Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Chapter Seventeen - full transcript

Jane worries if she is cut out to be a mother. Petra makes a startling discovery about Aaron Zazo. Xo pressures Rogelio to open up about his true feelings. Xo and Alma continue to fight over Xo moving out.

Latin lover narrator: Okay, ready to roll? The basics: Jane was artificially
Inseminated with rafael's sample,
And from there, a love story brewed
And we even got a proposal!
But jane said no,
Which left rafael pretty bummed.
You know who was super psyched she said no?
Jane's ex-fiancé, michael.
Oh, by the way, michael is a detective,
And when he took jane's father, rogelio,
On a ride-along, a bromance was born.
And speaking of rogelio, he and jane's mother had
Gotten back together and they decided to move in.
But jane's grandmother disapproved
And so the women were estranged.
Oh, and jane had joined
A romance writers' group
And made a new friend, andie.
But zoinks! Turns out they have
Though jane doesn't know that yet.
Oh, and you remember roman zazo?
He was having an affair
With petra, rafael's ex-wife,
But alas, roman was impaled
And now his twin brother aaron is back in town
And is growing closer to petra.
Juicy stuff, folks.
So let's see what happens next with our star-crossed lovers.
There are no hard and fast rules
When it comes to becoming a parent.
(crying) xiomara: It's okay, jane, sweetie.
Latin lover narrator: There are, however, opinions.
Lots and lots of opinions. She needs it to sleep.
Back off. I'm her mother.
Ah, yes.
The age-old struggle.
That doesn't matter anymore.
(baby jane coos)
Jane: Pacifiers?
Not for now. Which is why it's not on the list.
Ah. Stick to the list.
Just tag what's on the list. Uh, sorry!
Hey, no, I'm sorry that I can't be there
To debate pacifiers in person.
How's it going?
Okay. I feel prepared.
Did you take a look at the list?
Uh, I didn't.
I am sorry, but I am good with everything that you picked.
Hello. Cute, huh?
Lina, take that off.
I gotta go. Okay. Love you.
What is it for?
You know, I'm not 100% sure.
Pumping breast milk.
Oh. Sorry, I overheard.
I had mine six months ago.
I remember being totally lost
When I was registering.
No, no, I appreciate it.
What is that, um... Thing
That your baby's in?
It's the wrap, she loves the wrap.
Are you going to wear your baby?
Like an accessory?
Latin lover narrator: Is that legal?
I was going to get a carrier.
This one's the best.
Wearing baby close to mommy's body
Promotes a healthy attachment,
Which leads to long-term benefits in behavior,
Intelligence, self-esteem...
Yes. Wow.
I definitely want all those things.
But does it, like,
Puke all over you?
Any other tips?
Well... I guess it kind of depends
On your parenting philosophy.
Is the baby going to sleep in your room or in a nursery?
Um, in a nursery.
Okay, that's okay.
Latin lover narrator: Doesn't sound okay. Is it not?
It's a choice. Everything's a choice.
Uh-huh. Are you planning on nursing?
Yes. Definitely.
Good. It is the most important thing.
Yeah, I did all the research. I know all the health benefits.
Did you sign up for a lactation class?
I didn't know that they even had that.
It's an absolute necessity.
The lactation emporium has the best ones.
Are you working with a doula?
No, I'm not.
Latin lover narrator: Primarily because she did not know what that was.
But all that was about to change.
Hey, so I just got the budget,
And we did not agree on this number.
We have a lot of buzz coming off the bisbal concert.
We have to seize that momentum.
There's no reason why we can't be a brand-name hotel,
Like a fontainebleau or a delano.
We were making up some deficits, rafael.
So now is the time to reach a little.
This party
Is going to make the marbella
A spring break destination.
And you got a special events permit?
Applied for it two weeks ago. Should be here any minute.
Hey, come on. Trust me.
I got this.
It's a baby wrap. For baby-wearing.
Seriously? How long are you guys
Going to keep this up?
Latin lover narrator: To recap: It has been one week
Since xiomara and alba last spoke.
You both said some pretty hurtful things.
And if she does, you'll move on?
She's happy.
