Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Chapter Forty-Eight - full transcript

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael's (Brett Dier) housewarming party in their new home hits a snag when they discover they are being evicted for not paying their rent. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) ...

All right, it's a
brand-new day, friends.

And our Jane has a brand-new house.

And a brand-new relationship

with her baby daddy.

Now that I'm no longer in love with you,

we've entered a new phase
of our relationship.

And speaking of changes,
her mom was considering

giving up singing for a new career.

Oh, and Rafael's ex-wife,
Petra, changed too.

See, last year she did
something nice and subsidized

- Jane's new house.
- Do they have any idea I'm the owner?

- They have no idea.
- Since then, her sister, Anezka,

had paralyzed her and taken her place.

No boys, sweetheart.

You need to stay focused.

But she couldn't
because she fell in love

with Scott,
the manager of the Marbella Lounge.

And Rafael's sister, Luisa,
had a change of heart

and said goodbye to
her great love, Rose.

Otherwise known as the
crime lord Sin Rostro.

- And Derek?
- He's dead. He was on her list.

- Along with your mom.
- Wait, my mom's not dead.

I know, straight out
of a telenovela, right?

Well, imagine this,

Jane's father was a telenovela star.

And he was intent

on raising his profile in America.

And, oh, yeah, one last big change,

our Jane was no longer a virgin.

- Whoo!
- So, yeah,

things are different all right.

Over the years, there
have been a few times

when Jane almost left the nest.


She almost left for love...


- Shh!
- Her mother's, but still...

Janie, you're gonna love it.

He has his own pool,

and you'll have your own bathroom.


Abuela, come on, she's sad.


She almost left because of anger.


What, you'll kick me out?


Do it and I'll take Jane with me!




She almost left for school.

- _
- Bye


Ma! Yes, all right, I promise.



I couldn't sign the housing contract.

We live 20 minutes away,
I'd save so much money.

Until one day,

she left for real.

So cute.

I hope they get the house done on time.


And I'm not gonna lie.

It felt...





Excited to dive in,
find myself a career.








Is this from the Marbella gift shop?


And you missed Jane.

It's okay.

I miss her too.




Called it.

First two RSVPs, Mom and Abuela.

Oh, good, there's Jane!

I was missing her too.

Okay, don't hate me.

I think the wall wants
to be a shade lighter

Oh, my God, yes,
I was thinking the same thing too,

but I didn't want to say anything.

No, we want it to be perfect.

Let's repaint this afternoon.


or matte?


And can I just say...

You sound so sexy when
you talk home decor.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

'Cause I was thinking about a mirror...

- Stop it.
- In the entryway

Keep talking.

- A bowl of lemons...
- Uh-huh.

On the table for a pop of color.

- Just take off your pants right now.
- They're coming off.

Oh, shoot, my dad's gonna be here soon!

So no?

So hurry!

Resync: MartijnSnip


Things are different all right.

I'm coming, I'm coming!

Hey, Dad.

Mateo should be up from his nap

And I am gonna go change
'cause I'm running late.

No, wait, wait, wait!

Guess who I have a very special

meeting with tomorrow.

Amanda from my writers' group?




But more importantly,

Amanda the author of...


It's being made into a
Hallmark Christmas movie.

You could be looking at Logan McMurray,

devastatingly handsome baker!

Just don't wear those overalls.

Of course not,
mine would be much more fitted.

Anyway, this could be the perfect role

to raise my American profile.

And hopefully, at the
end of our meeting...

Amanda will agree.


you're not planning on sleeping
with her to get the part,

are you?

No, of course not.

I wouldn't do that.


Good, just making sure.

And speaking of sexy times...

Oh, oh, God, look,
Petra, babe, I got to go.

To remind you, that was not Petra.

I just can't help
myself, you're just so...



You'll recall we left these two

considering blackmail.

I've got dirt on
everyone at the Marbella.


good stuff on Rafael.


let's take him down together, baby.


Mm. But listen...


we've got to turn this hotel around.

'Cause money's tied up in it,
and it's a ghost town.

Which brings us here, now.

Okay, just be prepared...

The staff isn't going to like it.

