Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

This is Deepak Kumar from SIB bank.
Can I talk to you for two minutes?

Okay... in regards with?

I'm calling from the main branch in Patna.

This is Rahul Sharma speaking.
Your ATM card has been blocked.

Please check your system,
there must be something wrong.

Yes, it’s a Visa card.

Yes, note down the number.


You’re from the verification department.

How did my card get blocked?

Madam, there’s no need to worry.

Please check,
you should've received a message.

There are still 9,999 credit card
bonus vouchers available, sir.

We’re informing the police right now.

You have received a six-digit OTP.
Please confirm it.

I received it. Let me check it.

Thank you very much, madam. Your card
will be delivered in two to three days.


- At least give me your number.
- Where'd you get my number?

Okay, note down the number.

Who is this? Where are you calling from?

"Why regret now

when the bird
has already ruined the crops?"

What does this proverb mean?

Hey you, stand up. Tell me what it means.

Sir, the bird flew away.


Don’t act smart.

Sit down and write.

This proverb means that...

once the damage is done,
what’s the use of crying over it?

That’s why we should make sure
that the damage is prevented.

Understood? What are you looking at?
Write it down!


My phone...


Hello, sir, I’m calling from SDI bank.

Sir, your account number has won
our bank’s yearly lucky draw.

Yes, sir, and the bank is offering you
a new Maruti car.

Maruti car?

- Maruti car! Is this for real?
- Yes, sir.

Sir, I’d like to confirm your details.
Your name is Shankar Jaideep,

and your account number starts
with 223457?

Yes. That’s right.
Tell me how to get the car.

Yes, sir. Do you have your card?

Yes, I have my card.

Yes, sir, so I need the card number
and its expiration date.

Yes, wait . Let me check.

Yes, madam. Write it down.


And it expires August 2025.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, at the back of your card, there is
a three-digit CVV code on a white strip.

- Please tell us what it is.
- Yes, it’s 6-8-6.

Yes sir, please hold.
Your details are being verified.

Madam, I have a request.

The car you’re giving me...

can it be red in color?

Yes, sir. Why not?

Sir, to avail of the color option,
the bank is sending you a code.

Yes, I received it. Write it down.

When should I come to get the car?

Sir, for that, the bank will call you
in two days.

Yes, sir.

- Thank you, sir. Have a good day.
- Thank you to you too.

Hey! Write!

So, where were we?

"Why regret now when the bird
has already ruined the crops?"


How did you do it?

- Really.
- You really pulled off a big one!

What should I tell you, Uncle?

The next day,
neither I nor my tool could get up.


Where is she from?


No, not here.
There are a lot of cops here.

Just do as I say. Don’t try to act smart.

Hey... Shut up!

All right, next. Who’s the lawyer?


Sir... there is no lawyer.

Sir, these boys call people posing
as bank employees and make fake calls

and steal their money.

How old are they?

Around 16 to 17.

Did you recover the stolen money?

Sir, they are juveniles.
They don’t have bank accounts.

Then where is the stolen money?

Sir, we have started the investigation.

We have confiscated
the mobile phones they called from.

Any other evidence?

No, sir.

- Are you guys responsible for all this?
- No, sir.

- To what grade have you studied?
- Tenth grade.

- What’s your father’s profession?
- He’s a farmer.

This case is for the cyber court.
Submit an application there.

Two of them are minors.

Leave now.



How many years have you been working?


- Thirty years, why?
- Thirty years?

Didn’t you learn anything
in those thirty years?


Sunny, listen.

Tell your brother

if he wants to fool around with girls,
go to Patna.

We always get in trouble because of him.

Yeah, he's the only one who does that!

At least we don’t get caught
because of that.

What? Let’s go.

The entire police force
in the country is under stress.

Yes, this is Anas speaking.


- Anas...
- Coming, sir.


- Anas.
- Tomorrow at 8:00...

Yes, tell me.

Hey, Mr. Journalist!

I'm talking to you.

Come here.

I’ll call you back...


How old are you?

I am 23, why?

Bhagat Singh was martyred
at the age of 23.

What do you mean?

