Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Chapter Thirteen - full transcript

A medical issue may cause Jane to miss her graduation; Michael thinks he has identified Sin Rostro.

Latin lover narrator: All right, we're back. As you know, jane
Was accidentally inseminated with rafael's sperm,
And, man, things have been a little crazy since then.
For one, her father, international star
Rogelio de la vega, was back in her life,
And back in her mother's life as well.
Unfortunately, he was fired from his telenovela.
And speaking of telenovelas,
Remember rafael's ex-wife petra?
Well, milos, her acid-throwing ex-boyfriend,
Came back in her life.
I feel crazy, cooped up in my room, scared,
Just waiting for yellow tulips to arrive.
Tulips? It was kind of his calling card.
But milos had other plans. He proved to petra
That her mother could walk...
No! Monster!
You've been lying to me? All these years? Why?
...Leaving petra reeling,
So she took comfort in lachlan's arms.
Little did she know, lachlan was
Working against her as well.
Oh, and there was a murder at the marbella.
Roman zazo was impaled.
See, he was working for sin rostro,
The bad guy who built secret tunnels
Underneath the marbella leading to a surgery suite.
They were performing plastic surgery on criminals
In this room, changing their faces.
Jane's ex-fiancé michael found
Evidence linking rafael's father, emilio,
To the plastic surgeon working out of the hotel.
And it certainly seemed like emilio was sin rostro;
That is, until this happened.
Rose: Rafael, I was supposed to meet your father,
But he didn't show.
I think he's already left the country.
Latin lover narrator: But the police didn't know any of that.
So let's see how this played out, shall we?
Okay, let's just go through the procedure step by step.
Like most children of ten,
Jane gloriana villanueva was not a fan of shots.
Number one: Will it hurt?
A little, probably.
For how long?
A second. Maybe two.
Hon, come on. It would've been over by now.
Can you count down from three?
I want to be prepared for the stinging.
But you do have to let go.
Ah, yes, letting go.
Something jane was never very good at.
Okay. And three,
Two, one.
Jane: Mom, seriously.
Let go. Come on, you're crushing the baby.
Xiomara: I can't help it.
She's hemming your graduation dress.
I mean, all your hard work. I know, mom.
And you are allowed to be as emotional as you want.
In two days. You're too early.
Okay, come on, abuela, can we finish later?
I'm gonna be late to my doctor's appointment.
This one's cool though. We get to see the baby in 3-d.
And we officially find out the sex.
I have to go. I can't be late.
I need to go deal with the catastrophe that is
The marbella finances,
So then we can go to Spain at the end of the week.
Lachlan, thank you.
After what I did,
Leaving you for rafael,
It's not lost on me, the irony.
That you're the only person I can trust.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted
That petra should absolutely not trust lachlan.
Go. Go. (laughs) okay.
I'm going to relax,
Order some room service,
Maybe watch some almodóvar, practice my spanish.
(phone chimes)
It's milos.
God, he's such a pest.
(sighs) and he wants to talk.
We're talking with you here again because it looks like
Your dad is sin rostro
And has been running a plastic surgery ring for criminals
Inside your hotel.
And it's really hard for me to believe
That you knew nothing about it.
You know, I liked it better when you were suspended.
Look, if your father needs money
Or a place to hide, he might contact you.
And if that happens, we need to know.
And you will.
Because I was the one who contacted you
When he met with the shady subcontractor.
I've given you everything that you've asked for: Access to
His accounts, his e-mails, and even my crazy sister's letter
About a missing corkscrew.
Rafael, calm down.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes.
You remember rose, right?
Detective cordero, you need to understand
That rafael and I are in shock.
We agree that it looks like my husband did this,
That he's a criminal, that he's run off, gone underground.
Ha! Classic sin rostro.
She did always love a good play on words.
But truly, we had no idea any of this was happening.
Mr. Solano, you told me to come get you at 3:00.
Yeah, thank you, scott.
I have an appointment.
I really do need to go.
Excuse me.
Stay close by.
In case we want to talk again.
We will.
Don't worry.
Spit it out, scott.
Xiomara: So what are you doing today?
Look, not that I don't love having you around more,
But it's been two weeks since you got...
You stopped playing santos.
Don't you think maybe it's time to move on?
What do you think I'm doing?
Eating a sandwich and shopping online?
I happen to be in the middle of a heated bidding war on ebay
To take my mind off the heated bidding war
Currently raging over my acting services.
Oh. Good.
I didn't know you had offers.
Of course I have offers. What are they?