Oh, don't worry.
Last week, I threatened to cancel

Jane's mom's gig unless
she publicly backed

the Flamingo Initiative.

What the hell is the
Flamingo Initiative?

So, guys, we're damn near sold
out for our first theme night...

Flamingo Friday.

Ladies... your outfits.

- _
- Ugh...


Oh, wow. How fun.

Super fun. Exactly. Thank you, Jane.

Guys, we're just going no shirts,
pink bowties.

Just really classic sexy.

On to other orders of business.
We're phasing out

bussers in the afternoon,

so shifts are gonna
be 45 minutes longer.

- Wait, what?
- Don't gripe.

It's economical. You'll make more bank.

No, we won't.

Because service will be terrible.

Well, it's happening. Deal with it.

This is ridiculous. You need to talk

to your baby daddy.

Lina, his mother just died.

- Fine. Your sister wife.
- You need to,

'cause her creepy boy
toy's out of control.

Sorry, Scott's the boss of the lounge.

Take it up with him, not me.

Petra, come on. Can't we talk about it?


Look, I-I know things

have been complicated between us.

Because of what I said...

you know, when we fought...

before the wedding.

A reminder: Anezka has no idea

what she's talking about.

Yes. Exactly.

And I get that.

I-I do. I mean, it was awful of me

to imply that I think that
I'm a better person than you.

Even just hearing it again is a shock.

Yeah, but you remember
what was going on.

- Not a clue.
- Of course.

And I don't want to rehash it.

So let's just steer clear of each other.

- What?
- Do I have to be explicit, Jane?

I don't like you. I
never have liked you.

Our babies share a father. That's it.

Okay, you know what?

Fine with me.

I'm done trying with you.

You're... toxic.



Most likely administered transdermally.

Could've been someone who

bumped into your mother...

Got it. I appreciate the update.



Anything come to mind
at all, why she would

- leave you that Bible?
- No idea.

My mother wasn't religious.

She was a homicidal maniac.

I'm sorry, I just want to put

this whole thing behind me.

I didn't know her.
I had no relationship with her.

And it's painful, frankly.



You'll recall Luisa recently returned

from a submarine with
another homicidal maniac.

It's actually not...


I'm fine, okay?



what do you think?

I think it's perfect.

I love our house. Me, too.

Me, three!

What about you, Mateo? Hmm?

You excited to grow up here?

Listen to stories in that room...

Come in late, after curfew,
through that door...


Okay, you guys are gonna
feel right at home here.

Excuse me, what are you
doing barging into our house?

Yeah, this definitely isn't your house.

- Who the hell are you people?
- Uh!

Okay, do not swear in front of my baby!

- Now, what the hell is going on?
- I manage this property.

And we rent this property.

Then how come I have
no idea who you are?

We put off moving here
because my husband

was in the hospital.

If the place isn't for rent,

- should we...?
- No, it is for rent.

Come on in. Come on
in. Have a look around.

As you can see, it's freshly painted.

No, do not look around.

- And that fresh paint is ours!
- Okay,

look, there's obviously been a mix-up.

We signed a lease.

This is our realtor.

Yeah. I know this guy.

Reps a couple of deadbeats
who stopped paying last month.

Oh, that's you guys.

We are not deadbeats.

I personally pay a
thousand dollars a month.

Well, first of all, rent is 2,000 bucks.

What?! That's not what he told us.


Please, just give us a couple of days

to figure this out, okay?

You know where we live.

So until recently,

someone has been covering half our rent

but keeping it a secret?
Who would do that?

Nah, it wasn't me.

He says it wasn't him.

So who would...

Nope, not me. But if you need me to...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Amanda's coming.

Good luck. Tell her I said hi.

No offense,
but you're not really a value-add.



How fun it's been catching up

and hearing all about
your jet-set life...

But you want to talk about the movie.

Well, I'm here,

which means that you're in the running.

Well, in that case,

how do I get to the finish line?

That's your daughter's boyfriend, right?



Rafael? Ex.

He's a real cutie.

Is he?

Huh. Anyway, back to Sprinkled
With Love. The way I see it,

the cookie is a metaphor...
I have a charity event in Coral Gables.

