Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Chapter Thirty-One - full transcript

Jane's latest parenting obstacle is sleep training Mateo, a struggle that has the Villanueva woman divided on what is the best method. At the same time, she is beginning her new job as a TA...

Ready? Okay.

Jane the virgin was accidentally

artificially inseminated,

and she had baby Mateo.

But he was kidnapped

and then traded for this flash drive.

Luckily, Jane and Rafael got him back.

And they would have
lived happily ever after,

except she chose to be
with Michael. Only problem?

- You turned me in!
- Stop!

But it turns out, Michael was right.

You paid me to lie to
the cops about Cordero.

Rafael did rat him out.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Michael had moved on.

Oh, and her baby daddy, Rafael, well,

his life was complicated, too.

See, his other baby mama,

Petra, was in a bit of a jam.

He mother killed someone
and then blamed her.

Talk about dysfunctional family, right?

Well, how about this?

Rafael's mom abandoned
him when he was four.

Oh, and his half-sister, Luisa,

well, her mom was a criminal mastermind

called Mutter, and her signature

was blue silk ties.

And Detective Michael
was on the hunt for her,

along with Susanna,

who Luisa kind of liked.

As in, like-liked.

Oh, and speaking of romance,

Michael returned Jane's tree topper.

So maybe there was hope for them after all.

I guess we'll see.

It is a truth universally acknowledged

that Jane Gloriana Villanueva loved school.

However, she didn't love all of school.

Specifically second grade gym class.

- Because of Tommy boxer.
- Yes!

Fortunately, Jane's Abuela

gave her the tools to
deal with boys like that.


I know what's going on here.

You're extra mean to
me because you like me.

Ah, yes, that old Chestnut.

And just so you know,

that is not the way to get me to like you.

I respond to kindness.

Your grandma's wrong.

I'm mean 'cause of math class.

You're only cheating yourself, you know.

Yeah, Jane didn't see that coming.

Or that.


Or this.


- So, listen, you're probably wondering...
- I wanted to reach out...

- and thank you for the tree topper.
- Why I left the tree topper.

I want you to know that you were right,

uh, about Rafael turning you in.

Yeah, I know.

But I get it. He was
looking out for his family.

Anyway, we talked.

He and I are all good now.

And I was hoping maybe you and I could...

Maybe be good.



No, Mateo, not again.


Come on.

Not again.

Oh, it's 2:37 A.M.

This sleep regression has got to end, baby.

- Okay?
- _


- Try to go to sleep.
- _


- Yeah? Oh.
- _

Jane, come on.

Rogelio's mom comes tomorrow,

and I cannot face that woman

on less than eight hours of sleep.

I'm trying, obviously.





I'm not comfortable with that.



He's getting sleepy.

Oh, buddy.

Yeah, buddy, oh.



I want you both to know that I am on it.

When Mateo woke up at 4:30,

I researched some very gentle
sleep training methods.





For you, but there are other
well-researched methods.


His lovey.

I'm supposed to wear it in my bra

so that he can smell me and feel like

I'm with him throughout the night.

And your opinion is noted.


Hon, can you maybe not eat?

Liliana will be here any minute.

Mom, you need to just relax.

Remember, dad said that grandma

was much more chill
when she's with grandpa.

- Ay, shh, shh...
- Whoa.





Hello, everyone.

Glamma is here.


Jane, you look

adorable and darling.

And, Alba, so good to see you.

Hello, Xiomara.



Where's Grandpa?

Well, it turns out that

he was not well enough to travel after all.

It's, it's a shame.

Aw, I was really excited to meet him.

I know, I know.

But, uh, you know, better safe than sorry.

Can I get him?

I could use a pinch of happiness

- in my current state.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you.


What's going on with your mother?

I have no idea.

She was like that the whole car ride down.

Happy, then sad.

She wouldn't even duet to "endless love."

- Did you ask her?
- Of course I did.

Over and over.

I even sang her part.

Poor Grandma.

Let me go check on Mateo

and see if maybe she'll talk to me.

He's adorable.


A little less adorable

when he wakes up every hour.


So, Glamma,

is everything okay with you?

Oh, yes.

Yes, I'm-I'm just a little...

Overwhelmed seeing my
beautiful great-grandson.


Just seems like maybe
there's something else.

And if there is, you can tell me.


Your grandfather is gay.

And he has left me.

For a man.

Oh, wow. Wow.


Oh, wow.

You are so right.

I feel so much better.

