Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Chapter Four - full transcript

Jane experiences guilt concerning her feelings for Rafael, and she admits this to Michael. Meanwhile, an unwelcome visitor from Petra and Rafael's past surfaces; and Rogelio asks Xo to allow him to be involved in Jane's wedding.

Latin lover narrator: Hola. It's me again. Let's review.
By now you all know the deal-- jane was accidentally
Artificially inseminated. But I've never had sex!
You know who wasn't thrilled with this development--
Jane's detective boyfriend michael.
For us...
Don't have this baby.
But jane decided to have it.
And we're giving it to the father, he and his wife,
And they're a really great couple.
They weren't.
In fact, rafael had started
To suspect his wife might be hiding something.
You know the cops think
That he was seeing someone?
Zaz? Yeah.
I guess we'll find out who it was.
She was. An affair with the recently deceased roman zazo,
Which jane's fiancé michael knew about.
End the affair, or I'll tell your husband.
And, trust me, jane's not giving that baby to him alone.
And you don't want it.
And so he helped her cover up the fact
That she was there the night of the murder.
If it sounds straight out of a telenovela, it is.
And speaking of telenovelas,
Jane's mother was currently hooking up with her father,
Famous telenovela star rogelio da la vega.
Some kind of gift,
From rogelio, it looks like.
"always and forever, xo."
Though jane doesn't know he's her father... Yet.
And now we can start.
Jane gloriana villanueva's first wedding
Went off without a hitch.
In fact, walking down the aisle in her abeula's dress,
Jane didn't feel nervous, not for a moment.
Because she was marrying her very best friend.
I promise to love you forever and ever.
I promise to love you
Forever and ever.
Present-day wedding planning
Was slightly more... Complicated.
For one thing, the wedding was only a week away.
For another, way bigger thing,
Jane was pregnant with another man's baby--
A man she'd been having feelings for.
Xiomara: "listen to your heart." what?
The power ballad by roxette. That's what I want
To sing at the reception. Are you gonna have a band?
I don't know.
What do you guys think about getting a food truck?
I made an appointment for the bridal shop.
Pre-cana-- that's the, uh, wedding counseling thing?
Yeah, and you need to order a cake.
Rafael: I love tres leches.
Okay, that's enough!
Are you okay, honey?
Latin lover narrator: The way I see it,
Jane has two choices here:
Yeah, it's just all this crazy wedding planning.
Maybe it's just...
Too much to pull together in one week.
Give us a minute?
Babe, I know this is overwhelming.
You've got a lot on your plate right now,
But I'm here, too, okay?
We merged our calendars. Your phone beeps,
My phone beeps.
And I love you.
I love you, too.
So that's all that matters, right? Everything else--
This super-religious carnival with power ballads--
(laughing) who cares!
At the end of the day, it's just you and me.
And a food truck. Uh...
I could live without the food truck.
But I cannot live without you.
And in that moment, jane vowed to focus
On the man she knew she loved.
You never really see a broken heart coming.
Our first sleepover here.
Door's open, but I'll still take it.
Open, closed-- doesn't matter.
Not doing anything-- not with your grandma down the hall.
No way. (laughs): Michael, she's asleep.
(whispers): That's what she wants us to think.
Are you sure I can't convince you
To do anything?
Okay. Okay.
Ah, I just want you so badly.
(moans softly)
Are you okay?
Yeah... (nervous chuckle)
Well, when you hear something, will you please let me know?
Thank you, officer.
Was that about zaz's case?
Any suspects?
(sighs): No.
Well, do they have any leads on who he was seeing?
I mean, maybe that person knows something.
They're confident they'll find out who it was.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Mm, mm... I'll see you at noon
For the pre-cana.
What's going on, baby?
What do you mean? "yay"?
I had a dream.
Like a martin luther king kind of thing? No.
Like a sex dream kind of thing.
Okay, honey, that's perfectly normal.
Mom... It wasn't michael in it with me.
It was rafael.
Was it just a sex dream,
Or are you having feelings for him?
I don't know.
Maybe feelings.
(gasps) do you think they're real feelings,
Or "I'm having his baby and it's getting all muddled in my brain
But it doesn't really mean anything" feelings? That. Those.
Definitely those.
I mean, I love michael.
And you still want to marry him? Yes.
Definitely yes.
I just... What?
I don't know, it's been so different
Between us since the insemination.
Well, you guys got to work through this,
Because it's gonna be a long pregnancy.
But don't tell him about the dream.
That's just fantasy stuff.
