Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Chapter Two - full transcript

Jane's mom pressures her to sue Dr. Luisa Alver for the accidental insemination. Luisa then hires, Rose, a former lawyer friend of hers to represent her who informs Luisa that her chances go not look good. Meanwhile, Jane keeps crossing paths with Rafael who wants to be more in her life while he continues to distance himself from Petra. Jealous over Jane's socialization with Rafael, Michael seeks out and recruits Petra as his ally to help him keep Jane and Rafael apart. Also, Rogelio wants to meet Jane, but Xiomara is not ready for him to meet her.

Latin lover narrator: Welcome back. Let's review what happened last.
When jane was young, her grandmother taught her
To protect her flower.
And so jane waited...
Which wasn't always easy.
This is jane's fiancé.
He's a detective.
Their life was perfectly on track, until...
Oh, there you are, dr. Alver.
You have an insemination in seven and a path in eight.
Alver: Yeah, an insemination and a path, yeah, I got it.
Should I... No, I-I got it.
She does not "got it."
Are you ready for your insemination? (snores) hi. Yes.
I artificially inseminated the wrong woman.
And the father, dr. Alver's brother, rafael,
Who jane kissed once five years ago,
Only now he's married to petra.
Got all that? There's more.
Jane did not know that her favorite telenovela star
Was actually her father, who her mother
Recently got back in touch with.
And now you are caught up.
Jane's quinceañera was, without a doubt,
The worst party she'd ever been to.
But not for lack of effort.
In fact, jane had planned the day down to a tee.
The flowers.
The entrance.
The perfectly choreographed dance
With the superfly date.
What she didn't plan? That her mother
Would take over the mike and perform
The number one hit currently sweeping the nation.
♪ my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ♪
♪ and they're like, it's better than yours ♪
♪ it's better than yours...
But to her credit,
Jane did not panic.
She simply moved on.
Who wants cake?
No, thank you, abuela.
I'm not hungry.
And jane was determined to move on now.
Yes, I know, but that is not gonna be
The focus of everything moving forward.
I'm gonna... I'm gonna get back to my life.
In fact,
That's the reason why I called this family meeting.
Michael, welcome to your first family meeting.
Happy to be here. Proud to be representing
The male point of view.
Ooh. Oh, see, I wouldn't lead
With that, 'cause that's not gonna do well in our meetings.
I'm mostly here to watch and observe.
So, I just wanted to go over the plan.
All right? The most important thing
Is that this... Event...
Doesn't derail my life.
Nothing else has changed. All right?
I'm almost at the finish line with college.
I got a good job. I'm engaged to a great guy.
Sure, there are
A few logistical things I'm gonna have to do
To make sure it... Stays in good health,
Like I set up a sonogram, for instance.
But other than that, nothing has changed.
Got it?
Yes. Go ahead.
She said that I should keep the baby.
Oh! No, she's not keeping the baby.
Stop, abuela.
I'm not gonna keep the baby.
I-in fact,
We're not gonna refer to it as a baby.
We're gonna... We're gonna call it something else.
W... We are going to call it, um...
♪ my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... ♪
...A milkshake.
And I can't wait to give that milkshake
To its rightful owners--
Good people who really want it.
I want a divorce.
Well, I don't.
And jane's not gonna give you that child on your own.
(scoffs): Yeah.
I know.
Just like I know
That you're trying to wait out our prenup
To make money off me.
So, tell me, sweetheart...
How are we gonna work through that?
(knocking on door)
Hey, man, how you holding up?
Good. Yeah?
We're good.
Catalina creel? Seriously, abuela?
Who is catalina creel? This super psycho telenovela villain
Who wore an eye patch everywhere even though she wasn't really blind.
(ringtone playing) petra's not a super psycho.
Jane: Okay, you know what?
I... Am gonna meet with petra.
She's just texted me.
She'd like to meet.
Sounds lovely.
Great. She is excited to set something up.
Are you happy?
And once I meet with her, I am going
To think about this pregnancy as little as possible.
I'm gonna get back to my life.