Nothing would give me more pleasure

than to have a gorgeous man on my arm.

- I wanted to ask you...
- I'm in.

But now I'm thinking Rafael.

Excuse me?

It would make me very happy.

And those vicious charity bitches

very jealous.

Tough choice.

On the one hand,
he's just been insulted to his core.

On the other hand...

Of course.

I'd like nothing more than
to set you up with my...

gorgeous friend.

It is true.

You are extremely handsome.
I never noticed before.

Can I help you with something?

Swoon-worthy looks and
endlessly generous.

You are a prince among
men, Rafael Solano,

which is one of many
reasons I consider you to be

a very good friend.

What do you want, Rogelio?

The woman I was eating lunch with

will decide my American fate.

Either she will cast me as a stoic,
sexy baker

or I will wallow away in obscurity.

And all she requires is a date with you.

Are you trying to pimp me out?

Absolutely not!

No sex required.

Though if the spirit moves you...

The answer's no.

Still no word from the realtor?

Well, keep trying. I got to go

before I drop these stupid flamingos.


Ooh! I love the Marbella

- Gift Shop.
- Sorry,

World's Worst Boss is demanding

that we stock the new
flamingo merch ASAP,

- and prominently.
- Take me home,



I don't pay you to visit

your granddaughter.


Looks like Jane may not have

the world's worst boss after all.

You have to hear this.

Clearest ocean sound you ever heard.

Come on.

What are you doing here?




- I miss you too, so, so much.
- Oh...

I wish I didn't have to go back to work.









I got a job!


No, listen!

I'm a teller at Sunrise Mutual

West Miami!

I get a 401k,

regular 40 hours a week,

and a parking space
that says “Reserved

for bank employee.”
Which will be great

once I can afford to get a car!

I'll have to switch my dance class

to weekends but that's okay, and...


New outfits. Xiomara...



Be supportive.

I'm not looking for passion.

I'm still singing on weekends.




Whoa, slow down.

I forgot to give you

the list of demands to sign.

List of demands?

“From servers to management,

"or else we walk”" A walkout?

Scott is a dictator.


A revolution is afoot.

Conditions are untenable.

Come on. If you don't sign,

I learned the word
“untenable” for nothing.

- We're all in the same boat, right?
- Yeah.

Okay, I'll sign,
but I'm gonna give Rafael a heads up.

See? Right there, where I wrote
“hereby and heretofore.”

That's right.

Oh, my God.

The realtor. I've been trying to reach

this guy but he hasn't
been returning my calls.

Need to talk to Petra Solano,
where do I find her?

Excuse me. Jason Tartuffe?

Oops. Wrong hotel, never mind.

No, stop.
I heard you asking for Petra Solano!

Stop! I'm the wife of a
cop and I will arrest you!

Is that a real thing?

- Definitely not.
- Oh, it's a real thing.

Now, answer the question.
Why are you looking for Petra?

Look, she paid me to keep quiet,

but she's the one who's
paying half your rent.

- What?
- Or she was.

I'm out several months in commissions.

She won't return my phone calls.

It was...


I just found out

what you did for Michael and me,
with the house.

Again, I'll remind you that Anezka

has no idea what she's talking about.

Oh. Well, you're welcome.

A-A gift like that...

No, it was just a little something...

A house isn't exactly
a little something!

Well, by my standards,
it's a very small house.

But yes, you caught me,
I bought you the house.

Well, you mean rented.

It's the same word in Czech.

Anyway, let's not make a big deal of it,

I was making a gesture, and you're...

- very welcome.
- Got it.

You know... a-and this is awkward, uh...

but why did you suddenly
stop the payments?

That terrible fight.
When you called me a bad person.

I was... I was so
angry. And then I meant

to start paying again
but Anezka fell ill...

Well, look.

Michael and I obviously
can't let you pay for it.

But the gesture was so...


Come over to the new
house for dinner. Oh...

You wouldn't have done it if
you didn't care, deep down.

Doesn't makes sense.

And so what could she say, but...

Of course.

Scott and I would be
happy to come for dinner.