I mean he fought off
the British Imperialists at the age of 23.

And what are you doing at 23?


What is this? Read it!

A journalist from Madras stole a story
out from under your nose.

And you’re talking about
illicit stuff being mixed in oil.

That’s why you’re stuck here!

- And you call yourself a reporter.
- The thing is...

in Madras, journalists get good money,
and respect.

Do you know what respect is?

There’s no money here at all
and I can see how much you respect me.

One cannot be a revolutionary
with a 6,000-rupee job.

A journalist for a Hindi newspaper
commits suicide.

He is not martyred.

Listen, it’s all the same.

The fact is, you don’t bring any stories
or advertisements to the newspaper.

Which means that your 6,000 rupees
is actually for doing nothing.

Ideally, you shouldn’t even get that.

Why are you sulking now? What did I say?


All I asked was about those phishing guys.

They are your friends, right?

I know everything.

Get closer to them.

Get a great story for the paper.

Look, you want to work
in the main office in Patna?

Yes or no?

Well, then you have to do this.


Sunny is really good at imitating people.

Yeah, because he’s an asshole.

No, he's a bastard.

So, bastards can’t be assholes?

No, usually assholes are bastards.


Try. You can do it too.


Hello, sir. Is this Rahul Gupta?

Sir, I’m Swati from SIB bank.

Your ATM card is about to expire, sir.

How can that be?

There are still two years to go.

What are you talking about?

Sir, our system is showing
it’s going to expire.

It’s not possible.
Where are you calling from?

Hello, sir...

Tell me if you want the card,

or else in two days...

Which branch are you calling from?

Sir, don’t ask unnecessary questions.

- Just tell me, yes or no?
- Do I sound like a dumbass, you bastard?

I know what people like you are up to,
you motherfucker.

You bastard, hang up.
Why are you still talking? Motherfucker.

It's so sunny out, half the day's gone,

and you're still sleeping!

Get up!

Have you gone crazy?

- Okay.
- How dare you push me?


All he does is drink, sleep,
and fight with me.

- Get up now!
- Why are you beating me?

- Hey...
- Get up now...

This has become a routine.

Uncle, you won’t ever mend your ways.
Get inside. Let’s go.

- It's all done for now.
- Didn’t even get my drink!

Uncle, I will get it by tonight.
You can drink all you want.

The doctor has said he'll die
if he keeps drinking like this.

Why do you bother? Let him die.

You bastard, he is your father!

I brought him inside.
What else do you want?

He’s never acted like a father anyway.

- What?
- Hey Aunty?

Why are you getting so angry?

You’re the one who gives him
money for alcohol.

Yes, I do. If I don’t, he’ll steal
from me or someone else.

I am really hungry, okay?

Why are you so worried
about what the others were saying?

Let them speak.


I don’t give a shit
about what others have to say.

But you're my brother.

Bachhu called.
Brajesh sir wants to see us all.

I’m not going.

- Why?
- Because I don't want to.

You’re being stubborn for no reason.

- Why do you say "no" to everything?
- Look...

I’m tired of cleaning up after your mess.

Enough now.

- What do you mean?
- I mean if you have a problem with me,

there are a lot of other guys in Jamtara.
Find someone else to do your work.

They will listen to you...
and kiss your ass as well.

- Brother.
- See the middle one?


That’s Brajesh sir's
father’s elder brother.

He was a minister
in the country’s first government.

- Do you know what happened to him?
- What happened?

- His nephew...
- Yes.

- Brajesh sir's father poisoned him.
- When?

Nonsense! He ran him over with a truck.

He poisoned him,
then became Chief Minister.

- He was hit by a truck.
- He was poisoned!

He was indeed hit by a truck.


As for my father,
he was murdered by my uncle’s son.

Why talk about violence
so early in the morning?

How is it going, kids?
All good with you guys?

- Everything is all right, brother.
- Sit.

No one in my family
could ever be loyal to anyone.

Tell me, what can I do about it?

Did we make a mistake or something?


Jamtara has become famous now.

Listen to this.

"A spike of 257 per cent

has been found in the reported cases
over the past year.

