Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Chapter Forty-One - full transcript

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) takes on additional shifts at the Marbella to make some extra money, but it starts cutting into her time with Mateo. Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) agree that they ...

All right, let's recap this bad boy.

Jane and her family were
living at the Marbella

because their house flooded, but

she and Michael had signed the
lease for use of their own,

and they planned to move
in after they got married.

Meanwhile, Rafael

had requested more time with his son.

I want to be the man most
present in Mateo's life.

And speaking of family bonds,

Rafael's brother, Derek,

- _
- was back in town,

and at first, Rafael didn't trust him.

Did you know our mother
was a crime lord?

There's got to be something on his boat.

Good, so search his boat.

But it turned out

- _
- Derek was telling the truth,

and, oh, yeah,

Petra's long lost twin showed up.

My long lost sister.

And, well, she was slightly

less polished than Petra.

- Did you steal a wallet?
- No.

I stole three wallets.

And she was also kind of crushing

- on Rafael.
- Leaping lizards!

I know, straight out of

a telenovela, right? Well, imagine this.

Jane's father had just broken up

with her mother, Xiomara,

and now he was hooking up

with the head writer on his show.

And speaking of plot twists,

- _
- remember our crime lord, Sin Rostro?

Well, she was killed

- _
- by the crime lord, Mutter.

I know, I know, a lot of

crime lords to keep track of.

- _
- Anyway, one's dead, one's on the run,

and Detective Michael is on the case.

At least I hope he is.

Anyway, let's dive in.

Like many girls at the age of seven,

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

saved her money in a piggy bank.

However, unlike many
girls at the age of seven,

Jane Gloriana Villanueva
never spent said money.


it's not gonna fit any more.

And the whole point

of saving money is so one day

- you can buy something.
- No...

the whole point of saving

is so that you have money

in case of an emergency.

Not when you're seven.

You don't have to worry
about money, okay.

Please, just buy anything.

Fine, another piggy bank.

Yes, from a very early age

Jane had her priorities straight.

- _
- And to this day, they haven't changed.

Ooh, okay, these are reasonably priced.

Which one do you think:

the cute giraffe or the classic stripe?

- Oh, it's got to be the giraffe, right?
- Oh.

I feel like that could
be Mateo's spirit animal.

Big eyes, gentle.

Totally, plus it can spark a
lifelong interest in zoology,

or African studies.

That's a lot to put on a rug, but sure.

All right.

It's going in the cart.

Oh, that's a little more

than I was planning on spending.

You know what, I'm
just gonna put it back.

No, don't.

Come on, we have two incomes now,

and it's our first home together...

it should be special.

Plus, what about Mateo's
zoology career, huh?

Yeah, okay.

I'll just leave it in my cart
overnight and think about it.

Of course, you will.

Aw, isn't this nice?

Things are so good.


knowing telenovela structures as I do,

I'm a little worried.

Room service.

My two favorite words.

Uh, right here is good.

Coffee's hot and here's your paper.

Thank you very much.


- Oh, my God.
- What is it?

Yeah... I don't mean

to sound smug, but I did see

this coming.


"Detective Cordero had
a conflict of interest

right from the start"?

- Are they talking about me?
- I-it must be.

"His connection to the Solano family

compromised the entire investigation,"

- said one source.
- That's ridiculous.

Your relationship with Rafael

is what helped you set up the sting.

That's not how they see
it. They said that I got

Sin Rostro killed, let Mutter get away,

and I'm quoting, "Left
a giant mess behind"

with no leads and no arrests."

- I don't understand.
- Where is all this coming from?

A mole in the police department.

- It has to be.
- But why?

- I don't know.
- I got to get down there.


- This is going to blow over.
- Mm-hmm.

Remember, today's news
is tomorrow's trash.

Yeah, I know, you're right.


You're right.

Yeah, unfortunately, they still
have to get through today.

How the hell did they
know about my boat?

What are you talking about?

