Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Chapter Sixteen - full transcript

Jane is feeling distant from Rafael so she focuses on her writing instead, but is stuck with a case of writers block. When Jane runs into Michael he mentions a romance writing workshop, and...

Latin lover narrator: All right, let's hit it-- jane, you'll recall,
Was accidentally inseminated with rafael's sperm.
Because so much has happened since then.
For one, she broke up with her detective fiancé, michael,
And fell for rafael. Jane: Why'd your mom leave?
I don't know, to be honest.
But he was going through a tough time.
See? His dad had just been murdered
By sin rostro,
Who turned out to be his stepmother,
But she disappeared.
Oh, and his ex-wife, petra, was now the co-owner of the hotel.
You can't run this hotel alone. Watch me.
As for jane, she wanted to be a romance writer,
And she was pursuing her dream.
Oh, and jane's mother had fallen in love with her father,
Who was suddenly back in her life,
Unfortunately, he was fired from his telenovela
And began working on a new one with his rival, esteban.
Nailed it.
Oh, and before I forget, huge news--
Rafael proposed to jane.
Unfortunately, she said no.
You think that life is short.
For me, I think it's long.
Leaving rafael most unhappy.
So let's see how that all plays out, shall we?
When jane gloriana villanueva was 11 years old,
She first fell in love...
...With salsa.
It was during calle ocho,
One of the villanueva women's favorite days of the year.
And as young jane watched the dancers,
She found herself swept up with the fantasy,
The romance.
Young jane: They just seemed so in love.
Didn't they seem so in love?
Sure, if you say so.
Geez, where is the churro guy?
Latin lover narrator: Unfortunately, at that moment, fantasy crashed into reality.
Right, just like regina a-and aimeé in corazón salvaje.
Latin lover narrator: And young jane chose to believe that.
If I'm being honest,
Perhaps the fantasy cracked, just a little.
But then again,
It usually does.
So, should I...? Uh, yes.
Sorry, uh, go ahead.
Uh, the tour starts at 1:00.
Yes, right.
And it's about two hours.
Wait, what is?
The tour. (cell phone chimes)
Can you just hang on one second, actually?
No problem. Just...
(cell phone chimes)
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay, I was kidding.
It's just the fontainebleau, the soho house,
They're having these big performances
To close out calle ocho.
I know, I get it.
The marbella needs one, too.
Maybe we should just have lunch another time, then.
Okay, no, n-n-n-no, I am here, okay?
What were you saying?
I just wanted you to know that the hospital tour's tomorrow
From 1:00 to 3:00.
Got it, I'm there.
Okay, good.
And, look...
I also just wanted to make sure everything was okay.
With us.
Everything's fine.
Because you seem a little distant.
No, I'm just busy.
Work, calle ocho...
Latin lover narrator: And again, jane chose to believe that...
Okay, good.
You can check your phone.
Rogelio: This is it.
If we tear down that wall,
We can double the size of my closet.
Latin lover narrator: I should mention, it had been weeks
Of house hunting for these two.
So this is it, really?
We finally agree on a place?
I should also mention, rogelio needed it to be perfect.
As long as the square footage is over 5,200, I'm happy.
Let me just double-check... It is.
In this case, "perfect" meaning
Larger than his rival esteban's house.
I would not normally be so petty,
But when my nemesis cares about the little things, so must I.
And now the little thing will be his house.
Great, so you'll let the realtor know?
Already tweeted her.
How did alba take it?
You know, when you said you were moving out.
Surprisingly well.
So rogelio and I decided to move into a place together.
I thought it was gonna be this big fight,
But nothing.
Well, she adores me.
And who can blame her, no?
(cell phone beeps, chimes)
What's going on?
It's an alert.
Like an amber alert?
What? No.
Worse-- it's a twitter alert.
Apparently, I'm losing followers.
Yeah, I-I don't think that's worse.
Apparently, people aren't believing my performance
As an interplanetary detective.
Oh, nice.
They even posted a gif of me
Holding my space gun incorrectly.
Jane: Ooh, yeah.
I saw that.
(clicks tongue)
Well, what are you doing?
Going on the offensive.
I'm posting pictures of me with my famous friends.
I need to change the narrative.
I'll leave you to that.
I need a grilled cheese.
Make that two.
No, I was asking so you could make it.
Oh, come on, yours are better.
And I'll only get a few more
Before I... Move out.
You found a place?
We found a place.
Aw, I'm so happy... Ish.