Good, good.

Now, listen, you cannot

tell anybody.

And you can especially

not tell your father,

because I know how much
he idealized our marriage.

And when he finds out
that it was all a lie,

he is going to be so devastated.

- Jane?
- Uh-huh?

I can trust you, yes?

No big deal.

Yeah, it was just, like, you know,

terrible food on the airplane
and they charge for it now.

So it's so annoying.

Oh, okay.

Well, I'll just send a series
of irate tweets to the airline.

They're gonna respond with a
flight voucher or something.

- Thank you, Jane.
- No problem.

Okay, I'm gonna go shower,
because I got to go teach.

Thank you guys for watching Mateo.

Okay, from one mama drama

to another.

There's security footage
of you wheeling Ivan

out of the hotel.

I was helping my mother.

The murder weapon have Ivan's blood

on it and your fingerprints.

Yeah, but this isn't the murder weapon.

The murder weapon was my mother's hook.

Well, no one knows where that is.

'Cause she had that one removed last month.

It could be at the bottom of the ocean.

And without it,

the case comes down

to your word against hers.

My mother is a convicted felon.

She also came forward... You didn't.


Okay, so what happens next?

Because Petra obviously didn't do this.

Indictment is likely.


It's 15 years to life.

Without the murder weapon...


Yeah, sorry. What were you saying?

That you will be indicted

unless you can get your mother to confess.

We're gonna figure this out, okay?

Also nervous...


Not indicted-for-murder nervous,

more like
first-day-as-a-teacher's-assistant nervous.


Oh, hi.


Wow, there's lots of tall people here.


Hmm, okay.

Welcome to Great Books 105.

I am Jane Villanueva,

your section leader.

And I can promise you

that the course name d... oh.


I was just...

I can promise you that the
course name doesn't lie.

These are great books.

Okay, so I hope you all enjoyed

"Pride and Prejudice" over your break.

I know I loved rereading it.

We'll start

with the immortal line,

"it is a truth universally acknowledged

"that a single man in
possession of a good fortune

must be in want of a wife."

Can anyone unpack that?

Okay, I'm gonna steer a little.

Uh, thoughts on how it frames
the marriage plot narrative

in satirical, rather than
straightforward, terms?


Any thoughts on the quote?




I haven't gotten to that
part of the book yet.

It's the first line.

Did you read the book?

Uh, dude.

What's up with the teacher?

Books for Ballers is supposed to be easy.

Excuse me.

What did you call this class?

Uh, Books for Ballers.

"Books for..."

If you're actually gonna make us

read all these books,
can you at least explain

how to drop the class first?

Yeah, so it's a truth

universally acknowledged

that Jane did not see that coming.

Wow, and they got a shot off.

- What a game.
- Wow.

I'm confused.

Who are these people,
and what have they done

with the Villanuevas?

Okay, cool. This is exciting.

Right? I mean, one point
right before the buzzer.


Well, way to be supportive.

I'm trying to connect with
my students here, Abuela.




Stop. Please.




Okay, well, I'm not doing that, so, enough.





Don't look at me.

I have no idea who she is, either.

This makes no sense.

These therapy transcripts
are just the ramblings

of a mentally ill woman.

Well, if Mia was gonna
hide out in an institution,

she's got to make it look real.

- To give you a refresher...
- _



- Well, she did a good job.
- _

I mean, listen to this:

"Mia likes mint chip ice cream.

"She dreams of vacationing
by a magical lake.

Collects hummel figurines."

Well, it doesn't mean anything to us.

But... it might mean
something to your girlfriend.

Oh, shut up.

But, yeah, we're gonna
have to talk to Luisa.

- Heads or tails?
- Heads.

You gonna wear something sexy?

It's gonna be so awkward.

Well, at least not as awkward as this.

When Manuel was touching me,

and we were making love,

is-is he thinking about
another man the whole time?

- You know?
- Yeah, I do.


Hey there.

Uh-oh. Did she hear that?

I-I think your Uber's
waiting outside, Liliana.

Thank you very much.

Okay, I will, uh...

I will see all of you tomorrow.

So, where are those Cubanos?

I think I might've found something out.

- You heard?
- You know?

- She told me this morning.
- She who?

Wait, what did you find out?

I think Michael has a girlfriend.

He does?

I don't know.

I saw him talking to someone

and they looked like a couple.

I know because of the tree
topper, you thought maybe...

Yeah, no, uh...

It's good to know.

Or maybe know.