And what could she say but...

Right. Scott too!


Can't wait!

Hey. Hey.

Are the girls asleep?

You can go, then.

Hello, Anezka.

We need to talk.

Who are you?

Your mommy's friend from the inside.

Out on good behavior,
but don't let that fool you.




I'm here to relay a message from her.

You guys had a plan. Finish it.

But now's not a good time to
sell my shares at the hotel.

Like, they'll be worth more if
build it up, wait a bit, uh...

- Flamingo Friday...
- I don't give a rat's ass!

You've got 72 hours to sell

and get her a good lawyer,
or else I make sure

everybody knows exactly who you are.

Got it?


She and the vests guy are gonna be

our first and last dinner guests?

Come on, it was so nice of her.


maybe they won't be
our last dinner guests.

I mean, I've been thinking.
If we cut *** here

and there, maybe we can stay.

That's your filing system?

Well, this and the other box, yeah.

First things first. Fixed expenses:

- rent, food, gas, internet.
- My student loans.

I thought you paid it off.

One. I found out the other
has another two years.

- Found out?
- All right.

So, let's list all other expenses,

and then we'll start cutting.

No way, I need my NBA sports package.

You don't need it.

Have you ever heard of a library?
I like to underline things.

Okay, fine.

No more buying books.

$170 for Mateo's Toddler Gym?

I'm assuming that comes
with illicit baby steroids.

Yeah. Rafael pays for
so much Mateo stuff.

I have to cover something.

Spotify or Pandora?

One movie a month?

- Lost it.
- Cut it.

Done. And with this new budget we are...

still $280 short per month.

We'll sleep on it.

I think we should go to my dad.

$280 a month is not a huge ask...

- Really?
- It'll be a loan.

We'll absolutely pay him back.

I love this place.

Let's do it.

While we're on the topic of doing it...

Aw, you can't put a price on

that kind of happiness.

I need to withdraw $5 million.

Can you help me with that?


Sure. I'd be happy to.

I'm buying a yacht. And, uh...

I would love to take you on it.


Obviously, that didn't happen.



40. These bills are sticking together!

You asked for crisp, new ones, so...

Because they're for

my grandson's birthday!

You need to fan 'em out first.

Yeah, okay. Well, next time.

You forgot to say
“Thank you for choosing

"Sunrise Mutual West Miami
for your financial needs”"

- And that's pretty important.
- Got it.

"Like, okay. You're saying “got it”"

But you said that last time.

And then you forgot again.

Well, this time I really... got it.


Yeah. Someone made a big mistake.

I'd like to sell my share of the hotel.

- What?
- And I... I know

it seems sudden. Yeah.
Of course it's sudden.

You've been driving up
all these big changes

- and now you want to sell? Why?
- Because of Scott, actually.

It's not good for our
relationship for me to be

- working so closely with you.
- I am not interested...

Yes, I know. You made that very clear.

Nevertheless, there is...
a lot of baggage here.

- And we'd like to make a fresh start.
- You know you need permission

- from me and Luisa to sell.
- Yes. I know. And

if you don't give it to me...

She'll blackmail you

- with all of Scott's dirt!
- Look, first, let me just see

if I can put some money
together to buy you out.


Yeah, that-that would work.

And then she told me I had 48 hours,

which is crazy.

I think there's something going on.

Yes, finally!

- Like what?
- She's not herself.

- Warmer.
- I think Scott's blackmailing her.

Are you serious?

- Are you serious?
- Well, it happened with Milos.

Colder! Colder!

I mean, I'm having
dinner with them tonight.

I'll suss out the vibe.

Yeah, whatever.

I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

Oh, before I go...

From my dad.


It was so awkward.

But I couldn't say no to my dad.

Oh, yeah, I hear you.
Cost of doing business.

I had to meet him for a
guilt mani-pedi today.

I'm sorry, I can't watch this.

Show off.


We agreed no more venti lattes.

Okay, I was in a hurry.
The drive-thru was right there.

The budget only works
if we both stick to it.

Oh, yeah?
That doesn't look like two-buck Chuck.

That's different, it's for Petra,

who did a really nice thing for us.

