Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Chapter Thirty - full transcript

Jane and Rafael are still at odds with each other as they are about to celebrate Mateo's first Christmas. Jane discovers that the scholarship she thought she had been awarded isn't quite that and now needs to find a way to pay for grad school. Rogelio has employed an intern and is having trouble trusting him. Petra is struggling with the latest dilemma her mother has gotten them into. Meanwhile, Michael is trying to find Luisa's mother who he now suspects is not dead and may be involved with Sin Rostro.

Latin lover narrator: All right,
all right, lots to catch up on.

Jane was trying to balance
motherhood with grad school.

Making things harder:
The evil classmate

who wrote an exposé
about Rafael's family.

Oh, and speaking of family
drama, Jane's father, rogelio,

invested all his money
into his passion project.

Unfortunately, it decked...

Leaving him broke, until
he finds his next telenovela.

And speaking of telenovelas,
we have not one,

but two crime lords
on the loose.

The first, rose,
aka sin rostro,

aka luisa's great love.

And then there's mutter.

I know, cray cray, right?

Petra's mother
killed someone.

And Petra had to help
dispose of the body.

And then there's Jane.

See, she wanted to be
with detective Michael,

until this happened...
You turned me in?!

This entitled ass
cost me my job.

But it seemed
Michael was wrong.

It wasn't Rafael.

I'm Eric Wu,
and I'm here to talk

about my friend Nadine Hansen.

So Jane said good-bye to him.

But then she discovered this.

You paid me to lie
to the cops about cordero.

I think you hired someone

to go to the police
and lie about Michael.

You told me to fight
for our family, and I was.
Stop it.

Will you...?
Let me by.

Which is where we left off.

It should be noted

that Jane at six years old

was a lot like our Jane now.

She was kind.

She was smart.

And she was a rule follower.

I'm sorry, Janie.

I was craving
chocolate last night.

However, there was one way

in which she was
very, very different.


Stay calm.

I can't help it.


You, abuela.



And for "m," Mr. monkey.


No "a," I spell it in English.

I told you she was smart.


That Christmas, Jane got
an outer space puzzle,

a home alone video tape and
an anger management technique

that would last a lifetime...

...which she really needed,

after what just happened
with Rafael.

Oh, right, eventually
Jane grew out of Mr. monkey

and the "m" became Michael,

which only made matters
worse right now.

Jane: Michael was right
this whole time.

Rafael paid someone
to turn him in,

and he's been lying to me
for six months.

I know.

Are you gonna
tell Michael?

What good would that do?!

He's still be fired, plus he
doesn't even want to see me.

Why are you
yelling at me?
I'm sorry!

I'm just so mad!

Look, as angry
as I am at Rafael,

and I am very,
very angry...

...I'm gonna deal with him
for mateo's sake.

Because that lying
two-faced liar

is not gonna ruin
his first Christmas!

I'm really sorry?

Are you excited to meet Santa,
Mr. sweetface?

'Cause he's excited
to see you, yes, he is.

Remember, calm, Jane.

Didn't know
you were coming.

Well, it was on the
calendar, so...

Look, I am
sorry, Jane.

I know what I
did was wrong.

I just felt my family
slipping away.

So you paid someone to go
to the police and lie.

What he said about Michael
letting Nadine go was the truth.

Oh, so you don't actually
regret what you did.

I didn't have a choice.

Look, Michael put
mateo in danger,

and you were too blinded
by your feelings to see it.

I can't believe you are trying
to justify what you did.

You were jealous
of Michael.
Whoa, jealous?

And because you have money
and rules don't apply to you,

or laws for that matter!
I was protecting my son!

- Ugh!
- Ho, ho, ho.

No fighting at the north pole.

Stay out of this,
Santa, okay?

Excuse me, I couldn't
help overhearing,

and I just have to say I know
what you're going through.

Well, my husband and I,

we turned into bill
and Betty bickerberg

those first six months.

But it wasn't good
for the baby.

Couples therapy
really helped us.

I don't need therapy.

He could use some therapy.

I mean, he doesn't even
regret what he did.


I know... I know.

Green card?

I don't know,
I just feel like I need

to be away from Rafael
right now.

Yeah, I get that.

Why don't I pick up mateo later?


