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There's a traitor amongst
us. A Catholic spy.

My husband has died.

It seems as though my
head has been cut off.

I shall wear black.

Christopher suggested
that Samuel was killed.

This is the trait of a spy.

You gave tender comfort to Mr Sharrow.

To give comfort to any woman might need it.

Did we not search the faraway
mountains together for your brother

when he was lost?

I would never act as informer.

You promised you would help us.

I want to repay you, Chacrow, I promise.

I heard you speaking with that
natural. Tell me the truth.


Your children will surely have
been taken. That life is gone.

This Virginia will be kind
to us. I will be beside you.

- You will see.
- That Pedro taken a liking to you?

Maria? Maria had children of her own.

She was taken from them.

Give the child back, Maria.

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Just leave us alone.

How many ways have we helped you?

I gave my trust and love to Silas.

Silas Sharrow has left me in shame.

Tell me, how will I win the
respect of my people back?

Why do you ask me?

If Silas will not give me what I ask

in order to answer the
efforts Opechancanough made

on his behalf in the mountains,

then he brings humiliation upon them.

I must have my honour back.

As you predicted, Governor,
Dr Priestly did name a suspect

he considers a Spanish
spy, Secretary Farlow,

a man so riddled with debts, he
might be bought by the first bidder.

You so vehemently wish it to
be the Secretary, do you not?

The same man has so hastily
boarded a ship to Bermuda

as if he's run away.

I have good reason to want you to
keep your attentions on the Doctor.

Have you encouraged him to pursue you?

I believe Christopher wants to marry
me once sufficient time has elapsed.

Let him enjoy your fullest
attentions and affections

so that no man exists in your eyes but he.

The Sharrows have picked
a hot day for hard work.

They tan their hides with animal brains.

It makes for exceptionally soft pelts.

The Sharrows have never been
shy of advancement, have they?

They profit by their
alliance with the naturals.

It's a wonder that you
let them, Governor, eh?

Isn't it pleasing that
the brothers trade well?

Pleasing for their own pockets, yes.

Then you must show
Massinger that you are master

by taking a share of the Sharrows' profits.

If a licence were
required for any Englishman

to conduct trade with the natives,
a warrant granted by our governor...

At a fine cost.

I thought you were
friends with the Sharrows.

I am, to Alice,

but today I am a widow in need
of position here in Jamestown,

and your favour is the merit

by which everything I require is gained.

If our governor required his own counsel...

You may be my counsellor, Widow Castell,

and the world need never know it.

A licence, why?

So that they may rob us of our profits.

You think my ambition so small, Henry? No.

The trades of hides and furs
is a worthwhile enterprise

only while the natives occupy
the land where beasts are caught.

Are you saying it is our intention

to sweep the Pamunkey
from their territories?

The ships keep coming,
bringing many who seek to farm.

We must expand.

But we made a promise to the Pamunkey

that we would honour
the boundaries we agreed.

We lie every day. That's what we do.

When Englishmen first came here,

they gorged themselves
with no thought of tomorrow

or next week or next year.

They expected their needs to be provided,

they wallowed in England's plenty.

Military men had us battle the
natives that we might subdue them,

but when the food was gone

and winter came and there was no shelters,

it was farm labourers, cowhands, carpenters

who begged the Pamunkey to feed us.

They gave us corn, showed
us how to make medicines.

And yet who is our loyalty to...

...the heathens who sit on the land we need

or Englishmen who come
here to create a new world?

I require every burgess present

to make an oath that what
is spoken here remains here.

Silas Sharrow.

Yesterday, you laughed once.

Today, you laughed twice.

In one year, you will love me.

♪ When the bees come to your house

♪ Let him have beer

♪ You may want to visit the
bees' house some day... ♪


You have a skip back in your step, Mercy.

That's because God did not
make sorrow like a rock,

he made it like rain... the sky
goes black, it pours upon us,

then it passes.

James Read will likely be at church,
giving thanks for his happiness.

- Why is that?
- He's to have a wife come here, ma'am.

Corinna, that's her name.

Is that so?

ALL: ♪ ...or if I stray

♪ He doth convert

♪ And bring my mind in frame

♪ And all this not for my dessert

♪ But for his holy name... ♪

The blacksmith has his eyes
fastened upon you like a moping dog.

