Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Chapter Twenty-Two - full transcript

Jane goes into labor, causing conflict between Rafeal and Michael. Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio try to make it home on time to see the baby. Petra makes a discovery of her own.

Latin lover narrator: Hey, remember way back
When you first met jane gloriana villanueva,
Daughter of xiomara, granddaughter of alba?
Back then, jane was engaged to detective michael cordero,
And across town, rafael was married to petra.
But then-- zoinks!
Jane was accidentally inseminated
With rafael's sperm.
So jane broke up with michael
And rafael broke up with petra.
And guess what? They fell in love.
Until rafael started spiraling
And broke up with jane--
Which, for the record, he really regrets.
Also full of regrets: Petra.
See, she owns part of rafael's hotel,
But she doesn't have the one thing she really wants:
Rafael. Oh.
I know! Straight out of a telenovela, right?
Well, imagine this: Jane realized her father
Was her favorite telenovela star, rogelio de la vega.
And he came back into her life...
With a vengeance.
And that's enough recapping.
There's a baby to be born,
So let's get popping.
Here's what you need to know about villanueva babies...
(woman panting) doctor: Come on. Push, xiomara.
Latin lover narrator: They come late, they come quick,
And they come girl.
(xiomara groaning) doctor: Come on.
Ah! Ah!
(groans, whimpers)
I need you to push again, xiomara. I can't.
Mommy, I'm tired.
(baby crying)
Latin lover narrator: And just like that,
Another villanueva came into the world.
She's perfect.
I have a name.
Jane gloriana villanueva.
Jane: Mom, relax.
The baby's not due for three weeks.
I'm still only one centimeter dilated,
And there's no movement,
There's no change...
But I'll never forgive myself if I miss it --
You won't.
But if you miss his vegas show,
Rogelio will never forgive you.
You're his opening act!
And you guys just became friends again.
I know, I know.
Plus, you know, this is really good for your career.
And it's only three days.
Two and a half. And if anything happens... Of course,
I'll call and you'll be on the next flight out.
(gasps softly)
Ah... A contraction?
Ow, ow! Ow.
Oh, my god. Ow...
You're going into labor. Oh, my god,
Oh, my god!
(laughing): I'm sorry...
I hate you.
(laughing): I'm sorry.
It was just so easy.
Xiomara: So how was it for you and rafael
At the doctor's appointment?
Pretty good, actually.
You know, I'm glad we broke up when we did.
I mean, after the baby
It would have been so much messier.
Which I told him, by the way.
Rafael: It's not that easy, luisa.
Jane keeps talking about how glad she is
That I broke up with her when I did.
Because you said that you didn't love her.
She needs to know that's not true.
Does she? Is that fair?
I mean, she's moved on.
Jane? What are you thinking?
You know, there was a moment
At the doctor's office today.
Woman: That, there, looks like hair.
What? You can see hair?
I was bald. That must come from your side.
I did have a lot of hair.
Wait, like a weird amount?
No, not a weird... Come on, if you had
A weird amount, just admit it.
Okay, it was kind of a lot.
Jane: For a minute,
It felt like nothing had changed.
It was like before I screwed everything up.
What happened next?
Well, I wanted to take a picture...
Fine, one.
You'll thank me.
The timing could not have been worse.
The timing was perfect, actually.
A reminder: We're better off apart.
You know, there's too much crazy drama in his life.
And petra is evil.
Of course I don't blame jane
For not wanting to be around her.
I mean, I don't even want to be around her.
Do you even know all the stuff she's done
Since we broke up? I'm not sure.
I know about the custody play,
The false abuse allegations,
The covering for... The point is,
I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
And with the influx of cash from the maracay sale...
...I can actually buy petra out.
If she'll sell.
I mean, yeah, she wants to be around you
And she clearly wants you back.
And I plan on using that.
Trust me,
I will get her to sell.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, I've hinted at
A playboy past, have I not?
Our rafael had quite the game.
Okay, well, just be careful.
That woman is the devil in a pretty package.
Rogelio: It is called the vegas star package.
Three complimentary buffet breakfasts
And unlimited spa time.