My agent and I are trading calls.
What's going on? I didn't realize
You were so excited to go to physical therapy.
Okay, you've been through the ultrasound drill.
This is the same thing.
We'll take measurements, take a closer look at the heart,
All the chambers.
Ooh! (laughs)
It's a little cold.
Can I request lots of pictures in advance?
You got it, lots of pictures.
(heart beat pulsing)
So are you two gonna find out the sex today? Yes.
You know, I was thinking that maybe we should wait.
What? You know, it'll be a fun surprise.
Well, there's no surprise.
It's definitely a girl.
Then why should we find out? (chuckles) because...
I need confirmation.
You know, I am a little obsessed with planning.
I like to think ahead.
Bedding, paint colors, layette.
Now you're just making up words.
I really want to know. Please?
The answer's yes.
Everything okay?
The doctor will go over all the results.
So is that not a yes?
Do you see something wrong?
I'm just taking pictures.
I'm not qualified to read the results.
Yeah, but, I mean, you've read a lot of these,
So does everything look normal?
I'm really not able to say.
Well, if everything was fine, you'd say everything is fine.
So everything's obviously not fine.
I'm sorry. Only dr. Hillcroft can actually read the results.
How about you go get dr. Hillcroft.
This bright spot on the baby's heart
Is called an echogenic focus.
And there's another one on the bowel.
Now, I know that probably sounds scary.
But let me be clear, by itself, this has no effect
On the baby's health or the heart.
So what's the problem with it?
Well, at the moment, there is no problem.
But an echogenic focus can be a marker
For possible chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.
But like I said, it could also be nothing, a normal variant.
And you can't tell which it is,
Whether it's nothing or something?
Uh, not from an ultrasound, no.
How do we find out then?
We can do an amniocentesis.
It's a relatively common procedure
Where we remove and test fetal cells.
After the procedure, we'll put you on bed rest for 48 hours.
And after the risk has passed, you're back to your life.
What's the risk?
Statistically, it occurs in about
One in 300 of these procedures.
Sorry. I think I'm just a little bit in shock.
I know it's a lot of information.
You guys should take some time, discuss it,
And let me know what you want to do, okay?
(quietly): Mm-hmm. Okay.
Uh, thank you, doctor.
Of course.
Now, I do get booked though,
So if you're leaning toward having the procedure,
Call right away.
Latin lover narrator: Jane kept waiting for the doctor to
Turn around and say everything was going to be all right.
I'll talk to you soon.
(door closes)
(whispers): It's okay.
Do you think that we should do the test? I don't know.
How did this even happen?
I mean, we came to find out it was a girl
And get some cute pictures.
We don't have to decide right away.
Okay, we can think about it.
Look, it's gonna be okay.
Woman: And exhale.
I'll see you next time, okay? Okay.
(clears throat)
Good afternoon.
Latin lover narrator: Ah. Now we know
Why alba was excited for her physical therapy.
Uh, if you want to use this, I'm almost done.
Well, a long time ago.
I need to practice.
Xiomara: Ma? (clears throat)
You ready?
Scott, you did originally confirm emilio's statement
That he was in his office
The night of the bellboy's murder, correct?
But now you're saying that he wasn't there,
But he was out on his boat?
We're just a little bit confused.
Mr. Solano asked me to back up his story,
Because he didn't want anyone to know where he really was.
Why not? (sighs)
Because he was with his girlfriend.
And obviously he didn't want his wife to find out.
And you're just telling us this now, why?
I mean, you don't go around telling people
Your boss is having an affair.
There's a guy code.
Shh! Stop talking.
But now there's rumors going all over this hotel,
People saying you think he killed the bellboy.
He's a lot of things,
But he's not a murderer.
He was with his girlfriend.
And you can prove this?
Yeah. Here.
Her name, number, private e-mail account he used.
Contact her. It's all right there.
All right. You can go. But not too far.
We'll have more questions later-- thank you.
Can I just arrest him 'cause of the guy code comment?
So, if this checks out,
Emilio didn't kill the bellboy.
Yeah, but according to rose and rafael,
The bellboy named sin rostro as his killer.
(whispering): Sin...
Could be someone working for him.
Not him, necessarily.
Let's talk to this girlfriend,
See if she can corroborate his story.
And then we have to talk to rose,
See if she knew about the affair. I doubt it.
She thought emilio was working
The night the bellboy got killed.
I will, after you tell me the silver fox on the bike
Had nothing to do with your running out of physical therapy.
Then why are you blushing?
