Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Chapter Fifteen - full transcript

Jane learns that an author she idolizes is at the hotel. She writes a story and wants to show it to her. She attends one of her appearances to show her what she wrote. But Rafael arranges for it to be where he proposes to her and she wants to think about her answer. Rafael learns Petra wants to fire Laughlin, he tells her that if she does, they would have to pay him a million dollars which they can't afford. Laughlin asks Rafael to work with him to get her booted out. Xo and Rogelio's relationship hits a road bump.

You'll recall Jane was accidentally

artificially inseminated
with Rafael's sample.

And guess what?

They fell in love.

You know who wasn't happy about this?

Jane's ex-fiancé, Michael.

We belong together.

Rafael's ex-wife Petra.

But she was rebounding
since she gained control

of the Marbella Hotel.

From now on, I am the face

- of the Marbella.
- Unfortunately, Petra had made

a few enemies in the
hotel, including Lachlan.

I warned you. And then
you screwed me over again.

Jane's mother had fallen
in love with her father,

international telenovela
star Rogelio De La Vega.

Sadly, he was fired from his telenovela.

But he chose to stay in town for Xiomara,

even though it meant working
under his rival, Esteban.

And Jane and Rafael just had
a scary doctor's appointment.

An echogenic focus can be a marker

for abnormalities in the fetus.

So they got an amnio and we're
now waiting for the results

and I think they're due any minute.

As a young girl,

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

loved asking questions.

What makes the sky blue?

Did Jesus have a last name?

What's the deal with the electoral college?

Turns out this whole electoral
college thing is crazy.

We're not even actually
voting for our president.

I know. We're voting for electors

who are then pledged to a candidate.

What?! Then why'd you has?

Because you've voted in two elections.

It was time you understood the process.

Ha, ha.


What does love feel like?


Just curious.

How do you know for sure you're in love?

It sort of feels like...

Your heart is glowing,

if that makes sense.

It doesn't.

See, for Jane, every question

had to have a clear answer.

Is there some sort of test you can run,

to measure the amount of
endorphins or something?

But never did an answer mean more to Jane

than the one she was waiting on today.


And in this case, there
was a very clear test.

All right. It's 9:01.

They said that we'd
have the results by 9:00.

The doctors are getting into their offices,

they're getting their
coffee, they have to listen

- to their messages.
- Yeah.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm just going to call anyway.

You know?

Hi, this is Jane Villanueva.

I'm calling to get the
results from my amniocentesis.

Thank you.

They're gonna get Dr. Hillcroft.


Paging Dr. Hillcroft...

Oh, hi, Dr. Hillcroft, sorry, sorry.

I... hi, how are you?


Thank you so much, Dr. Hillcroft.

Of course. Thank you.

And I'm so sorry again.

Okay, bye.

- The baby's healthy?
- Mm-hmm.

- Thank God.
- Mm-hmm.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

It should be noted

that if there were an endorphin test,

these two would score through the roof.




So now that we know our baby's healthy...


It's time to unpin, right?

I should explain...


Let's move in together.

Can we put a pin in that?

I've been thinking about this a lot.

And I really want to say yes,

but I can't.

I just had this order, you know?

How my life would lay out.

Date, get engaged,

get married, have a baby.

And, yes, the baby thing happened first...

But I don't want to just
throw out the whole order.

Or-or... or rather, I want to,

but I can't.

Despite the fact that it
would make life much easier...

And despite the fact
that I love you so much.

I get it.



That was... incredible.

Thank you.

But I can't take all the credit.

- Rogelio...
- Mm...

Yeah. We talked about this.

Oh... yes, yes.

I'm sorry.

You were incredible, too.

You're such a weirdo.

It is the costumer from
"Pasiòn Intergalàctica".


This is Rogelio De La
Vega... or should I say

Juan Rodrigo Castillo,
Interplanetary Detective?

Yes, excellent.

I'll be there. And don't
worry, I'm very easy to dress.

Everything looks good on me.

Except peach. I don't pop in peach.

Okay. Great.

Thank you.

They seem very excited to see me.

So... how do you feel

about working under Esteban?


It's a great role. I mean,
sure, it's not the lead,

but my jurisdiction covers 147 planets

in four different star systems.