Oh, we'll see each other all the time.
Nothing's gonna change.
Make the sandwich.
So did you talk to rafael?
Kind of.
He says there's nothing wrong,
But things are different.
He's different.
He's hurt.
You said no to his proposal.
Yeah, I know.
I just wish I knew how to fix it
And get things back to the way they were before.
It'll get better.
Try to be patient. I know.
Anyway, I can't keep obsessing.
Amen, you're not an obsesser. Exactly.
No more. No más.
I made a decision.
He's gonna focus on his work,
I'm gonna focus on mine.
If I want to get this draft of my book done
Before the baby comes,
I need to get on it.
Latin lover narrator: You go, girl.
Ah, yes, writing.
Jane's salvation.
And as promised,
Jane threw herself in.
She saw...
Latin lover narrator: Oh, dear.
It seems our jane is suffering from writer's block.
Just finishing up.
Yep, you are blocked.
And obsessing.
Fantastic news.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes.
You'll recall these two were once married
And are now business partners.
Please tell me you found a musician
To play at the marbella.
Well, almost.
I found a way to a musician.
David bisbal.
And through your almost-father-in-law.
Wait, rogelio? Yes.
He knows him.
Look what he just tweeted.
Why are you following my almost-father-in-law on twitter?
What's your agenda, petra?
Does it have to do with jane?
Here's my agenda.
I want to drive people to this hotel
So we stop hemorrhaging money.
Your contacts have not panned out,
So I started following rogelio
Because I thought there was a chance
He might know someone famous.
And I was right.
I'm sure you can understand why I asked,
Given our complicated history.
Just make the call.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of exes with complicated history...
I'm just meeting someone here.
I was just leaving, actually.
Well, also I have something.
Okay, I've been meaning to give this to you
Since we saw each other last at the food truck.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Right, see you.
Here you go.
Oh, did jane leave?
Uh, yeah.
Shoot, I really wanted to give her this.
These went up in my neighborhood.
It's a writing workshop
Led by a romance writer that we both really like.
Latin lover narrator: I'm not going to lie.
It felt like a sign.
This is so weird, michael.
I've been having a little trouble writing,
And I was literally wishing that I could find a workshop
Like the one I took in college.
Meant to be, I guess.
(rogelio sighs)
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't want to interrupt.
Everything okay?
The gif is everywhere.
Oh, you mean the gif with you holding the gun wrong?
Who are you to say it was wrong?
Well, I do hold guns for a living.
You're a policeman.
Detective, actually.
I'm a lieutenant.
In space.
I could shadow you. What?
To gain authenticity.
Dad, this is his job.
And acting is mine.
This gif is embarrassing me
Because I take my craft very seriously.
Which you can see by my use of the word "craft."
Yeah, I'll have to clear it with my captain first.
Beautiful, you're on!
Are you sure...?
But wait, there are rules.
You can't drive.
You can't pretend you're a real police officer.
And you can't have a weapon.
Of course.
Except in case of emergencies, I'll just...
No. No.
Okay, we'll talk about it later.
You said yes.
Woman: "say yes, willa.
Let yourself say yes."
Latin lover narrator: Which brings us here, now,
To jane in her romance writers' group.
And so far,
It was pretty much a fantasy.
Well, if you fantasize about writers' workshops.
It was friendly, stimulating,
"willa wanted to say yes,
"but she knew there was something else
"she needed to say first.
"that could change phillip's mind...
Believe it or not,
I used to finish with the sentence,
"but she didn't know if she could."
Which basically takes away all the suspense.
Exactly, your ending
Just drives the story forward.
Man: Thrusts it forward.
We use words like "thrusts" in here, jane.
Oh, hi, um, am I too late?
Oh, no, no, please join us.
We're very happy to have two new members today.
Now, we were just talking about how,
At the end of a chapter,
It's really good to say something provocative.
And then move on.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes, something along the lines of,
"little did jane know
One of these people would change her life."
Which, by the way, is true.
Now, thrusting forward.
Thank you for coming. You'll recall
Michael had a meeting at the marbella.
And you remember aaron, right?
I've meditated on this a bit, on what to do, and...
Reminding myself that one of jainism's basic tenets
Is satyatruth-seeking.
I'm required
To do what I can to find
My brother's killer.
The answers might be on this,
But it's encrypted, so...
Where'd you get that?
Your mother's necklace.
Aaron: I found it hidden in the pendant
That belonged to my mother.
My brother told me that it existed
Before he died.