In love...
You know that's not true.
Their connection is not just physical.
Latin lover narrator: Well, maybe not just physical...
But it definitely was physical.
Michael: So...
I take it your answer to my question is "yes."
Latin lover narrator: And the question?
So, you two like living together so far?
It's amazing.
You are amazing.
No, you are.
I know.
The answer is yes.
A thousand times yes.
Happy to hear it!
Anyway, here you go--
Your "interstellar lieutenant" badge.
Thank you for dropping it off, michael.
The prop department is all over me.
Apparently these things "take time to make."
No worries.
Oh, also... I brought you this.
To commemorate your time on the force.
We usually give it to kids on field trips,
But... I love it. Thank you.
Hey, you know, jane's actually on her way over...
Jane: Hey. Hi.
I'm here. We're here.
Latin lover narrator: You thought it was awkward when michael
Stood there watching
I, I was actually just on my way out.
Just wanted to drop that off.
I-I'll walk you out, brother.
They went on a ride-along.
I had no idea he'd be here. I had no idea
They were best friends.
They're not.
Why aren't you changed? Go changed.
It'll take me two minutes.
But can I just say it seems silly
To go to a breast-feeding class before there's a baby?
Then don't come.
I'm coming. I'm just saying,
How is that a thing?
You have no idea how many "things" there are
When you're having a baby.
Hello, I have some idea.
I mean nowadays.
I wish you could come. I know.
But this party and the budget we've sunk in...
There's so much to do.
Less I can do at a lactation class.
No, I get it.
(rogelio clears throat)
You both should come, you and xo.
To the party. Fine.
I will provide the celebrity presence.
You don't have to keep hinting.
...Eternally grateful.
Good. Want to take the grand tour?
Follow me, please.
Your grandmother's going to ask about the house.
Don't tell her anything.
Ma. Don't.
Just mention how big it is.
You have to at least talk to her.
Be the bigger person.
And then what?
Move back in with her? I'm happy.
I know.
That's what I told her.
That you're in love.
I really am.
So who said it first, by the way?
Latin lover narrator: Interesting question, jane.
You know what?
We haven't actually said it yet.
Is that weird?
That we live together, but we haven't said I love you?
Maybe slightly unconventional,
But I'm not one to judge.
Yeah, well, I'm not going to dwell on it.
Should I just go ahead and say it?
He shouldn't have to be the first to say it
Just 'cause he's the guy, right?
That's not, like, feminist or whatever.
Mom, shh.
I'm trying to listen to this.
Sorry, sorry. The cradle hold is one that can be used
Immediately after baby's birth.
Good job.
And if you opt for a hospital birth,
Do not let those doctors
Snatch that baby away
Before you have a chance to nurse.
Snatch the baby away?
Why would they snatch the baby away?
Just to weigh it or give it a bath.
Don't freak out, this woman is a drama queen.
...And this is the most important thing to remember.
Isn't always easy.
But if you decide you will nurse, you will nurse.
I had a new mommy in here
Just the other day, and she was crying.
She was painfully engorged,
Her nipples were so chafed,
She was bleeding and blistered.
But she persevered.
Bottle-feeding is not the end of the world.
Not the end of the world, but it could be the end
Of her baby's proper immune function.
You've got to be kidding me.
Mom, shh. I'm just saying,
I bottle-fed you and you turned out great.
Okay, well, it's 23 years later,
And science says it's important.
Now be quiet. Okay.
Let's see your cradle hold.
Oh, and polly told me
To ask you for a doula recommendation?
If we decided to go with one.
When are you due? June 1.
Oh, dear, that's soon. The good doulas are likely booked.
All the good ones? I'll have to dig around.
Thank you.
And are there other things I should know?
That I don't know I should know?
Probably. Which is why we have
A wonderful online community called the milky madres.
Women who are going through the same thing as you,
Giving each other advice, inside tips...
Just lean forward a bit.
Otherwise baby will choke on the milk.
We'll sign you up.
Thank you.
Jane... Hmm?
...Just don't panic.
Latin lover narrator: But jane was, indeed, panicking.
And so she made a mistake
We have all made during moments of panic...