So you're not putting
on a show just for me?

No. I'm not.

I must go.

I'm late for a seaweed soak and sauna.

- Care to join me?
- Maybe another time.


I will be live-tweeting from
the SPA... follow my feed.



Oh, baby.

- Jane.
- Oh, hey.

- Hi. So, listen... Oh, sorry.
- Okay. See you later. Oh.

I just... I wanted to tell you something.

Um, I just saw Angelique
Harper checking in.

What?! Here?!

- Yes.
- Seriously?

Like, five minutes ago.

Oh, my God.


Really? Frontier lust?

You cannot judge it by its title.

Or by its cover.

Okay. Look at these two.

Is this... Really how it's...

They're representing life on the Frontier?

How would you know what life
on the frontier was like?

You weren't there.

Just admit the books are cheesy.

Angelique Harper is not cheesy, all right?

She writes beautiful, sweeping,
romantic, epic love stories...

Why are you laughing?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell
you that Angelique was here.

And to remind you that stalking is a crime.

Florida Penal Code section 784.

Don't worry, Detective.
I'm gonna play it cool.

Angelique Harper is
staying at the Marbella!

You like her?

I love her... love, love,

love her! And she's staying here,

at this very hotel... what are the odds?

I mean, we do host a lot of authors, so...

Rhetorical question.


She does have this private reading tonight.

- Do you want to... ?
- Yes.

I'm definitely going.

And I'll ask her to read my first chapter.

You know, just for advice.
And maybe I'll get discovered

because she's so blown
away by my writing. Or not.

- But maybe.
- Okay.

But I hear she's pretty private.


Maybe don't accost her.

I would never.

Okay, I would. I could.

But I promise I won't.

That's why I'm getting
it out, here and now.

I'm gonna meet Angelique Harper.

That's gonna happen! Yes.

Look at me. Look at my feet.

They're doing them on their own.

Okay, I'm leaving.




- Oh. Hey.
- Oh, uh, here.

Scott, come in.


How's life with Petra?


Soul-crushing, frankly.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- And, look, she would kill me

if she knew I was here, but,
uh, I wanted to tell you...

Lachlan's been calling.

And I overheard Petra say
that she's not returning

his phone calls because she
wanted to fire him in person.


Petra, hold on. You can't
fire Lachlan. Just...

Look at his contract. If you fire him,

he gets a million dollar buyout.

Don't worry.

I know how to handle Lachlan.

Petra, hold on. Wait, you need me.

You can't run this hotel alone.

Watch me.

"She slammed the door

and pushed her lover against the wall... "

Inspired by Angelique's arrival,

- _
-Jane threw herself into her writing

- _
- with a renewed energy and passion.


And when Jane's writing was flowing,

it was as if she had been transformed

into another person...

a woman named... Juana.

I'd like to tell you what she'd written,

but I'm feeling a little self-conscious.

She writes it very well.


♪ ♪

Thank you all so much for coming.

I am very excited to be here.

We love you, Angelique!

I love you, too!

Now zip it.

So, tonight, I'd like to do

a reading of a new novel I'm working on.

A sneak peek, if you will.

So, without further ado...

"The night

"whistled with promise.

"Of music. Of romance.

"Of magic.

"At least, that's what Jane thought.

"As she sat in the crowd of the reading,

"Jane felt that she was
on the cusp of something.

"Something that could change her life.

"And so without knowing why just yet,

she stood up."

Stand up, Jane.

Stand, Jane!

This is not a fantasy thing.


I'm serious! Get your butt up!


"Jane saw him approaching.

Her one true love."

What are you doing?

I'm proposing.


I know that romance
novels are all about fate

and destiny.

But I don't think there's
ever been one written

that could come anywhere
close to our story.

If there were ever two people

who were just destined to be together...

It's us.


Will you marry me?

Can we talk in private?

Rafael has just proposed to Jane

in the most romantic way,
in front of a hundred people.

And Jane's response was...

"Can we talk in private?"

I'm sorry.

I just didn't expect this.

Yeah, proposals are usually surprises.

I know that.

But there are usually discussions first.

Well, I mean, with all the hinting?

What "hinting"?


I think I know what's going on here.