It's in the article, man.



You were the only one who knew.

I didn't tell anyone.

Technically, untrue, by the way.

Actually, completely untrue.

Are they ever going to let this die?

They mentioned the Marbella four times.

I mean,

you have a few murders
in your hotel and...

Hey, uh... you want to,
maybe, change a diaper?

No, no thanks, I changed
one a few days ago.

But I'll hold the other one

- while you do it.
- Great, thanks.

Yeah, no problem.

Honestly, I feel so much better.

Those pills...

Ah, yes, thanks to modern medicine

Petra's great depression has lifted.

Well, I am glad they're working.

Me, too.

I mean, now I-I

can accept that I'm just not
one of those maternal moms,

and I'm fine with that.

They're cute in small doses.

Aren't you, Anna?



Anyway, let's talk
about their trust funds.

Yup, Petra is definitely
back to her old self.

I have a copy of the
estate plan in my bag.

Mm. And is it the same as Mateo's?

Of course.

I mean, they're siblings.

Hello to you.

And speaking of siblings...

Hi, Anezka. Good morning.

Oh, right.

Somebody's crushing hard,

but, come on,

is anybody shipping these two?

Off to work?



Oh, I just loving dress.

I feel like... real princess.

Mm, 'kay,

relax, it's just a waitress uniform.


be nice.

How is the waitressing going?

Scott says she's doing a great job.

You are wasting this?

Where I am coming from,

people are killing for this.

Yeah, she's not doing a great job.

No problem, we do serve large portions.

Thank you.

But she is the boss's sister.

Seriously, I have never been more bitter

- about pooling tips.
- I know, she's a disaster.

Thank you for covering my tables.

I just cleared newspapers
from the lobby,

hospitality, the gym...

What are you two doing?

Stay on top of your tables.


Settle down, Vests, just
'cause you can't fire her

doesn't mean you have
to take it out on us.

He can't exactly fire Jane,


Damn, Daniel.

Back at it again with the vests.

I'm just frustrated.

- Work has been miserable lately.
- Plus, you're on

day three without your kid, right?

But you get him back tomorrow?

Ah, the heart of it.


Trust me, I get it.

Shared custody's hard.

It sure is...

which is why when this happened,

it felt like a stroke of good luck.


I thought Rafael was
taking him to the zoo.

Um, Mr. Solano had to work
last minute so we're going for

a walk, and then I'm gonna make him

dinner and put him down.

Oh, well, I'm done with
my shift. I'll take him.

Are you sure?

Of course!

I've been craving some extra
time with Mr. Sweetface.

Oh, I'm just annoyed because

we said that we'd call each other

before we called a sitter.

Yeah, wait, what are you doing?

Uh, do you think I could
be a silent movie star?



Ha, ha, in Rogelio's
show there's this part,

a 1920s lounge singer
with an amazing voice

who's a silent movie star,

but no one can ever hear her.

Oh, that's like Little Mermaid tragic.

But then she gets to sing a song

at the end of the episode.

Oh, my God, stop.


So what do you think?

Should I ask your dad if I can audition?

I don't know if

that's a yes or a no.

It means...

go for it.

I mean, you and Dad are

in a much better place, right?

Plus, Dad's been in a really

good mood lately.

True, for the record.

Rogelio was in a really good mood,

and here's why.

Yeah, okay, that music
is approved, mm-hmm.

Move on.

It is very sexy when you approve things.

I got to go, and this
isn't happening again.

Yes, this is what you
said the last 12 times.


I'm late for casting.

We still don't have
an Eleanor Roosevelt.

Good luck, and remember,

we want to capture
Eleanor's inner beauty

but on the outside.

See you later.

Again, this isn't happening again.

Again, that's what she
said the last 12 times.

What do you think, Mateo?

Do we need the rug?

It really ties the room together.

Is that a yes or a no, hmm?


Oh, who is there?

I'm sorry to bother you.