Uh-uh. No way.
After that, you sue the frickin' doctor.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes,
The frickin' doctor. Okay.
The frickin' doctor was trying to move forward as well.
Mrs. Diana t. Gower. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Can you just say your name one more time,
And this time would you mind
Also spelling it slowly?
Twice-- you can never be too careful.
The nurse said you were between patients.
I'm sure the mistake will be dealt with
Through the appropriate channels,
And since I haven't received the...
Official notification that my license is suspended,
I figured I should just keep practicing.
(computer chimes)
Oh, okay, there's the official notification.
My license is suspended.
Luisa, you're not drinking are you?
No, I'm not. What I'm doing is
That I'm trying to be practical, which is why I called you.
I mean, you were a pretty good lawyer
Before you gave it up to become a trophy wife.
Take care of yourself.
No, stop it. I'm sorry.
I don't know why I said that.
I'm going through a lot,
And I'm lashing out. I...
I need your help.
I called my insurance company, and there's
This thing in my policy.
It mentions my brother, and I'm not sure I understand it
Because of all the legal jargon.
Zaz: You put your shares
Of the hotel up as collateral?
In case of a lawsuit, yeah.
Look, no one would insure luisa with her history of addiction.
She's my sister.
And I believed her when she said she'd changed.
So if jane sues me...?
Your brother's hotel could be on the line.
I just don't want to spend the next year
In a whole legal battle. I just want
To keep moving forward with my life.
(ringtone plays) finish college, obsess about wedding dresses--
And who keeps calling you, mom?
Can you ask rafael if I can sing at the hotel next month?
I heard paulina rubio's
Producer might be in town, so...
Is it bruce?
(ringtone continues)
Yeah, it's bruce. Mom!
Latin lover narrator: It is important to note
That bruce is xiomara's
Married ex-boyfriend.
Stop calling!
It is also important to note that that was
Not bruce calling. In fact,
It was jane's father, who xo saw out of the blue
16 months ago.
Seeing her high school boyfriend
On a telenovela was shocking.
So xiomara did the only sensible thing.
She rushed home to google him.
Jane: Hey.
Who's the hottie?
But alas, jane didn't know any of that.
And so for a brief moment,
As jane went to work that morning,
It truly felt like nothing had changed.
Hi. I'm sorry to ambush you like this.
I just wanted to talk really quickly about the...
(quietly): Uh... The baby.
Like I said, the moment was brief.
Oh. Yes. Hi. Hey.
I actually texted your wife. Yes, I heard.
Yeah, I was just trying to put a name to the face
And make sure she didn't have an eye patch.
Nothing. That was a bad joke. Sorry.
I am really excited to meet her.
And, you know, see the whole picture
And the two-parent-home thing.
So, that's pretty important to you, huh?
Yeah, it's the reason why I feel good about my decision.
Sorry, what was it that you wanted to talk
To me about?
In truth, he decided
To come clean to jane and tell her his marriage is over.
Just some... Lawsuit stuff, actually.
But alas, plans change.
You're suing?
(laughs): No. I'm not suing.
Just... Luisa, dr. Alver, is my sister, so it's...
What? The... Doctor who inseminated you.
She's your sister?
She's... Your sister?
Yes. But I mean, we're not on good terms, obviously.
No, but she's, like, really your sister?
(stammering quietly)
I just... Wow.
And not to make things more awkward...
But, jane, you should really talk to a lawyer.
Come up with an amount, present it to us,
And that way I can pay you directly,
And that way you'll make the most money.
What makes you think that I want money?
I don't know, I just assumed, because...
Because I'm a waitress?
No. I... I know you're not just a waitress.
"just a waitress." that's not what I meant.
Look, you're in college... So if I wasn't
In college, I would be "just a waitress."
Jane, I think you're taking this the wrong way.
Yeah. Maybe I am.
Except this huge thing just happened,
And you're telling me that your sister did it,
And then you're offering me money.
I got to change.
Seriously, what did you expect?
He's a rich playboy.
Rich playboy with an entitled attitude,
Missing a basic sensitivity chip.