So, wait, what were you talking about?

Yeah, no, same thing.


Okay, but you have to
swear not to tell anybody.

I swear!

- Manuel is gay.
- What...?

And he's leaving Liliana for a man,

and she doesn't want anybody
to know, especially Rogelio.

Well, why doesn't she want to tell Rogelio?

She doesn't think he can handle it.

- Of course he can.
- No kidding. That's what I said.

Okay, Mr. Sweetface...

You and I are gonna go take a bath.

You are officially on the clock,

'cause tonight, you are sleeping!

I found a great method.

- _
- And you took a nice bath.

And you got your cute jammies on.

And here's your lovey.

Yes. And now I'm going to rock him

until he's drowsy but not asleep,

and then I'm going to put him in his crib.




I do this now, and then,

every time he wakes up,

I give him a little less comfort,

so by the end of the night,

all he needs is a Pat to go to sleep.

You see?

Good evening, folks, I'm John Salley.

And I'm Lee Reherman.

And welcome to sleep tonight.

And tonight, team Villanueva

is going to attempt

gentle sleep learning.

- _
- Oh...


So it's early in the first quarter, John.

And it looks like she's going to go

with the kissing and rocking combo.

Let's see if it works.

All right.

Okay... okay...

You see here, Lee?

Villanueva has the lovey placed just so.

Now she slides a pacifier in.

Oh, that's straight butter!

Now she's patting his back gently.

Do not count Villanueva out.

No way.

And a typical rookie mistake, John!

I'm with Alba on this one.

She's got the experience and the know-how.

We are definitely going

into overtime tonight.

How do you sleep at night?

Sleeping pills.

I have a prescription.

I'm serious.

Because I am a survivor, Petra.

And I raise you to be one, too.

Which is why you will get through this.

I promise.

Mother, stop!

I can't go to jail for
something I didn't do!

You know what really happened that night.

I walked in.

You were standing over Ivan's body.

Your hook was bloody!

And here is what I know.

There is a recorder

hidden somewhere in this room.

So I will speak loudly enough:

Stop lying, Petra.

Admit what you did.


- _
- Okay, new plan.

It's called "gentle, independent sleep,"

and I watched a whole
video on it last night.

First, we say good night,

- _
- and remember, be peppy,

so little Leo knows that
it's going to be okay.

So, you leave him and you
check in in five minutes.

And then you check in in ten minutes

and then you check in in 15 minutes

until he falls asleep,

and then he doesn't feel
like you abandoned him.

What do you think?





I'm sorry, I'm too
exhausted to keep secrets.

- She won't say anything.
- Mm-mm.






Trust me, I know how difficult this is.

You don't.

If you did, you wouldn't be

asking me these questions

that I don't have the answer to.

We're just looking for anything.

And I was only six years old
the last time I saw my mom.

Look, I know what it feels like

to try to remember someone.

My father left us when I was about five.

All my memories of him...

Well, I don't know if they're real.

Or from pictures...

Or from what my mom told me.

- But anything you can remember...
- ?

No matter how small the detail...

Well, it could help.

Are you trying to use
the fact that I like you

to try and get me to trust you?

A little bit, yes.

We need to find your mother, Luisa.

Is there anything you can remember?

Anything at all?

I remember that she was beautiful

and... I remember the story
that she used to tell me

about this lake with magic fish.

A lake?

There's something in her file

about a magical lake.

"Bioluminescent organisms in the water

create a glow under the surface"!

So the magic fish are real?

Longbourne Lagoon.

See? A lead!

But then Elizabeth Bennet

takes the lead,

outmaneuvering the powerful
lady Catherine de Bourgh

in the final pages,

and that is why "Pride and Prejudice"

is just like the George Mason-UConn matchup

in the 2006 NCAA tournament... Boom!

Yeah! Oh, oh, okay!

This was a good class today, guys!

Don't forget to turn in
your paper on your way out!

Matt... Matt?


Your paper?

Oh. Yeah. I didn't do it.

Big game Saturday.

Any chance you'd cut me
some slack this time?

I'll give you a one-day extension.

But you have to have it in my in-box

at the end of the day tomorrow.


You're killing me, Prof.

My father is dying.

What-what do you mean?

I mean, think about it.

He was too ill to travel.

And I can't even bring him
up to my mother without her

changing the subject.

Clearly, he is dying.

- Who is dying?
- His dad.

He thinks.

I'm not ready to lose him.

But I must stay strong.