You can always count
on your mom

to help out with child care.

Or to bleach the blood

of a murdered man
off your floor.

Petra, it's done.

No, it's not, I can
still see the blood.

Easy there, lady MacBeth.


Divka, relax.

How? You... you killed a man.

We buried him.

No, Ivan is missing.

And statistically,

if he is not found
in the first 48 hours,

they will not find him.

Huh, I bet she learned
that in prison.

Don't worry.

Just 24 hours left.


I can't afford to buy pizza?!

Don't be so dramatic;
You can order pizza.

Just not from a place with
"osteria" in the name.

Here, the pizza highway.

If you want to find
your next passion project,

you're gonna have to stick
to Jane's budget.


Would you be so kind
to order me a pauper's pizza?

Just cheese.

Will do.
How are
the scripts?

Are they full
of passion?


De LA vega flava?

Nah, it's, uh, pretty
clichéd actually.

Like, identity-swap stuff.

I'm leaving, I'm getting mateo.

I really hope they
make up for Christmas.

Jane and Rafael?

Not happening.

She's pissed.

seriously pissed.

And I don't blame her.

jd, can I ask you something,
celeb to normal person?


Let's say
I was really tight

with my daughter's

but they're no longer
on speaking terms,

what's the protocol,
you know, for him and I?

Oh, uh, yeah, that's...
That's pretty cut and dried.

You cannot stay friends.

That's what I thought.

Okay, um, we wanted to catch
you up, 'cause there have been

some important
developments in the case.

We have reason to believe that
the crime lord known as mutter

is actually luisa alver's
mother, Mia alver,

who was presumed dead.

We think mutter kidnapped luisa
to send a message to rose.

She's here.

Hey, guys, so weird
that you called me

because I was
about to call you.

I think my mother
might be alive.

Okay, luisa, let's have
a little chat in private.

Oh, sure.

Oh, God, please don't read
that terrible article

about my family.

I was taken totally
out of context.

And here's the guy
who took her out of context.

Oh, great.

Not what she needs today.
What are you doing here?

Don't you have another
friendship to exploit

so that you can advance
your journalism career?

I'm sorry
if you felt betrayed,

but that was
a really great story,

and you weren't using it.

That's because
it's not a story.

It's my son's family.

Which is why I'm
going to the Dean.

Because there must be
some clause to kick out

some evil, amoral
little piece of...

You know what, I would tell
you what Jane said next,

but I'm a gentleman.

Hi, I'm Jane villanueva,

and I'd like to make an
appointment with the Dean.


But very respectfully.

Oh, did you decide to enroll
next semester after all?

What are you talking about?
I'm a full-time grad student.

Oh, well, since you didn't
pay tuition next semester,

we assumed you were taking
a little time off.

No, I have the elodea Gale
vigor scholarship.

It covers the whole year.

Elodea who?

There's a need-based scholarship

for creative writing students

whose writing
the committee loves.

It's $15,000 per semester.

Holy crap!

Oh, my God, this solves
all my tuition problems.

A need-based scholarship
for students

whose writing
the committee loves?

Look, there's got to be
a way to find out

where the money came from.

There's a phone number
associated with the payments.

Here you go.
Thank you.


The same rogelio de LA vega

who can't afford
pizza toppings?

So first, I just wanted
to clear everything up

and say that I'm still
enrolled, definitely.

Your father made up
a fake scholarship?


I know, he's a bit eccentric.

In any case, I was wondering

if there were
any ta positions left.

I do have teaching experience.

Yeah, you know, I'm sorry.

Not this late in the game.

You know what?
This won't solve your problem,

but I think it could help
chip away a little.

Um, there is
a nice cash prize

for a short
story submission.

I have tons of short stories.

In one of the following genres?

Uh, historical fiction,

thriller, and Sci-Fi.

I can write a new short story.

Which category, do you think?

I'm not sure.
Why don't you write

a few pages on each
and I'll help you pick?

Oh. Okay.

No problem. Great.

Go. Write like the wind.


And speaking of
elodea Gale vigor...

Great coffee, right?

Oh. I don't think
it was worth the drive...

Oh, my God, jd.

Look who's here.

I guess I might as well
go and say hi.

Excuse me.

Ex-excuse me. Excuse me.


What a surprise.