I personally think
That any man would be blessed to have alba as a lover.
What's going on here?
Are you becoming a traveling salesman?
Telenovelas are a young man's game
And this... This is what the kids are wearing.
I need to stay relevant, xiomara.
(phone ringing)
Oh, good, your agent. Here.
Let it go to voice mail. Why? What if she has a job for you?
There is no job. How do you know if you won't answer?
Because I just hung up on her a minute ago.
She only got me an audition.
They want to hear if I can do an american accent.
And...? Do you think tom cruise auditioned
For mission: Impossible and its sequels?
I'm not sure that's quite the same thing.
That's right.
I have 1.4 million more followers than he does.
Okay, so think about your followers, then.
I mean, how long will they last,
Without the joy that you bring them.
That is a fair point.
And a sad one.
I've been getting tweets filled with sad-faced emojis.
You're causing them real pain.
So go to that audition, nail that american accent,
And then, boom!
End of story. You're back on tv.
I will think about it.
Latin lover narrator: Meanwhile, it should be noted
That after that crappy doctor's appointment,
All rafael wanted was some time to think, as well.
The prodigal son returns.
Latin lover narrator: Yup. Not happening.
You've been pretty hard to pin down.
Yeah, well...
There's a lot going on.
You know, this really isn't a good time,
So, excuse me.
Yeah, it's gonna have to be now, buddy.
We have some pretty big decisions to make.
Decisions that cannot wait, given the... Circumstances.
Mm. Danielle, here, will walk you through it.
Let's sit.
I won't sugarcoat it.
The marbella's in real trouble.
Since these murders,
The hotel has been in a financial freefall.
Occupancy is down a staggering 42%,
And now the banks are nervous because we're so overextended,
And... Well...
Your father's missing.
What are you suggesting?
Emilio was exploring options
Of selling part of the marbella.
What? Rafael...
The marbella's losing money.
This cannot be coming as a surprise to you.
Danielle: Clearly, those offers have
Gone away in light of what's happened.
Except for one.
Lachlan: Look, this is not what any of us want.
We need to be realistic.
(fading): The marbella needs cash to stay afloat,
Your dad is gone...
This company can help us.
And they agree to be hands off
As long as we hit targets.
I-I will do some due diligence on this,
And I will think about it.
Latin lover narrator: Rafael certainly
Had a lot to consider.
Yet all he could think about was jane.
And all jane could think about was her decision.
Would you have an abortion if something were seriously wrong?
What? That's part of the question, at least, right?
Yeah, it is.
And no.
No, I wouldn't. Not at this point.
But on the other hand...
If something is wrong,
And I have a child with special needs,
Shouldn't I know now?
So I can plan?
Nothing. You're right.
And the odds are...
Something isn't wrong.
That's what the doctor said...
No, it's...
It's okay.
I'm okay.
It's just... Fresh.
I'm not gonna do the amnio.
Doesn't make sense.
It changes nothing.
And if there's something wrong,
Then... We'll deal with it then.
As long as you can let go, hon.
I can.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of letting go...
You look beautiful.
...Or not quite...
What do you want, milos?
Come on, petra.
You know now, your mother, she is liar.
She lied about me cheating to break us up!
Well, you didn't have to throw acid at her.
(sighs heavily) yes, I know.
But let's be honest here: I burned her cheek a little.
She is fine.
What she did is much worse.
Pretending she couldn't walk,
In order to manipulate you
To take care of her for the rest of her life!
Milos... Stop.
This isn't going to happen, okay?
(yelling): Why not?!
Breathe in...
...Breathe out.
What about couples therapy?
I love you, petra.
You ruined my life.
Your action-- that acid-- it set off
A series of events that have left me here, now,
With no husband, no mother,
No home, no money...
I'm trying to fix that.
Well, you can't. What you can do, is go back to prague.
And stay away from me.
I've moved on.
Good-bye, milos.
Breathe in...
...Breathe out.
So you're okay with that?
Not doing the amnio?
I am.
We'll just try to put it out of our heads.
I'll come over tomorrow
After I grab my cap and gown, okay?
I can't wait.
Latin lover narrator: Jane knew there was only one way
To get this out of her head.
I meant, sleep, jane.
Not the computer.
(beeping continues, more rapidly)
(quietly): Hi.
(doorbell rings)
Hey. You got your cap and gown.
You gonna try it on, or is that bad luck,
Like a wedding dress?
I was up all night and I think we should do the amnio.
You know, this way, if there's something wrong,
Then I can research whatever it is,
And we could get the best doctors,
Figure out a plan, prepare ourselves...
