll be able to focus
much better at school

if you get some of
the energy out now.

I'm not going!
I'm tired.

You've got this!

I hate running,
and you're the worst mommy ever!

You're gonna be late for school.
So? I hate school too!

I'm staying right here!

Would you move
for a candy bar?

A gluten-free,
preservative-free protein bar.

You can have the whole thing
if you finish our run.

What do you say, Mateo?

Huh? Huh? Okay!

What did
you say to my husband?

What? Nothing.

Well, he was very insulted
by "nothing!"

I just asked him
to put his dishes away,

I can't believe
he tattled on me.

I can't believe you were
so disrespectful.

- I'm disrespectful?
- Yes!

I think the way he treats you
is disrespectful.

He's making you wait on him
hand and foot.

- You're married, not indentured.
- Jorge is the man of the house!

Abuela, don't you think
that's a little old-fashioned?

That's enough, Jane!

I'm worried you're losing
who you are, Abuela.

Establishing bad patterns
for your relationship.

I want those patterns!

You're right: I am a strong,
independent woman.

So you can bet I wouldn't be
doing this if I didn't want to.

Just because it's not
how you would handle things

doesn't mean
it's not right for me.

You never had a problem

with me taking care of
you and your mother.

You two never had to cook
for yourselves, either.

The only reason you're upset
about me cooking for Jorge

is because he's a man!


Jane got owned.

Now, I don't want to hear
another word about this.


Yes, of course.


And you need to apologize
to Jorge.

I would also like
an apology.

And so, Jane apologized to Jorge.

Even though she wanted
to hit him

upside his head
with his big, dumb fish.

And I know I overstepped...

and offended you.

I didn't mean any disrespect,
and I'm so sorry.

Thank you, Jane.

And since we're
talking about respect,

there are a few other things
we should discuss.

I-I notice you often park

by the footpath
in front of the house.

I would appreciate it if you
leave that space for Alba,

so she doesn't
have to walk as far

when she gets home
from work.

- Got it, will do.
- Also...

It would be great

if you could be a little quicker
in the bathroom in the mornings.

Quicker in the bathroom,

And, also...

when you come home
later than 9,

please try to keep it down.

We're both light sleepers.

No problem.

Is that it?

That's it.

Great. See you at home.

I hate this.

I hate everything
about this.

Start over.
Hey, what's going on?

I'm redecorating the hotel and
looking at some terrible ideas.

But didn't you just redo it?

That was two years ago, Jane.

That's like a lifetime
in hotel years.

Look, I know
what I'm doing, okay?

Okay, yeah. Great.

Yo, Mrs. S.

Here are those blueprints
you asked for.

The task was to get them signed
by Milos. Are these signed?

Nah, brah.
Couldn't make it

to the prison in time.
Traffic was gnarly.

I tod you, Tuesdays are the only day
Milos could get

visitors, now I have to wait
to get his signature.

You have to start planning,
and if you can't

do that, maybe this
isn't the job for you.

Yeah. I don't think it is.

Great. You're fired.

Sweet. Funemployment!

Who does she miss? J.R.?

Hi, Mrs. Solano.

Oh, yes.
You remember Krishna.

Hey, you. Heh.

How's life after prison?

- Uh, did you get my fruit basket?
- No.

Oh. O-One of my temps
was supposed to send you one.

Uh, which is exactly why
I'm calling.

Look. I feel so guilty
about everything

that happened and, and I...

I miss us.

So, what do you say?

Want to come back to work?
Get the gang back together?

Hard pass, Mrs. Solano.

Did you talk to River?

No, she's in wardrobe
but as soon as she's out,

I'll straighten her out.

This set needs to be
a place of honor,

respect and dignity.

Why do you have that... thing?

I'm half-human,

I've started to evolve.

- Didn't you read the script?
- Hello.


Stay calm, Xiomara.

I'm calm. Ha, ha.

But he better
set her straight.

And I'm listening in.

Oh. Your wife is here.

Yes, and I've told her
what happened.

And I'm flattered.

That someone
as spectacularly beautiful

as the incomparable
River Fields

would be interested in me.

But alas,

I must make clear

I'm very happily married.

And I'm sorry
if I misled you in any way.

Let's just keep
this relationship professional.

I completely agree. Heh.

This show is
too important

to both of us
to jeopardize it.

I apologize for overstepping.

It won't happen again.

- Professional it is.
- All right.

Time for you two to have sex.

Should I be worried about this?


Worried about
my personal living space?

Which is none
of your business?

You are my business.

I knew you were doing
some work in the lobby,

but I didn't realize
it was a whole hotel remodel.

It's gonna be expensive.

You want to maybe
talk it through?

The girls are waiting for you
in their room.

I am worried
you're in over your head.

Permits alone are gonna be
a huge expense.

Would that be worth it
for maybe 10 percent growth?

I know it's
a big investment, Rafael.

I don't need you to mansplain
hotel finance to me.

And from mansplaining...

to Marsplaining.

Our scientists have
finally figured out how

to support all forms of life
in the Martian atmosphere.