This is my coffee place.

We've been here together,
like, 20 times.

I know.

Well, what's...
What's going on, rogelio?

I miss you.
I mean,

we were in a pretty
serious bromance.

Oh, I don't know
if it was a bromance.

Thank you.

Michael, come on.

There are some
things going on

and you give such good advice.

So... I was thinking,

if I asked Jane
and she okayed the friendship,

could we...

Maybe... hang?

It should be noted

that this is what Michael
wanted to say.

Sure, bro. You crack me up.

And this is what
he actually said.

I just think
it's-it's better for me

if we all kind of...

Move on.

And this is what
rogelio wanted to say.


Just like that?


That's what he actually said.

Decaf chai cinnamon latte.
Extra wet.

Thought you were fired.
Oh. These two

haven't seen each other
in a while.

Probation. Good looking out,
though, thank you.


Now that you have
your brother

and your special tea,

you want to talk to us
about your mother?

Uh, sure. I just, um...

I don't remember much.

I was...
I was six

when she died.

When-when she didn't die.

There's something
on another topic, though.

Make it quick.


I've been communicating
with rose online

for the past six months.

Wait, what?

I'm sorry.

Nothing crime-related, though.

Just... just
personal stuff.

Light role-play, um,

there's-there's a web site...

I'll get a secure computer.

What's the name of the web site?

No, no!

When was the last time
you talked to her?

Like... a week ago?

Ma, he's gonna tell you
the same answer

on the phone or in person.

He doesn't know
when your green card will come.

Okay, I have a plan
of attack. One--

win fiction writing contest.

Two-- trade in my car
for a cheaper one.

Three-- waitress again.

At night, of course.
Four-- take out a very,

very limited loan.

Five-- tell your father.

No. And don't either of you
say anything, please.

I put him on a budget,

and I don't want him
compromising because of me.

Hey, dad.


Hey, jd.

All right,
everyone is here.

Let mateo's first
Christmas season commence.

So no Rafael?

No, thank God.

I unlinked our calendars.

Oh, my God!
It's Rafael's mother.

Why'd you leave?

Your father

offered me $10 million
to go away...

And I took it.

What are you doing here?

The police have questions

about your father's
first wife, Mia.

Well, I'm sure
they'll fill you in.

Rafael, wait. Please.

I haven't stopped thinking
about you.

There was so much more
I wanted to explain.


I have a son now.

And there is no...

Explanation or amount of money

that could ever
make me leave him.

I was thinking about

the Rafael situation.
I know. It's awful.

What is?
The Rafael situation.

No, no. No Rafael talk.

We're doing Christmas.
Ma, time for the story
about the tree topper.

No, not just because
it's from Venezuela.

Something with meaning.

A "c."

Why am I stuck?

This makes no sense.
Jane: This makes no sense.


Remember, Jane, stay calm.

So if I refused
to give him mateo for Christmas,

can a judge use that against
me in custody court?

Oh, good, looks like
she found a lawyer.

I'm sorry,

I'm an immigration attorney.

In case you were wondering,

alba got to ask
her question already.

No green card involved.

Can I be Frank?

The baby's father
is Rafael solano, right?

As in... this

Rafael solano?

That thing's everywhere.

Here's my advice-- get in touch
with the author of this article.


Well, he insinuates

massive financial improprieties
on Mr. solano's part.

And if
that's true,

if he is involved
in ongoing criminal activities,


You'd have a case
for full custody.



No, of course not.

But I do want to know
what else he lied about.

I mean, what if
it's something bad?

I have to make sure
that mateo's safe, abuela.

What, are you

following me around now
just so you can yell at me?

Calm, calm.

I looked in the handbook,

and I can report you
to the Dean for...

"Violating a fellow student's
reasonable expectation

of confidentiality."

But I won't

if you reveal your source
inside the marbella.

Please... don't get me fired.

I love this job...

You talked about a
secret account-- where
was the money going?

Uh, Rafael was being secretive;
I didn't ask.

I can get you the number
of the place.

And the address.

Oh, raf. What are you up to?

Why aren't you
returning my calls?

It's a long story.

She is not taking my death well.

What's going on?
I just wanted to see

what time our doctor's
appointment was.

Are you okay?

It's just
a blood sugar thing.