I already signed myself up
For an energizing, 40-minute body buff.
Sounds very impressive.
As impressive as the city of las vegas itself.
It's a cultural mecca.
My driver's waiting.
Where is your mother?
Xiomara! Hurry up, xiomara!
(phone whooshes)
Xiomara: Who are you texting?
No one. Just michael.
It's nothing.
I actually just cancelled dinner with him.
So you were having dinner?
As friends, mom.
Latin lover narrator: Which, for the record,
She tried to believe was true.
Don't you guys have a plane to catch?
Oh, yes. Yes, we do.
Now, if anything happens with the baby...
Yes, any change, uh,
One centimeter more dilated,
Or a half a centimeter more dilated...
I will call. I promise.
Don't worry.
Break a leg.
Oy! Oh... Dad.
Okay. Baby.
Petra: So I think we should gut the recovery suites.
Just... Turn them into something else entirely.
Sorry. Uh, could you...
Could you just repeat the last part?
Latin lover narrator: I told you he was good at this.
Look, we need to change the recovery suites.
Because right now, they're...
Associated with rose.
I just wanted to drop off some ideas for the upgrade
To the recovery spa.
I agree.
Let's gut them. Great.
And let's also get dinner.
What? Come on, petra.
I mean, I can't be the only one that's feeling...
Not now, scott. Scott: Sorry, uh...
It's miami-dade memorial.
Patient representative department again.
What? Is the cancer back?
Did you get another scan? Are you okay?
No, I am fine, I haven't been there in months.
It's probably just a survey,
Or some billing.
Maybe you can take care of it.
No, I-I tried, but it's... Now, scott.
So... Um...
We were talking about dinner, I think.
What about trivolo's?
Yeah. Trivolo's sounds nice.
Latin lover narrator hmm.
Never heard of trivolo's.
But it seems to mean something to petra.
(crickets chirping)
Michael: I know you can't go out,
But you still gotta eat, right?
Cheeseburgers and half and half fries
From river green.
Oh, my god, yes.
Latin lover narrator: And it sounds like that
Means something to jane.
Where is everyone?
My mom left for vegas
And my grandma's at physical therapy.
Latin lover narrator: Ooh, just the two of them.
Got it.
Uh, sit, I'll get the plates.
Latin lover narrator: Aw, look at that.
He knows where everything is.
So how's the grad school application coming?
Not so good.
The school e-mailed me back
And they won't accept it because I missed the deadline.
By two days.
You gotta be kidding me.
Do you want to see the e-mail?
No, I'm talking about giving up.
What happened to the jane
Who got a "b" on a four-page paper,
Then wrote a six-page paper
Explaining why she deserved an "a"?
(laughs) come on.
Write the admissions person back.
What do you think?
One less exclamation point.
I would... I would hire you based on this.
Hit send.
Ah... Jane?
Oh, my stomach...
Ooh... Oh. Um...
Ooh... Ah... Oh. Oh!
Wait. What, what's going on?
I think I just had a contraction.
Latin lover narrator: Did she just say...
Like a baby contraction?
I think so. Uh-oh.
I don't know, I've never had one.
So my stomach got all tight
And then I felt this pressure...
Okay, so... So what now? Ooh.
What do we... Do?
We time them, my ob said. Um...
I don't go to the hospital unless it's four minutes apart--
Ah! Okay, I'll time them, I'm timing them.
Oh... All right?
Oh, there it is again. What? What?
Take deep breaths, I think. Uh-huh?
In and out. Uh-huh...?
Okay. Okay.
Jane... Yeah?
...Those were definitely less than a minute apart.
I think we should probably go to the hospital. Right now.
Man: They're called braxton hicks contractions.
Or practice contractions, we also call them.
Latin lover narrator: Huh? What a letdown.
So that wasn't real labor?
No, it was a false alarm.
Just your body getting ready to give birth.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be. We got a dress rehearsal in.
I got here in just under nine minutes.
So you know the difference...
It's pretty hard to talk through real contractions.
Plus, with braxton hicks if you put your feet up
And drink a glass of water, they'll subside.
Real contractions won't.
Gotcha. Thanks. This won't happen again.