She went down the internet rabbit hole.
Unfortunately, much of what jane found
Seemed to be written
In a secret code. D.D.?
What's a d.D.?
Even more unfortunately, the acronyms used
In the online parenting community
Seem to number in the thousands...
As do the concerns of the mothers online.
Mom: My d.S. Got a pc for his birthday.
Should I be concerned about adhd?
Mom 2: I'm scared that if I let my baby cry herself to sleep,
She will be traumatized. What should I do?
Mom 3: I just read about stress hormones
In pregnant women being terrible for baby,
So now I'm stressed about being stressed...
Girl: Your stress hormones
Are through the roof right now.
Thanks to you, I have anxiety problems.
Who are you? Your kid.
You thought you were prepared for this?
Well, you thought wrong.
You're a terrible mom.
I hate you! Oh!
Latin lover narrator: We all turn to different things in times of stress.
Exercise. A glass of wine.
The real housewives franchise.
For jane, it was studying.
(phone chimes)
She's not here.
I've got a few more boxes to pick up.
Hello, jane.
Hey, rogelio. Dad.
Hey, I wanted to talk to you, actually, about michael.
(laughs) man, I love that guy!
I know. I...
You just need to tone it down, okay?
'cause it's uncomfortable.
For me, for rafael.
Who I'm having a baby with.
I get what you're saying.
You okay?
It's nothing, I mean, I...
I just like the guy. Yeah, I get it.
I mean, there's something, you know? He-he-he gets me!
He's funny, too... Rogelio, please!
Rogelio. Look, I don't think it's good for michael, either.
You know? I mean, he...
He needs to move on.
Okay, I'll talk to him later.
When we get mani-pedis.
He agreed to mani-pedis?
It was a surprise.
A parting gift.
Can you take care of the boxes? They're in my room.
Yeah, sure.
Did you drop the "l" bomb?
I changed my mind.
He should say it first.
I suggested that we move in together.
It's his turn.
I brought something to show you.
Just to remind you that even though I was only 16
And mommy blogs and nursing classes didn't exist...
Mom. I just don't want you
To overthink this stuff.
But I'm sleeping on my stomach.
And the pacifier's probably chock full of bpa.
Plus there's a blanket over me, mom.
And there's a crib bumper in there!
Look, jane, all I'm saying is, you turned out great.
And-and you can read all the books you want.
But trust me, with an actual baby,
Everything's different.
Aaron: My childhood wasn't great, you know?
I mean, roman and I, we were exposed
To some tough stuff early on.
Anyway, he went one way and I went the other.
Hmm. How'd you end up in india?
(both laugh)
Uh, well, it started off
As the usual post-college soul searching.
But the longer I stayed,
I started to see the world differently.
Jainism isn't just about nonviolence.
It's about listening to multiple views.
It's about being open and honest.
Well, well, I did a-a little research actually.
Did you?
I was curious. Um...
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Are you a strict practitioner?
In all areas?
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted
Petra was curious about one area in particular.
Not in all areas.
And, uh, which area are-aren't you strict about?
The one you're asking about.
Or else I wouldn't be here.
(phone buzzes)
Rafael. I have to call him.
So, what's it like working with your ex-husband?
Feels like a million years ago that we were married.
I'm over all that.
Ah! Just put your feet in.
Well, I, I feel silly. Oh, come on.
It's 2015. Men get pedicures.
Or what was all this equal rights talk about?
Thank you. Anyway, speaking of women.
Were we? Why don't you come with me
To the marbella party tomorrow
And try to meet a few of them?
Rogelio, what's going on?
I know you still care for jane very much.
And between you and me, I would like to declare myself
But the first and foremost, I must remain #teamjane.
That means I must encourage you
To... #moveon.
I've moved on. Oh, have you?
Well, I mean...
I'm not dating anyone right now.
But you are getting busy... Knocking boots!
Let's stop talking about that immediately.
Oh, come on! Just consider coming out with me, please, bro.
I mean, women will swarm.
You will be lit by my glow.
And perhaps, if you get a girlfriend,
That will make rafael less uncomfortable...
He's uncomfortable?