Petra's a
little hungry.

Aren't you, darling?

Yes. Don't worry.


Divka, great news.

It's been 48 hours.

Now he just decomposes.

I can't do this.
I have to tell.

Who? Rafael?


While you're at it...

Tell him how
you covered up for me

when I pushed Jane's granny
down stairs,

I'm sure he'll understand.

Wow. She's a real piece
of work, your mother.

All the personal effects

luisa has from her mother.

Anything interesting?

Haven't looked.
Came straight over.

What's wrong? You all right?


I just think luisa...
Is flirting with me, maybe.

Why do you say that?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh. Do... do I have
something there?

Do you see it?

Oh. Maybe it's
just my nipple.

Stop. Stop laughing.


Look. Check out the date
on this picture.

It's dated two days before Mia
jumped off the bridge.

Hurricane shutters.

Aha. Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Because I'm thinking
I hope they tell us

what they're thinking
because I have no idea.

Okay, so here's
what I'm thinking.

Oh, good.
The tropical storm

would have impacted
the tides and currents,

so when she jumped...

Our search area was too small.

And speaking
of breakthroughs...

Oh, information
on raf's secret account.

Jane, do you really want
to go down this road?


That's a sketchy part of town.

You definitely do not want
to go down that road.

And I guess she
went down that road.

Yeah, so that's what Janie

imagined Rafael was up to.

And what she used
as inspiration

to write her thriller,

while she debated what to do

about that phone number.



Are you there?


Are you safe?

Yes, I'm safe.

I'm actually looking
for Rafael solano.

Are you a reporter?

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not--

if this is about that article,
you should know

we wouldn't be open were it not
for Mr. solano's funding.

I'm sorry, open for what?
I-I was looking online

and trying to figure it out,
but I--

we're a domestic abuse shelter.

You won't find us online,

because people who come here
don't want to be found.

Wait, you're a charity?

Yes, leave us alone.

Oh, no!

Jd failed
the prince William test!

The what now?

In order to see if a new friend
can be trusted,

prince William tells them a very
specific piece of information

to see if it shows up
in the press.


I'm gonna tell you
a juicy piece of gossip.

I once had a torrid
love affair with charo.

You slept with charo?

Of course not, but look.

It's all over the Internet.

Oh, my God, it's charo.

I don't know
how I misjudged the guy.

I really thought he
was gonna be my guy pelly.

Rogelio, is everything okay?

You've seemed a little...

I don't know--
desperate for a friend?

If you're looking for someone
to talk to it can be, you know.

Come on, what is it?

A budget?

Not at all.

Then, what's going on?

Well, sometimes these...

Um, feelings come up.

In the past,
I've talked to Michael,

vent a little and get over it.

But that's clearly
not appropriate anymore.

What feelings exactly?

Angry ones.

About the 23 years

you kept me from Jane.

And I know it's not

the same thing, but when
I see her push Rafael out

and you encouraging her,

it just brings it back up.

Yeah, I get that.


How are you?
Not great.

I found out
where Rafael's money was going.

To a charity.

I mean,

I don't know what I was
thinking, except that I was...

Just so mad.

I know.

So maybe the lady

on the Santa line was right.

Latin lover narrator: Ah yes,
here we are. At a three-starred

rate-a-doc reviewed therapist.
Which was

the best Jane and Rafael
could find

under such short notice.

Thank you so much
for squeezing us in.

And you're sure

you're credentialed?

Yes, I just have a young face.

So why don't we
give you some backstory?

Oh, I don't need backstory.

I deal in the present.

So why don't you guys
tell me why you're here?

Okay, um... I just found out
that Rafael's been lying to me

for six months...
I'm gonna
stop you

right there. Let's avoid using
language that places blame.

So instead, we'll
say "I feel".

An example would be, you know,

"I feel hurt that he didn't
notice my new haircut."

Got it.

I feel...


That after our son
was kidnapped by sin rostro

and my ex-fiancé Michael
rescued him,

that Rafael decided
to pay someone off

to lie to the police.

And I
feel angry

that Jane doesn't realize

that I had no choice.

She was blinded by Michael

and that I was trying
to protect my family.

Okay, maybe I just need, like,
a teensy bit of backstory.

And speaking of a complicated

You found my mom?