He was so much nicer in my head.
That's because he's a good kisser.
What?! You kissed him?
You slut! When?
It was five years ago. Not a big deal.
What did magic mikey say when you
Told him? Did he freak out?
Because I haven't actually told michael yet.
He just found out the news about my pregnancy,
And I want it to settle-- I just don't want it to be weird.
Or weirder.
It's definitely weirder.
I'm trying to find the right moment.
Before he meets rafael.
Obviously. Whatever.
I'm sure rafael is a fine guy.
We just had one bad interaction; I'm just gonna let it go.
What? Nothing.
Just heard some things about him over the years.
What kind of things?
Latin lover narrator: Very bad things.
Very, very bad things.
Oh, my god.
It is important to know that, right now,
Jane is panicking.
We're gonna have to keep it. I don't want to,
And you don't want to,
But we're gonna have to.
W-wait-wait, what's going on, jane?
I can't give rafael the milkshake.
Latin lover narrator: It is important to note that michael cordero jr.
Is not a virgin.
Well, it's important to him.
I don't really care about it too much.
But what is important to know
Is that michael never planned to date a virgin.
But when he met jane, everything changed.
Oh. Oh.
Okay, okay. I thought about it.
This doesn't mean that we have to keep it, right?
There has got to be some legal loophole that we can find.
We'll declare him unfit, we'll find other good parents.
Okay, calm down, slow down. Did you see what I sent you?
Did you click on the links? Yeah. I wish you would've warned me
Before the bora bora series.
Michael, don't you think
That I have a moral obligation to make sure
That the milkshake goes to a decent person?
And that is not a decent person.
What he did in bora bora is not decent.
It literally is indecent, which is why he got arrested.
And it was also a while ago. (sighs)
You said the guy had cancer, right?
He obviously went through some major life-changing event.
You know, he's marr.. He's happily married now.
Trust me, bora bora guy doesn't want a baby.
Yeah, I mean, that's definitely true.
Look, I get why you're anxious,
But, uh, you-you're gonna meet the wife, right?
Mm-hmm. I bet you'll feel better when you do.
Give this guy a real chance.
So, I just stood there, talking to her about money
And lying about my marriage.
Well, petra's trying at least.
Driving my staff crazy,
Wanting everything to be perfect for the party tonight.
She's trying to impress my father.
Yeah, so you look good.
It's his first time seeing the renovations.
He's got to be blown away
If he's gonna trust you to run things here.
Petra knows how important this is to you.
Yeah, maybe, or maybe she knows
That if she gets my father on her side,
It will be that much harder for me to leave her.
So, you're pretty much done then, huh?
Yeah. I am.
Why did she order an ice sculpture of a wizard?
I said marlin, not merlin!
A marlin? Like the fish?
Yes, like the fish!
(sighs) my father-in-law loves to fish.
Does he also like magic?
We got a leopard on the loose!
(people screaming, bell ringing)
(screaming continues)
We need to talk right now.
(leopard growling)
(excited chatter in background)
You can't keep calling me! I said I'd tell her
When the time is right, and I'll tell her!
When? I want to be a part of my daughter's life.
You kept her from me long enough.
Yeah, well, you shouldn't have told me
To have an abortion. Shh. I was just a kid.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, and I was just a kid
When I told my mom you were some random army guy,
And now it's been so long, and I...
(sighs heavily)
Uh, I know it's hard, xiomara.
And I was a screw-up years ago, but I have changed.
I want my daughter to have the pleasure of knowing me.
I want to be a part of her life.
Yeah... Okay, I'll tell her... Today.
Good. What is she like?
Jane? Oh.
She's awesome.
Smart, strong, determined.
I am to be a grandfather?
Kind of.
It was a medical mistake.
Long story.
Who's the father?
But I honestly hoped this baby would be a real chance for us.
Because you might have stopped loving me,
But I never stop loving you.
Okay... Better, but I think
You'd be more effective if you'd make yourself cry.
Just, like, one tear.
I haven't cried since I was a child, zaz.