No problem.
Thank you. Oh, yeah.
Rafael: Michael.
It was false labor.
Jane's just changing now, so...
You can go, I'll give her a ride home.
Oh, I'll just wait to say good-bye.
I'll tell her you said good-bye. You can go.
It's okay. I'll wait.
Of course you will.
Because you're always just here...
Waiting, aren't you?
Hoping that she comes running back to you, right?
You know, what I am or am not doing with jane
Is none of your business, is it?
Since you broke up with her.
Why don't you just admit that you want her back?
Just be man enough to admit it.
Okay, you know what? Fine.
I do want her back.
Are you gonna do something about it?
Stop hiding behind your badge for five seconds,
Maybe I will.
Take your best shot.
Emergency room's right over there.
Oh, yeah. What's going on?
Jane, uh, I was just waiting to say good-bye.
Uh, jane, let's go.
I'd be happy to give you a ride, if you wanted one.
She doesn't need a ride. Why don't you let her speak, man?
I did. Stop it! Are you serious?
Doing this, right now, in the hospital?
My grandma's nearby. I'm gonna call her for a ride.
Jane? Jane... That... That's not necessary.
Yes, it is.
Because I don't want to be
With either one of you right now.
Wow, this place is kind of depressing.
That smell...
That smell...
Is me.
Because I'm in prison.
I'm sorry, mother.
I know; I know it's not pleasant, okay?
But I do have some good news.
Is it about my appeal?
Well, uh, relatively good news.
Um, rafael asked me to dinner tomorrow,
At trivolo's.
The italian place,
It's happening, mother, between us.
Don't be naive.
He's having a baby with another woman.
They will be bonded forever.
You know, you're being really negative right now. Oh!
I apologize.
Probably because I'm in prison.
(doorbell rings)
Look, I'm so sorry about what happened...
At the hospital.
I feel terrible.
It's just that, seeing him there...
He drove me.
He's my friend. Come on, jane.
You heard what he said. That's not what he wants.
Honestly, it's none of your business.
You broke up with me, remember?
Latin love narrator: Tell her, man.
It's now or never.
I have been waiting for the right time,
But there is no... Right time or place.
I made a mistake...
Breaking up with you.
I was in a dark place, my dad died,
The hotel was falling apart, and I couldn't handle that,
And a relationship,
And I knew that I was letting you down...
So, instead of fighting for you,
I walked away.
And I shouldn't have done that.
What are you... What are you talking about?
I wish that I could take it back,
Make another decision.
You said you didn't love me.
That wasn't true.
I... I didn't think that I was good for you,
And so I thought that's what you needed to hear,
But I do love you, jane.
Of course I love you!
And you and this baby, that's all that matters to me.
You broke my heart. I know. I...
And now you're saying that you don't mean it,
No, that's not what I'm say... No-- yes, yes, that is what you're saying,
And-and it did happen, and I, I want you to get out!
Listen, please... No!
Just go!
Ma, I'm sure.
Nothing's changed-- you don't have to call every hour.
All right? Just focus on dress rehearsal.
(doorbell rings)
Hey, someone's here.
Yes, I'll check in after my interview.
Love you, bye.
Love to rogelio.
Hi. I was getting ready to leave, actually.
I have a meeting. Oh, about grad school?
Mm-hmm. That's great, cool.
Um, I'll be quick, I just...
I wanted to apologize about yesterday.
I feel really badly.
And, uh...
To make it up to you, I made you this playlist
For when you go into real labor.
♪ ah, push it...
I also included "born this way"
And r.E.M.'s "everybody hurts."
And look, I...
I meant what I said about us being friends.
If that's all you want, I'm totally cool with it.
But, um, is that all you want?
I mean, jane, am I imagining this,
Or is something happening lately with us?
You're not imagining it.
But I don't know where it's coming from, and...
I mean, there's so much up in the air,
And with you it is safe and familiar and... Oh, wow.
Safe and familiar, huh? I-I didn't
Mean it like that. You know what,
To be clear, I, uh...
I don't want to be your safe choice,
The reality to rafael the fantasy.
