Jamestown (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Episode #3.7 - full transcript

Jocelyn's journey upriver tests friendships and throws lives into jeopardy. Maria and Temperance team up against Yeardley, while disaster looms for the Sharrows.

My dearest hope, Maria,
is that these visions of yours

might teach
his better self to him again.

There is a way to undo this man.

My ancestors have returned.

For your dreams will abuse you.

My heart's true wish, sir,
is to utterly unseat Yeardley.

The blackamoors were stolen.
No-one yet knows

who in England commissioned
the pirates to raid the vessel.

Meredith, where did they go?
Gloaming Creek.

The men who carried you across
the water are hiding in Virginia.

Now is the time
to pursue the business upriver.


Jocelyn, here. We're here. Hold on.

Fetch pots from the boat
and water while I light a fire.

(BREATHING HEAVILY) You poor soul...

If you spend your time
comforting her, she will die.

I have to cut it out.

If I try to pull it out, it'll snap.









Well, this is a Pamunkey captain.

Believes his bird's caught, means he
cannot being torched by musket fire.

We know Jack the Feather
well enough.

A daring fellow who has many times
stolen tools and weapons from us.

Chacrow, why was he dressed for war?

We've had reports
of unknown Indians about.

Was he seeking to threaten them,
or us?

A Pamunkey woman has been killed
by a raiding party.

It is custom to steal a woman...

..but a death must be avenged.

Nematanu wants the governor to join
with him in attacking the villains.

We're not here to fight
petty battles between savages.

We seek peace with all the tribes.

If Pamunkey warriors have squabbles,

they cannot expect
the English to solve them.

I will tell this to Nematanu.

Chacrow, Jack is a fine fellow.

Tell him to visit me in my farm.

I have given you the true reason
why Nematanu is about.

Why do you trick me
so you can question him?

I gave you my sister.

You do not need to doubt me.


Why did you not use it
to free yourself?

The governor would shrink
before the sight
of the King's own signet.

Then they would know
all there is to know

and conceal the business upriver
yet to be exposed.

How would the capture of the
mariners who brought the slaves here

undo our governor? (DOOR OPENS)


What benefits do you gain
by remaining imprisoned here

while the widow
travels so far upriver?

Why did she take
my servant with her?

And why does the blacksmith
follow after them?

If you are so intrigued, Governor,
why do you not go after them?


You might get to know
these creatures, Master Factor.

They'll soon know you well.

The cage, Master Crabtree,
will be placed upon your flesh...

I know the business well enough, sir.

A rat will bite, and scratch,
and claw its way through anything

to escape a fire.

You and these vermin butchers

might spend the night
as companions first.

Or you might prefer to tell us
your true purpose here.

Governor... Why not let me
take a party upriver...

The matter is in hand, Marshall.


Oh, shit. Stay out of sight
till we know who it is.


Pedro. Oh, Pedro! Come here.

Why did you bring her upriver?

Because YOU refused. Hey!

Haven't we enough enemies without
you two setting against each other?

Now, sit down! Eat.




Arrows came at us
from the river bank.

And I saw it was a white man.

I got to the shore,

chased him through the woods
so that I might kill him.

But he escaped.

When I returned,
Mistress Castell was gone.

I searched for her.


..my head was dazed
and I lost my senses.

You came up the river
because the widow came here,

but you would not do it
to help me find the men

who brought me to Virginia a slave!

We must return to Jamestown so that
the widow might see the doctor.

I want to go on!
James, we have come all this way.

I want my chance to seek out Tom.

There is one boat.

If you wish to remain,
you can take your chances,

but I'm taking her back.

Are we close to where
the men we pursue might be found?

I wish to know.

We will go back.


I know that
you will tell me the truth.

Am I too feeble to go on?

We must return

so that you might have
proper attention to your wound.

I will be scarred

and pained my whole life.

This journey must
not count for nothing.

These mariners must be returned
for interrogation

to prove Yeardley's role
in bringing slaves here.

There is one boat.

It is my boat. I will decide.

I have tasted defiance.

I know rebellion well enough.
I am versed in rage and revenge.

But now I am weak.

So if you take me back,

you will rob me the opportunity
to see if I have courage.

Please, James.

There's a lead mine,
one more day upriver.

As we passed, we called
at farms and settlements

and enquired for knowledge
of the mariners we're after.

I heard that there were two men,

miners now,
working at Gloaming Creek.

I will know these demons
when I see them.

I'll take first watch. No, I will.

Oh, we will have them.




Pepper is hunting.

Oh. Er...

Then I shall wait for him.


Winganuske, will you have a child?
Er, another child?

Er, I hope to give a boy...

..to Henry. Oh!

Ain't it just the finest thing
to have a babe?

If a woman should.



Will Pepper return soon?

Er, he has gone to Ridgewater.


I ain't so good at waiting today.

Perhaps I shall go and seek him out.