You know, maybe I will come with you to that party.
No permit for the party? I don't understand! They said the city got
Overwhelmed and our application got lost in the shuffle.
Okay, so expedite a new application!
We'll pay whatever fee...
You don't think that I tried that? They said no.
So, what now?
We go ahead as planned.
We overextended ourselves on all the deposits.
So if we cancel now, we're out the money
With nothing to show for it.
If we get caught... We won't.
You can't guarantee that! Let's keep a low profile.
Crowd control, no bonfires.
Petra, I guarantee you
That we are not the only party happening tonight
On south beach without their ducks in a row.
We're too far
Down the road to back out now.
So, have you talked to your ex since calle ocho?
No, but it was so weird running into him like that.
Latin lover narrator: You remember andie, right?
Jane's new friend from her romance writers' group.
Turns out they have a lot in common.
Okay, it sounds so silly.
But I can't help but think,
I don't know, that it's like...
A sign? (sighs)
(laughs) I get it, trust me.
Which is maybe why michael dated both of them.
Just pour it into your writing.
You're sharing next week, right? Mm.
I'm going to tell amanda I can't. Hmm?
I just don't have the time.
I promised my sister I'd babysit.
You're babysitting?
A real baby?
Um, yeah.
I'll do it!
I need the practice.
Really? Are you sure?
You'd be doing me a favor.
I had no idea where I was gonna
Get my hands on a real baby.
That sounded weird. Mm-hmm.
But I'll take care of it.
Her. Her.
That name is on my short list.
See? Sign. Aw.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of babies...
So, how do I look?
My super fans can eat their hearts out.
I love making people jealous.
Speaking of love, I was unpacking and I-I found this.
Ah, a frame that says "love."
Subtle, xiomara.
Do you like it or too cutesy?
No. It's sweet.
Maybe a picture of my mother?
Another one?
It should be noted that xiomara and rogelio's mother
Met three times in 1991.
All three times were epic disasters.
So, you love the frame?
What else do you love?
Oh, are we playing a game?
I'm just curious. Hot chocolate!
Ah, so rogelio loves hot chocolate.
With the mini-marshmallows.
With mini-marshmallows.
Got it.
Anything else?
Well, I love my fans, of course.
The human kinds.
And the ones that blow air.
And mirrors! I love mirrors...
My turn.
Hmm. You know what I love?
Sleeping on the left side of the bed.
But that's my side of the bed. And you know what else I don't love?
I don't love the photos of your mother around this house.
Xiomara, that is very rude.
As I mentioned before, I love my mother very much.
What is wrong with you?!
Okay, I only have an hour according to your assistant.
You called rob? Yup.
And apparently, you have a window.
I do have a window.
Good. Hey! Mm-mm!
We have things to accomplish.
Some things need to be decided.
Let's do it.
First, a doula.
Should I have one?
Um, refresh me on what a doula is?
You didn't read the e-mail?
She's there to navigate the birth.
She takes care of the mother as far as I can tell.
Like, pain management...
Downside? Expensive.
Fine, it's no problem, I know.
But it's a consideration. Also there's another person
In the room during the birth-- do you want that?
Not really. Do you?
I don't think so.
Then why are we even talking about it?
I just think I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, you know?
The thought of someone in the room
Who knows what's going on, who's done this a lot is...
(cell phone ringing)
I am so sorry.
It's-it's about the-the party.
No, it's okay. I know.
Please tell me this is important, evan.
All right.
I'll handle it.
Please don't kill me.
I am sorry.
Can't someone else handle it?
They tried, they couldn't and they called me.
Hey, hey. Just... Come back tonight, huh?
After you babysit.
Yeah, okay.
Jane, look at me.
We are in this together.
And I love you.
I love you, too.
I come bearing babies.
Or a baby. Luna.
Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?
So peaceful.
Party's great, huh?
Party's great.
What the hell?
You see a girl you like? Something better.
I'm glad at least one of us is having a good night.
Hey, what's going on? You okay?
Xiomara's pissed at me for no reason.
Really? Go back through it.
Think of everything that happened, anything you said...
That's right, you're a detective!