When we talked about moving in?

You were hinting about getting engaged?

See, I recently watched a few episodes

of a premium cable drama
that touches on subjectivity.


I just have this order, you know?

Date, engaged...

Get married, then have a baby.

And just because this
baby thing happened first,

I don't want to throw out the whole order.

Or rather, I do.

I really, really want to.

Yeah, guys hear

what they want to hear.


So I misinterpreted.

But it got me here.

And like I said in my proposal,

it just feels meant to be.

Doesn't it?

Jane, life is short.

And we found each other.

So let's not waste time.

Marry me.


- I told him I would think about it.
- Think about what?

You've known each other
for less than six months.

I know. It's too quick, right?

I mean, that-that's what I was thinking.



I know. I was thinking about that, too.


Really, ma?


Because they hardly know each other?


What do you mean what do I know?

I know a lot of stuff!



You look... the same.

And you wear money well, as always.

Well, let's get on with it.

We both know you wanted me back here,

so you could fire me in person.

No, I'm not gonna fire you.

If I fire you, you get a payout.

I brought you back here to work.

Unless, of course, you'd like to quit.

Someone's in there.

Said you were expecting him?

Aaron, hello.



Look, this really isn't a great time.

I know, and I'm sorry to bother you.

I understand it's painful.

But I'm just looking for a little res...

Don't move!


You almost stepped on him.

On the spider?


I'm a Jain.

"A Jane"?

What Jane? Our Jane?

Jainism... it's my faith.


It's an Indian religion

rooted in nonviolence.


to-to bugs?

To all living creatures.

Wow. You're...

Really different than your brother.

Which is why we didn't
speak for a long time.

Petra, look.

I know you were having an affair with him.

Please. I hold no judgment.

But I would like to hear
more about his last days.

I don't even know where his remains are.

They're respectfully scattered.


Please, let's have a
meal and talk about Roman.

For closure.

This is ridiculous.

I play hard-boiled

Interplanetary Detective Castillo.

How is anyone going to take me seriously

- if I wear these ridiculous... ?!
- I'm sorry.

Is there a problem?


Well, actually, there is.

You see, my costume is peach.

I don't pop in peach.

That was a creative decision.

I happen to pop against peach.


Found what?



Ma, you gotta be kidding.

"how to know if he's the one."


Ma, this thing is from the middle ages.




"Does he give you ample allowance?"


"Does he... ?"

"does he eat what you serve
him without complaint?"

Oh, my God, this is hilarious.

I told you. So stupid.

Oh... does he help you clean the cave?

Do you ride dinosaurs together?





Yes, he is.




- He's incredibly kind.
- Mm.




Gym's closed.

Already worked out today... chest and arms.

I have a proposal for you.

Not interested.

You know the old saying, "the
enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

I thought for sure Petra
would screw up and fire me,

send me off into the sunset
with my golden parachute.

I assume you told her not to do it.

It's in my best interest
that the Marbella succeed.

We can't afford to take a million-dollar hit.

Then use me.

I know this business better than anyone.

Frankly, the Marbella
stands a much better chance

under our leadership than under Petra's.

Petra has the controlling shares.

Yes... and I have this.

Camera work's a little
sloppy, but you get the idea.


Turn-turn that off, man.
What is wrong with you?

My point is, I threaten to release this...

the Marbella Hotel has
a board of conservatives

who already doubt Petra's business savvy.

If this got out,

not only would it be humiliating,

but it would also discredit her completely.

What I'm proposing to
you is that we use this

to blackmail her into reinstating you.

And once you're in power...

We release it anyway, and get
her off the board for good.

It should be noted

that one question kept
running through Jane's mind.


Two questions, actually.



Oh. Hi.


Sorry. This was your food truck originally,

so, you should have custody of it.

- It's okay.
- Good, 'cause I was having a craving.

It's fine. It's fine.

Uh, Alex, another cubano.

- Jane!
- Hey, Alex.

So this is why I haven't seen you! A baby!

- Oh, yeah.
- Now it's all making sense.

This is why the wedding was postponed.

Fiona, get over here!

- Well, no, it's not exactly like that.
- They're having a baby.

- No, you...
- Oh, my Goodness...