Just here to get my son.

What's wrong?

It's my day to have Mateo.

I know...

but I saw him with Chepa

and we agreed that if something came up,

we'd call each other.
Why didn't you call me?

Because it was my day, and,

frankly, I just really
didn't want the judgment.

There's no judgment. I mean, if you're

- feeling guilty
- I'm not feeling guilty.

Because you requested more
time and you're not with him...

- There it is, that's the judgment.
- Stating a fact

- is not judgment.
- I just don't need to feel constantly

guilted, okay?

I want to say something
without you getting mad.

Well, the implication that
you can't express your opinion

without me getting mad is making me mad.

I-I just...

don't want to start this whole
thing and have you spin out.

Is this you trying to not make me mad?

I think some sort of custody arrangement

might be good for us.

With lawyers?

- Because they make things contentious.
- That's why

I was thinking that we use a mediator.

You know, keep things friendly,

so everything is established.

You know, all the rules.

Things are getting more
complicated the older he gets.


It would just be nice to have
everything on paper 'cause

I don't feel that this gray
area is helping us or him.


Okay, let's do it.


I'll set it up. Thank you.

Thank you.

It's a good idea.

Geez, even the suggestion of mediation

is making things better.

So, I'll drop him off tomorrow?

Mm-hmm, good-bye,

Mr. Sweetface, I love you.

- Want to come to Daddy? Mom-mom.

- Oh, come here, buddy.
- Oh.

Hey, you can let go.

Okay. All right.

Hey, little man, it's okay.

Separation anxiety kicks in at this age.


Yup, it's separation anxiety, all right.

Come on, you deserve it, Jane.

Let's do this!

Okay, I did it.

Hi, sorry, I just bought the
stuff for Mateo's bedroom.

Let the zoology passion begin.

Are you okay?

I got fired.

Oh, dear, I'm... speechless.



How can they do this to you?

I mean, you're the reason
why Sin Rostro isn't still

out there terrorizing people.

That's not how the department sees it.

The article embarrassed
them, they needed a fall guy.

- Oh, Michael.
- Technically, I'm on six months

unpaid leave pending
further investigation

but it feels like a formality.

I can't believe they're
doing this to you.

I can't believe I'm unemployed.

We just signed a new lease.

Yeah, well, maybe we'll
just back out of it.


No way, you love that house.

I love that house.

It's a miracle we even got it.

I'll just... I'll-I'll find another job.

- I'll start making calls tomorrow.
- Yeah.


In the meantime, I'll pick up

some extra shifts at work.

I thought you were hating it.

No, it's actually been...

kind of fun lately.

Yeah, not technically true,
or, like, true at all.

I'll talk to Scott.

More shifts?


- Oh, really?
- Thank you, Scott.

In fact,

I have the perfect job for you.

You can train Anezka.

I asked you to hold the onions

but there are onions on here.

You're right.

So sorry.

Oh, oh.


You know, I-I do teach all day long.

You'll be great.

Okay, yes.


I could do this. Hmm.









- Xiomara, hi!
- Hi!

What a pleasant surprise.


Join me for a shoe shine.

So, what brings you to the set

of the world's favorite telenovela?

Well, I... I have a favor to ask,

and you can totally say no.

Go on.

Is there any way that I
can audition for the part

of the silent movie star lounge singer?

I wouldn't expect any
preferential treatment.

Don't be ridiculous,

I'm a huge proponent of nepotism.

There's no need to audition.

- The part is yours.
- Really?!

Of course!

- Rogelio, they're ready for you.
- Terrific.

Now, I must go and make love

to the gorgeous Eleanor Roosevelt.

# AnActorsLife.


There you go.


- I'm not eating that!
- Of course not.

We'll make you another one.

Sorry about that... She's just training.

Okay, sneezes are another thing.

If you have to sneeze,
sneeze away from the food.

Also, maybe try to smile.

Why would I smile?

I working.