I have to help my father

achieve everything on his bucket list.

I have to make sure he gets to
see Bette midler in concert.

And wicked on Broadway.

He always wanted to vacation in Mykonos.

A place in provincetown
might not be feasible,

given my current budget, but...


Manuel is not dying.

He is gay.

And he's leaving Glamma for a man,

and that's why she's been acting so weird.



But... but that's impossible.

Surely there would have been some sign.





It is true.


And he's leaving my mother.

And why did she tell you all, and not me?

Well, she didn't tell all of us, just me.

And, for some reason,

she didn't think that you could handle it.


Everybody knows how
gay-friendly I am... please.

I was on the cover of out magazine

in an issue that also
featured my very suggestive

editorial spread with Neil Patrick Harris!

I must convince her of this.

Methinks a plan is afoot.

But first, this plan.


Okay... good night, Mateo.

Remember, peppy, Jane.

Show him no fear.

You're gonna do a great job falling asleep.

Hello, everybody,

and welcome to the sleeper bowl!

It is the biggest night

of the sleep training season.


the Villanueva team's strategy

is a modified cry it out.

The question is, Lee, do you think

- they can make it work?
- Well, they'll have to.

And this first play is crucial.

Jane needs to stay out of
Mateo's room for five minutes.

- _
- Luckily, she has a strong defense...

- _
- And a deep bench to support her.

You need a distraction.

Let's look up Michael's girlfriend.

- Is that her?
- ?I think it's her.

You think or you know?

No, I know.

He's okay, he's okay.
?- Mm-hmm.

What was that?



What? Oh, my God, let me see...

Villanueva's been staying on the sidelines,

letting Mateo run his own play.

But he's struggling.

Okay, that's enough.

And in the final moments,
there she is, stepping in!


- _
- Man, and that will do it for Villanueva.

Tough loss for this team.

Back to square one, Lee.



He wasn't, he hit his head.




Oh, no, no, no, not mommy's compu...


No! That's gotta hurt!

Oh, God.

All right, that's for
the blooper reel, Lee.

Let's see it again, but in slow motion.

Put a fork in her.

Carry her off the court.

Jane Villanueva

is done.

- You didn't save me any?
- Sorry.

Sorry. I'm trying to get
it together to teach.




Stop obsessing.

You canceled it in time.

Unless she gets notifications on her phone.

In which case she'll see
my name, know I'm his ex,

and think I'm a creepy stalker.

Maybe she's not his girlfriend.

Maybe they're just friends.

Who cares? If she's his friend,

she'll warn her friend Michael

that his ex is a creepy stalker.

Either way, Jane Villanueva
equals creepy stalker.




You don't think I know that?

I was actually thinking

that he'd sleep with me a while.


Yeah, just until he gets
over this sleep regression.


Look, I tried a little crying,

because you said to, but I can't do it.


Because it's so selfish!


It's for me.

It's so I'm well-rested

and so I can go to school and teach,

which is also for me.

Don't you think I should
do something for him?

Hon, stop.

You do so much.

I just feel like I've been
choosing myself a lot.

And I feel guilty.








I am plenty tough.

I am!

Oh, look. Look at this.

McBaskets made his deadline.

It's probably because I've
been so firm with him.



Let's have a quick look, shall we?

Your paper is plagiarized.


Oh, I-I didn't know.

You didn't know you plagiarized your paper?

From a famous paper, by the way.

In fact, when I was in college,

I wrote a paper about this very paper.

Well, I was, like, inspired by it.

Inspired to copy it?

Okay, fine.

You win. I'll... I'll take a do-over.

It should be noted

that on another, more well-rested day,

Jane might have been inclined
to Grant his request.

No. You'll take an "F."

But alas, this was not that day.

Hey, no way. If you fail
me, I won't be able to play.

Well, you should have
thought about that before.

Are you serious?



I remember her.

- _
- Lived in an old house by the river.

Kept to herself.

- You're sure it's her?
- Yup.

Not too many people around here.

When did you see her last?

They're offering me a plea.

18 months.

I'll be out in 14.

But there is

a 24-hour clock on this offer.

So maybe... maybe I should...

Should just plead guilty
to something you didn't do?

- No, absolutely not.
- What's my alternative?

Go to trial?

- Risk a long sentence?
- I'll find you

a new attorney, a better attorney.

- She's the best.
- Not if she's asking you to plead.

That's ridiculous.

I'm sorry.

I'm just...

This is crazy.