You can help me investigate what went wrong.
Well, I don't know if "investigate" is the right word.
I will take you back to the scene of the crime.
Picture this:
After a vigorous session of lovemaking...
Don't need to take me back quite that far.
Got it. After lovemaking...
Mm-hmm. ...We took a very nice, long shower.
No. Hmm-mm.
Is she okay? Easy.
Still sleeping. I need some action.
How's it going in there?
Oh, I got nothing.
Really? I heard so much typing...
Oh, that was just me internet-stalking the ex.
You know, instagram,
Facebook, vine...
I get it. Should I text him?
Maybe. I mean, just to see.
But I've worked so hard to get over him. Instagram,
Facebook, vine...
You know what? I'll do it.
Good. Yes. I'll do it.
(mock shudders)
Okay, so...
I'll just say, like...
Like... "hey."
(laughs) oh, come on,
You're a way better writer than me, let's go.
Okay, let's see. Um...
"it was so good running into you.
"maybe we can grab some coffee
Sometime and catch up."
Dot dot dot.
Maybe something else will happen, too.
Dot, dot, dot.
Okay, send.
(fussing) okay. You wanted action.
Oh. Oh... Hi, luna.
Oh, luna.
Oh, it's okay.
Oh, you're just all wet.
We're gonna change your diaper.
Here you go.
Yeah. What?
No, no, no.
How could I forget diapers?
Oh, my god. Um...
I'll run out and get some.
Uh... Or I can stay and give her her bottle.
No, no, no. You go, I'll be fine.
I'll just get her out of these wet clothes.
(crying) oh...
Okay, okay.
(crying loudly)
Hey, uh, I know abuela's at work.
(crying continues)
How's the babysitting going?
Not great! What are you doing?
Trying to figure out this swaddle. Just pick her up!
No, mom, she needs to be swaddled. Honey... The baby is crying.
Yes, mom, I'm aware of that. I didn't swaddle you...
Don't you dare tell me how great I turned out!
I'm just trying to help you.
Well, you're not helping!
You're just doing the opposite of helping!
(luna fussing)
(fussing stops) oh, oh...
Latin lover narrator: Oh, thank god!
Well, looks like little miss perfect
Has figured it out all on her own.
Good for you.
(door slams)
(crying loudly)
Girl: Worst.
Peekaboo! (laughs)
Latin lover narrator: You'll recall that when we last saw jane and luna,
Both were quite upset.
But I'm happy to tell you that things have improved.
And it turns out jane's got a knack for babies.
And she's actually having fun.
Perhaps it gets a bit repetitive after awhile.
Are you sure you don't want to do... (cries)
Peekaboo! (gasps) but really, how many times
Can a baby want to hear peekaboo anyway?
(phone ringing) is that the phone?
(baby voice): It's rafael!
Rafael! Hello!
Jane, are you okay?
Yes. I'm just using the baby voice
So that the baby doesn't cry.
How's it going?
Jane, I said how's it going?
Oh, it's great!
What? Jane, I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
My grandmother is here, and I can't hear a thing that you're saying,
So I'll be by later.
Yes, yes, I'll see you later.
It's going well.
This is luna.
That's abuela.
(chuckles softly)
(laughs) ah?
We got into a fight.
I'm not in a forgiving mood.
She was relentless.
Telling me everything I should be doing with the baby.
Not to swaddle-- that she never swaddled me,
And I turned out just fine.
♪ (continues indistinctly)
Back off. I'm her mother.
That doesn't matter anymore.
Bring me back to this game that you and xo
Were playing-- tell me about it.
It was harmless.
She was asking me about things I liked...
Or loved, I guess.
I could crush some hunan wok.
Or... Ooh! Mansfield café
Is right near their place, right?
Or wait, did deanna say
That that was the place that jacob hated?
Doesn't jacob hate every place?
What if we... Blew them off and went to see a movie,
Just the two of us-- is that terrible?
I'd love to.
(jane laughs)
I love you, too.
We've just never...
We've never said that to each other.
You just did.
Actually, I said "I'd love to."
But... I do.
I love you.
Of course I do. I just...
I-I... I thought it was too soon.