Jane... Yeah?
I get it.
We'll do the test.
You're okay with it?
Because it's gonna be fine.
They do amnios all the time.
The odds are in our favor.
And then we'll know.
Okay? Mm.
Okay, guys, new session starts next week,
So don't forget to tell your parents
How much you love miss xo.
Are these your students,
The future entertainers?
If you don't mind.
Of course I will speak to them.
Hello, children.
For those of you with parents who don't own a television,
My name is
Rogelio de la vega,
And I would like to talk to you about show business.
Rogelio... It's terrible.
One day you're on top, and the next, bam!
They take it away!
All right.
New session starts next week.
What is wrong with you?
Those kids are ten!
I apologize.
I may have let my mood affect my advice.
I will talk to them next class.
Oh, you are done coming to class.
What happened at the audition?
Apparently they did not find
(american accent): My american accent believable.
Okay, so you'll get 'em next time.
What happened to the rogelio
Who fought for 39 years to get famous?
He's still here. Exactly.
And he will persevere.
And it was 34 years ago.
35. That's as high as I'm going.
So call your agent, tell her to keep looking.
Open up the search.
Oh, good, I need to talk to you guys.
And abuela.
And I know this is not what you want
Or necessarily something you would do,
But I need to know,
So I can prepare and plan.
And, yes, there are risks,
But it's also a pretty common procedure.
You just need to sign here and here.
This is a waiver saying that
You understand all the risks
Involved in the procedure.
And I know myself. I know I won't let it go.
How is this doctor?
I trust him.
How are you feeling, dr. Hillcroft?
Did you get enough sleep? Did you have breakfast?
(laughing): I'm great, jane.
I had an omelette.
When will you do it?
Okay, you'll take it easy for the rest of the day,
You'll be fine for graduation.
Well, no, actually.
Qi have to be on bed rest for 48 hours after the procedure.
So I will be missing the ceremony.
I'm still graduating.
It's just a ceremony.
You can't do it after?
No. Dr. Hillcroft
Is going out of town and he's booked solid,
So they're squeezing me in.
Just take a couple of deep breaths
And relax, okay?
Are you nervous?
A little.
You know I hate needles.
I just need to have faith.
And I do.
But will you come with me?
We got a full house today, huh?
Do-do you mind counting down?
I just like to be prepared.
Here we go. Uh-huh.
Rose: What?
An affair?
That although rose was only playing
The part of a concerned wife,
Her surprise at the affair was 100% real.
Mrs. Solano, are you okay?
It's just... Hard,
Finding out you don't know someone
Like you thought you did.
Hmm. I assume
You've talked to this woman?
We're working on that, actually.
So the night of the bellboy's death,
You told us that emilio was working
All night at the office, correct?
Yes. That's what he told me. I didn't see him again
Until the next morning.
I mean, I had no reason to believe he was lying.
Latin lover narrator: Not to mention, if the police thought
Emilio was in the hotel that night,
They might also think
Emilio was the one
Who killed the bellboy.
Right. Well, we're gonna go talk to her.
See what she has to say.
And, uh, I'll probably be back with questions later.
Thank you, detective.
We're gonna need to move up the timeline.
All right. You doing okay?
Dr. Hillcroft said that it went well.
Can I get you anything?
Maybe orange juice?
I haven't felt the baby kick in a while.
If I drink orange juice,
It usually makes the baby move around.
Okay. Okay.
You got it.
For... For now,
You just get comfy.
Thank you.
So, did you think about my plan?
Yes. Did you think about what I said about your plan?
Yes. And I think you're wrong.
I think she'll love it.
So you gonna help?
Sure. I'll help.
But she's not gonna love it.
Why isn't the baby moving?
You felt kicks earlier, when we were leaving.
I'm sure it's fine.
Babies need sleep, too.
I hope so. Hey.
You just need to relax
And try to sleep.
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
Ugh, but I can't.
Can you talk to me about something?
It'll help me get tired.
I'll try to not take that as an insult.
You know what I mean.
Just... Get me to stop thinking about it, please.
I can tell you that I made
A decision about the hotel.
I'm going to sell part of it. Really?
The investor checks out, his company's hands-off,
And we need the cash.
And I think that's what my father would do.
Sounds like a good call.
That all you got?
Come on, I need you to talk to me
For, like, the next 42 hours.
Just so you know,
I think you made the right choice with the amnio.
Just think about how stressed you would have been not knowing.
And we've still got five months
Of this pregnancy left.