- It's not really like that.
- Hey, no, we're actually not. We're not...

And so, it's like...

We're not having a baby!

I'm having a baby.

Um, I'm just... with somebody else.

I'll get those cubanos.

So, did you attack Angelique
and give her your manuscript?

Not yet, and I take issue with "attack."

"as she watched him toss
his cowboy hat on the floor

- _
- "and stride over, the feeling was overwhelming.

She needed him."

- Oh.
- "she needed him in a way

"she had never needed anything.

"She needed his hands

"on her body,

his lips on her mouth""

Admit it. You're totally getting into this.

Oh, I am most definitely into this...

But it is not because of the story.

- Two cubanos.
- Thank you.

- Oh, here let me pay.
- No, I got it.

- It... no, it's...
- I got it.

Thank you.

- No problem.
- Oh.

Uh... oh...

Okay, I'll see you soon.

Okay, see ya.

Quite sad.

Also sad... Xiomara,

because she still hadn't
gotten a visit from Aunt Flo.

Your door wasn't locked.

It shouldn't be unlocked.

Also sad... Rogelio,

after playing second
fiddle to Esteban all day.

Well, how'd it go?

Not that he'd let Xiomara know that.

In a word...


Turns out I'm equally
talented in outer space

as I am here on Earth.

What's the matter?

It's nothing.

Xiomara, I thought we're going
to be honest about our feelings.

I'm a little late.

And I missed a pill or two this month.

And I'm worried I might be pregnant.


Is that all you have to say?

No. No.

While unexpected,

it would be a blessing, Xiomara.


Is that how you feel?



You should have seen your face.

Xiomara, are you serious?

Holy crap!

I was freaking out.

Freaking... thank...

Thank God, because this
would have been a disaster.

- I knew it!
- What?

I knew you didn't feel
like it was a blessing.

I actually might be pregnant.


You were testing me?

I thought we were gonna be honest

about our feelings.

Going to be honest?

You told me you were on the pill.

Were you trying to trap me?

Trap you? Are you serious?

You are free to walk out
that door any time you want.

Good, then maybe I will.

Great, then maybe you should.

Maybe I will.

You already said that.

I'm repeating myself.

For emphasis.

Meanwhile, across town,

another test was about to be administered.

Oh, man, it's hard not to
get all Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyway, observe Jane and Rafael...

At the beach.

Thanks for meeting me.

I know you're busy today.

Eh, it's just all normal hotel craziness.

It can wait.

- And you said you wanted to talk.
- Yes.

But not about the proposal.

I know, I got your text.

Just didn't want you
coming and expecting...

That you had made a decision

about whether or not
you wanted to marry me?

I get it.

Still thinking.

Yeah, I've been thinking about
a lot of things, actually.


I mean, like, what's my life
gonna look like after the baby?

What's my plan?

And I really think

I need to kind of take time
off from everything else.

You know, and just focus
on being a great mom.

And after a few years, I'll get
back to writing and all that.

What do you think?


Of course, if that's what you want.


- Hold on.
- What?

I was trying to be supportive,
but that makes no sense to me.

You've been dreaming
about becoming a writer

since the day that I met you.

Why would you give that up?


I'm really glad you said that.

You passed the test.

- The test?
- Oy.

Yeah, it was this quiz
that my grandmother gave me.

She took it before she decided
to marry my grandfather.

She thought it would help me out.

Well, look, I know that it's silly,

but it's... you know, like,

there's a lot of things I need to sort out.


So you, uh...

Anything else that I can answer for you?

- Like a blood test or urinalysis or something?
- Stop.

You know, there's also a
question about overreacting.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry... I'm hurt.

I want to marry you.

And I don't need a test to prove it.

I'm sorry. This is just not the way

that I saw my proposal going.

We'll talk later. I'm
gonna get back to work.

In that moment, Jane wanted
to toss her fears aside

and fling herself into his arms.


My love...

You are all I need.

Of course I'll marry you.

Juana... you are the very air I breathe.

♪ ♪

But, alas, that was the
stuff of romance novels...

And not real life at all.

Petra told herself that there
was no need to be nervous.

After all, it was just dinner
with her murdered ex-lover's

identical twin brother.

I took the liberty of
ordering a few dishes.