Take your peasant smell and your
grisly stare away from me, sir.

- I meant no offence, ma'am.
- Save your crooked manners.

I'd rather not suffer
your sweat-stained breath.

Is there anything more suffocatingly ugly

than the envy of a lowly drudge?

I ain't never seen Mistress Castell
speak down to James Read like that.

- Why's she taking against him?
- I thought she like the blacksmith.

She do seem to seek him out every day,

she do seem disappointed
when he ain't there.

Might I hold the babe?

Ssh, ssh, ssh!

Aye, the babe died, one week old.

The mother passed three days
before. I knew it wouldn't survive.

I've met discord plenty.

That tiny child brought me to my knees.

See, this world only pretends to be kind.

That's the trick it plays upon us...

...if we let it.


Hippocrates called it
the unwalkable disease.

I can't so much as rest
my food on the ground, sir!

I've never known a woman to have
it, only men, usually drinking men.

You're mistaken there, sir,

for I find, should I drink great
amounts, the suffering goes.

So the ale and the mead, Doctor,
are the cure, not the cause.

I see the sorrow in your face, sir, yeah.

You must miss your dear
companion, Recorder Castell.

A sorry loss.

A sorry loss indeed.

It's a mystery as to why he was
on that river at such an hour.

Mysteries are only mysteries
to them that are ignorant.

Am I to take it that you
are not blind in this matter?

I can say nothing.

The inflammation will grow worse.

It will turn raw so that
you cannot leave your bed.

If you promise not to
utter nor mutter a word,

I might confide in what I witnessed.

Make a tea of cherry leaves...

...and add this.

- Tea, sir?
- Tell me what you know... Meredith.



'And all the days of
Methuselah were 960 and 9 years,

and he died.

And Lamech lived an 180 and 2 years

and begat a son, and he
called his name Noah, saying,

"This Noah shall comfort
us concerning our work

and toil of our hands because of the
ground which the Lord hath cursed."'

Noah was a true hero of the
Bible. His faith in God let him...

Pedro was a hero.

Tell the Mistress the
tales you told to me, Pedro.

Yes. Tell us, Pedro.

We Kongos had civil wars many times,

from when I was a boy.

Such battles.

Ndongos fired poisoned arrows
at us. They carried such axes!

We used swords and shields. (LAUGHS)

I was proud to fight...

...until the day my
father's head was cut off.

But I fought on.

I was called Pedro Vemba then.

I showed the world my bravery.

I notice that, when Maria
speaks, she continues to work.

When you speak, Pedro,
you forego your labours.

But you were baptised, Pedro.

Oh, yes, he burned all of his
idols, didn't you, noble Pedro?

When my ancestors became Christians,

they did not have to throw out their idols.

A man must love his ancestors,
even when he is a Christian.


Silas, Silas!

- Silas!
- Alice!

I fell asleep on the ground in the field.

So I...

- Where's the baby?
- He's gone!

Chacrow was here, in the
woods. He threatened me.

I didn't realise that's what
he was doing at the time.

He warned me, and I fell asleep,
and I'm sorry I fell asleep!

- Chacrow took the baby?
- Yeah!


If he took the babe to adopt him,
then we must bargain with him.

If it was done as an insult, to
provoke us, then we must fight.

Chacrow helped me search for you.

Opechancanough believes that
I owe the Pamunkey a debt.

They want me to serve as a spy
in Jamestown, but I refused.

I'm coming with you, Silas.

I ain't going to let you leave me behind.

I ain't a boy no more! I'm a Sharrow.

I want to play my part and fight.

I ain't letting you tell me no.

You ain't ready, boy!

We need you to look after Alice, Pepper.

I am ready! I ain't a boy!

Have you a remedy for waking?

Can't sleep. My eyes close but
they might just as well be open.

Camomile and lavender.

Do you believe, sir, that the
Spanish might seek to invade us?

Our great mistake, Doctor, is that
we wait for them to come at us.

I've written to the Company nine
times asking them to implore the King

that we use Jamestown as a naval base

where we send a fleet to
conquer the Spanish in Havana.

Does the Governor share your design?