God, I hate that I have to humiliate myself like this.
I know, but this baby angle isn't gonna last.
You're gonna have to make him love you again.
What if I can't? Oh, please.
With your... Arsenal...
Of weapons, hmm? Hmm?
Come on!
You only have to last one more year.
Then, you'll cash out of your prenup,
And we can get the hell out of here.
Michael: Girl's in there again.
Don't need to watch this part.
What a waste of time. Nothing's happening.
We've only been here 48 hours.
Cortes named roman zazo as a contact.
If he's right, this is the first real lead
We've had on sin rostro in four years.
We haven't heard from sin rostro in four years because he's dead.
You know what would be great?
If partner wasn't always working against me.
You don't go from the biggest drug game in town
To radio silence, unless you're six feet under.
Or regrouping, planning something big.
(phone chimes)
Finally... An I.D. On the woman.
I don't know what took all damn day.
Petra solano.
Oh, wow.
Apparently, she's the wife
Of the guy who owns the hotel.
Latin lover narrator: Try to remember, later,
That michael's first thought in this moment was jane.
He had to tell...
Hey. I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier.
The truth is, I have no idea how to act around you.
No, it's fine.
So I should get back to work. You know,
Trying to get on with my life, not constantly think about it.
Yeah, that makes sense. Mm-hmm.
Just one more thing. What's that?
I would love to come to any doctor's appointments?
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that at this very moment,
All jane wanted to do was scream "no!"
But alas, michael said to give him another try.
I actually have a sonogram scheduled for this afternoon.
Why don't you and your wife come?
Really? I mean, you definitely don't have to.
Great. Great.
What are you doing?
Focusing on the bright side.
Drinking will not solve anything.
I know, but every time I don't drink,
I feel good about myself,
And I need something to feel good about,
Because my brother won't speak to me,
My wife cheated on me, and I have nowhere to go,
And I'm about to be slapped with a huge lawsuit.
But I'm not drinking.
At least I'm not drinking.
You're crazy. You know that?
Don't call me crazy.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean...
Oh, we can't.
I know.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh, I'm so sorry, baby.
They're running late. Are you there?
Yup, I am here.
Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry.
Woman: Amy nesson?
Michael: Are you
Woman: Hi. Come on in.
Hey. Okay, thanks.
Sorry. Hey, yeah.
Sorry. This place is... Really weird.
Um, are you close?
Yes. Listen, is, uh, rafael and petra there yet?
No. Jane: Okay, good, good.
'cause I wanted to tell you something before you met him,
Which wasn't going to be today, but now it is,
And it's so not a big deal,
But you should know it before you meet him,
Or it might be a little strange when you do know.
Know what?
I kissed rafael once, five years ago.
Yeah, way before I met you.
Okay, and it was so not a big deal.
It was nothing really, you know?
I mean, nothing then; it means nothing now.
Rafael: You must be michael.
Hi. I'm rafael.
We'll talk about this later, jane.
I used to make out with jane all the time.
What? I asked if they're running on time?
Oh, yes, I think so.
Michael cordero, jane's fiancé.
Oh, I didn't know you two got engaged.
Yeah, yeah. It just happened.
We're, like, super happy.
We're really in love, big time.
Just trying to get through this crazy... Accident.
Yes. Us, too.
Petra solano. Such a pleasure to meet you.
What your fiancée is doing for us--
It's such a gift. (woman speaking spanish)
Shut it, mom. We wouldn't be late
If you hadn't made me change out of my booty shorts.
I didn't know you two were coming.
Oh. Trust me, a girl needs her mom.
Are you...?
The father, yes. Hi. I'm rafael.
I'm jane's mom.
And, yes, I had her very young.
I'm so sorry. I...
I'm late.
You must be petra.
(both laugh)
It is so nice to finally meet you.
You're making our dreams come true.
Technician: Jane villanueva?
Hi. Come on in.
(clears throat) grams.
This is my grandma. Great. Hi. Welcome.
Oops. Sorry. Just gonna get in there.