We think so.

We expanded our search area,
found an incident report

of a woman who
washed ashore

18 Miles from where Emilio
saw your mother jump.

She was pulled
from the water

wearing a bracelet
that said "Mia",

but she had a head injury,

so she didn't even
know her last name.

She was sent to the hospital
for treatment,

then confined to...

The burnwall-meriweather home
for the mentally ill.

The home was closed
about a year later

and she was transferred to
a less restrictive institution.

She's had access
to the outside world,

sometimes for days at a time,

which is what she'd need
if she were operating as

the drug lord mutter.

So... what happens now?

Well, that's where we
could use your help.

You think that'll help?

It might.
But you both seem

very stuck
in your points of view.

So... Jane, why don't
you take me back

to the incident that
started everything,

but try to tell it to me
from Rafael's point of view.



Uh, so...

I'm Rafael.

And I'm lying there,

and I hear that Jane
kissed Michael,

and so at first,
I'm feeling sad.

I mean...

Just really sad.

And my heart hurts.

But you know what,
instead of saying anything,

I'll pretend to be asleep.

And then later, I just start
thinking and thinking,

and I say to myself:

I could make
this whole thing go away.

I can get rid of Michael. All I
have to do is pay someone off,

because I'm rich.

Rules? What rules?

I don't like something?
Boom, I pay my henchman.

I got a henchman now?

You have a guy
you paid to break the law.

As far as I'm concerned,
that's a henchman.

Okay, my turn.

I'm Jane. Ready?

So, I'm in my room,
right by the baby monitor,

because that's my favorite
place to talk.

And I'm listening to Michael
confessing how he let

the person go who was involved
in the kidnapping of my son.

But you know what?
Who cares?

Because it's you, Michael.

It's you!
And, sure,

you've been shady,
but I just...

I love you. Even though you
broke the law and freed Nadine,

who worked for sin rostro,
who kidnapped our son

and killed my father.

I'm sorry, I-I can't do this.

I wasn't even thinking
about your father.

I know.

Because of Michael.

And yeah, maybe I was jealous.

But sin rostro was out there
and Michael was compromised

and you couldn't see it.

And I knew
that if I came forward...

I would lose you.

Yeah, I get that.

But it was just the lying.

The six months of lying.

Jane, why do you think lying

is such a trigger for you?


I'm luisa alver,

I'm here to visit
my mother, Mia.

You're Mia's daughter?

I know. Uh, we just found out
that she's here.

It's-it's a
long story.

Uh, could my wife and I

see her?


You have
a visitor, dear.

Oh, my God.

Mamma Mia.

That's not my mom.

Or not.

So we're talking
a straight-up identity swap.

It must be.

Is she okay?



Talk to
your wife.

And during a transfer

of patients, the
bus broke down.

And that's when we think
your mother switched I.D.S with

a nonverbal patient.

And ever since
then, we think

she's been running her
operation as a ghost.


Is that all?

I know.

Are you okay?

I'm just...

I'm trying
to make sense of it all.

I guess my mom's a psychopath.

And maybe that's...

Why I fell in love with rose.

Why it all felt so...



Okay. Maybe.

What a cliché, no?

I agree. It's not that great.

That's jd. Stay calm.

How could you?

Uh, what?

Don't "uh, what" me.

I know exactly what you are!

A betrayer.
As slippery as they come!

You're right.

I'm a shape-shifter.

And the fact

that you know,

it's a real problem.


I didn't.

But then again, it could be me.



I'm jd.

Okay, I read all three stories.

And, uh, the science fiction one
is really crazy.

I know.
I-it's not my genre.

So of the other two?

Just go with romance.

I'm sorry, what?
The contest is

fiction in any genre.

I elodea Gale vigor'd
you there, huh?


Misled you for your own good.

You seemed a little stuck
in your own perspective.

You know, she's actually been
hearing that a lot lately.

I gave you the historical
fiction 'cause I wanted you

to get a feeling
for time and place.

And then the
thriller was so that

you could work
on the element of surprise.

And the science fiction


I don't know.

You have to break the rules
a little more. In general.

But again, that piece
didn't work at all, so...

Um... just
go write

a great story.

The deadline is two weeks.

Okay. I will.