Find me an Englishman in authority
whose courage is not made of taffeta.

But the day will come,
the day will surely come.

Well, I wish you fathoms of sleep, Marshal.

Maria, I followed you last night,

but I lost sight of you.

Where did you go?

The Governor, he actually
told you to watch me?

What is in the woods, Maria?

Or was it Lady Temperance?
She instructs you well.

I hope you do not put
yourself in danger, Maria.


Slow down, you'll spend yourself.


It's the man who arrives who matters.

Rage ain't what we need on our side today,

a true mind will serve us better.

I just don't understand.

I don't understand why they
would take your baby, Alice.

They want peace.

The Sharrows are the best
of allies to the Pamunkey.

I can't tell you.

Why not, Alice? I can see it
in your face, there is a reason.

We've done nothing wrong, I promise you.

When the Governor learns
of this, there'll be war.

No, the Governor cannot be told
of this, you must promise me.

Silas will find him, bring him back.

Something is wrong, Alice.

Something is terribly wrong

if you want to keep hidden
that your child has been stolen.

If he ain't found soon,
the babe will starve.

Mercy! Don't say such things.

I've never been so angry at God.

Ain't Alice Sharrow been a good,
churchgoing, God-loving blessing

to every soul that lives here?

I ain't never been so boiling!


What you doing?

She's throwing stones at God.

You... You believe that he's
your child, don't you, Henry?

Do you believe it, Silas?

This will always be between us.

We're here to bring
Alice's boy back to her.

Let that be our only business here today.

Won't you eat just a little, Alice?

Alice, quickly!


Would you do this to a mother?

What kind of monster are you?

I want to speak with Silas.

Tell me where my baby is!

You will be killed for this.

You believe I took the child?

Tell us! Tell us where he is or
I will blow your legs off you.

I did not take your baby.

Mercy, it's true. I believe
him, he didn't take him.


Oh, Lordy.



Maria, have mercy!


Please. I'm here to beg you.

- Give me back my baby.
- We know how you have suffered, Maria.

- What is this business?
- Alice's baby has been stolen.

They believe Servant
Maria has taken the child.

I am a mother who lost her children.

I would not cut the heart of any
woman the way my heart has been cut.

I will swear on your Bible.

If I lie to you, may every
spirit I worship curse me,

let my own children never know peace.

I'll wager this is Pamunkey doing.

If Opechancanough seeks to provoke
me, he will taste vengeance.

I will assemble a militia.

Sir! I am a warrior.

You want to serve as a militiaman, Pedro?

You will be proud of me. I
want to serve our governor.


We wait till it's dark,

then we go in there and
we take the boy back.

Are we all true patriots here?


If the naturals have taken
that child to discourage us,

then they will learn that

when God puts a musket into
the hands of a man of Albion,

he makes a mighty foe!


I would march with them

but my foot's got a fire in
it like the devil's own teeth.

I have dreamed of a day such as this.

The Pamunkey have given us a perfect reason

to bring a war down upon them.

Governor, are we to take the negro with us?

Pedro is a warrior, let him play his part.

- Where is Alice?
- She's inside, resting on my bed.

I witnessed her.

She wandered away and left
her baby outside at the tavern.

James Read had to pick it up and wake Alice

from what looked like a walking dream.

She may have done the
same thing in the woods

with no-one to see her.

Will you speak with her?

Will you ask her?

I will ask her.

If it were dirt or infection was the cause,

it would likely affect one eye only.

Lie back, if you would, sir.

I've heard tell of men, Master
Massinger, made blind with rage.

My collar, Doctor, will
see all the men eyeless

before it sees me.

I take it you mean the Governor.

A man ruled by avarice.

He is a most devoted servant of the colony.

Strip away that man's
buff coat and his shirt

and his skin will not reveal any
loyalty to God or to King James

or to England, just an
allegiance to himself.

If the politicians have no patriotism...

Then why might any man?


Is there a reason, James Read,

that you did not march with the men
tonight to win back a stolen child?

When a man sets off with
a musket in his hand,

he don't prefer to come
home unless he's used it.

If the natives took the babe,

then the Sharrows are the
best chosen to reclaim it.

Perhaps you do not believe that
the Pamunkey have the infant.