I know that. Well, and if I am, if that's how it is,
Or if that's how you feel at all,
Then tell me.
Because I'm not interested.
Good luck with your interview.
Nadine: Michael.
What the hell are you doing back here?
Stand. Put your hands up. Turn around.
Latin lover narrator: You remember nadine, right?
What do you want?
I want to propose a deal.
Man: Here's the thing,
While I was very impressed with your passionate e-mail,
It doesn't change the fact
That the application deadline has passed.
Yes, I know. I've had some extenuating circumstances.
And I did a little research,
And you guys only took six candidates this year.
And you took seven the year before that
And nine the year before that,
Which is to say...
(moans softly)
(exhales) ...Some discretion involved...
I know I missed the dea...
Can you give me a minute?
Latin lover narrator hmm. Another braxton hicks.
She had a few on the bus on the way over.
Ms. Villanueva,
Are you all right?
Fine! Just... Mm.
Just gathering my thoughts.
Water. Drink more water, jane.
Ooh. Sorry, this happened yesterday,
And it's not a big deal.
So, whew, where was I?
Oh, yes.
Extenuating circumstances...
Where'd you go? Where have you been?
I left you, and I made contact with my handler.
Sin rostro's handler? Yeah, they picked me up, they blindfolded me,
There was a plane ride... Did they bring you to rose?
Did you see her? No. No. But they think that I'm still working for them.
So I was able to get information.
To help you get sin rostro once and for all.
And in exchange,
I want my family safe
And leniency for me.
I can't push for a deal without knowing what you're giving me here.
I know where the plastic surgeon's been hiding out.
Dr. Moncada, the one who changes faces for rose.
And there are also rumors that he changed her face.
And if he did, he is the only one
That knows what she looks like now.
That's what I have.
I'll check it out.
(moaning) ms. Villanueva,
I really think you should head home
Or to your doctor... No, no, no. That's not necessary.
Even if they are real, they're really spaced out.
I think.
You weren't keeping track, were you?
I-I wasn't. It's okay.
I just need you to understand how much this means to me.
I definitely understand.
I think we all understand, jane.
Now really, go.
I'm a doctor
Of literature, not medicine.
Oh. (chuckles)
Thank you.
I'm on the bus.
What? Why? Grandma had the car,
And it was the quickest way home. Plus, I wasn't really sure
If they were real contractions, but I think they are.
How far apart are they? Like,
Every eight minutes. So I'm-I'm just gonna...
Go wait at home.
Oh. Okay.
Seven minutes apart now.
Jane, are you okay? (moaning)
Oh. Yeah. I'm okay.
Should you get off the bus? No. I'm, like, 15 minutes from home.
Listen, I should call rafael before I have another one.
Rafael: I am so sorry,
Petra. I just got off the phone with jane
And she went into labor and we are having the baby.
Rain check on dinner?
Yes. Of course.
Uh, hey...
Good luck.
Okay, mom, gabrielle said they're five minutes apart now.
Who's gabrielle? They're speeding up, a nice lady on the bus.
Just like mine did. How far are you from home?
I don't know. We're stuck in traffic. I think
There's an acc... (moaning)
What's going on? Oh!
Honey? Hey, this is gabrielle.
She's okay. She's just contracting.
How far apart are they? Less then five minutes now. Listen,
I think she should get to the hospital.
We're right near st. Luke's. I agree.
Hey, is she okay? She's in labor.
She's in labor? Oh, my god. Here?
Hi, mom. I'm back. Gabrielle and I think
That you should go to the hospital.
They're coming too fast. Come on,
Let's go talk to the driver.
Yeah. Go, go, go.
Sorry to bother you,
Do you know long we'll be? She's in labor.
Now? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and my mom wants me to go to the hospital.
She wants to talk to you, actually.
Hello? Look,
When I was pregnant with jane, I went from eight minutes apart
To delivering in an hour.
Jane is now five minutes apart.
Do you want her to have a baby on that bus?
No. Man: Let's go!
Take her to the hospital! Take her! Okay,
We're going to the hospital.
(passengers applaud, cheer)
(jane groans)
Gabrielle: They're every four minutes now.