Too soon?!
I've been waiting forever.
You have? Mm-hmm.
Dropping hints all week.
"what do you love about soccer, ronaldo?"
I'm pretty sure xo wants you to say "I love you."
(soft gasp)
Of course.
Yes, you are right!
I don't know how I missed it.
Thank you.
You are a true friend.
So, can I ask you a question?
Of course.
Do you think they'll last?
Jane and rafael?
'cause I don't think they will.
Deep down, I-I don't.
So, yeah, that's... Why I haven't moved on.
'cause I think she's gonna wake up,
She's gonna realize he's wrong for her.
Latin lover narrator: And even though he wasn't sure at all,
Rogelio knew what his true friend needed to hear.
I think they will last,
Michael. And I think
You need to #moveon.
Speaking of moving on...
I don't believe you.
What? That you're over rafael.
Because I've been watching you...
And you've been watching him.
Excuse me for a minute.
Man: Found a whole bunch of underage drinkers
Out on your beach. Oh. I am so sorry, officer.
It must have been fake ids.
We try to be vigilant, but...
We'll talk to our bartenders right away.
Pretty big party, though.
You get the permits for this?
We... We did send them in,
But the office... Misplaced them.
You know, it is my understanding
That you have the ability
To overlook a mistake like this.
Are you trying to bribe a uniformed officer, mr. Solano?
Oh, no... 'cause if you are,
That would make a very bad situation even worse.
No. No, no, no. Sir, I'm-I'm sorry.
You know, we'll shut the party down right now.
Yeah, you will.
Or trust me...
That's the least of your problems.
Thank you again. You were amazing.
No. Of course.
(phone ringing)
It's him.
Your ex? Uh-huh.
Go. Go outside-- I'll take care of luna a little longer.
Latin lover narrator: And I'll remind you now
That andie and jane share an ex.
Michael. Hi.
A fact jane did not know.
Hi. So, I just got your text, and I...
I thought, you know, why not give you a call?
I'm glad you did.
How have you been?
Oh, it's, it's been a tough couple of months,
To tell you the truth.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I heard you and jane broke up.
But andie, apparently, did know.
Can I come in?
So, is it bad?
We'll lose our liquor license.
The question is, for how long?
We'll lose weddings, conventions.
And it's my fault.
Because I let my feelings get in the way of business.
(wry laugh)
(laughs): I knew we shouldn't go this big without a permit.
But I gave in.
Because I'm not over him.
Like you said.
But I want to be.
There is a famous saying:
If you can't be with the one you love,
Love the identical twin of the guy you were cheating with.
(softly): Sorry.
I'm sorry, I-I shouldn't have...
Come here tonight.
I've had too much to drink.
(door closes)
So how was the party?
Not good.
Why? What happened?
We were shut down.
Our liquor license is going to be suspended.
And we are facing a huge fine.
The cops came,
And we didn't have the permits that we needed for the party.
Oh, no.
Why not?
'cause I screwed up.
Sorry, I was just asking.
I really don't need any judgment right now, okay?
It's not what I meant at all.
Latin lover narrator: Maybe you should slow down, buddy.
Listen, I-I'm sorry about tonight.
We can talk about the baby stuff tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have to deal with the liquor license, jane.
Okay, so when can we?
I don't know-- this stuff's time-sensitive.
Yeah, and there's a timeline here, too.
Don't make me feel guilty right now.
I'm not. Well, you're clearly upset.
Well, I'm allowed to be upset.
I-I shouldn't be judged for working hard-- it's important.
And so is our baby.
Who I'm trying to provide for.
And I get that, but there are other stuff, too, okay?
I'm starting to get really frustrated
That I have to do all of this on my own.
Well, you know what I'm frustrated about? Huh?
Michael. What does michael have to do with this?
That's the point.
He should have nothing to do
With our lives right now,
But yet here he is at my party with your father.
He's trying to get you back, jane.
And you are too naive to even realize it.
I'm not naive.
But you're drunk.
And I don't want to be here anymore.
(door slams)
(cell phone chimes)
It's not good for children to grow up with parents who fight.
We tend to become aggressive.