You witnessed Alice Sharrow leave her
babe outside the tavern, oblivious.

Now that child has vanished.

You think she lost it?

I'm asking you to confirm what you saw.

I know this... if Alice made such
a terrible mistake, she'd admit it.

She might, if her mind were her own.


The babe was taken.

She's perfect to you in
every regard, isn't she?

It must torment you
that you cannot have her.

When a human soul is diseased,

it sees the whole world
in the same darkness.

You do not know my heart, James Read.

I will not be condemned by any man,

not for one more day of
my life, do you understand?

I want the child to be
found. That is what matters.

You will tell me that you appreciate that.

I appreciate that, ma'am.

I cannot tell you how much it
pains me to ask you this, Alice,

but I must.

I ain't never loved a living
soul the way I love you,

not my ma, not my sisters...

(SNIFFS) ...not my husband.


...is it...

Is it possible that you
left your babe somewhere,

that you just forgot about him?

I've tormented myself with that
same question a thousand times.

Verity, I promise you,
little Silas was taken.


And I thought the greatest
pain a woman might know

was to never bear a child of her own.

I was wrong.

We thank you gentlemen
for coming all this way,

but this is Sharrow business.

Relations with the heathens,
Henry, are Jamestown business.

I will not let you use my child

as a reason to go to war with the Pamunkey.

I make no secret of my belief that
we'll never enjoy supremacy here

till the savages know they're conquered,

but I will give my life today
to preserve the breath of a babe.

We've been watching the village.

We don't know if the child is in there.

MAN: Hup, hup!

It seems they are well enough
aware that we have arrived.

We hope you can assist us, Opechancanough,

- to find the child that was taken.


I cannot control every
man from every village.

I am only a king.

If I can discover news for you
of where the child might be,

what will you give to us?

We know the King loves English goods.

We wish for knowledge of the English.

How many more will come?

I promise you, we do not know this.

We know many English promises...

...but they vanish like smoke.

We are here to reclaim a child,
and this is how you treat us?

Our people go among the
English never to return.

You stole Pocahontas from us and
her child remains beyond the sea.

This is not peace, this is not kindness.

Do you see my face,
Opechancanough? I will take counsel.

I will speak with the Sharrows,

and if that child is not returned,
then we will be back, ready to fight.




Jocelyn. I promised I would seek
the truth about Samuel's death.

It seems the reason Samuel
was on the river at dawn...

He was on the Governor's
business. The taverner told you.

- I might have known you'd be ahead of me.
- What was the Governor up to?

There's more. Master Massinger
is so bitterly wounded

that he believes no man has
fealty to country, king or people.

It is obvious that Massinger
would betray his own scurvied sack.

But would he be so disaffected
that he would betray the colony?

You do seem to be exercised
for the need of justice.

Marshal Redwick has such a
frantic hatred of the Spanish,

he would do anything
to inflame the idea that

we are beset with papist
enemies here amongst us.

Did he place the totems to implicate you?

You've provided me with a host of suspects.

Everything I do is insanely
inspired by how I feel for you.

How valiant.


No! I will search. I
will never stop looking.

I will find him.

No, no!


The baby!



The baby!

The baby!

Mistress Alice!

Mistress Alice, I see the baby!

The baby, I see him!

Come quickly, Mistress Alice!

The baby!



Mistress Alice, I see him, I see him!

There he is!

- Come quickly!
- I see him!



Show me. Show me what is in the woods.


Drink your tea.

The problem with tea
is, it tastes like tea.


(QUIETLY) Our Father, who art
in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

- Thy kingdom come...
- What are you doing?

I'm saying sorry to God.

He delivered that babe in a canoe.

It was a miracle, Pepper.

There ain't no other way to explain it.

We believe Chacrow will
be open to enticement.

Fine wedding gift to offer my
wife... to betray her brother.

Sharrow is well placed
now to serve our needs.

There is a trap in this, I know it.

I must gain the Governor's favour.

Tonight sweet whispers
will winkle out the truth.

The Governor, he treats me kindly.

I'm glad you appreciate your good fortune.

But he has not named
the time I will be free.

I have traitors all around me, Jocelyn.

Are you my confederate or are you not?

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