Is there a doctor on board?
Man: I'm a vet.
(people speak indistinctly)
Gabrielle: Is this as fast as you can go?
Didn't you ever see speed?
(horn honking)
Man: Good luck!
Yeah, bye.
Rogelio: Jane.
Go forward and bring another angel into this world.
Now! Okay. Bye.
Um, jane, a-are you okay?
Do you want to try one of those positions that we...
Breathe, in and out.
Now would be a good time for the epidural if you're planning to.
Should I at least try to labor naturally?
I mean, you didn't get an epidural.
Woman (screaming): Oh, my god!
Yeah, let's go with that epidural.
Xiomara: Are you freaking kidding me?!
There is not one available flight tonight?
No, noreen, I-I don't think you're lying.
I-I'm just wondering if maybe you missed a plane.
Fine, I-I'll keep that first one in the morning. Thanks.
It really is hard to rehearse without the thunderous applause.
What is it?
Was I off-key?
(gasps) was I giving it too much hip?
Jane's in labor, but there were no available flights tonight,
So I'm leaving first thing in the morning.
Which means I have to miss the show.
I'm sorry.
I don't think it affects the act too much, though, right?
It stopped?
Not "stopped."
Your labor's just stalled.
Oh, there's another contraction.
Latin lover narrator: On the bright side,
Jane is loving this epidural.
It looks like we could be in for a long night.
You should try to sleep a little.
I'll check back.
Thank you. Thank you, doctor.
Go home, get some sleep.
Then we'll call you-- you live five minutes away.
Come on.
I need you well-rested when the baby comes.
Latin lover narrator: Talk about a pregnant pause.
So about yesterday... No, no.
No, n-n-n-n-n-no.
I'm so zen right now.
No talk about yesterday.
Baby stuff only.
We need to talk names.
Yes, names, uh... We were down to three.
(machine chiming)
I know you're upset I'm missing the show.
That is not why I'm upset, xiomara.
And the fact that you don't know why I'm upset
Makes me doubly upset.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about how my daughter is about to give birth,
But you assume I would have no interest
In flying home to be there.
You would want to come back?
Of course I'm coming back.
I already bought my own ticket.
Premium first class, of course.
Rogelio, I didn't think you would because I know
How important this show is to you.
You've been trying to impress this director nonstop
So you could play jesus christ superstar.
There are many jesus christs.
There's only one jane.
Nothing is more important than family to me.
And I am hurt that after all my efforts to join this one,
You didn't know that.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it was raining quarters
Before you got here.
So we decided then.
I love it. Mm, me, too.
Nina villanueva.
Has such a nice flow.
Um, don't you mean nina solano?
Oh. No, I didn't.
I just assumed that it would be a solano.
I'm a villanueva, we aren't married.
Well, for the record, I wanted to be.
We can go with a combo.
Though I don't love hyphens. Neither do I.
One middle, one last? Has to be. I'm assuming you want the last?
I assume you do, too? I do.
But I'm willing to negotiate.
I will take the middle position,
Which we both recognize is the inferior position,
But I will need 50% less anger from you.
What are you talking about? I know it's a big ask,
But keep in mind, this was my only sample
So I am giving up the chance to pass down my family's name.
I'm not feeling that.
I got to feel it.
Otherwise, you are looking at a straight-up coin toss.
Look, I don't want to fight with you.
I've been thinking about things,
And the way you broke up with me sucked.
But still,
It was a good thing that you did it.
No, it wasn't.
We want different things from life.
Your business needs to take priority.
No, it doesn't, and it's not going to anymore.
Oh, come one, that's so easy for you to say.
Latin lover narrator: All right, lay it out, buddy.
Look, things are different now.
The reason I didn't go to Spain wasn't
Because the meeting was canceled.
It was because you were dilated, jane,
And the thought of missing the birth,
Just the smallest chance.
So I didn't go to the meeting.
And they sold the company.
Your dad's company?
And I'm glad,
Because somehow with my mom being so awful,
I started to idolize him.
What you were saying before was right.
I don't want his life.
He wasn't a good dad.
I don't want to be anything like him.
And I won't be.
And I just want you to know that.