Said it was some sort of insurance policy.
Latin lover narrator: Interesting.
Aaron's coming clean.
Misread that situation.
I'll get a team together to decrypt it.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of a gentle jain,
Ours was living the dream.
She was surrounded by people who would help her
Through her writer's block,
Just as she was sure her insights
Would help them.
Amanda: All right, everyone.
Please pass your cards to wendy.
I'm so nervous.
I just hope I did it right. Did what right?
The compliment cards.
The what now? Compliment cards.
That's, like, amanda's whole group philosophy.
It was written on-on the back of the flyer.
Jane: "compliment cards
"that help foster a sense of self followed by
A gentle discussion on areas of improvement."
Mm-hmm. I thought it was supposed to be a critique.
And why didn't they write it on the front on the flyer?
Latin lover narrator: I think we can safely assume
Jane had not read the back of the flyer.
Are you sure? We're really only supposed to say nice things?
Latin lover narrator: I think it is also safe to assume
That jane did not just say nice things.
Amanda: Well, first I want to thank wendy
For sharing her story with us.
I know how hard it's been for you.
Hey, it's only taken me a year and a half
To get up the courage, so...
Amanda: So,
Before we dive
Into our gentle discussion,
Why don't we shore you up with some compliments?
Denise says, "the characters
"were very well defined,
"and I love the twist when she realizes
It's the same man."
Sorry, I'm just gonna grab my card.
Oh. It's just the third one.
Right here. No, what it is,
It's that I just didn't do it right, so...
Jane, there is no right here.
This is a safe place. Let her read your card.
No, see... Go ahead, wendy. Go on.
Um... Mm-hmm.
"good dialogue,
"but I wasn't rooting
"for the couple.
"it's clear there's no real love there.
They seem like they'd be better off without each other."
I'm so sorry.
No, I-I just,
I didn't understand.
Wendy. I just want to say that...
Stop, please!
You've done enough.
(sobbing continues)
Latin lover narrator: You'll recall we just left jane
Having made a member of the writers' workshop cry
Somewhat hysterically.
I was trying to be helpful.
In my creative writing class in college,
We would do this kind of stuff all the time, critiquing.
Perhaps you'd be more comfortable
In that kind of a cutthroat environment.
No, no, no, no, that is not what I'm looking for at all.
We are builder-uppers, not tearer-downers.
I'm a builder-upper.
That's what I do all the time.
I build up, up, up.
Latin lover narrator: New tactic, jane.
Look, I made a mistake.
Just like eleanor got into hot water with the dairy lobby
The first time she was at the farm.
If john jr. Hadn't given her
A second chance...
You read love under the bridge?
Of course! I just didn't read
The back of the flyer.
Give me
Another chance.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of second chances...
I wonder why he's so mad.
Uh, hello.
I'm going to take your hand,
Because I'm a gentleman, and we're in public.
All right.
Uh, please, have a seat.
Uh, look, I know
You are very busy.
Incredibly busy.
Right, so I will...
Get to the point.
I understand you're friends with david bisbal?
David bisbal?
Stars of our magnitude
Tend to gravitate to each other.
Well, I was hoping to have him sing here after calle ocho.
I would pay him, of course. I just,
I need the intro.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Let me understand.
You have not come here to apologize?
Do I have that right?
For what?
Let me spell that out to you
Without actually spelling anything, you know?
You have no trouble asking me for a meeting
With a superstar,
But when it comes
To my most prized possession,
Whose hand you want in marriage...
Wait, you're mad that I didn't ask you
Before I proposed to jane?
Finally you understand!
I'm sorry.
Honestly, it didn't even occur to me, really,
Because, you know, I've known her longer than you.
But that is not an excuse at all.
I should've asked you, I'm very sorry.
What's going on here?
Rafael and I have buried our hatchets,
And I'm gonna help him secure david bisbal
For a stay at the marbella.
Thank you, sir.
No problem.
Just, the next time you propose to jane,
Remember to ask
My permission beforehand.
It's okay, it's okay.
Won't happen again.
I'll see you all later.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna ask you anything.
I wasn't thinking that.
Just, uh, making sure.
Rafael, is everything okay?
Yeah, I mean, that was pretty awkward. With us?
Because ever since the proposal...
Can we please stop talking about the proposal?
Seriously, your father, now you.
It didn't go well, you said no.
I would like to stop reliving it and just move on.
Latin lover narrator: And so,
Jane turned to her writing to make things better,
With her writers' group, at least.