I know.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just a little dizzy.

When was the last time you ate?

Yeah, see, if you have to think about it,

it's been too long.

What do you want?

- For my last meal?
- No. For dinner.

Ah, yes... dinner.

And Luca and I met

while I was working at the Marbella.

- It's nice to meet you.
- You, too.

I happen to be a huge fan
of Luca... and Byron's.

- Nice to meet you, Liliana.
- Thank you.


I needed some spiritual
guidance after I broke up with

my partner of 25 years.

Here's some spiritual guidance.

Enjoy being single.

Wait a minute.

There's something queer about this dinner.

Oh, good, Ricky Martin
might stop by for dessert.

Ah, I see.

A big gay dinner to show Liliana

how gay-friendly he is.

So, should we eat?


Allow me, please, Alba.

Dear heavenly father,

thank you for making the world

such a beautifully diverse place,

filled with all kinds of people

who love whoever they want.

Like men who love women,

women who love women,

men who love men...

- _
- Oh, no... you told him?

Way to be subtle.

- I don't want to be subtle.
- I'm sorry, Glamma.

No, don't-don't be mad at Jane.

I thought my dad was sick.

Why didn't you tell me, mother?

I-I couldn't.

But... no, I don't understand.

Why didn't you tell me?


Because he promised not to tell anyone

until I broke the news to you.

And so now, telling you means that

he tells everyone,

he moves out,

it actually happens,

and my husband of 47 years

is leaving me.


I need some air.

I'm sorry.

47 years.

All a lie.

I'm sure that's not true.

I feel like a fool.


No, you're not, mom.

You didn't know.

I mean, none of us did.

I just wish you told me,

instead of making me stage

a ridiculous dinner with a random...

Hey, guys.

Thanks for coming.

Real honor.

Are you okay?

Oh, I'm terrified.

I moved in with your father

right out of my parents' house.

I have never been alone.

You're not alone, mom.

You're not.

I promise.


There's nothing like the bond

between mother and child.


You promise?




However, sometimes that
bond goes horribly wrong.

Lucky that the one thing I know how to make

is the one thing you're really craving.

Your mother?

She calls every day now.

I haven't called her back.

I thought you were ready
to hear the whole story.

Why she took $10 million
to walk away from me?

You know, the more that I think about it,

what could she possibly say?

Well, you don't know. Right?

Look, at a certain point,

under certain pressures...

I might have taken money like that.

And I'm not a bad person.


No. You're not.

Besides, she can't possibly
be as bad as my mom.

You have a point there.

I'm sorry, do you have to do that?

You're kind of holding the murder weapon.

Not really. New ones.

These have an "M."

No, it had an "M."

I saw the picture.


Are you sure?

Petra, this is new cutlery.

It came in just before the Christmas party.

After Ivan was killed?

Yes. Definitely.





Jane, hi.

I'm sorry to bother you at night.

No, no, no, that's okay, what's going on?

I was calling about a student

in your class, Mr. McNeil.

I'm hearing he plagiarized.

Oh, uh, yeah.

Was I supposed to report that?

No, no, not at all. Here's the thing.

I was wondering if there's any way

he can have a second chance.

Uh... that was his second chance.

I gave him an extension
and then he plagiarized.

I know.

I agree.

But... this is a complicated situation.

There's the reality of
university politics to consider.

Excuse me?

Donors like to win basketball games.

Oh, my God!

This perfectly encapsulates what's wrong

with higher education...
Privileging athletics

and alumni contributions
over academic rigor!

Look, I hate this.

And I'm not asking you to give McBaskets...

Mr. McNeil... a free pass.

Just one more shot.

So to speak.

Inspire him to do the paper.

Yeah, okay, I'll try.

He basically wants me to give

the basketball player a free pass.

- Seriously?
- Seriously.



Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God!
- Shh!

And it looks like the Villanuevas

have pulled the upset of the year!

This one is going down in the record books.



Uh, Matt?

Hey, you talk to Professor Blake?

- I did.
- Cool.

Oh, a-and if you want that "F" removed

so you can play tomorrow, you're gonna have

to write a new paper... today.

Didn't Professor Blake

tell you to give me a break?

- No, he suggested I give you a break.
- Yeah.

You know, for an English teacher,

I don't really think you understand nuance.

I'm not doing you any favors
by giving you a free pass.

Actually, you would be
doing me a huge favor by...

Not in the long run.

Come on, no speeches, okay?

I'm not a writer. I'm never gonna be.