You know, but in the interest
of full disclosure,

I am the tiniest bit

because I had a lot
going on this week.

This might help.

A t.A. Position opened up.


Wesley is not going to be
enrolling next semester.


And I-I get to have his job?

I'm sorry, but
you're fired.


You betrayed my trust

by revealing
the intimate secret

I shared with you to tmz.

About you and charo?


I didn't.

Who else could it be?

One of the two other people

who were in the room
when you told me.

I once had

a torrid love affair with charo.


I-I'm so sorry
for doubting you.

But now we can continue
to develop our friendship.

I don't want to be friends
with you.

Rogelio, you don't
know one thing about me.

Yes, I do.

You are... an intern.

I'm a writer, okay?

And I'm good, too.

Here. Um, read my script
at some point.

Or don't.

Either way,
I'm-I'm done being your intern.


I know what I have to do.

Read his script?
Get him

a wall of flowers,

like kanye gets Kim.

Read the script.

Hi, dad.

How did it go with Rafael?

Good, actually.

Look, I don't agree with what
he did, but I see why he did it.

And the lying

I'll get over.

I guess I realized
it's something I'm sensitive to

because of... well, you know...

...the 23 years we lost.

I guess it still comes up
once in a while.


W-with me, too.

But you should
know that now

I can't imagine life
without you.

You, too.

Elodea Gale vigor.

You know?

Well, I'm glad

I paid the whole year, you know,

before all these money troubles.

Yeah. Good thing.

Come on.

Let's go decorate the tree.

Are you ready

to put the angel on top, mateo?

Matelio. He's ready. Yes.

Oh, crap.

I forgot.
I broke it.

I meant to tell you
the box fell down right before

mateo's baptism,
but things were all crazy.

It's just a crack.
I'll get glue.

What? But, mom, where is it?

I left it in there.

I swear.

We'll find it.

Don't worry.

Should we be worried?

Well, high blood pressure
isn't good.

She really needs
to take it easy,

reduce stress.
That's what I
keep telling her.

I will. Yes.

I'll have you back in next week,
to check those numbers.

Thank you.
Thank you, doctor.

Okay, Petra, what's going on?

Nothing. I'm fine.
you're not.

And whatever it is,
it's affecting the babies.

So please tell me.

I can't.

You can.

It's bad.

Trust me,
I know...

Good people do bad things.

My mother killed Ivan,
and I helped her bury the body.

Yeah. Usually not that bad.

You'll recall, we left Petra
confiding in Rafael.

And it should be noted,

she told him everything,


Is that all?

There were these grenades

that milos was hiding
in the hotel, and, uh,

my mother and I threw them
into the ocean. That's

how she lost her hand.

And her eye.


I know.

I told you it was bad.

Do you hate me?



I did not see that coming.

If anything,
I think

I finally understand you

and everything
that's been going on.

So let's get your mother out
of your life, huh?


The least you could do is admit
you got me kicked out of school.

But I didn't.
I didn't even speak to the Dean.

Well, someone did!

You said Wesley resigned.

I misspoke. He was removed

for violating a fellow student's
reasonable expectation

of confidentiality.

Like I said,

that thing's everywhere.
Now get

to work on your story.

And so Jane did.

The thunder was loud
and echoed as she walked.

But still, she was quiet,

praying that she would not be

You know what's in your heart.

You only have to listen to it.

And just then,
as though it was scripted,

the door to the castle
blew open

and Amelia saw him.

Her knight in filthy armor.


There's still... that.

Que Rico. Huh?

So good.
Qué Rico, huh?

what's that?

It's our angel.

What? How?

And I'm not

gonna lie, it felt a little
like a Christmas miracle.

Oh... my... God.

As did this.

My intern's script is amazing.


It's about thiago,

a time traveler cobbler

who is also a devastatingly
handsome ladies' man.


once I have given

my first round of notes.

I have

my next passion project.



and then there was Petra.

Call the police.

Your mother needs
to be in jail.

Is Petra solano here?

You're under arrest for
the murder of Ivan rogachevsky.

I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
I had to tell them what you did.

What are you talking about?
What-what did you do?
You have
the right to remain silent.

Mother, what did you do?!

Yeah, see that's
the thing about miracles.

There are only so many of them.

Or we wouldn't call them
miracles, would we?

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