T he first Martian
flower was just the beginning.

In our man-made lake, we
have the first Martian shark.

I've saved
the best news for last.

We will name it Lake Brenda.

After the first
co-president of Mars.

I think we should
properly christen

this lake
by making love in it.

Look, Mija, it's in the script.



That's not in the script.

Get your hands off my man,

you horny Martian bitch!


Somebody stop them. Stop, stop!

No! Stop.

- Somebody stop them.
- No, Xiomara.

Watch out, Xo.

Jump over that shark.

Stop! Stop, stop.

Xiomara, stop.
Please stop. No, no, no, no.

What were you thinking?

Why don't you ask that

woman who was
groping you?

It's called acting!

Yeah, right.
They called "cut."

I didn't hear it!

Because you were
too busy trying

to get a piece of tail,
you home wrecker.

Okay. Come here. Come here.
Come on, let's go.

Xiomara, this is
my place of work.


So why is your costar
dry humping you?

We have a lot of material
to shoot today.

- We'll talk later.
- Excuse me?

Why don't you go cool off
in my dressing room?

Inhala, exhala.

Uh, Mateo.

- This is important.
- These breathing exercises

will make it easier for you
to pay attention

- but you need to focus.
- I can't. I'm too bored.

Sounds like you need
to burn off energy.

What do you say we run around
the block a few times

- while Daddy finishes cooking?
- I'm sick of running

and I don't want
Daddy's gross food.

If you finish your exercises
and eat dinner,

you can have a chocolate bar.

I don't want
a disgusting fake candy bar.

Oh-huh! Looks
like he's having a "meldooper."

I never get real dessert.

- Try to calm down.
- Or even chicken nuggets...

- Please, Mateo.
- Or anything good

If you make me run
to school again,

- Take a deep breath.
- I'm running away!

No, I don't want
to do this anymore.

Well, neither do I.

I need a time out.

You know what?
I think we all need a break.

Here, play with this.

Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I need some air.

He's right.

I can't do this.

I can't run with him
to school anymore.

I'm exhausted,
and we're always late.

Then there's the logs,
his diet.

I just feel like
I'm always

studying him
and disciplining him.

So let's stop.

We can't.
Why not?

Because we have to help him
however we can.

Yeah, agreed.

However we can.

And we can't evaluate

if the behavior therapy
is actually working

unless it's something
we can sustain long term.

And we can't
sustain this.

I just want to do
everything possible.

Don't we owe him that?

We are.

And we will.

But we also
have to enjoy our son.

And live our lives.

Let's just relax
the food rules

on the weekends.

Let him have cake
at birthday parties.



- No more running to school.
- Oh, thank God.

Mm. Let's throw out
that stupid notebook.

I love the notebook.

Can't we just keep the notebook?

This is nice out here.

Yeah, I needed this.

So? How'd your date go?

- Not bad.
- Cool.

What does
"not bad" mean?

- I don't want to get into it.
- Gotcha. Understood.

I will tell you if
there's something worth telling.



Look at them. So mature.

Less mature...

I'm sorry
for my outburst.

But River Fields is after you.

You have to believe me.

Xiomara, she got
caught up with the scene.

Please, let this go.

Can we talk?

I want to apologize.

I honestly did not hear

the director call "cut."

But beyond that,

I should never have
kissed your husband.

And even though what I did
is totally unforgivable,

I still wanted
to apologize to you.

Sometimes I get caught up
in the fantasy.

I lose myself in the role

and... as pathetic

as it sounds, I start
to believe what I'm feeling.

It's a combination of...
being method

and... And, well,

being a little lonely,

if I'm...
If I'm being honest.

But it's no excuse.

And nothing like that
will ever happen again.

You have my word.

Okay, then thank you
for saying that.

I'll-I'll get out of your hair.

- I'll see you at home?
- Yes.

Thank you for doing that.

No problem.



You slapped me?


Well, you kissed me!

Because your wife bought
our cover story.

Our what?

There is no cover story.

Let me make this
perfectly clear.

I love my wife.

I don't want
to have sex with you,

I have never wanted
to have sex with you.

If you keep trying to have sex
with me, I'm going to HR.

If they don't pay attention,
I'll go to Alyssa Milano.


Hey. I need a place to stay.

Yeah, sure. Come in.
I just need to make a call.

My last temp screwed up
my injunction,

and now Milos is blocking
the hotel renovation.

Well, maybe that's for the best.

It'll give you time to think
about whether you

want to go
ahead with it.

Rafael talked to you.

He may have mentioned it,

but that's not
the point. I...

I'm worried that
this renovation

is just one big, old
distraction from J.R.

Yeah, of course it is.
Everywhere I look,

I see reminders.
I can't take it.

So you're gonna...

- redecorate her out of your memory?
- Exactly.

As soon as I get
that injunction.

Judge Judy stayed here
with her grandkids.

- I'll give her a call.
- It's 11:00 on a weeknight.

You cannot call
Judge Judy now.

Of course I can!
Give it to me.

Not a chance.
I am your friend.