Thank you.

It's vegan.

I really appreciate it.

I'm, uh...

I'm just a bit hungry, so...

Oh. Are we supposed to
pray or something first?

Uh, no.

I'm sorry, I don't eat root vegetables.

When tubers are uprooted,
the whole plant dies,

along with countless microorganisms.

But, please, you enjoy it.

No, seriously.

No judgment.

One of Jainism’s tenets.


Thank you for sitting with me, Petra.

It means a lot.

I know Roman was closer to you than anyone.


Our relationship, it, um...

Definitely wasn't perfect.

I'd imagine.

Since he wanted to marry you

and you were already married.

Your brother was there for me

at a time when I needed him.

I found myself falling for him.

But in the end, when Rafael
agreed to give it another try,


I just loved him more.

Can I ask you a question?

Yes, of course.

I was going through some
of Roman's belongings,

and something is missing...
a family heirloom.

Uh, my mother's necklace.

It's all I have

- of her and...
- I have it.

Roman, uh,

well, he gave it to me before he died.


I can get it to you.

Oh, you should've seen Rafael's face, Luca.

- He was so crushed.
- Well, yeah.

He poured his heart out,
and you stomped all over it.

- Not helping.
- Um...

- I'm about to.
- Hmm?

Angelique Harper. Two o'clock.

Hand it over.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Come on, Jane. You got this.

For the hundredth time, the answer is no!

Now you've put me in a foul mood.

Tell them that I'm not
talking to them again

until after my massage.

It's not a good time.

- We need to talk.
- Okay,

what part of "silent partner"

don't you understand?

I have your sex tape.

Hey, you're home.

Uh, quick question,

do you remember when you
bought those blue shoes?

Was it a Tuesday or a Wednesday?

- I don't remember.
- Think, though...

you schedule everything... and
I remember you brought them home

around the time that I went to
the movies with Slutty Crystal.

Mom, what's going on?


- You have enough on your mind.
- Okay,

now you definitely have to tell me.

I'm late.

Late. For what?

My period is late.

But you're on the pill.

I forgot one.

Or two.

- Mom...
- I know. I know. And I knew

we should wait, but we got
so caught up in the moment.

Caught up in the moment?

You're not 16.

- It was an accident.
- No.

No, it wasn't.

Me standing here pregnant...
that's an accident.

You were reckless. I
mean, what's your plan?

Are we gonna be pregnant together?

Did you want to raise
these babies like sisters?

- No. Look, I didn't have a plan...
- Yeah, I know.


I'm sorry. I...

I just thought...

I don't know.

I just thought that you
would be more thoughtful

if you thought about having another kid.

Because of...



Guys, put that away.


No way. It gets good at 3:48.

What is that?

Tried to tell you. Hi, Rafael.

Hang on.

- Was that my ex-wife?
- Uh,


And where'd they get that?

I don't know. But...

It's everywhere.

I didn't release the tape.
It must have been Lachlan.

I would never do something like that.

Lachlan didn't release the tape.

I did.

What?! But why?

Because as long as it existed,
he could hold it over my head.

- Now he has nothing.
- I get that,

- but the Marbella board, they're a bunch of conservatives.
- Yes.

And I'm about to meet with them.

They're going to learn that my
private files have been stolen.

They're going to be righteously outraged

on my behalf and they're going to release

this statement,

condemning this violation of my privacy.

And what makes you think
they're gonna sign this?

You'll help me convince them.

Because it will help the Marbella.

I think we should work together.

I would have fired Lachlan. And that

would have cost us a million dollars.

When's the board meeting?

So I just found out...

I'm definitely not pregnant.


Look, I'm sorry I was harsh yesterday.

I was...


You were right.

And I've been thinking about what you said.

And maybe my missing a pill
wasn't a complete accident.

It's just hard, you know?

'Cause being your mom.

Is the only thing I've been, like,

successful at.

And now it's

- almost done.
- No.


it is not done.

- But it's changing.
- It's changing, definitely.

And maybe for the better.

Maybe it's time your life changes, too.

I mean, you don't want to
live here forever, right?

In grandma's house?

- No, I don't.
- Exactly.

So then date Rogelio and see where it goes.

But... go slowly.