Technician: Excuse me.
Oh, sorry. Sorry. Ma, back up. (overlapping chatter)
You know what?
I'm gonna have to ask some of you to leave.
Oh, no, no, I can't leave. (overlapping chatter)
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Who are the parents?
I'm the father. Just carrying the baby, so, I should probably stay.
I'm supposed be the mother, technically.
My fiancé. I'm the fiancé.
(overlapping chatter) okay, you know what?
I'm gonna go on biology.
So you and you.
Everyone else, out.
Thank you. Good luck, baby.
Okay. (quiet chatter)
I appreciate that. Thank you.
Technician: All right.
This is gonna be cold, okay? (sighs)
You're about seven weeks along, is that right?
Okay, I'm gonna get started.
Will you be wanting pictures?
Yes. No.
(computer whirring)
So, what are you studying?
Teaching. Just one more semester.
(gasps lightly)
I googled you. Oh?
Mm. That couldn't have gone well.
No, it didn't.
Hey, you see...?
Yup, mm-hmm.
(sighs) oh, god.
I was pretty lost a year and a half ago.
And when I got sick, I just went to this really...
Dark place, you know?
So, what changed?
My sister, actually.
She came over one day and told me
To stop feeling sorry for myself,
And that I'd find the bright side.
It's what I needed to hear, I guess.
So, I started to focus on the things that I should change,
Which ended up pretty much being my entire life.
So what made you so lost to begin with, do you think?
Fear of failure.
That's what it is.
It's fear of failure.
Which can be a pretty crippling thing.
Yeah, I know.
Is that why you're trying to be a teacher and not a writer?
Well, it depends.
Am I being practical or brave?
I'm a teacher.
I'm a writer?
I have never said that out loud before.
So what have you been writing?
Not writing anything right now.
What do you want to be writing?
Really? (laughs)
Little early to hear the heartbeat.
(steady heartbeat over monitor)
Latin lover narrator: It was all a little early indeed.
And now, I implore you to remember
That michael's first thought
Upon learning about petra's affair,
Was jane, he had to tell jane.
End the affair.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Then I'll be clear then.
Stop sleeping with roman zazo.
Came by the hotel, saw you together.
Where? Doesn't matter.
Do you even want this baby?
Yes, of course I want this baby, I'm...
Then end it.
Or I'll tell your husband.
And, trust me, jane's not giving that baby to him alone.
And you don't want it.
I'll end it.
Who knows? Maybe I'll ask you for a favor at some point.
Talked to rafael.
Everything's gonna be fine.
That's good.
I want you to quit your job.
I-it's, it's too much.
You're carrying the guy's baby.
You just told me you kissed him.
Five years ago, it was nothing.
Come on, baby.
I've been there for four years.
I really like it, I have all my friends there.
It pays well, I have health care-- michael...
Babe... I don't want to start over.
You know how much I don't want to start over.
I can't help it-- it makes me uncomfortable.
There are a million other hotels in south beach.
Just find another one.
(knocking on door)
Did you forget your key?
What are you doing here?
Didn't you get my text?
Oh, no, no. I didn't.
I have too many phones.
If it's important, the best way to reach me is through twitter.
Actually, today isn't a good day anymore.
Jane seemed off after her sonogram,
That's what I was texting you about.
(car approaching)
Oh, shoot! She's coming.
Jane? Now?
How's my hair?
Come on, get in here quick.
What kind of mother are you to keep a father from his daughter?
She's going through a hard time, she had her f...
And I have been patient long enough.
Tell her now, or I will.
Okay, just-- stay here.
I wanted to talk with you.
Oh, hang on, I'm gonna just finish filling something out.
A job application?
You like your job.
Yeah, michael wants me to quit.
He's uncomfortable with rafael.
Which I get.
Plus, the whole sonogram was kind of hard for him, so...
And how about you?
Oh, honey...
We heard the heartbeat, mom.
And I just started to think about it.
I just didn't want this to take over my life
And change everything.
I know, baby. I know.
But it's going to. Oh...