I do.
And I feel, like, 50% better.
Nina solano villanueva it is.
I brought you something.
It's a picture.
And you're in it.
Latin lover narrator: Now there's an offer he can't refuse.
It's the best I could do in the middle of the night
At the business center.
It's the day jane was born.
And it's okay that you're mad.
But you also have to get over it.
Because that's what families do.
They get mad at each other, and then they make up.
And you're family.
Thank you, xiomara.
I will keep this picture close to my heart forever.
Come on, let's get some sleep.
Our flight's early. Yes.
Rogelio de la vega!
(women screaming)
Michael: I don't have a good feeling about this.
Thought you said your source was solid.
Yeah, let's hope I was right.
Dr. Moncada!
There's nowhere to go!
You're outnumbered.
Detective, he's over here.
Latin lover narrator: So nadine was right.
This is where the plastic surgeon lives.
Or lived.
Damn it.
(alarm chimes)
Rogelio: ♪ it's another beautiful day
♪ to be rogelio
♪ wake up, rogelio...
♪ wake up, rogelio
♪ it's another beautiful day to be roge... ♪
Oh, my god.
My head is killing me.
Why are you screaming at the top of your lungs?
What happened last night?
I don't know.
Rogelifans like to party.
(cell phone chimes)
(gasps) oh, my god.
(snorts) what? What is it?
Jane's dilated to eight.
Hurry, we got to get to the airport.
Looks like you're at nine, jane-- almost there.
That's good news.
It's just...
My mom and my dad are in the air flying...
I can't make the deal.
But my information was good.
The guy was dead, nadine.
We have no leads on sin rostro.
We need concrete information.
Cops don't exactly love dirty cops.
I'm not dirty, michael.
You know me.
Let me talk to armstrong, see what he says.
I can't promise you anything.
Doctor: Okay, jane,
It's time to start pushing.
It could take time, okay?
Your mom's plane is landing.
She's not gonna make it, not with traffic.
It's okay.
I can do this.
Uh, you know, I'll call michael.
He can meet the plane, give them a police escort back.
Yes, there's no guarantee that she'll be here,
But at least there's a chance, okay? Okay.
Mm-hmm. Okay, jane.
It's time to start to push.
One, two, three...
Change of plans. Jane's in labor.
I have to pick up her parents from the airport,
Bring 'em to the hospital.
I'll be back.
(door closes)
(car door closes, engine starting)
Latin lover narrator: Oh, michael!
What a rookie mistake.
(moaning) we're gonna need a little more!
Hey, okay.
Deep breaths.
(both breathing deeply)
Come on, jane!
(distantly): Push! A little more!
Okay, okay!
Jane: I can't. Doctor: Keep going, jane!
Rafael: It's been an hour.
Another push, jane! No.
I can't.
I'm too tired!
(cries): I can't!
(door opens)
Is there a baby yet?
(gasps) mom!
Oh, baby! (both crying)
Oh, I'm so tired.
I know, honey.
Oh, I... Oh...
Five more minutes of pain
For a lifetime of happiness.
So push or I'll yank that kid out myself!
Okay, okay.
Okay. Here we go.
One, two and...
(baby crying)
Doctor: It's a boy.
A boy?
We don't know anything about boys.
Well, I'm here, and I'm happy to answer any questions.
Nurse: He looks great.
A boy. (crying)
A beautiful boy.
He's beautiful.
We can't name him nina, right?
No. (laughs)
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that at this very moment
After everything...
Jane: But I've never had sex!
I'm proposing. I'm pregnant.
Jane: You want to break up.
Michael: Am I imagining this or is something
Happening with us?
Latin lover narrator: ...Jane's heart was full.
(sighs) I meant what I said, jane.
I never stopped loving you.
This is what I want.
Our family.
I know.
And I'll think about it.
But not right now.
Latin lover narrator: Right now, the only boy
Jane wanted to think about was her son.
I do have an idea though.
For a name.
His name is mateo.
Oh, janie.
That's my dad's name.
Well, there's more.
It's kind of a long name.
"kind of"? Okay.
You named him after me?