Most of these cases can be traced
back to Jamtara district,

amounting to 50 lakhs."

You assholes...

have earned 50,000,000 rupees this year?



what’s done is done.

Now you’ll have to do as I say.

I’ll have a cut of whatever you guys earn.

In return,

you’ll get complete protection.
Nobody will touch you, okay?

- Understood?
- Yes, brother.

- Understood?
- Yes, brother.

- Any problem?
- No, brother.

- It's okay for you?
- Yes, brother we'll do it.


You wait.

Greetings, brother.

You've been visiting Asansol again?

Yeah, I sometimes go away.

I've got you out of trouble
three times now.

Do you even remember?

I remember, brother, I know.

- Do you want to work with me or not?
- Yes, I do, brother.

- What?
- I'll do whatever you order, brother.

"Whatever you order..."

It’s time to grow up.
Stop playing with these kids.

That’s how you plan
on becoming a politician?

- No, brother, I just visit sometimes.
- Stop.

Take this.

I don’t need this brother.

Keep it.

Be careful.


Go now.

Stop asking and pay the money!

Tell me...


Is this a garden, where you can
saunter in whenever you want?

I’ll call you back.

I told you I was in court.
Today was my hearing.


You have so much money
from the frauds you commit.

Why do you need to work here as a coach?

When someone asks me
where I get all the money from,

I tell them I own
half of the coaching institute.

And if someone asks you too...

Look, I don’t care. Get it?

I don’t want to get involved
in your work.

Three new students have joined.
Collect their fees.




How about it?

Go ask your own mother the amount.

Yeah, but mother...

Biswa, these are local boys.

They’re not like hardened movie villains.

They must have done something wrong.

Why take their mischief to court?

It’s not our fault that we don’t have
a cyber court here.

That’s what I was saying.

But the city folks don’t listen.

They keep asking,
"What’s happening in Jamtara? Tell me."

What do I tell them
about what's going on in Jamtara?

We must at least show them
we’re working.


They are just 17-year-old kids.

Just go to their house and beat them up
a bit, that’ll do the trick.

They are not criminals.

If this case goes forward,

the NGOs and human rights people
will start getting in on this.

Just keep it down,


Who is it?

Hello, sir.

Hello, how can I help you?

Sir, I’m Dolly Sahu. SP Jamtara division.
I’ll be joining from tomorrow.

What? SP?

They transferred me to Giridh,
without even informing me!

Thank you, sir.

Are kids going to become SP-DSP
from now on?

Is this your first posting?

Yes, sir. I cleared IAS last year.


Okay, then.

It’s an entertaining start to your career.

You’ll have fun here in Jamtara.

Just take care.

Hey... catch this!

Hey, kiddo!

This motherfucker ordered
the same thing for everyone.

Take this...

Why did you order so much?

Take this.

- What else did you order?
- Why did you order these books?

We earned so much with three calls,
I ordered what I could.

Take these books with you,
we don’t want them. Take it.

You can’t return them.
Keep them, or throw them away.

Why throw them away?

Don’t act smart, or else I’ll shove them
up your ass. Now go.

- Leave the cap here.
- Just go.

Hey, Uncle!

Go now.

- Hey, Uncle!
- Hey, Uncle. Your kids are here.

Get him the cap and glasses.

Take it, have fun.

I haven’t even unboxed the phone
you gave me last week.

- You don’t want it? Give it back.
- I do.

Give it. Give it back...

Go, Uncle. Get a bag
and take all this stuff with you.

- Be quick.
- How's it going, boys?

There he is!

- You've kicked up a storm!
- You've kicked up a storm.

- I haven't even started!
- What?

- I have big news.
- What?

I’m going to be contesting
the local elections next year.

Money’s not a problem. Right, Pontu?

We also have Brajesh sir’s
support and blessing.

- Raise hell, no one is going to stop you!
- Our very own leader...

- Sunny, won’t agree.
- Why won’t he?

He won’t let you do it.

The hell with him! Who’s going to stop me?

And if anything happens,
you guys can become my bodyguards.

- What?
- But I want to guard her body.

- Her? You want her?
- Yeah...

- Want me to get her for you?
- Please...