(grunts) (moans)
Rogelio: Can we talk?
Uh, mike helped me figure out why you were mad.
Who's mike?
Michael cordero.
Anyway, he thought you wanted to know if I love you.
Is he right?
He's so smart.
Latin lover narrator: Stay focused, rogelio.
(clears throat)
Anyway, I feel silly I didn't understand, xiomara.
Though I wish you'd just told me.
Yeah, I know.
I just got it in my head that I wanted you to say it first.
But what the hell?
I do.
I love you.
And I...
Am getting there with you, as well.
Latin lover narrator: Got to be honest--
Not the answer she was looking for.
And "getting there" was enough for you to move in with me?
To uproot both our lives?
Well, it seemed sensible.
I mean, you needed to get out of your mother's house,
And I needed to make love to you
Somewhere that didn't feel like a convent.
No, no, don't be angry.
What I mean is that, you know,
I lived with women before.
Many women.
Is this supposed to be helping?
No, I'm sorry, that did not come out right.
Please sit down.
(clears throat)
What I mean is that... (sighs)
I-I've only said "I love you" to three women in my life.
You know, my two ex-wives and my mother.
Those words mean a lot to me.
And, if I'm honest,
There is one thing holding me back.
What's that?
The animosity that exists between you and my mother.
Her approval, it means a lot.
So I have invited her to visit.
She arrives
Next week,
And you two can mend fences.
I can't wait.
And speaking of mending fences...
Jane, about last night...
I was drunk
And pissed off and...
I took it out on you.
And I am so sorry.
Everything that I said came out wrong.
It came out wrong,
But you meant what you said, right? No.
I was lashing out because I...
Felt guilty, like you said.
Like I was... Letting you down.
Look, I-I understand that you're mad,
And you have every right to be.
I'm not mad, rafael.
I'm scared.
When this baby comes,
I'm scared it's gonna all be on me,
All the child care.
No, it won't. We won't let it.
What does that mean?
Work is always gonna come up for you.
It should be noted that at this moment,
All jane needed was for rafael to say, "I'll pitch in."
So we'll get a nanny to help.
That's your answer? So that you can do
What you need to do, and I can run the hotel.
Will you be taking any time off to take care of the baby?
Come on. My job is different.
We have different responsibilities. So no?
So I don't know. In an ideal world, yes, of course.
Come on. You know how much
This means to me.
Jane, please,
Let's not fight.
I... Don't want to.
I promise you we will figure it out.
We will make this work.
'cause I love you.
I love you, too.
But suddenly, for the first time,
She wasn't sure that was enough.
(crickets chirping)
Oh. I thought you were at church.
I came to see jane.
Seriously, ma, I am not in the mood for a lecture.
(sniffles) and the same goes for you, okay?
What I do...
What's happening here?
Just working things out.
You okay?
Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you.
No, I-I need to let you do things your own way
With the baby and not feel like you think I'm a bad mom
If you don't take my advice.
Mom, are you kidding?
That's the last thing...
What if I don't like it?
The baby?
All of it.
Being a mom.
I mean, babysitting and playing peekaboo--
It was one night, and I was crawling out of my skin.
That's what everybody says, but what if it isn't?
What if I can't handle it?
And what if rafael is busy, working all the time?
Then we'll pitch in.
We're in this together.
All of us.
(sniffles, clears throat) excuse me.
I seem to have something in my eye.
Just give me a moment.
Keep it up.
Come in.
Thank you so much for coming.
I wasn't sure you would.
Petra... I just want...
I-I... (chuckles)
I just wanted to apologize for last night.
I thought I was ready for more,
But I...
Well, I guess I'm just not there yet.
Can we just...
Stick to friendship?
Of course.
Sorry. Thank you.
We have a problem.
A big problem.
Ah, yes. Let's rewind a bit.
I'm sure you thought petra was falling for aaron,
But the truth was a little more complicated.
Remember that moment?
See, it felt very familiar to petra.
And that kiss? Also strangely familiar.
And now... The clincher.
You guessed it: Also familiar.
I don't know why, I don't know how,
But I do know that is not aaron.
It's roman.
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