Take it step by step.

You're, like, annoyingly smart sometimes.

Then why can't I answer this proposal?

Okay, I want to remind you about something,

but I am afraid if I do,

you're gonna think it's
because I don't think

you should marry Rafael, which is true,

- but that's not why I'm reminding you.
- Of what?

The time you found

Michael's list in the book.

Can you turn off my phone, babe?

I'm-I'm doing a practice test... timed.





That night...

the smile on your
face... you were so happy.

Even though you'd only
known each other a year,

you didn't have any questions.

But it wasn't right.

That's not the point.

You know what it's like to be sure.

I'm sorry for testing you.

It's not right, but I just...

I think I was afraid of
the answer I knew in my gut.

Which is...

I can't marry you.

Not yet.

A-and that look on your face... I mean,

that's why I didn't want to admit it.

To myself, to you.

Because I was scared that if
I turned down your proposal

that would mean that something would...

Break between us.

That things would change.

And I don't want that, because I love you

and I want to get to marriage.

I'm just not there yet.

Because you're not sure about me.

Because it's too fast.

You think that life is short. Well,

for me, I think it's long.

- And that there are steps you have to take first.
- Yeah,

I get that.

What's that?


It's stupid. I...

Planned on dropping off
my chapter at Angelique's,

once her massage was finished,

because she'd be in a good mood.

Go. No.


I just need a second, okay?

To... to be alone,

to lick my wounds.



But we're okay?


We will be.

As she headed toward Angelique's room,

Jane tried to put Rafael's
disappointment out of her head.

Come in.

Ms. Harper, hi, I, uh... right on time.

Thanks for pushing the
massage an hour later.

Hey, you're Jane... from the
proposal the other night, right?

Um, yeah, that-that's me.

Boy, that really went off the rails.

Let me guess... cute,
rich, but dumb, right?

Oh, for the love...

- Even my masseuse has a manuscript.
- Oh, no, no.

- I-I-I'm not...
- You don't want me

to read that?


- Well... I-I do, but...
- Let's see

how the massage goes first, okay, honey?

Actually, Ms. Harper,

- I am...
- Shh, shh.

I like a quiet massage.


I like it deep.

The harder the better.

Mm, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, just like that.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, God, I hate these book tours.

I'm so glad I booked the extra half-hour.

I'm gonna need every
one of these 90 minutes.

And I need you to really work my glutes.

- What the hell is this?
- We'd like you to double-check

every dime spent in accounts receivable.

That is...

Unless you'd like to quit.








And cut.

Nailed it. Again.

I came to tell you that...

I'm not pregnant.

Are you testing me?

No, I'm not.

- Ah.
- And I'm sorry about that. It was stupid, and...

I'm relieved, too, because we aren't ready.

No. No, we're not.

But Rogelio, why don’t you tell me?

That your job under
Esteban pretty much sucks.

Because I knew you'd feel bad
that I stayed in Miami for you.

You're right, I do.

I don't want you to feel that way.

I'm glad I stayed.

You're worth it.


I-I care for you... a lot.

And I want to see where this goes.

Step by step.

And maybe it was Rogelio's sweet words

or Jane's scary ones...

I mean, you don't want to
live here forever, right?

In grandma's house?

But Xo looked at Ro

and said something she'd
never said before to a man:

Well... should we move in together?

Is that the next step?

Why not? Let's do it.


- Grabbing another cubano...
- Oh, my God, Michael,

I just gave Angelique Harper a massage.

- What?!
- I went to go give her my chapters,

she pushed back her appointment.

Michael, she stripped down butt-ass naked.

And so they laughed,

as old friends do.

And how could Jane know
that, at that very moment,

- Rafael would walk by.
Dude, I swear, I swear,

for, like 90 min... it was
90 whole minutes, and I cannot

move my arms more than, like, this.

- Past here.
- And is she, is she gonna, is she gonna read

is she gonna read your chapter?

I don't know. She fell
asleep by the time I was done.

I snuck out.

How could she know?

- Hi.
- Hi.

And how could Petra know

the value of what she held in her hand?

Your mother's necklace.

Thank you. I...

I appreciate it.

Um, anyway, I-I should go.

Like I said,

how could she know?