So she reread wendy's story
And focused on the good.
She was determined to focus
On the good.
Xiomara: Janey?
I heard a lot of typing.
No more writer's block?
Nope, still have that.
It's an apology.
I messed up at my writers' workshop,
And I'm just trying to fix the problem. You'll do it.
This'll make you feel better.
I don't need this.
Why? I thought you liked it.
On you.
This is you packing.
Sorting. Hey!
Those are my shoes.
Sorry, my mistake.
Hey, this is my jean jacket.
All right, come on. I wear it way more than you do.
She's stealing!
I'm sorting.
My move in with rogelio.
Ma, I told you, I'm moving out.
We talked about this last week.
You said you were fine with it.
Stay calm.
I am not calling it off, ma!
Okay, could you not call me stupid?
Look, you both need to just relax.
Don't mention the cow!
Mom, what I think abuela is trying to say
Is that she's just concerned for your relationship.
I don't remember asking you for your opinion!
Which doesn't mean that she doesn't respect it!
Right, mom?
Oh, seriously, you are giving me advice about dating?
What's it been, like, 25 years?
Well, you're the one who called me stupid!
Okay, I think that you both have just said hurtful things,
And it's just that we're sensitive to the fact
That things are changing.
I will not!
(door slams)
(grunts in frustration)
Latin lover narrator: The next morning, jane was determined to fix things.
With everyone.
(whispering): I'm leaving now, mom,
But I want to see you later
At calle ocho at 4:00.
I'll see you at calle ocho.
Meet you at 4:00.
Wendy... Aah!
Oh! Sorry. You startled me.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to give you this.
It's everything I loved about your story.
Oh, you don't have to do that. Please.
No, please, I do.
Jane... Yesterday, I wasn't upset
Because of what you said about my writing.
It was what you said about my marriage.
You know, the two people
You thought were "better off without each other."
That's basically me and my husband.
And, uh...
Everything you said was true.
You know, there-there is no connection, there...
There is no romance.
Don't say that.
Never say that.
Romance can always be salvaged.
You need to make a big romantic gesture.
Something... Epic!
Latin lover narrator: Come on, it's a romance writers' group.
What did you expect them to say?
A weekend getaway. Maybe tahiti.
(gasps) you can make love in those huts.
We can't afford tahiti.
You can come stay at the marbella for the weekend.
The hotel with all the murders?
Well, we don't really like to advertise it like that,
But my boyfriend owns it
And I can get you a suite.
If you need time away.
Uh, we'd love that.
Thanks, jane.
Latin lover narrator: See?
Fixing problems, left and right.
Hey, did you double-check his rider?
He's here.
Rafael solano.
I am david bisbal.
Petra: Anything you need,
You just let me know.
First, I hit up calle ocho,
And then I'm back here, I don't know,
About an hour before the show, okay?
Of course. Anything, bro.
No, guys. Thank you.
Who will be taking care of mr. Bisbal's dog?
I'm sorry... Excuse me?
David needs someone to watch his dog till after the show.
Wait, we weren't told anything about a dog.
Should we find another place to stay?
No. No, no, no, no, no, no. No. We'll take the dog.
Yeah, we're good.
This is diablo.
That's... Cute.
Okay. Hi. Hi, diablo.
His diet needs to be closely monitored,
As well as his assorted rashes.
Here's his schedule. It's detailed.
I expect you two to personally take care of him.
Got it.
Here, take him.
Oh, no, no!
I am pretty sure
I just heard you promise david bisbal
That you would personally handle everything.
I'm not a dog person, rafael. Come on, you know that.
Wait, you just expect me to take care of this on my own?
Nope, nope.
Wh... No.
Nope. Nope.
No. We share.
Amanda: Jane...
Would you like to share
Your work with us next session?
You know, I don't-- I don't think so.
Oh, we'll be kind. (laughs)
No, it's... It's not that.
I'm actually having writer's block.
I think I just need to listen,
Observe, absorb...
Well, that's not a problem.
Just let us know when you're ready, okay?
Mm-hmm. Oh, and a word of advice.
The problem isn't always where you think it is.
It's often further back.
They find anything else on the flash drive?
No. Just the name tony vaughn.
Can't believe it.
Me neither. I mean... All right, you need to step back.
You don't have to literally shadow me.
If I step further back, I can't hear.
Fine, I'll step back.
Sorry about that. Okay...
So if tony vaughn's name is on the flash drive,
He's gotta be involved with sin rostro.