- Come.
- Come.




Myself, Rahul Mondal.

I have five lakhs... sex, please?

Move, I have to go home.

We can drop you at home.
We know a shortcut.

We’ll get you there soon.

It’ll be fun.

- What do you say? Shall we go?
- Move...


Why do you have to be everyone’s
protector? Was she related to you?

- Stay in your limits, okay?
- Yes, Mohan.

- You’re going out of yours.
- Motherfucker! Who do you think you are?

Fucking asshole! Leave me.

- You come inside.
- Just sit down!

What’s wrong with you?
Why are you always fighting?

We had to go to court
because of this douchebag!

I've said it many times,
keep your work phone separate.

But this asshole’s brains
are in his pants!

We will end up in jail
because of his lust!

- Don’t teach me what’s wrong and right!
- Do you even know the difference?

You were fine working for the lottery,
fucking illiterate...

- Motherfucker!
- Sit down!

Fight while you’re at home! And listen!

Brajesh asked
for his portion of our earnings.

- What for?
- He’ll keep the cops at bay.

But why will we give him our money?

And how will he know who has earned
how much from how many calls?

I'm not boot licking.

I don’t have any ambitions
of becoming a politician.

Listen to this asshole.
Do you even know who you’re talking about?

If you want to be big and influential,
you've to work for someone like that.

No one’s asking you.
I’m ordering you! You have to do it!

Why do I have to do it?

I won’t, you go ahead and do whatever
the fuck you want. Kiss Brajesh’s ass.

Then don’t tell me what to do.
Got it, asshole?


Who’s the elder... Sunny or Rocky?

Who cares, the leader has no control
over his own people!

- Sit, I’ll take you home.
- I’ll go alone.

I said I’ll take you home.
Everyone’s just fighting with me today.

Why are you acting up? Just sit.


How about it?

What did you say? I can’t hear anything.

- I said...
- What the hell! Look ahead and drive.

- I can hear what you’re saying.
- Then tell me...

is four okay?

- No.
- Then how much?


Stop here.

Why? Isn’t your house
a little farther on?

No, I’ll go from here.

And listen, be on time tomorrow.
I won’t entertain any excuses.


let’s settle at 5.5.

Look, it’s urgent. Really.

What do you say?

But I’ll leave after a year.

I’m telling you.
I don’t want any drama later on.

Your work will be done.

Move aside, I’ll do it.

You don’t have to put on an act.
I’ll do it.

Can’t you talk properly?

I said I’ll do it.

We won’t get electricity
if you don’t pay the bills.

I gave the money to Chhotu.

He smoked it all. What can I do?
I can’t get so much money all the time.

He’s a boy.

So what if he spent a few bucks?
Why do you get pissed?

Yeah, right. I’m getting pissed.

You should’ve killed me
right after I was born.

Don’t talk shit.

I want to tell you something.

I’m marrying Sunny.


He’s from a lower caste!
And you’re going to marry him?

If your own worth and standing
isn't worth anything,

then you shouldn’t care about caste.
He’s giving me three lakh rupees.

I’m not seeking your approval.
I’ve already decided.

I’m just informing you.


Nunu, pick up the call!

- Yeah, Nunu!
- Nunu, yeah...

Why are you trying repeatedly
if she isn’t picking up?

Why won’t she, douchebag?
Even her mother will.

If her mother picks up, let me talk.

Hey, Rocky, what happened?

You guys should be careful now.

My being lenient with him shouldn’t
make him look down on me.

Hey, Sunny! You moron. Pass me the beer.

Give me the beer.


You’re not good enough
to play guys’ games.

Go skip ropes with the girls instead.

- Fucker...
- Hey, sit down.

- Stop fucking around.
- Shut up, motherfucker.

Who’s a better girl than you?

- Rocky, sit down.
- I’ll just kiss this motherfucker.

He kissed him.

Just because you’re my brother,
you fucking asshole. Motherfucker!

You fucking asshole.

- Bastards, no one will get in between!
- Have you gone nuts? You moron!

Shut the fuck up! Now you know
who’s the boss here.

I can fuck you up right here.