There's no need to get him upset.
I'm upset.
What if this happens again?
Okay, listen...
When I started having dreams
About the convenience store guy,
I started getting my slurpees somewhere else.
Hm! You got to avoid rafael.
But if you can't, if you have to be
In the same room as him, keep a safe physical distance,
Like, three feet. Actually,
With that guy, better make it four.
I'll try anything.
I just ate.
Thanks, mom. I love you, abuela.
Love you, too. (speaks spanish)
Bye, baby. (speaks spanish)
Ma, get off my back.
You know what?
You're right.
I should go see him.
Ma, ro and I need
To get on the same page about what we'll say, you know?
Coordinate our plan.
Plus, he gave me a personalized gift.
It would be rude of me... Not to thank him in person.
Ay, dios mio.
Latin lover narrator: Let it be known that jane went to work that morning
Determined to take her mother's advice.
She would focus on her relationship
With michael, and she would avoid rafael at all costs.
Good morning.
Oh, no. Oh.
I have a cold. Oh, okay.
Are you okay? Have you seen a doctor?
Oh, no, no. It's no big deal.
Just contagious.
So what's up?
Uh, well, ocean drive
Is interviewing a couple of hotel owners for an article.
Mm-hmm. Written questions that the magazine submits,
But then we actually get to respond to.
I've already done most of them, but there's one that
I haven't done yet. I just thought that maybe
Our resident writer would want to give it a shot...
(rafael's voice fades out; gentle, romantic music fades in)
Jane? Yes?
Yes? You'll-you'll write it?
Yeah, I'll write it.
I'll e-mail you the questions.
Uh-huh. Thank you.
Oh, and when you're writing it,
If you could really try to focus
On the fantasy of it.
You know? Really...
Try to make it... Sexy.
Really sexy, yes.
I got it.
Just wanted to drop off some ideas for the upgrade
To the recovery spa.
Less greens, more blues, as discussed,
And I added the screening room, which was a good call.
Great. I'll take a look later.
Great, let me know.
Hey, have you heard from your sister?
I recommended a lawyer to her,
But she didn't show.
Pretty sure she's on some kind of bender.
What? I checked the surveillance video
To see who pulled the fire alarm the other night.
It was luisa,
In a bathrobe,
For no apparent reason.
Latin lover narrator: Of course, rose knew
The very apparent reason.
(alarm blaring)
She's had a lot on her mind.
That doesn't mean that she's drinking again.
What if something happened to her?
Trust me, nothing happened to her.
She disappears when she drinks.
Rafael, there was just a murder here.
I'm well aware.
Is my father still upset about zaz's memorial?
I think it's safe to say yes.
(sighs) I got to go talk to him.
Look, honestly, you've been great.
The way you seem to care about my sister...
Well, it's...
Way more than my other stepmothers did.
Emilio: "murder at the marbella."
That's what I wake up to this morning.
Which is we're going on a media blitz.
We're gonna combat any negative mentions with...
We could've buried this whole thing.
Instead, you had to have a memorial for the guy.
We're at 50% capacity.
Dad, I'm working on that.
Clearly, I need to stick around
To supervise things.
So I brought in the next best thing.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, boy.
This is not good at all.
Good to see you. See, these two
Go way back.
Don't be so moody; ibiza can wait.
Plus, my dad's about to give me the keys to the kingdom.
Do you even work?
Real work? No. That's not for me.
My dad's whipping boy lachlan gets it done.
Don't you, lachlan?
(tapping glass)
Ladies and gentlemen...
(clears throat)
...It's been a long time coming,
But I would like to announce
My appointment for senior vp
Of the maracay hotel group.
Lachlan moore.
The marbella is my hotel, okay? I run this place.
I own 20%. Yes, and it's part
Of my corporation.
And I'm still the principal owner.
I don't need someone overseeing me.
Think of it more as a collaboration, rafael.
After all, we're on the same team here.
Priest: Teamwork is key
To a successful marriage.
You'll hit bumps on the road,
But you'll weather them together.
You'll become an atv--
All-terrain vehicle.
You hit a bump?
Bam! It jostles you,
But you'll be okay
Because you'll have all these really stunning features,
Dual joint suspension, a reinforced steel frame...
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that the parish
Recently gave father ortega a pep talk
About making himself more accessible to youth.
See? Just because I'm a priest doesn't mean I don't get it.
That was a line they suggested he use.
(both chuckle) the point is,
Things will get difficult over the course of your marriage.
They just will.
So, tell me,
Have you faced difficulties as a couple so far?