Besides, it comes out of
the entertainment budget.

We'll just not see a movie this month.

Fine. Then I'd like my non-movie

to count towards my coffee.

You can't do that.

Your latte is not entertainment.

That's not true. I
had a good time, okay?

Better than I'm gonna have
at this weird dinner party.

Which brings us here, now,

to the...


Is that dressing gluten-free?

I'll check.


Oh, no red for me.

I get heartburn. Do you have any white?


Babe, be reasonable.

Now is not a good time to sell.

I just want out.
Flamingo Friday's booked solid.

We're turning the hotel around.

The staff is planning a walkout.

No gluten. Yay!









It was so great.

It's just the door on your left.

Let's make a deal.

Before you go to the bathroom?

Petra told me about your
financial predicament.

That extra grand a month you need?

What if the hotel
covered the discrepancy?

We'll make it an official position...

Social Ambassador...
And all you have to do

is get the rest of the staff to show up

for Flamingo Friday and
support our other initiatives.

You're offering me money
to sell out my friends.

Oh, get off your pedestal, Jane.

Everyone's for sale.

Well, I'm not.

Your loss.

I'm sorry, I just have to ask.

You and Scott, is it...

a Milos situation?

To be clear, Anezka did know

all about Milos.

You think I'm with Scott
because he's blackmailing me?

No, I just meant, um...

I got nothing.

That's exactly what she meant.

This is why I don't want
to spend any time with you.

This is why I want out of here,

this judgment!

- No.
- What's going on, babe?

We're leaving, that's what's going on.

Right now!

I feel terrible. I have to find some way

- to make it up to her.
- Or not.

I mean, she's clearly
trying to distance herself.

- But she's family.
- Family's overrated.

They just ask you to do things,

like go to weird charity events

so their dad can be
in sexy baker movies.

Ah, yes, that old chestnut.

Did I thank you profusely?

You did.

Okay, I have to get back to my shift.

And you're sure you're
okay with the walkout?

Are you kidding?
I hate this whole flamingo thing.

I'll talk to you later.

I've been looking for you.

I was hoping we could talk?

I told you, I am fine.

No, um...

I'm not.

I'm sorry,

I just... I came from
the police station,

and talking about Rose again

and what happened,
and going over the details,

I'm feeling a little unhinged.

Like I got... Like, I need to drink.

Um, so I just thought,
that, um, it was better

that I wasn't alone.

Oh, okay. Yeah.

Um, I just have this
charity thing later.

I could come.


Ma, you scared the crap out of me.

Wait, why aren't you at work?

I quit. I had to. It was so depressing.

Please, don't tell Abuela.

She was so proud of me.

She's gonna find out eventually.

No, I worked it out.

I find a new job,
and then I tell her I was so good

I got poached.

Well, start your job
hunt somewhere else.

I gotta go.
The wait staff is meeting downstairs

before the big walkout.

Okay. Good luck.

Power to the people.



Oh, hi, Ma.

Thought I dropped an earring back here.


The other day. Anyway, it's not there.

I should go, uh, I've got about
ten minutes of break left.


Um, okay.

Thanks. Just drop me outside.

Ma, there's nothing
really exciting in here.


But Mrs. Cohen looks tired.

Eh, I need cash.


Hey... buzz me in, all right?

I forgot my phone in the break room.

I... I'm sorry,

but you're no longer an employee.

Come on, Caitlyn, do me a solid.

- Security?
- I bought you a venti latte!

Ma'am? I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.


I quit, Ma, okay?

I quit.

What's wrong?

So I made some calls today,
trying to save some money.

Got us a family plan
for the cell phones,

better rates on car insurance.

That's great.

I also called Mateo's gym class.

Yeah, I was a little
surprised when they told me

the monthly fees were
already covered by Rafael.

I thought there must be
some kind of mistake.

My wife would never lie to me

about something like that.

I'm sorry. I padded the budget.

You know, just in case we
need money for an emergency.

Look, I grew up always
worried about money.

So tell me,
don't hide it from me like I'm a child.

You have a shoebox for your files.

Okay to be clear,

I'm the one with a stable
government job and a 401K.