Winganuske, I shall be
the shame of the whole town.







No, no. No! (SCREAMS)

Let her go!




What have you done?
What have you done, man?

You'll bring us all to war.

I warned him, but he would not stop.


Pedro, if we find these men,

our purpose is to return them
to Jamestown.


I know how you must feel
about these villains,

but I need to know
if you will respect

what is to be done
and what is not to be done.

Oh, but an Englishman will reckon
well enough how well to behave

when he meets the beast
who ripped a man from his family,

his home, never to return.

These devils, when we find them,

they will feel the touch
of justice, James Read.

You know that James
saved your life for you?

You wanna know
what I saw in his eyes?

You saw it too.
If you'll speak warmly to him...


I cannot let him hope.
To hell with your fine standing.

No, it's not that.

I made clear to him
I cannot give my heart.

I did once... And it broke me.

Never again.

He promised not to love me.

(SOFTLY) Hush, hush. Hush.



Hush, hush now.



Who's there? Who's there?

Governor... (GASPS)

My ancestors called me
from my sleep.

If I be awake yet,
they brought me here.

What do they want?

Oh, but the wind whispers it, sir.

Do you hear it?

When you fall...

..you will fall like Lucifer.

Never to hope again.

The dead will return
to taint your every triumph.

Does your ear catch it, sir?




He's here. Seek his face.

What is it that you hear, sir?

A far-off whisper.
Only a creak of a voice.

Seek him now. Seek him here.

MAN: My eyes have lost their light,

but my tongue will haunt your
every night.

Who is it come, sir?


My dear, you made such haunting
calls from your sleep.

I tried to wake you.

Your eyes were open,
but your mind could not be reached.


He sleeps under a deep draught.

Did your own voice speak
as the wind?

Did it kiss his mind
with its conspiracies?

While he lay in woe,

I planted into his sleeping ear
such hellish sights

that he might see in his dreams.

Every night, we will serve to him
the silver screech of breathed words

into his slumbering soul,

until he can bear it no more.



We'll make camp here.
The widow's exhausted.



Pedro and I will look at the mine.

James Read has decided
how best for us to progress.

We must be sure to obey.


Won't you let me tell you
how you might hold your temper

when you meet these men?
They could reveal where...


No-one will know how I will be
when I meet these serpents.

Not even I do.

You might ask me, all of you...

..but there is no answer
to your questions.



What hellish tricks
does he conduct from his slumber?

'Who is it come?'

'The dead will return
to taint your every triumph.

You will fall like Lucifer.'

..like Lucifer...

Trick you to walk into madness.

Do you see
the mariners amongst them?

We are a long way from them.

You would know them?

I would know them.

They are not here.


Why would Jack of the Feathers
try to steal an English maid?

Did he try to provoke a war?

If Pamunkey wanted a battle,
they would not send one man...


Silas, tell Chacrow what he told you.

He pleaded with me that he must
never be found with musket shot
in him,

since he told all these feathers
would protect him from harm.

He pleaded that his own people
must never know how he died.

Chacrow, what would you have us do?




Is that the screech
of the hoot owl...


..or the singing of the dead?

What does it mean?

You have blood in your eyes.

(ECHOING) All of your conquests,

and spoils will be coiled
into a haunting.

Blood in your eyes

will blind you to the dangers
of overleaping ambition.

Blood in your eyes will trick you

to walk into madness.


When you fall...
..never to return.

..you will fall like Lucifer.

Your mind will torment you with
visions of your enemy's triumph.


My dear, drink some wine
to soothe your soul.

Are you awake yet, sir?

Your own thoughts
will be like a traitor's call,

tempting you to where
Atlas awaits you.

(EXHALES) Am I awake, Temperance?

Oh, but I fear these torments
of the night will crack you.

(OWL SCREECHING) Hush now. Hush.

Hush, hush. Hush.

Seek peace.

'Madness awaits you.'
Seek peace.

Hush now, hush.
Madness awaits you.

Hush now.
'Look into...'



It is not enough we fright him.

No. Maria, we will serve to him
the sleeping belief

that it is not he
who corrupts the title,

the position that poisons him.

We might make him so dread
and fear the torments of power

that he detests his own authority.

I pray that his wits were so shaken

that he'll leave behind
his standing as governor.


Who will carry the villains
back to Jamestown?

Their story will be the downfall
of Yeardley.

His base ambitions
will lie in ruin at his feet.

And will you never love again?

That man so cruelly took my purity,
I fastened my fist around my heart.

It's safe there.

I know what beasts can do to women.

But will you make a scarred scab
of your own soul?

Before you stands a man made of
goodness and you will not see it.

Will you forever starve yourself
of feeling?

You are a wretch against yourself.

Tomorrow, I'll go to the mine
and enquire about work.

You will...
You will ask after Tom, won't you?

If the time is right, I will.
And if the mariners aren't there,

we'll push on to the settlement.

How are you improving,
Mistress Castell?