Well, there's one thing... Yeah, there's this one difficulty...
Go ahead, babe. Right. Okay.
I'm pregnant with another man's baby.
I know, you know, I was... It was a fluke medical accident,
And I was accidentally inseminated, but...
I'm actually still a virgin.
Unfortunately, the parish pep talk
Did not prepare father ortega for this.
So it's been difficult.
So that's why we're just kind of
Trying to, you know...
Ooh... (chuckles)
Ride past it in the atv.
Ortega: And to be clear,
You never had
A relationship with the father? No.
Well, I mean there was one kiss. But that was years ago.
But there's no physical connection
Wait, why did you hesitate?
I didn't hesitate.
Did something happen between you and rafael?
Not consciously.
What does that mean?
I had a dream about him.
What kind of dream?
It was the kind where...
(clears throat) it was like, um,
A sex dream. What?!
It was nothing, and I cannot lie in front of the father.
We're getting married in six days, and you're fantasizing about another guy.
That doesn't feel like nothing.
What? Michael... (door slams)
Michael, wait.
I know you're upset.
Can you blame me? I'm sorry. It didn't mean anything.
I'm sure it's just because he's the father. It's... (phone chimes)
Great. Uh...
I have to get to work.
We'll talk about your rafael fantasies later.
Latin lover narrator: Xiomara had certainly fantasized about her first time
In rogelio's trailer.
The details varied, but it always ended
With sex in front of the vanity,
So they could admire each other's work
From multiple angles.
One detail she didn't imagine?
Yeah. This.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for rogelio de la vega.
He's not here.
Maybe send a letter next time.
That's what most fans do.
There are stalker laws, you know.
I'm not a stalker.
I'm a friend. And who are you?
His manager.
And his ex-wife.
My bracelet.
It must have fallen off when I was packing
Last week's gift baskets.
Listen, this is a personalized gift from rogelio.
See? Xo. My name.
That's a "x" and a "o."
Like a kiss and a hug?
Honey, he gave that to me last year.
Look harder.
You're about 24 hours from being arrested.
Okay, your prints were all over the room.
You've got cause, motive...
It wasn't me, okay?
I believe you.
But I got no other suspects, okay?
So, unless we find something
That points to someone else.
But there isn't anything! God.
Look, you can't let them arrest me! I'll tell them you tampered
With a crime scene. I will! You don't believe me? Yeah. I know!
But I can't help you unless you tell me where you were
The night of the murder. But I didn't do it!
You need an alibi.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, but that was a secret
Petra would protect at all costs.
Look... Well...
These are all too small.
It's hard to make out details.
Maybe if...
I don't know, if I was actually in the room,
It would be a different story.
You should've seen michael's face.
It was awful.
I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it seemed.
Oh, look.
Your telenovela boyfriend is here again.
Honestly, I think he wants you.
No, what he wants
Is iced tea.
Beautifully poured.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
So, when are you getting married?
Uh, I-I-I noticed the ring.
Oh, um, uh...
Soon, actually-- less than a week.
A week?! Wow!
That's too quick.
I think it's okay.
So, um, I'm gonna go now.
No, I mean... Don't get me wrong.
I mean, I'm thrilled for you. Hey, jane!
Latin lover narrator: Observe jane between a rock and hard place.
The rock being a weirdly intrusive telenovela star.
The hard place being...
Rafael's body.
Uh... Hey! Look! It's the guy from the passions of santos.
(women clamoring)
I just wanted to check in on the magazine article,
See how it was coming.
I'll be done soon.
And I'll get it to you.
Um, but you know what?
There was something else that I wanted to talk to you about.
Oh, I-I just figured
That, you know, with, um...
(clears throat) ...The lawsuit
Against your sister and everything, you know,
It's probably best that we kept our distance.
Uh, what do you mean? I just,
You know, um...
Maybe, uh, maybe all the baby stuff
Can actually go through petra!
Petra? Yeah!
(screams) oh!
(crowd gasping, clamoring) oh, god!
Jane! Jane!
Are you okay? I'm fine, I'm fine!
It's four feet, baywatch!
(laughs) I'm sorry. I didn't,
I didn't know if you could swim.
You know I can stand, right?
(both laughing)
You look like cousin it.
Michael: Jane?
Mi-michael! Oh, no!
Michael, michael!
Michael, please stop! Michael, please, just stop!
It was not what it looked like back there with raphael.
I was backing up and I fell into the pool.
And then he jumped in.
How chivalrous. No, listen.
I was just talking to him about putting up boundaries.