I've been paying my own
way on my own for a decade.

Until last week,
you've been living with your family.

- To avoid debt while in school.
- Which your dad pays for!

This is going downhill fast.

Look, I have been
financially responsible

my entire life.

You know that I helped
support my family.





She does need the money.

I have to go back to work. Can you...

Stay with Mateo? Yeah. See ya.

So what changed with the staff?

Just didn't make sense.

What if we all got
fired? We need the money.

It's not like we do this job for fun.

At ease.

So you decided to show up.

Yes. And look...

I am sorry about last night.

Oh, you mean when you
suggested that my girlfriend

was only with me because
I was blackmailing her?

Look, I didn't mean...

Yeah, still got nothing.

You meant it.

How would you like it if I tried

to ruin one of your relationships?

Lina, you cash that check yet?

Oops, I'm sorry. Did I just ruin one?

You took Scott's bribe?

It's an extra thousand dollars a month.

I know. I turned it down
because of all that crap

you gave me about whose side I was on.

- Jane...
- I don't even want to hear it.

Oh, the pink, I love it. So classy.

Thank you again for going with Amanda.

Yeah, well, thank you,
too, for babysitting.

It's my pleasure.

We're going to have fun.

Just so you know, the
word “babysit” is

a trigger for me.

I-I had my first drink
with a babysitter.

- I know a lot about addiction.
- Really?

- Are you in AA?
- No.

I am in S.A.G.

Otherwise known as Screen Actors Guild.

And I once played an
alcoholic flight attendant

in the telenovela Addicted To Love.

Would you like to see it?

I recorded your novela.



You were so proud of
me and so into the idea

of me as a banker.



Jane thought the bank
was a horrible idea.


Why didn't you just
tell me how you feel?


Try harder.





there's no way we're going back.

I'm not 17 anymore.

I know I need your opinions

so I don't make dumbass moves
like moving my whole dance class

schedule to become a bank teller.

You guys got this.



Good advice.

And Ma...


You do have your green card now.

If you hate your job so much,
you could make a change.

But it was too late.

They had found each other.



Classic catfight.

Every telenovela has one.

And then we all make love.

Is this helping at all?


If anything, seeing you chug

that tiny bottle of vodka
when you realized that

it was Pilar that hit
the attendant call button

just makes me want to drink more.

Okay, I get it.

Well, in that case, we have to get

to the root of those feelings.

Did you study psychology?

You could say that.

What school of thought?



I've never heard of him.

Where does he practice?

In the heart of such performers

as Sandra Bullock,
Tom Cruise, and James Franco.

All of whom have used his techniques

to get underneath emotions.

I'll say a phrase, let's say,

"“You're an alcoholic”"

and then you'll repeat
it, but with “I”.

"“I'm an alcoholic”"

I'm an alcoholic.

You're an alcoholic.

I'm an alcoholic.

One more, yes, please.

Actually, I really should be turning in.

Oh, no.

Oh, it's only 9:00.

I hardly got to talk
to you at the event.

- Yeah.
- Why are you playing so

hard to get?

I'm not.

Though, that's exactly

what you'd say if you were.

I don't like this.

- You don't like this.
- I'm not good at this.

- You're not good at this.
- I'm not good at this.

- You're not good at this.
- I'm not good...

- I'm not good.
- That's it. Keep going.

- I'm not good.
- Find your character.

I'm a terrible sister

and that's why I want to drink,

so that I don't feel this.

Why are you terrible?

Because all I do

is cause Rafael pain.

And I think my ex-lover
killed his mother.

I've been there.

In real life.

My telenovela was ripped
from the headlines.

Go on.

I just feel so bad, you know?

My brother doesn't deserve this.

No matter how many
times I've failed him,

he's always been there for me.

And then now that he has no family,

I still can't pull it
together and be there for him.

Rafael does have a family...

the Villanueva family.

As for you...

Ricardo said it best
when he was about to join

the mile-high club with Pilar
during heavy turbulence.

“Put on your own oxygen mask

before assisting others.”

She's asleep.

And we've decided she's going to rehab.



And may I just say...

you're a good, good man, Rafael Solano.