Right, you want people

- to feel welcome.
- They're your guests.

Okay, I make smile.


Well, maybe try a little more relaxed.

Oops, no, it was better before.

A-and be conscious of
your body language.

The best servers are invisible,

floating from one table to the next,

and remember, the
customer is always right.

No one is always right...

except Czar.


let's pretend every
customer is the Czar.

Now take this to the kitchen
and ask them for a new one.

Oh, God.

Oh, Alba, I know you meant
that as a nice gesture but...

Excuse me?

Could we get more iced tea?

- Mm-hmm.
- I told you Evan's

- on the wait list?
- You did.

So, I offered this guy $1,200

to help him write his
supplemental essay,

to just push him over the top,

and suddenly it's not enough.

And maybe it was because
she missed Mateo so much,

or because she was
stressed out about money,

or because she was responsible
for training a woman

who was currently pulling ice cubes

out of a customer's glass

with her fingers.

Excuse me.





And then I pitched myself
as a grad student and a T.A.

and I said I'd do it for a
thousand, and she said yes!


I know!

Who knew there was this crazy business?

Helping people with
their college essays?

Are you kidding me?!

That's like a fun Saturday.

Only for you, Jane. Only for you.

And best of all, I get to
do it at home with Mateo.

I can't believe it.

And you got the part in Tiago.

Things are looking swell, I tell ya.

I was doing, like,

a '20s thing, there.

Oh... ha.

What's going on?

Your father's sleeping with Dina.

Writer Dina?

What? No.

How do you know?

He did the sex sniff.

Okay, I don't know what
you're talking about

and I don't want to.

Too late, I do.

Sorry, not in the mood.

Seriously, I didn't need to know that.

I just... I didn't think
he'd move on so quickly.

I know, Mom.

Is it gonna be too
hard to work with him?



I'm just absorbing.

I'll be fine.

Exes work together all the time.

Which brings us here, now.




Okay, so let's start.

Can I get a little history?


Um, well, it started, uh...

Actually, sorry, I can't
hear this for the 99th time.





We're planning on being true co-parents.

That's right.

That's great.

We should hammer out

the hypothetical details,

just in case.

- Of course.
- Okay.

Okay, then.

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty.

Hypothetical nitty-gritty.

- Great.
- Great!

I assure you, Xiomara
is a brilliant actress.

We ran lines together

- all the time.
- Has she acted

in Spanish before?


Has she acted on camera before?


- What?
- I see what's happening here.

Someone's a little jelly.


You know,

the green-eyed monster?


I'm not jealous. I'm pissed.

This bar should be on
the other side of set.

We discussed this.

You are not allowed to hire anyone

without consulting me first.

So your ex-girlfriend better be great.



you'll each have him every
other Christmas until he's 18,

and then Mateo can choose.

Can I just say,

these two don't seem nearly as relaxed

as they did when we left.

- Right, but...
- I know,

I know, it's just hypothetical,

you're going to do them together.

Got it. Okay,

on to summer vacations?

- Okay.
- Okay.

How many days

will you each allow the other

to take Mateo on vacation?

A week. A month.

A month? A week?

Uh-oh, those are not the same things.

What-what if I want to
take Mateo to Europe?

For a month?!

No way!

I-I can't go that long
without seeing him.

Anyway, wait,

t-t-this is just all hypothetical.

No, actually, this is not hypothetical.

This is something that I
really want to do someday.

- Are you serious?
- Yes!

One of the only positive

childhood memories I have
is the month I'd spend

with my father travelling in the summer.

So then travel with him for a week,

- ten days.
- It's too short.

- I just can't agree to a month.
- But this is important to me.

Yeah, well, it's important
to me to see my son.

Our son!

How about we all take a breath

- and see if we can agree on...
- Please,

just stay out of this.

No, I can't.

You're actually paying me

not to stay out of it.

Look, you've only had one meeting.