That's a long time.
He seems to really care about her.
He's so excited about this thing tomorrow.
He was in target for two hours.
(both laughing)
(tv turns off)
Can I ask you a question?
It's about dad.
How come you never dated since he died?
I mean, don't you ever get lonely?
That's not what I mean, ma.
But why?
That's not your fault.
I get that, ma.
But do you think that that's what he'd want?
Because I don't.
And remember,
I knew dad pretty well.
And what I remember...
What he wanted most, more than anything,
Was for you to be happy.
...You don't have to date the exercycle guy,
But maybe just
Be open to the idea
Of an exercycle guy, okay?
(clears throat)
I made a mistake.
With the amnio.
I shouldn't have done it.
If something
Goes wrong tonight,
Or in the next...
41 hours...
It won't. It could.
And it would be my fault.
Like you said, I would have stressed
If we didn't take the test,
And that was about me, not the baby.
And that is not a good reason.
It's not the only reason.
I just feel like
This was my first parenting test
And I failed.
I made it about my needs,
My own anxieties, not about the baby.
You also gave up going to your own graduation
Without a thought.
Look, jane, there's no right or wrong answer.
But would you forgive me
If something went wrong?
Oh, yes.
Of course.
And it won't.
It's going to be okay.
I hope so.
Look, we can't go back.
We're here, now.
We did the test.
You gotta let it go.
Yeah. (sniffles)
That's not exactly my strong suit.
I know.
I know it's hard.
What? Wait, what is it?
It's good.
The baby just kicked.
Oh, that's great.
Yes, it is.
I feel like you're judging me.
You have no right to judge me.
Miss devore, no one is judging you.
Okay? We just want the truth.
Can you tell us where emilio solano was
The night of the bellboy's murder?
Yeah. He was on his boat. With me.
And you can actually prove that?
Well, I have pictures
With the date and time on them. Selfies.
Can we see those?
Um... Sure.
They're a little nsfw,
If you know what I mean.
Regardless, we'll have to get them verified.
Did you spend the whole night on the boat?
Yeah. Until about 2:00.
He called his wife and told her
He would be out on the water late.
Latin lover narrator: Hold the phone.
Rose told the police she thought
Emilio was in his office all night.
Wait, so he told mrs. Solano
He was on the boat?
Yes. Only he said he was by himself.
Don't judge us.
He thought she may have been cheating on him, too.
She was always disappearing
And not telling him where she was.
Latin lover narrator: If a lightbulb could go on
Over michael's head, it would.
Sorry, it was kind of dark in here.
Can you take miss devore to give her official statement?
Have someone find rose for us right away? Thank you so much.
Latin lover narrator: It was all coming together for michael.
Rose had all the same access as emilio.
The payment to the plastic surgeon from emilio's account?
Rose could have done that, too.
Look, look, the letter from luisa to rose
That rafael gave us.
Luisa thought her father killed the bellboy
Because the corkscrew was missing from his room.
But that was rosa's room, too.
She designed the recovery suites.
Just wanted to drop off some ideas
For the upgrade to the recovery spa.
She planned it from the beginning.
What is "sin rostro"?
She was setting emilio up.
What if your father is sin rostro?
She must have led rafael to the construction site
Where he saw the subcontractor.
What is it?
Rafael: I'm pretty sure
That's the subcontractor who built the tunnels.
Rafael told us
The bellboy's last words were "sin rostro."
He wasn't naming his killer,
He was identifying her.
(whispering): Sin...
You're not gonna believe this.
Rose is gone, and the room's empty.
Oh, my god.
You guys, this is so incredibly cheesy.
See, I told you she'd say that.
It's not cheesy, it's sweet.
Mm. I warned him.
Rogelio: Okay, stop it, stop it, it's not cheesy.
And I think rafael is right to want to mark
This extraordinary occasion of jane's graduation.
And as your keynote speaker, I have prepared a few words.
(clears throat) jane,
It is an honor and a privilege for me to be here today.
It's a moment that I've waited
For the two-and-a-half months I've known you.
I myself
Never attended college, no.
Preferring instead the school of hard knocks,
Where there are no weekends off...
(cell phone rings)
I believe I asked you to turn off your phones.
Oh, it's mine.
Sorry, yeah.
It's my agent.
I'm gonna send it to voice mail.
You do that.
It's my turn to speak.
Mom. What?
You said to save it for graduation day.
It's graduation day.
First, of course, I'm so proud of you.
But that's nothing new because I'm always proud of you, jane.