I'm not saying you have to be a writer.

But you do have skills

that would improve with a little hard work.

I mean, why won't you even try?

Because who wants to spend time

doing something they aren't good at?

I don't see you out there on the court

playing basketball.

Try me.

You serious?

I make a basket,

you have to sit down and write the paper.

For real?

No, not for real.

Yes, let's do it.

Let's do it.

One basket, you write the paper.

One basket, I'll write you that paper.




Double dribble.

That's reaching in.

It wasn't that much of a foul!

Take it back!

Come on, teach!

Lucky shot.

Just like that!

You all right?


I'm good.


Let's do it again.

Come on.

Man, I have never seen anyone

as bad at basketball as you are.

But good effort.

I'm gonna write you that paper.

Dude, no way

is my paper gonna suck

as much as you do at basketball.

Let's hope not.

At last, a victory.

Which Petra could use right about now.

You did the right thing, taking the plea.

You'll get out in a year, tops.

Well, actually it's a different plea,

the one that I took.

One that involves no time.

Because I turned you in.

The murder weapon arrived at the hotel

after Ivan was killed.

Which means you falsified evidence.

I'm hoping murder charges will follow.

Magda Andel, you have the
right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used...

Wrong choice.

It should be noted that these words

will come back to haunt Petra.

But you don't know that yet.

Pretend you don't know that.

It's over.

Thank you.



Come here.

I feel like I'm waking up from a bad dream.

And speaking of dreams...

Oh, hey.

- Hey.
- Thanks for the tree top...

Why did you send a friend
request to my girlfriend?

Your girlfriend?


Oh, Michael, I-I'm so sorry.

My mom saw you at the Cubano truck,

and I was trying to distract myself

during sleep training, and Mateo's

little foot hit the keyboard.

I canceled the request.

I'm so, so sorry.

It's just that when we saw each other...

Yeah, you didn't want to keep in touch.

But then you left the tree topper.

Because it meant a lot
to you and your family.

That's why I didn't knock.

You know, it wasn't about us.

Got it.

Coincidentally, a line
from "Pride and Prejudice"

comes to mind here.


That makes sense.

Look, I'm-I'm finally,
you know, happy again.

And I want you to be happy, too.

I want you to be... happy.

Again, tough love.

Yeah, thanks.

Which was,

it turned out, exactly what she needed...

To move on.

And that night she slept like a baby.

A fully sleep-trained one,

which, happily, Mateo was!


I'm proud of you, too, Mateo.

Of course, Rogelio didn't
need sleep training.

When he came out, he knew how to sleep.

He knew how to suckle.


Okay, I got the paper.

McBaskets actually put
some real work into it.

I mean, it's like a solid C-minus.

I'll get it.




















Is that true?

Oh, dear.

The marriage plot thickens.

The story, right.

When I met your father, I was 24.

I was new to the country.

I worked in his hotel.

I'd heard rumors about his wife Mia.

How she was mentally unstable.

And after her death...

Supposed death.

Your father was devastated.

Somehow, he... Fixated on me.

I was flattered, overwhelmed.

I got married.

I got pregnant.

All in the first year in this country.

But he was... controlling.

And away all the time.

So, yes, I...

Turned to someone else.

And when he found out,

he threatened to destroy me.

I was afraid.

I was young.

Well, you could've fought harder.

For me.

I know.

I should have.

But I'm here now.

And I'm hoping it's not too late.

And for them, at least, it wasn't.

So, you were right.

Your mother did love that lake.

When she escaped, that's where she went.

Apparently, she had a quiet life.

She died about eight years ago.

Natural causes.

Preliminary DNA tests on the body

confirm it.

Which means she couldn't

be Mutter because Mutter's
been active recently.

Well, at least there's that.

But wait.
?- I can't.

If Mia isn't Mutter, then who is?


That's when Mia disappeared.
That's also when

Emilio's company purchased Bar Lunara,

which we know is Mutter's
money laundering site.

Yeah, but Mia's dead.

She wasn't the one hiding money there.

Exactly, because someone else

had access to Emilio's company.

Because something else happened in 1983.

He remarried.

It's her!


Found it.

I'll be right there.

Mutter's signature was blue silk ties.


Where is the flash drive?

What are you talking about?

The flash drive you traded for Mateo.

Who did you give it to?

We gave it to Rose.

No, she doesn't have it... who does?

I don't know.

We gave it to her.

Why are you doing this?

What is happening?