I am not giving this back
until you agree

to stop bankrupting yourself
to erase J.R.

It's not just about
erasing her.

I want her back.

But I can't have her.

I feel totally
out of control and powerless.

I don't know
what to do with myself.

I have to do something,
or I'm going to explode.

Get your sneakers.

Why are we doing this again?

When your emotions and
energy levels are too high,

heavy exercise can help.

- It's not.
- Yeah. Keep running.

I don't know if you've been
heartbroken before.

- Have you?
- Not like this.

Not even close.
I blame you.

Of course you do.

For what, exactly?

Well, I never
believed in

this sappy destiny
stuff before.

And for a while there,
because of you,

I actually thought
J.R. was my...

happily ever after.

Well, if it helps,

I'm over that now. Heh.

I thought Rafael and I
would make it,

but I might change
the end of my book

so the heroine ends up
living with her abuela.


That makes no sense.

And I'm done.

Why would the heroine
live with her grandmother?

She's a grown-ass woman.

Can't she move out
even if she doesn't get the guy?

Yeah, I guess she can.

So why hasn't she?

I don't know.

Maybe she was waiting

for things to change.

Is she done waiting?

Yeah, she is.

And is she ready
to not renovate?

No, I'm-I'm not she.
You're she.

Fine, fine.

Are you?

Bankrupting myself
probably isn't the...

healthiest way
to get over J.R.

Well, you were right. Uh...

River kissed me again.

I knew it.

I'm sorry.
I told her off

in no uncertain terms,
this time.


You're not allowed to do any
sex scenes with her anymore.

Xiomara, she plays my wife.

Sex scenes are involved.

Then I'm gonna be there,
watching like a hawk.

I told her to back off.
She got the message.

- I'm still coming.
- You can't.

Why not?
Because you being there

will make
the situation worse.

It's gonna be worse, then,
because I'll be there.

You are not. I forbid it.

You forbid it?

Oh, excuse me,

I didn't realize
we were back in the cave!

My work pays for
this cave.

I will not let you
jeopardize my job

- because you're jealous and insecure.
- Go to hell!

Oh-huh! Looks like
someone's the man of the doghouse.

Okay, I'm sorry.
Come back.

Xiomara, don't leave!

Wh-What is wrong?
Why are you smiling?

You called me jealous
and insecure.

And it hit me that...
that's true!

I am jealous
and insecure!

And even though
that's a crappy feeling...

That's a normal feeling.

Normal like
before I had cancer.

You're right.

And I yelled at you
for being jealous and insecure!

I know!

You never would have
yelled at me

before the PET scan. Oh...

We're getting back to normal.

Unlike Rogelio's last kiss,

this is a very wanted advance.

Thank you for yelling at me.

I'm prepared to yell
at you all night long.

After a five-minute rest period,

I'll be ready to yell
at you some more.

Oh, I plan to yell too.

yes, that's how Xo and Ro

got their groove back.

Not feeling so groovy...

Don't call her, Petra.

You're moving forward,

P-Please. No...
It's been torture,

not having you here.

Look, I-I... I need you back.

What we have doesn't come around
every day.

So much for a fresh start.

And you picked up the phone.

You wouldn't have done that

if a small part of you
didn't miss me too.

So, what will it take
for you to come back to me?

I'd consider it
for triple my salary.

Done. Heh.
You're worth every penny.

And, way cheaper
than renovating the hotel.

And I want a lunch hour
every day.

Every day?

Goodbye, Mrs. Solano.

It's a deal.
But you start tomorrow.

See you then.

at least she got one of her exes back.

And continuing
our apology tour...

And again,
I'm just so sorry.

It's your life, and I had
no right to criticize it.

I appreciate that.

And you should know,
Jorge takes care of me too.

Oh, you don't have
to explain anything.

I know. But I want to.

He deals with every
telemarketer because

he knows I get flustered
speaking with them.

And he makes all of our
dinner reservations.

And every morning,

he puts slippers
next to the bed,

so my feet don't have to
touch the floor.

I'm so very happy, Jane.

I'm glad.

But I know it's a change.

Yeah, but it's
a good one.

And it made me realize

it's time for a change
for me too.

So... I'm moving out.

You don't have to.

I know.

But what am I waiting for?

Mateo and I will get a studio,

which is what
I can afford right now.

Down the road,
hopefully something bigger.

I don't want you to feel like
you're being kicked out.

I don't.

I just think it's time
for the next phase in my life.

For what it's worth,
I totally agree.

And speaking
of moving forward with life...

So... last night was nice.

So was this morning.

It was.

But it didn't exactly solve

all my insecurity
and jealousy.

I know.

And you can come to set
if you want to.

I don't want to.

But that's the thing.

I want to get my own life
back on track.

Figure out what comes next.

And I want to trust you.

I should trust you.

I should have trusted you

when you said you felt like
River didn't get the message.

But I promise you, Xiomara,

she got it this time.

True, for the record.

But while Rogelio's home life
might be back to normal...

His work life is about
to get very uncomfortable.

He loves me not.

He will pay.

He loves me not.

He will pay.

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