I am.
Of the person you are and the choices you make
And the way you live your life, it's inspiring, I swear.
And I don't know how you do it.
And now you're having a baby.
And I really hope that you get to have a moment like this
With your kid one day,
So that you get to feel the way
I'm feeling about you right now.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I thought you said it was cheesy.
It is, shut up.
All right, so what's the secret to being a great mom, huh?
Uh, I didn't have to do much, janey.
You were the kind of kid that the best thing that I could do
Was just let go and watch you figure things out for yourself.
Abuela, that's mean.
Still checking entrances and exits.
Nothing yet. Damn it.
We swept the tunnels and the secret room.
Guest rooms? All of them? Yeah, of course.
Stop! Y-you, rewind, rewind.
Okay, right there.
That truck backs up all the way into the overhang.
If someone were to get in the back of that,
They wouldn't be on camera, would they?
No, I guess not.
Is that a normal hotel delivery truck?
Does that say culter linens?
Yeah, but the trucks are usually shorter.
That's got to be how rose escaped.
Send out an apb on that license plate right away.
Here I am.
Hey, would you excuse us?
Sorry. My god, I'm so excited
To leave, I can't even tell you.
Yes, so here's the thing.
You're not coming.
(laughs) what?
You never were.
And I want you out of the hotel.
Good news--
You're already packed.
I-I don't understand.
Because I warned you.
Karma's a bitch.
And then you screwed me over again.
Are you surprised that you could be outmaneuvered?
I'm surprised you could be this awful.
I'm awful?
The way you left me for rafael?
That was years ago.
So get over it?
Is that what you're saying?
Great news--
I'm over it.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, petra.
She really knows how to pick 'em.
Hey, do you want any more cereal?
Or any water or anything?
I'm good.
Just enjoying this chair.
Didn't realize how much I'd miss sitting in chairs.
I am just happy that these 48 hours are over.
They were stressful. (chuckles)
And now we just have the stress of waiting two weeks
For the results.
Let's really try not to stress.
Part of my new parenting philosophy--
Letting go a little.
All right.
I'm in.
And I will raise you one. Hmm.
In the craziness of our appointment,
We forgot to find out the sex.
You're right.
So are you willing to let it go
And just be surprised?
You trapped me.
What's your answer?
Fine, I'll let it go.
Really? No biggie.
Especially 'cause it's 99.9% a girl.
I don't know about that. Mm.
We'll have to wait and see.
So how much was it per night?
No ocean view.
Hello, petra.
I'll call you back.
What do you want, milos?
I have to talk to you about lachlan.
I don't trust him.
So I had my people do some digging.
What people?
Important, expensive people, but that's not the point.
Whatever, look, lachlan and I, we...
We've broken up.
Not that it's any of your business.
But it is.
Because lachlan works at the marbella,
And I just bought into the hotel.
33% precisely.
Wait, lachlan said that-that was a-a british company.
Yes, a family corporation.
My family.
I had them buy it for you, petra.
You said I ruined your life,
I need to make amends.
And you're just... What, giving this to me?
No strings attached?
I did not say there were no strings.
We will own it together,
So we will continue to be in each other's lives.
What do you think?
Rogelio: Hey.
How's jane feeling?
Great. She's resting, baby's still moving.
Great day all-around.
I'm happy to hear that.
It was a great day for me, as well.
Uh, I took your advice,
And I put what little ego I have aside,
And opened myself up for jobs I was not considering.
And I got an offer, immediately.
(gasps) oh, that's amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
It's for a brand-new telenovela.
I will be playing the lead, obviously.
See what happens when you let go of things a little?
Good stuff happens.
Can I say I told you so?
Yes, you may.
Though, there's a larger issue.
This particular show shoots in-in mexico.
So if I were to take it,
I-I would be gone.
F-for a year and a half.
Oh. I see.
That's why I told them I would think about it.
There's a lot to consider.
Okay, well...
It's still great news, right?
Come here, you got to see something.
Nadine, I can't look at any more security footage.
Humor me.
It's footage from the night roman zazo died.
I remember.
The ice, the splat, the blood.
Yeah, but look at...
It's rose solano.
Seconds before zazo was impaled.
She couldn't have killed him.
And emilio is right there with her.
So the bellboy did it.
Then rose stuck a corkscrew in his neck
To make sure he didn't talk.
That's what I thought.
But look.
Also seconds before.
So who the hell killed roman zazo?
Latin lover narrator: A very good question.
Did everything go okay?
Latin lover narrator: Next question?
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