I am grateful for your swift action.

And your marvellous knowledge
of healing.

And your kindness in coming
so far upriver.

I did it as a service to Pedro.


I see. And to serve justice.


I understand.

You will need to be on your feet
again soon.

Help me up, and I will show you
how I am mended.




You see? I'm not frail.

Your efforts
are appreciated, Master Read.

But what saved me
is my own obstinate will.

Promise that you will not love me.




When will you listen
to what these messages

from the dark speak to you?

I was a young man when I left home.

(INHALES) How I envy
those we destroy.

A safer life than a tyrant's joy.


Too many torments
keep me from my comfort at night.

We might return to England, my love.

Your work here is done.

Sir, do not be intoxicated
with fantastic notions.

There are many forms
of conjuring might kill a rat.

They're meddling with your mind, sir.


I've come from Jamestown.

I'm looking for some work.
Could you help me?

Perhaps, you can.
Why would you seek to come here?

No-one wants to come
to Gloaming Creek.

You're searching for someone?

You won't fool me.

(SIGHS) I know who you're
looking for, stranger.

Something's wrong.

Oh, no.

It's Tom's hat.

Tom worked at the mine for a time.

Until he stole some food
and was caught.

Then he smashed a rock on the hand
of the man who discovered him.

How long ago was this?

Ten days.

Ten days?



If Opechancanough discovers
you buried a warrior

killed by the English,
it will bring suspicion upon you.

Did you visit the Factor
in his prison last night?

And did you take such poison
as might kill a rat,

at Crabtree's request?

What cause would I have to provide
dangerous medicines

for vermin, Governor?

Your existence here, Dr Priestley,
is prosperous enough

and without jeopardies.

How we take this gilded life
for granted. (CHUCKLES)

You have your eyes to see.

You have your hands to pick herbs.

Is this world
not truly kind to us, Doctor?

It is indeed, sir.

And did my wife ask you
for sleeping potions, hm?


How far is it to this shack
where these vermin live?

I was told it was
three hours walking.

I will not be the one to falter.

If these mariners have not worked
at the mine for many months,

how do we know they will be
at the shack? We don't.

Pedro, when we reach this place,

perhaps I might advance first alone.

Do you not trust me, James Read?

Do you believe I will show
the madness of a beast?

James went alone to the mine, Pedro.

He risked his own life for that.
He means well.

No, Pedro is right. (SIGHS)

I do not trust that he can restrain
his rage if he sees these fellows.

We have come all this way
to bring them back.

And I'll not have him kill them

before they can tell us
what they know.

Sir, sir, might you know
owt of um...

Mistress Rutter upriver?

I heard tell that she'd gone
way up to Gloaming Creek.

Gloaming Creek?
Get out of my way.

What was it you wanted, Governor?

Keep yourself low.

Do not visit the tavern
or talk to anyone here about us,

lest they discover who you are.

These papers will gain you
and your comrade upriver

a passage to England.

She knows me as a mariner
from the ship that brought her here.

There's someone.

I see nothing moving.

We will go together.

We will murder these men if we must.










Do you know this man, Maria?

They've been dead for weeks.



Those men were on this ship.

Who would kill them like this?

Naturals might
if they'd raped a woman.

No. They were not killed for rape.

It was the Governor who did this.

They were murdered
because they have information

that might expose Yeardley
for the wrongdoer that he is.

Hell is empty after all.

It's going to be a long way home.


Who is he? We were hoping that
you'd tell us that, Governor.

How would I know?

He was pursuing Maria,
intent on killing her.

Why was he chasing you, Maria, hm?


I do not know, sir.

Put him in the ground.

Meredith. Henry.

My heart aches for my wife.

What am I gonna do?

Verity is the one
who faces the danger upriver.

Seeking to save her lost boy.

But your concern
is with your own heartache.

Don't you ever be free of the burden
of your own self, Meredith?


Those bodies were not the mariners.

The villains we seek attacked us
on the river only days ago,

so they are living still. What we
found back there was trick-






He's vanished as a vapour does.


Pepper. I forgot to tell you
why I came looking for you.

I'm only glad that you weren't hurt.

I smelt the ribbon.

Pepper, you are to be a Pa.
And I'm to be a Ma.

So we must marry.

You lied to me.

You promised me
you would not love me.

But I saw it in your eyes
as you healed my wound.

I saw a longing.

(SIGHS) It's fools and dupes
who love.

Weaklings who trust.

We have a long journey home.

Time enough for you
to convince yourself of that.


Opechancanough has changed his name.
That could be a war name.

If you believe him
trampled underfoot,

then your mind is diseased
with arrogancy.


If I stay, I'll be your prisoner.
Fortune favours us who last.

We can have land and whatever life
we choose to have.

You are the most beautiful bride
ever walked into that church.
Am I truly?

Why would the Pamunkey
want war now, Henry?

I hope they don't.
But we will be ready.