I know, but vaughn's been off the grid forever.
You think he's really back in town?
Well, if he is, he's either at his mother's
Or his girlfriend's. Okay, I'm gonna drive by his girlfriend's.
Great, we'll swing by his mother's. You're not coming.
Good luck with that. Nadine...
Of course I'm coming.
It could be dangerous.
What do you think the "d" in de la vega stands for?
Okay, what is going on here?
He won't stop barking.
Yeah, clearly. (sighs)
So how are they supposed to run a sound check
When all they can hear is the stupid dog?
Maybe he's hungry.
Oh, no. No...
What? I have a problem with security.
I have to go talk to randy.
Petra: Okay, fine.
Leave the dog with me.
I'll deal with it. Whoa.
You're not gonna kill him or anything, are you?
Very funny.
No! I'm not gonna...
(diablo growling)
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes, jane.
Plied by a room full of romance writers
And the half a glass of wine her ob assured her was fine,
Jane's decided on her own romantic gesture, if you will.
And you'll recall that "livin' on a prayer"
Is rafael's favorite song.
(door opens) ooh, that must be him.
(turns up music)
♪ hold on...
(music turns off)
Latin lover narrator: Oh, boy.
I was expecting rafael.
Yes, I figured as much.
He said he forgot the dog bag.
Here it is.
I am so bored.
And hungry.
I am hungry and bored.
Not a good cocktail for rogelio.
Then rogelio should go away. Nope.
I'm here for the long haul.
Exactly how long do you stay? Usually?
Oh... Could be hours.
Doing nothing?
We talk.
Co... Yep.
Then, after about six hours, we start to get a little punchy.
That's when I start busting out my impressions.
Just saying, you should probably leave now.
But I love impressions.
Let me see one.
All right.
All righty, then!
Ace ventura, pet detective! Yep!
All right, okay. Okay, here's a guy
Getting bit by a lizard and then he turns into one. Ready?
Okay. Aah! (squealing)
(deep voice): Lizard man. Stop it!
My laughter is gonna
Bring attention to ourselves!
(laughing) man!
I wish you'd tell jane this,
'cause she told me these are the worst.
While jane is truly magnificent,
She doesn't have the ear for comedy that I have.
Ah... Oh, man.
Let me ask you something, rogelio.
Is she happy?
You know...
With rafael?
Well, look,
I'm sure it's a little awkward
Because she said no to his proposal,
But she loves him...
Wait. He proposed?
And she said no?
You did not know that?
Rogelio: It's go time.
(engine starts)
I-I texted.
I didn't get it.
I'm sorry.
I also can't stay.
Yeah, it's a work thing.
Something came up.
Aw, come on.
That's not all it is.
You've been... Distracted
And distant... I'm-I'm busy, jane.
This is life.
It's not all flowers and fantasy.
I know that. Do you?
That's not fair.
I don't know what you want from me.
I want for you to be present.
I asked you to marry me.
How much more present could I have been?
And I said no. And I get it, you're hurt, you're mad.
Latin lover narrator: The problem, she realized, was further back.
Because you asked too early.
Things... Things were great.
We were moving forward.
And then you got it into your head to ask me to marry you
And I said no
And I've been beating myself up for hurting you,
But you know what?
This is not my fault.
You were impulsive.
I mean, of course you didn't think to check in with rogelio.
If you'd stopped and had asked
Someone, anyone... Anyone who knows me,
You wouldn't have asked.
And I wouldn't had to have said no,
And we wouldn't be here.
So stop, please,
Stop putting this all on me.
Latin lover narrator: And in that moment,
Jane felt unblocked, as it were.
In any case, better.
(door opens)
(door shuts)
(music playing loudly)
Latin lover narrator: Rafael, not so much.
(music shuts off)
Michael: He's headed south,
Nadine: Got it. We have two officers on foot heading over.
I'm gonna grab a hot dog.
You want something?
We should assume he's armed. It's crowded.
I'm at calle ocho.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes. Calle ocho.
Where our young jane fell in love with salsa.
It was the fantasy, really.
All three of them,
Watching together.
I told you abuela wasn't coming.
I-I-I don't see him.
Where'd he go?
Are you sure you're not hungry?
Jane? Hey!
Latin lover narrator: Isn't that...?
Andie, right? Yeah. Yeah. Hi.
So, we were just heading out. Are you staying?
Yeah. Met my ex-boyfriend here,
So I like to walk around, eat a churro,
Obsess about him a little bit.