From now on, all the baby stuff is gonna go through petra.
I am doing everything I can to minimize contact, baby.
Is that supposed to make me feel better, jane?
That you have to go to these lengths to avoid this guy?
Is the chemistry just that intense?
No! No!
I just... I don't...
What do you, what am I supposed to do, michael, huh?
Okay, how do I fix this?
I love you, jane.
I want to be with you forever.
Latin lover narrator: This was all true.
And so it broke michael's heart
To have to say what he said next.
But if you have feelings for another guy...
...I don't think we should be getting married.
(sniffs) no.
I've been very patient. If my daughter is to be married
In a week, the time has come.
Rogelio... Xiomara,
She thinks her father is some soldier.
And not this critically acclaimed
International superstar.
Should I also tell her that this international superstar has
His ex-wife send gift baskets to women he's had sex with?
I would ask that you not.
You met melissa then?
Are you sleeping with her? She's my ex-wife!
Besides you cannot expect to be
The only woman to whom I give the carnal gift of rogelio.
You know what? I have to go.
No, no! Wait, wait! I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Melissa and I were married.
What you and I have is... Something else.
A chemical spark.
It's... Like an animal attraction.
So, just sex then?
Oh, don't say it like that.
Excellent sex.
Um, so, yeah, we're totally happy
With our wi-fi speed, but thanks.
How was your day?
We're confirmed for the bridal shop tomorrow for 4:00.
Mom, I...
Don't know if there's even gonna be a wedding.
(gasps) you told him about the dream, huh?
I had to! I mean, we were in counseling.
Father ortega was staring at me.
I mean, I get it.
You know, if this was the other way around,
If he was fantasizing about some other girl,
A girl that was pregnant with his baby...
I'd be devastated!
And I love him, mom, but...
Man, I get this feeling
When I'm around rafael...
Honey, honestly...
I think it's just a chemical thing.
I had that once with someone
And, well, it's easy
To mistake it for something more.
Are you talking about my father?
Come on.
You know, I remember every detail
You told me about him.
And there he was in his army uniform.
And the minute I saw him, honey,
Oh, it was like a chemical thing.
Was he handsome? (sighs)
The most handsome man I'd ever seen.
And then what happened?
He gave me a very special hug
Which led to you.
You always wanted to hear about him.
I was...
I was little, so...
So what do I do, mom?
I don't want to lose michael, and I told him that.
Yeah, but he has a mental picture
Of you getting busy with another man.
Okay, so how do I get rid of that mental picture in his head?
Oh, it's gonna be hard.
If you were a regular person,
I'd tell you to go bang him with gusto.
So... What's your version of that?
Come on.
You know what I like.
Latin lover narrator: Jane did know what he liked.
Let's be real.
Jane was a virgin, but not a saint.
And so she started writing... With gusto.
Rafael, stop. Look, I know you're stressed.
Of course I'm stressed. I have lachlan breathing down my neck.
Okay, so do something about it.
Push through the expansion deal.
Show your father that you have foresight
And business sense. Enough, petra!
It's none of your business!
Oh, sorry. Looking for michael. You just missed him.
Is his bag in there, because I want to stick something in it?
Yeah, yeah, I'll-I'll grab it for you.
Man: Everything all right?
Yeah, fine.
You seem upset.
I'm just concerned.
Latin lover narrator did I forget to mention?
These two go way, way back.
Uh, thank you. Thank you. I, um...
I'm very excited about this promotion.
In fact, it's the second most exciting thing
That's happened this evening.
The first being my engagement.
(laughs) chinchin?
Lachlan: Chinchin.
(laughing): Oh, my gosh.
Petra: Congratulations. Lachlan: Thank you.
Wow. Unbelievable.
You made a mistake back then.
Maybe I did.
I thought we were doing better.
I mean, I really thought we'd make it through all this.
The miscarriage, his cancer.
I'm sorry.
Oh, please. You expect me to believe that?
After I ended our engagement and married him instead?
Let's be straight with each other at least.
All right, then.
Karma's a bitch.
What do you want?
I heard you talking to your husband about an expansion deal.
Maybe I can help...
Or make the deal yourself?
Does it matter?
What's in it for me?
I'll do all the things that I used to do for you.
To you.
I'll pass.
If I'm going to put the final nail
In the coffin of my marriage, I want to be cut into the deal.
My way would have been so much more fun.
(speaking spanish) what are you doing here?
Melissa told me about the mix-up with the bracelet.
Ma, get out of here.
I brought you a gift.