And I'm sorry I didn't
realize that earlier.

It's okay.

But I do think I should tell you...

I don't think you're
gonna get that part.

It doesn't matter.

You're more important.


Let's get a drink.

We can, you know, because we are

not alcoholics, thank God.

Another blessing we share,

besides our great looks.

Ah, birds of a feather...

which brings us here...

now... to the flamingo fandango!

Look at you two, all buddy-buddy.

Why did you never tell me what
a wonderful man Rafael is?

And maybe it was the sight

of her daddy and baby daddy

getting along,

or the fact that she was

fighting with her best friend

and her husband...

but when Jane saw Petra...


she was determined

to make things right.


Did you sell the hotel?

I'm working on it.

But, uh, it's not enough time.

- It has to be.
- It's not!

Just tell my mother, I...
it-it's happening, okay?

I-I-I got her a lawyer. I...

Okay, I-I know

this is a lot to ask...

Just leave me alone!


Straight out of a telenovela.

So, yeah,

that obviously didn't happen.

Oh, sorry, my bad.

It actually did.

That's it!

We're out of each other's
lives... for good!

So, thank you...

for having my back.

Always, you know that.

Okay, about the money.

Things are different now.

It's not the same as when we were kids.

I mean, you have a rich dad,
and a rich baby daddy

to fall back on and I-I don't have that.


That's true.

Michael reminded me of that.

I guess it's just all
so new, I-I forget.

I think we should move
into a smaller place.

I grew up stressed about money.

And living above our means
is stressing us out now.

And I don't want that...

for us or Mateo.

I was thinking the same thing.

Not about childhood, but about Spotify

and lattes, and...

I just want us to be able to have fun.

Exactly, me, too.

We'll move into a one bedroom.

We only have Mateo half the time.

Perfect. We'll just move back

to a bigger place when we can afford it.

And friends,

they really believed

that would happen...

but we're not there yet.

We're here.

So, this isn't a housewarming anymore.

It's a good-bye party.





- Huh?
- What?



No way.

That's perfect for you.

Oh, Ma.
You really do love that little store.


So, I didn't get the part.

That's the way the cookie crumbled.

I'm sorry, Rogelio.

I know you really wanted it.

So, uh, so, what's next on
the 87-point plan for, uh...

American superstardom?

I'm glad you asked.

My new friend, Rafael,

got me a meeting with his friend,

an independent film producer.

Oh. Come on, Michael. Don't be jealous.

I can be friends with both of you.

Oh, I'm...

I'm not jealous. Rafael
and I, we're cool.

Sorry, excuse me.

Come on.

Don't shut me out.

Hey, hey, looking good, my friend.

Ah, we miss you down at the station.

Eager to get back.

Two weeks until my physical.


Rafael told me Luisa left for rehab.

Yeah, this morning.

We've got eyes on her.

If she contacts Rose, we'll know.


Anything new in the Bible?

They combed

through it page by page.

Four underlined words

from four different passages.


guard... the sun.”

What the hell does that mean?

“Sun” like...

or like her son?

Look, realistically, I need more time.

Well, you don't have more time.

I'll find another buyer, Milos perhaps.

You can't sell your shares
without my permission.

Then give me permission.

And your shares too, while you're at it.


Or I'll send you to jail.

What are you talking about?

You had a deal with the police.

You confessed to insider trading.

They dropped the charges
with the assumption

that you had no other illegal dealings,


when your father died,

his finances were a mess, weren't they?

An illegal mess, in fact.

You covered it up.

How did you...?

Scott befriended the
accountant's assistant.

Never overlook the little guy.

Look, I was protecting
my father's legacy.

Which was a big mistake.

And I will tell the cops,

unless you sign your shares over to me.

You have 24 hours.

Don't test me.

Oh, you-you startled me.

And friends, in that moment,

Jane, well, she had a revelation.

I still can't believe they're together.

Look, I-I know things have
been complicated between us.

A house isn't exactly
a little something.


You okay?

And all I can say is...

This might sound crazy, but...

I don't think that's Petra.

It's about damn time.

Resync: MartijnSnip