You can't go in there
thinking you're gonna be

the most agreeable couple
ever and it'll be easy.

I never expected that.

I beg to differ.

Just keep in mind that you both

want what's best for Mateo.

That's the priority.

You're right.


Good luck with your interview!

Oh, it's okay.


Remember, Jane,

separation anxiety is totally normal.

Yeah, I know.

Bye-bye, baby, bye.

And from her baby...

Nice clear voice and smile.

To her babysitting job.

Is there anything else
I be getting for you?

- No, that'll be all.
- Thank you, Anezka.


Scott said she was doing great.

She's gonna be great, if it kills me.

How are the girls?

Oh, they're-they're good.

Apparently, very well taken
care of if Rafael should die.


Oh, th-their trusts.

You know, you went through
this process, didn't you?

Of course, took forever.

I know, it's really overwhelming.

It's a lot of money to manage.

It certainly is.

You're the one managing it, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- You?

Who else?

Thank you, Anezka.

That's not your order, is it?

- Not even close.
- I'll fix it.


Oh, dear.

Looks like Rafael doesn't trust Petra

with the... trust.

Trust me.

You're going to be great.

Just stay on your mark,

and deliver your line

just like we rehearsed.

Got it, I'm ready.


And... action!












Men aren't really my deal.


Oh, oh, my God,

I said that in English. I'm so sorry.

No, it's fine, don't worry, it's fine.

First take, first take.



And then I say...


And then I get the
idea for the New Deal.

- Are you ready?
- Got it, I'm ready.

Let's go again.





- Cut!
- God, I'm so sorry,

I forgot, I-I was trying

not to say it in English

and I-and I-I completely blanked.

It's fine, it's fine.

Let's go again.




You're off your mark.



Stop looking at the camera.





read it off my chest.


I don't think acting is really her deal.

I'm so sorry.

I know I was terrible.

I-it's just the cameras threw me,

a-and the pressure.

- Don't worry.
- This always happens.

We'll fix it in post.


Thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow.


She read off your chest.

How are you gonna fix that in post?

I don't know, special effects.

I mean, I saw Jurassic World.

Are there really dinosaurs?



How hard can it be to raise her eye line

just a couple of inches?

All right, let's do this.

Ready, Evan?




so, to get off a college
wait list, you really want

your supplemental materials
to communicate something

that you didn't put
in your actual essay.

What are your priorities, your passions?

I mean, I like helping
homeless people, and, like,

poor people, and... blind people.

And that's your passion?

No, honestly, it doesn't matter to me.

You can write whatever you want.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I'll just give you some

notes whenever you're done.

Mrs. Hutchinson, I'm
so sorry to bother you,

but there's been a
little misunderstanding.

Um, Evan seems to think that I'm going

to write the essay for him.

Of course, you're going to
write the essay for him.

Why else would I pay
you a thousand dollars?


I can't believe he's already asleep.

He was happy and

easy and adorable, if it helps.

No, it doesn't.

So... are you gonna write the essay?

No, definitely not.

It's against my school's honor code,

and my own personal code of ethics.

I just meant, it's a lot of money.


Hi, hey.


Looks like somebody

could use a drink...

or... a nice, long talk.

The interview was just a courtesy.

My reputation is ruined,
no one's getting near me.

Hey, it's your first day looking.

You'll find something
and we're okay for now.

You're gonna make up my salary

with your new essay writing business?

If I need to, yes.

I thought I'd talk to
your dad, actually.

See if he can ask his
P.R. people for advice.

Help... contain the damage.

Maybe change the
perception of me out there.

Unfortunately, my publicist said

that the best thing to
do is just wait it out.


You address things with the press,

you'll just fan the flames
and extend the story.

I'm sorry, bro.

Oh, it's okay.

Thank you for asking.

Come in.

You don't have a lock on your door.

Rogelio, you just had a serious run-in

with a mentally ill stalker.

You have to be more careful.

I know, it's just all the locks, well...

that's how she kept me prisoner, so...