It's inscribed.
Xiomara, you are very special to me.
You're the mother of my only child.
That I know of.
Mm. Anyway, I have to go.
We're shooting this fantasy sequence tonight.
That's why I'm wearing this ridiculous outfit.
Are you wearing perfume, ma? Xiomara...
Ma, stop.
I'm going to tell her!
I'm just waiting for the right time.
I know that!
I just don't want her to hate me, okay?
When she finds out that I knew who her father was,
And hid it for so long...
I'm scared, ma.
I... I don't want to lose her.
Board meeting this afternoon.
What are you talking about?
In fact, let's have it in here.
Just give me some more time, sir.
We must have missed something.
That's ridiculous! There was no one else in that room.
What about the drink with no prints? Huh?
Petra wouldn't wipe down a glass when her prints
Are already all over that room. Enough!
Cordero, you got one more hour.
Then I'm arresting petra.
This is not a good time, jane. Oh, okay.
Sorry, it's just been a couple hours,
And you didn't say anything.
About what I left in the bag?
You mean the article you wrote about the hotel?
(gasping): Excuse me...
We should talk. Hm...
Rafael, let me just explain something really quickly. No. I get it. I get it.
We've been... We've been getting closer, and I do.
Okay, but that's not what I... I feel very connected to you
As the mother of my child, and-and... Okay, but this is...
And you are clearly a talented writer, jane.
I mean, you have depicted things in remarkably vivid detail.
But, uh, this caramel scenario-- it's not gonna happen, jane.
I wrote that for michael... My fiancé.
Oh. Yeah.
Well, that makes... That makes sense.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
I... I got to be honest-- I was totally freaking out.
I thought I was gonna have to explain to you how I just
See you like a sister. Latin lover narrator: Ouch.
And I do.
Latin lover narrator: See, that's the thing about fantasies--
They can vanish as quickly as they appear.
Can I get the letter back?
Oh. Yes, of course.
Well, that's fine. Oh, yeah.
Just take that. Yeah.
Officially, you were never here, okay?
But just look around.
Is there anything you see that's unusual, out of place?
(knocking on door)
What are you doing here, jane?
Jane: I have, uh, something that I want to give you?
This is not a good time.
You know what? It never is.
But it'll be quick. I said it's not a good time, jane.
What don't you understand about that?
You know what? That's... Enough.
Yes, I had a sex dream about rafael,
But I realized that those strange feelings
I was having-- they weren't real.
And I think the only reason why I've been feeling them is
Because I feel so distant from you.
Because you've been acting all...
I-I don't know, weird, since this pregnancy thing happened.
Detached and preoccupied.
This is not exactly an easy thing, jane.
Yeah, well, marriage isn't exactly an easy thing.
Didn't you listen to the priest?
There are gonna be bumps in the road,
And we have to be able to get through them together.
And so far, with this baby,
It doesn't feel like we have.
And that's heartbreaking, michael.
And it's really scary.
Because I love you.
And I really want to marry you.
But only if things go back to the way they were.
Did you find anything?
No, nothing.
Look harder!
Stop yelling at me.
I'm trying to help you.
Oh, please.
(scoffs) you're doing this for yourself.
If my marriage ends, jane won't give the baby to rafael,
And then you'll end up with it.
Which is the last thing you want.
Latin lover narrator: This was true.
Michael had thought
That was absolutely the last thing he wanted.
So, figure something out.
You're the detective here, not me.
And tell the brutes in your department,
They'll be reimbursing us for all the damage they've done.
(phone chimes)
Look, it's clear.
A perfect fit.
And the cart is coated in the same gold paint
That's on the wall.
Bellboys must bang into walls all the time.
Sure, but in the surveillance shot,
Just minutes before the murder,
The dent and the paint weren't there.
Okay, so what about your glass with no prints?
Bellboys wear gloves, nadine.
We need to look in to all the bellboys
Working that night.
Good call.
What's wrong with you?
You should be making your damn gloating face.
Why aren't you happy?
I am.
Latin lover narrator: He's not.
And here's why.
Brown eyes or blue eyes?
Beautiful brown.
What was his favorite food?
Grilled cheese,
Just like you.
I wish I could meet him.
I know, baby, I know.
Are you okay?
I just want things to go back to the way they were before.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
(speaks spanish)
Latin lover narrator: But what none of them knew
Was that someone else wanted to be part of the fun as well.
Lachlan: In conclusion, it would be foolish
To ignore this expansion opportunity.
The upsides are tremendous.
Any thoughts?