No need to explain.
See you around. Okay.
Both: Bye.
Rogelio: Yes!
Let me... Okay, selfie, selfie.
Come on, selfie, come on, yes, closer.
(women laughing)
Hey! Stop!
Oh, that's the bad guy! Get him! Get him! The bad guy!
(all clamoring)
Stop, don't move!
All right!
We got him! Wow!
We're quite a team. Rafael: Petra?
Please, just watch the dog during the concert.
No way! You pawned him off all day.
What is it?
Nothing. It's just a...
It's just a headache.
Rafael, come on.
I know you.
I proposed to you after five months.
Just strolling down memory lane?
Did you think it was too soon?
Uh... It was quick.
It also made sense.
Because of who you are
And how much you've always wanted a family.
No barking.
Latin lover narrator: Let's move!
Dog on the loose, people!
Hey! Hey, boy!
Uh... That's a good boy.
Uh, heel, heel! Stay, stay.
Oh, no! No! No! No! No!
I'll get him! I'll get him! Go get him! Go!
Diablo! Hey! Hey, boy!
Hey! Hey!
(elevator bell dings)
(indistinct chatter)
What? Oh.... Oh, no!
Wait, diablo!
I'm just saying... Our first case together.
And the last.
And we caught the bad guy!
(laughing): We definitely did.
Okay, get a room, you two.
David bisbal: Hello, miami!
(crowd cheering)
Hon, you okay? David: How are you?
Just hoping rafael shows up?
Latin lover narrator: Oh, if only it were that easy for her and rafael.
David: It's a pleasure being here tonight with all of you.
Are you ready?! (crowd cheering)
Latin lover narrator: See, the truth is, jane did hold out hope.
Even though she knew she shouldn't.
Jane, look.
Latin lover narrator: Even though she knew
It was absolute fantasy.
(david singing in spanish)
(crowd cheering)
Latin lover narrator: But alas...
Fantasies must come to an end.
Petra, the concert's over. Bisbal's gonna want his dog.
And look to your left.
Oh, I-I could hug you!
Where did you find him?
In a service elevator
Humping a throw pillow.
Oh, of course. (laughs)
And there you are!
Perfect timing. Hi.
You can tell david
That his dog was perfect. Yup. Oh.
David won't care.
The dog's mine.
Excuse me? I'm sorry, what?
I just knew you two would take better care
Of him if you thought he was mr. Bisbal's.
Anyway, thanks!
Oh, oh, wait. Uh...
(both laughing)
(both sigh)
You know, I was thinking about what you said earlier.
And you're right.
You do know me.
I think it's gonna help with jane.
So, thank you.
Nadine: We'll double-check, but his alibi looks airtight.
Okay, so vaughn didn't kill roman zazo.
He still might be connected to sin rostro.
We'll nail him on drug charges, try to get him to flip
And tell us what he knows.
Sounds like a plan.
(short laugh) hi.
What are you doing here?
Uh... Just grabbing a churro.
Yeah, you always,
You always did like churros.
It's, it-it's been a while.
Like three years.
Three years.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
It's okay.
No more writer's block?
Took my teacher's advice.
The problem was further back in my novel.
Look, I get that big romantic gestures
Won't fix whatever's broken. Jane...
And that's not what I want, really.
I just...
Need us to connect.
You were right.
I did propose too soon.
And it's like what you said.
About going back?
For me... It was all about family.
And how badly I wanted a family.
And so, I-I tried
To rush it and I....
I tried to lock it down so that you wouldn't leave.
I'm not gonna leave.
That's the point.
I'm here.
We don't have to rush.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
You're right.
You know, I never even looked for her.
My mom.
I just
Took my dad's word and trusted
That she didn't want to be found.
I trusted my mom, too.
About my dad and-and...
What she said about him.
It was not true at all.
Yeah, well, I...
Can't really ask my dad anymore.
I know.
But you can look for her.
I mean, lives are complicated,
People are complicated.
But she may have a good reason for leaving.
Or not.
Yeah, yeah.
Or not.
But you'll never know unless you look.
Latin lover narrator: Sometimes the best romance
Is not the stuff of fantasy.
You sure you're ready?
It's the romance of small moments.
Of intimate moments.
I think so.
You think I should do this, right?
I would.
Latin lover narrator: Of reality.
What's your mom's name?
Latin lover narrator: And in reality...
"elena... Dinola."
...You should never search for something
You are not prepared to find.
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