It's in there, but we-we're just
Gonna call him mateo though. Yeah.
We'll see how nicknames develop.
Matelio, perhaps?
Xiomara: It's perfect.
He's perfect.
It's miami-dade memorial again for mr. Solano.
And he told me not to bother him.
He's in his office with his sister.
He's packing to go back to the hospital
To spend the night with his son.
He had a son?
Uh, yes, ma'am.
Anyway, look, I don't want to bug him.
And they said they could speak with mrs. Solano?
Which you were... Fine.
I'll take it.
Hi, this is mrs. Solano. How can I help you?
Get to the point.
Excuse me?
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that petra's first thought
Upon hearing what she heard was "rafael."
She had to tell rafael.
But then she heard this...
Rafael: I mean, I feel a little bad about manipulating petra.
But I just want her out of my life.
I have a family now.
With jane.
(door closes) well, I'll be quick.
I just want to see him.
Considering I broke about 20 traffic laws to get here.
Can I?
He's so cute.
(laughs) I think so.
I'm biased, so...
No, he is.
He looks just like you.
You think so? So listen...
Um, about before...
Michael... No, I just want to say
I don't want you to worry
About any of that right now.
You just focus on mateo.
Latin lover narrator: I would be remiss if I didn't point out
That this was the most perfect thing michael could have said.
Well, anyways, I should probably get going.
I'll talk to you soon.
Yeah, see you.
(door closes)
It worked.
She's gone.
Yeah, the tracker's
In her phone. She'll head back
To sin rostro's people eventually.
She's got nowhere else to go.
Latin lover narrator: Huh. Shouldn't have underestimated him.
Seems like he had a plan.
And speaking of plans...
Mrs. Solano, let me get diane.
I know she wanted to speak to you directly.
Yes, I should think she would.
Oh, I should probably
Fill in some gaps.
Remember that call petra took earlier?
Hello? Yeah, this is mrs. Solano. How can I help you?
Well, it's time to show you the other side of that call.
My name is diane.
I work at miami-dade memorial.
We've recently taken over the fertility clinic
That housed mr. Solano's original sperm sample.
The clinic was a disaster.
We've just finished sorting through all of their mistakes.
Get to the point.
Your husband's original sperm sample
Was split into two vials.
One was misplaced.
We've just found it.
Diane: Mrs. Solano?
Is that my husband's sample?
Yes, and again, we are so embarrassed.
We're happy to continue to store it free of charge.
Well, unfortunately, I can't really trust you.
Can I? So...
I'm taking it myself.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, brother.
Or sister!
Hey, how's jane?
Good. Nursing.
What are you looking for in there?
If you must know, my concealer.
It's been a very emotional day.
So I'm a little rough around the eyes.
Is this yours?
Maybe it's our last rehearsal?
I hope it's not a sex tape.
Yeah, you and me both.
Oh, good, we both have our clothes on.
It... What...? Is that...?
Wait, why are we in a chapel?
I-I don't know.
Why, why are we holding hands?
Why are we walking?
Stop walking, rogelio!
Wait, this has to be some kind of joke!
I mean, we were both so drunk.
Xiomara: I totally do!
I totally do, too!
Cher impersonator: And by the power vested in me
By the state of nevada
And the goddess cher,
Who is with us here in spirit tonight,
I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
(onlookers cheering)
Latin lover narrator: Okay, I am not a huge baby person,
But that is one cute kid.
(door opens)
Hey there, I'm helen.
I'm the new nurse on call.
Hi. I hear
You're our champion nurser.
Oh, it's all mateo.
He's very smart.
Well, according to his chart,
He hasn't had his hearing test.
Oh, it was a full house earlier.
I'm sorry.
No problem. I'll take him.
It'll be ten minutes.
No needles. Just a high-pitched sound.
Take a quick nap. He'll be right back.
I know your hearing's perfect.
And I love you.
There you go.
Bye, mateo.
(crickets chirping)
Latin lover narrator: No! It can't be!
To state the obvious, friends--
Where in the world is she taking
Mateo gloriano rogelio solano villanueva?
And I'd love to tell you
But it will have to be later
Because this brings us to the end of part one.
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