So what?

You still need locks.

Come here, I want you
to watch something.

Okay, I'll leave you to work.

Just be careful, that's all.


Don't speak.

Just watch.

I-I don't understand.

Is this the best you can do?

I mean, what about the dinosaurs?

That was a $150 million movie.

We don't have that budget.


Yes, you were right.

I will tell her.

No, no, don't say that.

Let's just see what Jane counters with.

I really don't want to
move off the one month.

Okay, thanks, Eileen.

Wow, you're not just
automatically giving Jane

everything she wants; I'm in shock.

What's that supposed to mean?

Are we both really going to pretend

that Mateo's trust and the twins' trust

are exactly the same?

If you die, Jane controls Mateo's trust,

but I don't control the twins'.

Some lawyer does.

Yes, that's correct.


even though you and I
are in a good place now,

it hasn't always been that way.

I mean, you've done some things.






Sorry, sorry, I forgot
people don't want to read TV.

Yes, I know, okay, but...

well, things are different
now, aren't they?

Very different, and I like
the place that we're in...

but if you're asking me if I trust you

as much as I trust Jane...

the answer is no.

And you can understand

why, right?

So, why'd you come back?

Extreme financial duress.

That's not important.

What's important is

getting you into college, so come on.

Tell me a little something about you.

What do you like?

I told you.

I like helping homeless people

and poor people, and...

And blind people, right.

Besides that.


- You're into drumming?
- Okay, I'm not

"into" drumming.

Drumming is my life.

That's why I want to study music.

And there it was, a priority.

Perchance even... a passion.

Okay, now we're talking.

No, stop, please.

I know why you're firing me.

- I blew it.
- I'd still like

to use your voice for the song, though.

Of course.

Actually, this is all

probably for the best.

It's a little hard for me
to be around you and Dina,

- anyway.
- What?


come on, it's obvious.

Look, it's very, very casual.

I don't think so.

I think you like her a lot.

That's ridiculous.

Dina's a writer.

She wears hoodies and jeans.

She's not nearly glamorous,

charismatic or TMZable
enough for me to be with.

If you say so.

So, like, more singers...


- No, you take.
- Stop, stop.

No, but is...

Looks like the Czech is

having issues with the check.

Everything okay here?

Customer overpay.

I didn't overpay.

I'm good, thank you, good-bye.

- But...
- Thank you. Have a nice day.

- But...
- Anezka, remember,

the customer is always right.

So sorry, Jane, it's
just he pay too much.

Oh, my God.

No, he didn't.

You got a tip.


For good service.

I did?


Yes, you did!

You got a tip!

- I got a tip.
- Uh-huh.

I got tip!

It was only 3.5%,

but still, a tip, a tip!

Jane, there's a woman out there

who wants to speak with you.

Oh, okay.

Be right back.

Marry the salt shakers.

Do you, salt, take you, salt...

What, no, stop.

On the other hand, it'll
keep her out of trouble.

Actually, finish the ceremony.

Hi, there.

The essay's a disaster.

It's all about drumming.

Evan wants to be a musician,

it's his passion.

It's a hobby.

He loves music.

So, he can love it,

it's not a career.

He's applying to

the university's economics program.

Trust me, I know what's best for my son,

and I'm the one paying
you to write the essay

to get him in.

Remember, Jane, the
customer is always right.

Got it, I'll rewrite the essay.

Thank you.

I float.

You no hearing me.

Good job, Anezka.

Everything being okay?

Yeah, it's just, uh...

this mom is getting
in the way of her kid.

And just like that,
Jane realized something.

I don't want to be the kind of
mom who gets in her kid's way,

and travelling Europe for a month,

while totally over the top,

well, it would be pretty

cool for him, and even
though I can't imagine it,

I don't want to stand in his way.

And it's important to you, so...

Thank you.

Now, let's talk about

what's important to me because

I'm gonna need a whole
bunch of Easters in a row

if you're taking him for a month.