'cause it's not a stupid milkshake, it's a baby,
And I'm gonna get attached to it.
I mean, how can I not?
And then I have to give it to them.
And that's what I want to do.
I do, but it's gonna be so hard.
I mean, it just is.
Even if rafael and petra are great.
And I don't know how to prepare, or how to act,
Or what to do to not make it hurt.
Honey, I don't think there's anything you can do.
See this? This right here is why I keep saying to sue.
Because you're gonna have a lot of pain.
All because of this frickin' doctor.
And your life is now hard and complicated
In ways it shouldn't be.
Mom, don't you cry.
I'm not.
I mean, me? I...
I'm a screw-up.
I mean, I deserved to get knocked up, but you?
This isn't fair.
Stop, we can't go to that "it's not fair" place.
We won't go there, then.
Yeah. We can go
To the "it sucks" place, right?
Yeah, I think that's where I'm at right now.
It sucks. All around.
Yeah, it does.
But it's gonna suck worse for you.
And you got to remember that.
That supposed to make me feel better?
I'm just saying--
You get to be selfish now.
You don't have to take care of anyone else, just yourself.
Yeah. Thanks.
You know, you're not a screw-up, mom.
I mean, the way you chase your singing dream.
That's some brave stuff.
I could use some of that right now.
I guess it...
I guess it's just hitting me that I'm having a baby.
And how much it totally sucks.
In a way that doesn't offend god
And whatever higher plan he has for us.
Where does that expression come from, anyway?
You know, I really, I can't even remember.
I'm sorry, okay?
Don't be upset about that.
Latin lover narrator: But xiomara was not upset at all.
Because she remembered the events
Of the quinceañera quite differently.
Here's jane's superfly date.
And here is jane's superfly date's superslutty hookup.
♪ my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ♪
♪ and damn right...
Latin lover narrator: And the memory
That she was a good mom,
That she knew when to protect her daughter's feelings,
Fortified xiomara.
I want to see her right now.
No, you won't, because being a parent means
That you put your kid's interest first,
And right now, jane's overwhelmed,
And she needs some part of her life to not change,
And so you're gonna back off until I tell you she's ready.
And don't ever question me as a mother again, got it?
I will wait.
But not forever, right?
Not forever.
Her eyes are so bright and curious.
Much like my own.
Tell me, is she a singer like you?
Nothing, I-I'm just...
I'm surprised you remembered.
Your voice, xiomara--
Yeah, well...
I know I'll have to give up trying at some point.
I became an international star just a few years ago.
Imagine what a disservice it would have been to the world,
If I had given up.
Michael, it's me.
I thought I could treat this pregnancy like it was nothing,
Like an inconvenience.
But I can't, and I can't pretend
That nothing's changed because everything's changed.
Everything's different now.
I'm gonna be different,
After going through this,
After carrying a baby,
And having to give it up.
So, I need some constants in my life right now, I really do.
Which is why I'm gonna keep my job.
And I love you, michael, and I don't want to hurt you,
But I get to be selfish now.
Not you.
(sighs deeply)
I love you, and you love me.
It's over, roman.
Let go of me.
(grunts) what...?
You passed the test.
I wanted to make sure
You'd fight for me.
Damn right I'd fight for you.
Mmm! The party.
I have to get ready.
We'll sneak away later?
I'll see you later.
Uh-huh. Mmm...
(gentle laugh)
(sighs heavily)
Latin lover narrator: But there would be no later.
Not for them.
Your father is going to love the renovations.
He'll be so impressed with what you've done.
They got the marlin right, finally.
Can you imagine if he showed up
To an ice sculpture of a wizard?
You know what? I am so sick of this.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe this can't be salvaged.
But I can't take this.
You standing there, all sanctimonious.
Uh-huh... Yes, I did something terrible.
But you know what? You did something terrible, too!
And what did I do?
What did I do?
Tell me.
You stopped loving me.
I remember the day, actually.
I'm sure it started happening earlier.
I'm sure I just registered it on this day, but...
You were halfway through your chemo.