Yes, actually.
What lachlan's proposing completely
Fails to account for zoning ordinances
And environmental impact.
Under my proposal,
We can address these issues
While maximizing tax incentive
To triple our revenue.
Please, turn your attention to the screen.
Latin lover narrator: Though lachlan could think only of petra...
Push through the expansion deal.
Show your father that you have
Foresight and business savvy.
Latin lover narrator: ... Who had screwed him once again,
And not the way he liked.
A toast to watching lachlan
Fumble his way through a proposal
That you've been fine-tuning for weeks.
No, no, no, no. To you, petra.
(chuckles) I don't know how you do it.
How did you get him to trust you?
He never suspected a thing.
But it's a brilliant strategy.
To make someone think that you're allies
Until you get what you want.
I mean...
So, how long were you sleeping with zaz, anyway?
We're done, petra.
But thank you for helping with lachlan.
Michael: Uh, where's jane?
Michael? Xiomara: Michael, stop.
It's bad luck. I'm not gonna look.
I just need to talk to her, okay?
Hey, jane, can I come in? Wait, don't...
Wait, don't look! I'm not...
I'm walking in backwards. Not gonna look.
Just walking in backwards. Coming in; here we go...
Okay, I will, too.
What are you doing here?
I needed to talk to you.
You're right, jane.
What you said.
This baby has come between us,
And I was thinking about why and the things I've done.
And I realized that it-it all stemmed from one thing.
I have just been so afraid that you would want to keep it.
That I'd have to raise some other guy's kid,
And that, seriously, that felt like worst-case scenario to me.
(sighs) but it's not.
Worst-case scenario is losing you.
Oh... But it's not just some other guy's baby.
It's yours, too,
And if you want it, I am all in.
We'll figure this out together.
We're gonna, we're gonna do this together.
Baby, I don't want to keep it.
I know, but I'm just saying if you did.
Whatever you want, jane,
I'm here, okay?
Whatever you want.
Can I just say...
How incredibly hard it is for me
Not to turn around and kiss you right now?
Right. Man!
I need some prize for my self-control.
You know...
I do have a little prize for you.
A letter
...Took a little detour, but...
Wait, let me just double-check.
And, yep, that, yep, good.
(whispering): I love you.
I love you.
Luisa, it's me.
Look, I don't know where you are,
If you're drinking, if you're okay,
But you need to come home.
Look, I-I spoke to your lawyer,
And there's gonna be a pre-trial motion in two weeks,
And if you don't show up,
Jane will get a default judgment.
Rafael will lose his share of the hotel.
Latin lover narrator: I am sure the linguists among you
Have picked up on this, but they are speaking czech.
The secret she was protecting at all costs.
(whispering in spanish)
(speaking spanish)
Don't, ma.
(speaking spanish)
Stop, grandma.
(girls cheering) rogelio: Gracias, si.
Muchos gracias, gracias.
Mucho gusto. (speaking spanish)
Thank you, thank you very much.
Thank you and good-bye.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
I-I didn't mean to cause a scene.
I-I wanted to watch from a distance.
Wait, why did you want to watch from a distance?
How did you even know we were here?
Foursquare. You check in everywhere.
Wait, you guys know each other?
Yes, we-we, um,
Did musical theater together.
Tell her.
Jane, uh, please,
Okay, mm-hmm.
You're not gonna...
Kidnap me and hold me for ransom
In a cave quickly filling with water, are you?
So you watch the novela, then.
Yeah... Of course you do.
It's a spectacular hit.
Gotcha. Excuse me, excuse me,
I'm sorry, I-I-I'm nervous. I'm nervous.
It's a big moment, and now that it's here,
I find myself unsure on how to proceed.
Well, why don't you start by telling me why you're here?
Yes, yes, I will do that.
I-I-I... (grunts)
I'm your father.
I'm your father.
No, I heard you.
Yeah, but you said "what,"
So I thought you didn't.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted
The when xiomara told jane
Her father was an army guy...
This is not what jane had in mind.
(panting): You're...
You're really my father?
Yes, I-I went to school with your mother
When we were young.
You knew...
You knew who my father was?
I'm sorry, honey.
All this time...
You knew who my father was,
And you didn't tell me?
Latin lover narrator: Like I said,
You never really see a broken heart coming.
I want you guys to go.
I want you to go! Go now!
Latin lover narrator: That night in bed,
Jane lay awake,
Thinking about how she'd been betrayed.
Soon, she prayed for sleep.
But dreams betray, too, remember?
And no one is immune.
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