Yeah, okay.

I think I can work with that.

So, how did it work out with Xiomara?

She was great, a class act.


Funny thing, she kind of

knew we were a thing, though.

What? Somehow,

she sniffed it out.

Did you tell her we're not?

Of course, but, I mean,

we kind of are though, right?

- What?
- We've been seeing each other

every night, sexually,
things are stupendous...

Stop, stop.

This... is just casual, Rogelio.


I was just testing you,

making sure you were not

overly invested in me because
that can get uncomfortable.


Well, don't worry, I'm not.



- I feel good about this.
- So do I.

I really think as long as we both

prioritize Mateo, then we'll be fine.

I totally agree.

Come on.



I got first tip!

All because of Jane.

Oh, I just loving Jane.

Okay, enough about Jane already!

You being okay?

Yeah... yeah, no, I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

Jane's great.


Nothing, we just...

we have a complicated history,

which mostly involves me being horrible

and Jane being a perfect
human being and sometimes...

sometimes, it just gets to be too much.

What is this complicated history?

For one she... she got
accidentally, artificially

inseminated, which led to...


Bye. Bye.

Mommy would love to play with
you, but she's got to work.

Bye, bye, baby.

Well, I not thinking Jane
is perfect, not at all.

Rafael does.

Well... maybe that is being

something that will change.

Uh-oh, I think someone's
wheels being turning...

and to be fair, Jane is
certainly not feeling

so perfect at the moment.



Are you okay?

Only this time, Jane could

no longer be silent.

No, I'm not.

I'm writing this essay on priorities

and mine...

they feel all wrong.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, what's going on?

I just... Rafael and
I have a custody plan,

and it's good and it works,

but it means half the time,
Mateo's somewhere else.

Half the time,

my heart is somewhere else,

and I just want the time that

I have with him to be
with him, you know,


And not just working so that
we can afford this house.

Yeah, I get it.

Why didn't you tell me
how you were feeling?

I didn't want you to
feel bad, or pressured.

Isn't that the whole perk
of this marriage thing?

We share the pain and the pressure.

That's the whole perk?

Well, okay, one of them.

You don't have to take on this

whole thing alone, anymore.

So, tell that crazy lady you're
not writing her kid's essay,

and we don't have to give up

the house yet, either,

because I got a job.

You did?

A very, very temporary job for now...

because I'm not gonna sit around

and wait for my name to be cleared...

so, I am working for
your father, actually.


I'm his new chief of security.

His situation needs upgrades,

systems in place...

You're trying to make it
sound cool, aren't you?

Yeah, a little bit.

But who cares?

You and Mateo are my priority.




Don't act all shocked, I
just gave you that shift,

I'm not taking it back.

Scott, come on.

I just need a little
more time with my son.

Well, too bad.


'Cause I think we can make it work.

Oh, uh, of course, of
course, Mr. Solano.

Rogelio's right, huh?

This nepotism thing's not half bad.

Uh-oh, I don't like
that look in her eyes.


Huh, that's weird.

That's where Jane goes to school.

I'm sorry, I can't bear to watch this.



Anezka, no, you can't put an ad

for that in the school newspaper!

Jane could get in big trouble!

I signed the estate plan.

An independent trustee is fine.

Thank you, and look...

you have changed.

I know that.

It's just a-a process.

Yeah, yeah, it is.

And frankly, I think I've made
more improvements than you.

- Wait, what?
- When you're up against it,

you still lie,

instead of just coming clean,
facing the consequences.

I hope you change that soon.

Damn, Petra!


What's up?

I told the police about the boat.

It was early on.

It was before I knew you,
before I trusted you.

But now I do,

and I'm sorry I did it, but I-I
just don't want to lie about it.

Well, I... really
appreciate you telling me.

It's better to be honest.

It's a go.

Let's take him down.

Oh, dear, I wish I'd never heard that.