And it seemed like you had a nice enough visit
From your sister, but after she left, you came out,
And you were looking around and...
And when you looked at me...
(quiet sigh)
...It felt as if everything had changed.
But I honestly hoped
That this baby would be
A real chance for us.
Because you might've stopped loving me.
But I never stopped loving you.
Latin lover narrator: Turns out, it's easy to give a good performance...
When what you are saying is actually true.
(romantic music playing nearby)
Can I come in?
What's with the music?
Well, I wanted to do something for you.
Like some big telenovela gesture.
Fill the whole room with flowers
Or leopards or something.
But there are budget restrictions.
When the guy comes to the girl to say he screwed up,
There's always this dramatic I-screwed-up music.
So this is my dramatic I-screwed-up music.
I listened to your message.
And you're right.
I made this about me and not you.
Of course you should keep your job.
You should do whatever you need to do.
(quiet laugh)
I'm really sorry.
Wait. That...
That thing you said about everything changing?
That's not fair.
How much I love you?
That is not changing.
You got some good music to kiss to in there?
Oh, yeah.
I got the best music to kiss to.
I wanted to give you this.
Divorce papers I assume.
It's the sonogram of the baby.
Look, we've both made mistakes.
And I don't know if we'll get past them.
Let's give it a try.
Well, you can't blame me for being
A little jealous though, right? I mean, the guy's like...
Well, let's put it this way, your mom was drooling over him.
First of all, my mom drools over everybody.
And second? So not my type.
Way too pretty, right? I mean... Just super pretty.
Super pretty. (laughs): Super.
Trust me.
You have nothing to be jealous of.
Just be happy for me.
I love him, mother.
I actually think we can fix this.
But what about the other man you whored yourself to?
You are a selfish girl.
After I sacrificed everything for you?
Stop, mother.
I'll figure it out. (gasps)
Oh, enough with the tarot cards already!
(laughs) oh, don't be dramatic.
I'm playing solitaire.
I already read the cards.
I already know this outcome.
Would you go back to your room, please?
Shouldn't you be in there?
Yeah, just kind of taking a moment, pre-game.
So, you should know...
I'm gonna sue your sister.
I went back and forth, but she screwed up.
And she needs to permanently lose her license
And admit her wrongdoings and...
You should sue.
And don't worry, it's got nothing to do with me.
Latin lover narrator: Except that his hotel was on the line.
I'm glad you understand.
I also...
I wanted to thank you.
What you said before about
Not avoiding something, due to fear...
I needed to hear it.
Are you gonna start writing?
Hey, if that's what I want to do,
I gotta go for it, right?
Like you, like my mom...
Like your mom?
Yeah, you know, it's funny that you mention her.
Did I mention her?
Not really the point. She's a singer.
(laughs) and she's really good,
And she just has never really gotten her big break,
And she said that there was gonna be
A huge producer in your hotel next month...
You want an introduction?
I want her to perform here.
I'm trying to look
At the bright side, like you said.
Of course.
I should probably get to work.
I'll... I'll walk with you.
(low, indistinct conversations)
Rafael: I am so sorry.
I'll tell her to leave right now.
What are you doing here?
I invited her.
Dad. I don't know if you know what's been going on here...
Of course I know.
Your sister made a very unfortunate mistake.
But she wasn't drinking and that's important.
An "unfortunate mistake"?
Dad, I don't understand why you coddle her...
That's not true.
You do understand.
Luisa is family.
And family is everything.
And speaking of...
Hello, darling.
Xiomara! Xiomara!
Ooh, mommy!
¿el presidente?
You could actually get really rich from this.
You do realize that.
I'm not doing this to get rich.
I mean, I can handle rich.
Rich wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
Okay, in the meantime,
We've got some ideas.
Changes we'd like to see at the hotel.
Since it seems like you kind of have pull.
Let me hear them.
I'm all about embracing change.
(partygoers groaning)
(thud, squish)
(woman screams)
Man: Zaz!
Latin lover narrator: On the bright side, jane's quinceañera was no longer
The worst party she'd ever been to.
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